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AMUSEMENTS. 6.30. TO-NIGHT. 8.30. 1 '6.30. TO.N IGI;"tTa 8.30. ¡ 'i'ljoiif. Central L.- i :Ioi I' bun. ntraJ ¡ ? (No Performance on Christmas Day.) 'i t;oI"I.J; i 3S TOM WATERS and j S EDDIE MORRIS, ¡ T In Comedy Irish Classic. Father & Son.' I FREDERICK SYLVESTER & Co, The Neatest of the Neat, A HYLDA NELSON TRIO j Presenrs of Melody: featuring Rita i Neve (Pianist) ( Spivaksnvsky (/Cellist). LATEST NEWS PICTURES. ¡ CARA MAGDA, j The J.ady Ti-apezist, I BILLY O'CONNOR, [ -■ A I'ack of Humour. J:" GEORGE MORTON, j The Black | YAMAMOTO & Miss KOYOSHI,] The Worid-Famous Japanese Equilibrists, j y Monday, Tuesday, and Wedrifcsaay. I < An Ideal Super Drama in Sm Tarts, I ? A GRAIN OF DUST, ic?urmg Llhn i Walker. I ELMO THE MIGHTY, iR Episode 5. M I G H TAN D THE MAN, ? 'Itiriiiing'l Triangle Drama in Five Pait.s. t l HIS HiDDsN SHAME, a Triangle >,t, Keystone. Comedy. topical Budget & usual Full Programme. ROYAL Theatre. Monday, i uesday, and Wednesday Belle Bennett in THE FUEL OF LIFE, Five Keel Triangle Drama. Dorothy Gifh in THE HOPE CHEST. Dorothy Gith in THE HOPE CHEST. Episode 1>. Pearl Whits in THE ? ?tGHTNtNG RAIDER. A DOG CATCHER'S LOVE, Two Reel Comedy, Thur. Next.—CONSTANCE TAUMADGE CAST L £ » ^»ii^ CirfEfeiA. I 2M. TO-DAY. lildO. I AT THE HOUSE OPPOSITE, a Saven Reel My^U ry Drama, f,-at,ring Leah Baird and James Morrison. f HER FATHER'S KEEPER, Five Fart ) Triangle Drama, featuring Irene Howley. Also Selection of Up-i.<«-data Comedy I f t-,nli Topical Films. Full Orchestra Afteriioon zkud Evening. CARLTOM. 2.30. TO-DAY. 18.30. ,4 DON'T CHANGE YOUR HUSBAND, I ■: Featuring All-Star Cast. 4 A Great Domestic Drama, splendidly put on tin every aspect- and detail. Taylor Holmes in A PAIR OF SIXES, Six Act Comedy Drama by Eel. i'eple. HELLO, TROUBLE, a Rattling Two ií Part Comedy. MARVELS OF THE UNIVERSE, Patfte's Gaiette. PICIURE HOUSE lib, 1 0 DAY. io.io. "Win. Fox prints George Walsh in 1.4",VER, bAy uUlrs. fortune Favours the Xever.say-<^aittor. • t Gladys Leslia in A NYMPH OF THE f;00 t HILLS, niim the original scenario j by Hex Taylor. MARVELS OF rHE UNIVERSE. Travel snti interest. Path" 3 Y.M.ti.ii.iw Cinema v liUI luii-. i i «-(-•> THfc Huh* <>r 'JOfciFOR?. Moncay, luesaay, ana WeaneS'lay. KING LfcAR (one or >'iiaicespeaiQ"fc Great Works), leaturifig F. Warde. Sidney Drew in DIPLOMATIC HENRY. Fatty Arbuckle in A FARMYARD ROMEO. Also Topical aDd. Interest Pictures. Each Fvoning at Boxing Day and Saturday.-Cont(muous Performance, commencing at 2.30 p.m. PUBLIC NOTICES, GHARITY & '1 CARNIVAL BALL. I NATIONAL SOCIETY for the PREVEN. TION of CRUELTY to CHILDREN. The above Ball will be held at the ALBERT HALL, SWANSEA, on FRIDAY, JAN. 2nd, 1920. p.ra. FANCY DRESS OPTIONAL. » •- Tickets.—Ladies, 12s. Cd.; GenHc'n?cn, 1 15s. 6d.; Spectators, 3s. (including 'J'a I Tax). t! Patrons.—-His• Worship the Major, the Mayoress, the Right Hon. Sir Alfred Mond. Bart., M. p.. Lady Mond, A'jl. Dd. < Matthews, M.P., the Hon .Elaine Jeplyne, Mv*>. Morgan B. Williams. Admiral Algernon W. Heneage, C.B., M.V .0., litid E. Thomas, Esy., C. C. Vivian, Esq., Dr. Edgar Reid, Mr. W r. Brook. W. T. Parr, l.