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BUCi, IllTTlHITMEQlJJLIJLJJJttMlBMM PRlPAID advertisements. '"————— ONCE THREE "T? TIMES. TIMES. 20 Words 0 6 0 9 1 0 30 Words 0 9 10 16 10 Words 1 0 16 2 3 50 Words 1 3 2 6 3 9 60 Werds 1 6 3 0 4 6 fiJ Wards 1 6 3 0 4 6 y/KM charges apply only to the following class of ad vertiseinents: -APa)'t?nvtts, Situations Vacant or Wanted, to be Let or Sold, Lost, Bound, and Hiscel- Igneous Wants. _— Tr HE^nsertion of~severa.l Advetrisements is delayed because the references given are to Post-officea, to Initials, or fictitious names. Postmasters are not allowed to Oliver letters so addressed. PERSONAL. i z ittATRIMONlAI.. ?OMMERCIAL'Gpntleman (30) desires introduction to Vy a thorouzhly-ed?ucated Protestantyoung Lady with some Mmns; yie^ mamage.-H 20, Echo Office, Cardiff. 20 IF you ^re married,or contemplaetaking.thisimportant I step we can send you valuable information which you o'.¡ght to'lrnow. Send your address and weU.^ndcaU- 'oeueandpampMetfree.-Addreea H. G. Kerr, West?hdI. "?ndsworth. London? 881 — MATRTMnw —-Younc and beautiful orphan Lady, re- h™«. fin' e?d KteZ good horsewoman, possessing private Income in her own rigbt nf £ 500 per annum, also a valuable «veoIT would Correspond with Gentleman with view to Marriage.—Address Mi» Sherman, Advertiser Ofcce, Bnstol. 207  young woman wishes to orrespond  qbjected gon'l-l- 201, Echo Office, Carddf. 201 EDIJCATIONll. è nORTIlAND. Scbool. Shorthand, book keeping, handwriting, typewritin, ¡raIIl:mar,.anthmetlc, Welsh; Pnvlote lessons every evening situations secured, t-rin cipal. 11, Tudor-road, Cardiff. 507 LOST AND foijmo. orrrm on Saturday last at Pill, some Money.—Owner wishini to receive formation apply at 47 or 34. Robert- street, Newport. 613e L OST, Monday evening, between 68, Windsor-road, and 7, South Luton-place, a bunch of keys; finder will be rewarded on returning to 43. Windsor-rd., Adamsdown. 240 LOST or Stolen from the Barque Talisman, Alexandra Dock small white Fox Terrier, black hair and white ■potg. Anyone returning the same will be rewarded. 625e Y OST, on Fridav, Aueust 14th, a Carriage Rug.-Finder JU will be rewarded on return ng the same to W. Geen. Builder, 14, Crwys-road, Cathays, Oardiff. 167 LOST. stolen, or strayed from Barry Dock one Black JLj Horse and one dark Bay Mare.—Finder will be re- warded by E. S. Woodham, Haulier, Barry Dock. 227 LOST, on Saturday, white Fox Terrier Dog, with a brin- i-J dle spot over left eye. Answers the name of Tiger. LMAM ?i.?,. t", i?rwarded by bringing same to Napier Hotel, St. Mary-street, CardiS. 199 LOST, Fox Terrier Dog, brown ears, black spot on tail; rs to the name of "Spot Finder will be "arded. If detained after this notice will be prosecuted. -T. Carless, 34, Adelaide-street, Docks. Cardiff. 171 STOLEN on Sunday last. White Greyhound Bitch, with S black ears and black spot on side answers to the name of Skan. Anyone detaining same will be prosecuted. Finder will receive 10s reward.—Apply William Forward, Tonyrefail, near Llaatrisant. DOMESTIC SERVANTS. CAFE.—Wanted, Waitress, with best references, for ? &rst-clMS Cafe.—Apply, stating age, experience, and wages, Z 379, Echo" Ofnee. 379 CLEAN, respectable young Girl wanted.-Apply before seven, 19, The Parade, Cardiff. 279 COOK wanted; state age, height, qualification, last place, wages send photograph.—Falkener, Glanymor, <; t. Clears. 94 DISENGAGED, Plain Cooks also Man Waiter any place of trust: good reference. Servants wanted- 68, Adam-street, Cardiff. 364 GENERAL Servant wanted; do Part-hing; small ?? famiiy good wages.—Apply 18, Clive-street Gmn e Cardiff. 149 GOOD General Servant wanted.—Apply Mrs Long. 27, GDespencer-street, Canton. 316 GOOD General Servant; wash and aon. Wages 212.- GApply 26, Fynone-street, Swansea. 4432—564e GOOD General Servant wanted by September 1st.- X Apply, with references, to Mrs Scott, Jeweller, Porth, Rhondda Valley. 320 HOUSEKEEPER (superior), 12 years' home experience, HPlain cook, careful, domesticated, to single man: genti?man, or widower; small galary.-p 118, "Echo," Cardiff. 118 IMMEDIATELY, good strong Girl; references required. t —Apply between 5 and 8, at 3, Partridge-rd, Roath 218 THOROUGH General Servant required, at onde.-A ply JL Bryn Tirion, Gold Tops, Newport. 623e WAED, at once, godGeneral Servant; clean, steady VT &1; three in family.—Apply Mrs StacBeld, OaMeld ouse, near Cmas Hands, Newport. 640e WANTED. a General Be-APPIY 123, Richmond. v v road, Cardiff. 332 WANTED, a young Girl as General Servant; no childr-Apply, after i p.m., ,40. Partridge-road. Roath, Cardiff. 370 W ANTBD immediately 65 Generals, Private and Busi. *« MM. Nujmj goc*l Cooks. Working Housekeepers d,isengaged.—Mrs EvanB, Select Registry, Elm-st., Cardiff. WANTED immediately, experienced Cook, also House- W maid; good references required.—Apply Mrs-Sessions, Greylands, Marine-parade, Penarth. 618e WANTED respectable Girl, 15 to 15, to assist in house- work.—19. Beauchamp-street, Riverside, Cardiff. 251 W ANTED, a good General Servant; three in family; v T nurse kept.-Apply 21, Newport-road, Cardiff. 287 W ANTED, strong Girl, 18 to 20, to assist in housework. —Apply 169, Chepatow-road, Newpart. 141 TXTANTED, strong Country Girl, about 18, as General vV Servant for Eating-house at CardiO.—Apply Parry lilanisben Mill, Llanishen, Cardiff. 246 WANTED, a respectable Girl to, amiat in housework.— VT Apply 39, Clare-road, Cardiff. 276 WANTED immediately, General Servant.—Apply Jones, TV 92, Broadway, Roath, Cardiff. 288 WANTED, respectable General Servant, age about 20.— vv 13, Commercial-street, Newport, Mon. 6me WANTED at once, for private residence, a good vv General Seirant.—Apply Mill Farm. St. MeUons, near Cardiff. 235 WANTED, immediately, respectable Girl as General.— vv 19, Grenville-terrace, off Newport-road, Cardiff. 221 WANTED, good General Servant.—Apply 99, Stacey. VV road, Cardiff. 224 W. ANTED, young Girl as General Servant.—Apply Mra Pamely, Morgan-street, Pontypridd. 157 WANTED, thoroughly clean and respectable General VV Servant; age about 15.-Mrs Brook, 6, Custom House- ttreet, Oardiff. 181 WANTED, a clean respectable Servant Girl, at once, in W small family; age about 18.—Apply 81,Cowbridge-road, Cardiff. 958 WANTED, a respectable, strong Girl for Housework.— vv 3, Windsor-road, Penarth. 189 Wf ANTED, Situation as Nurse to two or three children '» ace 21 can sew weH.-Apply R. Morris, PMt OSioeJ Newbridge, Men. 61le WANTED, a Orong active Girl for Housework one used to children preferred.—Apply Suffolk Villa, Pembroke-terram, Penarth (near church). 46, "VSTANTED atonoe, General Servant with good reference8 W -Mrs Jones. 13. Bute-street, Treherberl.. 209 WANTED experienced General Servant with godft W character age about 25; two :efr:1Pltl. gtewport?road, Cardiff. 2]7 WANTED, good General Servant; state wages and VT reference.—Williams Bros., Drapers, Penygraig. 22 WANTED good General Servant.—Apply Horse and TV Groom, Womanby-street, Oardiff. 994 WANTED, a General Servant, in small family; must have good character.—Apply Mrs Handford, Oak- dene, Stow Hill, Newport. 592e WANTED, a good General Servant.—Apply Mrs San- W ders, 135, Commercial-road, Newport. 694e W ANTED, respectable, strong Girl for geneal work; vv good character.—Manageress, G.W.R. Station Be. treshment-rooma, Cardiff. 960 WANTED General Servant, able to undertake plain Vv cooking.—Apply Ship and Pilot Hotel, Cardie Docks. WANTKD, a respectable, dean Girl as General Servant; vv good character, able to wash.—Mrs Window, 15, Selliwasted-road, Pontypridd. 906 WANTED, a Dairywoman, experienced in Caerphil)y oheese-making; good we -Apply. at first, 27, Commercial-street, Newport-on-Usk. 570e w ANTED, a good General.—Apply, immediately, Mrs v v Evans, 3, Glebe-terrace, Barry Dock. 977 WANTED, respectable girl as General Servant, able to v wash.