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MB J. PBITQHABD. I lIIANTLLE, NEAR CARNARVON. 1 IMPORTANT TO QU \RRY PROPRIE- I TORS AN ) oTHER S. BY OROER. OF THELIQNIOJTOR OF THEPKNYBRYN • LATB. QUARRY CO., LIMITED. MR T PRITCHARD. WIU 80,1 by puhhe Moti°on without r serve on the PR»"M TKiip«flfiv« April 2l«c, ib9*« 12 cjmk n'o'n i"ompt, the "b"le of ,he valuable Pl.ANT MACHlERY ?-Mch we e l,d,?rtiz d for ?'e in Aagutt?89). dwi?hdra?n. aud ?hich are ?.w offered triUi ike full <ou8 nt (,{ the LtMor 01 the Qa.,fy) AT iheabovr Q?'Mry QomprHn t r? quMtit.y o.! Md. yl^ ge ils with Fish PI..te" Crossings, Point* an-1 Wood Sleepers, a veral Drums with (Jog Wheels and Pinions, Wire Ropes, Chains, Weighinr Machines a d Platfoms, a Bplendid STATIONARY Winding Engine with two Isin. Cylinders and lift, ttin strllke, with double far- Boiler 80ft by 7ft 6io and Donkey t ngme, Feed Puu,v and riwam Pipes, all equal to new by Ratoliffe t; So a, Iron Chimneys, Sinlie and doabe copper Head., Trollies Iron WAGGONS Double Purchase Bl cks, Hand Screws.4/' OT Iron S,w Tables 9ft by 5ft by DE Winton" 00.. Belting, bkfdn, With Pallies nd Driv- &' R??inf? ?hUkt?tiof Oy inder motive e by De Winton Co., in good T»ndiaon, tM?rnru "abies, .?w Sharpening Machine, OMtron. powerfu Sw.m Kngme and Boiler, byW?.?ther. of Manchester, with single b4,C, 15in by 3ft6?n and Fly Wheel 12ft 4Uameter, 70 yards of Pampe and 10m, ??hnder Lifting En?nelC.n by 3ft 6in, =?-ft stroke with r?eratng Gear complete, MdB.Ue.?5ftby 5? by ?tchB'e & Sons, BMWI L fling Machine with single Cylinder, Water Wheel, 4Ufi diameter, 3ft 6m breast, Pump Bobs, lion Rods, Winches, 3 Iron 8aw Table*, 9ft by 4ft 6in by H. (JW«N & Son, Car. narvon, Semi-portable doeb'O Cylinder Engine JLIA lay 14M by Ria-oii and Proctor, with Fly Wheel AOD Pulley, Pnmping Engine, Water Rata. Drilling Machines, Morticing Machines, Orou Cut, BRASSES, Nail., Bolts, Nats, Baike*. Rock Drill Machine, Office Furniture, A AF Or«ave«'s Slate Dressing Machines, Tram- way Weighing Machiue, a d numerous other .which will be more partloularly described in Oalalogues to be ubtaimd a week previous te the 8lile "t tLo priucipal Hotels, or of the Auctioneer, Bodhyfryd, Bangor. MR J. Q. JONES. ON SALE WITH IMMEDIATE POS- SESSION AS A GOING CONCERN. AERATED WATER WORKB with all ApttBt, mMhinery, botUlI, horses and 8ft., L complete. For full p ?'<?'PP'y J. G. Jon? Acctic?rMd TtltM. P?Mr. aw Buildings, Carnarron. PORTDINORWIC. bALE OF VALTIABLE LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES. AtR J. G. JONES hM received iBstrue- ?ML tions to Sea by PaMit Aaotinn on the undermentioned premises on Saturday, April 23rd, 1892, at 3.30 o'clock in the afternoon, snhject tI each conditions as shall fee then end there produced, the following Leasehold Properties in one er more Late M us be decided upon at the time of 8*'e. A Le'aahotd pie" of Land, containing Sl feet in length and 60 feat in bmith or thereabouts, together with the Steam Flour Hill erected thereon, and all the Machinery maneaud tboyewitb. Another pieoe of L«D, CONTAINING 83 fe6 in length and 60 feet in breadth or there tboata, together with twa Lim* K ila thereon. The above-meatieued Premise are eitaatei in Bsaeh Raw, Portdinnrwic and are held for the unexpired rssidue of A term of ninety yeats, fff THE S!9tIJ Sept., 1877, subject to an apportioned Ground Bent of f 4 per annom. AIM another piece of Land immediately facing the above-Mentioned Premises with the Set Wall or Landiag aud 8bipplOg plaoe erected thereon, eootaiaing two roods sod fourteen psiohes er thereabnats, held for the unexpired residue of a term of twenty-one years f'om the 10th day a October, 1880, subjett to a dead rent ef zet per annum, and to a Royalty of Id per ton upon all Merchandise shipped from or laoded on the Promises. Fer farther particulars apply to the Auctioneer, or to Messrs Hogh Jenes and Co., Solicitors, all of Carnarvon. MESSRS WILLIAMS JONES. COUNTY OF ANGLESEY. CARBOG, Nium CSMMAB9, About 2 miles from RHOSOOCIH