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PAID ADVERTISEMENTS. WORDS. ONCETF""?? SIX — TIMES. TDlES. 20 Words TTV 9 1 0 TT i o i 6 W WorJ — -?? 1 0 1 6 2 3 50 Wordo I J! 1 3 2 6 3 9 •OWwda "y?r- ?l?"- 1 6 5 0 4 6 Thes,e ,.ch, a- ,qeS ??'? °'?? to the ?OM'M!<7 C?SS of  ??.'—?yarttttc??, ??tft<toTM Vacant or Vvert1, 8"ents -Apartments, sit*ations Facrt?tt or l to be Let o? SoM. Lost, h ound, and ?/tsc?- frants. TE?t?lOn of several Advertisements is delayed bee?ill 10 the references given are to Post-omces. to 'n'ti'll, )r flrUt 'ou? names. Postmasters are not allowed to delive?r'l"et"t ers so acl(Ires-ed. ?? ??__???fmMeNA]L. A head Eook hy mistake an Umbrella with a dog's 'Bg head dle ??"" L'andaS Cathedral on Sunday even. '06 last will ^m her ^wn by calUn^ a^j2^PrTtndge-r^d. ^Sg^| 'IATnnIOSU,L. I  are marrie(l, or contemplate taking this important 'tep w»L send you valuable '"formation wh;"h you P^Sht toknc.ld your address, and we will send cata- ???r?'??? fr?'A'dd?s's"H° G?K'e'rr??t:'?? ^andsworrt ondon ° a'an? Accomplished Lady, very prepossessing *'so .dg B?cial Position, income £ &0 per annum, ,ld lay c aii(I BM sn?ras. Genuine, strict con- rsd95 li,,s Browham, "Advertiser" OBice, Bristp] ImUCTIOS,'L. A??? .'Sargent's). 2:. Castle Arcade.-Shorthand. A Bool-Slag' •1 audn-ritiiig. No equal in Wales. Ov< 21 wo Pupils in five years. Try it. r? ??Der?!?????- Roberts' Classes w,ll !'L- Park-hall early in October. Private lemons. S?,'hOols attended. -%I oztrt House, Roath, CardiS. 300 J)ANCING:=Advertiser woulel jOiatl,er in opellin;t A-' m?„ortatfe M.C.'s berth accomplished dancer.— ?ro-oros, or take AI.C.'s Lerth accouip'?hed ditucer.- „ ^'J^rangs. 152 A-school. -???h orthand, book-keeping, hand-  typewriting, grammar ariLhmetic. Welsh leiii?ng ever .v evening situations secured.—Prin- 11, T?,il,r-roa,l Cardiff. 9? Tots LUOd!3.-ComsäÚon Franaise dirigee par Wk-Wo^'63 (nee Mirault), 12, Richmond-terrace, Cardiff 7Qg KtST A?B JF<??0. F°^?. ?" Terrier Dog: black and tan, white body, long tail b1ack spot on the hind P?rt..—Apply 53, Ynys- roa(i Yny?hir. _???? 202 -C '?' ?Sht? brown Lurcher Dog, white tip on tail ?vft  c'! have same by paying exp.m,s sold in three days if—Apply 23. Holyrood-terrace, LI?ynpia. IF ???' Fox Terrier Doz: even-marked head, three R?ot., o,? back; owner have by paying expenses.—Apply '5.„ nah,-street, Portii. 250 -T ?? ?n Sunday, Sept. 13th, in TyndaLstreet. a Black liOun(l; two ?'°? feet and point of his tail ??"'?' ? full grow, can have same by applymgat the Cambridge  Tyndzl-??reet. U not claimed three days will be solw rt ttl o defray etpenses. 201 ? OU?D. it BrindI?Ptrp scars on back. If not claimed -C • three days will be sold -Apply 6, John-street. 15S ? OU?D. Black Retriever Bitch. If not claimed in three fe. T ?? wUl be sold to defray expenses.-Watkms, War- I!°us"" Pcntyrch. J93 ?- 6 F8TCrc?,-bred ) ie colour Greyboiind 15091 tne?, f, white feet, white throat, white tip on tail; n-mrs name Prince. If detained after this will be ?"Mecuted.—W. Langmead. Penarth? 320 r^ST, in Bridge street, Monday n.igt, Rough-haired '? "°g, left ear Mack.—Apply Mrs Wilkins, 26, Working- reet. Cardi fi 259 L, Sunay, in De Burgh-street, buckle Keeper Rin?.  ?mder rewarded on returning to 27, De Burgh-street, "Ilt'In. Cardiff. 360 ?C?T on Saturday, between 11 and 12 o'clock. Irish fe Terner Dog. Anyone rer.uming same will be suitably ?warded?App!y 177, King's-toad, Canton, Cardiff. ?"' 202  P?d?i. Doiz. long wliite bair, ScPt8 t.J Canton. Ten Shillings reward to anyone bringing him ??9?Coveny-street. South Splotlands. 166 .■ 166 JT .?STT S,pt. 7, black Field Spaniel Dog.—Finder will be ?-'? rewarded on bringing same to 18, The Parade, Cardiff. 1 ^Reward.—Stolen or Strayed fpom a field at Llangan, nCar Eridgend, a mouse-colour Pony. 12 hands high, %VPf tall. w hite patch on bottom lip, star on forehead, one oo'h out. -Ar>ply J. li:tke. p:\n:ln, near Bridgeud. 1213 nOJir,SIJ€ SCRYAXTS. Servant \anted, with good character no washing.—Apply 5, Sophia-street, Cardiff. 228 A General Servant (good cook); another kept; two in family; no w,-siiing.-Apply Mrs Stacey, Lisvane, near -<t!ff. 79 X Active Charwoman wanted must have good refer- ences.—Apply at once Mrs Freke, 12, Duke-st, Cardiff. rkitig Housekeeper, where young servant kept; understands dairy age 28.-13, care of usa Jones, Servants Kegistry, Caerau-rd., Newport, '[011. CHARMER'S daugliter, 36, highly respectable, ex- peneneed housekeeper, desires situation in Christian h,n, salary £12, gentleman or widower preferred.—May, Echo Office, Cardiff. wio rpreerre -— 991 GENERAL Servant wanted by 6th Otober no GebUdren.-Apply at once. Mrs l?ran-. 72, Cowbridge- ro.à, Cardiff. 358 i??NL?fA-Lservanb wanted one able to do plain VX cooking character required.-Appl' the Caledonia, bruart-street. Docks, Cardiff. 236 G-i EKERAL Servant wanted at once.—Apply 270, Bute- f street, Cardiii'. 887 GOOD General Serv;¡,nt-ted.-AppIY Mrs Bolton, 2, Xewyi .rt-roarl, Cardiff. 293 F A DIES requiring C:1rwomen or Washe.?women can be .,j supplied by applying to tho Secretary, Salvation '?'omen s Metropole, 12, Moira-tcrrM'e, Splottlands. 35 I AUNDRESS.—Wanted a competent Person, one day J AU.DRESS.-Walltec1 It competent Person, one day tl weekly.-12, Harriet-street, Cathays. 23? Q T??RklNfAIDuiiit,(i by Cardiff Lady, now absen OU ? hoHdys: one eMtd.—Apply, by letter, to Mrs Jenkins, Echo" Otfice, Cardiff 271 DOXTYPRIDD.—Wnnt?cf.?good General :'sma)I family. duties hght.Apply immediately to Mrs Morris, Bryn- teuy.?I'-rthyrroad. Pontyphdd 995 WaxtED, Girl, about 14, to Msist with housework f one just leaving school would gWt.-SI, Llandaff- road, Canton. 361 AXTKD, strong, willing Girl as General Servant; t small family; comfortable home; references re- quired.—8, Deuton-road, Canton. Cardiff. 349 WANTED, a young Person to assist with Housework dai 1y reference.-Ap ply 25, Fitzhamon Embankment, hlverside. 341 WANTED, a strong Girl, from 18 to 19.-Apply 28, I Bridge-stroet. CardiK. 272 A good General Servant for small family. Apply 2. East-erove, Cardiff. 273 WANTED, respectable Girl fond of children and to Yf assist in housework.—Apply, with references, 10;" Stacey-rond, Roatb, Cardiff. 269 WANTED, a good General Servant; another kept.- f Apply 47, Plymouth-road, Penarth. 262 WANTED, immediately, respectable clean General Ser- vant, about 18 also Nurse-Housemaid, about 16; Light PIt, :,bE58eh-SI%po':t Ul D?a??. Clare-street, Cardiff, a Girl, about 17, as General Servant to a small family. 286 WANTED, good General Servant, about 20 must wash and iron well; small family comfortable home.— Apply, with references, and state salary, Mrs Jones, 3, River-terrace. Britannia, near Pontypridd. 251 WANTED at once, General Servant.—Apply Mrs L^oycC f 131, Commercial-street, Newport. 927e WANTED, a Servant, aged 18 no washing, no children; l' sleep out comfortable place good wages.-Bel- Wont Hou e..39, Clare-street, Cardiff. 145 AV IA. TED. respectable Girl, 14 or 15, as General no 11' children one not been out before would suit.- Apply anv time up to 12 a.m., 35, Westboume-Place'0în. ttr,.  J 172 WANTED, thorough good General, age 18 good refer- ences washing out; nurse ket.-Apply at once to lrs Ciirtya, Grocer, Treorky. 284" YITXNTTT). A strong Servant, where another is kept. Waees £12. Three nights out.—J. A Story, 9, Rich- mond-crescent. Cardiff. 240 ''iT AX1'EI>oung Girl m General Se!vant.-ApPly §p0er- ..onally. 151, RichTn"nC,ioad.?(o "t"¡rANTED. a good General Servant for the cmntry; fun- 'T licensed house.—Apply Miss Jones, Pe?,istry Office, Caerau-road. Newport, Mon. 925e WA-TT?kD., a good General Servant.—ApptyTh?hed ;oii%e Hotel. I?tf-street. Card:n'. 258 WANTÚ:;nce. strong, respectable Girl, as General Servant; good cha,acter reCIuired-Apply 3, Cold- Rtream-terrace, Canton, Cardiff. 151 W ANTED. a strong Girl to assist in Laundry,—Apply | TW Washington Hotel, Cardiff. 237 WANTED, respectable Girl; country prefcrreJi—Apply t' (two till five) at 8, Moira-terrace, Splotlands, Cardiff. \A7"ANTED immediately, strong General Servant with good charactcr.-Apply ?iliss Prosser, West-end House, ?b' _? ??' ?? 144 ,-V- A-;FÈD, a clean l respectable Girl about 16 or 17.— v V Apply 13. Alixiny-road, lloath, Cardiff. ?06 rANTED at once, respectable Gi,' as N.?-se and T? HonMrn?id. Good wageR.-Mrs Woolf, 133, Dock' Street-, Newport. 918e WANTED, at 74, Partridge-road, Roath, Cardiff, a Girl, about 17, as General Servant. 92 WANTED, a btvong Gir to wash and iron. Saliry 13.- (1' Alpha," Echo Office. Cardiff. 44 ANTED, Girl fi0111 country fu General Servant T tliree in family.-Avtri'ss Mrs Miilward. 27, Windsor- road. Penarth. 35 "V\7ANTED. General Servant.— Appiy 112, Miskin-stieot, V_ Cathays, Cardiff. __?. 122 TANTED Young Gir!. about 16, as General Servant to T t two Ladies no nursemaids need apply.—59, Windsor- road, Penarth. 34 W AIN-TED immediately, a good Genaral Servant, age T t about 17.—Apply 89, Ruthven-st., Roath,Cardiff. 119 WANTED, a good General Servant, not under 18 years. —Apply 2. Gas-road, Pontypridd. 55 W ANTED, by the 25th September, a good General T » Servant small family.-Apply, with references, to 11, Rooiilly-road. Canton. 885 w ANTED, a good General Servant, one used to dining- ,'1' rooms prefer ed.—Apply Mrs Griffiths, li, Caroline- lItt-eet, CardIn. 884 W ANTED, respectable Girl, age about 15 or 16, for > housework.—Apply 14, Clifton-street, Roatb. 108 w A'-NTED, respectable, clean Girl as General Servant TT about 18 plain cooking: another kept; easy place.