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WANTED,-A JUNIOR ASSISTANT to the r V Drapery Trade. A Young Man proficient in the Bnglish language preferred—Apply to Mr. Thos. Hughes, Manchester House, Bangor. TXRANTED, a Situation as PLAIN COOK.— No objection to take. the place of a Housemaid Apply-C. H., 11, Albert Street, Upper Bangor. COACHMAN AND GRO(m.-W:mted by a C Gentleman residing in Merionethshire, Servant accustomed to Horses, and to drive a Pair, and be willing to make himself generally useful. One who can speak Welsh and gnlish preferred Apply by letter, stating terms and particular* <•? last employment, addressed to W. J., North Wilea Chronicle, Bingnr. L A W WANTED, a (Jonoral Clerk, thoroughly ▼ f convoniaul with the routine of a Solicitors Office. A knowledge "f Welsh indispensable. Address, stating :.e. salary required, and references as to experience, to A.B.U., OfKee of this paper. + -+ TO BE LET, ITNFITHNIRHED. BELLE "tiE. near rwU!n'U. with 5 A?rt?.? IP) of LAND and .t ?.d 'Vancd GARDEN. Enquire ot B. T Elli" Esq., Rhyllech, Pwllheli. LLAWRWRST. TO BR LET. and entered upon the 1st of November Next, a FAUM oi 124 Acres, Two Miles from the Market Town of Llanrwst. For fnther particulars ap- ply to Mr. T. Davios, Builder, Ty Gwyrch, Llanrwst. Bronlianol, near Llanrwst, June 23rd, 18G4. MENAI STRAITS, BANGOR. A BEAUTIFUL FAmLY RESmECE TO ??B? LET FUHNISHED. for the Summer Months, ilelightfullv Mt?ted new BANGOR, oveilookin? the MENU STRUTS, suitable for a Gentleman's Family, with Stibte, 0 tach House, and use of the Garden. For terns and further particulars, apply to Mr. W. DBW. Auctioneer, Bangor. IMPORTANT TO INNKEEPERS, SPIRIT MERCHANTS, AND BREWERS. TO be LET. the CROWN HOTEL, Market TS(Itiare, Denbigh, admirably adapted for carrying <m a respedahle busiueM. There are Two Good Cellars, Four Parlours. Bar, Two .Drawing Rooms, Twenty Bedrooms, and all the conve- niences usually fouud in good Hotels together with an oicellent Coach House, Stabling for 21 Horses, and a Brewhouse. Apolyto Mr. Henry Davies, *ti,)uer, Vale Street, Denbigh, who will show the house or to Mr. O. Wil- lisms, 32. Castle Street, Liverpool; or Mr Joseph Jones, 47, Grey Street, Toxteth Park, Liverpool. TO BE LET. FURNISHED,—A very Desirable TO RESIDENCE, containing large Parlour, Sitting Room, Six Bedrooms, Kitchen, Pantry, Water Closets, and Garden, fmown as "Castle House" in the ancient Borough town of Crieeieth, in the county of Carnarvon. The frontage is facing the sea, as atso the Garden, and has a commanding view of the Merionethshire mountains, Harlech Castle, and the whole of the Cardigan Bay there is excellent sea and fresh water fishing, good boats. Cars always at command to anv of the towns or railway. TO BE LET, APPATMENT3.—Also, 3 Bedrooms, and 1 Sitting Room (furnished) at the Post Office. For further particulrlrs apply to Mr. John Evans, Post Office, Crieeieth. BY ORDEn OF THE MORTGAGEES. IMPORT ANT TO BREWERS, SPIRIT MERCHANTS, AND INNKEEPERS. TO be SOLD. the CROWN HOTEL, Denbigh. TTo an eligible purchMcr nearly the whole of the purchase money may remain on mortgage. Apply to Mr. O. Williams, or Mr. George Mason, 32, C-astle Street, Liverpool, or to Mr. Joseph Jones, 47, Grey Street, Toxteth Park, Liverpool. TO WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS I AND OTHERS. THE Old Established and fint-class whole- T .ale Wine, Spirit, Ale and Porter business now being carried on in full profit, by Messrs. EvmsandRow. lands, in the city of Bangor, is to he disposed of, owing to the approaching dissolution of the above firm, and to the retirement from business of Mr. Evaus. kuy person taking the above business, which may be had on favourable terms, would secure the spacious and dijible promises aud, if possessed of a competent know- ledge of the trade, might safely calculate on continuing, ■i»d even largely increasing, the old and highly respect- able connection. To treat, apply personally only (and not by letter; to keui-s. Roberts, Barber and Hughes, solicitors, Bangor NULKSEY COLLEGIATE SCHOOL, will Re- open JOLT 2;), 1864. open JULT 2.. Principal, Dr. WAYMOUTH. Ptas Llanfigael, June 27, 1864. BEAUMARIS SCHOOL Re-Opens on MON- D ?Y. AUGUST 8, at EIght p.m  RICHARD H. HILL. D.C.L., Head Master. Juno 22nd, 1864. V. R. ■ isfci > WOMBWELL'S MONSTER ZOOLOGICAL TEMPLE OF ANIMATED NATURE. No. 1. MENAGERIE. THE most extensive and varied Collection of Wild Beasts, Birds, and Reptiles in Europe will open in CARNARVON -[this day] Saturday, July 2nd; BANGnR-Mouday and Tuesday, July 4th and 5th; PENMAENMAWK—Wednesday and Thursday, July 6th and 7th BETHESDA-Friday aud Saturday, July 8th and 9th. Mrs. W. begs to call special attention to her valuable uirgo of living wonders, collected and selected from every available source, regardless of expense among which will be found some very rare and singular novelties just The reputation of this old-established