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 'Leader' Classified Advertisements. APARTMENTS. SITUATIONS VACANT OR WANTED, TO BE LET, LOST AND FOUND. One Three Six Insertion. Insertions. Insertions D Words. 1 0 2 0 3 0 id Words. 1 6 3 0 4 0 40 Worde. 2 0 4 0 6 0 FOH SALE, PRIVATE ANNOUNCEMENTS One Three Six Insertion. Indertions. Insertions 1 ZO Words. 1 6 2 b. 3 b iO Words. 2 0 3 0 4 6 40 Words. 2 6 4 6 5 6 BIRTHS, DEATHS, IN MEMORIAL, AND MARRIAGES. One Three Six Insertion. Insertions. Insertions 20 Worde. 1 6 3 6 6 0 30 Words.. 2 0 6 0 6 0 40 Worda.. 3 0 ? 0 12 0 EDUCATIONAL. One Tiirea Six Insertion Insertions Insertions 20 Words.. 2 0 3 0 4 6 .),0 WordL- 2 6 4 0 6 6 40 Words.. 3 0 6 6 7 6 MONEY-—6d per line. tt. — 1 M!SC?LL??.-<??S ?i'x'?'ATSOMSi VACANT. LADY Clerli reauiml for Counting House; •also Junior Cashier.-Apply^ by letter, etatfms: experience, al,ci salary required. David Evans and Co. (Swansea), Ltd., Dra- pers Swansea. 187A12-^0 WOMEN AND GIRLS. A-vrLD at (3i7.ee experienced i??'ker? w and Sorters.—Appiy. iiauageress. S,w'ah&ba baths and JLaniiury Co. ? l?.?Al2-2<.i '?T? .ÄNTËDVilun for Cleaning Hjus-e (clÜicr'5 YVid?wi; aleo Cook-General —Apply MK. Brown. Bryn Gerrig, St. Domestic Servants. G- -Wge8 an0\'er.conSjUen;'êjOn 'oIfered to good-?enerad ?Liid at once —App!?. iirs. Rubenstein. 39. Eon-cre"cellt. Swansea. ,yANTED, early 111 January, gOOfl tier., j ei a] Maid.—Apply Airs Harold Vv il- ià Devon Villa. 189A12-27 -VVTX-NTED, General about 13— Add. ff G. W. Hotel. Aleandra-roau. Swansea. 184A12-22 \V\V 7ANTED, a good General; triate wages — f -Apply. wih rd?icncea Mrs. l?ac. Oerlwyn. Pontardulais Urs. l??a a zci' W ANTED, early in January, a cap: VV House-Parlourmaid: write full par- ticulars.—Hrs. Bradford Lilleshtii! Up- lands. Swansea. 188..1..12.0 \\i ANTEij a eood Girl, about lo to &J- j fV one uned to waiting: trGúd home for BiMtable eiil.—Apply Dulais Stores, Pontar- diilais. 183A12-22 UIEN AND YOUTHS. T-:>R.lCKi'Â YERS y¡;¡,nted', Anpiy Mac- JD ke?na. Contractor at V?tiuddu Col- uery: a?ao at ??ew Buiidiri?B. AUt\\en C1z.2;) B' A KER.—Wanted Ail-round Baud. well JD up in S?naL?: aAl?i; l-i-otiric.' liand. well Welsh Produce Storm 6rl and 66 Stepney- fltreetLlandly. _? ?S4Al2-?2 STEONG Lad Wanted at once, about 16. ? to deliver milk.—ii 1' Evans Victoria Dairy. Aru.vle-strecft. Swansea. 1S4A12-2C "V i RKLLSS-TELEGRAPH j. (the science tt of the future). Why pay iaos for training a useful trade? Suitably men. age 13 to 25 years, are now being trained free ci- chaiue. and receive payment, clothes. ,and food. while training* for the ri.rnal Service of the Royal Engineers. Courses af: irestraetion are about to commence foi- •Telegraph Operators. W i.reles3 Operators, Switchboard Operators. Permanent Line- men field Linemen and Siznaimen. Fiul •'particulars as to period of service, pay, and • eiiher opening* in the R.E. Signal Service >ca i be obtained from the nearest Eccruit jnir Office or the Ctntrat Recruiting Depot. C rent Scotland Yard J-,ondon, S.IV ??/AX'TED. Jumor Clerk. must be stood writer.—Write "Brief." Leader OrBpe. Swansea 1S7A12-20 TXrANTED. Smart IVillincr Boy as Pa- v.» V aco about 15: experience tinneece. z- sary.—Write, or apply nerepnally, Hen.1 Boots. Stepney Hotel 1.1 a ne 11 y. 188 A "2-20 WASTED by the end of January. Man for Wallpaper Van: .preference given -to Discharged Soldier; must be good aalts- man.—Apply Mills and Son. Wallpaper Mer. ehants. Pontardawe. TV\V T JSELESS TKLFGRAPHT-We have this year pent out 150 Students to per- manent positions, and ar" B(,(?kin4 Students f6a1/hiiC1':erl irPJ;" :(\: Qnh a Few Vacaneiesr fo if you Wi5h a Wireless Appointment von had oetter En- rol at once — Apply Wireless Train In*? Col- lfiiie Ltd.. 8t Mary.street. Cardiff, cr Castle-street Swansea. ~\X7 ANTED thoroughly experienced Short Vt hand Typist -Apply stating age ex perieree. etc Box No 0 1. L-ca,ier SwjfiRpa TC1 5 FOR SALE. A DDEESSOGRAPil Machine. complete ??'?T- titled with 2XJ D.C. Motor, together I with hand power Graphotypc Machinc: both in perfect working order: cc?t .?HO is 1<1&. Advertisers aie purchasing latc,?L 'ma?bine?: and will accent half pnce.-A¡)- ?p!? 'Addre?soKt'?ph." Daily Leader. ?wan- '&<?. 18.LO '?" ?O?iI'L?TE—?-'ony. Cart and Uariiess i?r ? Sale.—Apply 12. ?om?-aa-piace. La?- ,,aore. 135A12-23 -•XJ |' iiAPEK\—iiichard Lewis, High?t-re?c Swansea, haa a Vacancy for a Sharp Yoath as Appreiitice. 187A12-23 tbi.i.-(k,od Cocking APi»it- I -L/ laitm. 6o; 56ib,s lis 6d; in bags 6d each; carriage liaid. Lash with order. Hundreds .,Qf ootl£tid CU;>WlliCl'J:J.