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6.30. TO-NIGHT. J.30. 1 'Phone; Central fte. .ROXY LA ROCCA, The Wistard of the Jiarp. DALY and HEALY, Two Kernels from the "N!it, Army, in fl Comedy of Errors. BILLY WELLS and the ECLAIR TWINS, Novelty Eccentric Dancers. GWYN THOMAS, The Marvellous Welsh iioy Vocalist. Winner of over 100 Prizes. LATEST NEWS PICTURES. CHAS. NORTON, In Imitations of Popular Comedians. HECTOR and LOLLETTA, Entertainers batterers. Comedians, on their Unsupported Ladder. GEERT BROS. The Famous Equilibrists. I ELYSIUM Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Edna Goodrich in HER SECOND HUS- BAND, an Ideal Production. 14OUDINI, Another Chapter or Daring „4 Feats bt this World-renowned Artist. THE LOVE BROKER, a Triangle L'ro- t(, duttioA, featuring Alma Rubens. 'ACTUS NELL, a Roaring Triangle Key- stone Comedy. Topical Budget & usual Full Programme. ROY AL Theatre. I: Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Mrs. Charlie Chaplin in her Latest Pro- duction, BORROWED CLOTHES., Ethel Clayton in THE MYSTERY GIRL. Winkle in KICKING THE GERMS I OF GERMANY. Episode 11, THE SILENT MYSTERY, "Yellow Shadows," 2 Keels. CAILE CINEMA. 2.30. TO-DAY. 10.30. OLD LOVES FOR NEW, a Story of Luxury and ltardsbip. featuring I Margery Wilson. I Taylor Holmes in THE SMALL TOWN GUY, Five Act Comedy-DraniA. I' FRAUDS AND FRENZIES, Two Reel .Big V. Comedy. Alio Interest and Topical Films. I CARLTON. 2.3f A .1; :r: N, I Bessie Barriscalc in ¡ ALL OF A SUDDEN NORMA. j Comedy Drama of Komam-e & Mystery. Owen Moore and Hedda Nova, in THE I CRIMSON GARDENIA, Ilex Ik-ach Story LIGHTNING RAIDER SERIAL. Pearl White. Episode 5. MARVELS OF THE UNIVERSE. Pathe's Gazette. PICTURE HOUSEl 2,30. T 0 D A Y 10.30. I Wallace Reid ii) TOO MANY MILLIONS A Story Full of Thrills with many Dra- matic Touches & a Most Unusual Ending. THE BELLS, with Frank Keenan. THE MARQUISS OF MISS SALLY I i An O'Henrr Story). I MARVELS OF THE UNIVERSE. Path's Gazette. Y.M.C.A. Public Cinema i {Enr ra »vje — Page rf(t). I THE HOME OF COMFORT. ¡ Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I Eleanor Woodruff in JAFFERY, ',ho I film that everybody should see. Charlie Chaplin in DOUGH AND DYNAMITE., I Mary Pickford in one of litr Triumphs. I Also Topical and Interest Pictures. C?rnm?ncin? 7 p.m. Saturdays K.30 p.m. PUBLIC NOTICES. fUBHC MOTtCES. CHARITY & CARNIVAL BALL. NATIONAL SOCIETY for tne PREVEN- TION of CRUELTY to CHILDREN. I The above Ball will be held at the I ALBERT HALL, SWANSEA, on FRIDAY, JAN. 2nd, 1920. At. 7.30 p.m. FANCY DRESS OPTIONAL. I Tickets.-Ladies. 12s. (iii.; Gentlemen, I 15s. (;d.; Spectators, 3s. íindudHlg Tax). Patrons.