Menagerie is too well-known to require comment or exaggerated repre- sentations. There are several very interesting groups of LION, LEOPA f(D, and KANGAROO CUBS. noble and matchless groups of TRAINED ANIMALS include the largest and most graceful stud of Leopards in the United Kingdom. One den will be found to contain an assemblage of African Forest-bred, Barbary, A eiatic, and British Lions, together with a monster BENGAL TIGER and TIGRESS. THE LION HUNTER performs every alternate hour. Recent importations to this great Collection of Ani- mated Nature, including some very rare and singular specimens :-The WANDEROO or Lion-mmed Baboon the only one travelling. The SYREN or River Bison, one of the most extraordinary creatures ever seen in Eurolw. E ThTgigantie Burmese talking and performing ELK PHANT, astonishes his guests by his wonderful saga city and intelligence. He stands 11 feet high and weighs 5 tons. The Menagerie abounds, with the smaller species- Herbivurous, Carnivorous, and Amphibioua-in endleis variety. A splendid AVIARY of BIRDS from every dime. A magnificent CASE of REPTILES. Heads of Families, schools, and public institutions liberally treated with. Open daily at I I &.in. Keepers describe hourly. Feeding each evening at half-past Nine. A iplandid Brass Band in attendance. Leader Mr. J. CASS. SALES BY MR. WM. DEW. ANGLESEY. PARISH OF LLANRHYDDLAD. SALE OF PLEASANTLY SITUATED FREEHOLD FARMS AND TENE- MENTS, Situated on the margin of HOLYHEAD BAY. TO BE SOLI) PY AUCTION, BY MR. W. DEW, At the l'Stanley Vaults," in the town of HOLYHEAD, on Saturday, 2nd July, 1SG4, commencing at Two o'clock in the afternoon (subject to conditions then and there to be produced), THE following very desirable Freehold JL Tenement! called SWTTAN and TYDDYX UCHAF, Situate in lue parish of Llaurhyddlad, in tlio county of Anglesey, well adapted for Building Sit, affordiug every facility for sea bathing; distant 8 miles from the Valley Station. and near the Parish Church. INSCRIPTION. CONTEXTS. 7v> Lot 1. a. r. p. All th^t^jirf^of y^cel of land being part of | S? 1 0 17 Lot 2. Part of ditto 01 6 Lot 3. Part of ditto, with Dweiliiig-house, Out-build- ings, ami Garden ••• i 2 5 Lot 4. Part of TYDDYN FCHAF, with Dwelling- house and Garden 8 3 2 Lot 5. Two Fields eilled Llainhirand Lluinbella, being part <»f Tvddyn Uchaf 2 2 14 N. I' -Yell,)w Ore is found in abundance upon Lot 4, Plans may be se<m on application to the Tenants, at ihe Stanley Vaults, Holyhead, and at the British Hotol, Bangor. The adjoining proprietors are Lady Parry. Lord New- borough, Lord Boston, (\ P. Joliii IVilliaiiis, Griffith, W. Tlmnias, and K. Further particulars may be had of Messrs Powell and Powell, solicitors, Carnarvon, and of the Auc- tioneer, Bangor. ANGLESEA. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. BY OIR. WJI. DHW, At the V.UXF.Y HOTBI.. on TUKSDAV, 5th of July. 1864, in three lIlts of ahulI t ût, 45, and lo.j acres each, THAT most desirable FARM called OARNA. JL situated within Two Miles of the Valley Station, and Five of Holyhead, consisting of a GENTEEL RESI- DENCE, Three COTTAGES, and about 125 acres of very Rich LAND. The Lots are separated by the High Roads, The accommodation for Sea Bathing, owing to its splen- did beach and salubrious locality, is unsurpassed. Sale to commence at 2 o'clock. For particulars apply to the proprietor, Mr. Rowland Parry, Bangor, or Mr. R. Pierce, Postmaster, Valley, who will show the property. Sale of desirable FREEHOLD FARMS, and a valuable Slate Vein in the Parishes of Trawsfynydd and Maen- twrog, Merionethshire. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the OAKKLKY ARMS HOTEL, Tanybwlch, BY MR. W. DEW, On Thursday, the 7th day of JULY, 1804, (at Twelve o'clock at noon), (unless previously disposed of by pri- vate contract, of which due notice will be given), sub- ject to conditions to be then and there produced, in Three Lots, ALL those two Freehold Farms called COED CAE DU and HENDRE MUR, now in the occupa- tion of Ellis Humphreys and Ann Evans, as tenants from year to year, situate in the above Parishes, contain- ing 475 acres or thereabouts of arable and pasture land, together with extensive right of Common appertaining thereto on'Maentwrog mountain. These Faims are conveniently situated on each side of the main road leading from Tanybwlch and Festiniog to Trawsfynydd and Dolgelley. (distant four miles from Tanybwlch, six miles from Festiniog, one mile from Trawsfynydd village, and thirteen from Dolgelley), and are well worth the attention of capitalists, being in the centre of a large tract of Mineral Country and near the auriferous districts. An extensive Slate Vein exists upon Ffriddgoch part of Coed Cae Du, and trials have been newly opened on part of it, the prospects of which are considered unexception- able, being a continuation of the Braich Ddu Vein, which is now being extensively worked by a wealthy