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LIST OF VISITORS AND I UEABlTAm, I .<)-. "'t. "'In!) t"'rl obliged for any corrections in this ii- li?, 1, flit lit-4 lily be iucorr'Tt's* inserte i. any alteration will i??n'i;ttft/ b?')t.K?' .,it L!;vi,ti to the Collector, or at the Directory OlHce. Cluuxh Walks. LL\NDUDNO PUBfJC IVVT'TS. Manager of New* Room, Mr. John Williams Manager of Bath*, Mrs. KvafW. jNORTJI PAIiADE. 7V (iwt/n Nrroyd.L.. Nlrs. Iohn Fro^;itt Mrs Clifton an I family, Edinburgh Mrs Conrad Petrie ati(I family, Liverpool Rev J Simpson, Cheltenham Mrs Simpson and family Ty Crir..Iln.. Mr. Thomas Parry. Captain llarcreaves and family, London jifcrville.Mrs Brewster. Private.^ P,elmniit House.Mifki Gwilt. Rev T raId r, Chesterfield Mrs tedder "i.. E,.>(hnd í3irmin;!halll T L Rogers. Mrs R.18 Miss A Britistea'l, Wakefield Miss ('leveland, Ronaldkirk Itectofjr Mr and Mrs Jttckcock, Edfibsston Miis Wright, do Mr< and MNs ^'ool ls, Hereford Miss Green, Kingston Mis9 Watkinj. do T. Otvoil Mr and M'S McCor<|uodale, Newton in the Willows, Lancashire l Sen f 'ieto f'ill/t. Miss S. Lioyd \fr Woods, Liverpool Mrs Woods and family \1,. Hanroek. Leominster 4 Mr Haneoi«k, London Air, flancocti msi(t!,fifivily jf.^ Bowling, E-sq., Resident Surgeon P,nu .C'. Fielding, Fsq. Mr and Fieldinsr and family, Prestwich Miss Lani^ston. Itroiij^hton, Mtnchester Osburnc House.Misses Williams. Rev H G!vnn", Hawarden Rectory. Flintshire Nimi y' I,vttleton "i,. Srničh v'iss ulynne Miss G Glvnne Ml, Steele, The Villas, Stoke on Trent iss Steeh'. do M'« Alcock and familv, Ca'c'ttta Mr and Mrs Sutton and family, Oakfield, Wavertree, [,ivei'pool M'ss"Wninwright. Kdjre Hill, L'pool Miss to; Waiowriirht, do iM'-and Mrs Walker, Nuritnmton Hou«e, Leicestet- shiie Mr a id Mrs "iiddleston. Tlmrlaston, do J II Basseti, F.sq, Countesthorp, Leicestershire Mrs C Bassett. do Mrs W iiassutt, do Miss Emily Bassett. do Orme's Villll.. Mr. Cornaoy, Paotographio Artist. Mr. Thomas Jonei'. Mr ))allo", Sr.innierfield, Wolverlu'mpton M"s Pallon Dalto" Mr Wm Alexander, Liverpool Mri Alexander tierkcleij //ov.v..Misses Jones B B Darbyshirc. Esq. J.P., Kenyan Mount* Birken- head S Darhyshirr, Esq, Wadham College Derbyshire, do Miss D irbyshire. do Miss J Darl);shire, do "r,r and Hall al\d f;.mily, Hudders- field Miss Hall, N^araden Parade Ilouse. Mrs. Nelsofl. Wellington gniose Capt E. Brookes Mr Wm Total, Wikefleid Mrs a id tba MUki Barfly do E'd'itw Hwxe..Mr M. Pritrhard, Contractor. Sir Ilefl'v [Y 'y, I'ltltingloa H.II. Durton on Trent L. \y Every and family Hari,lock-bt;,?e.. Mrs. Hughos. M. J B Onies. do \1.. I Jal. do Master Oat* do Vfrand \11'>1 W :\lol8'ln. F"rfie'd House, Kidder- minuter Mr and Mrs M Kllllwlu. Farfield, Ktddermin- uter \1r ,,¡HI Mto Jam«»s ind fitmiiy, MnnMOW*r- Mi,, D^xtar. At-ister J T Shaw Mi T A^ar. do \I r C» r> Movd, F/Ubasron Master J RH\- E Garvfy. Hyde kit (:;it,er. Ntjttin^lMin ii t,,r a,iii fl,ilily is< Mndt'ord, Thtir'aMton, Leicesterthire Miss K J Mudfordo 8 Mr. G. Brookos. Mr P^ek and fami\y# Itohy I\r>(ftri'rf}-hrnfxp. Mrs. Mushes. Mrs (¡fill:" an,1 family. Edghaston House.. Mrs. Dester. F S I.. T, oil". 