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SUNDAY SERVICES. IQRTHE FUND. TO-MORROW. Pantygwydr Brotherhood (Panty- grvvdr), 2.45. Wesley: Carol Service under direc- tion of Mr.' H. T. Hughes, A.B.C.O., 8 Argyle (C.M.) Church: Retiring collection both Services. Terrace Road (C.M.) Church: Re- tiring collection both Services, with. Carol Service under the direction of Mr. L. J. Clef!>. Cwmbwrla Welsh Congregational: A retiring collection. Alexandra Road (C.M.): A retiring collection. St. Paul's Gongrcgational: A retir- ing collection. Tabernacle (Skinner-street): Retir- ing Collection, Sunday evening, Manselton English Congregational Church: Retiring collection, 1 Sunday evening. Mount Calvary, Manselton: Retir- ing Collection, Sunday evening. BROTHERHOOD SWANSEA Y.M.C.A. (St. Helen's Road) To-morrow (Sunday), December 21st, I 3 to 4 p.m., Speaker Mr. R. G. JAMES (the General Secretary). Soloist—H. J. Hodges. Accompanist—Mr, Harold V. Williams. All MEN are Welcome. HOME CIRCLE At 8.15 p.m. MUSICAL PROGRAMME. Speaker Mr. R. G. JAMES. (General Secretary). Everybody Welcome. St. Paul's Congregational Church, ST. HELEN'S ROAD. To-morrow (Sunday), December 21st, Preacher; Rev. W. PEDR WilLIAMS Morning at 11. ikenng bt 6.,40: Subject; "THE END OF THE WORLD." Visitors Invited. I THURSDAY, DECEMBER 25th, CHRISTMAS MORNING Service 11 o'clock. Preacher: Rev. W. Pedr Williams Manselton Congregational Church. To-morrow (Sunday), December 21st, • Services at 11 a.m.ant) 6.3ft p.m. Preacher: Rev. J. ADAMS, Pastor. A CAROL SERVICE At 2.45 p.m. j Anthems and Carols by the Choir, j Assisted by the following Artistes: J Soprano. Miss Beatrice Jenkins, j Contralto. Madame Maggie Davies. j Tenor Mr. David E, Powell. Bass Mr. W. J. Owen. j Conductor—Mr. W. J, Owen. Accompanists.—Misses Amy James and Dora Dunn. Chairmitn-Coum, DAVID RICHARDS. SILVER COLLECTION. f St. Helen's Rd. Cong. Church j k NEXT SUNDAY, DECEMBER 21st, j Special Christmas Services. Preacher: Rev. THOS. SINCLAIR EVANS. Solos by Miss M. H. Thomas (Morriston). SPECIAL ANTHEMS BY THE CHOIR (under the direction of Mr. Seymour Perrott, A.R.C.O.). I j Collections. — PALACE THEATRE High Street. A SERVICE Will be held here on J SUNDAY EVENING NEXT, at 8 o'clock, j Chairman—Mr. Sidney Palmer. Speaker-Mr. R. S. JONES. All are Heartily Invited. bright Hymns and Solos will be sung. — Rhyddin:s Congre. Church, (Top of Finsbury Terrace). To-morrow (Sunday), December 21st, Preac-iier: Rev. YORWERTH DAVIES B.A., B.D., B.Litt. (Putor). Services at 11 A.m. and 6.30 p.m. tpeelal Carol Anthems by the Choir. r „ — Firtt Church of Christ, Scisntist .<' Mirador Crescant, Swansta. hiiii,e ServicM are hold -!nry ginday at 11.3# a.m. and 6.39 p.m. Sunday School 8 .18. trutialay Meetings Erory W«da«s4ftj at SUNDAY SERVICES. Preachers in Swansea To-morrow, BAPTIST. St. Helen's Church, Spring Terrace.- 11 a.m. arul 6.30 p.m. Preacher: Rev, Melville Evafl6 (Faster). School at 2.45.—Retiring Collection for the Widows' and Orphans' Fund in the Evening. Memorial Church, Walter-i-oad.-Il a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Preacher: Rev. F. C. White, B. D. Sunday School at 2..5. Cortimunion at 12 o'clock,—Service on Christmas Morning at 11 o'clock. Mount Calvary, Manselton.—Preftcher at 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m.: Rev. L. T. Harry (Pa stot).-r Men's Bible Class 2.45, conducted by the Pastor. All Men Cordially Invited. Mount Pleasant Chapel, Hwan<te*—H ..m and 6.30 p.m. Preaeber Rev. H. C. Matider t. I'astor).- A t)erdy berth i St. Branch Gospel Miaaion Service at 6.30 p.m. Pantygwydr Church.—11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Preacher: Rev. Ben Thomas (of ePmbroke Town). Mount Zion.