$q.. Charles E. Cleeves, Esq., Arthur Andrew, Es q., Col. L. L. Morgan As there are only a Limited Number ol t Tickets, application with remittance j should b4) made on or befora-tlie 24t!i of j ~T)e«emb^r to either of the Hon. SeA.. W 'f B, n. LADD, fit, Walter-road, Swareea, or S. M. CoOr., The Bungalow," Skctty 1 ¡ -y  ????.?? < Now carr) ing FULL SUPPLIES of < GENUINE FORD I SPARE PARTS. 1 Call 'Pbone or Write I iiaawww— A.- A- I KRUiIN5 I ft CO,UMlTEO. BJ.W?STRKT j SWANSEA I i 1 A,UVMJUSXV DEALERS and MRTi&TOOGSR AMUSEPAEN I S. GRAND Theatre SWANSEA. MONDAY. DECEMBER 2:r.d. I THREE MATINEES— ¡ Boxing Day, Dcecmber 26th, at 2,30, i Saturday, December S7th, at 2.0, 4iiid Saturday. January 3rd, at 2,30. CHRISTMAS ATTRACTION: Fii5t Visit, of J. A E, MALONE'S CO, in. a New Musical Comedy, ] OH, i y From the-Apollo Theatre. NEXT WEEK- Monday. Jan. 5th, 1920, for Sis Nights | and Matinee. Retun rVisit or' Walter Hownrd's Greatest Drama, i SEVEN DAYS, LEA V E PUBLIC NOTICES. Swansea Corporation Bill, 1920. ADVERTISEMENT OF RES 0 L UTI 0 N 6 j OF COUNCIL. In accordance with the requirements of the Borough Fund" Acts NOTICE IS DEREBY GIVEN that at a SPECIAL! MEETING of the Council of the County Borough of Swansea held on MONDAY. the FIFTEENTH day of DECEMBER, 1919, the following resolutions were passed j by an absolute majority of the whole number of the Council:— A (a ) That the Council promote in the j enduing Session of Parliament a Bill for i the following: amongst other purposes:— II (1) To improve and widen LJansamlet Road; (2) To construct a bathing pool on the I Foreshore and to extend the j Promenade; ¡ (3) To make an Arl iiedur-f partly in the Borough and partly in the Parish of lUiyfidwyelydaoh.; (I) To provide and work Motor Omiji- j buses ifiside and outside tlie jI Borough; (5) To acquire lands and casements inside and outside the Borough for i Street Improvements, the con- strtic-tion of the bathing, pool, the extension of the I'romenade, the erection of garages and the pror vision of sites to enable fhe Motor ¡ Omnibuses to turn and stand thereoti, and for other the purposes of tile liill, (6) To provid e a Superannuation .Fund for Officers and Servants In j f the employ of the Council with annual eontribution? ("hereto by 1 the Council and such Otlicers and Servants; (7) To abolish the District Fund and General District Rate and to con- solidatfl into one rate all the rates ) levied in the Borough (S) To make further and better pro- vision with regard to Streets, Buildings, Sewers, Drains, In- fectious Diseases, Sanitary Mat- ters. Hackney Carriages, and other miatters relating to the local gov- iiaprpyem^at, and health V of the Borough (9) To borrow iiioi-,iosfctr tlic, pur- poses of the Bill and to make pro-, vision with regard to the repby- ment of such monies and gener- ally with, regard to the finances of the Borough. (b) That the costs, charges and ex- penses in relation to the promotion of the said Bill be charged by them upon the Borough Fund and Borough Rate and the District Fund and General Dis- .tl'd ?tte ,O(;f t.h?tj?6!?ai;y otMF '"<-???)f? re?M<??t ?