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   ?< ? Leader' A d vertissui«suts. APARTMENTS, SITUATIONS VACANT 011 i WANTED, TO BE LET, LGST ANU FOUND One Three Six i Insertion. Insertions. Insertion* 28 Words. 1 0 2 0 .3 0 30 Words. 1 6 3 0 4 0 I 40 Worda. 2 0 4 0 5 0 '| FOR SALE, PRIVATE AftKSUN&Ef.lENTS. One Throe Six ) Insertion. Insertions. ltu-ert.om- Words. 1 6 2 6 3 b ^30 Words. 2 0 3 0 « 6 ] 40 Words. 2 6 3 6 5 6 BIRTHS, DEATHS, IN MEMORIAM, AND MARRIAGES. One Three Six Insertion. Insertions Insertions j 20 Words. 1 6 3 b 6 0 30 Worda. 2 0 6 0 8 0  Worda. 3 0 7 0 12 (? EOUC ATiOfJAL. ) One Three Six j Insertion Insertions Inecrti^w; .JJ Words. 2 0 3 D. 4 6 30 Worde. 2 6 4 0 5 6 4Q Words. 3 0 5 6 7 6 j MONEY.—6d. per line. j s>b UA i itiNd | VACANT. WOMEN AND GIRLS. j "VV* Ai\ir.U UL UL.ct- 'Z.nwJí.;eti- I, and ?ortM'?.—Appiy. ?L?ij?Bcj???, j and .uau.m|.> Co. Domestic Servants. ?? OUD??a&es ana every ooumueratiou ouerEXi to goou uemuiU ^.am a once —Apply, Jo.ru. ituueastfciii. oy, t.aWll-CiCb\H t. Bw Aiicyca. lAjAri-Lo |j\VAV axs Tiii), Cook. Parlourmaid, iiu?L. ?TV maid. a.na iutcUenmaia..or BacucKjr GteuUeiuan re-opemuK ûUlhtJ: gouO wabt3i- )t.li. iisq., e/o is'rauoiB, i-iyneoiJio;j mil, Bam. lSUAlii-io AN TLB, early in January. good ucii. I .IT era! jiaid.—Aupiy 4irs iiaro.d w ii- liauw. Devon Villa, Coreeiuon. ltiiAlZ-Lt jYlTA^iTEDk General about 18.—A u^. )t*V U.W. Hotel, Ait:mdta-r?a.a. Hw?ucea. lIA,d,l. 'W/ AaVi'ED. a good Uirl, about 10 to 2J: tt one used to waiting; eood home lor, •uitabie Kin.—Apply Du.iu.ia &u>re £ FonUu1- 4wa18. 1S3A1 MEN AN'D YOUTHS. BRIC'dO — T"; M.: I ?J? Keiiiia, Coutra—i..?? at ?<?udu <?oi-. liery; also at L'oew Diyidinsitj. ALUwen 1 i —— BAKER.—Wanted All-round Hand, wtn B11 p in Smaiw. also tkiy.—Dawu Llovi.. j ??i? ?ruduce bLureb. 64 a-iid M) btMpitcy- 'I strcet llailely. 1S?A12.? .'?,?,'A?lc.?, tfmiof Aa???t.a.?t lor urtoce.. t", Dc?a.rtmcm; a?e 17 to W; wa?e?. Trade Ullon rate. Apply, stati.ng age aLi exuerienuo to the Secretary. AiajLi Vaiie j Co-operative Society tv mavoii, Port 'Ja1- i but not later ttian Monday, December lit a. 1919. I capable, euony 1{)1\ug < f for Grocery Waienoui>e.-Apply Co- I "V*i7liiKLESS Tli-JLb(iHAiJili' itlie science tT of the. future). hy pay icM icr training a useful trade ? Suitable men. ace-i 1b to 25 years, are now bem;; trained Ina j of charge. and receive oayment. ciothea. end food. while training for the ;i.,iud Service of the Hoyal hnsjineers. Courses 'of instruction are about to tyiumento icr Telegraph Operators. Wireles-i Operatoia. Switchboard Operators. Permanent Line- men Field Linemen and Sicniaimen. Fu: 1 particulars as to period of service, pay. and other openings in the K.E. Signal Service «a.i be obtained from the nearest Recruit iiiyr Office or the Central Recruiting Depot. | Great Scotland Vavd LonilonS. W ??7A?TED by the end of'January. Ma:] fV for Wallpaper Van, preference givcn to DiEcharged must '.)c gc-,d 6a'e.6- ma,n.