- Addres% letter to VI-I., Echo" Address letter to vV .H., "Echo Office,Newport-on-Usk.891e WANTED. Kitchenmaid; good, strong, and willing to » v work: good wages.—Prince's Dining Rooms, 4, Working-street. Cardiff. 918 WANTED immediately, in small frtmily, goocfPlain VT Cook or General Servant, accustomed to cooking; housemaid kept. —45, The Parade, Cardiff. 925 WANTED, respectable Girl, about 167for housework- /1' early riser willing to learn; no washing.—Monte- flore. Caerlnon-ropd, Newport. ggj0 WANTED, 1st of October young C^neral Sorvant^ho 1'1' has lived m respectable service good references re- quired.—G ok! thorn House, Chepstow-road, Newport. 905e WANTED, at once, a respectable Girl.-Apply %Irs Andrews. Lower Malt House, near Caerleon. 885e CLEVER Oooks can add to their list of Wishes in the preparation of choice dainties for the dinner and 'upper able by consulting the page of a little book, e?t?t,led 'Pastry and Sweets" given to all cooks sending their iddresses to Alfred Bird and Sons, Birmingham. Every ady and housekeeper in the land should have" Pastry and :11"eeœ "bandy for reference. There is nothing to pay, and he book will be sent by return of post, f e. tany dlll.ese SITCATIOXS VACANT A Good Bricklayer Wanted 9d per hotir.-Apply W. nL Fear, Builder, Saltmead. Cardiff. 136 A Home for Friendless Girls and Free Registry, at 12 nL The Parade, Cardiff. All girls needing a friend and belter are welcome. 7-2c BOOT Trade.—Wanted, a Lad able to finish.-Apply, H. .) Franks, 145, Broadway, Cardiff. 203 3UTCHERS.—W .nted, strong Youth used to the trade; -» live out;—&Ute particulars, Scott, Fern dale. 961 "BEAKERS—Wanted, good Junior Hand. Apply E. Thoma, Pontywain, G?,-r, near Newport 392 MAKING!—Wanted at once Apprentices and D ?mp?o^rs (outdoors).-Apply 24 Kings-road, Canton, Cardiff. 97, Dr, ESSMAIEJNG. Apprentices and Improvers Wanted—Miss Pearce, 22, Lon,,cross-st., Roath. 964 y, ROCER-y'='V;Únl"rover, wll1in to deliver goods G wVtSseandtrap^ Ilso Apprentice from counlry preferred.-T. P. Jon@s, PontycY\Dmer. 43 JTI T^ATRDRESSERS.—Wanted, a good Hairdresser and Shaver; must be sober. Apply, stating terms, &e M. D. Price, Hairdresser. Ferndale, Pontypridd. 292 T H r A"IRDRESSERS —AVanted at once an Iprover; Halso lather Boy (select trade) good opportunity for a smar youth. -Harrison, Canton, Cardiff- AIRDRESSER.—'Wanted, a respectable Lad as Ap- AIRDRE?-5SER. -Wanted, ?-??ipeei??i-e'- Hi,reiitice; good chance 'to lcam in short tIme no premium.—58, Tudor-road, Cardiff. premium.-58, Tudor-road, Cardiff. 9O JXrTl ATJLIERWantedwith Horse and TiP Cart; sate Hter.i.G. 314, "Echo" Office, C.,diff. 314 1 wonno, near Pi»ntypridd sub daily, except Fn ;,1l^aj. Batchelor and Snowden, Contractors. 2 p LASTER ERS. -R'an Led, a g..od, practical Workmau skallY; constant job.-T. Buikler. Penygra^ ir»T A^TEUERS wanted at New Cottages, ?ler?hyr Vale P best wages and constant work.-Apply Ree-?, Merthyr Vale.. P' lWFI1'ABLE spare timi7. empbyment f?r e,iher sex with cood connectIOns 'in every tovo, sea.on just Geniii?it3 article, con?,,a,,di. rapid sJes, samp:e. thre s"nmp8.-Address Manufacturer, 1, North 914 Quadrant, Bnghton. (?J S"UAKRV*-iEN*. Excavetars, and a ('cmpden'. Man to take charge of a Marl Pit none bSc Eteidy men "id1 good references need aPPIY.-Mai?dy Bridmorks, c.rdiff. 326 tTMART Lnd, as apprentice to baking, wanted.-Apply O Haync, 37, Lower Cathedral-road, Cardiff. 967 0 MlTffS are requested to keep away from R'^T pending a dispute. 342 S-c; TON JvElU: A K E RS.—Wanted, good stone-breakers, at S Llanwonno WatersvoPks, near Pontypridd.-Batchelor aud Snow den. Contractors. 73 riTlIREE Respectable Lads wanted as Apprentics;. ore .1.. to Smithing, one to Woodwork one to Pamtm{ Ilosser, Carriage Builder, Herbert-street., Newport. cue rn lO '-rTrdressers — W;in: ed at once, a Youth who can T st^ve and Cut Hair.-Apply T. Stanley, llotu.ey Parade, Newport, Mon. 92le rJaL ^o Biitchers.—Wanted, an experienced Sausage and Tsm"ll Goods Maker; also two Shopmen. MUSG be good cutters and salesmen; good reference wages given.—Apply Eastmans^ Ltd., Ixewport. ^lon. 934a TO .Tourn-ymeu Gardeners.—Wanted, two ^or Iarket TWo,-k, i:dcle.-Apply, with references, E. Gri.ff(^in Iar'{et Co., 4, Queen-street, Car.uff. ri^O Ma«ons.—Wanted, 6 Wallers age- 9d per hour X lodgings convenient. -Apply John Rees, Builder, Tre- harris. 59 an  to Tro sers and ANTED at l) once, an Apprentice to Trousera and :'f Vest Making.-ApplY w the Alliance, 33, St. "'7- street, Cardiff- IV, A?NTT'D sharp Youth for Outt]ttin and Boots must 'f be honest and obliing; a gooJ chance of learning both hranhes.-Apply at once, B. Hams, Temple 6 of Fashion, Eb'ow Vale. 26 w ANTED a good Ba.thstoe M!lso.-Apply J. Brown s Buildings, Cth?d,a!-ro?,C4 C.,diff. 297 ANTED, Mason and Bricklayers at once Sid per (" hour to good men.-T. H. Short, Contractor, Bircb- grove, Wilitchurcli. 521 WANTED.—Respectable, well-educated youth, as apprentice, out-door, every opportunity given for acquiring a thorough knowledge of the bu,iness. Premium required —Apply to D J. Lewis, Chemist, Clifton -str,? et, Roath, Cardiff. 21 \V A;EÆ;:fAI;ül: aud Apprentices to the Dressmaking.—Apply Miss Larke, ?, Windsor- roa Penarth. W ANTED, good C!oth Sorter, Course Sorters, smait Strippers, and strong Women for Packing. None but experienced hands net apply.—D. 0. Evans and Company, Wholesale Rag1erchants, Mill-lane, Cardit. 138 'XT ANTED, Pattern Maker and Moulder steady and wPracti?al workmen OnlY.-Apply Hopkins, Tonn Foundry, Pontypridd. WANTED, a smart, active Youth, not afraid of work "'f and willing to make himsalf useful: good character indispensable.—Apply Manager, Danish Dairy Co., 2, High- street Arcade, Cardiff. 174 WANTED, young Man who is able to pack mouldings, frames, tit up pictures, cut glass, make himself generally useful one who worked at it before preferred.- Apply Epstein, Broad-sLreet, Bristol. 139 'liT ANTED, 12GoodWalling Masons, also few Banker V T Hands long job.—Apply J. Haines, contractor, Ely Schools Extensions, Cardiff. J62 -,jTANTEDto-Gj¡:j8; those used to dressmaking pre- fc?rrecl a'so Learners, and Boy about 15; refen:nce req?ired.-11, Castle-arcade, Cardiff. 988 w A-N'TED, young Man, who thoroughly under- 't' stands horses, acd know Caliton.-Apply The Canton Potato Stores, Cowbridge-road, Cardiff. £,1)5 WANTED, a smart young Man for a Fruit and Potato f Stores one who has been a grocer's assistant pre- ferred.—Apply, personally, The Canton Fruit and Potato Stores, Cowbridge-road, Cardiff. 966 WANTED at once, Banker Hands and Fixers —Apply f Foreman, Royal Hotel Extension, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 861 YOUTH wanted to make himself generally useful and mark billiards.—Apply Buffalo Club, 48, st. 1%1.iry. street, Cardiff. 309 1*2 Weekly and Upwards may be realised byeither c-W Sex, without hindering present occupation.—For ainples, &c., enclose addressel envelope, Evans, Watts, and Co. (P 133), Merchants, Birmingham. -This is genuine. 867 SITUATIONS WANTED. APushing y 'u-Man reqrmt>loyIDèot for 5 o 6 xi. hours a few days ,w-k. -Apply H.0., F-hl? Otbce 350 BARMAID.—Situation required &8 S,d Barmaid in flot?l good references age 21.-Address M 45, Echo n:=-C-, 4 MRS .Tames (late Stewardess, Liberal Clubs, Cardiff and Swansea) is open for an engagement as Manageress or Housekeeper good references.—Apply 58, Craddock- trect, Canton, Cardiff. 276 SITUATION wanted by practical Watch Jobber, 17 L years' e:pm'icnco good references; married ag? 33.- Greening, 3, High-street, Long?on, Stafford hire. 149 !0 Master Bakers.—Young Man used to bread and cake Ise," Situation where he can learn small goods would give time.—Address F, 304, Echo Office, Cardiff WANTED, Situation by Young Man as Warehouseman, wge 21, or any place of trust; good references.- Apply Hy. H., Echo 01)i,e, Newport. 942e '-XT ANTEDby respectable Young Lady, situation in Con- wfe t!oL,cry, Fancy, or light business give month to gain experience.—M. 351, Echo Office. Cardiff. 351 WANTED by respectable person, pl;M;thIY Nurse, for October; terms moderate.-F. J., No. 2, North Luton-place, Spotiand, Cardiff. 939 ""7:ANTED:Sit,;mti'o.n-a Warehouseman or any place of trust abstainer.—M. J'Echo Office, Cardiff. 905 YOUNG Lady requires comfortable Re-enga-ement as Barmaid in respectable Hotel.—Address A., Market Tavern, Monmouth. 264 Y OUNC- Man, 19, seeks situation to deliver goods, or in w- rehouse or any light business.-16, lron-street,ttoath, Cardiff. 197 YOUNG Person requires Daily Work or Pla!nSewing at ho me.-E. H 24, Talworth-str,et. Castle-r ad, Car- diff. 141 \7"OUNG Person (19) seeks Situation as Under Barmaid A or o??er light business good retere!;ce.-Addrm L. 62, E(?ho  C", Cardiff. 870 CLERKS. MANAGERS. Ae. A Thoroughly experienced Bookeeper (English or French), single and double entry, desires Evening Employment; Cardiff or neighbourhood; excellent references; terms mod"rate.—Strictly confidential to I 948, South Wales Daily News," Cardiff. 948 AGENCIES. TRAVELLERS. Ae. AGENTS calling upon ShnpkMpers are offered 15 -COM Amission. Printed advertiing novelties. State firms n0w represen tirig. -Douglas, 57, Farringdon-rd., London.387 AGENTS.—Messrs G. W. Bacon & Co., Limited, require Agents for their popular Maps and Illustrated Wall Charts extraordinary merit, required by all great success. -C.O., CanviLsbing Department, J27, Strand, London. 622 AGENTS wanted; spare time, large profits, no risk; -L-3L sample pen, pencil, and rubber samp free.