STATIOW. HIGHLY IMPORTANT SALE of 79 Head of Cattle, 11 Ho ses, 147 Ewei and Lambe, Agricultural Implements, and valu- able Household Farniture, to. m ESSRS WILLIAMS AND JONES M are instructed by Mrs C. Williams to 8811 by Pablio Auction at the premises as above sm Friday, the 22nd of April, 1892, and the loltowiug day if requirei, the whole of the live and Dead Farming Stook. briefly com. HWDK 4 capital out Mares, one with Foal at foot, and another In Foal, ranging from 4 to 8 TEARS old 1 powerful Cart Horse rising 5, I year old Filly, two year old Colt, one year old Oolt, one year old Filly, Shetland Pony, 14 Grand Miloh Cows, 3 year old Bull, 22 two MAR old Steors and Heifers, 15 one jear old do., ITRTRONG Calves, 67 Ewes, 80 Lambe, 2 Store PIGS, 8ow with Utter, In-pig Bow, Poultry, did Dog Cart, capital GoverneM Car, all ,nriety of Agriouhural Impl.ments, lboub 50 aaMtMt TeUuw Oats. 15 quarters Barley, 6 *no Potatoes, Swedes. Mangold., part Stacks 01 Hay Md Straw, &?., together with the -?tw?bte Md serviceable Household Foraitwo •ad Dairy Utensils. Luncheon at 10. Sale to oommenoe at 10.30 a.m. prompt. Further particulars will appear in placards. Amlwch, Apirl 10, 1892. 6818. ?y ?e?a! A^StfA 9 X y a ??o<<<m<? 80 c'BMaBMB ??Mt<??, AB*Py oixBt-" ..Val to mt z  ?R.M. ru Mer Mqistv H.R.H. TM X%T QUEEN. Prin<* "f WaUt- DAY, SON & HEWITT'S ORIGINAL and CELEBRATED LAMBING AND OALYING REMEDIES. THE CHEMICAL KXTHAOr. Far Anointing after Calring and Lambing. FOR Btraiaiag and Preventing GANRTFLNE. FOR all Soma, Wounds, and Swollen Udders. FOR Sore Thl-sts. 8trtiua. and Rhenmati-. Prioe 2a 6d, 3- 6d, and 7' per bottle. THE RED DRENCH. For Cleansing after Lambing and Calving. For Hide Bound, Red Water, Inri Yellows. For Chills, Fevers, and Loss ot Cud. For Preventing Milk Fever and Quarter 111. ttiee 3e MMr dol. (Bw? ISoMr dot. (Cows). I%iw Be 6d rdE GASEOUS FLUID. Owes General Debility in Stock. Ones Low Condition and nllTen or Blown. CIaNI Soour or Diarrhoea, and Colie or Gripes, OWES Coughs, Colds, and Loss of Appetite. p dper bottio, 20s per dot. THE GASEODYNE. Used u Landaaum for Deadening Pain. # Far Severe Diarrhosa and Inguenza. For Paining in bad Lambing and Calving. For Inflammatory Colio and Lnng Disorder). Price So 6d per bottle. SPECIAL LAMBING & UAL VINO CHESTS, With "Key to Farriery," complete 93 3a and C 10s, carriage paid. PAMPHLET on L-UCBW and r,ALVflq br A, r. 'i. HivitS. M R 1 V. Loaion, gratis and post free. Bftwvrr of imitations, and note N"C *<■ r> ■ — ROYAL ANIMAL 1 HANUFACT,r" :l: I)ORUTSTRE P f V. | MR W. B, OWEN. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. I ANGLESEY. I Sale ,r Fin valaable and choice I Freehold Firm (c. taprising bn area of I i about 113 acres), « tuited in due of the I richest Agricultaral Dietiicta ia the I coaiity. MR WILLIAM H. OWEN is instructed to 8:1 hy Auction, at the Ball Hottl, Llaogefni, early in May, the whole of that compict, deaiff.ble, and attrsctive Freehold Farm, with Dwelling House and Farra 13aildingi nf miidern style and arraHgament kcowo as FEp-ram, ia the Parish of Llanben- lm, in the County of Anglesey, and com- prising in its entirety an area of bout 113 act as of superior Arable and Tastme Land, <fec. PartIculars in due coarse; meanwhile, on application to Mtevr8 Hugh Jenes and Co., 8>mc t. ra; Mr Claries A. Jouee, solicitor; or to the Auctioneer. Caruaivon, March 31st, 1892. VJillY SUPERIOR FIRE AND THIEF- PROOF SAFES. Direct from the Manufacturers, Messrs Thomas Witheis and Sons, of the Ptoesix Safe and Lock Wot k s, West Bromwich. MR WILLIAM H. OWEN will Sell by ? Auction in the Market Hall, C'roM- voo, on Thursday, April 28,1892, Fifteen First Class Wrought-Iron Fire and Burglar- pruof SAFES both Single and Double Doors, from 20 to 36 inches bi(b, including a Djuble-door ( Office Safe, 30 inches high, 30 iacheB wide, and 22 inches deep, with separate compart- ments, extra strong Single Door Banded Safe, 36 x 24 x 24, extra strong Banded Medium S M Safes, Small Safes, suitable for private bouses and