-Alml Mills and Son. Wallpaper ?I?e* chants. Pontardawe. C12-2? \?FjRELESaTEI.ECRAPHY -We have tbLs year sent out 150 Students to L)ei j mallent D06 itio and are to enter the CoHeKe in January ad have j only a Few Vacancies: so if you wish a W iretesg Appointment, vou had oetter En- j rol at once -App-v Wireiesg Training Cc!. j Lme Ltd.. St Mary-street. Cardiff .or ) Castla-street 8waneea. i VtfAATED. thoroughly experienced Short f hand Typist -Apply, stating age. ex ) frerience. etc., to Box No 0 1. Leader Office. Swansea T(" i FOR SALE. J COMPLETE-PODY. Cart and Harness for Sale.—Apply 12. Montana-place. Lan- dore. 185A12-23 DKAPEKY.—liichard Lewis IIigh,drt!d ¡ .D Swansea, has a Vacancy for a? Shary Youth as Apprentice. HJ7-<\}i.) DON'T miae thi?.—Uood Cocliing ?? 231b8. 60; 561bs He 6d: in ba-?s 6d eacli: carriage paid, -ash with order, ilunarct-a of eatished customerti.-It. Edwards, l'rlliL Grower Wellington Som. -I- I^OE Zinc and BraG3 Washing Bcu > = Fgood and cheap from the maker wriTe Da?ies Cabinet Maker Clvdach, Swansea. W hole^ale only. t&?A 13-? FÙB-sKÉ- No. 2 Ensignette Can-era. J pra.cticaHy new; in littie use since October when now; also 5 spools if films given in: ZS 15?., or be?t offer A splendid ?Bma Kilt.—Write Box E 6 Leader '.Mace 187A12-Z3 FOR SALE, a larsre Quantity of New and ) Second-hand Rails of various weights and sections together with all acce^orKo I ifor same. For price and further particu. lars apply to Messrs. Holmes and Howel>| 2. Gloucter-place, Telephone No 831 C.en j tral. Telegrams: "Direct Swar:hea."CJB-27 pRIME English Hay for Saie Ln,r¡..e Quantities for Early Delivery. —En- auirieg for Full Truck Loads only to D James Thomas and Co. Pontardulais C12-27 CI 2-2^ SALE. 18 hp. Gas. Saw Bench Truck 0 Macb>ne and 4-ton Steam Wagon for I Hire or Sale.—Write Box R 5," Leadei Office. 183A-2-Z9 AFES (Fire Resistinsr) 20 to 48 inches )0 high for Sale: alo Steam Wagons: i pair M in Winding Engines: Pumps — But. 47a. Strand. Swan??ea. C12-2U tgg' ■ MONEY. F voti require a Loan. apply to Gpo1"" Thomas Church etree !op[K)site I Vjiry's Church). Swansea Private and Cci fittentkal. MONKEY' to Lend to Respectable House 1 ,J.H),Ü'í' p.jv.?..n. I'll ly?r D. Thomas 5 Waterloo?t Swansea. ADVANCES, ilb TO £5,UiJU I 0<i written promise to rep<i> or any securitv Principal remains or can b" repaid hy :& or 24 ?x'uthty instalments, no charge of anj I kind nn)es6 businf?s done; promptness and privacy; avoid exposing your requirements locally—Write oldest Company existing E. LAWRENCE, L TO., 'Don Chambers, Wirie-street, lbristol N. SCELLANEOUS WANTS, OUR.!FON Lorry returning from Swansea J? one day weekiy wants Load or wouia collect in carta. Hauling Contractors ol ?Kery description.