-ll.. Edwards, fruit ..Grower Wellington Soni. 6 1*08 Zinc ai,-d Li,a-ki, Washing Board; jwoxl and ci-eap i'rom the maker write Dtavies. Cabinet Maker Clydach, Swansea. W hoieaaie only. 1S9A12-24 IT'OB" SALE, a No. 2 Ensignette Cacera, practically new; in littu: use aince October when new; of tilms -??tvcu in: fS ?5e.. or beet offer A splendid «.' .Sa|»s gTft.—Wri? Box E 6 Leader 'h?ief 1S7A12-23 :-<rR SALE, a larce aua?nttty of Ne? and F S&eOt?-ha.nd Rails of various ?cixbts ?nd sections to?Gther wIth alj acc?<-t)t-i<? for' Fan)c. ¡:Q' price and ft'rt?er particn- j la?s apply to Messrs. HG'rm.? and ilowei!. ? B, Gtou<'Mtcr-piace Telephone No 831 C?n- "• tf$!. Tciexi'?ms: "Direct 8wm:?.ea. C12-7 i ft liaglish _Hfty for Male IjATge ) XI t,tie-4 for K?r?y D-eiii-ery.-EI- I  'iliiiq"l for Full T'-Hck !/oad6 01? to ? ? '?aBi? Th<Mn?? and Co. PoBtardu.'&.B .?" __?'?1 ? SA?E, 10 h.p. Gas. Saw Bench Trn< k ? C? Macbine and 4-ton Steam Wagon for I ■JyUrs or Sale—Write Box R t," Lea'ier I ■_ 28.3A12-25 -^OA^ES (Fire Eeaistinel 20 to 48 inches L O hicrh for Sale: alro Steam Wagons; < pair 8; in Winding Engines; Pumps.—Birt. ::t", C7& StraM. Swansea. C12-20 *•  X JIOMEY. :< TF voi require a Loan, apply to Geore X Thnma* Church str?c (opposite S* ? Gary's Church). Swansea Private and 0c1 ;,r, fidential Ait)NLY to Lend to Kes-nectnble Ilouse- 1. (."i.tifidetitiai ? Ivor D. ThomaA. 5 Waterloo-st SwanEzea. > AAVANCES, ;Elb T0 £ 5,0l>0 < Ou written proiuise to repoj or any security N. Principal remains or can b" rep" ic1 by 15 or 24 innijthly in^tainieritt;. no ciiarge of any ? kind unless business done. prcniptnese a? privacy; avoid expo&utg your reuuirements )ocaily—?Vr)te o'dc?t Company exi?tinc E. LAWRENCE, LTD., j Don Chambers, Wino-street, Bristol | fki ■ — | "I MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. | ■ i*l LlOt/E-TON Lorry returning from .swnm'ca j J one day ??ei:ty wants Load or woriKi fci collect in carts. Hauling Contractors of every description.—Cardiff Transport C-osu- ,? pany Ltd.. 63. Merchants' E<chanc'p. Car ? diBF_' lSoA?-22 ? 'I'IŒES Wanted over Pilwoud pise.—Jen- ) bj l nings, Ltd. Woodworkers, femi.vwell i;, road. BriptoJ Branch ai Porthcawl 8TC. I' ot "rANTED Piano for Mission use. State ,t! .Tt prioo for ca3h.—Write C6 "Leader" OMee. 133A12-20- BHWWWWWWWmWWH—WWW—WHIBW "ttg-'i'm p i ERSONAf -I" UndEo Be?tf" ToSMe Shop th?rc is X "tal.dlil i?oru Onlv" Uncle Bert and his Son thank yon tot your heip rOil are •!«iug "You: Bit" aa tI' oui d f hanks I 1 HOUSES AND EHOPS FOR SALE AND TO LET. OTJSE for Sals at Trewyddfa-ro?.d STt Graig Morriston: six roona: freehold- possible early possession.—Write Box L 5. Leader Office. 187A12-2o APARTMENTS AND LODGSNGS TO LET AND WAITED. APARTMENTS Wanted-for New Year: .l: married couple. no children; all con- veniences.—Write Box G 6 Leader Oiiice. 167A12-2J BED and Sitting-room for two Ladies; or small House in Swansea, Jii;imble3, or West Cress preferred; caa suypiy own ri,n.-AI)piy, 65, Leader" Oitice, Swansea. 187AI2-22 QiTTlNC-R0021 and Bedroom (Central) to C) Let; suit two youne ladies.—Write Box I I, 36 Leader omc. 1 S3 A12-20 (1' W 0 Brctncre reauire Apa;tQencs -o r, X Lodgings in central locality, afer I Christmas, with* or wIthout Board.—Reply 7 H?h<tr2Pt/ Llandover y 187A12-1?.?  F q,lvo or .-i I'C (, good Gror.nd Floor Rooms. preferably unfurnished, Av'olters-roed or Uplands dis- trict.-Ti rite ox M 5 Leader OM.fe. 185A12.29 HOUSE P;.1RCMAS;rJG. A Lli BORROWERS Share in the Profits I it of the Landore. Permanent Building Society because these are distributed amone n-pmbars only. No better terms can be I offered in the country. Secretaries; David Roberta ond Son, 61 Wind-street Swansea. C12.24 c > EN AN CY or S^vnership.—40,000 peop.e ) X have already Pm'chasM through our I easy system.—For free bookiet v?rite Box V? J"_Laac'?r'? Oflke.. 189A12-27 i .? /? WRI-:KLY win Purchaac .S?SO Hot?e -/6 anv district- W)'N,j(\ hv arrange i !H<\nt, Landlord." f.cadpr- Swansea £ 0 HOUSES WANTED. I ^TTANTEI) at once, small Furnished if House, Flat, Part House, or Rooms, suitable for small family; not less thall 2 J{ Bed and 1 Sittmg-room; in or near ?wan- j sea.—Write, Box N 5, "Leader" Office, Swansea. CJ2-29 tViOTOR CARS, CYCLES, &c. I A LBlON Chassis for immediate deliver-' (suo.iect unsold); 50 cwt. 60 cwt.. CO cwt. and 3&-seater oharabajie chassis. We eaar deliver from stock. Cash, Exchange, orl Eauy Payments.—ii. E. Jones. Ltd.. Card if? I and Swansea TO | T/da SALE, 16-23 h.p. 1 ton Albion L I X in running order; can he seen at any | tllDe.