tradesmen, and fitted with all the latest improvements, to resist the attacks of tte most skilled burglar, and t) preserve the contents from the fiercest flames. These Safes are made and finished in a first class manner, and can be implicitly relied upon, since bedy plates are firmly rivetted together with iron and dnve tailed; the lock casas are fitted with T. Withers and Sons' Uopickable Locks and Duplicate K-va. Tae whole of the above Safes are ooa- cigned for sale by the msnufactarors, Tbomas Withers and S IDS, Ptoe.ix Safe and Lock Wo'ks, West Bromwiofi, for which their Safes are in use in Her Majesty's Govern- ment Pe st Offices, and variuus Binks and Corporations of Etigiand. On view m, rning of sale from ten o'clock. Sale to oommetioe at two e'cloek in the afternoon. Catalogues to be obtained of the Aao- tioneer. CYLCHWYL LENYDDDL CLYNNOG L/ FAWR YN ARFON. LLUNGWYN, 1892. Dymnna y pwyllgor drwy hyn hysbysu fod y deinyo cystadleuol Y Gwanwyn a ddaeth yn cael ei oewid am Ij Y Gwanwyn' (Mulier). G. W. PARRY, Ysgnfeoydd. UNDEB LLENYDDOL DEINIOLEN A gynhelir Rhagfyr 23 a'r 24, 1892, YN NGHAPEL DISGWYLFA. Beirniad y Farddemaeth: Y Patch WILLIAM R. JONES (Goleufiyn) CAERGYBI. Agored i'r Byi.—Pryddest Goffsdwr- iaethol am y diweidar Dr Rowlands, Ebeoezer; heb fod o dan 200 o lioellaa. Gwobr, 5 gial, a chadair dderw gwerth 6 gici. NODIAB.—Byr-haoes o wrtbddryoh y bryddest i'w gaol, ond aafoa at Mr Owen Hughes, Foelgron, near Ebeneeer. Kbtstr o'r testyoan a'r arasdaa i'w cael ond anfoB lie i'r ysgnfenyiJd, RICHARD R. JONES Caeau ucha Road, Ebenezer. rTwYLLENYDDOL A CHERDDOROL CARMEL, ASHTON IN MAKER FIELD. AWST IAF, 1892 (BANK HOLIDAY). BEIKNXAD Y FAEDDONIABTH Y- PAECH J. 0. WILLIAMS (PEDROG), LIVERPOOL. I.-Merwnad i'r diweddar Mr John Morris, Brymbyfryd, Shop, Mynytbo, lleyn, yr hwo a dreuUodd ran helaeth o'i oea yn Lloegr. Gwobr, 91 10s. 2.-Am y darn o firddoniaelh gareu heb fad dros 40 llinell. Yr awdwr i ddewis el destyn. Rhoddir y flaenoriaeth i ddernya cymwYI i'w adrodd. Gwobr, 5s. 3.-Englyn, Y Bugail Da." awoir 2s 6o. Vr holl dfstynau yo rhydd i'r byd. Rhesir o'r Toi;t ynau t'r Arasdau oddiwrth yr Ysgrifenyddiou ar dderbyaiad lie. ODu.D.-Hanel gwrthrjch y Farwaad i'w gael oddiwrth ei frawd, Mr W. Merris (Gwilym Ashton), Cadfa terrace, Bolton road. THOMAS T. JONES (DKIHIOLTDD), 92, Bolton road, GRUFFYDD PEDROG JONES, Qarmol House, YSOHIFBSTDDIOW. ANGLESEY AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. THE ANNUAL ENTIRE HORSE SHOW will be held at LLANGEFNI, On SATURDAY, the 7th Day of MAY, 1892 Prizes will be Offered:- 1.—To the person who shall show the best Agricoltaral Stallim, foaled before the let af January, 1890, which shall regnltrly seiva Mares during the ensamg Seasen within tLe District of the Sooiety only, and shall attend onoa a fort night tu Maiket days at Llanerch- ymeddand LUnvefni £10 0 0 Second Best L6 0 0 2. To the person who shall show the Best Stallion, foaled before the 1st January, 1890, calculated to produce Hunters, Roadsters, or Carriage Horses, which shall regu- larly etva Mires during the eeso- ing Season, within the District of the Society, and ehall attend cnce a fortnight on Market days at Lleoetcbymedd and LlangefDi £ 5 0 0 The Ptsl'ions gaining Prizes must h- exhibited at the forthcoming Annual Sbow of Cqttle, Ac., to be beld at Llanercbym^ti, on Wednesday, the 10th day of AagttM i892. EvfyStattion exhibited will be examined by a V?tertoary Sargeou befam it MJud?t. in (,rder ta 8ortjn w?ether it be lolfe' ¡, from any of the following hereditary (iis- I eisei", viz. :-Rnaring.Wbstling. Catirho; Ringbone, Sidebone, Ucsound Feet, Navi- cular Disease, pavie; and no animal Cer- tified to be so suffering shall be eligible to a Prize. For further conditions and particulars apply to JAMES E. HUOHFS. Secretary. Bryncuhelyn, Llanerchymedd. 8ia BURYM FFRENGI(t.-Dyms y tieryu sicraf crylaf o nnrhyw Farym a .;yoy. If yn y urjunad, Cyuyroha f ar irwynach, uaalusach, a mwy dy;iiunol i ir. hwm th nig uurhyw farym arall. 