—Apply 72, Arran-street, Cardiff. 911 WANTED immediately, a good General Servant.- Apply, personally, to Mrs dkin, Royal Arms, Aber- go". 919 WANTED, a respectable Girl, about 16. as Nurse-fortwo VV children.-Apply, with particulars, Mrs Lloyd, graper, Bahabnry-road, Cardiff. 938 f Dumfnes-place.—Wanted, 'a respectable Young Girl as 6 General Servant. No waahng. 310 49, Albany-road, good General and Nurge- wanted,imme, diately. 195 CLEVER Cooks can add to their list of dishes in the preparation of choice dainties for the dinner and supper table by consulting the page of a little book, entitled "Pastry and Sweets," given to all cooks sending their addresses to Alfred Bird and Sons, Birmingham. Every lady and housekeeper in the land should have Pastry and Sweets handy for reference. There is nothing to pay. and the book will be sent by return of post, free, to any ddress. SITUATIONS VACANT A Hone for Friendless Girls and Fre Registry, at IZ A The Nmde Cardiff. All girls needing a friend and shelter are welcome. 722e Strong Boy wanted.A?pply7-lili-9ton Hotel, AWellinrtou-street, Canton, C<u-diS.  SSISTANT (experienced) Wanted at once for Roth- well Knitting Machine.—Apply 26, Queen-street Arcade, Cardiff. 131 X)A RS.-Third Hand wanted immediately; also to J3 deliver; Union wages; outdoors.—Apply D. T. Charles, Khondda Steam Bakery, Porth, Rhondda Valley. 158 BOOT Trade .—Wanted a Young Lady Assistant; one  used to the trade preferred.-Apply Forsey's Boot Warehouse, Cathays, Cardiff. 335 BOY wanted in Pawnbroklng Business he must be able to read and write.—Apply H. Levene, 229, Cowbridge- road, Cap ton, Cardiff- 22.;¡ I OOTMARF,RS '-Wnted at once, good General Hnd MJ to make and repair hand-sewn work.-G. Bishop, 11.:iroad, Barry Dock. 113 t lOOT Trade.—Wanted, an Apprentice or Improver MJ splendid opportunity: in or outdoor.—Apply Thos. Browning, Cefn Cribbwr, near Bridgend. 974 CASH Boy Wanted.—Apply, with references, Perkins Bros. and Co., St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 30l ARPENTER.—W orking Foreman Wanted for Cottages; must be a good fixer and to manage inen.-Wages re- faired and particulars, Rees, Merthyr Vale. 297 CARPENTERS and Joiners are requested to Keep Away from Porth during the strike. 23 RESSmAKING.-Goc,d bodice'hands wanted imme- I 9 diately: also improvers.—Apply to Miss Kelly, Polphin-street, Newport. 629e DRESSMAKERS.-wanted immediately, two good Bodice Hands; must be experienced.—Apply, with full particulars, to B. Harries & Co., Mercers, Tenby. 21 ERRAND Boy wanted, age about 14 good character in- JU dis naable.-Wm- Jones, Bookbinder. Westminster Chambers, Cftrdiff. 2(:3 ?- d-IROCERY.-Wauted, Ft ,trong, active Youth as an Apprentice.—Apply Edwaru Jenkins, Rhondda Tea. Warehouse, LlwrnyM. Rhondda. 387 hy the 24th, a young Man to look ?? after horse and deliver.—Apply M. JeuMm, Chepstow- Iroad, ?ewpopt. ? iJf*t"Vi!¡:l:i; J ? X !;?t l trap nn? ?riivfr Koods.—Apply Evenon and (. '?., } (.I'-i-o A, »'v t .<j? 6!7e GROCERY aud Provision Trade.—An Apprentice wanted. Apnly Morris, Bridge-street, Cardiff. 222 ENERAL Haulier wanted one that has been with furniture vans.—Apply John Farthing, Furniture Vans Proprietor, 173, Richmond-road, Cardiff. 935 AIBDRESSING.—'Wanted,a quiekjYouth 8S Improver; JLJL good wages and comortable home.-Apply James, Hairdresser, Nantymoel, Bmlgend. 349 J AIRDRESSER.—Wanted, a good Haircytter and Shaver at once; good wages.-B. S., 5. Exchange Buildings, Barry. 154 INDoolt Servant in Livery wanted; state age, height, JL qualification, last place, wages; send photograph.- Falkener, Glanymor, St. Clear's. 93 IRONERS wanted. Shirt Ironer, Collar Ironer, and JL Fancy Ironer; constant employment.-Apply Bute Docks Laundry, 167, Bute-road, Cardiff. 29 OFNERS.—Wanted, two good Carpenters and Joiners,- J Apply F. Speed, Builder, 2, Plymouth-rd., Penarth. 931 ANTLEMAKERS.—Wanted, experienced Workers J?jL also Apprentices.—Apply s m ue? NAU, CardiS. 321 T?'!rASMtS?—Wanted, Banker Hands.—Apply Joseph Hi- Thoms, Builder, Charle"treet, CardiS. 134 ACHINIST.-Wanted. a good Hand for Singer's IvJL Machine.—Apply W. Williams and Co., Bedding Manufacturers, 84 and 86, King's-road, Cardiff. 130 ILLINERY!—Wanted, an experienced milliner, by 1st Sept.—Apply, stating salary, experience, and refer- ence, to Lewis L. Lewis, Draper, Ebbw Vale. 26 N- EWPORT Innrmary.—Resident Porter (unmarriedf .r required; salary £ 20 per annum, with board and uni- form must be steady, and with good references.—Applica- tions and testimonials to Mr John K. Stone, Secretary. 652e S HOEMAKERS.-Wanted at once, a Young Man for repairs, to work at stand; weekly wages; constant work to sober man.—W. Rhapps, Brook-street, Penygraig, Pontypridd. 38S STABLE Boy wanted, one accustomed to horses and in- ? door work; must have good reference.—Apply South Wales Daily News OfBce, ardiff. T- AILORS.Vanted, man for repairs, &c.; also machinist.—Apply Parry and Co., 46, Queen-street Cardiff. 58 TO Painters.-Wanted, a few good Brush Hands.—Apply to P. M. Plumpton, House and Church Decorator, .Pontypridd. 231 TO Tailon. -Vacancy in Cardiff for a good Coat Hand Tconstant employment to a competent and steady man in or Å:W,eZl4,aE%e6ffi1e'èff 234 TO Cabinet Makers.—Wanted, good Mahogany Hands, Talso Deal Workers must be good and quick; piece or day work. also an apprentice to the same, no premium re- quired.—Apply Sellick, 21, Splot-road, Roath, Cardiff. 225 TO Butchers.-Wanted immediately, a first-class man, Tcompetent to manage a branch shipping and family business. Must produce good references and security if necessary.-Apply, with full articulan% to L., "South neceosary.-Apply, Office, CarNArr. Wales Daily News OBice, CardiS. W- ANTED, a few respectable Girls for Jam Works.— TV Apply, after 6.30, Smith, 19, Monmouth-st.. Saltmead. WANTED, good Man; dnver and stableman.—Angel (f Mews. Cardia. 377 WANTED, strong Young Man as Haulier; must know W the town.—Edward England, West Dock, Cardiff.149 rH?WO cood Dressmakers; good wages; constant employ- Tment for suitable person. Mrs Robins, 192, Commer- cial-road, Newport. 943 ANTED immediately, a sharp Lad; good character TV from last place.-152, Bute-road, Cardiff. 3278 W-ANTED, a respectable oung Girl to assist in Oyster WBar and Household duties.—Apply Viek, Cardin-toad, Newport. 65°9 W ANTED, Dry Stone Wallers.—Apply on the Works at W The Mole, Barry Dock. 65le WANTED, a reliable Lad, about 15 (indoors) to retail TT milk.—Apply Hy. Thomas, Berthgron Farm, Nelson, Treharris. 294 WANTED at once, Boy, 14, to drive pony go with milk, Wniake himself useful.—Address H., 280, with milk, Cardiff. 230 WANTED a Young Lady to serve in fruit shop state terms and experience, if any.—Apply L85, Echo Office, Cardiff. 85 WANTED at once. Improver to the Smithy.—Apply E. Williams, Lisvane, near Cardiff, 152 WANTED immediately, Youth about 18, to Milk, take charge of Cows, Poultry, ana make himself generally useful.-Api,ly T. J. Masters, The Cottage, Fairwater, near Cardiff. 596e UTANTED,Bmiths'Strikers to keep away from Newport d,u,rni g the strike for an increase in wages. 607e > WANTED, several hard-stone Masons at once; good ff wages.—Apply John Turner, 1,Tumer-street,Caerleon- road, Newport, Mou. _? ?':? WANTED, an Upholsterer. -Apply 105, Cowbridge-road, VV Cardiff. 229 WANTED, Apprentices for the Tailoring.—Apply 111. TV Eldon-road, Cardiff. 136 WANTED, Coach Body-maker also Smith at once. V v Apply Rogers & Co., Carriage Works, Pontypool, Mon • WANTED, country middle-aged Single Man, garden and stable also Boy to be generally u,?eful both to live in the house.—Penhem, Chepstow, or Miss Jones, 16, Caerau-road, Newport. 964 WANTED, good steady Carpenter at Cardiff Barracks; constant employment. Also a strong Lad, to attend mason.—Apply Charles Lock, Builder and Contractor, Caerleon-road, Newport. 