-W. Thomas and Co- (Swansea). Ltd., i Gloucester Buildings. :S9,\1Z-¿4! OR SALE, 10-12 h.p. Argy ie Motor Van. j X in good runniug order: 8-inch llaulinst' Engine with Two Drums and Fittjagrs;! Verttcat Steam Engine about 5 h p. by Haywan! Tyler; Vertic?) Boiler: about 57ft. I 6in by H ?haftin?. with Connectiri? Ends. PuHfys and Plummet- Blocks: 5 Vertical Peed Sewing Machine", about 400 2-2¡b, t Garden Hoes. beat steel Leaving district: mWõt be sold.i1uhe6 ?ryncynia?. Ystrarlgynlai -57A¿-Z3 D-?i?loi) Goo(iye-,i.r and .Hi Mifheiin, Tyree. Wood-Milne Pumcs. Head Side and Rear Lamps ard alfAccf-s- soi ies.—Fletcher's Gana.se, Swansea 184AI2-2.0 I Ivor L. Roberts', Moior Cyrlc Specialist, | Announcements. ->OOK To-day to fcimire J..) )lci{lS of Motor Cycles: A. J.S., Dotse- | las. B.S.A.. Lntield. Triumph, Sunbeam, Rudge. Norton Levis. imperial, IJarley Davidson, Alien. B.A.T.. etc I DELIVERY from Stock: Levis 2-etroke light-weight £ 50; Ruby Jap 8 hp | combination. £ 1.53; Soltley Villiers I 2-JJecd, 22 h.p., JEM. First cheque secure. I Tel. 915 Cent.  SECOND-HA¡D1!otOrcŸèIe;-fór-saïë=- C? '9? EnSe.'d. 6 b.D Combination enKine I recently ovcrbau'?d by ma?Tc: neN chai"s ) and tyrc3: £ 95; 41 h.p. B S.A. Combination, i coirplete ZE)7 10s.: Lady's Model Singer I ?????c'?ht. What o1fer6 Ti/^OTOR CARS.—Agent for Stars. AuHÍTf: I ItX G.N S, and Morgan Runabouts; 3,4 j ton Dennis, with body: delivery th! CC da s I cash or ca,6y terms I I)'6UGLAR 4 h.p. Combinat'ion for deliver? -Y January. 1, i r,- tfi; s t served. I I d? r?ot accept cr ask premiums. All pdcca quoted are delive)?y ex works. i i -'TÎÏ)¡ not give your Boy cr Girl somc- t t thing sensible and u.'eful aa a Chxist- mJ r)rt, t? I ha ve good selection -f High-grade Cycles from £ 13 tOe «g——w——BMi'TTP iwywi>*iniK^aia»Jf jatgyawi w—BB I Li\l STOC?. &c. AS.UGG ESTION .—Try Thor!ey'?'Food f-¡ A your Horses one month, and note re- UUitft. I BACKYARD Poultry Keepers—Nothi?:, JLF has been introduced wb.wh ei?es such | satisfactory results in proouctiou r.s I i Ovum L cr 'ey's ,i ce Sold by Ii. ii. Thompson and Son, Corn Merchant Jra- ) btan?tieet. bt. ThcR?a? S?aj?sca. DEPENDABLE—that's what Ovum Tbo JLJ' ley's Pou'try Soice ia. Because by its I use you can be sure of healthy oh-ds and i c, plentiful C!< supply. Sola b.y W. E Hav- risca. Corn Stores, 130 High-itieet. TJ'NiiOKE good littery by giving sows one Ji-i Karswood Pig Powder tnree times weekly before pigging Penny each.—T. A. Jones, Chemist. Pontardulais. 189A12 27 l\1-Y- Pigs camo on splenoiuly after get- .1 tine Karswood Pig Pow'.ers." &ayf one user although they had no appetif I befare Tweh'c povvderc Is. bv post 16 3d -Jordan and ?n&. Chemists Pontardawe I -_UuU_- 16-,A I OÙITR y Keepers should write to J'?f: I 'Thortey, Ltd <;a'et!oman-road, Kind's Cros? Lc'?dou. N 1 who aro the ma?tuf?" turer? cf Ovum Thcri?y s Poultry Spice for Yhorlev's Pouitr.v Keepers' Acccmjt Book LooL giving useful Hintu to Poultry Keeu- en and Hs? R::ord G3'd. Scut Free. FIGS are &oon ready for autchcr when -L they gct K:,rwood Pig i'owtj^i-s twice weekly. Promote health, increa'e weight prevent crop lcknE:&s. Twelve 1?..— Agri?;u. itural ASSoClatlOn, Ltd.. 2.31 New- rcad Sxewen. 189A1227 J »9 EXTRA eggs from only 5 pullets were I obtained by oite user lirrt month after trying Karswoodi Spice contaipSng ground T. A. Jones, Chemist, Pontardulais. 121A12,27 I LOST AMD FOUND. LOST, a silver Chain aaid Medal; name inscribed on Medal? finder rewarded on returning same to 17, Grots-street, iiryn hyfryd. ■ lt9AU_42 j L'- -êi.s'l', itl Ew neiEh?urhood of Ht. ? ) L brmi tt Cnurch. a Gold Bang.e, with ?Chaht attached.— £ 1 reward on tcin? !e-? turned to 3 Pcuhryn-tei-race. 18?OA"2-ZO LUte'i Letween Uot?nd? and Rhyudn. j L pÚ',rbad. or Pogfb!y between Rish-, street and Uplands 9 '?er? fine Gold Pen- dant rewarded on returning j I same,to Capt Wiiiiama Tenby Uo?ei. Sw:m- sa.' ??2?23 I LEFT at .Metropole Cloak Room, or JLj Thursday Parce! containine Grey j Suede Sho(?s.-Fin?ler ccmnÜmlrating wi'h Box K 5 Leader Office ttil] ha suitably, re. I 11'11\ 'Z" TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS, j A FEW Ladies' Drab Overall Coats w | J.nL Bdts: also Gento. suitaMe for ware- house factory, or shon: cheap to clear'-I Tom Cross and Co.. 8 HeathSe?d-etreet Swansea. 188A12-20 AMMANFORD and Christmas! Mi:.c r ?? MacJi'ne? galore and all Seasonable Goods if the front: Useful Presents a fea- tu'e Visit us early. All goods marked in wiaiii figures.—Harries the Furnishers ar'd A PI'Lil,i.-Biiy from the 7 )  TL Boxes Choice Selected O!ange Blon- j t'teiin? Orange Pippif:?. Peai mains RusseLs l- 6d, per box Wlb.; extra go(??i Cookw?;. ¡ ètJ 6ù box; cash with order. boxes fre«. carriage ilaid.