3wer th if ya Sliiigor gin J. H, William, Garde »(jUnro, h W. 32, Wall street. Y Nghat<r gau John Williams, 4 Thomas street i ■> I.Uiimo yn fM g.nHngh Roberts P«.M VN lh,.1i ,¡ KM J)ivM Lew s, Pi.j. "Ir ■ tt ll l 1 I r M I <1. » V.. SALE. SALE. SALE. SALE DODREFJ FAWR T I TYMHOR. I UNWAITH Y FIJWYDDYN I YN UNIG. Gwerth jC28,500 o Stoo, wedi ei oatwngheb y.-tyried y g-t. 9 Dodrefn Newydd ac ail-llaw y gellir dibyna arnynt. Dewisiad Ruan a'r Bargeinion Mwyaf Gyoygiwyd EdGed. Yn ystnd y Sale cedwir y nwyddau yn rhad, cant eu pacio yn rhad, a thehr y cludidd ar y rheilffirdd. SALE Y DDODREM FLYNIDDOL NUTTALL, MOSS HOUSE, 15, 17, 19, A 21, MOSS-STREET (YN MBEN LONDON ROAD), LERPWf* M.kE YR UNIG FYNEDFA ya nghanol y pedwir siop a'r ffenestri. J SALE NUTTALL.-D,)drefo,l)iningroom. -Dining-room Suite fframiau crjflon lledr Crocket buddiol. Cynt, £ 5 lis; pris gwertbu allm, £ 4 17s 6v CALE NUTTALL-Dinin.g room Suite ardderobog, wedi eu opholstro 111 glyd anewn mobair plaen, moiled ciimgon, ffram- ian walnut cedym, ffurf diwedriat. Oynt, £ 13 13s wadi ou Rostwi)g i Lil 10s. SALE NUTTALL. Dodiefn Ystafell I Wely.-Husmallea Bedroom Suit, wedi ea decoratio, yn ornwys Wardrobe, Dressing Table a Glass, Washatand, Towel, a Chadair, Gynt, 3p 178 6d; wedi on gostwng, 3p 109. SALIC DODREFN. Winged Wardrobe I Ardderchog, 6 troedfedd o led aaewn silver birch, drws pkte glass, drawen, a trays. Gynt, 15p 15s; wedi ea gostwag, 12p 12s. SALE DODREFN. Tri Bookcase Mahogany Yspaeaaidd, cypbyrddan odditanodd, drysau gwydr uwchben, istelli symudol, 3 trcedfedd 6 modfedd o led. Pria gsstyngol, 3p 10j. Mwy, wedi 80 gestwng, 4p, eto, 6p 6s, 7p 7s. ttALE DODREFN.—Gwelyao Periiaidd ytblenydd (nowydi), Ilswu maint, gyda ohnapian, &-a., pres, rbeilian pres, a thrsed estyuol. Gent, 2p 17s 6o; wedi act gostwng, 2p 71 8c. Eto, 4p 4s wedi ea gostwag i 3p Contractors, Moss Honse, 15, 17, 19, a 21, Moaa street (yn mhen London road), LerpwL DODREFN NUTTALL. SALE HEDDYW. Gellir cael eirculart yn aghyloh y Sale yn rhad drwy Poat ond anfou am daaynt. BANKRUPTCY STOCK Mae W. Barnett, Watchmaker, Glanbwfa 1 Road, Llangefni, wedi pryna cannoedd o Watohes, Cadwynau, Ac., eiddo METH- DALWYR ac eraill, a chan ei fod wedi eu prynu a dan yr amgylchiadau uchod y mae yn gallu eu gwerthu am brisiau hynod o leel, fel y gwelir oddiwrth y bargeioioa canlynol 5p 04 Oc CHRONOGRAPH ARIAN.  J' A Am ?*?'' Watch Newydd ?? 10 U Chronograph. Cases arian (pa rai Ifydd yn pwyeo dros 3 owns). vxpausten balance, centre second, wedi ei jewellio mewa 12 o dreuliau gyda'r gwelliantau diweddaraf, cadw'r amser cywiral. Aafon r yr uchod yn rhad ar dderbyaiad 2p 15s Oc gyda gwarant brintiedig yn ei gwarautu am 10 mlyaedd. WytbD080 dreial. 5p 51 00 ESULISHgPATBNT,LEVER. net H f* (Wedi co?tioSp) Patent Lull | O Watch, CMManangMR.B. ,?.rthmadog. Mae y watch 1" wedi ei gorphen yn y modd goraf, gyda f:wet!iMitM diwaddaraf. Maiiskaininir power, capped, Jtc. Yn rhad trwyypos>ar dderbyniad 2p 71 8e, gyda gwaraat. Wythnos o dreial. 5p 5t Oo PATENT LEVER WAT H. fiT) r A am Lever Watch Ariaa, peRdil obZ 0 U aur, dan bar yn extra o ievols, mxtnttinin? power, CIPped, cudw am"r cywir. Dim ond 2p 5s Oc gyda gwarant. Wythnos o dreial. 8p O. Oo, ENGLISH PATENT LEVBR. OCf f) A (?edico.tio8p) am Patent tJ ? U Lever Wa"b, CUM Miae, tn par o jewels yn extra. Gwneuthurwr, Joha Bold, Liverpool. Wedi ei gerphen yn y modd goraf, gyda r gwelliantau diweddaraf, Aafoalr yn rbad am 122soegydagwarant. Rhoddir wythnos o dreial. wy not o CAUWYNI ARIAN. 7/ am Gadwyn Arian wedi ei otMtj? M 7,3 ? C bob ling gan y Llywodraeth. Prii MfeMt 12,, con.on M U OAX WILLIAM BARNETT, TTatchmaker, Llaagefai, T ttAB T Bargeinioa HYlI. BISIEU DRESS NEWYDDI ANFONWCH AT F. W. COOK AM UN 0'1 FARGBMION NEILLDUOL. Lot 78.-Defoydd Dress, gwlan i gyd, hynod brydfertb, yn eynwys faith lath dan led oFrench Beite, mewn IIlwlall llwyd a faurn tlws laws; ewnaiif olchi yn rhagorol; pris 7. 110 yr un, wedi talu ei gludiad; gwerth 108 6c. I am 151 6c 3 am 228 lie. JJyeAwelir yr arion *a dderoynU lyowad- tvyaeth. LOT 78.