587e WANTED, a good, sharp Lad who would like to learn TV the Railway and General Carrying Business must be able to write a good hand and quick at figures.—Apply by letter to M. Morrish, Pickford and Co.'s Agent, New- port, Mon. 603e w ANTED, half-a-dozen Walling Alasons.-Apply to Cox Brothers, Cross Keys, near Newport. 566e WANTED, Foremen, Timekeepers, and others to take orders for pianos and all kinds of musical instruments. -Apply J. Davies, 11, Tredegar-place, Newport. 472e W AfofreI1fn Men?age 14 to 30) and Ladies (15 to 20) to prepare in their own homes for Government situations; good salaries, prospects, pension, &e. ? prospectus, with every information, free.—Stuart and Z. H. M C S 19, Bell?oad, Saacombe, Liverpool. 917 02 Weekly and Upwards may be realised by eithet r 8-, ?ith.?t bid?ri?-g pr-e.t occupation.—For samples, &c., enclose addressed envelope, Evans, Watts, and Co. (P 133), Merchants, Dirmingham. -This isjtt,nuine^_ 383, SITUATIONS WANTED. ADVERTISER (21) seeks situation with merchants or/ A ship brokers; fluent French; excellent references.— F 283, Echo Office, Cardiff. 283 Co?D Bread Baker seeks Situation, able to make cakes kX total abstainer; well used to dehver.-Rees, 2, Miskm- road, Trealaw. 383 WANTED, re-engagement as Housekeeper thoroughly Wdomestic ood references. -Address MissWorlock, 6, Gloucester-street, t e, Bristol. 382 WANTED, by a young person, situation in Confectioner's or Restaurant; good reference.—A. Bevan, 14, Albion- road, Pontypool. 634e WANTED, by respectable young person, Housework by,  the day (no washing); reference if required.-54,' Court-road, 8a!tmead. OardMf. 352 WANTED, by married man (38), Situation as' Time- keeper, torekeeper. Warehouseman, or Bimilar employ. Good references.—Apply C.O.C., Echo Office, I. Newport. 626e WANTED, by middle-aged Person, situation as Work- TT ing Housekeeper; to workman preferred; or place of trust.—M., 15, Thomas-place, Ynyshir. 215 I WANTED, by young rsO}1 (19), Situation as Under Barmaid or other light business will give time.— Address 62, Elm-street, Cardiff 123 YOUNG Man seeks employment as Ship Plumber; slight JL Fowledge of tinamithiug m or'near Carduf.—J.W., office, Cardiff. 76 CLERKS, MANAGERS. dtc. ADVERTISER (23) wants Situation as Clerk, &c. short-, t hand, book-keeping, &c. highest references.—B., 25, High-street, Penarth. 90 EVENING Employment wanted by clerk; writing of any, 'Jt? description; good penman,—Wnta N.363. Evening, Echo OfBce. Cardiff. SM SMART Office Boy Wanted; good writer.—Apply Hil 0 and Son. Solicitors, 20, High-street, Cardiff. 302 SHORTHAND Clerk, with a knowledge of book-keeping, KY wanted; state experience, age, and salary required.— Masters & Co., Clothiers, Cardiff. 637e W ANTED at once, Junior Clerk, good writer, and TT knowledge of shorthand. Address Auctioneer, Echo" Office, Newport-on.Usk. 579e AGENCIES, TRAVEIXERS, «fcc. AGENTS wanted, spare time, large profits, no risk! -CTL sample pen, pencil, and rubber stamp free.-Richards, .44, Snow-hill, London. 70 A GENTS wanted everywhere salary and commission, A B6 per week.—Pendlebury and Co., 130, Harwich-road, Colchester. 326 ADVERTISER, having property, M prepared to Collect ARents on moderate terms references and security. 29, Coee:eog:;e faeéâ. and secUriM3- CONSTANT Employment.-Excellent opportunity; a few additional Agents wanted for a most rapidly increasing business good canvassing men preferred whole ,or part time; salary and commission; suitable for anyone 1having a few hours to spare during the day or evening. Let- ters only.-Apply at once, W. Morgan, Valetta House, 203, Castle-road. Roath. Cardiff. 9l4 THREE InMrance.—Agenta wanted to push absolutely 'X Free Insurance.—Write A. Stafford, 4. Fenchurck- t avenue, London, E.C. 338 "RENTS Collected hy Public Servant; low commission; "■ JLv security given weekly, monthly, quarterly statements. —Davies, 17. Monmouth-street, Cardiff. 932 C ALES MEN wanted, to sell in the Rhondda Valley and- i? surrounding districts, Watches, Jewellery, Sewing Machines, Musical Instruments, Family Bibles, &c., &c. for cash and hire purchase system.—Apply, with references :and security,to G. Simpson, 24, Mertby r-rd., Pontypridd. 28  ANTED, a respectable Young Man, with some ex- perience of insurance work, to solicit for a Scottish insurance company; salary and commission.—Apply, by letter, Secretary, Echo OfEce Newport. 608e WANTED for Neath, Swansea, Llanelly, Llandilo. aud Llancl ivery, good agents. Liberal terms.—A and G. aumm 4433-565. lOBMXUS, APARTMENTS. Ac. PARTMENTS to Let for respectable Gentlemen or Two AFriends.-Apply 25, Keppoch-street. CarditT. 374 Ap AR'.rl\IJ,<;Ni's- (Uufurni8hed).-AP:1,tYleainI:-(;Õ Awould like to recommend her unfurnished rooms.- Apply 24. Brook-street, Riverside, Cardiff. 232 ASSISTANT Teacher requires Apartments, or would Ashare slttmg-room with another separate bedroom; ,ate'terms.-L 196, Echo" Office. 196 A Lady may have comfort.aoleLOdgit Maiudee A, healthy situation; no children piano.—Apply Lodg- ings, -ffice, Newport-on-Usk. 588e APARTMENTS, furnished (superior) for single gentle- man or.gentleman and lfe; every convenience; near G.W.R. Station.—Address Villa, Echo" Office, Newport- on-t.T3k. 612e BRITISH Association. —Large double-bedded Room to JL) let, with use of sitting-room reduced terms remainder of week good attendance.—7, East Grove, Cardiff. 28- OATtD :md Lodgings for a respectable Young Man, JH must be an abstainer.-9, Brook-street, Riverside, Canton, Cardie. 9 COMFORTABLE Furnished Apartments to Let: no ? f??lily.-Apply Gothic Villas, 25, Herbert-street, New- port, Mon. 63t1 CCOMFORTABLE Furnished Apartments for gentleman J dining out. Bath. No children.-T ot-istreet, Can- t.on.-A,Idres- W., 318, "Echo" office, Cardiff. 318 COMFORTABLE Lodgings for a respectable Man (mechanic).—Apply Home, "Echo" offce. Cardiff. COMFORTABLE Lodgings for respectable young man; J hot and cold bath; good accommodation for bicycle.- Apply 157, Eldon-road, C,. rdift. 237 C- OMFORTABLE Unfurnished Apartments to Let; hot a?d cold water bath, &c.; no children.—Apply 2^ Glenrov-stieet, Roath, Cardiff. 2 6 4 CCO*MFORTABLE Lodgings for respectable Young MQ, j or Xwo Friend3 terms moderat? no other lod r Ot children.—Apply by letter, in first instance, to P. 6 Court-road, Saltmead, Cardiff. 15() COMFORTABLE Apartments for two friends shar ?' same rooms; use of piano: terms mod :rate.o? Beauchamp?Etreet?Riverside, Cardiff. 9a¡¡ COMFORTABLE Lodgings for one or two Single Geut) ? men five minutes' walk from station: terms modera^e_ Address R.H., E.h3 Omce. Newpor?o'Usk__ 57? TT?URNISHED A?i Lments to Let, suit married cOUPI f No. 16, Tht-siMer-stre?t?off  ?li?buTy?road? Cat?n? ?'RbNT Parlour and Bedroom, unfurnished, to Let, Jr use of k:behen.-App]Y 23, Park-street (opposite ?? bal! _? — ?8 'BT'ROyT Siltinglroom" and Bedroom to Let at Longe?? Jt' street; a gentleman dining out preferred noch!)? A .EM. "Echo" Office. Cardiff. ?? l- }tl :?2"(1O-1I;I'i.-T\1 ;e.{ t men )>i.«-no hot and roM batn :Mms pass d<)0;. Apply 30, Woodvilie-road, Cathays, Lardtn. 05 FURNISHED Apartments to Let; home comforts, plea FURNISHED Aparl,mcnls to Iet; hOlne comfcrt?, plea! sant sitti?ion, t,,m,IO,Clytha- q., Nport GOLD Tops Hill, Newport, comfortable, well-turnished 'Uf Apartments, within five minutes' walk of railway station pleasant, quiet neighbourhood; no children.— Address Home, Echo Office. Newporo. 64] ODGINGS wanted for () "l Ig l,ady L,t business all day. -0.78, Echo" Office, Cardiff. 78 O INGLE Gentleman requires Unfurnished Room and IO attendance dines out; neighbourhood of Stow-hill preferred.—Address T. W., Echo" Office, Newport-on-Usk. TO Let, Unfurnished Apartments (respHctable).— Eldon- Troad, Riverside, Canton, Cardiff. 