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#«UCE^EKTS.^ j 6.30. 'Phone: VICTORIA MONKS, John Bull's Girl. M AGIN I, The English Violin Wizard. f LATEST NEWS PICTURES. tlDAN HARLOW, Comedian & Mimic, in "an Up-to-date Skit, 'The Mimetic Waiter' Abe MILLER & Michael CANNING in -Comedy Creation, 'Sometnina Turns Up' The Famous MONZOS, Clever Novelty Pot-Pourri. BEN ALBERT, the Dry Old Stick, Atoms of Amazing Ability, TWO CURES, The Original Coster Kids. i—' NEXT WEEK- ¡ "Albert de Courville's New Production, I  P TOP. -V "TIP TO P." I y s I u Ni I Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Wm. 1 ox presents Annette Kclterman, C: descrilxd as the Australian Venus, in I QUEEN OF THE SEA. 'f:' Eddie Polo in THE CIRCUS KING. I Episode ?j: "The tol2n Record." THEIR UNDER COVER CAPERS (Billikin Comedy). Fox Cemsdies. Topical Budget. ROYAL Theatre. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Sessue Hayck-wa in BONDS of HONOUR An Intense Drama of Love and Honour. Wallace Reid in THE MAN FROM FUNERAL RANGE. Fred Scale in HER NATURE DANCE, Two Foci Triangle Comedy. ferial, HANDS UP. Thursday.—Gcrafdine Farrar in THE STRONGER VOW. ^CASTLE c CINEMA. IL 2.. TO.: DAY. 1050 Monroe Salisbury and Ruth Clifford in THE GUILT OF SILENCE, a Special Photorbjv of the Great North West. BE H INri THE MASK, Five Patt Drama of Lnusual Strength and Grip, featuring Catherine Calvert. PERFECTLY FIENDTSH FLANNIGAN Seeing Things. Mutt and Jeff. Pathe Gazette. CARLTON. 2.30. TO-DAY. 10.30. WIVES OF MEN, ilie Great Social Drama Starring Florence Reed. ROUGH ON HUSBANDS, a earning Two Part Comedy. Charles Ray ia SiRING BEANS, MARVELS OF THE UNIVERSE. Scrambles in the High Alps." Pathe's Gazette. PICTURE HOUSE 2.30. TO-DAY. 10.30. Earle Williams in A GENTLEMAN OF ro, QUALITY. v- Louise Glaum in AN UNSELFISH SINNER. The Great Serial, A FIGHT FOR M I LL 10 N S, "The Noose of Death." MARVELS OF THE UNIVERSE. Pathe's Gazette. I SALES BY AUCTION. AUCTION MART, 3, 4 and 5, GOAT STEILER, SWANSEA. MESSRS. John F. Harvey and Sons Wi!l SELL hy PUBLIC AUCTION, on FRIDAY NEXT, litb NOVEMBER, 1919, Superior Household Furniture Comprising Massive MI. Carved Hak Side. hoardwih bo volled mirror back. Carved Oak Dining Table. Eboiiised China Cab- inet, Piano I-ry Bord, Oak Hiíll Stand, All- Bfasfe Bedstead, Queen Ann Chairs, Carved Wainut and Oak Uodrooiu ft is cl Dining Suites. Oak Combination Bed- steads, Phish Drawing-room Suite, Inlaid Mahogany Chest of Drawers, Wire Spring Mattresses, «Drefesers, Walnut Overmantels, Invalid t'hair and Carnage, G$nt.V Cycle, Carpets and Skin Hugs, Brass Fender and Irons .Swing Glasses, Croquet Set, Knitting Machines, Carpet Swp?pcr, Mndc! S!up in (Uas Ca.?? Child's Cot, BiHiat-d Table SI)? Brhss Blowers, Oil Painting, Pietttfesj etc., and an Assortment of the usual Kitchen Utensils. Sale to Commence at 11 a.m. prompt. ——WBB»rW Hi II .>■ III. JUl'H#«—IW) —II ««» PUBLIC NOTICES. Deffett Francis Art Gallery, Alexandra Rosd, Swansea. Exhibition of British Official War Photographs in Colour On Loan from The Imperial War Museum, London, OPEN DAILY 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., from Monday, 17th November, )? Saturday, 6th December, 19t9. I ADMISSION EIGHTPENCE. j The Deffett Francis Art Gallery will be Closed for the Week Ending 15th November. National Health Insurance. SWANSEA INSURANCE COMMITTEE. CHANGE OF DOCTOR. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that insured persons are entitled to change their Panel Doctor at the end of the current year. Insured persons who being resident within the Swansea Borough area and are dediroud of so changing their Panel* Doctor, must give notice in writing to me the undersigned, of their desire to do M. !1éfÓ r tho 1st day of D?emher nest,. ??ch notice being ac-c?mp?nied by the current Medie?t Card, in exchange tor '?htch a fresh M?iical C&rd will be isfued far presentation to the new Doctor. I All insured persons who are not in ^jsdgsession of a Medical Card should ¡ stake application forthwith, giving the ¡ following jparticul&rs; Full -Y and Address. I' Name of Approved Society. Membership Number in Society. Secretaries of Approved Societies are I r**tue?ted to take note and acquaint their Members. G. L. M1RGETTS, I Clerk to the Committee, {i Castle-street, Swansea, 10th NoT?nb?r? 191? -=- ;f GRAND Theatre SWANSEA. MONDAY, 10th NOVEMBER, six Nights at 7.30. f MA TI N EE on SATURDAY at 2.30 p.m. PERCY HUTCHISON, in conjunction with-ALFRED BUTF, presents A NEW PLAY of NAVAL INTEREST, in Three Acts, THfe LUCK OF 'FAT A 'I TV THE NAVY NEXT WEEK- Return after many Years of LOUIS CALVERT and his Entire London Com- pany, in the Big Domestic Play, i DADDALUMS. (GRAND Theatre SWANSEA. FOR SIX NIGHTS, commencing MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17th, at 7.30, and MATINEE on SATURDAY at 2.U0. J Return Visit after many years of the Swansea Favourite, LOUIS CALVERT Supported by FULL WEST END COMPANY, in the GREAT DOMESTIC PLAY, as S a a g 'DMMUMS' s IN | Prior to its Production in London. i Cardiff people are good judges, and | they have set, their seal of approval on Daddalumsv' "—" Western Mail." PUJ:IC J. S. ARNOLD, STOCK AND SHARE BROKER, Bank Buildings, Castle Square, Swansea. Tel. "Jarofd." Swansea. 't'hone 184 Cent. 1 HAVE SELLERS OF- 400 9tl. ll)3 liaindy Slap pin1; at 32s. 6d. (i a, S U- 6ri. 100 Lyc-aKiitri at ol3.. 6d. IDD Kiiglisli Crown Swelter at 40s. 6d. 100 Auinucematin Tubeu at Jlp., 6d C Khortdda and bwaneoa Ha,r J'lef*. at X. 0 ?. 50 Keticrofts at 59s. 6rl. JO Kagle^Star inouraa^; at £ 20. 80 Baldwiny :\PW Ordinary ai ;4 Baldwins OU1 Ordinary at 55s. od.  ?CROUGH OF? NEATH. LOCAL FOOD CONTROL COMMITTEE NQTiCE IS HEREBY GIVEN that I.J. E. PCUlIB JONES, Esquire, District I Auditor of the distriet comprising the above-named Borough, h.b appoiu?d the Audit of the Accou"<a for fhe period ?(-,i(l(,d the :J?t of March, 1919, of the Borough of Neath J.oc?l Food (,ont ol Committee and of the OiEcers, to com- mence oji Friday, the 28th day of Novem- ber, 1919, at 10.30 o'clock in tlit forenoon at tho Council Room of the TOWN HALL, NEATH, when and where any Ratepayer or Owner of Property in the District-may be present and make any o\>jection to such Accounts b?iOre the District Auditor. AND NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN I that the Accounts of the Borough of Neath Local Food Control Committee, duly made up and balanced, together with ¡ all Books, Accounts, Documents, etc., relating thereto, wiiit?e deposited at the Food Control Ofii(,,e, 1,?, Neath, and !w open during oihcp hours to the inspect ion of all persons interested j fj:>r seven clear days immediately befoi-i I the Audit. Dated this 10th dav of November, 1919. E. C, JONES, ¡ Executive Officer to the Borough of Neath Local Food Control Committee. ¡ County Borough of Swansea.. I PROPOSED EXTENSION OF THE I BOUNDARY OF THE BOROUGH. I