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Children's Corner. BY UNCLE JOHNj For to-day we will have a complete change from our usual afternoon chat, and, as you will see below, I have suc- ceeded in getting Uncle Harold to help me, by giving pictures of some very Hl- genious cork toys made by Boy Scouts in Swansea, and sent to me tidily packed in a cardboard box The letter which acoompanied them is so interesting that I am going to read ,;t to you now. G5, Gwydr-crescent, Swansea. Dec. lx. Dear Uncle John.I am very arich interested in your Children's Corner so perhaps you will forgive me making the suggestion which follows. I am ,h. Old Wolf or Cubmaster to a large num- ber of young Scouts, the eldest of whom is only 12 years of age, and last night, the lads being indifferent as to whether they worked or played I rummaged about until I found a number of ;orns which together with a box of matches and a few pins I set before them with a request that they should try and make some toys with the result that by the aid ff their penknives or jack-knives ^hey constructed several original models, a few of which I send for your perusal. The thought afterwards struck me that at this time of the year, when the I children were looking forward to pre- sents of toys, which are so very dear that only the favoured few will get a ood I ¡;;ülection, you should suggest to them that they make models similar to hose enclosed. I suggest in a note attac?d how they can be made. and perhaps you oould get Uncle Harold to make simple sketches for their guidance.—Yours very sincerely, H.T.R. That was supposed to be a private let- ter for me, but I knew you would want to read it, so I am letting you have the letter, some pictures of the toys sent and also the hints written by the (),rl Wolf himself as to how to make similar toys. I SAMPLES OF TOYS DESCRIBED. I HOW TO MAKE THEM. Dear boys and girls,—I have heard so I many of you complaining that toys are so expensive this C-hristmastide, and I have seen so many tears glistening in the eyes of little chaps whilst looking :nto I the toyshop windows when big sister has told them mummy is too poor to buy pretty toys, that I am going to suggest that you make your own toys to play with. With a little care and patience, a few corks, spent match sticks, nins-wd a loan of Daddy's penknife it is quite easy to make lots of toys like those which Uncle Harold has sketched in this column. For instance, to make a cart and horse get a cork two pins and four matches. Slice off the ends of the cork for wheels and then cut the remainder of the cork in half, using one nortion as the cart body. Pass a pin thr,ough the wheels and body, which will act as an axle. Next pare two matches and use them as shafts, sticking the sharpened ends into the body of the cart. Now cut a segment off the remaining piece of cork, and by the help of a pin n80 it on the rounded piece of cork as tMk horse's head, making legs of the match sticks cut in half. Paint or varnish the whole, and you have a pretty toy. In a similar manner, looking at the sketches, you can make a gambo, or engine or steam roller. Where pins are not satisfactory, just glue the parts together.—With best wishes, from the Old Wolf" (or fTTR )