-Pariel o French Cashmere a Ddress. —Yn cyawys saith lath dau led French Cishmers mewn du neu liw (39 wahanol liwiau i ddewis o hooynt), 4 llath lining at foundation, 2 striped silicia at y wase 9 ddwain o Fotymau, Sidan a Twist priodol yn nghydag un oln Patrymau Papyr newydd tuagat ei r wneyd Y drees yn gydawit am lis 9c, wtdi tala y cludiad. Mae'r Cashmere e hun y worth Uawer mwy n i'r pris. 2 am 23d 3 am 33.. Patrymau o ddefnyJdiau newydd at y Qwanwyn yn rhad drwy y Pott. LOT 7 Patael Drees Tweed Skirt —CYNWYW hwn 7 lath dim led o Glcnorahire Tweed, gwerth 2. y Ilath, mewn cherkif?;t Ilwyd Pfydfertà DeU yn Mten ? gyda MMUetun Skirt coch & du rbegorvl (wwii ei waeothur VB ,y 3ftri fy hnnan). yt, am Itle 90 wedi talu eu oludiad, lIawn westh 17.60. AofoDwch am re^tr o'r piieiau, yr has a anfoair yo rhad drwy y post. Y bwndel rbatat o Ddilld Isaf Boneddij?«au yn y byd. Yn ovowy* 1 par o Knickerø. 1 Or«'niV e, 1 Night I di eipwneyd o'r cali* oo ? c.t t'? hytt.vih ? b?w?th. fWc1: 56 60, W::¡ tain eu cliifliati. itrnweh ui.\v«ith Am un (11r Bargeinioa 1" lh'f.f"'ch i,?,?dd "in gosodiad mai  .h W. COOK) THE WAREHOUSES, DUDLEY, j YW UYFAILL Y CYMRO. u s,,VYS L it f A FWRIADANT tOU P DREFNU EU TAI. DYMUNA EDWIN JONES, Kvffi- Place Cabinet Works, Bangor, hysbyse fod gsnddo stoc kelaetb o bob math o ddodrefn o'r gwneuthoriad goren, yn gynwyootoig e Fyrddau, Cadeiriaa, Treselydd, f,.Ypyxidau irwydr, ,oofu, Coaches, Ch.1Ionlero, Sideboad Wardrobee? mewn mahogany, walnut, Mrcl le., Gwelyau baiarn a phres, Gwelyau plu Flock, Mattresees wire. spring gwlau a flock Gwneir y rhan fwyaf o'r peth 'u nchod ar y IU o dan arolYKiaeth bersonol Edwin Jones. Oherwydd eyuydd yn ei faonach mae wed isicr hau irrhouse belaeth at ei facnachdy, a gwa- !,oiiil i v hai a fwrisdaut ddodrefnu i welsa e. S'fe, y rliii a wertrir am brisiau hynod reo s ynni'. Tetir clu ipd am 15 milldir • rwmpae. ————— YN ElalEb. I TTARDWARE, toys, pipes, jewellery, j -LA watches, wringers, psrawbolators, | harmoniums. Agents wanted, illustrated books free. Write Henry May, Birming- I ham. 6721 OO-Gellir enill Dwy Bunt ao ychwaneg I yn wythnoaol vn haw d a gonest gan fab nei ferch, heb ymyryd dim a'u gorchwyl- ion prosenol.-Am faaylion a tample. gft anion envelope. anfoner at Evans, Watte and Company, (P293), Birmingbam.-Y mae yr hysbynad hwn yu un y gellir dioynu arno. LLANDUDNO.-WANTBD AT ONCE, Ij Several Kitehenmaids, Housemaids, Wait- resses, and General Servauts.-Apply, enclos- ing Stamped eavelope, to W. A. t-vans, Registry Oflios, Iland udno. 6791 SERVANTS WANT KD.~ Registry Offlc for respectable fctervants: 11)1. ttranhy Street, Prinoe's-road, Liverpool. Condtoted by Mrl L. Morris. A convenient and easy jiedium fer Servants requiring situations in Uverpoel at a small chargn. Recommended hy some of the leading Nonconformist Miais era. Oommuaica « by post ia Knglisho Welsh) attended to at ent,e. For reply sen mped 8n v YN KSIEU, Prentisiaid i'r Mill:ner y a JL hefyd i'r Dr?MmtktOf. — Ymofye'' yu ddioed a G. Elwyn Jones, Bridge street, Car- narvon. BEDBGELERi ooHOOL BOARD. WANTED, for the Bafid?tert Board TV S.hool, a female Ex-P.T., to take eharge of the Infaats and Standard I., also to take charge of the Sewing Qualifications under Article fO. J Applications, stating age, salary, and quall- fleations So be sent to me, on or before April 23rd, 1892. Duties to commence as soon as possible. I" ——* GRIFFITFI OWEN, 11815 Clerk to) the Boa-d. CYMDEITHAS.CARBDIGrON MYNYDD ? CILGWYN. CYMHELLIR Persian oymwvs i gynrg ar ddarparu TE i aeledau y Gymdeir-bas ucbod. ar ddydd lau Dyrohafael nesaf, Mai 26, ao anfon ea pris a'lI teleraa, erbyn Ebrill 30ain, i'r ysgrifenydd, WILLIAM GRIFFITH, Penygroee. D YLAI Dynion rhwag 18 a 25 ced sydd yn edrych am waith ac eisieu oael BWYD DA, DILLAD DA, LLETry DA, » chael Arian i Wario ymuna 4'r Fyddin. Gellir oiel pampiledyn ar Faoteision y Fyddin" yn udigort mewn uuihyw Lythyrdy, neu galiir cael pob manylion trwy ysgrtfaau at y Recruiting Serruats yn Mangor nea Gaoixtrfs-, noulran DD-I rhyw Sergeant Instructor y Yolnateers. WANTED, CAPITALISTS. AOR1- VV CULTURISTS. AND OTHERS IN CANADA. Free Grants cf 180 to 200 Acres of Laud are given by the Canadian (}o- ernment. Bonu"" granted to Settlers. BU. PORT?t OF'TB:?''