NOTICE IS HERBEY GIVEX that i i the Mayor Aldermen and Burgesses of the Cortfitv Borough of Swansea (hereinafter c-alled the Corporation ") have by Memorial under their Seal dated the 30th day of October 1919, made a Repre- sentation to tha Minister of Health under Section 51 of the* Eoc?l Government Act 1 1888. that it is desirable that the boun- dary of the said Borough should lie I altered sc' as to include within the said Borough the Parish of Codffranc and so much as is comprised within the red line mnrked upon the Map "A" accompanying the Memorial of the Parishes of Duffryn Clydaoh and Blaenhonddan all in the Rural District of Neath and County of Glamorgan. Duplicates of Maps "A" and "B" ac- companying th<; Memorial have been de- posited in my Office at the Guildhall, t Swansea, and will be open for inspection during the usual office hours without payment by any Local Authority or pel'" son affected thereby, that is to say:- Map "A" showing the-»existing bound- ary of the Borough, the alteration of the boundary proposed by tho Corporation and the boundary of the Parish of Coed- tfranc, the whole of which Parish the Corporation desire shall be included in the area of the Borough and also tho boundaries of the Parishes of Dfaffryn Clydach and Blaenhonddan, p?rt ??'hich the Corporation desire shall be i-A, ?, I d ?, r] in the said Borough. Map "B" showing th6 pr0sent bound- ary of the Borough, which is represented by 45 CounciHor? and 15 Aldermen and I he proposed additional Ward. Dated this 7th dav of November, 1919. H. LANG COATH, j Town Clei?. rPHE Resumption of the SAILINGS of Messrs. M. la r, gland s and Sons' II Steamers, from SWANSEA to HULL, NEWCASTLE, and MIDDLESBRO', with intermediate Calls at PLYMOUTH, I PORTSMOUTH, and SOUTHAMPTON (when sufficient inducement offers) is announced. I For further particulars, please apply to:— Y H. TUCKER & CO., SWANSEA. November 6th, 1919. PORTRAIT ENLARGEMENT. With Free Coloured Miniature, 3s. pest paid. S»»na u-s rem* Photo with 3f.. and in 14 days we will forwat 1 you one cf our Famous Mono- I chrome Kiillfrcements. 20 x 16. unmounted ¡ and A LOVELY HAND-COLOURED MIN1A- rrTTRE FREE. Write your Name and r-d- dre«s on Photo, Send for Price-List.—The Monochrome Photo Co., Dept. O Jj.L j, Snow jQjji. London, Nothing leads to so many troubles as con- t stipation. Get that Kruschen habit tind I stick to it. Half a I teaspoonful in hot I water-before rising -elerz morning! Of all Chemists 1/6 per bottle. All British I r jTWZ c»i\ Now carrying FULL SUPPLIES of GENUINE FORD SPARE PARTS. Call, 'Phone or Write  HUTCHINS .r-soM? & CO,LIMITED, ??SOMBZB 37.WINO STREET DEALERS AND ) SWANSEA PARTS STOCKS^ | V»—I—ammmmmmmmmm— THE FALL OF THE YEAR as the Americans style Autumii is a time when it behoves the pruflent to take thought of their Umbrellas. Better to buy a new one inxgood time than to wish, after hufc and clothes are spoiled, that one had gone earlier tõ KENDALLS, Umbrella Specialists 26, Castle Buildings, Castle Street (opp. Wt)olwortlils), Swansea.  ?<<ht.  <?ltt<?!<i<  t? 9 tmfffhM<m?D<.<ftm ?Egggss and milk are dear but you? ?' can make delicious egg custards ? » with Lajtova, which contains m M rnl eggs and !< *o rich you can a §8 use half water and half milk. 8L Jf In Zhi. pac?cft from ?foMM t??fAt/e. ? TBSB'MH?nB || ifVoa"o t obains«^P- stamp« I 1 j I H 8UTCHFFE & B!NGHAM. Ltd.^ fl| Manchester. 'I> H

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