-ii a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Preacher: Mr. R. Williams, Swansea. Sunday School at 2.15. tabernacle Chapel.-Il a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Preacher: Rev. R. J. Willoughby. 2.15, Sunday School and Bible Classes, CONGREGATIONAL. Carmarthen Road Church.—11 a..m. and 6.30 p.m., Preacher: Per. J. Phillips (Pastor). Sunday School at 2.30 p.m CALVlNlSTIC METHODIST. Alexandra-road Chaptl.—11 a.m. and 6.3(1 p.m. Preacher: Rev. J. C. E. Morgan. Sunday School at 2.45 p.m. Argyle Chapel.-Servicts at 11 and (5.39. Preacher: Rev. A. Wynne Thomas (Pastor). CHRISTA DELPHIAN. Christadelphian Meeting Room, St. Helen's road. 6ili) p.m. Subject: The New Heavens and New Ecirtli Will the Existing Heavens and Earth be Burnt Up?" by Mr. A. Cliidzoy. INTERNATIONAL BIBLE STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION. Minor Hall, Clydaeh.—At 6 p.m., Tree Mr. D. Smith, Cly- dach. SubjectI>o You Believe in the Resurrection of the .Dead pH PRIMITIVE METHODIST. Primitive Methodist Church, Pell-s?r*«t~ Morning at 11, Evening at 6.30, Rev. G. H. Southall. PRESBYTERIAN. St. Andrew's Church, St. Helen's-road.- 11 a.m and 6.30 p.m. Preacher: Rev. lt,Graanshields. M.A.. 13.0 (Pastor). -Chri5tm3 Day at 11 a.m., Service for One Hour, conducted by the Rev. R. Greenshields, M.A., B.D. (Pastor). THE FORWARD MOVEMENT. Central Hall, Orehard-etreet.-—II a.m. and 6.30 p.m., Rev. W. Watkin William* (Pastor). Sunday School at 2.45. UNITED METHODIST. Oxford Street Cliurch.-ii and 6.30: Rev. R. W Green. 2.45, Sundav School and Men's Bible Class.—Christmas Day at 11: 1,tv. R. W. Green. WELSH CALVINISTIC METHODIST. Trinity M.C., Heol v Pare.- Prtget hir gan y Parch. Talton Davies (Gor- WELSH BAPTISTS. Capt-1, Gomer.-If lUlL and 6.30 p.m Preacher: Rer. R. S. Rogers. B.A. (Pastor). Sunday School at 2.45. Capet Ssion, Treforis.—•Pregethwr Parch. T..T, Hughes (Gwoinidog) am lleg a 6. j Y sgol am 2. Bethesda, Aberta we.—Oedfaon II at 6.3ft. Pregethwr: Parch. f). Price (Gweiyi- tdox). YSIJOI Sul 2.30. WELSH CONGREGATIONAL. Bethel, Sceti.—Am 10.30: Parch. D. Eurof Walters. M.A., B. am fi: Parch. J. T. Gregory fGweinidog). Ysgolion am 2.30. Romt N'adolig am 10.30: Pre- ef,h gan J. T. Gregory (Gwinirlog). Capel Henrietta. ni 11: Parch. J. T. Gr?or-r ('Skettv^: am fi: Pa:('h..n'l Eurof Walters, M.A., B.D. Ysgolkm yn y Capel a'r T'p'ands 2.45.—Gwas- anaeth boreu Nadolig am 11. Ebenezer.—Oedfaon am I%1 » 6.30. Pre-1 gdhir gan y P'u'ch.EvanJcnktns <A))prta?'f) aMHae.:M. Ysgdam 2.30.-C,.mundeh yn yr hwyr. Y' Tabernacl, lYeforiAm IT t> 8. i P?Hfti'?r: Patch..1. J. W)tbaai< (ti ei n ¡dog).Y s,Jun am 2. | WESLEYAN. Wesley Chapel. rx i at 11 Rer. E. Jolliffe; Evening at 6.30: Rev. W. L. Chaming#, B.Se., B.D. Brunswick Chapel.—Morning at 11: Rev. W. L. Chammp?; 6.30 p.m.: Rev. E. Jolliffe (See large announcement), OTHER StRVICES. Albert Hall, Stance*. (!).V.) Service* at 11 a.ni and A:m p.m. Preacher: Rev. Charles Young ("London 1. Ccspet Hall, George Street. —(D.V.) a Gospel Meeting will be held at 6.30 p.m. All are inn BROTHERHOODS. isketty United Brotherhood and Sister. -bood (UnsscUirwn—We«lf-v Chapel, 3 p.m. To-morrow being Peace Sun- day. the President (Dr. J. A. Raw- lings) will give an address on The I Roots of War." Chairman, fr..1. S. Barratt. Soloist, Miss Pickering I (Swansea). Organist. Miss Mildred Edwards, A.R.C.M. A Hearty Wel- come to All. lpell Street.-3 to 4. Chairman, Mr. F, 1 Down. Speaker. Mr. H. R. Busheil. Soloist: Miss Hilda Rowe. «l" ■ —- ■ Brunswick Wesleyan Church, St. Helen's Road, Swansea. To-morrow (Sunday), December 21st, SPECIAL MUSICAL SERVICE At 6.30 p.m., under the direction of Dr. H. E. RAWLINGS. Carols, Solos, etc. 