com- pany, within a few hundred yards of the property. A Take Note has been granted to a party from the pre- sent owner, to commence from the 1st day of May last, for one year, containing the usual covenants and agree- ments for a lease of 21 years, at a dead rent of 210 per annum, merging into a Royalty of one twelfth, and this Farm, or such part of it as is included in the take note, will be sold subject to the same. The contemplated line of Railway from Dolgelley to the Festiniog Slate Quarries and thence on to Portmadoc and PorthynUaen, will have to pass very near, if not through, one or other of these Farms. The Farm of Coed Cae Du is capable of great improvement and its present value may be very greatly enhanced at a small expense. The property affords good Partridge and Hare shoot- ing. The respective Tenants will shew the Farms. Further particulars and plans may be had on applica- tion to the Auctioneer, British Hotel, Bangor, or to Mr. O. Owen, solicitor, Beaumaris. ABERGELE. SALES OF GROWILJB CROPS, FIRST CLASS IM- PLEMENTS IN HUSBANDRY, HORSES, NEAR ABERGELE. MR. W. DEW Has been instructed by JAMES SCARTH, Esq., who is giv- ing up the Farm TO SELL BY AUCTION, On Mo:mAY, the 11th July, 18G1, at TYDDYN UCHAF, On MONGDWAYR, YCH CASTLE, ABERGELE, commencing near at 12 o'clock at Noon prompt, THE whole of the Growing Crops of HAY, WHEAT, BARLEY, OATS, TURNIPS, and POTA- TOES, covering an Area of 113 Acres in Lots, as well as a large assoitment of a first class PRIZE IMPLEMENTS, comprising "Ransomes and Sims" Patent CORNMILL, M Richmond and Chandler's "Patent CHAFF CUTTER, "Bentall's" BULPER, Gardener's" DOUBLE ACTION TURNIP CUTTER, 44 Wood's^' Patent HAY MOWER, Trotter's" REAPING MACHINE, "Hancocks" Patent PULVERIZER PLOUGH, Iron Ploughs, Turuip Drills, "Howard's" Iron Harrows, Rodenhurst PAT- ENT CULTIVATOR Iron Rollers, "Crosskills" Two- horse and other Carts, a light Pony Cart, Averys Weighiug Machine, and various other Implements, to- gether with Three Sets of Superior Tliill and Chain Gear Plough, Chains, Saddle, a large quantity of Wooden Hur- dles about 260 Yards of Wire Fencing, about 20 TONS of MIXED SALT and LIME 1>1:ANURE. Black Spanish Hens, Aylesbury and Rouen Ducks. ALSO 5 VERY SUPERIOR CART HORSES, &c. Also, by order of Mr. Brewster, on the following day, (Tuesday), the 12th 1864, commencing at One o'clock, p.m., at Henblas, adjoining the above named Farm, the whole of the Growing Crops of Hay, Barley, Oats, Peas, Clover, Potatoes and Turnips Covering an Area of 86 Acres in Lots. The whole will be minutely described in Catalogues which may be had at the principal Hotels in North Wales, and of the Auctioneer, British Hotel, Bangor. SALE OF FREEHOLD HOUSES AND PREMISES IN THE CITY OF BANGOR. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. BY MR. W. DEW, At the BRITISH HOTEL, BANGOR, on Wednesday, 13th July, 1864, at Five o'clock in the afternoon (sub- ject to conditions then and there to be preduced), rpHE following very Desirable Freehold X Property, in a central position, and well adapted as Business Premises, namely:- Lot 1. All that old established FREEHOLD TAVERN, called the Royal Mail," situate in High Street, Bangor, now in the occupation of Captain Griffith, as yearly tenant. Lot 2. All that capacious YARD and HOUSES situate in Dean Street, liaiigor, having a frontage of 45 ft. 6 in., containing 261 square yards, or thereabouts, now in the occupation of Messrs. Williams & Parrock, Coach Pro- prietors. ?Let* ? adjoins the grounds of the New Church, now tpproaching its eompleti For further particulaorns .apply to the A.ucti.o.neer, British Hotel, Baogor. SALES BY MR. DEW-Co-;TiNUFD. SALE OF HORSES AND CARRIAGES AT BANGOR. MR. WILLIAM DEW BEGS respectfully to announce that his )D next SALE OF HORSES AND CARRIAGES will be held at the MART, attached to the BUITISH HOTEL, BANGOR, on FRIDAY, 15th July, 1804. In order to secure Stalls early application should b* made. All Entries to be sent in on or before Thursday, the 7th July. Stylish Cobs and superior Harness Horses will meet with ready sale. AMLWCH, ANGLESEY. TO HE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY Mil. W. DEW. At theDiNoiiBKN ARMS HOTEL, in tliu town of Amlwch, in the County of Anglesey, on TUESDAY, the 26th day July. 18ol, at Une Clork in the Afternoon, THE Fiveliold 'Iil(i f,?tateq and Jt- <<tt«r9t)t tc<p?.:ti'?y?