-RichardA, 44,?;now-hiU, London. 338 A GENTS aud Travellers wanted, whole or spare t?me.— Aror particulars, stamped envelope to Hooker & Co., 162, London-road, Nottingham. 124 AN old.stb1iBhed firm requires additional representa- Atives. Salary, commission. and permanency. Applicants must be of good appearance, and able to canvas. Energetic men showing capacity will be promoted to positions of im- portance. commanding large salar es. Particulars will be forwarded on receipt of postcard addressed to W. Morgan, Valetta House, 203. Castle-road, Roath, Cardiff. 514a CANVASSERS wanted for the Sale of English and Welsh Family Bibles (great speciality), for cash and on easy payment system; good pay down tenns to suitable men. -Apply to G. Simpson, 4, Merthyr-road, Pontypridd. 82 INSURANCE Collectors wanted at Aberdare, Merthyr, and Aberdare Valleys good terms book vacant.— Ajpply S., "South Wales Echo Officc^fllertfcyr. __HL LOUGIXUS. APARTMENTS. Ac. APARTMENTS waited by young gentleman, Bedroom and share Sitting-room. Roath or Cathays.—Apply, stating terms, to G. W., Echo" Oklice, Cardiff. 353 Ap ARTiFNT.S to Let (unfurnished); suit newly-married XV couple or 6ailur's wife without children references al"ed.-Üohome, 47, Glenroy-street, Roath. 323 AI' A UTiiÉÑ:T3-'V antcd-'LYt;y 'i.-r.len.-Rly, -?- stuting terms, to A 230 Echo Office, CardiS'. ?3U APARTMENTS to Let in Pitillan.; Talbot-st.; A hot and cold batb.-Apply W. H 75 -c? not and cold bath.-Apply W H "Echo" 'Oaice, Cardiff. 75 APAR TMENTS Unfurnished front bedroom and back AparitiLir; oven gmte; 3, 6d per week to respectable people.—17. Rpunie-streot. Riveride, CardiBT. 964 APARTMENTS Wanted, bed and sittuT?room for gentle- man Canton or Riverside terms moderate — Address iul[ particulars?o L 972. "JEcbo Office, Cardiff. 972 BUSINESS or other Genlenc-OCtiComfortahle JLt Apartments at 13, Salisbury-road, vacant through fi^ntleincn leaving Cardiff good prompt atte 6,3 CuERK requires Bed and Sitting-room at Ne"ort, or J comfortable Lodgings; tenns moderate -Partiel1]ars to P 1S9. Bcho'Of!j:e, riff.. ?? 139 COMFORTABLE and very homely Lodgings for one or two young gentlemen terms reasonable nearstation. — F,,34, High-street, Penarth. 344 c lOllrOlil'ABLI,' Lodgings for one or two Young Men, 3s 6d each; also Apartments, suit married couple no children.—3, Broadway, Roath. 384 COMFORTABLE Board and Lodgings for one or two Young Ien; terms, 10s per week.—Mrs Owen, 4, Wharton-strcet, Cardiff. 234 COMFORTABLE apartments for one or two gentle- men, at 29, Station-street, Barry Dock. 211 OMFORTABLE Apartments for Gentleman, with re- peciable family; terms rhoderate; neighbourbood Cear.t,Apply Apa,t-e.ts. Echo Office, Newport. 939e CCOMFORTABLE Furniahed Apartments to Let; terms J mod('ra.-ï9, ?roadway. Roath, CordiBf. 231 --TABLE Furnished Sitting and Bedroom; suit CQ young lady or gentleman hot and cold bath terms moderate.—48, Rnth^ en-street, Roath, Cardiff. 173 CCOMFORTABLE Furnished Apartments to Let for J Gentleman or two frIends sharing rooms; terms mddo- r.t?.-20, Mountyy-place. Newport, Mon. 926e COMFORTABLY Furnished Frot Sitting-room and Bedroom to Let for single gentleman terms mode r.te.-Apy4y 10, Cai.:2'.e.,po,J 909e COMFORTABLE Bedroom, young Man or Lady engaged during day five minutes from Town-hall.-Ap 1 6, Green-street, Canton Bridge, Cardiff. 904 COMFORTABLE Apartments for two or three gentle- men: use of piano if required; near trm.-23, RichardB terrace, Roatlo, Cardiff 886 I'IOLFÖJ:tTABiÆ furnished Sitting-room and Bedroom V for young Lady engaged during the day.-4, Cornwall- road, Saltmead, Cardiff. 871 COMFORTA BLE Apartments for Young Ladies in busi- ness, nicely furnished, every convenience, near town, cars p;\ssinrj door terms Echo, Cardiff. tNLEIG H House, Miski n-street, Cardiff.—Furnished Apartments for a gentleman or two friends; piauo hot and cold i atil, no chiidren. 167 FRONT Bedroom and Sitting-room suit two friends Ftei'MI Molerate no chilflrcn.-4I, Lonisa-st., Docks.199 F-(Ú{SISJi}D  Apartments f'ont sitLing-room and bed- rojm piano; oaths: Ro?ebaa? HoMe, Gordon-road. F, :¡, i;ao ogo? Carwo. 235 GENTLEM4N dining out requires nice clean Apart- Gme.ts, Cathays or Roath, quiet, moderate, and in- clusive/ 204, E?bo Otbce, CardIff. 2W ODGING3 Wanted by Young Man, with or without board, near centre of town.—Apply 1. 210, Echo" Office, Cardiff. 210 ODGINGS for one or two respectable Young Men.—3, Cornwall-road, facing Devon-st., Upper Grangetown. rl 10 Let, unfurnished. One or Two Bedrooms and Sitting X room low rent to single lady or quiet couple.-25, Mackintosh-place. 263 O Let, c mfortal)le Sitting-room and Bedroom at 16, Alexandra-road, Canton. Moderate terms. 348 r-OLet, unfurnished Front Bedroom, Back Sitting-room. T-Apply 36, Lon.?cross-street, CardIff. 355 To Let, two Rooms, nicely furnished, with respectable ig people rent, 5s a week.-Apply (first) 115, Broadway, Roath, Cardiff. 159 nJL pO Let, Comfortable Lodging or Apartmen s suit two friends.—10, Brook-street, Riverside, Cardiff. 190 HX pWO Unfurnished Rooms to let; no children.-3, Wel- lington-terrace, Cardiff. 303 riivVO Unfurnished Pooms,with use of hot and cold bath, J to people without hildren.—Apply 52, Woodville-road, Cathays. 312 rJrL uVO Furnished Rooms, close to trams, suit one or two gentlemen use of piano.57, Cnvys-road, Cathays. 110 ra^o Let, comfortably Furnished Rooms, with respectable rent, 05 weekly.-Apply 114, Pearl-street, Roath, Cardiff. 40o \v t:uisB:;ri.'f every home comfort, v, v to Let to Gentlemen dining out.-Apply 3, Keswick- gardens, Kings-road, Canton, Cardifi 402 W ANTED, Furnished Sitting-room and Bedroom com- VAi'o;ush;:I Aeregíb8.°: Mary-streer, CardiS. 85 VSTANTED, one Unfurnished Room, A person leaving town for a short time desires accommodation to store some t,?ing? references required terms moderate.- Addre,9Ec?,-C;i_ff. 391 YOUNG Man desires comfortable LodgingB-Bodroom yoG sh Sl:r¡abitlT;h locality; bath and accommodation for bicycle Scotch family preferred.—Address "Caledonia," "Echo" Office, 157.. uomms. Ac.. WANTED. HOUSE Wanted.—Wanted to Rent or Purchase, a con- H Oe a;;1i; }i:"¡:ct ,fhtinort;ourhe ail; cf Cardiff, or close to a railway station eight or nine bed- rooms required.—Address full particulars to M. R. S., Daily News Office, Cardiff. 808e ONTYPRJDD.—1Wanted at once, House and Shop suitable for fried fish business; state particulars to A. Parkes, Trecelyn, Newbridge, Mon. 893 \\TANTED, middle of October, six or seven-roomed VI House; hot and cold btth respectable part; Canton 274, Echo," Cardiff. 274 W ANTED to purchase or rent, 8 or 10-roomed House bath, hot and cold water within 10 minutes' w,?lk of Commercial-road.—Address, 4372, at Locke's Advertising offices, niewport. 233 ,jT ANTED, to rent, a House in the neighbourhood of f Plantation Gardens or Richmond-road; rent a' out £ 33.—Address, full particulars, R.,28, "Daily News" Office, Cardiff. 8 W ANTED, to Purchase House in Wil .m-,tree"t I Bolt- 8ked, or Le A is-street. -Address B. P., "Echo" Office. Newport. 915e BUSINESSES FOR DISPOSAL. A Sweet and Confectionery Business for disposal: lead- l'o. ing thoroughfare.—For particulars, apply A.A.R., "Echo' Offici>, Ca.rdiff. 998 CARDIFF.—Sweets and Confectionery Business to Let with stock in main thoronhf:lre; reut moderate.- For particulars apply 25, Wyndham Arcade, Cardiff. 18 F. ISH, Fruit, and Oyster Business, 100, Coin mercial-road, Newport, for Disposal; proprietor leaving town; a rare opportunity.—Apply on Premises. 94le GROCERY & Baking Business for Disposal, dCling about six sacks a week.—Apply A, 924, "Echo" Office, Cardiff. 924 HOUSE Fur.,isbing and Upholstering Business to be Disposed-of in Shropshire doing a good cash trade; capable of great extention capital required £750; good peI11ies.-=-ApplYJ2, Dodington, Whitchurch, Salop. 5S0 HAIRDRESSJ.NG and Tobacconist Business, one of the best in Cardiff, to be sold, bargain commanding posi tion; 7 years' lease; trial allowed: reason gIven for senm goodwill. stock, and fittings, ;C"0; only intending pur- chasers will be responded to.—M. 383," ?,?,O-Offll(!,C?,,diff BrSiNZ«SES WANTEW. OUT-DOorBeehcnted. Must bear strict imesti({a tion s ?ate lowest price with particulars.—Address ). P., "Echo" Office, Carclif". 195 WANTED, by Michaelmas, Coffee Shop addeonfee- (, tionery in good business thoroughfare in Cardiff; rent from FqO to P50 mC01UIl;g, £20 to £ 30.— Send par- ticularsto Michaelmas, IOnliff. 903 CAUSES. Ac.. TO LFT. PORTHCAWL.—Nine-roomed Furnished House to Let, for Sepleml?er; near beach and rail.-Miss Saunders Hutchins-terrace. 634 SUPERIOR Two-roomed Cottage very private; partly furnished; immediate possession references requirerl. —Apply May-st Assembly-room, Woodville-rd., Cartdff. 227 TO Let, from Monday nex?. good HI-e-Cecil-street, TEc,ttth; rcnt? 8s weekly, clear.-Al,ly Comley, Moira- terrace, Canhíf. ¡fO-I..t. OvZJ¡';nt House, Beresford-rond; hot .-d cold A bath.—Apply J. Glover, 2, Beresford-road, Roaih, Cardiff. 206 TX |X) Let, ?l Loft, 45ft. ?y 17ft.-Applv 68, Coburn-strpet, Catha^s^C/Hrdif TO LET— BUSINESS PREMISES. 4c. BAKEHOUSE to Lt, rent low.-Apply 6, Comet-street, BRoath, Cardiff. 214 CONVENIEN T Two-stall Stable to Let in Ryder-street. Key at 2, Hamilton-strect.-Apply Thomas Gough, 1, Clifton-street. 354 H ALL to Let, Oueen-street Arcade, for Lectures, .1. Soirees, Travellers' Stocks,-Anply London Studio' nAl'cadc!