1:«1, Surgeon Mri i>a Tro e Mi.HSiw Ortlcy. W itorfield Mr and Mr,,i (,h -riei A riti!itroiig, Preitivich Master C L Armstrong The Misses Jogan. I'atyi%vorth Monoley ITou*e., Jfr, H. J}ukes. J Mor<t(»n, Flil, Edghaston 1\1,. Morston an-l family %I r at, if k,r; W Gibbsand family Congreve Penk- rid1!p, MiM din an I fa nily, Leicester .VI r and Mrs sh^nton and fllmily. "0 Mr atid IV-Iliainq and fiamilv, do Claremont How.Mrs. and the MisspsBowIlcer Rev J C Rt a le, Waterloo, near Liverpool Mr« Keade and family Mr and Mr» Thomas and family, Bristol Miss M Thomas, do Miss Wright M'S Hatvey, Leamington 3 Mr. J. Davies. Mrs Manl-'ve, No'tingham Miss Lucy Maiilov« Rev fj Packer Bristol Mrs p,eker an<l f"lIIily, do M's Howlane B.>urne and family, Edgbastoo, Bir- min^liam 'r.r. The ?<t)?.Mr?-Bmnt?tL ?'??. Mr W G .rdncr and fmJly, ParklielJ, fä,.in!"û>f"" ))?<'it, Liverpool 'U, Mia?t let,, dinn  mi ).t. Prine6s Park, ditto IVahhaw IIw<Mr W Powoll Mr and Mrs Houghton Bi ancker and family" Chel- tenham Vr and Mrs Dimmnck and family. Darwen LNU and Mrs Carver and family, Altrinchaiii I SOUTH PARADE. I .,Nfr Edwardi M rs Hamilton. Bath Mrs Clement Cnjsiilpt. St Petersbnri; Mr and Mrs Halliard, Burton on Trent lir and Mrs T R Htiulies and family, Liverpool Mrs B Poole, Claugliton, Birkenhead 2 •• Meisrs Wliiiehouse and par;y, West Bromwich Miss E.1 Fell. the Close, Leichfield Miss II S Fell, do 3 Mr W. Owen i Simon, F.sq. and family, Leeds Miss Frolie, Metnel Miss J Radcliffe, Leeds It Dunc-ii [tkdeliff?: Esq, Christ Church, Oxford 4 Mr Janles Williams Mr and Mrs William Henry Gee, Nottingham Miss Pinker. do Mrs Whittle, Alcock'n Green Nlr8 Birch, \*est Bromwich Mr J B Parker. Wednesbnry Mrs Brown al'd family, flartfield, Illertoii, Live: Jool Mr G Brown Miss Ilritfgs, Ulverstone Mrs Wm C x. TainHOrth Mis. A ECox Master W J Cox Mase J.trs. Godsman Miss Bromley Mrs Brett-ste,, Worcester W Wiison, Esq, and family, Castle. Kenf). 6 Mrs Foulkes Mr John Morris, Flynonfa, Mold Mrs Morris V Miss Clara 10 Morris Alfred Thomas. Ksq, Norton Lodge, Cheshire Mrs Thomas and (amily, do Rev T W Kidd, Halton, Cheshire Miss Jane CrnsHeld, Hall Bank, Bowden Mr Thomas Jobnson, Sengleton Brook, Marches- Iter and 'an)i)t ter an d lamilv MiM A S Cooke, M*aehtttet 7. Mr. T. Owen Edw Mainwaring, Esq. South-street, 'Leominster f'; fa"'lVal'inlC. E"'I. j'ID Misw lainwarlng fr. Dowie Mrs Smart, Dudley Mr T W Slnart. do Mi.ts Smart, do Miss A Smart, do Miss M A Smurt, do Miss Tnovey, Thame Mi?Scymour.ditto .