<nd in hodet;¡,Qlisheù WIND M?'W??W??? and PIIKMISKS AIEI,IN AI)L)A, t(,g,tlioi- with I H"eral KKEKHOFjD DWELLING HOUSES and GARDENS adjoining, .situate near the Town (,I Amlwch. The above valuable and desirable pro- perties will be divided into Lot; as decided upon ah the time of *a!e, and SlIld according to Conditions to W' then and there produced. Also, to be Sold a Horizontal Steam Engine nearly New, about O Horse Power Boiler and Fittings, ah complete aud in good working order at the Miiis. Particulars may be obtained of the AUCTIONKHU, British Hotel, Bangor, and of B. Roost:, Solicitor, Amlwch. NOTICE. BEAUMARIS, ANGLESEY. THK Sale of the Public House called the J[ "Menai Arms Inn," will NOT take place, the same having been disposed of by private treaty, SALE BY MESSRS. DAVIES & ARroR. FREEHOLD FARM FOR SALE. LLANNEFYDD. DENBIGHIRE. TO BE SOLD AUCTION, At the RN.I, IKS, in Denbigh, on WKDNKROAV, the 13th day of July, 1804, at 4 o'clock in the Afternoon, BY MESSRS. DAVIES & ARMOUR, TH AT most desirable Farm e?!ed BUAKTH BACII? Tin the parish of Hannefydd, in the County of Den' bigh, now occupied by David Vaughan, under an annual Tenancy, terminable in the Spring of 1865, and contain- ing 61a. Ir. 5p. statute measure. The road from Den- bigh to Llannefydd passes near the property, which is bounded by the Estates of George Griffith, Esq., Towns- hend Mainwaring, Esq., Brownlow Wynne Wynue, Esq., John Lloyd Wynne, Esq., The Rev. John Roberto, Mr. Davies, of Bodvsgaw Isaf, and others. There are suitable Farm-house and Buildings in good repair on the property, and the whole i highly improv- able, being within short distances of Coal and Lime, within one mile from the Village of Llanuefydd, 5 miles from the town of Denbigh, which is the terminus of the Vale of Chvyd Railway, and where the best markets and fairs in North Wales are held, and being also distant 5 miles from the Trefnant Station on that line, and about 9 miles from the celebrated Bathing place at Rhyl, dn the Chester and Holyhead Railway. It presents a fine site for a good house commanding views of the Vale of Chvyd down to the Sea. It has on it a good Coppice of Timber, and stands in a district well supplied with Game, being surrounded by Eatateswhereitisstncttypreserved. Any further information may be obtained on applica- tion to the Auctionsers at Denbigh to Thomas Hughes, Esquire, 2, Blair Street, Liverpool or to Mr. Richard Williams, Solicitor, Vale Street, Denbigh; who will ap- point a person to shew the property, and with whom a map of it may be seen. SALE BY MR. ORMISTON. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. F R E E H 0 L D ESTATE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. ORMISTON, At the WYNNSTAY ARMS INN, Machynlleth, on WED- NESDAY, July 13th, 1864, at 4 o'clock in the After- noon, ALL that Compact Freehold Estate, con- Aqisting of the several Farms or Tenements know severally as A. R. P. Culdyfnog 98 0 37 esenieiler 8 230 Pen.y.geuhm 70126 Hinltlol. 120 217 Factory House, &c. 010 A. 307 0 30 Together with the extensive right ofSheepwalk, adjoining Culdyfnog and Pen-y-geulan Farms. It is proposed to offer the property in the first instance as a whole, and if not so sold, then in 2 Lots-consisting of Culdyfnog, Caemeiler. and Pen-y-geulan, containing 177a. lr: and Hirddol and Factory containing 12»a. 3r. 17p. respectively, or in such other Lot or Lots as may be determined upon at the time of Sale. The Estate nearly adjoins the Turnpike Road from Machyn- lleth to Shrewsbury, within 2 miles of the former, where there is a first-class Railway Station, and distant 12 miles from Aberdovy, and 20 miles by rail from Aberystwith. Plans and detailed particulars are in course of pre- paration, and may be had of Mr. Ormiston, Wigfair, St. Asaph, or Mr. J. Parry Jones, Solicitor, Denbigh, who will supply any further information in the meantime. Denbigh, 8th June, 1864. SALE BY MR. HEALING. AT RHYL. Sale of Extremely Valuable Modern and Excellent House- holdlFuraitnre, Cottage Piano Forte, Splendid Engrav- ings, and other Effects, at the Town Hall, Rhyl. MR. HEALING Respectfully intimates that he has received instructions to prepare for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, On THUITSDAY, the 7th July, 1864, at One o'clock pre- cisely. in the Large Room of the Town Hall, in the Town of Rhyl, AN Kxtrenielv Valuable Assemblage of Ex- cellent HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and other Effects, the Property of a Clergyman, and removed from the nei" ghbourhood of Ruthin, for the greater convenience of Sale and which embraces Dinner, Dessert, and Tea and Breakfast Services, of rich China and Staffordshire Ware; valuable and costly Eight-day Drawing-room I 1. Clock in Orn olu, under Glass Shade, onginauy cosi 10 guineas a veiy valuable Eight-day Bracket Clock, by an eminent maker, restingon an elaborately-carved Mahogany Bracket splendid ifrst-class Engravings, appropriately framed and glazed, Oill'aintings, and Chromo-lithographs Barometer Table and Bed Linen Plated Articles, Table CutJerv &c' ?'DRAWING ROOM Furniture will be found in Rosewood, a neatly designed Couch, set of Eight Chairs, Easy and Sewing ditto, upholstered in appropriate cover- ing 'Circular Loo, So'a, and Work Tables en suite, pair of Ottomans, brilliant-toned Piano Forte, by Rolfe, the case in peculiarly line r:ch mottled mahogany, and rosewood Music Stool, Carpet and Hearth Rug, Fenders and Detailed Fire