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AMUSEMENTS. I æ I 4 6.30. TO-NIGHT. 3.30. Phone; Central 52. F R E D K A R N 0 presents a New Production HUSTLE et Cast, includes— A. W, BASKCOMB, Beryl Deane, Mon- tague Golding, tsme and Dolores, Supported hy a Hive of Bustling Hustlers Scene I-Offices of Simon Slack, Stock a.nd Share Broker .CJL\.O S-cem. -J—Reception Room, the Mind and li Memory Institute .PCLLMANTSM Sccm :•$—Simon's Offices under the New c Regime .THE EFFECT LATEST NEWS PICTURES. I » PHIL & PHLORA, in their Ultra-Refined t Acrobatic Dancing Act. Silent Comedy. v TERRY TWINS, the Delicate Comedians. JACK THOMAS, the Goblet of Math. glYsi ujyf Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Madge Kennedy in FRIEND HUSBAND. a Story of a Girl who Laughed at Marriage and a Marriage of Convenience. Eddie Polo in THE CIRCUS KING. Episode V2: A Strange Escape." A SAFE DISASTER (Billikin Comedy). IN THE LIONS' DEN (Drama). Topical Budget & Usual rull Programme | jiiiajijiuuoagamnMMMrawnw 11 i «—■— AT THE V I ELYSIUM. 7"htirs., Fri. & Sat. I I PHYLLIS MONKMAN AS "Lady Mary Skodc" IN I HER HERITAGE, The Story of a Typical English i Girl who Enjoys Adventure for I Adventure's Sake. 1 HOUDINI, The Handcuff King, in the "Master 1 Mystery. The Hero of a Eomance | that is replete with Thrills, Suspense g and Love. | In Sunny Algeria! Interest. I '?foss's'Rapid Rise. Triangle Keystone. 1 I Topical Budget and usual | Full Programme. | Monday Nex.t- "THE SILVER GREYHOUND. |! ROYAL Theatre. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. PAULINE FREDERICK In THE FEAR WOMAN. She plays one of the hardest parts on the Screen, and comes out of it with flying colours, as Pauline Frederick only can. SESSUE HAYAKAWA In CITY OF DIM FACES, Ably supported by his Wife. Episode 10— Cvclonb Serial, HANDS UP, '0 The Sun Message." Two R**el Triangle Keystone, THE VILLA OF THE MOVIES, Featuring Chester Conkin. CASTLE CAEILE 2.30. TO-DAY. 10.30. BOSTON BLACKI E'S LITTLE PAL, The Story of a Gentleman Crook. Metro Master Production in Five Reels. Aurele Sydney, the Famous Creator of Ultrus in A STRANGE ADVENTURE A ThrilliJig Drama by Ciucs of Rome. Huns & Hyphens, 2 PaH Big V. Comedy. Wild Waves and Angry Women. Mutt and Jeff. Pathe Gazette.  <?L? ??A ??F?3? J? ???L???? 2.39. TO-DAY. 11.30. The Greatest of all Drury Lane Dramas, SPORTING LIFE, featuring an All-Star Cast, by Cecil Raleigh & Seymour Hicks. Produced by Maurice Tourneur. BEWARE -OF BORDERS, a Two Part Corned v. Fun Fast aud Furious. THE RIGHTFUL HEIR, Two Part Triangle Drama. MARVELS OF THE UNIVERSE, The Beaver Prepares for Winter. Pathe Gazette. PICTURE HOUSE 2.36. 1 0 0 A Y 11.86. A Paramount Picture, Ethel Clayton in WOMEN'S WEAPONS, Four Part Super Drama. Famous Players present Hall Caine's Supreme Dramatic Triumph, THE ETER- 1 NAL CITY, featuring Pauline Frederick. A FIGHT FOR MILLIONS. Episode 8: In the Clutches." v; MARVELS OF THE UNIVERSE, Pathe's Gazette. FOR $ALE BY PRIVATE TREATY ■an Exceptionally Well-built Freehold House, with VACANT POSSESSION, rLi BRYN ROAD, in good repair and nicely decorated throughout. Central Heated throughout and other conveniences. The Accommo- dation comprises: 3 Reception Rooms, Kitchen, Scullery, Bathroom. 