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AMUSEMENTS. | 6.30. TO-NIGHT. J.30. | 'Phuue: C?otr&t S?. VICTORIA MONKS, | John Bull's Girl. MAGI N I, The English Violin Wizard. LATEST NEWS PICTURES. I DAN HARLOW, Cornelian & Mimic, in an Up-to-date Skit, 'The Mimetic Waiter' Abe MILLER & Michael CANNING in Comedy Creation, 'Something Turns Up' The Famous MONZOS, Clever Novelty I L'ot-Pourri. BEN ALBERT, the Dry Old Stick. I Atoms of Amazing Ability, TWO CURES, Tho Origin-al Coster Ki<L. NEXT WEEK- j Albert *e Courvillc's Nov ProdKcHou, "TIP TO P." ) ) y s I u Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Wra. Fox presents Annetta Kelierman, described as the Australian onus, in QUEEN OF THE SEA. Eddie Polo in THE CIRCUS KING. Episode I. The Stolen fiocord. THEIR UNDER COVER CAPERS 9 'Billikin Comedy). Fox Comedies. Topical Budget, ROYAL Theatre. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Sessue Hayakawa in BONDS of I-i ON OU R An Intense Drama of Love and Honour. Wallace Reid in THE MAN FROM FUNERAL RANGE. Fred Scale in HER NATURE DANCE, j Two Iteel Triangle Comedy. Episode 13, Cyclonic Serial, HANDS UP. Thursday.-Geraldine Farrar in THE j STRONGER VOW. j Castle' CAEILE. 2.30. T 0 D A Y 10.30. Monrce Salisbury and Ruth Clifford in THE GUILT OF SILENCE, a Special Photoplay of the Great North West. j BEHIND THE MASK, Five Part, Drama I of Unusual Strength and Grip, featuring Catherine Calvert. PERFECTLY FIENDISH FLANNIGAN Seeing Things. Mutt and Jeff. Pathe Gazette. I CAWI.Irom 2.30. TO-DAY. 10.30. WIVES OF MEN, the Great Social Drama .I Starring Florence Reed. ROUGH ON HUSBANDS, a Screaming I Two Pi»rt. Comedy. Charles Ray in STRING BEANS. I' MARVELS OF THE UNIVERSE. Scrambles in the High Aips. I Pathe's Gazette. PICTURE HOUSE 2.30. TO DA Y.. 10.30. Earle Williams in A GENTLEMAN OF QUALITY. Lcuiss Glaum in AN UNSELFISH I SINNER. I The Great Selial, A FIGHT FOR M I LLI ONS, "The Noose of Death." MARVELS OF THE UNIVERSE. Pathe's Gazette. AT THE ELYSIUM. Thur., Fri. & Sat. j THE LEE KIDDIES I IN TWO WILD ,1 IRISH ROSES Do not miss seeing these two little I Tit-Bits of Mirth in a Charming tiove Storr. HOUDINI, I The World-renowned handcuff King IJ in another Chapter df Thrills. WILLIAM FOX presents I MADELINE TRAVERSE II iN | The Danger Zone j A Thrilling Drama in which this !? Charming Actress i? se?u at her ig Best. S Villa of the Movies Triangle Keystone. I Topical Budget and usual | Full Programme. PUBLIC NOTICES. A GRAND DANCE Will ho held at H e j HOTEL CAMERON On THURSDAY. NOVEMBER 1:th. Dancing rn•:» hil I] p.m. M.C.V: Mr. Gr >. Cross & Mr. Syd Gat< s. j i'i ini/vt Mr, Gilbert f Tickets Is. till. each. j THE MAYOR AND MAYORESS (Aid. A. Sinclair and Miss Sinclair), (Jt.sire to convey their sincere thanks for, and appreciation of, the many kind e- presoiius of congratulation accorded to t It k- at. SKETTY. ALL SKETTY MEN who Served in the ) Xay. Army Air Force, or Merchant I Service durinjr the (ireat War are asked t8 attend st the CHUBCH HALL or; THURSDAY NFXT. Vovrwhcr Ijtii. it 7.30 p.m. Bi'siiitis; Presentation of Iiou venire. "J.J AMUSEMENTS. I GRAND Theatre SWANSEA I MONDAY. 10th NOVEMBER, 1919, I Six ights at ¡,ilO, MATINEE on SATURDAY at 2.30 p.m. ¡ PERCY HUTCHISON, in conjunction with ALFRED BUTT, presents 1 A NEW PLAY of NAVAL INTEREST,  %.ll't"1 irij Three Act*, THE tUCK OF THE NAVY! NEXT WEEK— Return after ruanv Years of LOUIS CALVERT and his Entire London Cora- ti-,e Big Domestic Play, DADDALUMS. I | 1 ?GRAND Theatre FOR SIX NIGHTS, commencing MONDAY. NOVEMBER 17th, at 7.30, and MATINEE on SATURDAY at 2.30.. Return Visit after many years of the Swansea Favourite, LOUIS CALVERT In the Great Success, IjI « '| ? joftt iS g&sy to UM: & rkh G111 j | ? !? jo%t Mt e??y to tp«c & r!ct) G!rt ??poore??' a Daddalums is a Fathnr. "He r,alleil me Daddalums when he was a woo hairn finding his tongue, and if ye'-¡-ù no objection, I like it." I jROYALl I THEATRE. Tlj it rs,, Fri. Sat. IThursFri. & Sat. | STRONGER ä II VOW I Most Powerful of aU j GERALDINE IDA F?? A T?T\? F AKikAs Screen Achievements. A Virile Drama of Apache Haunts in Paris: I A MASTER OF MUSIC, | Two-Reel Capitol Comedy. 