- O!?';'eet: 22 HOUSE and Shop to Let, 54rud-road, Cardiff; main JLIL street, increasing nmghhourhood, splendid opportu- nity fcr pawnbroker and outfitter, same hands six years, old licence, stock optional, or draper and outfitter, not one !n the neighbourhood.—Apply S. Marjolies, above ddre&s. LOOK-up Shop to Let at once.-ApplYi2-èŸrikrecnt Broadway, Cardiff. N-nTEWPOT.-LOC.k.UP Shop to Let, -:?h' 1.1 opposite theatre.-W. Edwards and Co., Ltd., Iron- mongers, Newport. 863e PLYMOUTH-ROAD, Penarth.-To Let, conveWei3t Modem Residence, containing 3 reception and 9 bed- XOOMS newly renovated.—Rent, on application to W, and S. Llern, 94, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 5036-9126 RHONDDA Valley.-To Let, Lease, or to be Sold, RBut,cher's Shop and Slaughter-house at back, in verY bS"t POSitIon in Pentre; in same hands 25- years; doin, a respectable trade. Immediate possession. Satisfac,,?,y reason for leaving. Apply T. Rosser, 101, L1ewe1Jn- street, Pentre Ystrad. 1'° ]-aSDk(Üd set of It?oms on the 1st floor, next Tdoor to the new buildings of the National Provincial Bank, fron? t room 21ft 61D x 18ft; immediate PossesBion.- Apply on the premises, Bank Chambers, Newport. 446e T 0 Be Let, wih Immediate possession, capital Shop, X table, and, 179, Broad wa, near Harle. quins new football ground.-Apply Hill, 20, High-st., Cardiff. T0 Let, excellent House and Shop, suitable for green- way, Cardiff or h>v,: rent mod?-te.-Apply 1* Broad. _.Qrdlff.. 318 TOI-,a doble-fronted Shop, with good dwewng-bouse TC?)mmerc'ial-road.-Apphi J. i??jior. Potter-street, Newport. 89ae FOR SALE-IIKOUSFS. LAND. Ac BARGAINS^—8 Houses for sale, privately? n?ffith?s Town 4. Pontbydynn4.-App:y to Agent T. Harrig, Ashfield, Caerleon-road. Newport. Mon. 914e FOR Sale, 60od6-roomed House good pusition for the Docks.-64, Marian-street, Splotlands. Apply on pre- m m L- LANDAFF.-For Sale, a freehold superior House and ? Garden; also a Srst-rate building site, facing Cardiff- road.—Phuip Morgan, L!andaa. 106 PURUC HOUSES. T LANFABON.-To Let, from 29th September, Grey- L hound Inn douMe.tioe?ed; opposite Parish Chur?- frpe I:=EY!Y. Wt!I:lS-!louin Ash. €86 E????' ?? issuerpos?freeT John Dcwn- 1 ing Hotel and Publica.ns' Valuer, Fellow Auctioneers Institute, 1, N elsou-streot, Bristol.—Largest published list' hundreds 1 geniiiiie HteIs- Spirit Tantts. (?untr?yinM' BrewenM B? hotels, Groce?ry.nJ?ery. i.aki:)g, Tobatconists, baii-y, Greengrocery, businesses ?y discriptian, £10 to ;CSO,Wo. 366 NEAR liSnledt^Tri Cotswdd Hilts-HiEhcI-? fu!llicenscd hotel, and boardingholl"e, large London coni>eotron, great tourists housr^endrdl^nfshed rent ;C55. In?oming reduced t6 L20 owning,L.censed Aue. C?- ?"???h? Beerhouse; rent under C r^2^V PS^ahlis !1e<i Bcerhouse rent under c L2?); (Ic-11901Y 1)01)ulou? district; ?"? off Old Market- s?r.eeett Bristol. 366 st* eet Bri^SLOoi -DUoowwnnhu, ig, Nre!.=on-street, Bristol. 366 ?EAR BridBw?er.-G?uiue??UeeMed?n?I.m'  1 ™s%.3&zTm« »«»•«. v H N- EAg Weston-Ruper-MMe?aluaMe?t-ucensedBoa.? ????,e Inn main road favourite holiday and visitors | Downing half garden- stabling, outbuildings.- Downmg. 366 R -T-S-'TL.?,,?ari ?,a(les,ITayinark-?L Handsome R o!J?ublUW f-;pirihonse; grand counter and out- (loor trade PW under energetic manaR<!rl^t ;:?- Part a(lvarce(I.-Downiiig. o56 ijAcon;^ £ 'n^ryirhert' noble corner Sp!nrVa.ufts. compact Hotel: fronts two great thoroughfares; close ttoorraa.J???statt Mn?—TDownmg?Auction?er, Bnsto!. 1&3 I I -r-  'F U[1;ig:s:nd 7?nythingup to B300'- ?  or country must be healthy. -Address H. J„ Oxford House, E ach, Weston-super?tare. H J MUSICAL. W  A M™}ICAN (to cov-;lance), solid walnut case, 13 Sl ON, including SMudorgM and knee swell; four &ets ot reeds, powertut and grand instrument, quite new, 6 years' wa,rranty, suitable for dM?'ug-ro?m or small chapel mit anrf!ri 1 } a^' ta^e Piinew. Pi?o in Italian burr w^ nllt and gilt  ??1 fr?me. overstrung, check action, best maker tfltf9or r 0 Co., Berlin ? appointment ivorv li 'f iHt p1i'lum) j cost 63 guui??a, take 25 IriiitieaR willi pat:k,ed on '?- and pay return cm-ria?o if not anvirovLl drawings and ?'" P?icu!?rs forwarded. Thesfe' SeTPnuin^ '"?''°??"?, not cheaP London-made by T? n? e n?k??i? ? ? ??-'?°??PP"P°?y for advertising.- ?Am'd??c?ij,s(?int?ee?9.Stockport-rd?ManehMte!-M6e Ardwi.cck k Dl)iissue?))u"m nt 0fljC(l, ii sc9n, stockport-rd.Manchester.696e ANCING farming for the coming ,1 Dseason .( o with superior music.-E. Banes, <1am-.tre,-ardifl'. E pORSale, on board the ship Patterdle, Barry Dock' a FPiino, by Hordes, Apply on board. 28^ T^O^Sa;e Ephonium,-i good condition; price B2 Ms. F-Api)iy ?), Chfton-st-eet. Cardijf. 207 F_ _^an°forte, in Rosewood, cost 45 rA 6h 'iale, will take L7 ?- bargain.-ApplY  joy-place. ?Newport-on-Usk. 9?oe H??'???°?°??"Kh'-?y experienced JDster; terms on apPllf'ation Balls and Evening Parties at- tended, -Professor, 6, East-?treet, Newport. 920e HAlœ :-double actichwifrom 8. Erard, fair feoI'dition, for sale, price '?° 10s-Bertrain Iea^n- 30. High-street, N ewport. O-B'(>E- near]FY 1lew, cocoa, euTer-tipped. 13 German silver ?? ?!y' "??°'?' by J. Thibouville Lamy, orig:naliy cost £ S5i fjRw?n Sell at two gwneas,, a bargain-]3ert m IC8olJ 30, H'gh-street, Newport. 901 e ?RGAN Accordion, stands 5ft. high, organ shape frame, ..?. "?'??top; price55s,or excha. T ycle, front nfp^rin?i. ?, ?" to ?'?-? -'??' Freder^ street, VaT 1 P IAK61,6]kTps. extraordinary phenomeal baains iror> fpr iK buyers, to cover advance 7gulDc uprlgt, iron ? ??'? check act;on, patent pin plate, .r??' Sconces, Italian burr walnut, 7 octaves. n)?. *1-1 Ve/ trichord, art panel, inlaid marquetMie and ?ivn? r t?.? ?'?'°" can do justice to its beauty and T??n' !-t ?' ??"'? "? ? 10 years' warranty. Take 23 guin0as Also 55.ioea handsome walnutdrawing'Mom cottage, 'ro& "???eck-actiou. sconces, marquetaire panel, trichord, Powerfnl tone quite new; 10 years' warranty. Take 19 gUlUeas, Either instrument sent on approval, carriage paid both ways. Numerous testimonials from customers in South IVales.-A pply Stirling, Discount Office, 30, Batter- sealuse. London. Established 1357. j 339 IIX:oi"Õ'Rh;ga¡;cond-hand; in thorough JL good condition London maker: full compass.-AI)ply I 1*9. Cathays-terrace, Cardiff. 165 PIANOFORTE, second-hand, Walnut Case cost £30; JL cash 15 guineas; bargain.—Kennard & Co., 3, Church- street, Cardiff. 117 THEEÜ are Vacancies in Volunteer Band for Bassoon, om jardon, and Side Drum Players, -Appiy by l,e7tt, er, ,B'¡'U\ÙIlaiit«, II Jilcllo" Office, Cardiif. zoo TO Parents and Guardians.—Wanted, a respectable youth, just left scho l, to Learn the Pianoforte and Music Business no salary first six months; exceptional opportunity for a smart lad.—Apply Bertram Isaacson, Pianoforte and Music Rooms, 30, High-street, Newport. 904e 5 S.-Course of Ten Lessons (Piano or American Organ) by experienced master, at pupil's residence, if required. Millie, Kcho Office, Cardiff. 936 HORSES. CARRIAGES. LIVE STOCK. 4c. A PAIR of Wheels, two Axles, to be sold cheap; suit Acoal man or haulier.-Apply 18, Habershon-stre' t' Moors. I 883 AGED Mare for Sale; can be seen at work.-8haplaud, A9, Canal-parade, Cardiff. 874 B LACK Cob Mare, 4 years old, 14 hands high; broken to saddle and harness, and warranted sound; price £18. Apply A. M., care of Richards, Builder, Churcb-roau, Mainuee, Newport. 93] e IjpOR Sale, several Dogcarts, Business Carts, Gigs, and Trotting Sciilkey all in good condition.—Apply Lewis, Coachbuilder, Cadoxton, Cardiff. ifõiis-d-Ö;MI¿'si5 hands high, £ 13; trial Fallowed .-Stephen Strickland, Caerphilly. 346 i.OR- Sa1by Horse, 14-2; suit coal cart or steady work. F-Ai)ijly '?0, Crichton-streel, Csrdiff. 256 I^OR Sale, a brown pony, 13 hands, six years old, quiet to ride or drive, very free and fast in harness, c?ii trot 12 miles an hour also a flat cart and set of harness, all to match, the above is warranted sound, suit green- grocer or laundry work, to be sold scperate or otherwise, owner giving up.—Apply, Atlas Hotel, Leckwith-road, Car ton, Cardiff. 209 S^OR Sale, a Pair of good Carriage Horses, 16 hands, fcve 1 and six years old; warranted quiet to ride and drive in single and double harm-ss: would suit gentleman's broughnm or wme and pirit merchant; the above will be warranted sound, and one week's free trial a!lowed.-Apply No. 1A,Alex andra-road, Cowbridge-road, Cardiff. 260 FOPv Sale, 9-ood geco.d-hind Brougham, morocco lined. Cage Bros., V?,tori.strcet, Cardiff. 69 FOR Sale, Donkey and Harness, Cart and Coal Baskets, 52, Russell-street, Roath, Cardiff. 2 F OR Sale, Grey Horse, 15-2 hands, 7 years, suitable for trolley or brake work, warranted sound and free from vice, price £15: also Bay Mare, 14 hands, 6 years, has beer constantly worked in cart and trap harness, price £16; triri allowed.—Apply Mr Bettridge, lhree Salmons, Griftii- street, Newport. 923" l-OR-s:¡e;- strong, useful Pony, 12 hands good in Fh-?irness or _sd:=fl 10,ontypridd:. Porth. 42 J^OR Sale, cheap, good, honest Pony, and Harness to match also few pairs lamps.-Jones, Black Bnll Merthyr. 66 I^OR Sale, four fine Mastiff and St. Bernard Pups, month old also ::Istitch,2 years.—Matthews,247,Bute-st. FOR Sale, strong Truck, cheap also about SO stron^ "FIour Sacks.—81, Portmanmoor-st,, tC)ors,_Carditf. i^OIt Sale, Pony, six years, with Cart and HarneSS: } cheap owner has nofurther use.- WIliams, Portman moor-road, East AIoors. 302 OR Sale, small Cart, Counters, Corrugated Iron Clothes- posw, Entrance-gates, Boards, etc.-Blake, Cathays Yard, Minister-street, or 3, Llanbled.lian Gardens, Cardiff. F OP, Sale, Waggonette, in good condition; carry twelve owner no further use.