-'<!Wpo?tion or paid out of monies to be borrowed under the provisions of the Rill. (c) To authorise the Town Clerk to make all such applications and to do all such things as he umy deem necessary, to carry into effect the foregoing reso- lutions. (d) To authorise the affixing of the Corporate Common 8eal to any docu- ment. necessary to uvrry into effect the foregoing resolutions- Dated this 15th dav of December, 151P. H LASG COATH, Town Clerk. ALBERT HALL, Swansea. CHRISTMAS ATTRACTION! BOXING DAY and SATURDAY, Dec. 25th and 27th, 1919, THE Plasmarl Dramatic Society (Conductor. Mr. J. P. Walters), Will Perform the New Drama, "V PRAWF ("-Proof ") In 3 Acts (J. V. Walters & R. Howellst. < CWM ORCHESTRA (Conductor, Mr. T. Howells). Dooj-s Open at 7. Commence at 7.30 p.m.! Frojjt Seats, 2s, id.; Second Seats, 1: 3d. (including Tax). NEATH BOROUGH EDUCATION I COMMITTEE. WANTED a CARETAKER for MFLYN COUNCIL SCHOOi,. Wages (including bonus) per week ,together wit!1 House and Coal. The Caretaker will be required to act. as Clerfne'r of the and Infants' Departments. Applica- tions. with copies of three recent testi- monials, to be in the hands of the under- signed on or ltorn the 7th December, t,19. Canvassing; will be considered a ARTHUR J EVANS. Solicitor, disqualidiat lull Clerk to the Committee. ARMY THIGH BOOTS Sh- j)>kin lined tbr:>ijgbout. They are Service Boots 1 Hut hardly w,;rn- Fi t' Motorists • there is nothing to equal them. Thev cost 15 GUINEAS a pair u. produce, and the Sheepskin aloDe rs v. ri.h the price wo-ask for them. The Lnst Seven Pail's we will at 30/- carriage paid. A very, much lower grade .than these f4eld At the White City last week at a Money returned if not approved. A, E/EVANS, LEICESTER HOUSE, SKEWEN. SWANSEA NAVAL BRIGADE. The ANNUAL TREAT and ENTER- TAINMENT will-<».ke V'laco at the OLD SWANPEA CASTLE HEADQUARTERS on XMAS EVE. P.30 p.m. ¡ L Ohl SfenrVrs- are-CcTdrally Invited. J'UllN HODOENS, PUBLIC NOTICES. FOR THE FUND. MOND BUILDINGS, TO-MORROW NIGHT (Tuesdays Decembar 23 el), « j 1019, at 8 p.m. Pianoforte Recital • By LLEWELYN BEVAN. COME AND HEAR THE PLAYER WHO j BECAME FAMOUS AMONG THE j SOLDIERS IN FRANCE. Elocutionist.Mrs. LESLIE J. DAVIES. Vocalist Mr. JOStAH THOMAS. L PROGRAMME. Mazurka, No. 10 isufB flat V. >: V alse iji C Sii-irl),Iin C-hopin. Sonata in C Sharp Min. Op. 27, No, 2 Beethoven. (4) ??it?io Sostenuto, (h) Ane?rctto, I () Presto Agitato. LLEWELYN ?EVA',4, 1 .t., I Selections .1 Mrs. LESLIE J. DAViES. ¡ Song, Even Bravest H,H't M&y aust. JOSIAH THOMAS. Nocturne No. 9 in B.Chopin. Ltt plus que lnte .DehuMy. NorwegiatJ Bridal March Grieg. LLEWELYN BEVAN. Selections .• Mrs. LESDE J. DAViES. Bong, (a? Cottffe let us sit and dream." f-'o if g, (a (:?citte let us sit ab 'd JOSIAH THOMAS. Polonaise in A Prelude Xo. B In B Mip. Prel ude Nc). 