Irons, n.?ble Chimney Glass, &c Also DINING MOOM Furnit # e, in a mahogany pe- destal Sideboard of fine wood, set of Chairs, Sofa, wning. Loo, Card, and Pembroke Tables, Brussels Carpet, Hearth Ru"Fender, Fire Irons, and other useful items. The BEDCHAMBER Furniture includes two sets of mahogany four-post Bedsteads, with Crimson Moreen and other Wngings, sets of Half-tester, Tent, and French ditto, hair and flock Mattresses and Palliasses, prune Feather Beds and Bedding, fine mahofany Chests of Drawers, a painted portable W ater Closet. Chamber Chairs and Carpets, Towel Rails, painted Dressing tables and Washstands, Dressing Glasses, Toilet Services, &c. also a few remaining Kitchen Requisites, and other mis- cellaneous effects. Catalogues are in preparation, and maybe had two days antecedent to the Sale, on application to Mr. Heal. ing, Auctioneer, at hit Office, the George Hotel, (Queen Street, RhyL SALES'BY MR. GEORGE FELTON. >» LLANDUDNO. TO PRIVATE FAMILIES. HOTEL KEEPERS, AND THK PUBLIC. Sale of a fnrrie and varied anstmblape of China, GlIMI, atui Ornamental, and uaeful item. MR. GEORGE FELTON Has been instructed by Messrs. Walton and Co., of H > ley Potteries, to SELL BY AUCTION, in the George's Music Hall, Mostyn Street, Llandudno, Tuesday and Wednesday next, July 5th and 6th, 13 A N extensive, varied, and vatn?hie sto> A -nf CHINA. CUT O"R"N('AvM"EL"N'IN'b'PeAsl'?tTOA?, and STONEWARE, maguineent dinner services, in ev¿ colour, and variety of design. Beautiful dessert servict transparent chroa, breakfast, tea, and coffre services, rich ittid I)lAin pit-tei,iis; double and single toilet service A choice display of ornamental elegancies, comprisiuj; highly finished Purian Groups, :,n.l Statuettes, Bohemian and French bases, and luatre* of the most tastetul char- ucter; richly out glass in every variety, Papier mache Trays, tde^anftHimopieees, electro and metal mounted jflgs j toa ;IlttMtae pots and a variety of other elegaut "ad, useful Tho whole to be on view on the sale day. Sale commence nt One o'clock prompt. Mostyn Estate Offices, Llmdudno, June 30tU, 1861. LLANDUDNO. TO (,\BINET rAKgR, AND PARTIES FURNISH- INC. GENERALLY. Ext»nsive anil highly attractive Salt of elegant and superior HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, comprising numerous Dining, Drawing, >itting Room and Bedroom suites, in Walnut Wood. Mahogany, and polished Birch; a large assortment of Metallic Bedsteads, Beds ami Bedding of every dmerintion. handsome Pierglasses, ke I)ein,, the (if Mr. Win. Allen. Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer, Mostyn Street, LInidudno, Under a deed oj Assitinmtnt for the benefit of Creditors, MR. GEORGE FELTON Has been instructed to SELL BY AUCTION, without reserve, on the premises, as above, on TUESDAY and WECXESBAY, the 1.2th and 13th of Ji'r.Y, 18'i4, fPilK Whole of the we!J-selected arnl .?)b- 8t;tnti;lil), ii,firitif?icttit-e(l of FUHNI- TUR g AND CABINET GOODS, consisting of 3 ek?nt Drawing Room suites in carved walnut wood, each eom- pri?tng n chairs Sewing Knd Easy Chairs and .SottHC. uphohterod in ireen and crimson rep walnut wnod Cen- he TaHea. with dp!d ov.d tops Md oilcloth covers six beautiful iv?k l iiiit C)",s s i x beautiful walnut Cheff""Ü'rs. with p?neUed doors 1\11ed in with plate glass, and shaped molded marble tops on carved consoles; several elegant L >ndon-madc walnut wood Cabinets, with gilt enrichments a handsome wal- nut wood Lady's Wardrobe, with plate glass centre panel, and handsome cornice and mouldings ten large-sized and brilliant Pierglasses in moulded and enriched gilt frames; walnut in-laid Chess, Work, Coffee, and Sofa Tables; Fancy and occasional Chairs; a number of Birch Ameri- can Chairs. ?'H?ANY DINING ROOM & SITTING ROOM SUITES, comprising several sets of substantial Chairs. with moveable hair seats, carved easy Chairs in hair and leather handsome and elegant mahogany Sofas and Couches, with richly carved backs and elbows; several massive carved Sideboards and Cheffoniers Dining and LooTables; Mahogany Dumb-waiter on reeded supports, on castors; mahogany Secretaire Bookcase and Bureau polished birch, mahogany, and Gilt Cornices and Poles, with enriched finialn polished, oak and mahogany Hall Furniture handsome Bedroom Suites in mahogany and polished birch, comprising numerous sets of elegant half- tester Bedsteads, with carved footposts, enriched Foot- boards and moulded Cornices, massive mahogany and po- lished birch Chest of Drawers and Toilet Drawers, Wash- stands and Toilet Stands circular, oval, and square Toilet Glasses, on twisted supports and marble stands; Napkin Airers and Commodes. A large assortment of superior and handsomely finihed Metallic Bedsteads, in every variety of form, size, and colour; and also a number of sets of excellent Painted Bedroom Furniture; new Brussells and Kidderminster Carpetting and Felt Druggetts; Lobby and Floor Oil- cloths and Mattings, and