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For -the Ladiet-1


For the Ladiet 1 I THE COMING FASHiONS Designs and Pattsrns of Beautiful Dressas. (By MADAME GWENDOLEN HOPE). 1 I Parties and dancM are in full swing everywhere, and from every side comes the cry for new frocks, now -coat. new shoes and stockings in which, to attend thew seasonable -functions. And the d€- mand is more than met. There is some- thing to please everybody, young, old, and middle-aged, and, fortunately, the cost reod not be prohibitive so long ti-s brains and are used in selection. Some of the daiMp frocks are marvels of the droSs- j maker's art, so filmy to look at and so light and delightful to wear. Acecrdion j pleating is a feature on many of them, j and in the diaphanous materials that go j to the manufacture of these dainty con fee- tions forms the most lovely trimming ever conceived. The youngsters Lave been catered for just as thoroughly as their elders. Even tiny girls in these days must have their "dance" and "party" i frocks, that shnll resemble as closely as possible those of their grown-up relative; ] and never were these more bewilderinglv pretty. And fancy dresses are so ua and deUglttful that it ig not, mr- prising the little ones feel they are having the party season oi live.,s., A LOVELY DANCE FROCK. ThEl cnarmmg dance frock on? artiei has illustrated here is made of black velvet, with accordion pleated frills in f lemon yellow. These frills have a tiny edging of black. The wid/j belt. winch outlines the waist i9 of gold tissue, and a large flower with, drooping foliage is posed on if, This flower is repeated on file leif shoulder, whtre it gives added grace to strap from l' hidl ria,Hgh the accordion pleated frill that, forms the sleeve. The neck is cut square. The way in which the i accordion pleating is arranged on the II skirt is artistic to the last degree; and j the irearor carries the huge single-feather ostrich fan without which no evening dress is complete this year. j PARTY FROCK FOR A kITTLE GIRL Tho delightful parcy frock shown is in- tended for a little girl. lit is made ci pale j blue georgette, and has loops of silver j ribboIJ, with silver lace 0n the 1),0dioe. The oval cut on the hodico is pnrticnlarly offectiv-e, and has silver lace as trimming. The neck is outlined with beading. The j | sleeves are quite sftour* and' pterin. Thp ribbon loop; adorn tb6 skirt, and also the* bodice at the sides of the apron-like panel, Shoes and stockings should match the f rock, or they toay repeat the colouring of the hair ribbon. The frock barely, reaches the knees. j A BECOMING HAT. [' The useful and becoming hat sketched i is made of t?sfpr panne, and has a bro- i 11  -Io. caded crown of In silver, black and rû. A beautiful black mount in artisticoilv arranged at the right sids The folds of brocade make the ccown quite high, in theprenÜling mode. The hat turns up all round, and has- a partica- larly pretty border to edge the oyster panne brim. These hats are useful as well as artistic. for they fit well down on the head, and require only the niinirntini of fastening with hatpins. i




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