—Apply C. Jones, near Board Schools, Caerpliilly 78 ]on Sale, Dark Bay Cob, 13 hands, warranted sOund, good worker, quiet to ride and drive, trial allowed also harness, price £13 10s the lot no dealers.—Moore and Co., 49, Queen-street, Cardiff. 911 I^OR Sale, Pony, with f lat Cart and Harness, suit green- grocer; the lot £15; or will exchange for a stron" horse and carL-Apply 118, High-street, Barry. 913 G- R-ÄN.O-I;;tÜi Bitch for Sal e; 1)redbyM?? HuFi GExeLer; ten months; spiendid guard, obedient, and used to children.-Apply Jones, 22, COIIlUlercial-street, Newport. 940e HANDSOME-bred wire-coated Fox Terrier Pups, bla;;k white, and tan; month old, 1s 6d each.—Owens 122' Severn-road, Cardiff. 26 HANDSOME, compact Fox reITier Bitch; even black- ,1 tan head spot on srern, game, clean, particularly fonn children.—Chemist, 221, J3ute-roac1_ 9ï9 HANDSOME Horse Pony, 13 hands, 5 years; warranted sound, and good in harness and fast, E14.-52, Al?t"1- street, Roath, Cardiff. 978 HORSE for Sale, cheap; suit coal-ca.rt.-3S, Elm-street, Roath, Cardiff. 365 -Ru USTiC-D(t', also set of brown Haria?gs (cob Bizef: U 29 10s k"e 10::rgÛn. -Rosser, Herbert-st., Newport. SALE, strong, useful, well-made Spring Trap suitabfe KJ for commercial work, business, or pleasure.— Apply 6 Gas-road, Pontypridd. 377 SALE, useful Mare, 13 hands, with fine Ho-se Colt beside her (six months), £ 14.—Apply 21, Topaz-street, Roath Cardiff 176 S ALE, no further use, sound, good-working Pony 12 KZ7 hands, with good set of harness, £ 11.-36, Bedford- street, Roath. 107 -T-óili;grocers and others.-Chestnut Mare Pony, 13' Th-,ii,ds, with Long Flat Cart and Harness sell together or separate. Price £ 13.—Apply E. Merchant, East Uskside Newport. 92ge rriWO pure-bred Berkhire Boars for Sale; fat.—H. 52 Dock-street, Newport.. 52 r]ÃCl\ naCdiff.-Wanted, Horses and Cattle ?, JL splendid gmf>S land that has n.t been gr?zed or mowed this yeir good shelter and water.-Apply T 974, Daily News," Cardiff. 974 rI-"H.AP, suit pony 11 hands, with cushions; Pony 1,4" X Cart, also Pony Crank Axle Cart.-R sser, Herb3rt- st"ort. 892o TTSEFUL .1are, suit coal cart, £5; also Pony, 6 years 13 hands, suit quiet work, £ 6.-93, Clifton-st., Roath, Cardiff. 977 v, ERY handsome Chesnut Filly, 5 years, 13 hands vvar- ranted sou d and good worker, fast, and very quiet. suit. lady or gentleman. -Apply Coachman. Dr S. Wallace's Stables, Union-stmet, Cardiff. 3S7 W ANTED, P?,try-.ks and Bakers H..d-truck.S?? price to The Patisserie Company, Barry. WANTED, light Trolly to carry about 30cwt.—W.Hye iT" 19, Elm-street, Roath, Cardiff. J77 POULTRY. PIGEONS. Ac Beautiful tame African Grey Parrot, with crimson A tail, and handsome Parrot's Cage Pl 7s 6(l.-SuWvan's Menagerie, Cardiff. 316 ANOTHER fresh arrival of Welsh Cock Goldfinches, fine Alar?e birds and coming in colour; 2s eacIL-SulUvan's Menagerie, Salisbury-road, Caitf. 315 B LÛEA;d;:ian Cock, Payne's strain, a few black minorca hens (good layers) for Sale, ebeap -1 Jubilee-terrace, Penarth-road. 170 FRESH arrival of young Hartz MoUntai n]iE.-Il grad Flooking birds; 2 in cage for 2s 6d.-suuivan's Menagerie, Salis.:road, C_itI. 317 HOMERS.—A gi^nil lot of young Homers to select from* HL? each flown i, miles this season, taking first prize Stafford, second Sheffield.—D. John, Tichbome Anns, Cardiff. 86 LOVELY White Fantails, some ringed, 4. 6d pair; one or two pairs Silver Owls and Black Barbs. 10, Rose-street, Newport. agge P IGEONS.-For sale, cheap, DragOOD8, Pouters, Arch. angels, and Homers, 400 mile birds mUBt be c Ieared, room wan Led also a Collie Bitch, pedigree, 5 month, old. Apply 11,Castle-arcade, Cardiff. S87 SPLENDID Redbreast Cock Linnets, U 6d for two, war- mnted; Green or Brown, Ji Pair; packed.-Stewart1. System-street, Roath, Cardiff. 53 WORKING Homers, 2s 6d pair; shooting matches sup- f plied reasonable; 200 pigeons in stock.—Copenian, Charles-street, Newport. 9 4 "Pairs well-cut baldhead Tumblers warranted prizo- bred 4s pair on approval.-Copeman, Charles-street, Newport. 936e BICYCLES. TRICYCLES d'e. ? ?UBHION-Tyred Safety for Sale ball bearings eveiy- J where; sound machine cost £ 12 12s, take Z6 I6s Safety, 186, Windmill-lane, Smethwick, Staffordshire. 136 DIAMOND Frame Safety, balls throughout; list price £17 lls, cash £ 7 10s rubber handles good condi- tion:-49, King's-road, Canton. 997 DIAMOND Frame Safety; balls throngh04t, Daccessorie?; never been ridden geared 5 itL; splendid oarg, in; 210.- 0wen, 59, System-street. Roath. 993 .D-iMIOND Frame, Cushion Tyre, 1? Tyre, Ball Bearings Dinetti(ling head list E16;:msh 7 guineas.—Kennard, 2, Church-street, Cardiff. 116 -D- IAl\IOND frame Safety ball bearings including pedals Dan(l head :?-tyre: cost Cl5 15s, cash 7 gwuea$- Kennard, Church-street, Cardiff. 114 FOR Sale, Strong Safety Bicycle, Bonn's ?Eolus, Ball FOR Sale, Strong Safety Bicycle, Bown's iEolus, Salt- JL Bearins". price E5.—Apply. between 6 and 8 ,44, 21t- mead-road, Saltmead, CardifT. FOR Sale, a good Safety Bicycle, cheal) ball bearings throughout.— Apply 37, Salisbury-road, Cardiff. 281 G- EN1JINECu¡;hioyd-Demon S;-hty:ew Gbalis throughout, pedals, &c., complete beautif?? phtted and enamelled • Tan onL wheels, adjustable through- out, lined with Koid list t2O bargain; approval Coy, 104, 3farylebo?e-laue, Odord-street, London, W 125 GOOD second-hand Ivel Safety, ball bearings through G out; pneumatic handles; cheap.-Davies and Co., Queen-street, Cardiff. 23 ORRIS Bros., Cycle Works. Pontypridd.—Bargains shop- H Genuine Rover Pneumatic Light Roadster, sboP. soiled 0nly, ;C t3 10s cash-two-inch tyres. MORRIS Bros.—Cushion "Demon Light Roadster, new ItJL balls throughout, B12 15s cash; "Excelsior,-I)ia. mond, new, reliable, B9 10s cash. 440 31 OILIZIS 13iog.-New "Rudgti" Diamond, solid tyrea, latent pattern, L9 155 cash Second-hand genuine "Rover" Safety, L5 cash. 44e 'jt?ORRI? Bros. BaH-bearine KaTigaroo, 683 cash: several XTJL good Bicydes all sizes at 30s each cash. Plating, Enamelling, at Trade Prices. 44e "O^EUMATIC 'fyres repaired cheaply and prompt A experienced workman on the premisca.-Meager Bros,, 10, Castle-road, Card lS7e 1-j'KÈUè\IATIC, 2-inch tyres, ballbe?riDgsincluding p pedals; list E23, nearly new; cash 11 fmineaA?- Kennard, 3, Church-street, Cardiff. 113 QUADRANT Pneumatic (Dunlop), 2in. by iii?. tyres ball beanngs nearly new list £ 26; cash 14 guineas. Kennard, 3, Church-street, Cardiff. 112 T> Tyre ball bearings, pedals, head; IV weight 371bd list L23 2s; cash 15 guineas. -Kennard, Church-street, Cardiff. 335 T[) OVESTTricycle easy riding machine cost 221; sell Sea 24 15s. Diamond frame Safety, ?C8.- arn 8, Sea View, Grangetown, Cardiff 949 R- UDCæ No. 1 Safety, original price Big 1,* for?CS, in guaranteed condition. -Summerfield, Orv*u Villa, Caerleon road, Newport. 919e OPECtAL Clearance Sale of Safeties bv all the Leading Makers; Pneumatic, cushion, and solid tyres; no reasonable offer refused.—Meager Bros., 10, Castle-road. CardiS. 1870 FOR SllE-MISCELLANEOIIS. A Good Treadle Lathe with some Tools for Sale, cheap.— 1z, Jubilee-terrace, Penarth-road. 171 BA1\iBOOS1l8izes.heap; Boards and Russian 'M?ts — BW. Shapland, 9, Canal-parade, CardiS. 873 Tf?EVAN?Co?Ltd.. Tho Cardiff Furnishers are low JD offering a Manufacturer's Stock of Office Desks, in oak, walnut, and mahogany; two and a half guineas each usual price, foui- guineas. 61 BLAIBERG, Pawnbroker and Jeweller, 2 Bute-terrace. JD Crrliff.-22et. Gold Wedding Ring, 3Aclwt new and „ wide only 19sl 127 BLAIBERG, Pawnbroker, 2, Bute-terrace Cardiff. JL-1 Silver English Lever, by Spiridion, Cardiff ■ warranted for five yeara only 50s. A bargain. 127 BLAIBERG, Pawnbroker, 2, Bute-terrace, Unre- Only 16s rl ^5Ca toned Guitar; as good as Dew. Only 100 6d. Well worth seeing. 127 B-' IBfW, Pa"]?r -?ker, 2. Bute-terrace, Cardiff???l Bsiz,e? Featherbed, Bolster, and Pillows; weighs about 601b?. Only 39s. 127 Pawnbroker, 2, Bute-terrace.—Pair all-wool Cloth Blankets, 13s 6d; Tapestry Quilt, 6s 6d; pair Sheets, 3s 6d. Lot, 21s. 127 all sizss. Vertical. Cornish, Lancashire, Loco- JL» type also Vertical Steam Engines.-The Grantham Crankjind Iron Co.. Ld., Grantham. 10 ?-?RyED Oak Furniture, consisting of Bookcases, \? Cabinets, Overmantels, &c., to be sold; great bargains. —Parhculars at No. 4, Castle Arcade. Cardiff. 265 c OLEMAN F,-Ilick.-L.dy's first-class Silver Lever, in good going order (Wright, Coventry), 45s; warranted years. 222 COLEMAN FoUich. 48, Bridge-street.—16 yards of good Black Silk, in good condition, v2 just forfeited. 2*2 CCOLEMAN Foliick, Pawnbroker and Jeweller. 40 and J 41, Bridge-street, Cardiff. Lady's Magniifcent 3-Stone Diamond Ring, 40s. 222 COLEMAN Foliick, 40 aud 41, Bridge-street. Gent.'s c Single Stoue Diamond Ring, very fine colour, £0 Ss genuine bargain. 222  F.ilick-. 3cnt-'s Solid Gold Alb ? .tn'l 14c. J Cola Patent Lever, bQth u &god CQOwtiQD, o?y ?4. 222 FIREWORKR, Fireworks.-AII buyers of fireworks should send for J. E. Com,ey and Sons' prices before buying elsewhere wh_ olesale only cheapest house, in South Wales. -Address Moira-terFace, Card.iff. 544e GUN.—Double-barrel Breech-loader, top lever, left bar- reI choke, double bolted hammers below line of Right, and Euglish steel barrels. Stamped by Government; spkndiJ kblcr; equal to new; £ 3 155; approval.—A. Lovell, 7, Wooler-road, Weston-super-Mare. 54 FISHING Tackle, R-;â-Baskets, pair High Boots (nearly new), Air Gun, and 8kates.-Apply G., Post- office, Mackintosh-place, Cardiff. 