Hall door Mats a great number of woll made Curied Hair, Flock and Wool Mattrasses, and Straw Palliasses a few excellent Feather Bedi and numerous prime Feather Bolsters and Pillows; Bronze Cast Fenders; a quantity of Materials and Timber for Cabinet work, most useful to the trade together with the whole of the Household Furniture, Beds, Bedding, and Kitchen Requisites now in use, Chandeliers and Gas Fittings, and other valuable affects. On view the morning of each day of Sale. Catalogues of the whole may be had five days prior thereto, and further particulars in the meantime on ap- plication to Henry Kitson, Esq., solicitor, Wolverhamp- ton Messrs. W: H. Reece and Farrant, solicitors, Llan. dudno or of Mr. George Felton, Auctioneer and Survey- or, Mostyn Estate Offices, Llanduduo. CARNARVONSHIRE.—NORTH WALES. CHARMING FREEHOLD ESTATE OF 68 ACRES FOR SALE, with suitable Re- sidence, in Ornamental Grounds, Homestead, Sfc., in the delightful Vale of Conway.. MR. GEORGE FELTON Announces that he has been favoured with instructions to SELL BY AUCTION, At the Erskine Arms Hotel, in the town of Conway, on Friday, the 15th day of July, 1864, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and subject to conditions to be then pro- duced, ALL that sin?nhtrlv-ohwmin? Freehold A, Residential Estate called PLAS IOLYN, situate in the parishes of Gyffin and Llangelynin, in the county of Carnarvon, and containing by admeasurement 67 a. 1 r. 35 p., or thereabouts, of rich and fertile Arable and -Meadow Lund. The House contains entertaining and sleeping rooms, and all requisite domestic offices, for a family of respect- ability, ami stands in the midst of Ornamental Grounds and Plantations, with approaches from both the upper and lower main roads leading from Conway to Llanrwst. There are beautiful springs of water on the premises. The land is rich and fertile, and in a high state of cultiva- tion and the Homestead lies at a convenient distance of about 100 yards from the house. The property, which is surrounded by the estates of The Dowager Lady Erskine, Sir Richard Bulkeley, Bart., Dr. Edwards, and others, is most delightfully situated in the far-famed Vale of Conway, and commands full views of the expansive and enchanting scenery around it, stretching forth to the magnificent range of Carnarvon- shire Hills, which forms its back ground. It is within 2 miles of the fine old town of Conway, which is a first class station on the Chester and Holyhead Railway; and within 6 miles of Llandudno, the most fashionable water- ing place on the Welsh coast. The rivers and lakes in the immediate neighbourhood afford ample sport for lovers of the rod and line; and altogether it is a highly desirable property, and offers an opportunity of securing a charming little Freehold rarely to be met with. It will be offered in 3 Lots, Lithographed plans of which, with particulars, may be had a fortnight prior to the day of Sale, at the principal Hotels in Conway, Llan- rwst, and Llandudno; of Mr. William Hughes, solicitor, 1, Castle-street, Conway or of Mr. George Felton, Auc- toneer and Surveyor, Mostyn Estate Office, Llaududno. QIRJ. MURK A Y'SPU RE FWID MAGNESIA s is recommended by Physicians since 1807, for Bile ?Ctf/th'M and /tt(<?f9<tOM—They also order his Cordial Camphor (3 srs. per oz. ) as the best restorative for weak nerves, or Slow fe.ers-His Lemon Syrup, mixed with either Fluid forms a brisk Aperierit for any age-hottles Is. and 2s. 6tl. To guard against false liquids, Patentees; i,abel.q are subscribed "Sir J. Murray, Physician to the Lord Lieut." NOTICE OF REMOVAL. TAILORS AND HABITMAKERS, No. 4, NORTH JOHN STREET, Adjoining the Angel Hotel, LIVERPOOL. F. MOGFORD BEGS to inform his Friends and the Public D generaUy, that he has REMOVED from No. 8, Castle Street, to the commodious premises No. 4, NOR?8ti? JOHN STREET, adjoining the Angel Hotel, where he trusts he will be patronised by his numerous Customers with the same libemlity which has hitherto been bestowed upon him, during the last twenty-two years, in the Pre- mises he has just left. With a view to secure to his Customers the utmost punctuality and attention, lie begs to announce that he has taken into Partnership, his foreman, Mr. HOLUOYD, and that in future the business will be carried on under the style and firm of MOGFORD & HOLROYD. M. & IL have on hand a large and choice assortment of the Newest and most Fashionable Goods for the present Season, and they will avail themselves shortly of calling upon their customers in Bangor, Carnarvon, and North Walw gonerak, M heretofore. f GRIFFITH DAVIES, I HIGH STREET, BANGOR, j DEPARTMENTS. I STLXI, 1 DRESSES SHAWLS MANTLES JACKETS CORSETS HATS BONNETS RIBBONS I PARASOLS 1 UMBRELLAS MILLINERY & FLOWERS I HOSIERY GLOVES I LGATIOCEVS ES I HABERDASHERY TRIMMINGS WOOLLENS CARPETS BLANKETS SHEETINGS TABLE LfN ENS COUNTERPANES, its. PAPER HANGINGS & DECORATIONS. BOO T AND SHOE