—CardtS Transport ?oni- n4nŸ Ltd.. 63. Merchants' Exchan"e. Cr dig. 186 A12-22 T REES Wanted over Pit wood size.ien- i ninga. Ltd Woodworkers Pennvwell MRA.-Bt.;rt<.] Branch at Porthcawl STC^ PERSONAL. NCrelt there is A "tar:tl1\: ;:oom Onlv" lincle Bert and hii Son thank you toi vom help Vou are <'o;n' 'VOII: Bit" n* we did t'hankt-I Swa n-eil Thanks ..LOST AND FOUND, LOST, a silver Cham anu AieUal; name inscribed on Medal; tinder rewai-ucc on returning same to 17, Uro?s-Atrett bryn hyfryd. 109,L L_ LObI Letwecn U?iand? and Rhvcidi: Prk.road or posoibly betwecn H?n- street and Uplands a very fine Gold Pea dant Chain.—Finder rewarded on returning eame to Capt Williams Tenby Hotel, £ .11- 8ea C^2 a EFT at Metropole Cioak Room, on Thursday Parcel containina Grey Suede Shoes.—Finder ocmEiunicatiag \vi n Box K 5 Leader Office will suitr-bly re- warded. ,B4A12- n ~c\ IN Treasury Notes contained in n dwOJmi Brown Wallet was lost on Frndny night, between Mansel-street and 1 foi-c.-c- fach Croes. via Park-street ann the 8 p.ni 'bus. The sum of £ 5 will be paid to finrtfr returuine same "to 13. Man^l-s^reet ^wai^ 19(1U.2..2.Z MOTCR CARS, CYCLES, &c. A LBlOlN Cliac-sid for immediate deiivci LWL. allll ou-scs-tor caarabano char.:f;). Wo can den\ er 1.n.Ül bt{)j. asii, .xl."ua.tt:;e, [j. Easy L ay.iicut<>.—1*. ij. Jones. Lidi" .-Carur.j and S)V;iu-iea 'xc l^Oii fciA-LE, 16-20 h.p.- 1 ton Albion Lc. J- in ruiuimg order; can lie seen at any U>ije.V>. and Co. (Swansea), Ltd.. Gloucester Bunding;. 289a12-< h'uK sAlyefi, 10-12 h.p. Arjiyie AioWr Vail, X in Koodruanius: order; 8-inca Jtiaultntr imagine. With 'iwo Drums and Fiuiaao: Vertical Sitam i.iigine about 5 hp.: bv lla.vvsaiu 'i'yier; Veriicai boiler; about 571c. bin. by 1;1 Shafting, with Connecting Etuis, Puiie.vs and l'maimer Llotkd; & Vertical Feed sewing J*aenme-s..about 4C0 2Z¡¡), Garden lloes, best eteel Iieaving district; must be sold.—H^nrtrea Uryucyniaic. Dutilon Goo(,Yeii- and i Micheiin Tyred. 2d line Punue.. Head. 6iiia and Hear Lainpo. and all Acces- soi ie«i.—!• letcher'o uarage, Swanseai 84 A12-20 184A12-20 Ivor L. Roberts', Motor Cycle Specialist, Anr;ouncorne«iis. BOOS To-day, to ensure Deliveries :-1920 ) ilodeis of Motor A,J .S.. Doug- la.-j B.S.A.. i.nrie:d. i'riumph. Sunbeam. Rudge. iSortoa Levis. lirtuerial, liariey DjvidMn, Aiioii B.A.T.. etc. "J DELIVERY from Stock; Levis Stroke light-weight. £.)1); Kuby Jap S h tj saltley Vixlicrs 2..st, 2-=i:.eed. 21 h.p., £ 63. tirst cheque secures. I el. 91o Cent. Q ECOJ*D-ilAND Motor Cyclcs for Sale— ? 19?4 L?UMd. 6 h.u Combination enK)Be itcently 0 by iaai<t.Tb; new chains i ana tj res: £ »; 4i 11.1). h S.X. Combination, cou*pieto £ 9? 10s.; Lady's Model .Singei lightweight. What offers MOTOIi. CAliS.