—His Worship the Major, the Nfiayoresf, the ¡Hight Hon. :ir Alfred Mom!. Bart., M. P.. Lady Mond, Aid. Dd. Matthews, M.P., the Hon .Elaine Jenkins, Mre. Mofgun B. Williams, Admiral Algernon W. ileneage, C.B., M. V .O., Iltid E. Thqmas, Esq., C. C. Vivian, Esq., Dr. Edgar Ileid, Mr. W r. Brook. W. T. Farr, Esq., Charles E. Cleeves, Esq.. Arthur Andrews, Esq., Col. L. L. Morgan As there are only a Limited Number of Tickets, application with remittance should lie made on or before the "41 h oD December to either of the Hon. W B. H. LADD, (51, Walter-road. S^THHW, or S. M. COOK." The Bungalow," Sk-. 11y W.N.F.D. & D.S. & S. (SWANSEA BRANCH). THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING W t: I he held on Sunday Afternoon Next At 2.30 p.m. Business.— ELECTION OF OFFiCERS FOR ENSUING YEAR. All Members are requested to attend— both Men and Women. If Members have not received notice by post, please accept notice as official. (Signed) iY, I, FRANCIS. Gen. Sec Admittance by Contribution Cards, -MVIUSEMr^TS. GRAND Theatre SWANSEA. MONDAY, lath DECEMBER, 1919, Six Nights lit 7.00, MATINEE on SATURDAY at 2.30 p.m. THE SWANSEA AMATEUR. OPERATJC SOCIETY Will perform the 'Gilbert and Sullivan I Original Opera, THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD, Or THE MERRYMAN AND HIS MAID. NEXT WEEK- First Visit of J. A. E. Malofce's Co. in a New Musical Comedy, "OH, JOY!" j from the Apollo Theatre. J GRAND Theatre l SWANSEA. MONDAY, DECEMBER 22nd, For Eleven Nights, and Three Matinees-Boxing Day (Dec. 26th), Saturday, Dec. 27th, and Saturday, Jan. 3rd. ¡ Christmas Attraction! I FIRST VISIT OF J. A. E. MALONE'S CO. IN A New Musical Comedy, OU, JOY. From the APOLLO THEATRE. Box Office (Mr. W, J. Casey) Opeq at the Theatre Daily from 10 till 5. I ROYAL I THEATRE I THE HOME OF MUSIC Mon., Tues. & Wed. BELLE BENNETT in I The FCEL OF "I'he u r LIFE, :Five Rèl  Drama. !Five .R6?1 'f?&cgle Drama. Dorothy Gish in The Hope Chest. a Episode 6. PEARL WHITE in THE | Li 9 htnin 9 Ra!d8r J& Dog Catcher's Love, U? ? uanu'!sC! o )!LnUvwpC)< T?o Rsci Ccmedy. THURSDAY ?EXT, ? CONSTANCE TALMADGE. ? AT THE J I ELYSIUM. | Mow., Tues. & Wed. j 5 y g An Ideal Super Drama in Six Parts, | j A GRAIN OF | DOST, Featuring LILIAN WALKER. A Tbritlirtg Story of tile Influence of 0 a Good Woman on a Brainy and an | Ambitious Ulan. § I Elmo the Mighty j In Episode Another Chapter of I IDai n and Fearless Exnjpks by this ■.vorkl-rt'tiowued Artist. Might and lIthe Man, ■i A Thrilling Triangle Drains in 8 £ Five Parts. I His Hidden Shame J A Triangle Keystone Comedy. p I Topical Budget and -tisti I Full Programme. 1 j COUNTY SCHOL, GOWERTON. A KE-UNION of OLD STUDENTS will be hld on DECEMBER 31st (New Year's Eve), at .j p.m. fuller particulars and Tickets from vim Secretary, W. T Morgan, Glas- irJn, Goweitoa. (p.p.) PLIBLIC NOTICES. NEATH UNION. TO TRADESMEN. The Guardians of the Poor of the Neath I. nuea invite li-JvDhKS for the ■supplying or tile lollowing (..roods to the unuermetitfoned Institutions — LL k,]'j.'l IN fill.) i) i-o v isioiis, Cloth- ing, Caotnist's Sundries, Stationery, Drapery. Mwnt, Coffins, Ironmon- ger. i$read. Straw, and Potatoes. CO 11 AO HOMES. — Provisions, Clothing. Meat, Ironmongery, Chemists Sundries, Bread, .boots (samples to