ESTABLISHMENT, I IM, HIGH STREET, BANGOR, ISAAC ROBERTS h(1" to inform his Cnstoiners, Visitors, and the public in general, that II he has constantly on hand a large assortment of LadieV, Gentlemen's, and Children's, Boot and Shoes, both French and English, iu every variety suited to the requirements of the Season, ..11.1 of the LATENT FASHIONS. Gentlemen leaving their Orders can rely on obtaining a really First-class article, nt a Moderate Price. THE APOTHECARIES HALL, BANGOR. R. HUGHES, FAMILY AND DISPENSING CHEMIST, THE APOTHECARIES' HALL, MARKET PLACE, BANGOR, Tr announcing the Opening of his Establishment, bogs respectfully to state that his i STOCK OF DRUGS is pure, fresh, and caicfullv selected, and his CHEMICALS and PHARMACEU- TICALPREPARATIONS are obtained from the first Laboratori .■< in England. He hopes his knowledge of the business gained by many experience in England, Wales, aud Dublin, combined with unremitting personal at- tLIitioii, will merit confidence and approval. PHYSICIANS' AND FAMILY RECIPES ACCURATELY DISPENSED. All Prescriptions dispensed at this Establishment are numbered and registered in a book nf reference, and the number marked ou the label and prescription, which will prevent any delay in case of sudden illness. A Choice Assortment of English and Foreign Perfumery. HUGHES' CELEBRATED MONA BOUQUET.—This delightful and agreeable Perfume possesses a peculiar fragrance, and is greatly admired for its richness and durability .-In Bottles, Is., 2s. 6d., aud 58. SALE BY MR. E. H. OWEN & SON. _n I ANGLESEY. SALE OF HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE &c., & AT LLANDRYGARN PARSONAGE. MESSRS. E. H- OWEN & SON, Are favoured with instructions from the Reverend Dr. Owen, Administrator of the Estate of the late Rev. Edward Owen, deceased, TO SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, On TUESDAY, July 5tli, 1864, commencing at Twelve o'clock at Noon precisely at the above-named Par- sonage, [ Choice asemblage of HOUSEHOLD FUR- A NITURE, and other property, comprising Spanish Mahogany Telescope Dining Table; ten feet long, Maho- gany Oval ditto, set of Mahogany Chairs in Morocco. elegant Sideboard, Cottage Pianoforte by "TomkuMon," PlaW Articles, neat Scroll Fenders and Steel Fire Sets, Felt, Turkey, Kidderminster, and Brussels Car- pets, Hearthrugs, Oil Cloths, and Mattings, Iron Half- testers and other Bedsteads, Straw and Hair Mattresses, prime white goose Feather Beds, Whitney Blankets, Bed and Table Linen, Polished Birch, Chests of Draw- ers, Stands and Rails, Dressing Glasses, Chamber Ser- vices, Wicker and Cane Chairs, Kitchen Furniture, and a variety of Culinary Utensils. Splendid Harness Mare, 15 hands high and four years old; a four-year-old Roan Pony, 13 hands high, quiet to ride and drive. The Garden's Crop, about five acres of upland Hay and Aftergrass. Capital Cart, equal to new, full Shafter Saddle, and other Out-door Effects. May be viewed on the morning of the day of Sale, and Catalogues had on application to the Auctioneers, Bridge-street, Carnarvon. SALE BY MR. DAVIES. VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY. LLANDRILLO YN RHOS, NEAR CONWAY. MR. DA VIES Has the pleasure to announce that he is instructed to SELL BY AUCTION, At the ERSKINE ARMS HOTEL, in the town of Conway, on FRIDAY the 29th day of JULY, 1864, at a o'clock in the afternoon, precisely, subject to conditions to be then produced, THE whole of that desirable Freehold _L Farm, called, or known by the name of 4< Corn Gafr situate in the Parish of Llaudrillo yn Rhos, near the town of Conway, containing by admeasurement 36a. 3r. 33p., or thereabouts, of capital arable meadow and pasture land, adjoining the Estates of The Dowager Lady Erskine, Archdeacon Jones, John Tremlet Hughes. Esq., Rev. John Jones, John Robert Griffith, Esquire, and otheri. The property will be offered in one Lot, and if not so sold in the following, or such other Lots as may be agreed upon at the time of Sale. A. R. P. LOT I.-Corn Gafr Cottage with 19 2 25 of meadow land. „ 2.-Frith ••• 12 3 31 3.—Two pieces of land containing 4a. lr. 17p. This desirable property adjoins the road leading from the Village of Llandrillo, to Llanrwst and is within an easy walk of the Llandullno Junction, Colwyn, and Llan- santffraid Railway Stations. It is also situated in a picturesque part of the Principality, and within 2) miles from the Sea shore. It commands views of Penmaen- mawr. Great Ormes Head, Llandudno, &c. Mr. George Hughes, Bryndefaid. near Conway, will shew the property, and farther information may be obtained of the Auctioneer, Llanrwst, or Mr. J. Parry Jones, Solicitor, Denbigh. I Llanrwst, 28th June, 1864. _I — 1 HIMAL  [HIMALAPYA | EB PURE, || (NWURALCOLOURH It is the Best and Cheapest unequalled for Flavour and Strength. Sold in Packets only at 3s 4d 4s., and 4s. 4d. per lb. AGENTS. BANGOR Roberts Draper. Williams. Chemist. CONWAY. Edwards