—Atrent for Stare Austin? .r G.A.'s, and Aiorgan Runabouts; 3/4 ton Dennis, with body; delivery thiee days- cash or caey terms. jj iOUGLAS 4 h.p. CombinatSou for d jlivei v jLv January, birst coma, first terved. I da not accept or ask premiums. All pricee (¡twted arc dchvery ex wOr)œ. \i/'Hi not ni?b vour i?y or Girl Some, thin seLSibIc and useful aa a Christ- ni'Vi present. 1 have a gocd 6Cledion of High-grade Cyclee from X13 jUt; -0< :.aa,a;¡a,v MUSSCAL INSTKiSttf £ ftT3. SALrj. good appcaraace m. JL tone; by uouirey; oO guineas. Call a iter a\e to-m^ul.—igntiAguie, ii. Carlton- terrace. a Ua.u.Oi.JiiOiNt,S.— Wonuei'ful Macau.t. V* Jiora or 1101'1W:bd. Worm lJrh e aiutoi-o; A/4 lis. 6d. £ 0 1?<5. 6d» etc l\ew Uecoraa 2s. cd.; Seeoud-uan<t. 13.9, pars scrtict,. Swansea. li>4iilki-i2 GJODFiiby and Co. Ltd.—Special Bargains I in Sec V.d-iiand Pianos and Organs; Viicus froai ;¡ gus. l ew viiLw-is by ail the icacung in^!».s. including oouara and Coi- lard, \v ittua und VViiton. :"aj-nLs and Co.. iii'iusmeaa Craiiier. etc.. ft-o. Prices from W KUS cash. Terms arran^jed if uetirea Write for lree list or caii aiitl make a eer- scnai selection.—uodi'rev all(L Co St. ilelen s-i-oad. Svvaneta liyAl?.-zi | __L.?'i'i??][ alid c(i. L- (I Li ?? facturLT?, b\'c il?,,v tueir tuning aWj i-.e?auM? uepairiment Pianos ana urgans .thoroughly Ueuovated aud Re- paired. LiHiraattii given. Expert luners ioit all waits 01 Vv aies. Pianola aud, Pia.ver Pianos a Speciality -Goafrey and Co. i-td.. 22, St He^en c-road. 8"J'i.a. 189 A12-27 jV i'SiC is reQuxreu in the xicnae for 1»JL Christma. let us auppiy yiour neeus v. itli tae vaiiie procuiixbie; no lioll.t: wilJ. be complete without nwisic this 4 Swan- sea. 139.1f2 I A N OS. 28. 39. 49. 55 guineas- large -L tic;1 iOi- ca,h ob BnYHiwood Collard etc.—i-iano Exchanfte. 1:1 Pn.rk-atree. oppoeite Mond Buildings,, tvvansen J84A12-22 UPRIGHT ■ Grand Piano; patent duiio 'U resonator; magnificent jnstrument: SoiicJ Mahogany front ttid cs. and back • beautifully hand carved- perfect tone; vioueiy owned by an Indian Prim e; present owner going aUjfoad: seen bv appointmtn. -Leo Savona llouse. Llandilo. lo5A 12-22 Thompson and Shackeil's Anndurjeemenis CHICAGO Or?an, 4 8et of r?t?. 8 t"Pf, 2 knee ?.?eii?, \'r\ tine ione, Aat,— 1 nomi/sua Ann Shackeil. Ltd.. 39. La.tic. street, awansea L? L?: 0 i.' UK 1 I?by Ratph AUisati. full com- 1\;Crv kev-. au (-.a,611. <??..v b?tu?.—.r?Mtti?e?narj? SiiS.ckeu. Ltd o9. Ca,je.tre,t, avvansea 1 LtA-i.NDttA Paris, uaruiomam; la < sctti of reeds; lavge powerful iuniru- ment, suitable ior plaoe ox worship; £ 35.— inoiupaoii and Shackeil. Ltd., ib. Castle- street. Swansea. jjKADEii S A1NMOUNCEi] EMS. | j GUBLE "Manual Pedal Organ, by Store '1 and Ciarke; hand^omu oak c?6c 13 stops with special Rouian L), I)e -%ei-y fino, tone, bargain 100 Eui.-tiw.vnub it.. Brader, 17 i.^sathlieid-strect. %aii«ca • SLCUND-HAMD CmrmtQ Overstruiig Piano by Strongmayer; walniit carts, full tri- chord tape check action bargain.