920 FEATHERS for Beds.-Sleep on a nice comfortable Feather Bcd. Get -our Feathers direct 401b?. and upwards of good, clean, dry Poultry Feathers at 6d per ponnd. Carriage paid to any railway station.-Send postal orr to II. Handy, Feather Merchant, Welshpool. 841 FEATHERS for Sale.—Clean, puP;Jtry Fet1;;¡ ready for use, at 6d per lb.-Apply to Matthews. 78, Aea-ron,1.r:ton, Cardiff. 279 FOR SaJe,-Six Sash Window-frames, glas complete Front Door and step; also Mantel-shelf, Parlour Grate, chcap.—51, Lower Cathedral-road, Cadiff. 307 FOR Sale, Barbed Wire, 22s per cwt. reel.—E. Priest & Co., 53, iJ'»:.r:, Canton, Cardiff. 876 FOR Sale, Galvanised RöofiSh;et, 6 and 8 feet l;; Is 7d and 2s 2d each.—Tatf Vale Works, 53, King's road. Canton. CaridfT. 876 iT'OR Sale, Wire Netting, 24in. wide, 2in. mesh, 4B 7d per 50 prd5.-5,), King's-road, CaEtou. C,uàiff. 876 Sale, Patent Asphalte Roofing Felt, 5s per rll; C sea Nails free-E. Priest and Co., £ 3, King's-road, Canton, Cardiff. 876 IOR Sale, large Iron-frame Chaff-cutter, hand or steam; 111so four new Trolley Wheels.—74. Thesiger-street, Cat,h&y", Cmdiff. 126 IATI1E (Screw Cutting) for Eale, 3in centre, 3ft bed.- W. -J _,6, .!Ig-street, Newport, Ion. Stamp for reply. MAGIC Lantern (3-wick) cost £ 3, price 25s; 19 iws, iT Captain McClintock's Expedition to the North Po]e, ill mahogany frames cost 6s each, price 2s. Set of Astronomical views p:ice £ 3, price £ 1.—George, 192, Great Hampton-row, Birmingham. 142 IV ATURE'S Revelations to the Married On1Y7just pub- JL1 lished (copyright), 112 pages, post free, Is 2d. The most remarkable book ever written. It startles doctors, and snrprises everybody.—From all booksellers, or direct from H. R. Varney, 3, Narrow Y\:e-st!ect.13!istol. 675 OAK Bookcase (carved), 70s Carved Oak Hall Chair, caned seat and back, 13s 6d.—Harris, The Market, Newport. 632e OTTO Gas Engine for Sale, H h p. nominal, in perfect condition. Reason for sellil1, replacing with more power; can be seen working.-Welsh Bacon Factory, Llandaff. 183 PIGS for Sale.-Glamoranshire Sow and 10 Young Pigs, 4 wePKs old second litter.-ADply Coedygoras-cotrace, Llanedame, near Cardiff. 052 SUMMKR-Flowering Chrysanthemums quite hardy will grow iudoors or outside 2s 6d dozn. Cinerarias, grand strain, 2s dozen; free for cash.-D. Davi_ es, Lugwar- dine, Hereford. 388 rpo Builders.-UsefI11 Sashes amI Frames, Door, Shop X Fronts, Grates. &c., cheap.-Apply Burton and Co., 8, Working-street, Cardiff. 226 To .Jwe1!ers.-Seveml Counter Cases for Sale; maho- gany ehonized -Ap¡ly Vale Bros., Air-tight Show Case Makers, We ton-super-.Mare. 95 WILCOX and Gibbs' Treadle Sewmg Machine for ;al; m gond order; a bargain, 15s 6d,-Margùhes, Pawn- broker, 54, Tudor-roa<l. Cardiff. 47 MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. BLACK Red Game, threo hens aud cock, very fine, 255; cheap.—155, Castle-road, C¡rdiff- 275 (SASH (full value) given fO r Ladies,' Gentlemen's, and J Children's Cast-off Clothinr also miscellaneous articles. All orders punctually attended to on receipt of p05tcant.-M:e!3rad wa, Cardiff. 142 DRESSMAKING Wanted at Ladie Homcs by day or week.—AdaressG 369, Echo Office, C"rdiff. 36 FURNITURE.—Y/anted, large Round or Oval Table for sitting-room alBo Couch, upholstered leather no rubbish need not b quite new. Hive description amI lowest pr;cC>Alra, Ech,) Oifiee, Cardiff. 23 INDIA-RUBBER Hose, iin. wanted, 50 to 10'ft., C:;j[ second-hand.—Davies, Tobacconist, Bute Docks, Cardiff. MRS Mary Moriseo, 13A, Broadway, Cardiff, Vives the 1'L highest price for Ladies'. Gentlemen's, and Children's Wardrobes. Established in 1873. 319 'XTANTED by -;pctable woman, Families' Washing T IB per Gozen; shirts, 3d.-131, King's-road, Canton Cardiff. 74 'T ANTED, few families' Washing or Daily Work by 1'1' respectable voung woman; references if required,- Apply 10, Littleton-street, Canton, Cardifi. 917 WANTED by respectable PerBOn in the country, one or two families Washing.—Apply F 158, "Echo Oflice, WANTED, second-hand Mangle 24 or 27 moh weights il' and levers preferable gtate lowest price — Z 955, South Wales Daily News" Oflice, Cardiff. 955 'XTANTEÐ:t-o-dOPt-BahY, any age; premium; re- fer"ee given.—Address "Alpha," "Free PreBs" Office. Pontypoul. 968 YOUNG Gentleman requires Washing done; none bUt, those accu"tomed to good work need apply,-G 229, Echo Oflke, Cardiff. 229 n8C!LLAXEOIJ. AMATEUR Reciters, send y()r- ;mes with threestampi and hear something advantageous.-Charlie Sparrow, Elocutionist, Mitcheldean. 50 FRUIT.-AlI-¿orts bought on commission.—Apply E. Morris, Doddenham, Worcester. 890 FEMALE Corrective M!xture succeeds after all others have failed Dot a quack mecHcine.-Pearson and Co., Chemist9, 10, Caroliiie-6treet, CarJiff. 310 LAZING Linen like China without jolishing irons \JC ix stamps 4,700 testimonials. Acme Ironcleaner 6 atamps.-Madame 421 Heron-road. Twickenham. 134 GLASS Shades and Stands, all sizes, cheap, for clocks, statuettes, &c —J. Cording, Nat.ualist and Taxider mist 42, Royal Arcade, Cardiff. 387 1TCHINGS (unbearable/, Pimpl£3, nasty Sores or Ulcere, Blood an4 Skin Diseases (from whatever ca.use'.Apply now for advice, free of charge,to Pearson and Co., Chemists- 10, Caroline-street, Cardiff, where immediate relief may be had, and sure cure guaranteed, at a trifling cost. 310 IF you want your Dining or Drawing-room Suite Re- upholstered, send for James Stinchcombe, Practical Upholsterer and Mattress M&ker, 12, Le .d-Etreet, Roath, C:mlilf. 233 IS YOur Watch wrong ? The best and cheapest Shop in Cardiff for the repair of watches of every description, Enelish or Foreign, is 38, Castle-arcade (third shop from Castle-3treet). Proprietor, James Keir, for 10 years with Mr Spiridion. Hands, glasses, and keys fitted. 111 JEWELLERY Watches, Watch Materials Cutlery, Toys, Pipes, Musical Instruments. Wholesale list pmt free.—Wright St Luke's-road, Birmingh m 267 LAUNDRY æazmg Secret,—Cuffs, Collars, and Fronts like white china; nothing nsed in the starch; no polishing iron required particulars free.-Laundry, 76. Licard, Birkenhead. 132 MARRIAGE Prospects, Pnncipal Events for 12 months, Business. Removals, tc. Send birthtime and seven mps to Hill, 3, Severn Chambers, Nottingham. 895 STALL 232, Cardiff Market.-Wools and Hosiery direct from producer, at wholesale prioes refooting. Daily. To Bakers and Confcotioners.—G. S. Tunks and Co., ■ Limited, OV81 BuihJers.—Manufacturers of all kinds of bakers' requisites, Kneading sifting, and other bakers' machinery may be seen In motion dally from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. Send for price lists.-Mdress 13, New Dock-etreat, N ewport. 43* FURN ISH. on our new hire Hira System. HouseB 0 Apartments completely furnished on a new øysm adopted Bolely by us, whereby all publicity, exposure, and irieu;vanmst:cTiI:hj l with. We have an immense stock of Household Furniture {jcheap and superior quality. AI Igoods sold on the Hire System at ready-money prices. We make no extra charge for credit, and all goods sent home in a private van free of charge. No Btamp or agreement h&rges made; no bill of sale; everything private. Arrangements completed °:rtlet; d: fi:tanI we guarantee quality, and will undertake to supply furniture, etc., at 10 per cent, less than any price-list iBsued by any firm in Cardi1f. Eleven showrooms. Call and inspect our im- mense s, and compare prices before purchasing else- where. We will supply £ 6 worth for 2s 6d weekly £ 10 worth, 4B weekly £IÎf worth fOr 5s weekly £ 20 worth, 55 weekly, ad so on in pPOportion. Special trm for larger quantities. Please note the address :—South Wales t Furnishing Company, 31, Castle-street (OPPOsite the Ca8tle), I MOSEY. MONEY advanced to responsible pergons prh.ately and It..L promptly, from £ 10 to £ 1,000, on note of hand, at a fair rate of interest and easy repayments. Distance no ob. jectionr-Ápply, by letter on,y, to J. Waters 13, Alfred street, Neath. 187e IMPORTANT to Agriculturists, aad othcrs.-A private Gentleman, having a large capital at his commnd, is prepared to maim advances in sums, from £ 10 to £ 1,000, to Professional Gentlemen, Tradesmen, Farmers, and all clasiies of respectaWe Householders generally, on their Sote of Hand alone.-r,;Jly D. Phillips, Snows aill House, Adare-stroet, Bridgend. 4002-335e MONEY.—Applicants in Town a.ù Countrv.-Do not be allured by the advertisements of so-caned banks or private lenders offering to make advances on ridiculous terms. The majority of them emanate from agents, whose object is to obtain fees, commission, and deposits. Being the actual lender, no such requirement8 are exacted, and the cash advanced direct at a fair rate of interest, according to risk, without the exposure often attending a loan ADVANCES are made from £ 5 to £ 1,000, upon every clas3 of security. Existing loans are paid off. No charge made unless the money is advanced. Write or caJl.- T. G rton, 15, Bridge-street, cw¡¡ort, Mon. 5l2e MONEY Lent from £ 5 to £ 500 at a few hours' notice to 1,. farmers, cowkeepers, householders and ohers on pro missory Dote alone, and on the borrower's own name. Dis- tance no object. No charges of any description are made unless business is transacted. Anyone requiring a strictly private temporary loan without the usual publicity and loaoi office routine should apply to Philip Bassett, 11, Penuel. square, Pontvnridd. 49e 1^' O BILLS OF SALE. NO PUBLICITY MONEY LENT ON NOTE OF HAND ALONE, in Sums from £ 20 to £ 3,000 The National Mercantile Bank, BaJdwin-street, Br stol.