-Ba-sett. Woolaston Court Lydnev. Gloa. 164AIZ-211, i A N Ideal Xmag Present for Gentlemen i,; .1- a 15-year guarantee Watch which jj lacts a lifetime; guarantee giveu with each watch.—A Joseph, Watchmaker and Je el. ler Meathfteid-utreet net to BuLin'<* BAREEL Liquid Eegs, 2 wt; 2 cwt. Keg i -D Cream Powder: about tti cwt. Powdered ( Kezin. Must be sold: lea\ing district.— Hughes Bryncynlais. Ystradnyniais. 187A12-23 BEIXilUM.—Sheet Glaes ill'3õõTt:"C[':l; I B Horticultural Glass 2?z. 24 x 12 anr 20 x 34. Special quotations for quantities.— B. Shepherd. Ammanford. Tel. No. 4b I  Cl3 pHElST•M_ AS PBESi?TS-Boys' and Uhl.' j C, Annuals, Picture Books Rewal d Books. Bibles (Scorieid Newberry, and I Teachers): Fountain Stylos, Purees. and Wallfets; for Sale at Enoch's, iligii- 1 street Arcade Swansea Real Bargains jp Bibles. 184A12-20 D ENT,'STS' Mechanics to the E'rofes.siou Specialists in gold crown liai- bridge, and vulcanite work. Quick despatch. Writp for L'rlce list.—The Minerva Labora- tory ;5 Cbarles-etreet Carlllrt 162AI?-25 'L?Ut?lX jj??L. the leading West Enti I I 'fooaceonist, op<mte tue Hospital, Swansc-a, for all the Smoker requires. 'Phone, Docks. \U RS Remodelled.—By our process we a X able to make Old Furs look like New all the Latest Styles in Fur Coats and Sets —Tenneii3 5 Cradock-street Swansea < 1 X |OR Real Good Value in boot wear, W 1 M Thomas, the ttehabie Boot Stores. King Edwaru-road. Swansea. (T.C.) GO to the Shop where you get most value when buying your X.mas Presents. Gold Brooches frorg 6s. 6d.: Gold Gem Rings from 12s. 6d.; Solid Gold Wrist Watches I from JE5 Also fine selection of other Jewel- levy at A Joseph. Watchmaker and Jewel- ler (next to Bullin's). Heathfleld-strect. 1 Swansea. 187Ali-23 IN f-verybody's Mouth! Mackay's Herbal j- Tablets for Cheat. Throat, and Voice. Unrivalled Of all Confectioners 2d ounce Wholesale of Mackay's, Mfg Confectioners. Old Market-street, Bristol. IMMENSE Selection of Children's Umbrel- las. suitable for Xman Presents at the well-known West-end ShOD. 37 St. Helen's- road (opposite Russell-street) Price?: i 3s. lid.. 4s 6d. 48. lid., etc. etc.—ALFRED J. Dickens ( Proprietor; our Only Shop in I' Town; Market Hall, Lianelly. Abora vc n. etc. MR. Frank Walton M.E Harv. Honours. .t Lond.. and Mrs Walton Certificated i Nurse and Magseuse have taken over tlw practice of Massage and Electrical' Treat- i menta formerly carried on by Nurse Evans ¡ Both Rast and present natiente may be as- sured of the hichest skill and care. Mae- 1 ,Fage Remedial Exercises. X Rays, High t'n. i cuiency Radiant Heat Baths, -no?,ic-zti?ect Swaneea. IC7A,'??24 ) PIN YOUR FAITH to "*Nostrolinf- 'Na<? SDOci6o for Nasal Catarrh, Rea?l I Colds. Influenza. Sore Throat and all in- I fectious dirorde?rs ef the nostrils Acts I 00niiuuousJy day and night. Convenient, pleasant, safe and eScctive. Of :esd- intr Chemists everywhere is. M 'by ] po?t. Is. M.). Sold oy E. BevanJ Ndaon?rpet. G T David, ?lan?el-str cet D R Da vies. St Helen's-road. J T Davit-s Ltd tall branches): 11 L Havard. Bryny. !z?or-ro,td: G H Kent 45 SL Helens-road;! E J. Kieft Ro b ert-street. Man?Iton A D Matthews, Oxford-street B Needham. Neath roavfl; Ogdens Ga#h Chemists. Ltd. High- street: J and D Rees Fabian-«treet. St. Thomas and Port Tennant. E T. Rich I high-street- E. ff. Richards College-street: i E Thomas High-street: Wright and Son, Walter-roaJ SWANSEA: W .T Thomas. Gorsemon M L, Bevan 99 Woodfield-street: W Isaac 85 Woodfield-streer. MORHISTON; VY J. Davies M.P S. Picton-place. FFOREST FACH and all Chemists in NEATH. PARENTS, give your "Chiidien a llai; JL Christmas by Purchasing vour Toys at a Shoo that gives Value for Money; Kock inc Horses. Toy Books, Meccanos etc.- Morgan. Diilwyn-square Biynhvirvd 188A12-24 S iJECl AL OFFER.—24 Gent's Raincoats, O usual price £ 3 I9s 6d.. to clear at 18.; every coat, guaranteed. Also a quantity of La-dles All-wool Winter Coats at half usual prices.—Richards, Raincoat Specialist 4\J., Kine; Edward's-road. Swansea 'S7A1&19 CUEGICAL Appliances Whirling Spra1 O Euemae, Ela.stic Hos-iery Rubber Banda .es: Surgical Rubber Goods if every de-icription;'Illustrated Catalogue nost fre, —Deakin Botanical Diosnsa-rjr. Swansea. 1E9A3-23 SURGICAL Appliince,Triissee, Sprays. C? EncaHtõ. Surgeons' Rubber Gloves :1I:<! Sui'gicas KulU>ei Uotiris of every description Writj for Catalogue, sent po6t tree.-I,e- Brasseur Surgical Co., Ltd Dept D V ), and 92. Worcester-street Bnmingam. T.C. at La.it lear R! JL Prices; Pipes, Pouches, etc.. eta.; cail .at Edwin Hall's Depot, cppoaite the Hospital, Swansea. 