'Cello Soloist, Master Harry Thomas. Preacher: Rev. E. JOLLIFFE. Retiring Collection for Widows' and Orphans' Fund. Bethel English Cong. Church, SKETTY. Special Christmas Services To-morrow (Sunday), December 21st, Preacher: Rev- ELIAS JOSEPH. Mofining at 11, Evening at 6.30. Choruses will be Rendered by the Choir. At the Evening Service the Roll of Honour will be Unveiled by the Pastor. SKETTY Baptist CHAPEL Carnglas Road. To-morrow (Sunday), December 21st, Services at 11 a.m., 3 and 6.30 p.m. Preacher: Rev. IVOR H. JAMES (Pastor). 6.30, Special Service for Young People, Subject, Are You Fit." SokJist-Mr. ELLIS DANIEL. ¡ Sunday School at 2.45. I Walter Road CongregationrJ Church. To-morrow (Sunday), December 21st, Services at 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. CHRISTMAS MORNING at 11 a.m. Preacher: Rev. GEO. McLUCKIE, B.A. Visitors Welcomed. The Shaftesbury Cinema St Helen's Road. You arc Heartily I«vited to A Bright Gospel Service In the above Hall on SUNDAY EVENING. Doors Open at 7.45. Commence at 8.15. Speaker: Mr. JOHN KNCTX McEWEN (of Exeter), the Well-known Evangelist. Hymn Sheets Provided. No Collection. Jesus said: Come unto Me." UNITARIAN CHURCH, High Street. To-morrow (Sunday), December 21st, Services at 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Conducted by Rev. ARTHUR HURN, M.A., D.Litt. Subjects: Morning: The Stigmata." Evening: The Hope of the World." ..L- -L.. -)< BRIGHTON HALL, GORSEINON. Three Grand Performances of "BLODWEN" (Dr. J. PARRY) on Xmas Day, Boxing Day, and Saturday, (DECEMBER,25th. 2nth. and 27th). By the Gorseinon &-District Choral Society After the Performances of Boxing Day and Saturday, a Special Train will leave Gorseinon at 11.10 p.m. for Gowerton, Dnnvant, end Swansea. Seats may he Booked at Mr. G. Thomns, Printer, Gorseinon, or from Secretary, Mr. W. T. Paikyn, Brynteg, (gorseinon. Seats (Reserved & Numbered). 5s. (id. Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, DANYGRAIG. ¡ CAROL SERVICES I Will be held at the above Church I To-morrow (Sunday), December 21st, In the Morning at Rev. R. CURTIS ROBERTS (Pastor) will Preach an Appropriate Sermon. MUSICAL PROGRAMMES in the After- noon at 2.15, and Evening at 6.30. Artistes: Afternoon.—Soprano, Miss Hattie Par- ncll; Contralto, Miss Bessie Samuel; Tenor, Mr. Syd. Jones; Baritone, Mr. Sid. I Griffiths; Elocutionist, Miss Muriel Day. Chair to be taken by Mrs. SELDON. Evening.—Soprano, Madam Annie George; Con f ra Ho. M in Gladys Solomon; Tenor, Mr. E. L. Morgan; Baritone, Mr. D. Lloyd Thomas; Boy Soloist. Master Edward Morgan; Elocutionist, Madam Kate Kolinski. Chair to 4)e taken by Mrs. JOHN THOMAS (Westbrook). CHRISTMAS CAROLS by ADULT and JUVENILE CHOIRS. Organist. Miss- May Denning. Conductor Mr. J. Thomas. CHRISTMAS MORNING at 11 o'clock. I Preaching Service by the PASTOR. A Hearty Welcome to All. Proceeds in Aid of Citureli l'iintis. AIRMEN'S THIGH BOOTS, I Sheepskin liue l throughout. They ) are ex-Setfvice Boots, but. hardly worn. For Motorists there is I nothing to equal them. They cost 15 GUINEAS a pair to produce, and the Sheepskin alone is worth the'price wo ask for them. The Last, Sevep Pairs will sell at 30/ carriage paid. A I very much lower .grade than these sold at the White City lat. week at CO/- a pair. 'Money returned if not approved. A. E. EVANS, LEICESTER HOUSE, SKEWEN. The Oyctenrwvuth Council Infants' Schorvl bad a delightful breaking up for the holidays, when one of the scholars who took the role of Father Xmas distri- bnted scifts amongst the little onpt; from three Xmas trees resplendent with toys. Japanese lanterns, flags, etc. Before dis- persing the happy little recipients gave Father Xm-as a few rousing cheers, not forgetting the teachers who were respon- sible for. the vramrements.










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