306 rj?WcT oe UnfurnishedRoomt, 18, Paget- Tstreet (close to trams), Upper GrangetowC 281 U NFURNISifE-DSitting and one or two Bedrooms, with use of kitchen, within 7 minutes' walk of T. V. Railway Station references exchanged ttrms must be moderate.- Z 331, Echo Office, Cardiff. 331 UNFURNISHED Apartments to Let iu Talbot-street; LJ no children.—Apply B 270, Echo Office, Cardiff. 270 UNFURNISHED.—Very comf ortible Apartments, where there are no children, for a permanency.—20, Cacrau- road, Newport, Mon. 654c UNFURNISHED Apartments to let, very convenient: one minute's walk from tram; reiereuees exchanger!.— 16, Longcross-street (off Newport-road), Cardiff. 119 WANTED, Unfurnished ApartmeO, or part of house, tT near Herbert-streeL-Address E. F., 16, "Echo" Office, Newport. & 4e G. Hickman-road, Penart itting-rom and bedroom, comfortably furnished, near stationnd tennis courts, for gentlemen dining in to n. 214 FOR SALE—HOPSES. LA Ac BUTE-Street (upper part).-Shop, Hote, Yard back Bentmnee cheap.—Hern 94, St. iarytreet, Card's. DAISY-STREET.—Convenient and coniortable House. li- vriceonIY:C80, of this 260 cau remaidpn mortg9:J- Hem, 94. St. Mary-street. Cardie. 9Me  Farm, in a sheltered VaUeT prtce?SSO; FL150 paid down; balance may remain ok mort?aFe.- Evans, HenUys Vale, Newport. 6!5e FOR sare, a House. sit?tecTUpper Mc?street?For  particulars apply W, Watchhouse PM?. Alexandra uock, Newport. 60ge F OR Sale, six well-built and ccnTeniently "!&tted? six- L room Cottages on the Mackintosh Estate. ?Partieulare of H. Lewis, 54, Arran-street, PP?oo?atthh. 52 pI?LLYN?ad.-WRY?bm?t, ? I- bargMn?Hem. 94, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 964e RICHMOND-road, CardiCE. ?ConvenienT V-* ? price, only £400.-Hem, 94, St. Mary-atreet.C?. 964e R- YDER-6treet, Cardiff. -WI??-built, conven Ho-e; Tt price?w.-Hcm.94.St. Mary-stre?. eard? 964e :E°^-Freeho1^ H°-7Vod garfeu and p s?ble: price very modemte.-Hern, 94, E tary_st' i-aram. ?_ 964e S-;EVERN-RO_D.-Convenient House ga" rden f)Wt and ? bMk cheap.-Hern, 94, St. Mar?streeLC?d?t 9? TO be sold, 8-roomed corner House; EideentrMoe?Apply 86, Graving Docks-street, Barry Dock. ?g UPPER George-street.-Good House?ith long il rden. -u cheap.?Hern. 94, St Mary-street, Card?iff. 964e 4 Cottages.-Bassett-street Barry Do^kT 6 rooms ;?ase? 4 Cott:!r?; ground rent, ?28,; or let to good yi^e, £180 each. Apply Thomas ?ey. Rofe-^Ua, .?.n-hill, Cadoxton. 146  KOPSES. Ac., WAXTEM. ■ T-f to Rent or IFI=11&9 on- Hvenier,t Family Residence, it 1 two ol.. tgeV?il?'? cf Cardilf, o close to a railway station; eight .r nine bed. rooms required. -Addres full ertic ars to liL S., \V'?'?'' ?"? ?? "s?Crockherbtown. with ?od Daily News OfEce, Cardiff. IRt,18e V T garden.-M. G., 4, Green-st., Riverside, Cardiff. :11 BPStNESSES FOR t?sPOSA?.  Sale, a furnished Seamen?s Boarding-houseT?a Fgood thoroughfare. -Apply L, s?-'Echo Omee. cJ)- diff. .6 G0^?Ce7 and Bakery BUSiness for Sale (^4 rising neighbourhood bakery doing 9 sacks per week; rraeudid chance for be' ?ner???250.-Apply8.T??. 21, Chep?o? Newport, Mon. 184 LIGHT Business for disposal, clearing about 26 pe, wee ?J profits after paying all expemes. Best position in C,r -cw^geS:and Sxturee. mclus:ve. f||°- -1242, Echo' Oftice, Cardiff. 242 r?OBACCONIST-S and Ci?r Business lock-up shop, f ?onun?owat ?e. -K ygs"- HOMES. &C-. TO Mrr. COUNTRY Residence andL????rming?Mi? ?nll?V ISewport, andaFarm ? acres, to Let.-Evans, Henllys Vale, Newport. 616e  Til OUSE to Let, six rooms splendid view easy distance ¡ 1-1 °¥r: f¡;vt¿;ti, tieu! walk.lcharles, Bassalleg, near N ewport M9e H°^ tion, with ^alil ,ry desirable gi?ation in good condi- tiod, with aU modern improvemenls.— Apply S. Swanton, Marden-roaa, Nevpor^ 632e PEN ARTH. 4, Cli four bedrooms, rent 7s 13, ?ation???rd'i? ?"Mr Montgomery, Auctioneer, Station-terrace, Cardiff. 53 "DSYOHOLOGICAL Hall, Queen-street Arcade.-To let for Lectures, Soirees, &c.-Apply Brooks, Castle-street. Cardiff. 52 STABLES to Let at ba<? of Union-street and Charles- k3 street, Cardiff.-App4 i?? Hopkins, 10, Queen- street, Cardiff. 981 rrO be Let shortly, Rydat M.unt, Penylan Park, com- A fortable ViUa eight rooms hot and cold water bath pleasant situation. Also Whitley House, Mordon-road.- Apply G. J. Kenvyn, Drayton villa, Maindee, Newport.576e WAREHOUSE to Let t baclTof No. 217, Bute-street; rent 7" weekly. Apply Lewis Hopkins, 10, Queen- street, Cardiff. 980 TO LM-BustNms PILEMUISES. -te- B?ro?ers'°'?nZ?? Premises, suitable for DraperB, Gro,ceprs, and others, t? Let, Pt Barry Dock. The diffe!ent premlse  be viewed, and further particulars nHta on licatioll to Lewis Lewis and Davies, Estate obtained, on ape'namber,3, Holton-road. Ba"v Dock. 197  OUSE  BanesweU-roa<L-Apply HOUSE and Shop  '?B-??-r.?.-?ly 11. West-stre 5936 L°Apffl2SBr^ position in Boradway.- Appb;12, Broa.dWay, Roath. SHOP and House to1,et, Ch??-?reet (opposite New kJ TThheetattrree).—w. Edwards & Co., Limited, iMnmonxers. ?Newport. 586e  CMAJjLHo?ean?hop t0 5> Church-street; suit- ? aMe for HMfdres?, Stationer or Fancy Goods Busi- nesB.-Enquu-oTredeg? 'Arms. PiligwenUy. Neport. 585e T??'??r?R?f?hment?ar; also HMrdi-essine -2- Business, comr)lncd Incoming'low.-ApPlY W. Stagg, 72, Commercial.street, Nwport. 653e TT^r. ? )*°°? Shop and Home, in George-street FPO Let, a lo possession m September.-Appty Samuel, 18, Chade??? Cardiff. 289 T?I??n? ?ouseandShop. with large StaMe and JL Loft, op site DO. Work, Newport? Mon.  .possC6lllOn.-Apply Qn the premises. 628e "IJBUC HOUSES. BATH.Plentuated Central Spirit Vaults two r?)d?H Pn'?; immense thorougbfMeneM markets, Gmldhall, J??oom. wonderful counter trade; three entrances.-Dow? licensed Auctio.e?r, Bnstol. 950  (????'?'?oL-.E90 only; tborougWy genuine ?f?- h? ?g Beerhouse near MaU and Suspension ?ree?Bri? ? clear rent.-Downing, 1, NeW street, Bristol. 950 'FOR ??'?able-Ucensed House, situated close to Col- T^Orfo^iHW' ?Mt-o!; proof trade 228 per week; seUing tthhrroouugch n eat,of husband.-For further particulars address RJ?'? Echo ^Qffice, Carditf. 990 T-fFull-licensed Country Inn; incoming ??'"?'?'UdiQg furniture, cows, poultry, pony, cart &c., .??-?'?; orchard. Rent 220.-Dowing. Bnstol. .T??.?? Bnstoi; one of the best road- ide Fully- • Inus in district; grand tre; two gardens. P?"??°?dB.staMin!Downing. BristoL 950  Holders.-Wanted to Furche, 0<f Beor ????ddjes6lU4?]?o''Omop. Cardiff. 114 • NE SOllth Wales Station, handsome Spirit Vaults,  S^hle bowling saloon taking over 220 weekly; ;ec ? part advanced.—Downing, Hotel Vauler, Xtvtfp??' largest published list; hundreds genuine r hntefN l' spirit vaults, country inns, breweries, beer- tohacconi^P^rance hotels, grocery, drapery, baHng. tn?sn?' dairy, businemes of every description £ 10 to p Loans arranged. Auction sales, valuations f' v 'a f 'coâeadce tria1J oTlUt; street.'BriM Sotel, Publican s Valuer, Auctioneer, Nelson- isngp, ?'El?'?ID Beerbouse, doing excellent payinv trade, lngo'tlg 24o capital opportunity.—Apply Wright and. ■RAaann l^geountants, &c 2, B.?idge-st., Manchester. 385 TP??AY.—Hotel and Spirit Vaults near railway otati tnde about £ 20 wecHy; incoming £1O, in- eluding i) fnmiture.-Downing, 1, Ne?on-street. Bristol.  p-?t.? the Horse Shoe Beerhouse, CrumUn-street,—For further partioulan apply on q the ???STON-SUPER.MABE.—Bl?Ofuraisbed. weU-kaown. street• ^-established Hotel and Spirit Vaults; busy ,t..?'t.threR entrances; near 'AultsX; elF?on- i5treet?'tthr,e entranceb; nver beac?.-Dowuing, 950 MUSICAL. ArY fine American Organ, nearly new, suitable for nhii—l^acs of worship, a bargain ennard and Co., _street, Csrdin. 922  FO&I:xcellent Full Trichord Piano, for halfcost, Card4tr,ed oInly si* months.-Kennard and Co., Church-st., (121 FO '?ale, two Cottage Pianofortes, cheap no room eeP 8ftme*—Mrs Mance, 33, Wyndham-arcade, ^ar(*ifj lS5 T?N?FRAME Trichord?Tiano maker, Cole and Co.  