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 9" Y V  I PENHALE'S XMAS SALE. I I. GIVE FATHER 1 A Smart OVERCOAT. j '# PENHALE I has Coats to please all tastes 8 From £ 2 0 0, GIVE MOTHER « Smart BLANKET eOUT or WOOLLEN JERSEY. GIVE WILLIB < Wirm Snart OVERCOAT, LIKE MINE. MODEL 3. E Large Stock to select from, Jj I Giye Betty A Waterprc!» 10, Betty C" & Hood ALL SIZES, FROM i26 OR PERHAPS I A New Scarf We must Get Uncle Dick Who has just been I DEMOBBED A Civie Suit 8 for XMAS. PKNHALKSO emalrt Tailor-made Ready to Wear, £4 4s. Od. in the thing for him. I I i You are sure to spend Give Tom "ge 16 A SMART Qrey Worsted. I Long Trouscr SUIT Penhales' Special Line £2 19s. lId Sizes 8, 9, 10, 11 Give Clifford I A Sitart Suit LIKE MINa MODEL 2. Grey or Brown Tweed, I 55/- PtHMT I BUIT In the world to wear. A nK 3EN 3EL 31L -Ir BCBBB7 S if you ask your FATHER & MOTHER to DRESS yon at PENH ALE'C  232 HICH ST.. SWANSEA. V jump—r irwrnTmnirwnTnMiTr»i«traininrrTHr-r,^r""Hr~H*'n^^ IT* I GILES, PHILLIPS £ GO. II uu j Uf FOR V ■ i -xmas PRESENTS. ? J!. k?$ I SPORTS, GAlES. i TOYS J OF ALL I I DESCRIPTIONS i I SUGGESTIONS I LADIES BLOUSE CASES, DRESSING CASES FITTED CASES JEWEL CASES GLOVE BOXES GLOVES MANICURE SETS WORK BASKETS COMPANIONS UMBRELLAS MACKINTOSHES COATS SCARVES &c. GENTS DRESSING CASES FITTED CASES SHAVING MIRRORS RAZORS I TRAVELLING RUGS TROUSER PRESSES SMOKERS' CABINETS TOBACCO POUCHES WALKING STICKS GLOVES CIGARETTE CASES MACKINTOSHES COATSt &c. BAGS, I TRUNKS. LEATHER GOODS. EBONY, SILVER, I IVORY. -1 We have a Large and Varied Stock at Prices to suit Everyone. SHOP EARLY for Choice and Comfort at GILEaPHILLIPS&CO. I 3 & 4, Oxford Street, Swansea. [ i— 1 ■ 9 PAGEFIELD COLLEGE ST. HELEN'S ROAD, SWANSEA. The Commercial University of Wales. Expert Tuition in Commercial Subjects. DEPARTMENTS: I Commercial I I Civil Service I Professional Preliminary I Preparatory I Next Term Commences Monday, Dec. 29. | Interviews Arranged. Phone: 165 Docks. j J Local Centre for College of Preceptor's Examination. I i