5 Bed- rooms, Outside "agh-hous". i Further particulars may bo obtained 1 ■of J. BARRON PASCOE, Auctioneer, etc., Gower Chambers, 7, Grower.-street, Swan- sea. MUSEMENTB. GRAND Theatre SWANSEA. MONDAY, OCTOBER 20th, 1919, Six Nights at 7.30, MATINEE en SATURDAY at 2.30 p.m. The Royal CARL ROSA I Grand Opera Company. TO-NIGHT at 7.30— Wallace's M A R I TANA. Mesdanies Eva Turner, Ethel garde. Messrs. William Boland. Frank Clarke, Harry Br indie. •* The Performance of II Trovatore on Saturday will commence sharp at 6.45 p.m. GRAND Theatre- SWANSEA. i NEXT WEEK— Mi-. J. A. E. lifALONE'S Co. TWO OF THE GREATEST OF ALL THE DALY'S THEATRE, LONDON, SUCCESSES, THE MERRY WIDOW, MONDAY, TUESDAY, and WED- NESDAY EVE N I N G Sat 7.30. GIPSY LOVE, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, and SAT- URDAY EVENINGS at 7.30, SATURDAY MATINEE at 2.30. Company includes— EDWIN DODDS, J.W.HUGHES, ROBERT NEEDHAM, MAISIE DARRELLE and PRUE TEMPLE. Box Office (Mr. W. f. Casey) Open at the Theatre Daily, 10 till 5. Tel. 4No., 1141 Central. 1 THEATRE | THE HOME OF MUSIC NO A MUUK IN Founded on the Famous Novel by the well-known Authoress, Cynthia Stockley, A Dramatic and Uncon- ventional South African Story, in Six Acts. —THE— hullrawa J The Charles Frohman I Drury Lane Success— 8 Five Reels. I THE I SILENT MYSTERY, Serial. Episode 8, en- titled SN A REjD." The Winkle Comedy, I Suits & Suitors. u? t u Gazette & Topical News. -=. = MPS. CLARA E. SLATER (Abdominal Belt Specialist, of South port and London, will Visit SWANSEA on FRIDAY NEXT, OCT. 24th, at 1110 CENTRAL HALL. Hours: 1 to 1. Also Visits Cardiff To-morrow (Thursday) Cory Hnll; Bristol Saturday, Oct. 25th. at the Brunswick Lecture Hall. < PUBLIC NOTICES. I J. S. ARNOLD, STOCK AND SHARE BROKER, I Bank Buildings, Castle Square, Swansea, Te!. J d,  'Phone 1S4 Cent Tel. "Jai,olcl," SIl?-aii,,?,,?,t. ¥ATHRU¥ALDI ST R1 CT~ COUNCIL. I PRIVATE STREET WORKS ACT, 1892. RHEOLA TERRACE, CWMGWRACH, RESOLVEN. TO CONTRACTORS AND OTHERS. The above-named Council hereby in- vite TENDERS for the Construction of Storm Water Sewers, Laying and Joint- ing Earthenware Pipes, Erection of Man- I holes, Gulley Gratings, Laying Curbing, Channelling, Paving, Ballasting, and Metalling, etc. (as required by the Pri- vate Street Works Act 1892), together with all other work required in the Re-con st rndion of RHEOLA TERRACE, CWM- GWRACII, RESOLVEN. I Plans, Sections, and Detailed Drawings may be seen aud Copies of the Specifica-1 tion. Schedule of Quantities, Form of Tender, etc.. can bo obtained on applica- tion to Mr. D. M. David's. Engineer, Council Offices, Neath, upon receipt of £ 2 2s. as a deposit, which will he returned to the Tenderer after the Council has come to a decision on the Tenders, but not before, provided that he shall have sent in a bona fide Tender, and not with- drawn the same, and also returned any drawings and documents lent to him for the preparation of his Tender. Sealed Tenders, endorsed "Private Street Works.5addresscd to Mr. L. J. Kempthorne, Clerk (Highway), Dytfryn on of before 12 Noon on Saturday. November 8th. imp. The Council do not bind themselves to accept the lowest, or anv Tender. By Order, I