1|  Episodo f)TIIE S I L N T  MYSTERY, |" Lure of EgypfsNight/' f j —-?-??  Tivo- Rce] Piitlicj Coiiieciv 8 Drama, g j FORTUNE OF CORINNE. J r w* m .c +. PUBLIC NOTICES. DCN T FORGET THE SELECT DANCE (Under the auspices of. D.S. and S. Fed.) at MOND BUILDINGS, on Saturday Next, Nov. 15th, Commencing at 6.50 p.m. A4mis6ion — — Is. 6d. Each. I VOTJICB IS HEREBY GIVEN that I CHAKLES NELSON, of li;2, St. llelep's Ko-id, Swansea, Marine Engineer, has applied to the Home Secretary for Naturalisation, and that uny person who kno.vs any reason why Naturalisation should not be granted should send a -urilten and signet! statement of (ho facts ate, -Hoiiie ?o iUn;(- r Sec;-< t ;v i.ii' St ate. Home •rhM, L'<ud ja, i. W .L (??) PUBLIC NOTICIES. J. S. ARNOLD, STOCK AND SHARE BROKER, Bank Buildings, Castle Square, Swansea. 1 Tel. "Jarold." Swansea. 'Phone 184 Cent. Glamorgan County Council. MAIN ROADS. TENDERS FOP. MATERIAL AND HAULAGE. Eastern Division, Southern Division. Western Division. I '0'1 l, (' 1. I The Gioraor^ttt County Council is I desirous of Contracting the supply of Material and Haulage for the year com- mencing the 1st day of April, 1920, and I ending the 31st day of March, 1921. The County is divided into Three Divisions, namely: EASTERN, the extreme point of which are Glyn-Neath, Rhymney Bridge, Caer- philly. Bcdwas, Whitchurch and ant- SOUTHERX, the extreme points of which are Ely, Llandatf, Whitchurch, Llan- li i-nnt. Bryncethin, Cn,trahn, Pyipj Not'age. Ewenuy, Llanlwit Major and A her thaw. WESTERN, the extreme points of which are I' v I, Neath, Glyn-Neath, Ystaly- fera. Brynamman, Morriston, Pontar- dulais, Ijoughor, Killay, Fairwood Com- mon. Within the above Divi-yon?, Tenders are t invited in numerou-, email lots, any or all! of vrhtch may be tendered for. I'djos of Tender can be obtained frem me after the loth day of November, and Tenders must be received by me in a sealed envelope not late!' than SATt'K- DAY, 22nd day of NOVEMBER, 1910, marked outside Tenders for Material," or Tenders for Haulage." tl,p,r,-c-ns applying for Forms MUST state whether they v. uh to Tenner for Materials or Haulage, or both, and for what Divi- sion. GEO. A. PHILLIPS. County Surveyor. County Hall. Cardiff, KEEP THESE DATES CLEAR. Thursday, Dec., 11th, Friday, Dec. 12th, Saturday, Dec. 13th. THEY ARE THE DATES FIXED FOR THE BIGGEST EVENT OF THE WINTER, j THE Whist Drive I and Dance | AT THE otel Metropole. i I The Ladies' Committee of the j Widows' and Orphans' Fund (and Children's Summer Home) is making the arrange- ments. They are securing Good Prizes and it will be the WHIST DRIVE OF THE SEASON. Thursday and Saturday-9.30 p.m. to 12 p.m., D A N C I N G. Tickets will be offered you presently. National Health Insurance. SWANSEA INSURANCE COMMITTEE. CHANGE OF DOCTOR. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVE that insured persons are eLtitled to change their Pun-el Doctor iit the end of the current year. Insured persons who being resident within the Swansea Borough area and &re desirous of so changing their Panel Doctor, must give notice in writing to :no the undersigned, of their desire to do r so, before the 1st day of Dember next, such notice being accompanied by the current Medical Card, in exchange for which a fresh Medical Curd will be issued for presentation to the new Doctor. All insured persons who are uot in i,os,,c,ssioii of a Medical Card should make application forthwith, giving the followi ng pufticulars: I'uIf Name and Address. Name of Approved Society. Membership Number in Society. Secretaries of Approved Societies are requested to tajce note and acquaint their Members. G. L. MARGBTTS, Clerk to tb4 Committee. 