-The Directors QÍ this oid- es!.blished, well-known offi, having large availaile funds, offer unusual facilities to all respectable and trustworthy perSOUB who require either temporary or permanent assist j ance. Cash in amounts from £ 20 to £ 3,(MX) is advanced In all parts of the kingdom, without sureties, delay, or pub- 1 licit,y, and on the security only of the borrower's written prpmise to repay. These advances may be repaid by weekly, monthly, or quarterly instalments, extending over a period of time convenient to the borrower, or the principal may re- ao íI!'eth \l;etOfow:{J.oNbnl:tfC;rte n;:k:: 1 and the transactions are not pu}lisbed in any newspaper or, gazette.—Apply, 8tatin amount re uired, to Mr T. C. Mil' ourn General Manatxr. 927e /COMMERCIAL ADVANCE BAJ^K. 19, QUAY-ST., V CARDIFF. £ 3 to £ 300 can be obtained on the same day a: ap lied for by professional gentlemen, tradesmea, farmers, cowKeepeni and householders. Applicants may rely on the strictest secrecy being ob- 1 served. Charges moderate, and no enquiry or other fees charged unless cash ad .anced. COllptry applieatio attended 1 to Wlthout ùrlay. Applypersonalr or by letter to MR L. JOS'EPH COMMERCIAL ADVANCE BANK, 23e 19, QUAY-STREET, CARDIFF. MONEY !-The DIRECTORS of I. S. FIELDIKG and ] :.L CO., LIMITED, ADVANCE DAILY sums from £ 3 to £ 1,000. METHOD OF BUSINESS FAIR INTEREST. EASY REPAYMENTS. NO DELAY. ABSOLUTE PRIVACY. NO SURETIES. Trade Bills Discounted" roRP^Gtu9es and particulars free.—Apply to Secietary,. 18, CHARLES-STRRET. CARDIFF. 15» MR J. P. THOMPSON, 71, ADAM'. STREET, ..& :.L ÐARD1FF. IS STlLT4 ADVANCING MONEY FROM £ 3 UPWARDS TO HOUSEHOLDERS, CAB PROPRIETORS, DAIRYl\Œ,N, AND OTHERS, ON THEIR OWN NOTE OF HAND. NO FEES. NO DELAY. Office HourB, 9 to i. Wednesdays, 9 to 2. 28* THOMPSON'S BURDOCK PILLS. THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER.-Purify the f?u1est blood and relieve every disease of stomach, liver, and kidneys. The5e wonderflù Pills cure- d!seases which could not be reached by any other medi- lHe. For Rheumatics, I.umbago, Piles, Gravel, Pains in th Back, Scurvy, Bad Legs, Wounds or White Swelhn, .Scrofula, Cancers, Blotche on the Face and Body, Swelled Feet, &c., Jaundice, Dropsy, and Fever of aU kind,. In boxe at 15 1 i l and 28 8d" each.—Sold by all chemists, or from the Ulanufactory, 44 Orior strel:0, 8 DAY," rapidly successful in all cases either l'ecnt o. chronic an infallible remedv III all d!sch:1.r!;ês. Cures without iil bottles, 28 601 each, ùy pot 2s 9tl, by all chemists. IonlOn Agents, Newbery and Sons, 1, King ltl\md street, E.C. Agent for Cardiff, J. Munday Wlieuust 1, tligU-street. it jltmtstmmis. CARDIFF. rjlHEATRE ROYAL, CARDIFF. LESSEE AND MANAGER ..Mr EDWARD FLETCHER WEDNESDAY, Sept. 16, Mr Harvey's Latest Success, in Four Acts, FALLEN AMONG THIEVES. THURSDAY AND SATURDAY, Sept. 17 and 19 THE LAND OF THE LIVING. THE EMPIRE. MANAGER. TO-NIGHT! OSWALD STOLL. AMAZING PROGRESS OF ACROBATIC ART TO THE CARDIFF PUBLIC IN GENERAL AND THE PATKONS OF THE EMPIRE IN PARTICULAR. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,— Great Geniuses have come into the world, done their work and passed away, without mankind having been aware of their presence. Achievements, that afterwards set all earth talking for centuries, have been accomplished by greatness famihing and hiverin unnoticed in earrets. And then these Wonder-workers have departed un- appreciated TILL THEY WERE GONE. Let your false steps of the past guide your footsteps of the future. THE MARVELLOUS GLINSERETFIS are MIRACULOUS and INDESCRIBABLE ACROBATS—the grandest the world has ever seen. Time, money, and trouble have procured them fOT the Empire for the week commencing September 14th. Grasp the full importance of the event WHILE IT IS Don't let physical genius of the present, li!? mental Idiee pa?t, come and go unbononred, un5un, acduDseeu. OSWALD STOLL. No Advance in the Prices of Admission. 160 NesfU eel;—George Beauchamp," Get Your Hair Cut. CARDIFF SOPHIA GARDENS PARK ?? (by kind permission of the Most Hon. the Maiquis of Bute.) FIRST AND ONLY VISIT TO CARDIFF. ONE WEEK ONLY. COMMENCING MONDAY, SEPT. 21. Return to England of the Original and Only BUFFALO (COLONEL W. F. CODY) T I L D EST. Representation of INDIAN AND ritONTIKR LIFE. As complete in every detail as when presented in London—Queen's Jubilee Year. New Centennial Year. Paris—Universal Exposition Year. Rome—Pope Leo XlIL's Jubilee Year. And many other of the chief Continental Cities. A TOUR UNEQUALLED IN AMUSEMENT ANNALS. All Nations All Countries All People Pleased, Entertained, Instructed by the Repre- !<entRtions. 200 INDIANS, MEXICANS, COWBOYS, SCOUTS BUCK RIDERS, RIFLEMEN, &c. REMEMBER, THIS IS THE SAME OUTDOOR EXHIBITION AS GIVEN IN LONDON THE JUBILEE YEAR. FEARLESS LADY RIDERS. INDIANS, COWBOYS, and MEXICANS will run EXCITING HACEs in an Enormous Arena. THE MOST COLLOSSAL AMUSEMENT ENTER. PRISE THAT EVER VISITED WALES. COL. W. F. CODY (BUFFALO BILL) WILL POSI. TIVELY APPEAR AT EVERY PERFORMANCE VISIT THE PICTURESQUE INDIAN VILLAGE AND FRONTIER CAMP. Grounds Located—CARDIFF SOPHIA GARDENS PARK. FOR SIX DAYS ONLY. TWO PERFORMANCES DAILY, at 3 amd 8 D m.1 RAIN OR SHINE. Nights Brilliantly Illuminated. Doors Open at 1.30 and 6.30. PRICES, Is, 2s, 3s, & 4g. Tickets in advance. Seats for 15,00C people. 5,000 One Shilling Seats. GENERAL ADMISSION, ONE SHILLING. eat" for alL SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 26TH. POSITIVELY LAST REPRESENTATIONS. Daily Excursions to Cardiff by Rail and Steamboats, from all surrounding Towns and Villages. 5023—90Se COLONIAL HALL, CARDIFF. yARNEY! THE WONDER WORKER IN MEDICAL. ELECTRICITY, LECTURES EVERY EVENING AT 8. ADMISSION FREE. The following is a copy of a letter from Colonel Morgan, Mayor of Erecon, to the sufferers of Cardiff :— "Mr W. R. Varney has been in Brecon for the last fortnight. His Marvellous Cures by Electricity have excited much astonishment and surprise. I can confi- dently recommend him to the sufferers of Cardiff. "JOHN MORGAN, MAYOR. "Brecon, July 30th, 1891." VARNEY gives ADVICE upon HEALTH to all sufferers FREE OF CHARGE Daily in the Colonial Hall, from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m. An Experienced Lady Assistant in attendance for Ladies. NEWPORT. EMPIRE, NEWPORT, Under the same Management as the EMPIRE, Cardiff. VARIETY ENTERTAINMENTS OF EXCEPTIONAL EXCELLENCE. TWO COMPLETE PERFORMANCES NIGHTLY. Early One-7 o'clock to 9. Late One—9 o'clock to it. All Artistes appear at each Performance. 161 OSWALD STOLL. | PONTYPRIDD. ¡ PONTYPRIDD. JDEOPLE'S PARK, PONTYPRIDD. Proprietors, Messrs POOLE and JAMES. Secretary, ALFRED C. BEERE. A GRAND BRASS BAND CONTEST, Open to the United Kingdom, will be held in the above park, On MONDAY, OCTOBER 5, 1891. Test Selection, Maritana," arr. by H. Round, Esq. published by Wright and Round, 34, lirskine-street, Liverpool adjudicator, J. Jackson, Esq., Leeds Forge. First Prize. £20; Second Prize, RIO Third Prize, £5. Entrance fee, to admit to Park, 10s bd entries close September 21st, 1891. MARCHING CONTEST, PRIZE S2. Test Selection (quick march), The Lion"; published by Frost & Son, Manchester. Entrance free to all competing bands. ? ? ATHLETIC SPOKT? ? S '? ONE MILE FOOT RACE.—First Prize, S5; Second Entrance Is TWO MILE OPEN BICYCLE RACE.—First Prize, B6 Second do., £1 10s Third do., 10s. Entrance, ls6d. Grand Fireworks Display, &3. 656e Entries Close SepLembr 50th. SWANSEA. FLETCHER'S GREAT WAXWORK Jf EXHIBITION AND FANCY BAZAAR, HIGH TREET. SWANSEA. NOW OPEN DAILY from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m. LARGER THAN EVER, having all the LATEST NOVELTIES obtainable. EVERY MODEL A CORRECT LIKENESS. The Exhibition is truly the Largest out of London. NO VISITOR TO SWANSEA SHOULD MISS THIS SIGHT. Admission. 3d. Catalogues, Id. 3% S'alis hit J\.ttdinn. QUEEN-STREET SALE-ROOMS, CARDIFF. -SALE OF SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD APPOINT- MENTS. MESSRS MOORE & CO. will SELL .i\L by AUCTION, on MONDAY, THURSDAY, and SATURDAY, Sept. 14th, 17th, and 19th, 1891, about 400 lots of New and Second-hand FURNITURE, removed from various residences for convenience of sale. Sale each day at 2 and 7.30 o'clock. 3I L. JjLENEINSOP^, FRENCH STAY AND CORSET MAKER, 5, WHARTON-STREET, CARDIFF ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. No Connection with any other Firm. 895e 2 0O PR I Z E S SUNCLAD TOBACCO MONSTER COMPETITION FOR THE COLLECTION OF SUNCLAD TOBACCO WRAPPERS. Smoke no other Tobacco than Snnclad, and save the wrappers and secure one of the valuublo prizes to be distributed on December 21st. All wrappers must be in by December 7th, 1891. For rules and particulars see handbills, to be had from all respectable grocers and tobacconists in South Wales and Monmouthshire. ? ??"?E GOLD WATCH. 3 &IL? ER LEVER WATCHES. 5 SILVER WATCHES. 20 MEERSCHAUM PIPES. 