'TIIE Larg"-t Stock of Cigarettes in Town JL is at Edwin Hall's, opposite the Hospital, Swansea; Navy Out Cigarettes Is. 6d. for 60. TRY Sidney Palmer's Mince'lVes and Pastries. Large Assortment of Xiuos Cakes. See OUT Windows for Bride's Cakes. Birthday Cakes in Stock and made to order -Palmer's Cafe, opposite Empire, and Branches. 18<1A!2-20 j npRY Gamagc. Manscl aaloon, for To n X Wizs Transformations ami Pi. Curls. Ladies Ovvn Combings made to order, '?inun? a Sr'?ciaiity. J87A?.?5 UNCLE 13LRVS FulrCrea? Walfrut'?. U Almond 'Off(28 are now on Sale at his Oxford-etreet Shop. Pre-War Quality. Tie First and the Best. I8SAli-24 TTSEPUL Presents in Glass and Chi-n are. Toilet. Dinner, and *T;ea Ware- VasC6, Plant Pots. in cfeat variety and latest designs Best Value arid Lowest Prices. Special terms to rlopf,Colclriel" 138 High-Street, Swansea (above the Palace, j 1E9A12-27 To bo Prepared for a Rainy Dav," I Have your Umbrella Re-coveted right rr Wo have the etulf and workmen t So bring it in for us to do. An hour or so is all we need: 'Tis good advice, so please take heed TTMBRELLAS Be-coversd like new. at I prices to suit everybody at Swansea's viell-lino-iii West-end SIKM 37, St }Ieien>- road (opposite Russell-street) ALFRED J. Dickons Proprietor. Our Only Shop in Tu?n. Market HaUa. Llanellv; Aberavcn. sta I -U"'M,ULLL.S! U?b-elfae. Umbrellas' AI ?J HcaMnable Gift. HuKc S?'s?tion. Vldie or Gent's; hundreds to cho-?-c ?rMa in our window alone. Pleue coiii along iI li-,ive nll-'t?, a Of in?tick? and UjnbreIIa? iit1e. !io the one you want you will i-a-ily nt I Swansea's well-known WPIt-en(I Shop. 37. I Si. Helen's-road (opposite !<u~se!l-?:tre-et>.— ALFRED J. Dicken'. Proprietor: Our Oiliv Shop in Town; Market Hall. Llaneliy A her. p-r-ri IPH'IIII" III MI .llujj mim I I SMALL AOVERTtSSM?NT ORDER FORM. i I I | II I I I i II ¡-r Ii I j ? ?IOW publish the above adrerti^emeiit tn&ea^ for which 1$ '? enclose j}. d. t a IName pu.blish t.hc tlbove advertisement.tim for which 1 enclose.s.d. f I g Name and Address: Numbers *t th« "Cambria DaHy I f MB¡re\ repH.. "1 .flt to 0..1<1;0" at !h..O.mhrl. °, 1 Le"l\.dcr" form should he addreeeed to A?Tert}M!pectt)tN?i't3!ent< "Cambria DcHy I T',lis form should he .addre&el'!o to A<'I\'erUseent t')flld$ent., If (Jambria f)nUy II Le':l.Ùer," SWUGH:a. ————————————————??——.———————————————————————————————J?. TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS. WALKlNG-STiCKS in Gieat Variety:— To euit ail tastes. At prices to 6uic, all pockets: Beautiful Crooks and Straights. Mounted in Silver and Gold Plate. So. piease hurry up ere you be too late. To Swansea's well-known West-end Shop ALFUED J. Dickens 37. St Helen's-road (opposite Russeli-street): Our Cnly Shop in Town; Market llall Lianelly; Aberavon etc. "VTOU set Good Boots at the new E.G. Shoe X Store. Goat-street. Reasonable price. 187 A 12-23  jp>EiN H ALE'S XMAS 8ALb, 2?, HiglHtreet. GIVE the Lady a smart Blanket Coat, 55s. Gwortii 0413 smart i?tn?c?t or Water- proof. 35s. 6d. Styles that please the young and value tnat sati-sfi-es Parents. /iV'E the Yottrig Man a'smart Overcoat. v?l Penhale's Raincoat sale price 70s.. worth 90s.; newest shaaes; wa'mp fleccy, bl.vnUet cloth; Haglan style. GiiV'iii Fattier a sma.rt Raincoat, lined (? hecl?; smart covert cloths in Fawn M?ert ('Gatingd, 9?. sale price, worth 12Ca. Merry Xmas. eh! G- IVE the Boy a smart Raincoat, !Ss. lid.. ?? or smart new style Overcoat W- or a smart Rugby Suit 3.; smart Jerseys, extra good qilaiity,6 GTfE the Girl a smart lined Check Trench X Coat, 30s., or Watorproof Cape And Hood, 32o. 6d. Gloves. Scarves, etc., for Boys and Girls. IMPORTANT.—See that the Young an -L gets a Smart. Ready for Wear Tailor- made Suit sale price 84s. worth 8 guineas; Youth's Long Troucers Suits 65s.—Merry Xmas to all.—Pen hale. 189AI2-27 Mills, English, and Co., Ltd., Swansea, Specialities. V^EEVANT GONE?—We have Vacuum Car '? pet Sweepers )n Stock. I-È-A[{l(P-A"k for our M ill tex." the 1-? uuick cure. A RLOl) I*. FJ HIi.—The Princess Urate at. JL tachment will save von using bricks for fuet economy. -G'-Ã:;IT\JIl-IJ it do not forget the sup  vb ii reduced A small Meco Dover" will burn r:;hi;ish and cook and boil for 14 pern;ns We do it CalfandB«e. -l-;(jL¥-¡'-irCPlaau; <ÍJ ",con teflt -Can 1 ? and ?ee our Artistic Mantelpieces, j Malk:u Panels and bagle Fire Mra.te8._ 'S'URN your  Kitchen into a Breakfast- jJ 1 room b.vad(?nns the Twin Interior, j ?tJcb ba* hot ?atcr naDcur lire and in | "l.n (IV f!1 (,om hifl('d TRADE, lib. and 21b Morton's Plum Puddings ) lib Crosse and Biqpckwell Sultana and Currant Puddings ¡ Trieteila Shredded Suet. lib. and 41b. packets. Largfc Bottles Wines-Ginger and Ginger Brandy. Cooking Eggs. Prices on application Wholesale. W. i THOMAS AND CO. (Swansea; Ltd. Glouces- ter Buildings? MUZSAL INSTRUMENTS. X [[/OR SALE, a beautiful Piano-Player, in r excelient cO!Hl:tior;: 945 jOs. or nearest oli'er. with £ & Rolis of Music—Write ilutic." Leader Office Swansea. IMAiMQ jU'^T .IiAMOPHONES.