7 in A Chopin. Prplude o. 15 in D Flat 2ud Schergo in 13 Flat Mih LLEWELYN BEVAN. i ADMISSION F R E E. "Silver Collection. Silver Qollectien, I IN  OF WIDOWS' A?D I PROCEEDS IN AID OF WIDOWS' AND ORPHANS' FUND. To-morrow Night at S.I   Chairman—W. A. JENKINS, Esq. LLEWELYN BEVAN IS ONE OF OUR GREATEST WELSH PLAYERS. COME AND HELP THE FUND AND HAVE A GREAT EVENING. -0- GENDROS Counciz Schools, FFORESTFACH. A Grand Performance of DICKENS' "CHRISTMAS CAROL" Will be given in Aid of the Widows' arid I' Orphans, Fund, on Wednesday Evening, Dec. 24. ADMISSION — SIXPENCE. Doors Open at 6.30. Commence at 7 o'clock, t" '¡:f'" U¡jIIÍl'1 r= ¡ W.N.F.D. & D.S. & S. (SWANSEA BRANCH). Gon. Sot.: W. F, 1 RAClS. Semi-National Eisteddfod Will be held &t the I ALBERT HALL on SATURDAY, MARCH 27, 1920 -1 CJioir Secretaries are respectfully r. quested to Book this Datr, Joint, SecH.: Mrs..Tarvis Jo»:es» St. Helen's-roail, Williams, 51. Fish^r-strcer, j*warfK*a; M r. S. G. Johns, Stockwell HoubC, Swanaca- — —— — —— HAIRDRESSERS (SWANSEA and DISTRICT) WILL OrEN TILl. 9 ".M. XHAS EVE. TILL 12 NOON DEC. 26th. 55 it »i 27th. CLOSED XMAS D/Y. BY ORDER. ——————————— F ■ RE-CONSTETTCTION HIS COMMENCED. Are your children equipped for the part they will ba.ve to play in it? A eound business training will be a most valuable aeeet, You can have it for very little cost at THE DE BEAR SCHOOLS, LTD. (The Swansea Commercial School), Castle Buildings, Swansea. Tel.: Central 587. PUBLIC NIOTICGS. VETCH FIELD. Tuesday, Dsc. 23rdj 1919. English Cup Re-play. GILLIJGHAM v. SWANSEA TOWN Kick Off 2 p.tti. v FIELD, Is., STAND, la M. Estra. Season Ikkets are NOT Available. WELSH FOOTBALL UNr^Nr i:tr;t¡a;OJ?u:_A ;O:tbl ll(:h.1 Engiand v, Wales, at Swan?aa, January  17th. J'?. Grand Stand Seats, Reserved am! Numbered, 0s. each; Seats Inside I Ropes, H.serv but not Numbered, ?s. cach, Prices are inclusive of Tax. Tickets may be obtained from Walter E. i<?s, Secretary Welsh Fmtball UUIn, Neath. County Borough of Swansea. OXFORD ST. MARKET. NOVICE. The CHRISTMAS MARKET will bo held on TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 23rd anrl 24th. j Tiif Market ivill be OJY)11 on Tuesday until f) and Wednesday-until 10 p.m. j The Market will be Closed on Friday. I Tiir.? will I December 2oth, and I*. Open on Saturday, December 27th. from S a.1Jl to 1 p.m. JOHN W. J'AVH?. Manager. Market Offices, Ik-c. lr.1th. 1919. NOTICE OF AUDIT. SWANSEA BOROUGH FOOD CONTROL CpMMITTEE. NOTICE IS HFRKBY GIVEN that tire Statement of Accounts for the Year endef) Slst day of March, 1910, of this Food Control Committee .together^ vritfi the Books of Account, will, on the 2&id day of December, 1919. be deposited at the Food Control Ofii.c", Alexandra-road, Swansea, ami such Statements and Books of Account will II be open to be inspected, examined and copied by any ratepayer in the district of the said Committee at any reasonable i hour in tho day time until the 8th day j of January, 19j<), and that on the 1ast ¡ mentioned day at the hour of 10 o'clock j ii) the forenoon the Accounts c-f the said I Food Control Committep Till be Audited by J. E. Pnghe .Tone*, Esq., the Auditor, at the Public Library, Alexandra-road, Swansea, when and whore every such ratepayer who may hare any objection to any matter contained in the above men- tioned accounts nny attend and prefer his obit <yioi"), and (!;<• sane- will be heard I and determined by the Auditor. I Dated this of December, 1919. J. VICTOR EVANS. I U 1,  E:?cuHv?.OEicpr. FoQd (?nt;o) Office, 1 Public Library, Swansea. S!,vansea Rtirat District Council. HOUSING. • First Instalment (206 Houses). The above Council invites TENDERS for the ERECTION of the whole or any of 1-Ï¡Ù following Groups of Houses:— (1) SO Bouses in Dantwyn and .Glynhir Roads, Pontardu'fc.is. (2) 31 Houses it), Fraiupton and A lexan- dra Roads, Gorseinon. (3) 18 Houses in Mount Street and Man- sel Str.