'from CoUard and CoHard); as good as new cost £ 35 r eell for £ 17 10. Music S?o?l, 12s 6d.— Monmouthshire ? OSce. "Mw Hill, NpWPMt. 521a P?ANOFORTE?or? Sa!e (by Kirinran. Tendon ) walnut Case, iron frame, all latest improvements nearly ?w. ?P'y 157, Richmond-road, Cardiff. 273 ptANOFORTE. —To cover Advance.—70 Guinea Upight o Iron Grand Walnut Drawing-room Cottage, elaborate gold inlaid Marquecarie panel representing lovely flowers, nj °nCtS, 7 octaves, full trichord, steel frame, patent pin nllLe, nickel silver holts, check action, rich powerful tone; ^.description can do justice to its beauty and quality I i1¡¡te nev/ 10 years' warranty from maker take 21 guineas (: teat bargain, as no handsomer or finer toned instrument It, be botiglit sent on approval, carriage paid.—Stirling, djiscount Office, 30, Battersea Rise, London. 39 ED at once, Young Lady as Pianist.—Apply, YV stating terms, to P. Mansfield, King's Head.Dowtais. S.-Course of Ten Lessons (Piano or American Organ) by P experienced master, at pupil's residence, if required.— •ttusic, Echo Oilice, Cardiff. 979 nORSK". CAltitlAi.,Es. LIRA STOCK. &c. AIREDALE Terrier, 5 months old, black aud i an, rough, 4 2(;lb, stands 19in.;, 15s; approval.—Hook, Kyrle-street, Ross, Herefordshire. 24 n. LÃCl(iÙISi-Retriever, with good Kennel, for Sle: cheap; splendid house or yard dog terror to tramps; go?d with children fond of the water.-Cmig Afoa Villa, Merthyr-road, Llandaff. 525 DOG-CART, stylish, only used few times set of brown Dcob harness: pony crank milk-cart.—Rosser, Herbert- street, Newport. 622e Ii1 AWN Whippet Dog, fast and clever, broken to gun and ferret will retrieve, land or water cash 30s, or offer approval, d?posit.-Hook, Ros, Herefordshire. 203 j¿-iOR- Sale.—One Butcher's Trap (new), one Small Trap, ;uitp?)n l? or 14 hands, and Small Trap, suit pony 12 band:i:dnpi ol\tj, ft 1P t:;¿f\n¡'l Fih or Fruit Carts, to be sold cheap.—Apply M. Sullivan, 27, South Morgan-street, Canton, Cardiff. 158 rA OR Sale, Bay Horse, 15 hands.-Webber, Caerphilly- Jt- road, near Llanishen. 324 FOR Sale, Cob, 14.2 hands, quiet to ride and drive also Pony, 4 years, 13 hands, quiet to ride and drive.- Mitchell, 136, Clifton-street, Roath, Cardiff. 323 FOR Sale. Horse, Cart, Harness, and Baskets complete ?JC for Coal T-cle.-Pri?e ?ud particulars, Maurice Aherue, 12, Vere-street, Roath, Cardiff. 328 F__ORSle, a splendid dark chestnuc Horse: 15.2 hands; 6 years old; very free and fast, with grand acion; suic gentleman's carriage, or any t desman; also a Do. Cart, by J. h,Ci31!1fe, °b:J'iJ;,ai ao Sileorn;'¡ii Harness to match; also a bay Cob Mare; thick set; 15 hands; 6 years old: can trot 14 miles an hour; the above will be warranted sound, quiet to ride or drive in single or double harne.-s; to be sold together or separate one week free trial allowed; owner giving up.—Apply G. Cooper, No. 1A, A'<dm,-ioad. Cowbri'l^e-road, Cardiff. 122 ij^Olt Sulo, cheap, 6n.aU, light Spring Waggon.-Awh -i  G. Summers, 4, High-street, Pontypool. 15? For, Sule, 2 good Horses; suit crank-axle or trolley • -1 warranty: gOdd workers in shfts or chains also good Tip Cart and Harness.—Apply 1, Harold-street, Broadway, Carduf.  1? IOH. SaleCt=i;;m15 -hapc,? suit hauli;l -IT merchant.—Apply Thomas ?lUiams, 57, ArabeUa'street, Roa.tii, Cardiff. 249 Tj?ORrSaIe. gevera! good young Cobs and Ponies all war- J? ranted quiet to ride and drive; also several good busi- ness and pleasure Traps 20 sets of new and second-hand Harness, Bridles, and Saddles. 1, Harola-st., Roath, Cardiff. pOK Sale, cheap, Grey Hor-e, 15 hands, suit cab ?al .F cart, or exchange for pony; 40 young Ducks, very large, tit to kill, together or separate.—^jester, 32, Merthyr- street, Cathays, Cardiff. S3 VOR Sale, strong Spring Cart, suit farmer or butcher, carry a tou price £ 6.—66, Cowbridge-road, Canton. 37 17TOR Sale, strong crank-axle Cart, specially built for brewer good as new.—Price and particulars, Lougher, Bacon Factory, Llanclaff. 14 FOR Sale, handsome roan horse Pony, 121igb6 Fyear,i old, good in saddle or harness, quiet for chihJre'n and warranted sound. Price £ 13.—Apply 38, Church-road, Maindee, Newport,. 572e FOR Sale, grand young healthy Ferrets, 4s 6d, another, j' 5s, packed, at 2, Cross-street, Newport, Mon. 61 F. OR Sale, Bay Mare, 15 hands, quiet to ride or drive i trial allowed; price £ 12.—Apply E. Merchant, East Usk Side, Newport,. 589e FOR Sale. Pony Trap and Harness; suitable for any trade For business. -Alply Mr Amos, No. 1, Barry-road, Cadoxton, near Cardiff. 971 RAND Young Pair Stoat-bred Ferrets from immense Gparentz clean and healthy only 10g pair; best sort obtainable on approval anywhere—Send full address, with order, to Stationmaster, Swainsiherpe, Norwich. 337 RAND Blue Bedlington Terrier Bitch, 23 months (regj: tjT v.h.c. only time shown also her pup; sure winner two months; pedigree on application, cheap. Also a splendid Irish Terrier Dog Pup. six months, 7s 6d.-Joues, 140, Com- uiercial-road, Newport. 606e UST beSoId,!ron-grey Pony,12'2 han,6 Yearswarranted M~ sound and quiet to ride and dnve; trial allowed price £ 12.—Apply 30, Watchhouse Parade, Newport. 61?e STRONG Butcher's Cart for Sale also Block and Brass 0 Scales.-Prosrer, Butcher, 44, Clifton-street, Roath, Cardiff. 238 SALE, 20 Cross-bred Store Pigs good feeders from 15s io 25s each.—Apply Giles, 36, Bedford-street, Roath. 74 S- ALE, by gentleman leaving Cardiff, nearly new Prince's varnished Dog-cart, cob size, by Fuller Birtill, Cardiff; also Harness, nearly new, by Bishop the lot 25 guineas.— Apply A 54, Echo Office, Cardiff. 54 ALE 2 Bay Ponies, 13 hands 2in high, warranted both i7 good workers in harness and sound price £12 and :CIO.-Apply 38, Church-road, Maindee, Newport 573e SALE, useful Chestnut Mare, 15.2, sound, good worker 0 also harness, suit tradesman £ 22.—Apply 21, Topaz- street, Roath, Cardiff. 86 TURNOUT, Complete; Pony, fast and sound, 12 hands, j. has been driven by a lady walnut body Trap, cost £30 six months ago can be seen working any day will stand unattended. The lot 230.-Apply any day before 10 or after six, F. H., 37, Havelock-street, Cardiff. 300 rT?Greengrocers and Others.—For Sale, Pony, Flat Cart, Taiad Harnam: lot £ 12.—Apply 3&, Bedford-street' Kos-th. 75 T Plummer has in stock, for Sale, New Waggonette, JL complete, only been used few times; also new Butcher's Trap, on new style, suit cob 13; several new Rustic Carts, Luggage Cart, suit cobs 12 to 15 also Second- hand Traps. Can be seen at Carriage Works, Portland- street, Newport. 595e To Grocers, Butchers, and others.—Black Cob Mare, 14 Thands high, 6 years old, dependable in saddle and harness, warranted sound, price £18; also saddle and double-reined bridle, in good condition, £ 2.—Apply Hope- field House, Barrack.bill, Newport. 574e SEFUL Bay Mare, only F,16 !Cs.-Taylor, 64, Wyndham <J crescent, Canton. Cardiff. 959 POIfLTuy. riGEOXS, Ac. REA UTIFUL South Coast Grey African Parrot, brcught Bever in a 8ailing ship; price only 21 Is, or with large brass-mounted cage, Li 7s 6d; great bargain.—Sullivan's Menagerie, 46, Salisbury-road, Cardiff. 137 FIRST Consignment young Hartz Mountain Canaries; Fsent to any address wholesale price, 2s 6d per couple.- Ormond's Bird Stores, Newport. 946 TJ^OR Sale (cheap), a Green African Parrot; very knowing; X/ anda Brass Mounted Cage.—Thos. Lewis,Tea Exchange Llantwit Vardre. 968 T?OR?ale.—Two Blue Spanish and two Plymouth Rock FCockerels, 3s 6d each three Bantams, laying, 3s each; too Game Fowls, line birds, 58 each.-Lee, Sweet Merchant, Itonk-street, Aberdare ,,06 tïoR Sale, good working Homer Pigeons 220 Pigeons for J shooting purposes.—Ormond's Bird Stores, C'-o=s- isto et, Newport. 914 RAND Gol?nch Mules and Linnet Mules in fuU song, c 8s 6d; superior birds, 10s 6d; young Cock Mu1e, 5s. Otmond's Bird Stores, Newport. 