— Gwynne 11. Brauer 17 LcathiiclcUstrtet. Swansegi iN E, W and Second-hand Piancs by Cliau i-^i pell. Collard and Coll.'ird Honingtoa and VV c>3toh, Warue. Gew. Rogers iireci- koot and Haortel; largo-t -tod. in Swansea. -G w.vuno 11. Brader 11 xieatnfieid-street Sw ansea. çs Q !\UTr, Player Piano:, n"ctic;jl?ly m* S- rosewood case- fitted with all tha' ia-tcst de\ices; perfect tone: inspection in- 1 vited — Gwynne H. Brader. 17 iIathfiellll street, Swansea. 012-24 j  ..HVS.. $"OC.. &c. j BACKYARD Poultry Keepers—Nothing -D has been introduced which give such satisfacti/ry requite in egg production aô: Ovum Thorley's Poultry ^,uce Sold by R. H Thompson and Sou, Corn Merchant* t'a- bian-iistreet, St. Thomas Swansea D'};:PENDXB.LÉ=Üi;t'hat Ovum Tl-o lej^'s Poultry SUlce is. Because by its use you can be sure of healthy oirds and a plentiful eg- supply. Sold bv W. E Har- rison. Corn Stores. 130 jiigh-ttieet. ENSURE good litter by giving sows one Karswood Pig Po vder three timet: j weekly before pigging Penny each.—'T. A. Jones, Chemist, Pontardulais. 189A12-27 PIGS are soon ready for butcher when p they get Karswood Pig Powders twice wceuly. Promote health, increase Agricultural Association, Ltd., 231, New- road S.iewen. 129A12-27 QQ e<gs from only 5 pullets were obta [ned by one user first month i after trying Karswood Spice containing ground insects. Pachots Zd., n.—From T. A. Jones, Chemist. Pontardulais. WgA1 FURMSTURE. 5/Ij F N T ti Rlv B«?st Prices Riven by me 1 f(,r !i'tir,.iitire Aritit,iie? Fn-niture of ftny description Drop tue a rostcard or call Wm Parian- st reet. St Thoma-n CT C 1, 1,. J 1 I. ■ NOTICES, TV^V TINNING KumbcrR for I-). Kene'.9 Dr, inc:: —First Prize, 42: 11. 602 400 172. 932. 338 213. 187A12-22 I' TRADE ANMOURCC £ IV*EF*TS. Aikl.illAMFO$tD and Christmao! jii, c A?; a?ioi"3 and all Seasonable I' o jods in tne fiont; Useful Presents a lea- tu'e V isit us early. A.11 gOous marked in > I ,i,«aiii tiguicd.—iia.ries the Furnishers ann C, 11 z_ APPLEs.—Buy from the G'owers.—l.DCj JLJL Botes Cnoice Selected o a,nge Bleu- Ueiiiu Orange Pippiini, Peaimaius ilus=ets llis. ód per box 'iOiu.; extra uin-d Cookuig, ds. 6lL box; cash with order, boxes tree, carriage paid.—tfa&sett. Uoolaston Court, hydnev. Glos. 16'iA?-n I AN idea! Amas Pjesent for (jrcnticmcn A Ii ?- a 16-year guarantee aG LeL. ??ts a hietlme; KUn?uLcc Kiven with cacn 1 Leii.-A Joseph, Watchmaker anu Jewet- ler ileathheid-etreet next to ?u?in'a i ?_ IH'/Al!? BARREL Liquid Eggs, 2 cwt.;?2 CM. Keg I JLF Lre?m Powder; aoout M cwc. Powdeicd r l.ezin. iiuct be sold: lea\ing district.— j i uuehes bry?cymais. Ystradgyniais. Z3 ) 187A12-23 | BELGIUM.—Sheet Glass in 300ft. ca-(, Horticultural Glas^, Zloz, 24 x 12 ane ) I U x 14. special quotations for quantities.— B. ?uenheid. Ammanford. Tel. ?