\irSer?ieeM"d family. London R OfMH View..SfemtS.f''$'?ffnghet, pieiv. builders IInd contractors. J W Dixon, E.'I. Hitflifield House, SlieHield Mrs Dixon and family [ri J s Tolson and family, Brunswick Villa, Hud- dcrsfield Mrs T S Bradley and family. ilo Mr and Mrs Cash and family, W^oodville, Hurton on Trent 9 KERSCIIKL lioosB .Miss Bretherton 10 Apsley House,Ir. R. Minors W J Wiikinson, lisq.The Mount House, Shrewsbury vlrs Wilkinson and family, do Miss Wilkinson F Symonds Eq, Lichfield F Svin( :!ilaq land fa)ni)y, ditto N i l-,t ,;Vn Mrs Davis, Hye. S".sex Mr and Miss Ashcrnft, Bank Ifall, Hootle 11 Almora House Mr. Leonard Raw, Builder. Mrs Gines, Malvern ,rllolll.i,l Egq. Woodlesford. Leeds Mrs Luty and family, ditto Mr and Airs James Gibson, Bradford Captain W A and Mrs Gillespie. [,on Intl Rev O Pritch ird, Silviligtoll Rectory, Stiroprsitire Mrs Pritchard all,1 fimily. ditto 12 Nuneham House.Mi&s Huglias. Mrs Henzell, Ireland Miss fl enzell I Miss Hvde, West Bromwich Miss Cooper, ditto Misses Sanders Master Sanders Rev E Johnson. Staffordshire Mrs Johnson P Want, Esq, Dursley. Gloucestershire Mrs Want, ditto Mis* Hipperson, ditto 1) C Mwnay. West Bromwich 13 Min Cotton Mr W H Robinson and family, Marsden, Hudders- field Mrs ltobinson, ditto Mrs J B Robinson, ditto Miss Alice Hirst, ditto itr aciii Nti-s Graves, Stretford, Manchester fa B Grave-a, ditto 14 Miss Hal! 15 Warwickshire House. ,Miss Cooper Mrs Hill. Coventry Miss Hill Mr R Evans, Ilkeston Potteries, Derbyshire Mrs Brealey, Newhall, ditto Miss Brealey t Master Brealey 16 Montpellier House.. 16 ?tKpe K i er H oMM.. GLAN Y MOR TERRACE. I 1 Mr. T. Parry. Mr F llotliam, Rushbury, Salop Mrs Hotham and family, do Mr F. Witherby and family, Highbury Terrace, London o Misses Parry. Rev P H Symmonds. Chulch Withington Vicarage. II ereford Mrs Symonds, ditto 3 .Mr. Robert Williams. Mr and Mrs W H Rawson, Halifax 4 ISuckiiH/ham Hou.se. Mr. J. D. Dean. Rev Thos and Mrs Kingston, St JameÚ, Dublin Itev prebendary and Mrs Hastings, itectory, rroty- bndee, Wilts Miis Dolll)s, ditto ditto John Witlimsliaw, Esq, Elm House, NantNiell, Cheshire Mrs Withinshaw, do Miss Withinshaw, do Miss Satah Alice Withinshaw, do 5 Mrs Ellis Mrs J noes de Wolf and family, Oxton, Birkenhead .\(¡" Cliipman, ditto Mrs liihby, ditto (3 Mrs. Williams. Mr and Mrs Carlisle and family, Waterloo, Liverpool 7 Brinhburn tioise. Miss Donkin Thomas Roberts, Esq, Cheslldnd Field, Bury Itis Greenhnlffh, do Miss Taylor, do The Misses Woodward and Miss Clarke, Great Mal, vern Mr and Mrs Beach and family, Liverpool r Miss Jones, ditto Mrs E Byford and family, Liverpool 1 Thomas Roberts, Esq, Bury Mr Greenhalgh, ditto Miss Taylor, ditto IMt Woodwardi, Great Malverifc A pBiat Clatke i ST. GEORGE'S CRESCENT. QUEEN'S HOTEL ..Mr. W. G. Roberts. R H ighat, Esq, Liverpool J C Percy, K«{, Koby H Rooius, L.;q, London H N Olliard, lOaq, ditto Mr and Mrs Galloway, Liverpool Col lteed, Nottingham Mr an,1 Mrs Hay, Loods Mr and \1 r. Daubin and family, Black Heath Mr Latimer and family, Black Heath Sir Charles and Lady Shackerley and family, Congleion* i- (oiesUire 2 Mr Andrew* Mr M rsatid Master Anderson, Helensburgh Thos White Eti. Wheatstone Park, Cedsall, Wet- *frhK"!))