945 "V^ANTED, Ten or Twelve Minorca Pullets, March or early April batch; fair price for good Liirds.—Address F. \< 37, Stow-hill, Newport, Mon. 614e 2°OPigeons for shooting matches, cheap; working & Homers, 2s pair; odd Belgian Cocks, stamped, 28 •adi^jCopecjan^ Charles-street, Newport-on-Usk. 62Ce BICYCLES. TKICVCLES Ac. BICYCLE for S;<le.—Humber Safety, balls, including pecfcls lamp, bell, spanner, and oil can £6 10s.— Jones, 3&Tredegar-?.treet, Cross Keys, Newport, Mon. 2C2 B-' ARållNS! BargaiJ1B!! Bargains In new and 8eco»d-hand cushion and solid tyre Safeties. Intend- ingpurch#ers should inspect our stock, and compare prices before bupg. We give from 25 to 40 per cent. discount for prompt cag. and supply only good, serviceable machines, of reliable oake. Sole district agents for J. K. Starley and Co.'s geuuM?, "Rovers," Hillman, Herbert, and Cooper's "Premier" Cycles, the Coventry Machinist Co.'s "Swift" Safeties, G. k- Morris Wilson an, t Co.'s "Referees," and Iother populatmounts. Large stock of Lucas's and Miller's goods alwayscn hand. Exchanges made daily. Repairs, painting, and —Note add ress-Parry and Co., Manu- facturers, Agetts, and Nickel Platers, Cardiff Cycle Works, Westgate-streA Cardiff 4?2e i";?lAi l?r, F 6cle Depot, 10. Castle-road.—One Hundred N-J Safeties, b'leading makers. Having made arrange ments for plick?el,e,y, we are now prepared to Sell at a very Low Fi for Cash. Every machine guaranteed. Before purcha.sitli elsewhere, call and inspect our stock of New and Second^18 nd Safeties. We hold a Large Stock of Lucas's and Millers' Goods. Lamps, Bells, Bags, &c., all the Latest Novelties. Pneumatic, Cushioned, and Solid-tyred Safeties for hire ffm 6d per hour. Repairs, Enamelling, Plating, by experipeed workmen on th (? .-Note addrc?ss Meager PrGs., 10, Castle-road, ea iff. 87e E- XC.ELSIORifor Sale (Bayliss, Thomas & Co.); Ediaiaiou(i fra& large cushion tyres (1 inch): ball, everywhere, Includim pedals new this sepon; excellent condition.-Seen a- 3%narth-street, Newport. 591e GOOD Safety (h>rRain), balls throughout, including pedals practiHy new; hardly ridden; good maker; take 6 os.—Fenton, Machen-place. 97f MEAGER Bros., Cardiff Cyeie Depot.—Ivelsemi-racer pneumatic, £ 11178. 619e MEAGER Bros.—Southern Racer, pneumatic, weight 241bs., L!5 15s. 619e MEAGER Bros.-Pleraier Safety, 26 10s. Bargains in -LTJL second-hand safeoes. 619e MEAGER Bros., 10, Castle-road, Cardiff. -Invincible .i' Ordinary Racer, nOt ridden but once, £2 10s. 619a MORRIS Bros., Cycle Works. Pontypridd.—Bargains— Genuine Rover "Pneumatic Light Roadster, shop- soiled only, £ 13 10s cash-tvvo-inch tyres. 44e MORRIS Bros.—CushiJ11 "Demon Light Roadster, new .il.. balls thoughout, 12 15s cash; Excelsior" Dia- mond, new, reliable, £ 9 ids cash. 44e MORRIS Bros. -Ne;??'Rudge Diamond, solid tyres, ,a!st pattern, £ 9 15s cash Second-hand genuine "Rover" Safety, £5 cash. 44e i 'UORRIS Bros. Ball-be»I*ng Kangaroo, 58s cash; several JL'A good Bicycles all sizes at 30s f,each cash. Repairs, Plating, Enamelling, at Tradf Prices. 44e REFEREE Pattern Solid-tyre Road Racing Safety gear, 60in. weight, 301b; » bargain L9 10s.-Seyinoiir, No. 12, Beauchamp-street, CarAiff- 299 KARE Bargain.—Ragfaj g?ty only ndden one month; JL<? cost £ 9 lamp, ha, beU. and accessories; only 26 155.- 206, Bute-road, Cardiff. 282 RUDGE Safety new,_diamoi$frame, bail bearings and c pedals list price 15 guinew sacrifice eight guineas. -Apply Q 250, Echo Office, Cardiff- 250 STRONG Safety for SI-1Y-Üght, balls throughout; S new end June (about); £ 6.—16S. Richmond-rd, CardiS. ANTED, good 48 or 50 inch Bicycle, in perfect condi- tion; ball bearings; best otter for cash.—Windsor, Holton-road, Barry Dock. 31 FOR SALK-JUSCBlXAroOPS. A Bankruptcy Stock of MrOusers; must be sold at 4s 6d per pair; honestly wortD double; call at once.- 31, High-street, Cardiff. 355 A Bargain for Architects and Surveyors. -New aud good ADumNy Level to be sold at fielding's, 18, Charles- I street, Car iff. 228 BLAIBERG, Pawnbroker and Jeweller, 2, Bute-terrace. -22ct. Gold Wedding Ring, ucir, SIdWt., 19s; 2dwt., 10s 6d. 82 i ?o?r-eited ?Curb Albert, LAI]BERG, Pa?.broker.-f.old Curb Albert, Bnot worn three months will sell for 60? originally cost M. 82 OLAIBFRG, Pawnbroker and Jetf^kr.—Silver English -L* Lever, capped andjew,olled; (muted three years; 29j, original pnee -0 5. Vearly n,?;. 82 'BLAIBERG- Pnwn brokctF;;}.ther(Cbo18o'PiÏ- JD low; linen tick; 39; weighs &tout 60lbs; honestly •worth double. 82 TDLAIBERG. pawnbroker.—Pair Blaflketa, pair Sheets, JD Tapestry Quilt, 21s; sold elsewhete 35s; quite naw; approval. 82 COLEMAN Follick.-A very superior English Lever, of first-class manufacture, correctly finited and timed, 50s warranted 3 years. 176 C OLEMAN Follick.-Gent's very heavy 18c. Keeper, 27s 6d a solid gold Gent's Signet Ring, U- 176 COLEMAN Follick, Pawnbroker and Jeweller, 40 and 41, Bridge-street, Cardiff.-Lady's Diamond Ring, magni- ficent colo"r. 30s. 176 c OLEN'.AN Follick.-Solid Silver English Hunting Lever, in good going order, by first-class maker; 30s 12 IllO,:t;:s. warranty. 176 CioLEMAN Follick.—Lady's very elegout 18c. Gold ) Geneva Watch horizontal construction; full jewelled, correctly timed nd examined 50s. 176 DOUBLE-barrelled Breech-leading Giin; Paker, Black- man, London twist barred choke bore, and all lates improvements; crot fS Ss; sell for F,4 1& in splendid condition.—Monmouthshire Loan Office, Stow-hill, New- port. 5846 TLEATHERS for Sale.—Clean, pure Poultry Feathe s, t ready for use, nt 6d per lb.-Apply to ftlatt-hews, 78, Alexandra-ond, Canton, Cardiff. 279 ïé\ORS,Ûe-P-tabï;E and Mortar Miil; equal to r bran n?w; sold chcap; 7ft. pan, with iro framings complete solid rods; no further use.—Apply W, "Eello" Office, Swansea. 633e F OR Sale, substantial Shop Fixtures, suitable for general draper or outfitter mahogany-top counters with nine drawers.—L E,ho Office, Cardiff. 322 OR Sale, combined 8,h.p. Vertical Engine and Boiler, now working bargain.—Thomas Jones and Company, Wharf-street, Cardiff. 350 Tj^OR Sale, Taper-cutting Machine for Paperhangr; 500 Pieces of Wall Paper, Gas Fittings, Shop fittings, Windows, Doors, la.r,,4e Blacksmith's Bellows, large Signs.— Apply Rowland, Star-street, Roath, Cardiff. 121 11^OR Sale, Counters, Corrugated Iron, good Garden Frame, Clothes Posts, Boards, &c.—Cathays Yard, Minister-street. Blake, Llanbleddian-gardens.ICsrdift- £ 45 OR Sal, a Bradford Patent AVasliing and Wringing Machine cost £9108; will sell cbeap.-Bradley, 51, Fairoak-avenue, Maindee, Newport. 6Sic FOR Sale, Desks, Forms. &c.-Apply 19. Cecil-street, FB,oadway, Roath, Carditf. 269  F-o1iSale, Produce of 20 Perch of well-stocked Garden ready for Market Garden to Let.—Address Morgan, Echo "UKce.' Cardiff ? ?57 FOR Sale, Barbed Wire, 22s per cwt. reeL-E. Priest and FCO., M, King's-road, Caton, CardiS. 9,7 FOR Sale, Galvanised Roofing Sheets, 6 and 8 feet Ion?, Fls 7d and 2s 2d each.—Taff Vale Works, 53, King's-road, Canton, Cardiff. 92B F OR Sale, Wire Netting, 24in. wide, 2in. mesh, 4s 7d per 50 yards.-53, King's-road, Canton, Cardiff. 925 FOR Sale, Patent Asphalte Roofing Felt, Sa per roll; 50( JT Ntils free.-E. Priest and Co., 53, King &-road. Canton Cardiff. 926 G- RAND lot Real Old English Oak Furniture, beautifullj JT carved; no foreign imitation including magnificent Sideboard.-Edes, Old Curiosity Shop, Newport. 642e JUST purchase 1, the contents of a large Showroom in London of costly Drawing-room and Dining-room Suites sell them for half the mhnufacturer'* price also splendid lot of Brass Bedsteads. Edes, Newport. 644e JUST Purchased. Manufacturer's Stock of New Furniture at half-price 100 p"irs of Washing-stands and Table' polish like mahogany, 12, fd i?Qr pair; Kitchen Chair?, 12s halt-dozen.—Edes, Newport. 6?l,?o MAHOGANY Dining-room Suite in lea'her, 3 guir.tps i.TjL Couch, 16s 6d Aim-chair, 14s 6d; Parlour C'uuvs, 5 each.