—Wonderful Machines; 'Dr Horn or Hornless. Worm Drive Aiotors: 6d. £ 5 17e. M.. etc New IHiCords is. S^fcond-hand. 113.1.9., Park. Street. Swansea. T 184A12-22 G>.ODFREY and C-o. Ltd.—Special Bargains U in SocV:d-hand Pianos and Organs; prices from w gus. New Pianos by all the [ leading nia!»rs. including Coilard and C-cl- lard, Witton and V/ition, Sames and Co.. Briusttiead. Cramer, etc.. etc\ Prices from [ -SO gns cash. Terms arranged, if doired tYtito for free list or call and make a yer- 00IW.J selection.—Goqfrev and C0.. Ltd., 22. St. Helen s-road. Swansea 1S9A12-27 t\CDFREY and Co. Ltd Pianoforte Mant U facturers, have now He-Opened their I 'luring and Repairing Department. Pianos and Organs thoroughly Renovated and Re- I I)eit,ed. Estimates given. Expert Tuners ¡ [visit all parts of Wales. Pianola and Player Pianos a Speciality.-Godfrey and Co. Ltd.. 22, St Helens-road. Swansea. • 139A12-27 M USiO is required in the Home for IChrititmas; let us supply your needs with the bc*t value procurable' no Homo will be complete without music this Christmas.—Wooding, Cower-street Swan- i "ea.. 1C9A12-27 I ::>lA:03. 28, 39, 49. 55 guineas, lare' JL tion for cash only; Broadwood Collard ?te.—Piano Exchange. U Park-street. opposite Mond Buildings. Swansea ?4A1?..2E FT FRIGHT Grand Piano: patent du?e. ?? resonator: macninopnt instrument- Solid MahoRc-n?' front ?idee. and b:Mk? | beautifully hand carved- perfect tone; pre- i I. v)ou6ly owned by an Indian Prince; present | owner foins abroad: Eeen bv appointment —Lea Savona, i Houee. Llandilo. 185A12-22 I Thpo-nd-Šh;ckeIÎ-A;o'¡;nts I/CHICAGO Organ, 4 oot of roeiis. 8 tov¡,.1 V 2 knee swells; "en tine t :t,- | iiioiiiUson <ind hackelL Ltd., 39. C?&t'e- j "stroet. Swansea I P' l:iüt; vk'fk -¡;Y.b- Allison, fullcom I i- pass.tvoryke.Ya.aOnuincaiSc?h?. j easy terma.—JmomptOn and &aaekeli. Ltd ,39, C-a-T',U: rt; eet, Swansea. I A Lh-\A-M;i.;A PariB, Lia rtauriiuln; It stops, I.4 seta of reeds; large powerful in«tru. I nient, sunatde tor place of worship; iiiompsoii and Shackell, 39, Castle- I street. Swansea I jgRADER'S ANNOUNCEMENTS. < ?ObBLE Manual Pedal O?an. by Stores I aI, 'I C"?aike; haudsonie o?k C6e 18 stops with apectal Roman Dipe: very fine) I time. ?!?ain 1M gns.—Gwynns H. Brador, I 17 ii-eprtiiheid-btreet. Swansea i S'ECOND-HAND German Overstrung Piano by ftronemayer: walnut caae, fuJ1 In- chord tape check V.Otion -NN,s,rzie I ???.J????"?'?-sM'?t. Swansea, I ?.. j 1VTEW and Second-hand Pianos by Chap ?? peM. Coiiard aud CoHard Mou'jDc'tcn ¡ and Weston, V/arue, Geo. Rogers Breei- kopt and Haertel; largest stock jn Swansea. —Gwynne H. Brader 17 Ueathfteld-strpet I Swansea. ?Q-.?O'T? P!ayer Piano: pra,cticaHy new ,U? rosewood case- fitted ?ith ail the j latent devices; perfect tone: inspect'on jn- j vited — Gwynne 11. Bradr. 17 iJeathrteid street, Swansea. C12-24 NOTSOCS, (^ON'ITNI'ED SuccJss??M?damFtct-her. H.B.P.R. Te? Heading PrM. Send birth date and stamped cnveiope —5. ???? Pont'/pridd. GIam. 184A12-G3 EULlSH C)? Tie-Swan8ea vei-suo Gil- E !ingham. A Watcb ci vcn away free to he peraon giving he Correct at Half-time a cl Final. Send vour Forecast to (d win H?U. Tobacconist opposite Ho-I pital. Swansea. C12-19 Fu??rti'?HE. H?OR SALE, Bod room Suiter "?9; r\i¡tto I £ 30; Sitting-room H?itf. ;t;I(; ?.?inft I ? 1.?; Dr.e??r £ & !?.: Black O'll, o, board cost ?1M coil for £ 40; Kent's Bicv- c]<>;r—App.y 13 Nelson-street. 188A12-2v Tj^OR ^\LE. Walnut Sideboard. Chest cf ) X Drawer^ Overmantel Swing Glasses, Bedsteads Beds, etc.—M Mahofley. 1. I Briutre-sireet (top of High-streets Swansea. 184 A12-20 ?_ I,UE!' ITïJRJj.-BePrict't\ ni?n bv me 1 to- atid A.litt(itie Fu nltur(>()' any description Drop me a iro.-tcaM or call.