?RIT1S?[ 'T??ANT FARMERS' DELEGATE, 1890, and other newly issued illustrated aud authentic pam- phllt<i, mans, and full information respecting MANITOBA, er asy other part ef Canada-itii resources, trade, demand for labour wages paid, "-suppli,d free.-THE CANADIAN GOVBRNMINT OFFICES, 16, WATBR- STRENT, LIVERPOOL. AR OSOD WED AR WERTU. CjAFftTY-BICYCLE AifLaw ar Werth ° yrisisel. Imofyner A 11 Cycle," GmetU Office, Caernarfon. TTAIDD Hadyd (Kinver Chevalier) wedi ei gael yn nnioogyrchol oddiwrth Webb iei Fab ddaa dymhor yn oL Pris 34s y peg. Aefonir nnrbyw IWID i'r station yn ddidraol gaa Tador W. Jones, Bodwarren, Caergybi. 6804 AMAETHWYR.-AR WERTH A Gwlfrsu (Wires) ail law, oyfaddas at ffensio j hefyd BtsiHing Haiarn, 20ft x 14ft.— Thormaa, Bont Bridd, Csernarfeo. PRELIMINARY NOTICB. BARMOUTH. To BE LET BY AUCTION,first week in JL April, bllota for gradng or mowing BODQWILYM, About 1 mile frem Barmouth. For farther imformtien see Placards. riHAMPION BROWN LEGHORNS V AND BLACK MINORCAR. -Sittings of thirteen eggs from birds combining the blood of the best prise-wianing straias, Harst, An- theay, Abbott and Pitts, can now be bad, price fit. All unfertile eggs replaced. -Davies, Nor- ton Villas, Penmaenmawr. DARBY DOCK.—Several Hoases and X) Business Premises for Sale in Barry Dock and CadoJ:a.-AppI1 for paiticulars to Mr Ltwh L<wh, AncM«eer and Taluer, House and Estate Agent, 1, 3, 5, 6 A 7, Barry Dock Chambers, Yere-atreet, Barry Dock. 6817 A FORTUNE IN TEN YEARS. LABGB HOUSE and Double Fronted JJ Stop to be Let, in a town of 10,000 population in North Wales. Suitable for any trade. Apply to 6828, Gentdl Office, Carnarvon. Yf OlVgy TO INVEST ON SAT18PAC- ?M. TORY SBCURlTY.-App? to RiehM? Gray, Solicitor, Bangor aad Llangefni. ftrtiMbhari am M ymM. mmjk-   tiaNtE?  '0y||^ I )BatttBj<t)'mM'Mtt<taae. nnanspNS. ??M.?  Partb? e?MmoMtt OyjUfALTtM. I htHt?attti?r <tMH*? *<T tMtfoUy ISA aMnMlf ikBAljESsA s'nnlt if "liwy- SM??Mt??ttt?ht t TMt*t r<? be= Ltmof t= im eBhatiaatjiA.iwaialy leas, aaA riaida aa kus* ran ^st>Aaits»T(>iw<MaisniU»s U t. fc*isMssiiln>5Mry<wf&ti««^  k-ttlMuf Analyst, fWoitItn $.as Z E S .Mtt«t?Mtt<?? SFBCSAIi AJGBNTS FOR Oonxarrvn Bel. Jones A Baaaor Bel. Jonee & 00. Pwtfeeii Rd. Jones A Co. Butlxwdi Kd. Jones Oo. Anlwch Ed. Jones A Oo. jrobimd Bd.JonMtOe. SaW Biidp Bd. Jam & Co. atM-M* M.Jon«ttOo. 1JK*'lJep Bd Jonee A 00. Uttada?o P. J, Hult. W .i. wmiuu. wt B& Jones, High stmt. Wrexham W. J. WMIML P. I B. T. OwaL Maid H. T. Robwbo. j Xabsaro Roiblki y flttwps. TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. I LLANFAETHLU COFFEE HOUSE. I HEREBY giv" I'e that Lady Reade I is preptiad to receive ttnders for the frcti of a (3 .ff"" House at Llaofliethlu, P aus and spec ficatiuns inay be inspected at I my ififoi, Sttaley Ho.)«.Ei'lyhead,oet*etn t thehomsnt 11 a.m. aod 3 p.m. Tenders I sie requited to be del;vaied at my office at H lybehd, not later than 5 p m. on Wednes day, the SOsh dy of Apnl, 1892. Lidy Reade does not bibd herselt to accept the lowest or any tender, Dated this 13tb d-6v of April, 1892, J. LLOYD GRIFFITH. TO MJlLDiiKS. THE Committea of the Bwlan C M. Chapel are prepared to receive Tenders for erecting a M nister's' House. Plans" and Specifications are to be seen at Bwlan Farm, LJaownd*. Tenders to be sent (sealed and endorsed) to Mr Wn. Huithes, Chatham, Llanworix, ou ur befoie the 29th day I,f April, 1892. All carting will be done by the Committee The lowest or any tender will not nectissarily be accepted. OWEN MORRIS ROBERTS. Archite, t and Surveyor. Pnrtrcsdoc, 16th April. 