CARNARVON William* HOLYHEAD Roberts Respectable Agents WANTED, where none have been appointed. Apply to the Himalaya Tea Company, 4, Finabuiy Place South, London, K.C. BANGOR WATER ft GAS COMPANY. THE Directors of the above Company re- quest the Consumers of Water and Gas, if they have any grounds of COMPLAINT as to the supply of either, that such be made in writing, addressed to Mr. White, Secretary. The Directors also beg to call atten- tion of consumers to their printed Rules distributed in September last. Bangor June 27th, 1864. LLANFAIRTALHAIARN COMMONS. NOTICE is Hereby (liven, That a Pnblie il! Meeting of the landowners, and other persons in- terested in-the above commons, -will be held at the Harp Inn, Llanfair, on Friday the 15th day of July next, at 12 o'clock, for the purpose of determining what steps shall be taken in reference to the encroachments made thereon. JOHN R. GRIFFITH, Llanrwst, 30th June, 1864. TO BUILDERS. 11HE BuHdin"; Committee of the Proposed TNew Congregational Chapel at Menai Bridge, are prepared to reoeive Tenders for the erection of a New Chapel at the above place. Plans and specifications may be seen at Mr. IL Thomas'. London House, Menai Bridge, to whom the Teuders are to bo addressed. Tenders to be sent in not later than the 15th inst. The Committee do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any other Tender. Alsc, *the Committee are desirous to dispose of a portion of Land, situate in a most eligible spot for building pur- poses. at a moderate price. All needful in formation sup- plied on application to Mr. R. Thomas, London House, Menai Bridge. ANNIVERSARY MEETING OF THE JLA ArDRILL 0- YN-RIIOS LADIES' CLUB. Will take place on THURSDAY, July 7th, 1864. THE Ladies and Members will meet at 12 JL o'clock and attend Divine Service in the Parish Church at Half-past Two o'clock, after which TEA will be Provided in a large Tent by Mrs. JONES, Swan Inn, Mochdre, at 4 o'clock, p.m. An Efficient BAND has been engaged, which will head the Procession and be in attendance during the Evening. Tea Tickets, One Shilling Each. THE PENRHYN HALL, BANGOR. On MONDA Y EVENING, July 4, A LECTURE will be delivered at the above Hall, by A Dr. F. R. LEES, F.S.A., (Author of the Science of Symbols," "An Argument for «the Prohibition of the Liquor Traffie" [to which the Alliance Prize of One Hundred Guineas was awarded ect., ect.], upon The Supposed Virtues of Alcohol as a Medicine." Dr. LEES will undertake to answer any Question put to him by any Medical gentleman on the above Subject To be followed by an Address by the Rev. J. Gitir- FITH, Rector of Neath, Glanmorganshire. The Chair will be taken by W. B. HUGHES, ESQ., Plascoch. Admission Reserved Seats, 2s.; First Seats. Is.; Second Seats, 6d. Of Tickets to be had of Mr. Douglas, North Wales Ohronicle"; Humphreys & Co., Bangor aud Upper Ilangor; Mr. John Roberts, Bradford House; and at the Door of the Hall. Doors open at Half-past Six o'clock. Lecture to com- mence at Seven. NORTH WALES TEMPERANCE ASSOCIATION. THE COMMITTEE ™ OF THE NORTH i WALES TEMPERANCE ASSOCIATION beg to announce that their ANNUAL FESTIVAL Will be held this year at BANGOR. on TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, the 5th and 6th July, 1864. The Meetings of the Delegates will be held on TUESDAY, in the PENRHYN HALf., when matters of importance re- lating to the tempeiance movement will be discussed. Public Meetings will be held on Tuesday night and Wednesday, and addresses delivered by the following gentlemen Rev. J. Griffith, M.A., Rector of Neath; Rev. D. Saunders, Liverpool; Rev. J. Thomas, Liverpool; Rev. W. Rowlands, Machynlleth; Rev. Abel Parry, Ruabon Dr. F. R. Lees, F.S.A.. Leeds; G. C. Camp- bell, Esq., Delegate from the National Temperance League, London; W H. Darby, Esq., Brymbo; Hugh Owen, Esq., Whitehall, London, and others. Cheap Excursion Trains will run from different Sta- tioni on the occasion. WM JONES' ASSIGNMENT. IN the Matter of the Trust Deed for the Benefit of the i Creditors of William Jones, of Park Bach, Amlwch, in the County of Anglesey, Merchant, hereinafter called the Debtor, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That a Meeting of the Creditors of the said Debtor will be held at the Office, of me, the undersigued, on Satur- day, the 16th Day of JULY, 1863, at Two of the Clock in the Afternoon, for the purpose of Auditing the Ac- counts of the Trustees, acting under the said Trust Deed, and also for declaring a Dividend. And all per- sons having any Claim against the Estate of the said Debtor are required to send in the particulars thereof, duly verified to me, the Undersigned, on behalf of the said Trustess, on or before Wednesday, the 13th day of JULY, aforesaid, in default, whereof the said Trustees will proceed to distribute the Assets of the said Estate without reference to any such Claim. B. ROOSE, Amlwcb, Solicitor to the Trustem June 28th, IMt.