<o <b C12-23  2 ?i\Ti!Si!S MedHLIlÜ8 to the proft:iou! -L? ht?ooaiists Wl go,d crown har Oridge. and vulcanite work. Quick despatch' vv ritts lor nrice liot, — X he lumerva Lahora- tory Charies-ctreet Cardiff 162A12-2j L'P»»J>v. HAi^i- tne leading V» t-st i^uu ■fJ Tobacconist, opposite tiie Xiu.-piuui, owansea, for all the Smoker requires. i'nonc, 4 uocke. I 'UH.)ltemo..icHed.-Byour process we a,s L able to ma?c Old Furs 100? iike Nev .1..1 the Latest styles in Fur Coats and Sets —Tenuous 6 Cradock-strcet avvai.ota 1 ia?fi2-24 L^OR Real Hood Value in Footwear. W I jL M" Tnomas, the neiiAole t>oot btoies, .üng Edwaru-road, Swansea, (T.C.; G' Ot,o- the Shop where you get most value I GIvilen buying your Xmas Present*, I uold brooches from 6s. 6d': Gota Gem Rings from 12s. 6d.; Solid Cold Vtrist v».a.teiji»vi j I from £ 5. Alio fine selection of other Jevvcx. iery at A Joseph. Vvatchmaker and Jewel- ler (next to Buhiu s), Heathlieid-street ?Ma?st;?. lb;Al?? ejAiiXiNiS, "ive your ChIldren a :ù.: ? JL Chi'Mfiua? by PurchasiUK NOUr Toys at I a Shop tha? gives Va?e fur Money. tick- ing Horses. Toy Books, Meccanos, etc.- l Morgan. Dillwyn-square b'-yntiyiti d 188A12,24 I I SUltGlCAL Appliances Whiriiug -H";Pl, I ?-3 EnC?M.1,?iabtic Hosiery Rubber I n.inu??t.s: ?urgtcai Rubber uoud6 u every I I desci lptiO": 11lutratlJd Catalogue oost free -Ueakw Botauiea? 1Jil16al:Y 8waDsea.  139A3-23 ^URGICAL Apviiance.-rl'ru@s Sprays. O Enemas. 8MrHcon6 Rubbet Gloves ,Ld Surgical Rubbei uouds of every description W ritJ for Catalogue, sent Pütot free.—Le Dept. iJ V I. 9J and 94. Worcester-street Bnmin-am. T.C. j iiuuSA-nDS 01 CI¡;I,r¿; at Xiaat í.cal' X Prices; Pipes. Pouches, etc.. etc.; call at Eawin llali's Depot, opposite the .aospitai, Swansea. lii,; Large-st Sto-,I,, 01 Cigarettes in Town 1. is at Edwiu llail's, opposite the I nospital, Swansea; Navy Out Cigarcttec is, W, for 50. Carnage Ma nee 1 Saloon, for To;.un JL ■ <V ics Transformations an" Tin Curls. Ladi,es Own Combt?Ks made to order 'imtH!? A iiooialtty. l87A?-'? TÑCLE-BERT'S Full Cream Walnut U A!?oad ToSces are now ?. Sale at b6 I Oxford-etrcet fchop. pre-War Quality. Tbe » I First and the Best. IfaSA 12-24 USEFUL precerris in tila^s and Chin; I <J Ware; Toilet, Dinner, and Tea Ware; I Vases. Plant Pots, in great variety ai:d latest designs Best Value and Loweoi I' 1rie,3. fc>|jecial ternis to shops.—Cold rick, 168 Hlf4"h-street. Swansea (above the Palace: i 189A12-27 YOU get Good Boots at the R G. Shot I Store, Goat-street. Reasonable price, i 11..1)\ i2-j j J^>Eu*(HOLE'S XMAS SALE, 232, High-sU'eei. J .-——— iG IVE the Lady a emart Blanket Coat, 55s < I worth tAs smart RjAincout or Vvater- proof. 35s. 6d. Styles that please the young i and value that satisfies Parents. I GIV.c; the Young Man a emart Overcoat, j Penhale's Kaincoat. sale price 70s,, j worth 90s.; newest shades; \HHm, flee?c?: blanket cloth; Raglan 6tyie.  