[on ly. ditto Mrs White and family, ditto 31rs Careless and family, Hereford Miss Martin Mr and Mrs flowells, Highfield, Shrewsbury Master Ilowells Mr and Mrs Scott, Gloucestershire Mrs and-Miss Drinkwiter, Sparth Hank, Stockport Mrs J Sydilall, Orange iree House, Cbadkerk. Stockport Mrs and Miss Hedges, Birmingham 4 Mr James Williams J P Burbeary Esq, and Mrs iiurbeary, and family. Southbonrne. Sheffield Mrs and the Misses Berridge, Leicester Miss Berridge, Houghton on the Hill Miss Hen ton, Belgrave Misses lioivmiir, High-street, Leicester á .Nir Thomas Roberts Rev las Henry Mc Cheane, Holy Trinity Parsonage Leeds Ni i-s Me Cliektne, do Miss Ethel Mc Cheane. do Miss t\e8 M'Cheane, Liverpool Mr and Mrs C B Wilson and family, Liverpool inlri Crosthwaite, ditto ■Vlis Lewis. He's y. Cheshire Mr an I rs Kershaw, Moasley Mr H Kershsw, ditto Nti s and Miss Scholefield, ditto lirs Miss and Miss E Jones, Canon Bridge H4Dunj, Hereford ti Miss M Williams. William G Petters, Esq, and family, London Miss Petters Mr and Mts Slade i and family, Manchester Rev J McCubbin, t'hrist Church Parsonage, Baougi Mrs McCubhm, ditto 7 Miss Roberts The Misses Evans, Belle View, Shiewsbury Mr and Mrs Shawcross and family, Roclidale Miss Eckersley, Manchester Mr and C Jones, Manchester Miss Bradsduk, ditto 8. Misses Lloyd. H. Campbell, Esq. lra Caml/bell and family, Dingle Mount, Toxteth Park, Liverpool W Tarbet, Esq. Gambier Terrace, Liverpool Mrs Tarbet and family, do Miss Donglas, Chester 9. Mrs. Thornton. Mrand Mrs Wm Hall, Leicester Mr and Mrs C G. ays-un and family, Liverpool Vlrs France. 'Hawkstren Citadel Sonierset flouee-Mr D. Williams Lady Eleanor flopewoud, Winwirk. Hall, Waning- ton Rev F G Hopewood, do Mr A Hopewood, do Misses llopeivood, do Mr Nliltiii, Liverpool Mrs Marlin and tatitily, do :\1i.. aygoo'l, do Wm Marsden, Esq. Richmond House, Richmond Park. Liverpool Mrs Marsden and family, ditto Mr* Coxon and family, Warrington 1 0 Mr W. Jones Edwin Mumford, Esq. Liverpool M s M urn ford and family, dii to lr "lid Mr-. Bealey and family, Radcliffe Close. Manchester ti Mr E. Hughes Mrs Modera and family, Victoria P,ii k. ManchestAr C M Ralie Esq. and family, Fairfield, Liverpool M A Rallo Esq, Liverpool — Wrigley If"j, ttia fam ly, M Ibourne House. Hudtiersfield 1 2 Mr F. Madrea Mr and Mrs Wm Russell and family, Glasgow Mrs Shittler, Cheltenham The Misses Shittler, do Mrs Spaidinn, Goodwin House, Datchet George Gardiner Royelie, l'nnces's Park, Liver- pool ST. GEORGE'S HOTEL.Mr. I. Davies. Mrs Lowesthat M>>n Ellen Lowesthat, ditto Mts'tunl Miss Anthers, ditto t Mr and Mrs Keyher, Liverpool L A Wist*, I'.sq, (Jlayton, Statfordshire S John tlully, Eaq, Liverl)uoi John J. Harrrison Master Harriaon foa &mnmmw os vunoas au im r.

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