1892. TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. THE AMLWCH SCHOOL BOARD invite tenders for the erection and furnisaing of an Infant School at Amlwch Poi t. Plans and specificitiona may be inopected at No. 69, Mona street, Amlwcb. Tenders to be set t to the undersigned not later than May 14th. The Board do not bind themselves to accept the ljwest, or any tender. GEORGE M. HUGHES. April 15th, 1892. C643 RHYBUDD. YR WYF FI, CHARLES OWEN, Jt Cefnooed, Talysarn, trwy hyn ye rboddi rbyhndd na byddaf 1" gyfrifol am unrhyw ddyled a achasir gan fy ngwraig Catherine Owea, ar ol y dyddiad hwn. ( nwyddwyd) CHARLES OWEN Ebrill 19, 1892. DltAPERY. Wanted active pushing J udor for general trade, iadoor. State age, salary, and ref(;roncts.- Morgan & Smith, Oswestry. D R&PERY.-Want,.d respectable Y?nth ?-' as A preiltio? to the general trade, indoors. WO premium.-Morgan & Smith, drapers, Otwat.rt. TO TAILORS.-Wanted at once, Few Coatmakers.-Apply Morris & Davies, Carnat von. TO TAILORS.—Wanted at ouee, an Im- — prover. State age, —Apply,— Oiivet aad Jones, 20, Cible street, Liver- pool. Mazawaccee HIGH-CLASS TEA. Nothing of late years seems to have escaped the craze for cheapness, at the sacrifice of Real Quality. TEA has been singled out as fair game for the onslaught of adver- tisers, who have vied with each other to deprave the taste of the public by appealingto their pockets at the expense of their palates. The public, nauseated with the rubbish that has been so persistently forced upon them, have hailed with gratitude the advent of the MAZAWATTEE TEAS. These High-Class Teas have met a long-felt want, and it is universally acknowledged that they RECALL THE DELICIOUS: CHINA TEAS OF THIRTY YEARS AGO. Mazawattee "The standard brand" "for 'fine quality:" "Distinctly Tea of the" "highest character," "elevating the public" "taste." Prices-I/IO, 2/ 2/4, 2/10 and 4/- per lb.; in 1-ib., Mb. & t-Ib. Packets; and also 3-ib. & 6-lb. Tins. SOLD BY leading Grocers throughout the Kingdom CARNARVON-THOMAS TEWIS & Co. BANGOR—T SOMAS LEWIS 1 Co, 315HIGH STREET AND RATHBONE STREET. Amlwch-l'hompts lewin A o. Abergele-E Lloyd, Bstbsi-Thomas Lewis 4; Co. Bodedem-Thomas Lewis ft 08. BolyheiLd-Thomag Lewis A Co. Llanerchymedd-Thcmas Lewis & Co Llangefni -Th-mas Lewis A Co. Penmaeomawr-Thomas Law's A Co. Pentraeb-TholDas Lewis & Co. Pwllhtli-Thomai Lewis A Co. A berdovsy- Vincent Davies. Bkla-John Parry. Barmouth—E. Williams, Belle Vas Arcade. Bethesda-Ellis Owen. Bettwlyeoed-R. Rowlinton, Llys Caradog. Blaenau Ffeatiniog-H. T. Owen. Clynnog—R. Hughes. C,i.,  2i Ilugh Criccieth-P. J. Bowen, The Stores. Dioas Mawddwy—M. Evans, P. 0. Dolgelley-Richard Mills, FinsburyHouso, Gwindy, Corri-M. E. Davies, Harl-ch-E. Griffith". Llanbedr-R. Griffiths. T,Ianlwrin, Liandudno-S,tophen Dunphy. Central Stores. Llanfairfecban-T, Morgan A Son, 1 and 2, Caradog place, Shore road, and 15, Penmaen- mawr road. LlaDrwøt-D, Williams, Liverpool House. NeYin-J. Williams, Canton House, Well- street. Pennal-E, Rowlands. Pentreoelaø-John Ruberta, P.O. and at J YsVytty. l Portmadoc-R. T. Owen, 97, 99, 101, Hiq stiest. owya—R. J. Roberts. AR WERTH. CEIR dewis nn n ddan o STALWYNI cymhwys at gyfrwy neu harnis (daa I trawd) Mae Napoleon i n codi yn bedair oed, o liw da, od leutu 15 dyrofedd o uchdor, o ystnm rhsgorol, ac yn porchenogi yr oil o'r prio.loleddau sydd yn cyfan oidi ccffyl cyfrwv neu harnis, ac wad' ham o'r meiroh sydd wedi I enill y prif wobrwyon mjwa arddang isfeydd. I Hefyd, mae Prince llbort Wod. o liwgwineu- ddu, n codi yn ddog oed, ac oddcutu un dyrnfidd ar byratheg a haner o uchder, o ystum rhagorol, ac yu psrehenogi vr oil o'r pr.odoledd.. ydd yn cyftmscddi ceffyl cyfrwy neu harnis. Enillo id y brif wobryn Arddang- osfa Amaethyddol Mon ac Arfon yn Llangefni ya 1886. Y brif wobryn Arddangosfa Amaeth- yddol MilD yo I la-ier hymvdd yn 1886. Ail yn Arrtdung s*'a Kwllheli, 1S^7. Ail wobr yo Arddungosfa Ba.gor, 18S7. Ail wobr yu Arddaz)goi-a Flynyddul Uacniaifon, 1887. Y brif wtbr yn Arddangosfa Llanerchymedd, 1888. Y brif wubr yn Arddangasfi Llan- gefai, 1888 Ail wobr yn Arddangoafi l'orthmadog, 1888. Y brif wobr yn ArdaUng^sfa r iynyfinoi i aernarion, i brif wobryn Arddangosfa Hangor, 1889. Y hr f wabr yn rddango-fa aerna, f-n, 189. Y brif wobr yn Arddangoi-fa Stalwyai Mon,lS90. Y brif wobr ynArddangoef* Monac Arfon, 1890. Y brif wohr yn Arddanijoefa Kortmadic, 1191). Y brif wobr yn ArddaBgosfa Caernarfon, 1890. Y brif wobr yn Arddar.gonfi. Portoiadoc, 1891. Yr ail yn ArddotOKOsfa MaafcrchymeJd, 1891. Y brit wlibr yn Arddangosfa Kenyiroes. 