-et Gowcrton. (t) IS Houses in Culfor Road and Glelw Road, I.oughor. (5) VI Houses in GorseiDon Road, Pen- ile rgaer. (6) 11 Houses in New Rrwd. Grovesend. Persons desiring to Tender l^iy inspect the drawings at the oifiee of Mr. J. Teirion J. Williams, M S.A. (the Con noil's Housing A'-chitort?. 3, TfTnp? Buildings, 1-fc)tisin.g Aroliitc,-f), ? Tenders rr.u^t !>e on the official for pi i- ,I i 'i will be supplied with the copies of the Bills of Quantities, and other uecessary documents upon payment 'f 2.s. for each contract to the undersigned. This sum will be return êfl upon i ec rt of a bona fide Tender which irt ev lv sequently vritbdrawn, Scal'xl Tenders endorsed J(, ising Scheme No must be delivered at lily office not later thhn Noon on Monday, the jth day of January. 1920. The Contractor will 1 reouired to pay the usual wages paid for similar -or!, and to observe hours of labour not, less favourable than those commonly recog- nised by Em plovers' and Trade Lnion Societies in the'different trades in this District. The Council does not bind itself to ac- cept the lowest or any Tender, and the provisional acceptance of a Tender by toe Council will be subject to tile ap- proval of the Ministrv of Health. EDWARJ) HARRIS, Clerk to the. Council.. Council Offices, Alexandra-road. Swansea, 19th December, 1919, | The Local Government Act, 1338.; South Wales Sra Fisheries District Com-j mittee and Swansea Fishery Order, 1892.1 NOTICE OF AUDIT. NOTICE IS FERE7»Y GIVEN that H. WARD OLIVER, Esq.. DH riot Auditor j of the South' Western Counties Audit District, *"i!T attend at the Glamorgan Count.v Hall, Cathnvs Park. Cardiff, on THURSDAY, Hie ftlj d.1.Y ot JANCARY, 1920, at 12 o'clock noon for the purpose of j Auditing the Accounts and thrt Receipts and Expenditure of the Fisheries Commit- too and of the Swansea Fishery Order and the Officers thereof for the year ended 31st March, 1919. AND NOTICE IS HERJBí FURTHER GIVEN that a copy of the Accounts of the said Committeo and the Swansea t isher y Order duly made up and bal- anced together with the Aooount Books, Deeds, Contracts, Accounts. Vouchers, and Receipts mentioned or referred to in such Accounts will be deposited at the Office of the said Committee, Ourtland Chambers, Port Talbot, and will be there open between the hours of 10 a-tn. and 4 p.m. to the inspection, of all persons in- terested until the 7tb cl&.v of, January, 1920, slid 4n su«h- perMus will be at liberty to take copies of the saono with- out fee or reward. AND NOTICE IS ALSO FURTHER GIVEN that any Ratepayer or Owner of Pry in the said County may be pre- sent at such Audit and make any objec. tion to such Accounts before the Auditor. ARTHUR H. DEER, Clerk to the Fisheries Committee, ChurtJand Chambers, Port. Talbot. ipth December, 1919. Sun Rises S.21, Sun Sots 4-0. Lighting-up Time, 4.36. High Water, 5.53 a.m., 8 21 p.m. King's Bock. 37ft. 3in. n.m.. 37ft. lin. p.m. Yo-morrow, 6.35 a,ni.. 8,59 p.m.