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For the Ladies. The COMING FASHIONS. Designs and Patterns of Beautiful Dresses. By MADAME GWENDOLEN HOPE. I There are somo extremely pretty party dresses, both for children and grown-ups, being shown at the moment; and there is a tendency to glitter on all of them. As these frocks will mostly bo worn under artificial light, this is a delightful fashion—one, too, in which exct-Ilent effect can be obtained at a minimum of expense. Evening coats and cloaks, too, are a- delight in their beatify of texture and graceful lines. The days of the long straight coat or cloak have passed for a while, and the new season's garments cling abousi the figure and drape them- f selves into the most alluring lines. _I A NEW COAT AND SKIRT. i The costume here sketched is .made of J navy gabardine, and is trimmed with bonei buttons. The collar j", made of moleskin —a pelt that is having a tremendous vog-ue this winder. The fashionable width it will be noted, is attained by the pocket- like bands at the sides. There i6 a half- belt. -which draws the coat into the figure very slightly at the back. The sleeves have a distinctly -maspuUnc cnt. an d are finished by smart wen-shaped <"u&'?. carry- ing ? single l»one button. These ?r? buttons r e rfnfa?d on the strappings of the s?'rt with ? very smaK ?n'ect. FROCK FOR A LITTLE GIRL. I The charming little frock for a child I illustrated "here is made of pale blue crep ?-de-chi ue and net. The cut of the garment is both novel and pretty, with its tiny gathered flpiLnce-Q at back and front .and the apron-like panels at the side. The little bodice is cirf all in one, in true Magyar stylo, and the tiny sleeves and the low-cut neck have a pretty out-line of stitchory. What lUtle fulness iberc, is to the bodice is caught in at the waist, and beneath this the fleuncv, begin to bunch out. In white the frock would do delightfully for party use A DRAPED TOQUE. The draped toque has become quite at feature for wear in the winter; and the one our artist has given us hMe is raad« 1 of gr?cn and gold brocaded ribbon. A black mount, is a smart finish. In a j toque of this chaiACter everything de- pends on the deftness of the fingers that manipulate the mnaterial of which it is made. and the end and e at which the mount, is put in. The shape must fit well down on the head, and must gradually widen out until the desired size of crown I is reached