—Edes, Curiosity Shop, Newport. 616, MONMOUTHSHIRE.—For Sale. Yorkshire Chrysanthe- .n mums, lemon colour Cow and Calf, £17; good rich uuikerrt also Apples, Plums, Pears.—Henllis Vale,Newport. MARBLE Clock ?trikin, hour and hIf-hour on cong l'.J. goes 14 days warranted; nearly new; cost £ 12 sell for L6; fit for piesentation.—Monmouthshire L -an Oilice, Stow Hill, Newport. 582o PLUMS direct, fnl the Growers.—Magnum Bonnm, Greengage, Victoria., Orleans, Eg Pium, Damson, &c., from 2d per lb.; carriage paid 241b. and upwards.—H. Bevan, Sansome-place, W orcester. 97 POTATOES.—55, Castle-road, Cardiff, Rounds, 30 !bs. -s..l°It.nY- ae.!1_osard.- 217 QPLENDID pair of Opera and Field Glasses, cost £ 3 3s, KJ sell 22s 6d, and sent on approval, post free, to any address. Perfect and new.—Write X, 30b, "Daily News,' Cardiff. 503 KmDlarge'SiZe Bedroom St;I)-ri6-I¡j;. o cost 50 guineas; from Maple's, London not soilc?d.- Edes, Old Curiosity Shop, Newport. 643e SPLENDID large-size 14-day Marble Clcicli strikes every lialf-liour; £63e, cost £8 8s.—Edes, Old Curiosity Shop, Newport. KSe SECOND-HAND Furniture of every description Bought, from £ 5 to £:>00; cash same day HhoplieejJers Stocks, &c.—Edes, Newport. 647e TOBkerC-f-ti;ner;:&c.-300 -G-l-o¡¡l;tl Milk daily for Sale in quantities to suit purchasers- Apl at the ]{h Park D"ir', Mackintosh-place £ 20 TO Bakers and Co-;iœtioners.-G. S. Tanks am! Co. TLimited, Oven Builders.—Manufacturers of all kinds of bakers' requisites, Kneading sifting, and other bakers' machinery may be seen in motion daily from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. Scud for price list.-Address 13, New Dock-street, Newport. 43s TRUSSES of all descriptions, well-fitted Belts, Elastic Stockings, Kneecaps, kc.—Only address, Pearce and Co.. 61, Queen-street, Cardiff. 6S6 VERY large handsome Spanish Mahogany Sideboard, w ith ? plate-glass back price £ 16 16?, cost £ 50. Also DÏilin;i*af,i:tet¡a::aa2,; E; et jivesttg; bl\rgins,Ede, .<!(J,ri05_p,ewp 6?6e 'T'ACHT.- Cutter, ?O tons, now iu commission in Bristol X Channel, for ale very cheap.-Apply B 912, Daily News," Cardiff. 912 12 Dessert knives, best quality, 12 Silver Forks to match cost 35s. Wanting cash urgently will sell for lo1* 6d. Approval, post free to any address.—Write V, 309, Daily News," Cardiff. 309 3 Peramhulatom, new, cost 35s; will sell for 24s; barva mR. 3AIso Bedstead, 16s 6d.-Monmouthshire Loan ()}ce, Stow-hill, Newport. uBe SlISCKLLAXKOrS WAXTS. C ASH (full valuej given for Ladies', Gentlemen s, and Children's Cast-off Clothing also Miscellaneous Articles. All orders punctually attended to on receipt of poscard. Mrs Carter, 46, Broadway, Roath, Cardiff. 715 MRS Mary Morisco, 13A, Broadway, Cardiff, gives the highest price for Ladies', Gentlemen's and Children's Wardrobes. Established in 1873. 9S3 ST A RR-BO WKKTT Shares wanted for Cash; highest price given for books in either society.— H. B. Crouch. 16, St Mary street, Cardiff. 142 "\VANTED, kind person to Adopt Baby from birth.— T T Address A. C. C., Letter Exchange, High-street, Bristol. 295 WANTED a small Portmanteau or Bag: must be good and cheap.—Apply L 336, "Echo Office, Carditf. 336 WANTED, second-hand fiat-topped Spring Lorry. Apply S. J. 650, Eeho Office, Cardiff. 650e TANTED, a few Dozen Washing weekly.—Apply Q230. V T "Echo" Office, Cardiff. 230 TANTED, Child's Mail or Go-Cart, strong, and double V t seat.—Offers to 11, Donald-street, off Albany-road, Cardiff. 1 -MrANTED, Perambulator, second-hand good quality VT and condition.—State price to 0 13?, "Echo"oSce, Cardiff. 132 \\TANTED, little rough shooting for coming season, V T within easy rail of Cardiff. State extent, description, and price. -D 156, Daily News, Cardiff. 156 WANTED, Left-off Clothing of every d?s,riptio.; Furniture, Pianos, and old Violins; best price given Mr and Al;s Mance, 2°, Wyndham Arcade, Cardiff. 120 WANTED to purchase, second-hand Trestle Tables, suit able for picnic and tea parties.—Address A S24. "Echo" Office, Cardiff. 924 3IISCELI.AXEOBS. -N'YONE desirous of forming a Watch Club will filit A greatly to their advantage by applying to Fattorim ;md Sons, 27, Westgate, Bradford. 3 FEMALE Corrective Mixture; succeeds after all others Fhave failed not a quack medicine.—Pearson & Co., Chent, 10. Caroline-stre?t. Cardiff. SA5 LAZING Linen like (1?ina without polighin iron T six stamps 4,700 testimonials. Acme Ironcleaner 6stan,T-?liaNa.-?ie 421 Heron-road, Twickenham. 96 GLASS Shades and Stands, all sizes, cheap, for du1;5, G statuettes, &c.—J. Cording, Naturalist and Taxider Illial Arcade, Cardiff. 437 I'-I!' you want your Dining or Drawing-room Suite Re- upholstered, send for James Stiwhomhe, Practif-al :U?7 ?bofsterer and Mattress Maker, 12, Le"d-street, Roath' Cardiff. 233 IS your Watch wrong The best and ch? apest Shop ,n Cardiff for the repair of watches of every description, English or Foreign, is 38, Castle-arcade (third shop from Castle-stroet). Proprietor, James Keir, fo IG years with Mr Spiridion. Hauds, glasses, and hys litled. ol IT will pay Every Shopkeeper to send for Comley and Son's Secial Co,sh, Ti ice List. We are the Largest Whole- sle SJ:IfaDale t. T¿ e t'J;:r Jirv1e;:2"f:t dress Moira-terrace, Cardiff. 544? 1TCHINGS (unbearable), Pimples, nasty Sores or Ulcers, Blood and Skin Diseases (from whatever cause).—Apply now for advice, free of charge, to Pearson & Co., Chemists, 10. Caroline-street, Cardiff, where immediate relief may be had and sure cure guaranteed at a trifling cost. Z4;J -JEWErLERY W-¡;'khs-Wh.)rjals, Cutlery, Toys, PipeN Musical Instruments. Wholesale list post iree. -Wright St L?k?*road, Birmingham 965 LAUNDRY Glazing CoA'ars, and Fronts like white china; nothing used in the starch; ;;o polishing iro u required particulan free.—Laundry, 7? iscard, Birkenhead. l\¡RS Robins, 192, Commercial-road, Newport, tho largest -A Wardrobe Purchaser in South Wales, gives fuli value for Cast-off Clothing of every description. Post-cards and parcels receive prompt attention. 912 MARRIAGE Prospects Principal Events for 12 months, 1 business, Removals, &c.—Send birthtime aud seven stamps to Ilill, 3, Severn Chambers, Nottingham. 2C-6 MARRIAGE.—Date, circumstances, Is; very carefully, 1-1. 2s; nativity, 5s; ye r's erects. 3s 6d birthtime re- quired.-Mrs Charles, 25, Upper Arcade, Bristol. 252 PERTH Dye Works.—Goods received for P. and P 5 Campbell by Miss Morgan, Stationer, Docks. Par- ticular attention to gentlemen s clothing. 88 ST ALL 232, Cardiff Market.—Wooli and Hœ¡ery direct from producer, at wholowe prices refooting. Open daily. 67 TOBACCONISTS commencing seeDï;;tted Guide, 3d How to open respectably, £ 20 to £ 100.—1Tobacconist's Outfitting Co. (Regd.), 186, Euston-road, London. 9 1'0 Married People.—Invaluable information sent ou J- receipt of 3tamped onvelope.—Address W. Hi son, Box 434. Mansifeld-road, Nottingham. 592 W.COOKE, Electrician, 26, Pembroke-road, è'¡;t; Cardiff. -Estimates given for the erection and m?in-, tenance of telephone lines, electric bells for private houses hotels, and mines. Also Burglary Alarms. kc, 26.. WINDOW Tickets for every trade, first-class style and finish, cheapest and best in Cardiff.—Pearson, 33, Thesiger-street, Cathays, Cardiff. 241 FURNISH on our new hire Hire System. Houes 0 E  Apartments completely furnished on a new system Elely by us, whereby all publicity, exposure, ??nd inquiries usually made b? other companies are dispensed with. We have an immense stock of Household Furniture of cheap and superior quality. A1 Igoods sold on the Hire System at ready-money prices. We make no extra charge for credit, and all goods sent home in a private van free of charge. No stamp or agreement charges made no bill of sale; e"erything private. Armu¡¡ements completed without delay, and, ?eilg manufacturers, we guarantee quality, and will undertake to supply furniture, etc., at 10 per cent, less than any price-list isrued b? any firm in 6°arik. ceni'le; th:rn¿;e-lg:1tjf ip:Y ¿:; mense stock, and compare prices befoi-e purchasing else- h:: st,i' wii¡d S1a1'£6¡:¿ ffoie ld!Ccdf elÕ worth, 48 weeklv £ 15 worth for 5s weekly; £ 20 worth, 6s weekly, and so on in proportion. Special terms for larger quantities. Please note the address :—South Wales Furnishing Company, 31, Castle-street (opposite the Castle), Cardiff. 