L..T. KEMPTHOR.NE, Oieric. Dyffryn Chambers, Neath, October, 1919. MUMBLES PARISH HALL. Thursday, October 23rd, 7.45 p.m. A GRAND CONCERT! Will be held in Aid of the Oystermouth Athletic Club and D.S. & S. Federation. The Wesminster Singers, Assisted by Madame RACHEL JONES REES and Master MORGAN LLOYD (Violin). Tickets—5s., 2s. 6d., and Is. Apply Mr. W. Peters, Brooklyn-terrace, Mumbles. CALCOTT CARS. MAUDSLAY VEHICLES. Mr. W. BEYAN begs to announce that, lie will shortly bo OPENING BLSINESS as AGENT for the above in his Premises at 10. ITSHER-STREET, SWANSEA, where- Repairs will also be Promptly Executed. In order to ensure Early Delivery <?f tf)? Models, intending clients are Mr-I ne?lv requested to send their orders through at once. Spocihcations on appli- cation. i Temporary Address:— SWOnset, I 28, The Promenade, Swansea. Ccunty Borough of Swansea. ¡ MAYOR'S AGED POOR, SICK, AND CHILDREN'S FUND. The JfxNUAL MEETING in connection with the above Fund will he held at the GUILDHALL, on THURSDAY NEXT, OCT. 23rd, at 3.30 p.m., for the purpose of making the necessary arrangements for the coming year. All those Ladies who Collected last vear and those who are willing to assist this year are cordially invited to ttend the Meeting, and it is hoped that repre- sentative ladies from the Wards recently added to the Borbugh will attend so that the whole Borough may be represented. W. H. ASHMOLE, Hon .Secretary and Treasurer. Guildhall, Swansea, Oct. 20th, 1319. HILL CONG. CHURCH. A SERVICE To the Memory of Members of the Church and S.S. who made the Siipretue Sacrifice in the Great War will be held on Thursday, at 7.30 p.m. when a MEMORIAL TABLET WILL BE UNVEILED UTIUT.-COL. 1IELME. D S O. LIEUT-COL. DYSON WILLIAMS will I Preside. All are Welcome. P.P. MUNICIPAL ELECTION. BRYNMELYN WARD. A PUBUC MEETING To Support It Candidature of Mr. WILLIAM SAMUEL, Will be told on WEDNESDAY EVENING, 22nd inst., at ST. MARK'S PARISH HALL. Speakers; Ald. Ben Jones (Ex-Mayor), Councillors John Lewis, David Evans, David Grey, and the Candidate. Chair to be taken at 8 p.m. All Electors are Earnestly Invited to Attend. ——— — SAILINGS. I C.P.O.S. to CANADA UNITED STATES & the ORIENT LIVERPOOL TO MONTREAL. N,)T. J Sca.r.dinavian  o v LIVERPOOL TO S-'V. JOHN. ? B- ?PtSB:au!H .? 19 Mit)uedo&? .Dec. 1 GLASGOW TO MONTREAL LONDON TO MONTREAL Tun>i* v.Nor. 5 BRISTOL TO MONTREAL. ANTWERP TO MONTREAL. 'War Peridot (Freight only) Oct. a a 1 Via Southampton EX PRESS MONTR !■: \L to VANCOUVER, 93,1 hours. QUICKEST TTMK ACROSS THE PACIFIC. VANCOUVER to JAPAN. 10 days. To CHINA. 14 days. Complete Faesengcr Information promptly furnished bv- Wm BA.IRD. General Agent. Pier Head Liverpool A. S. RAY Asent, 18. St. Augustine's Parade. Bristol OR LOCAL AGENTS. For Freight appls to— Royal Liver Buildine. Liverpool: 25. Both- well-street Glaseow: 103. Leadenhall-stre-et. London. E.C.3; 88. Commercial-street, Dun- dee: 18. St. Augustine's Parade. Bristol: 50. Foyle-street Londonderry CANADIAN PACIFIC OCEAN SERVICES. SPECIAL ARTICLES I n the "SPORTING NEWS." THE PAPER :or All Sportsmen Sun Rises 3.51, Sun Sets 5.8. Lighting-up Time, 5.38. High Water, 4.54 a.m., 5.13 p.m. King's Dock, 38ft. a.m.. 38ft. 8in. a.m. To-morrow, 5.35 a.m., 5.52 p.m. -I