18, Castle-street, Swansea. 10th November, 1919. Spacial Articles on the Coming Football Prospects. Photos and Reports of Local Games. f.ll the Results. SEE I "SPORTING M! S. PUBLIC NOTICES. EBENEZER, Gorseinon. Grand CONCERT Grand )NCERT ¡ Saturday Evening Nextr NOVEMBER 13th, by the Famous 1 WELSH CONCERT PARTY Soprano Madam LAURA EVANS-WILLIAMS. Contralto ¡ Madam WINIFRED LEWIS. Tenor Mr. DAVID ELLIS. Baritone Mr. IVOR FOSTER. 'Cellist .Mr. PU RCELL JONES. Pianist Mr. IDRIS LEV/55. ¡ Reserved feats—Is. and 38.; Unreserved" Is. 6d. (inclusive). ) Plan may be seen and Scats Booked at Mr. Jno. Ivor Williams, Draper, 66, High- street, Gorseinon. YETCHF!ELD7 I I THURSDAY, 13th NOVEMBER. I I SOUTHERN LEAGUE. MERTHYR v TOWN I v- I SWANSEA TOWN I KICK OFF ? 3 p.m. 1 I I ADMISSION (including Tax).—BOYS, 6d.; FIELD, Is.; STAND, Is 6d. Extra. THE I I MAYOR OF SWANSEA Proposes to Attend DIVINE SERVICE I At I St. Mary's Pansh Church, ¡ On Sunday Morning Next, The 16th instant. And Cordially Invites Naval and Mili- tary Units, Friendly Societies and Bur- gesses to accompanvg him. The PROCESSION will leave the GULLDJiALL ..t JU.30 o'clock fliarp, and those wishing to take part are earnestly rcquestd to send particulars of their numbers to the CIIiEF CONSTABLE, I ( Central Police Buildings, Alexandra Load, not later than 12 AOon on Iriday Next, the Jtth instant, so that the for- mation of thy Procession may be arranged. SPECIAL TBAMWAY CARS wiU leave I ) as under;— ) « MORKISTON (Cross) to I Castle Stre-et 9.30 a.m. URYMlYFRYD to Castlo St. 9.45 a.m. SKETTY to Mount Street. 9.45 a.m. BRYNMILL to Wind Street 9.50 a.m. CWMBWRLA to Castle St.. 9,50 A 'J;us Leaves Oystermoutli Station at 9.t.;) a.IIl. A Car will Leave the Junction of Wassail Square and Rutland Street for Sketty After the Service. H. LANG COATll, Town Clerk. Guildhall, Swansea, 11th November, 1910. ———————' SALES BY AUCTION. SALES BY AUCT!ON. SWANSEA, CWMHWHLA, A?D FOXHOLE. Sale of 'J'WO VACANT HOUSES and other Desirable Properties. Astley Sainue.1, F.A.I. Has ree<nvevi instructions to SELL by I PI BElC .?CCiiO? on TUESDAY, ?OVEMimR 18th, RU9, at the HOTEL CAMERO?, Valuable Freehold and Leasehold I Properties and I Freehold Ground Rents, I :\0. 08, ALEXANDRA-TERRACE, I RKYNMIi-iL, a conveniently situated i Leasold Residence. SOlJD WITH VACANT POSSESSION. No. 11. I rt>AN DS-CRESCENT, SWANSEA, a well-built Freehold Uesi- dence situated iu main road with good approach to the rear of the Property for I motor car. 1.)9, ST. HELEN'S-AVENUE, j SWANSEA, a desirable Leasehold Resi-j dence. No*. 330 and ;331, PENTREGETHIN-1 [IOA)), 331 is Sold With Yf.cant Possession. ')3 '):- .)(a \.11 33 'r- No, 23, 25, 27, 29. 31. 33, 35, o5, and 57, CAEBRICKS. GW?,iBY» "tfLA. All those FREEHOLD GROUND RE?TS n?gregatiag ?.?3 pa:nt1,nJ, [I cured upon ?os. 1-.0, ?LKASAXT. ROW, FOXHOLE, 1- LLr A'KLJjY?- UOW. ?-78, FOXHCLE-?OAD. I Mines sjncl Minev.ijs ?.re Reservad. Salo to zt p.m. Further particulars from I he Solici- tors, W. G. Christians, E.<q.. Fisher- fctreot, Swuasea; or Mr-ssrs. Davirs, In* j gr&m and Harvey, Goat-$tr«et, Swansea; or the Auctioneer, King's Chambers, | Corner of Gower-street and Ot-elitird- sti-eet, Swansea. I pi 111 —WW—HII I II II M II » Ilk y 'I Now carrying FULL SUPPLIES of GENUINE FORD SPARE PARTS. Call, Phone or Write. I HUTCHINS I & CO..t.tMITEO. BJ.W<HO<TR<tf SWANSEA I AUTHORISES I PiAUcftS ANO 1 Mmjrooasn u mi


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