-Wro. Js.aicej 8. Fabian- street. St. Thomap CT C I BUY Fumitory. New and Se.cond-hanri — ¡ -L Serkin, Z19 Hich-strcet. Swansea. — — ^JgjAiyS SAILINGS. I WHITE STAR LINE. ROYAL AND UNITED STATES MAIL í STEAM FUS. Passenger and Freight gailings- SOUTHAMPTON AND CHERBOURG TO NEW YORK LAPLAND Sun. Jan 4 ADRiATIO Wed. Jan. 21 ADRIATIC Wed. Feb. 25 LIVERPOOL TO NEW YORK I CELTIC Tura. Dec. 23 (I V, 1) I'll I c. Wed. Jan. 7 I COURAGEOUS (Crgo only) .Tan. ¡ Wea Jan. v BALTIP W-ec, Jan. 14 I LIVERPOOL TO BOSTON. OAKLAND (Car,o only)..Set. Dec. 20 j OPNOA AND NAPLES TO BOSTON AND I NEW YORK Via Gibraltar. CRETIO From .Nap'es Dec ZZ •\ WHIlt STAR. OUMi^lUfj LINfc j TO CANADA I LIVERPOOL TO HALIFAX AND P0RT. ) ?ND.Me j CANADA- About Jan. 28 LIVERPOOL TO HORTLAND. Me (Direct). DOMINION (Cargo onb" Stit Dee 20 I RIMODFICI later BRISTOL TO PORTLAND Me. (Direct). CORNISHMAN (Cargo only) Sat Dec. 20 I TURCOMAN (Cargo only) Sat Jail 10 For further particulars armL to Wh!te Mar Litie. Liverpool ?Oititan?/oft. R;i''t:?' i London: 1, Oookspur-stiTst. S VV 1. and 38 Lpa.d?nhall street B.O. ?: or Local Ase?ts. ? •' SALES BY AUCTION. ASTLEY SAMUEL, F.A.I. Auctioneer, Valuer, and Estate Agent, "THE CROFT, HILLSIDE CRESCENT, RICHMOXD ROAD, SWANSEA. Astley Samue!, F.A.I. lias been favoured with instructions L-ill T. O. Meager, Esq., who is giving up Housekeeping, to SELL by PbJiLlC AUCTION, on WEDNESDAY, JANU- ARY 7th, 11.120, the whole of the Exclusive Household Appointments, A few of the items: Magniiicent Upright PIANOFORTE by BROADWOOD, Solid OAK ELLLIAIID and DINING TABLE, combined, by Riley; Antique CARVED OAK BOOKCASE, Diningrroom Suite in Morocco, Drawing-room Suite in Rose- wood, 2 Easy, 2 Gossip, and 4 Small Chairs, China Cabffiet^ Carved Oak Hall Table and Pair f Chairs en suite, 2 Antique Oak Chairs, llall Stand, Baro- meter, Turkey and Axminster Carpets, Magniiicent MAHOGAN Y BEDROOM SUITE, Walnut and Mapio Bedroom Suites, Chesty of Drawers, All Brass Bedsteads, a Splendid Mahogany Cased 8-Day Grandfather's Clock (Brass Face), and usual Kitchen Utensils. WORCES- TER, CROWN DERBY, and SWANSEA CHINA, OIL PAINTINGS by HANNI- FORI), HARRIS, and other well-known Artists. Goods on View day prior to Sale IROIN 1.30 p.m. to 4 p.m. Salo to commence at 11 a.m. Terins-Casli. Auctioneer's Offices: King: ¡) Chambers, Gower-street, Swansea. 1 COUNTY BOROUGH OF SWANSEA. < Astley Samuel, F.A.I. Will SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, Early in January, 1920, the following Valuable Leasehold Properties, viz.: u REDCLJFFE," 12, REATHFIELD ROAD, SWANSEA. Nos. 22 and 24, RODNEY STREET, SWANSEA. J No, 42, CARLTUN TERRACE, SWAN- SEA. N'os. 70 and 71, N Nos. 70 and 71, NORTH HILL ROAD, SWANSEA. No. 4, NEATH ROAD. HAFOD, SWAM, SEA. Nos. 11, 13 & 15, IOEWERTH STREET, MANSELTON. Further particulars are in preparation. and will appear in due course. Auctioneer's Offices, King's Chambers., Gower and Orchard-street, Swansea. I OFFICES:- Corner of Gower and Orchard Streets, Swansea. Tel. No., -m Docks. ¿- q"V i i i i i ii ————— G. t.. k, Ml.Ü.TltY OF MUNITION!! By Direction of the Disposal Board (Furniture Section). 8RIG HI, Y IMPORTANT, 5 DAYS' SALE BY AUCTION of a Large Quantity of SHIPS' FITTINGS, FURNITURE. AND GENERAL STORES, At H.M. DOCKYARD, PEMBROKE DOCK, SOUTH WALES, on the 5th, Gill, ith, 8th and 9th JANU- ARY, 1920, at 12 o'clock eu;h day. The Sale will include— 500 Iron and Wood TACKLE, TOWTNG, etc., BLOCKS. I-50 BLANKETS. liROOMS and BRUSHES, BOOKCASES. ■ 00 BOXES of sortt. 10 PORTABLE BOILERS. BASKETS, Linen, Bread, etc. BATHS; Buckets, Iron and Wood. HO BEDSTEADS, Bed Bunks and Bed- places. 30 SHIPS' BOATS. 34 Tons CORDAGE, Old. 50 Tons CORRUGATED IRON SHEETS, Old. Old TAR CASKS. CUPBOARDS; COVERS for Tables, Chairs, etc. 500 Cloths, Pantry, etc, 200 CURTAINS. CHESTS of DRAWERS. o00 CHAIRS, Revolting, etc. 18 TONS ELECTRIC CABLE, old, 80 Lots CORTICINE, worn, 200 COUNTERPANES. 100 CRUETS. no CUSHIONS. 100 CLOCKS. CHINA, CUTLERY. 100 PINE, MAHOGANY, and WALNUT DOORS. 000 CARBIDE and SOAP DRUMS. 14 DESKS, Otliee. 14 ELECTRIC FANS. 120 FISHERMEN'S PELLETS FENDERS and FIRE IRONS. 40 GLASSES, Looking. 40 GRINDSTONES. GARDEN SEATS, etc. 100 GLASS ILLUMINATORS for Side Scuttles, etc. 1 Ton INDIA RUBBER, old. GLASS WARE. HARDWARE and IRONMONGERY. 2 LAWN MOWERS. 500 LAMPS and L1NTERNS, Masthead Allrounds," etc. LADDERS, Lookers, 55 Fold-up Lava- tories. 1 Too LEATHER, old. 19 LIFE BUOYS, Circular. MEAT SAFES. # 180 WOOL. HAIR etc., MATTRESSES, 200 Mattress Covers. 200 MATS, etc. H MIRUOES. 8 NAVYPHONES. 50 OARS, Boat. 100 Pillows. 200 MAHOGANY, WALNUT, and PINE PANEL PIECES 60 Tons RAGS. Hi HOT WATER RADIATORS. RUGS, Racks, Mess. etc. RAFTS, Linkleters, etc. SAWS, Pand and Circular. 5 MONEY SAFES. STOVES. 190 STOOLS and FORMS. j SIDEBOARDS. « | 50 PORTLIGHT and SIDE SCUTTLES. SETTEES in Tapestry and Pegamoid. SHOVELS. ISO SHEETS. T 1.800 STEEL WIRE ROPE SLINGS. TOOLS. 180 KITCHEN, DRESSING and DINING TABLES. 