lie of good quality and to be delivered at Llettynedd for the inspection of the Committee). The Tenders to he in force for the throe months ending 3lst March, 102U. Form of Tender in which alone will Tenders be considered) may be had on application to me. ScaINI Tenders must reach me on or befor 12 noon on Monday, the 29th daT of December, 1919. The Guardians do not bind themselves to accept any Tender in its entirety or any portion of such Tender. By Order. EDWAHD POWELL, Clerk. rniun Ofticc, eath. 13th December, 1919. SWANSEA HOSPITAL < ANNUAL BALL, JANUARY 15th, 1920. LADIES, il Is.; GENTLEMEN,- $,I Is. Juvenile CALICO BALL JANUARY 16th, 1920. LADIES, 15s.; GENTLEMEN, El Is. JUVENILES (16 and under), 7s. 6d. BALCONY, 3s. -"< County Borough cf Swansea. OXFORD ST. MARKET. NOTICE. I The CHRISTMAS MARKET will he held on TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 23rd and 24th. The Market will be Open on Tuesday II until 9 p.m., and Wednesday until 10 p.m. The Market will he Closed on Frida. December 26th, and he Open on Saturday, I' December 27th. front S a.m to 4 p.m. JOHX W. DA VIES, Manager. I Market Offices, Dec. 19th, 1919. j W. N. F.D. & D.S. St S. j (SWANSEA BRANCH). Gen. See.: W. F. FRANCIS. I Semi. Hat i Dnal Eisteddfod Will be held fit the ALBERT HALL on SATURDAY, MARCH 27, 1920. Choir Secretaries are respectfully rc- quested to Book this Date. Joint Sees.: Mrs. Jarvis st Helen Vroad, Swansea; CHpt. Auiuvy Williams, 31. Fisher-street, Swansea; Mr. S. G, Johns, Stock well House, Swansea I _c- ALBERT HALL, Swansea. I CHRISTMAS ATTRACTION! I BOXING DAY and SATURDAY, Dec. 26th and 27th, 1919, THE I Plasmarl Dramatic Society (Conductor, Mr. J. P. Walters), Will Perform the New Drama, Y PRAWF (" Proof ") I In 3 Acts (J. I'. Walters & R. Howells). CWM ORCHESTRA (Conductor, Mr. T. Howells). Doors Open -3t 7. (eminence at 7.30 p.m. Front Scats, 2s, id.; Second Scats, h. 3d. (including Tax). NEATH BOROUGH EDUCATION I COMMITTEE. I WANTED a CARETAKER for MELYN I COUNCIL SCHOOL. Wages (including I bonus) -c2 3,9. fid. p £ r week .together with House* and Coal. Tiio Caretaker will be required to act as Cleaner of the and Infants' Departments. Applica- j fiur.s, with copies of three recent te?t). I moniais, to 1m )n the hands of the nndpr- ?.,I 4i-n? e(i L)zi or -I-x-fore tlip 27th li?19. Canvassing will be considered a ?h?quaiichatton. i ARTHUR J .EVANS, Solicitor. Clerk to the Committee. I-wcich Horse Re-Union Dinner. I All N.C O.'s and M»ri of the 1/st Welch ] f Horss are invited to a Re-Union Dinner j to be ht fd at Cardtff on Saturday, Janu- ary 17th. 1320. I For Tickets, apply at once to Hon. I Sec.. Welch Horse Re-Union Dinner, j J Grand Hotel. Cardiff. I > f j i' 'v. £ 1 Now carr\in" ¡ FULL SUPPLIES of I GENUINE FORD I SPARE PARTS. Call, Phone or Write I i I i HUTCHINS & CO,LIMITED, i 3TWIN0 STRCET SWANSEA S ■■ I l 1 I AUTHORISED DEALERS AND PAKTS &TOCXJ5T} T  A-




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