1891. Champion prize yn Penygiocs, 1S91. Y mae Priuoe albert VVuda wedi h .nu o Francateii, Llaohiri sir Forganwg, ei fam gan Young Driver ifan Tom Steel. Y mse y meiich hyn wedi enill y prifwobrsyo-, yn y pr f urddangos- feydl Seisnig. Y mae y etaiwyni yma yn Uonydd a bwylns JI^WO (twairh am«ethyddjl. WILLIAM WILLIAMS. Geufron, Lienwada, ger Caernarfon. TE LIPTON AR EI UNION 0 ARDD Y TE I'R TEPOT. DIM ELW MAJf-WERTHWYR I'W DALU. Gan fy mod yn Unig Rerchenog amryw e'r Etifeddiaothau Te a Choffi snwooaf yn Ceylon, yn eynwys Etifeddiaethau cloiifiwr Dambi- tenne, Laymastotte, Monerakande, Manadam- batenne, Measskelle, Pooprassie. Hanagalla, a Gigranella, y rhai Y'I) gorchuddio mileedd o aceri o'r tir Te a Choffi goreu, a'r rhai sydd ar godiad tir o 3000 i 6000 o droedfeddi He nad oea dim ond y Te goreu yo cael ei dyfa, yr wyf aiewn safta i pyfl-nwi rhai A the sm Brisiau'r Planwvr, ac felly yn arbed i yfwyr ffrwyth y ddeilen hud^lus ddim llai nag II chwech i wyth e enillion c .nolo^. SYLWCK AR Y rRISJAC t — TE INDIA A CHINA WEDI EU CYMYSGU, YN. BUR l PHERSAWRUS, Is. y pwye. CYMYSGEDD 0 DE INDIA A CEYLON DETHOLIAD ARBENIG, Is. 4c. j pwye. 1' Y mae y math hwn yn cael ei werthn fel y Te goreu sy'n bod gan amryw o'r Prif Fas- nachwyr Te, ac am dd-bl y pris. CYMYSGEDD DETHOLEDIO DROS BEN 0 Dtt- CEtfLON AC INDIA, Is. 7c. y pwys. Dyma'r To puraf a blasllsf y gall ybydel 97nyrchu, ae y mae cY8t,l, VI nad swell, na'r byn a WHrt?r gan y rban fwyaf 0 rthwyr Te, Cbwe"nwyddw1r, am a 28 6c i 3< 6c y pwye. ¡: 7, 10, ac 20 pwys wedi eu pacio mewn Blyohaa Bremtiedig, na fedr awyr fyn'd iddyot. i' E::7 Ni chodir dim am y Blwoh. Rhoir sylw prydlon i eirchion drwv'r llyth- I yrdy; dylid anfoa til dtwy Postal Orders wrth eu gyra. yn cluwys 2g y pwyo at y elude, pan yr erchir 6 pWYI ao uwchlaw hyny.—Pan anfonir am lai na 5 pwys rbaid anfon y til arlarol at y ciudo, gin gynwys lie dros ben ar gyter pwysau'r papyr. Y mae gan y mathau hyn e De arogl < bias mwy hyfryd sag unrhyw fath a gaiwyd erioed yn Mhrydsin. Y masnt yn ddiau wedi cyr- nnedd pinaci llwyddiaat na chyrhaeddwyd mo'i debyg erioed u'r blaen gan uurhyw D8 yn y Byd. ETIFEDDIAETHAU CEYLON LIPTON. Y was y Ceylon Obstrv.r, wrth syiwi ar bryn- iadau Etifedaiaechau LIPTON, yn dwayd:- "Ni raid i ni brin giffhau ein diirllenwyr yn Ceylen fod Etifesdisethau Hapatale ya U. o'r rhai gwerthfawrocaf am De a ChcZ yn y wlad hon." COFFI r COFFI!! YVIYIKDD RVLel YD COFFI A CHICORY GODIOOCAF, 10c, Is, a Is 2g y pwys. COFFI PUR!! — Y CYFOETHOCAF A'R GOREU. Is 6ch y pwys. DIM PRIS UWCH. YR HYN A DDYWED ARIBY PASHA, OYN-WKIMDOO Y RHTVEL DBOI VB Aim?, Wrth ysgrifenu o Cylon, ar GOFFI LIPTON Ar ol ymweled A aifer o'ch Etifeddiaetban, a chael cyfleasderau dyddiol i brofl y CofS a dyflr ar yr eiddo aniderchog hwn, nid oea yftwyf tetrusder i ddweyd fod y Coli a dyfir irnynt yn aiddercheca n mewn ansawdd a bias na dim Mocha neu Goffi arall a brofais erioed yn yr Aipbt saii rywle arall, so nas eellir cvnvr.ihu dim Coffi purach. LIPTON, Y Gwerthwr Te, Coffi, ae Ymborth mwyaf yn y Byd. Yetorfeydd Te a Choffi I Longan Melinau Maddema, Gerddi Cinnamon,Colombo. Swyddfa Ceylon:— Upper Chatham Street. Colombo. V stafe'loadd at werthn To a Chnfti MINCING LANE, LLUNDA1N, E.C. Yetorfeydd Cyfanwerthol Te Cymyegedig ac wedi talu'l don Bath street a Clayton Street. Llundain, E.C. Ystorfeydd Coffi wedi ei Rostio .'i Gymysgu 203, Old street, Llundain, E.C. Swyddfoydd Cyffrodinol Bath street, City roael, Llundain, E,C. Canghenau Llcol Liverpool-28, Old Hay market. Warrington- Bridge street (congi Friar Gatt.). Manchester 26, Oldham streit a Stretford road (congl Cambridge street). CANOHBNAU AR HYD T DKYBSAS. Y GWERTHWR TK MWYAF YN Y BYD Yr Unig Oruchwyliwr yn Nghaernaifon — 1,. UUOHES, H, FmWate street.