G11VE rather a smart Raincoat, line,; | N check; smart cc eTt cloths ? Fi)?.; CO\ Crt coatings, ?. sale priae, worth 12?.) Alerry Xmas. eh! GIVE the Boy a smart Ea.incoat 19s. 1,d" ?- or emo?t new style Overcpat Ms.. c? 4! mirt- Bugby Suit 3,5s?; smart Jerseys. extM good finality, 100. 6d t t'j)VE tlje Girl a sa?rt lined Chec? Trench ( U Coat. Wq., or Waterproof Cape 4.nd j Hcod, 1U, 6d. Glo\e?. Scarves, etc., for í Boys and Girls. TM PORT ANT.—See that the Young Man JL gets a Smart, Ready for Wear Tailor- made Suit sale price 84s. Nyurtb 8 guineae; Youth's Long Trousers Suits bss.-NIerry Xma-s HOUSES AND SHOPS FOR SALE AND TO LET. T? REE HOLD .—OneDweUing-houac.s"? 1 ated at Treboeth. containing 7 rOOM?l, I b.?th (h and c.); large garden.—Apply i j Davies-row. Treboali. l9,)-kl2-?9 ) TIOUSEfor8?10 atTrewyddm-roaf' 1 1[1 Gl'ai Morriston: six rooms- freehold- pcgsiblo early po?es?ion.—Write Bo? L 5. | Le?er ? Office. 187A1M3 I ;el-rf;d:mmoJS-Hse, wit-i? 1: I Garden; early possession.—Write Bo-j T 5. Leader Offet?. C1 i I APARRRIVIEN I s AND LODGINGS I TO LET AND WANTED. B. ED and Sitting-room for two Ladies; or JL). small i'unuatied liousp in Swansea,, !.?t:?iblG8. or West Cross preferred; can ) -'apply oWn liBen.—Apply. 8 5, "Leader"' O?ce. Swansea. 187A12-22 wo Brothers rcauire Apartmenta or r Lc-dillgS. in central locality, after Christmas, with or without Board.—Hepiv 7 11 iuh-etreet. Llandovery 187 A12. j WANTED, immediately. Two or Thro, good Gronnd Floor Rooms, prefera'o'y I unfurnished, Walters-road' or Uplands dis- trict.—T^'rite Box M 5 Leader Office, 1 186A12-25 YOUNQ Woman wishes Accommodatif n JL with nice elderly neoolo after Xmae; would do light housework.—Write n. L 1 Leader OfBce. 190A12-2J ) HOUSE PURCHASING. | ALL BORROWERS Share in the Profits-j f t- of the Landore Permanent Building Society because these are distributed among members only. No better terms can be offered in the country. -taries- Davi(i Roberts and Son. 61 Wind-street Swa: =ea. j CI 2-24 ?,I,ENAN(,'Y or Ownerèip.-40OQO people I  have already Purchased throng cur 1 easy avstfm.—For free booklet write Bt??, V 3, "Leader" OT?ice. 133A12-27 "I"/ /(l WEEKTT w'll piire bi.se 45n Mnn? 4/h anv district' r"?<«-?io'. by arrange ment landlord Trader Swanspn, TC I HOUSES WANTED. | 'I ?7"ANTED.aton?8maH"*Furnighed ? V House Flat, Part Hou-p. or Room?. ?n!?b!e for ?Tn?ll family not les3 than 2 Bed and 1 Sitting-r?'m; in or -ieir Swan- ?pel,W- ;te, ii?x NS, "Leader" Ci?f.. Swaneem C'229 IJLIRFIGJ IUIJIBMHBWW—■—BANW—GTCTUIMII-IXJ1 fjmmi V _=- ._u_I I SMALL ADVERTISEMENT ORDER FORM. t + I r I j I ■ ■ — | I Please publish the above advertisement, time#, for which I p enclose .s. d. I Name and Address: | '1 desired, replies may be eent to Box Numbers at the "Cambria DailY: I Leader" Office. ø Tltia form should be addrepiod to Ad^erti^emont Department, "Cambria Daily Loader, Swansea. wiiMjimw ■«MTWII mi-|- ILÕ .œ I ■