200 TOWELS, 50 WAHISTANDS. I 30 WARDROBES, etc. Catalogues may be OMAINRD from the Auctioneers, Messrs. BOWLING BROS., 17, Commercial Row, Pembroke Dock. Further particulars may be obtained from the Controller, Furniture Section. Ministry of Munitions, Disposal Board, 18, Queen Anne's Gats, Westminster, S.W.I. NOTE.—For particulars of other Govern- ment property for Sale. SEE 'SURPLUS,' price 3d., at all bookstalls, or by quar- terly subscription of :S. post free, pay- able in ndYanG to the Director of Pub- licity, Ministry of Munitions, White- hall-place, London, S. W.I. SWANSEA' AUCTION ROOMS. MESSRS. John M. Leeder and Son Have bN,n instruded to remove from & Country Ht?idenee AND SELL by AUC- TION, at theIr Rooms, 46, WATERLOO- STREET, SWANSEA, on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 23rd, at 11 h. h a Small l)b:i:R O)i:e ;¡'i;e:'lll i Comprising: Hunt ^v'Tsae, Haut Sau- terne, Sparkling Hock, B?aune (CQtc I d'or), Romenee 1907, Montrach? 1906. Montelie Burgandy 100G, Mumm's Rhude- sheimcr 1893, SHERRIES, Old Port ,>nd l ine Old Tawny Port 18S7, etc., in Bottles and Half-bottles: Lotted to suit small buyers. Auctioneers' (lif-iccs. 4/6, Waterloo- street, Swansea, THE NEW SALE ROOM, No. 7. GOAT STRBET, SWANSEA. i Important Clear-Out Sale of a larg% (Quantity of Household Furniture and Effects .including a Rull-Sized Billiard N I Table. MESSRS. James and James, F.A. I. Are favoured with instruction* from the various owners to SELL by PUBLIC ACTION, on the promises as above, on MONDAY, DECEMBER 22nd. 1919, the whole of the foregoing I Furniture and Effects, deluding a cumber of Mattresses. F-. ther Beds, Ornaments, Loo Tables, and a First-Class FULL-SIZED BILLIARD TABLE by THURSTON A CO., LON- DON. The principal items consisting of:—0 Bedsteads, b Feather Beds, 29, Chaira. t Dozen Fenders, 2 Loo Tables (1 MahoganTS Overmantel, 3 Hall Stands, 2 Couches, 4 Tables, Dczen Clocks, 2 Dressing Tables and Withstands, Corner Cupboard, li Chests of Drawers, Gent.'s Bicycle, and a quantity of Books and other Oddments 4' I too numerous to narticularise. Goods on View Morning of Sale, Sale to commence promptly at 11 o'clock a.m. Tervas-Casil, Auctioneers' Offices, 7, Goat-street, Swansea 5 Included in the above Sale 1ri» be a No. 7 REMINGTON TYPEWRITER, I complcto with Metal Cover, as new, just overlialled; also a YOST TYPEWRITER I No. 6; JAMES & JAMES, F.A.I., 7, Goat-atreet, Swansea. HIGH PENNARD. GOWER. An Additional Outlying Portion ei THE KILVROUGH ESTATE, comprising an area of 7C2 ACRES OR THEREABOUTS. MESSRS. James and James, F.A.I. Are favoured with instructions froai Lieut.-Conimander Lyons, D.S.O., to OFFER for SALE, at the HOTEL I CAMERON, SWANSEA, on WEDNES- DAY, JANUARY 21st, 1920. the follow- ing Valuable Freehold Farms and Choice I Building Sites, (being portions of the above Estate), yix "HIUHWAY," "GREEN LANE," "GREAT SOUTHGATE," LITTLB SOUTHGATE," HA EL." HUNTS," W1DEGATE," HIGH PENNARD," SUNDRY SMALL HOLDINGS. MARKET GARDEN FIELDS, COTTAGES AND GARDENS, and 36 of thfj CHOICEST ) BUILDING SITES in Gower, bordering the PENNARD GOLF LINKS and facing the sea Detailed particulars and Plans are in course of preparation, and may be had from the Auctioneers, 7, Goat-street, Swansea; Mr. T. E. Jenkins, Estate Agent, Kilvrough Estate Office, Parkmiil, or from Messrs.Nicholson, Pattc-reon nml Freoland, solicitors, Queen Anno's Gate, It Westminster.. THE DILLWYN AUCTION MAR'fjT 10 & 11, ST. HELEN'S ROAD, SWANSEA. A Large Quantity cf Household Furniture, in excellent condition. comprising.- Handsome Mahogany Sidrd Chippendale desi?i. 5ft. O.n: GA TE- LEGGED TABLE, FINE ANTIQUE CORNER CUPBOARD, 7 piec^ Divila Suite in Crimson Plush, 'rwo Easy Chairs, Two Solid Oak Din-Irg Tabieg, Hall Stand, Mahogany Cheffonier, Wal- nut Secretaire, Walhut Framed Over- mantels, ROLL TOP DESK, TYPE- WRITER in perfect condition, Two Bed- room Suites in Mahogany and Oalt, Odl Wardrobe, Dressing Tables, Chamber Ware, Large Chest of Drawers, Bedsteads in Oak, Mahogany, Iron and Brass; Iron and Brass lenders, Fire Guards, I ELIZABETHAN STYLE DRESSER, Two | Walnut Whatnots ,Two Heavy Pile Wtl- ton Carpets, Mangle, Windsor Chairs, Kitchen Table, Large Selection of Choieo Rugs, China, Cutlery and other useful articles too numerous to detail, will ba SOLD by PUBLIC AUCTION, by Mr. Jno. Oliver Watkins F.A.I., P.A.S.I., at his AUCTION ROOM., 10 and 11, ST. HELEN'S ROAD, on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 23rd, at 11 o'clock precisely. Goods on View the day prior and from 10 a.m. on the day of Sale. PURCHASERS of FURNITURE may leave same, if they so wish, at the AUC- TION ROOM until after the holiday without EXTRA PAYMENT. » ■■■' Ul1* > THE CHILDREN'S CAUSE IS SACRED. WILL YOU HELP IT ALONG? 1