170 HANDSOME OLEOGRAPHS. S06e J. E. COMLEY AND SON", IMPORTERS OF FANCY GOODS. VASES, CHINA, &c., 24, MOIRA-TERRACE, CARDIFF, Are now making a SPECIAL SHOW FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON. Shopkeepers will do well to Call and Inspect our Stock. WHOLESALE ONLY. 44e ~vr E w p O R T oTTTcI NE'VPORT OFFICE L OF TH5 ?.? ?SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS No 1, TREDJEGAR-PLACE. %htsim?ss ^ftftrissrs. f< I THE FAULTS irhich mark this last decade of the 19th Century are—a slavish aJher-fnce to custon), an entire absence of originality, a too great leaning to utility in matters of attire. This has its advantages, in- asmuch as one now pays only about as much for a decent suit of clothes of fashionable cut as the beau OF ? a bye-gone age expended upon his plum- coloured coat or derply-embroidered vest. This result has been brought about by such firms as MASTERS & CO" who sell clothing of excellent style, com- bined with fit and wear, at such a low price that the very poorest can dress with taste. Go yourself and take the boys to MASTERS AND CO., The Cardd Clothiers, 29 and 30. St. Mary-street, 292 Bute-street, and 1, St, John's-square (comer of Queen-street), I CARDIFF, I 22e ffinursinns. I BRISTOL CHANNEL PASSENGER SERVICE, LTD. SPECIAL EXCURSION FROM NEWPORT TO WESTO-N-, LYNAIOUTR, & ILFRAcornE By the Magnificent Electric Lighted Saloon Steamers BONNIE DOON AND LORNA DOONE Wind, weather, and other circumstances permitting). THURnA Y NEXT, SEPT. 17TH Leaving Pontoon (Newport) 7.30 a.m. Returnine torn Ilfracombe 3 p.m. Lynmouth, 3.35 J};m; Weston; 7 p.m; ALSO, SAME DAY, AFTERNOON TRIP TO AVESTO-NI BY BONNIE DOON, wind, weather, and other circumstances pertaitting:, Leaving Pontoon, Newport, at 3.30 p.m.; returning from Weston 7 p.m., giving about two hours ashore. Return Fares Weston, fore deck, Is 6d; after deck, 2s. To Lynmouth and Ilfracombe, fore deck, 3s; after deck, 4s. Afternoon Trip to Weston, fore deck: Is; after deck, Is 6d. Note.—Passengers for Lynmouth and Ilfracombe will proceed by Bonnie Doon to Weston, thence by the magnificent new saloon steamer Lorna Doone EDWARDS, ROBERTSON, & CO.. Agents, 98, Dock-street, Newport. 24e COAL MINES REGULATION ACT, 1887. The Secietary of Staia for the Home Department ha.ving altered and reframed the abstract of the Act required to be published under the 57th Section of the Act, copies of the new abstract must be posted up at some conspicuous place at every colliery. Copies in pamphlet and sheet form can be had at the South Wales Printing Works, Cardiff. 4824-797e MACHEN EISTEDDVOD, BO=G- )DAY,1891.-C=F CHORAL COMPETITION (to choirs not less than 40 in number), March of the Patriots" (Adam). Prize, £10. Music from Curwen and Sons.—Secretary, L. DAVEY, Machen, Mon. 834e g O U T H WALES PHYSICAL TRAINING COLLEGE AND GYM- NASIUM, STACEY-ROAD, CARDIFF.—Gentlemen's Classes (commencing September 14th next) in Gym- nastics, Musical Drill, &c., Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, 7.30 to 10 p.m. Tenus-One night per week per season, 25s two nights, 35s three nights, 42s. Defensive Exercises by arrangement. Tuesday Even- ing, Ladies' Class for those only who are engaged during the day in houses of business, special fee. See separate prospectus. Thursday, Private Gentlemen's Class (in- tended especially for professional men), 3 guineas per season. The season extends from September to end of May. Mr G. Colle, Duke-street, Official Outfitter. Dressing-room fitted with lockers, lavatories, and shower bath. Fees payable in advance, and can be received September 12th next. For Day Classes for Ladies, Children, and Boys, apply for prospectus. Teachers trained (theoretical amd practical gymnastics) and Diplomas granted. Private lessons given. College Schools attended. Fotr further information apply to the Director. 809 U N D A Y S I TyT U N D A Y S?' -.?'V I R' I D I N E v ■ -■— — ?,' (BegisteKHTra.deMMkNe.369M. J (? ? ? THE CURE FOR CORNS. C OR-NS PAINLESS AND HARMLESS. the This infallible remedy introduced by CURE J.MUNDAY has obt&ineda world wide Wf FOR reputation. 7be efficacy of %MU. ??m?'???-?r'<S t DLNE' may be judged by its having CORN S Cured Corns' of "vel' 50 years' st?n g ?/ THE which had resisted all other remedies' CURE It succeeds where all Plasters an FOR Caustic have failed CORNS t IN REMOVING BOTH HARD-OR THE SOFT CORNS AND WALU. c U R E TESTIMONIALS. FOR ——.—— CORNS ILFRACOMBE, \? TI I feel I owe an CURE J°u snpoly,?-, me with your wonder C U R E ful Viridin?. for Yean suffered a < FOR gre2,t, deal of pain from a very obstinate )=? ?Unt-R??& icorn. but since applying your remedy V? THE it has entirely gone. I let one old man CURE h?'eabotfe, and he &-? id if he had IW ?/ FOR Guu?EAS he would give (em to von for FOR the relief he had. I /<nP1 YQ PiM-HoteL A. V?CAMTBELL. V7 THE  CURE SUNDERLAND. FOR I want you to send me two bottles of C C) Undine for a friend of mine. I have CORNS tried it myself a.nd have found it to be W ? n ?? -I L T? an ????cnt cure ior corns I may say £ l U Jtv E I have bid it oat to Brazil with me, ?/ FOR and found it to keep in warm climates /^♦ORNS I remarkably well. B..Buucms V-/ THE 13, Avenue-terrace. CURE CAUTION.—As there are several FOR imitations of this prepara-tion, /ORNS lie are requ"r?ed to ASK FOR \?/ THE Al LT N D A Y'S C UUit E MUST DAY S ? FOR VIR I DINE, CORNS And SEE THAT V.Y SIGNATURE is on the THE (-ii,l of each pickL,-e. CUR E By ordering "Com Cure yon may i t receive one of the many so-called J FOR "remedies' which only give relief ? < ???UrtRDJv'<a c or some worthless imitation of "Yiri Y-/ dine." IN BOTTLES, PRICE Is, BY POST Is 2d PREPARED ONLY BY J M U N D A Y- CHEMIST, 1, HIGH STREET, CARDIFF. 14000 SOLD BY ALL CHEMISTS. 7a 41 KEATING'S POWDER. J L Kills Fleas, Bugs, Moths, Beetles KEATING'S PQWDElt." B a k. Kills Fleas, Hues, Moths, Beetles. K EATING'S POWDER." Kills Fleas, Bugs, Moths, Beetles "K EATING'S POWDFR." Kills Fleas, Bugs, Moths, Beetles "K EATING'S POWDER?" j Kil's Fleas, Dugs, Moths. Beetles. This Powder s| R celebrated, is perfectly unrivalled in destroying BUGS, FLEAS. MOTHS, BEETLES, and all Insects (whilst perfectly harmless to all animal life). All woollens and furs should be well sprinkled with the Powder before placing it away. It is invaluable to take to the Seaside. To avoid disappointment insist upon having Keating's Powder." No other Powder b effectual. Sold only iti this, 6d, Is, and 2s 6d. Beware of imitation. Dont be deceived. WORMS IN CHILDREN, WORMS IN CHILDREN, ae easily, surelv, aud with per,"eet safety got rid of bv u?-m? KEATINH'S WOUAl TARLETS. earh' ,I! Children su?er from WorHM. If suspected, do no: wait j can with ease cure th0 (hilù (lias iio effect exoep Vû won;». old by ?ll CLecaigts, in tin! L l?d e?ch. ?e Uusnuss ÀbbrtSSfs. 'Sfrii. 11 11, — FOR TASTE AND VARIETY, CON BINED WITH QUALITY AND CHEAPNESS, THERE IS NOTHING BETTER THAN MASTERS & CO.'S SPLÉÑDID SHOW OF SUMMER Clotrttsna 4* EVERYTHING tip TO DATE. J M P O R T A N T OTIC E^. EXTENSIVE ALTERATIONS AND ADDITION OF NEW PREMISES BEING NOW COMPLETE, 1V. JJERRY & CNO, HOUSE FURNISHERS, 34, QCEEN gTREEV ARDIFF, Aire now holding their GREAT A LT S TOCK'T4\KINC S E. AND WITH A VIEW TO COMMEMORATE sueR A REMARKABLE IMPROVEMENT AND SPLENDID ADDITION TO THEIR PREMISES, INTEND OFFERING THE WHOLE OF THEIR JMMENSE JGTOCE Of DINING, DRAWING, and feEDROOta FURNITURE, BEDSTEADS, OARPETS. LINOLEUMS, OVERMANTELS. GLASS CHINA, and EARTHENWARE, CUTLERY, and ELECTRO PLATE, at FULLY 35 PER CENT. UNDER THEIR USUAL WELLr. KNOWN LOW PRICES. The whole of their Stock which reinailifed aft the Premises during Building Operations having become more or less SOILED will be CLEARED QUITE REGARDLESS OF COST, at 34, QUEEN-STREET, QARDEFJE. 1 186 PIANOS, ORGANS, PIANOS. —mmm CHEAPEST HOUSE IN THE TRADE. Pianos from 10s 6d monthly, Organs from 5s monufly The Public are invited to inspect HEATH & S 0 1I Stock of PIANOS, ORGANS, &C4 As "Pounds will be Saved by placing their Ortax • with them. Erery Instrument Guaranteed and Kept in Tune out year free of charge. LARGEST DISCOUNT FOR CASH. HEATH & SONS!. PIANOFORTE AND ORGAN MERCHANTS, TUNERS, AND REPAIRERS, 51, QUEEN- S CARDIFF, J 28. AND 34. TAFF-STREET, PONTYPRIDD! JESS E WILLIAMSa, SALINE pOWDEB IS THE JJEST COOLING DR-It f't FOR HOT WEATHER. THE SALINE POWDER Is Sold at Is 4d per lb. also in %Ib. and lib. tinq 9d and Is 5d.  NOTICE. This Saline is composed of Tartaric AeI., Am of Tartar Majrnesia, Clilorate of Potash, Bicarbonate of Soda, and t'he finest powdered Sugar. The ingredients are carefully dried in steam-heated compartments, and thoroughly mixed by machinery. The proportions of the ingredients are accurately adi.usted so as to produce a prolonged and sparkling effervescence and to ensure the perfect solubility and medicinal activity of each of the component parts. JESSE LILS AND QO., CHEMISTS, pARK. HALL B UILDINGS, C-KRDIFF. ob aUKS. Gu-N s- QCIB. FOR CHEAP BREECH-LOADERS AND MUZZLE-LOADERS GO 10 J^OUIS jgARNETT AND S ONe. 6 AND 7, CAROLINE-STREET, A" 49, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF. DOUBLE BARREL GUNS FROM 17s 6n A? (A TUU,E" PHOTOGRAPHERS TO THE QTTEEN, WESLEY CHAMBERS, 1S?,-COM.iERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT. We "feee: to inform our numerous Patrons and the Public generally that tre have recently built at WESLEY CHAMBERS ONE OF THE FINEST STUDIOS IN WALES, Fitted up' with every Modem Avppliance for the pro. ijucwon of High-cla3s Photography. Please Siole.—We have now no connection whatever, with the Arcade Studio. 759 IMPORTANT.—One Box of Gorton's I.X.L. Pills are fruarantecu to cure all p-irate cases and complications of the urinary organs, whether acquired or otherwise. Also gravel and pains in the back. Free L'om mercury. Post free lor 4s from G. D. Honon, M.P.S. (from the General Hospital), Aston- road, Birnnmrham. Agents Cardiff—A. llaeon, Chemist, 33, Bridge-street; and IT, Duie-street. Mert'hrr —Wills, Swansea— Llovd, Chemist, Oxford- street. Newport-Young, Chemist, ilieh-sJr.v t. N.B Has nev -r been known ? faiL LtuW* answ e: ? free Piease name p."per. ^„e