10 MONE1. A Private Gentleman has Money to Lend from £5 to £500, to farmers, market gardeners, householders, and pub- lic generally, in strict confidence and without publicity; no preliminary fees asked for.-Apply to John Sully, 11, High- street, Pontypool 345e MONEY Lent without bill-of-sale or sureties upon note .lll. of hand alone to farmers, cab proprietors, hauliers, cowkeepers, clergymen, hotel proprietors, tradesmen, er to ;!hr::cbîupel if;Oi stating amovnt required, to David Danes, 2, I)ynevor place, Swansea.  MONEY advanced to responsible persons privately and promptly, from £ 10 to £1,000, on note of hand, at a fair rate of interest and easy repayments. Distance no ob- I jection.—Apply, by letter on,y, to J. Waters 13, Alfred street, Neath. 187e IMPORTANT to Agriculturists, aid others.—A private Gentleman, having a large capital at his command, is prepared to make advan?s in sums, from £ 10 to LI,OW, to ::lIIlôw:;ns :d:m F;S, £, ;11 classes of respectable Householders generally, on their Note of Hand alone.—Apply D. Phillips, Snows Hill House, Adare-street, Bridgend. 4002-336e MONEY.-W. Henry Harr'es makes immediate cash advances to any amount, on Note of Hand alone, to Tradesmen, Farmers, Householders, and others.—Ill, Harriet-street, Cardiff. 4001-335e IOlfuditnd Country.—Do not be allured by the advertisements of so-caued banks or private lenders offering to make advances on ridiculous tenus. The majority of them emanate from agents, whose object is to obtain fees, commission, and deposits. Being the actual lender, no such requirements are exacted, and the cash ady?uced direct at a fair rate of interest, according to risk, without the exposure often attending a loan Ato D. rVisAkN, CES are made from £ 5 to £ 1,000, upon every clas of security. Existing loans are paid off. No charge made unless the money is advanced. Write or call.—Mr T. G Barton, 15, Bridge-street, Newport, Mon. 512e 1°foteIfolte: o it promptly, privately, and at a -*• 'ow rate of interest On your simple promissory notes, with or without sureties, apply immediately, enclosing stamped envelope, to Mr W. 1. Thomas, 20, Market,street, Abertiller.1. Special features .-No enquiry fees reasonable interest,which is quoted beforehand universal promptitude, a day s notice being generally sufficient; no oppression of honest and solvent clients. The Carlton Bank, 1 yd., for whom Mr Thomas is Branch Manager, has been established 10 years, and has a capital of IC30,000, consequently no genuine and respectable application is ever refused. 950e 1\1 0 BILLS OF SALE. NO PUBLICITY, MONEY JÆNT ON NOTE OF HAND ALONE, in Sums from E20 to £ 3,00'. The National Mercantile Bank, Baldwin-street, Br stol — The Directors of this old- estaolished, well-known office, having large availaile funds, offer unusual facilities to all respectable and trustworthy persons who require either temporary or permanent assist auce. Cash in amounts from C20 to £ 3,000 is advanced in all partp, of the kingdom, without sureties, deiay, or pub- licity, and on the security only of the borrower's written promise to repay. These advancer, may be repaid by weekly, monthly, or quarterly instalments, extending over a period of time convenient to the borrower, or the principal may re- main so long as the interest is paid. No bills of sale, taken, and the transactions are not published in any newspaper or gazette.—Apply, stating amount required, to Mr T. C. Mil Durn General Manager. 927e MONEY I—The DIRECTORS of I. S. FIELDING and lU, CO., LIMITED, ADVANCE DAILY sums from L3 to £ 1,000. METHOD OF BUSINESS FAIR INTEREST. EASY REPAYMENTS. NO DELAY. ABSOLUTE PRIVACY. NO SURETIES. Trade Bills Discounted. PrOsp2ctuses and p&rticular free.-Apply to Secretary. l? CHARLES-STREET. CARDIFF. ? ? ?'? 1?' 1\?R .LP?THOMPSON.71,ADAM STREIT. L 'j L CARDIFF, E 1 T IS STILL ADV ANCIK81æi' FROM £ 3 UPWARDS TO HOUSEHOLDERS, CAB PROPRIETORS, DAIRYMEN, AND OTHERS, ON THEIR OWN NOTE OF HAND. NO FEES. NO DELAY. Office Hours, 9 to 8. W ednesday, 9 to 2. 28e f COMMERCIAL ADVAN CERANK, 19, QUAY-ST. VV CARDIFF. £3 to £300 can be obtained on the same day a; applied for hY professional gentlemen, tradesmen, farmers, cowkeepers &11 householders. Applicants may rely or. the strictest secrecy being ob- served. Charges moderate, and no enquiry or ot her fees charged unless cash ad"ancd. Country applications attended to without delay. Apply ??°"? y or by letter to MR L. JOSEPH, COMMERCIAL ADVANCE BANK. 231" 19, QUAY-STREET, CARDIFF "& f ONEY Lent from £ 5 to £ 600 nb a few hour*' nolieo to LTfarmers, cowkeepers, householders aud others on .0 mishory note alone, and on the borrower's O'?r? name. Dis- tance 110 ob j cci. No charges of auy description are made unless 1)u.?iil, s A.0 ?l 2 private temporary loan A%Fi-o,'L ?tl(, etfiue rout in* should apply to 1'hii-p Bassett, 11. Pcnucl- CARDIFF. RJPHEATRE RO YRAL, C ARD IFF. LESSEE A:;D MANAGER ..Mr EDWARD I'LETCKIiR THURSDAY, AUGUST 20xn, the powerful and reau.siic drama, in five acts, entitled '?? ASTER A X D A N l?i- Henry Pettitt and Geor.™. R. Sims. Bv Henry Pettitt and Geor.?? R. ?hn- CARMEN ?P TO DATA IS COMING. ? an(l'riiiie uSüaJ.  ) 6' r' T ltili -a ..c.. ft J,] Jl -= L 1l tJJ.1. '.A Manageii OSWALD STOLI.. TO-NIGHT— EMPIRE. HARRY PL EON, EMPIRE. EIPnE. The Cat's Meat Man.' EMPIRE. EMPIRE. TO-NIGHT— EMPIRE EMPIRE. SADIE (U10SSMITII, EMPIRE. EMPIRE. Vocalist. EMPIRE. EMPIRE. TO-NIGHT— EMPIRE. THE SISTER* LLOYD. EMPIRE EMPIRE. TO-NK-HT— EMPIRE. EMPIRE. Victor Andre's Wo-uierful Illusion, EMJ'TRE EMPIRE. THE VANISHED BRIDE.' EMPIRE EMPIRE. TO-NIGHT— EMPIRE* EMPIRE. RENSON AXD WAITE, EMPIRE. EMPIRE. Variety Ariistes. EMPIRE EMPIRE. TO-NIGHT— EMPIRE EMPIRE. TILL Y W A T S O N EMP! RE EMPIRE. Serio and Dancer. EMPIRE EMPIRE. SAM REO?ERN, J Nil. EMPIRE EMPIRE. TO-M?rIT- EMt-iRE Hg' K A T I E '1'O-i:rf}-E XC E .iMi}: EMPIRE. Your CI. I'.rv.r.nte. 125 EMPIRE. VICTORIA ROOMS. «T7 MARY- t STREET, CARDIFF. D'ARCS GRAND WAXWORK EXHIBITION. The Madame Tussaud's of Wales. NEW ADDITIONS AND NEW NOVELTIES. Just added, the Groa:est. Novelty of the Age, THE PHONOGRAPH. Admission 31; Children, 2d. 375  HUHE WORLD?S FAIR T(,,id 'oinin?GA?'I'? Station), PENARTR.IWAD, CARDIFF, still continued. T!.ousnndscuine!i?ht'y tospenda]pi<' Open every evening:. Admls-ion to grounds free. 53 Opeiieveiye%eii-?ri, free. XE\V .P()F-T. EM P I RE N EW P 0 R T JLJ lnder the same Management as the EMPIRE, Carditf. VARIETY ENTERTAINMENTS OF EXCEPTIONAL EXCELLENCE. TWO COMPLETE PERFORMANCES NIGHTLY. Early OI¡e-7 o clock to 9. Late One—9 o'clock to 11. All Artistes appear at each Performance. Stall Season Tickets, available for three months,10.3 6d. 127 OSWALD STOLL. SWAXSEA. c E-NTPAL ^THLETIC GRou-N Ls- GREATEST FETE EVER HELD IN WALES. Five days in the Eisteudvoo Week, com- mencing August, 18th, 1¿91. The GREAT MINTING, Champion Bicycle-trick Rider of the World. The Renowned Miss NELLIE REID, with her jumnÏng Horse Sydney, son of Hermit—Derby winner. The DE COLMERS, in their marvellous Acriel Bicycle and Trapeze Performance. Professors ALIE MACKAY and DARNELL, the W orid's greatest Balloonists and Parachutists. HORSE, BICYCLE, ND FOOT RACES EACH DAY. GRAND DISPLAY OF FIREWORKS EACH EVENING. Gates open at 1 o'clock, to commence at. 2. Admission, Is Enclosure, Is 6d G"and Stand4, 327 2s. 563e 4-'z 2 7 PONTYPRIDD. PEOPLE'S PARK, PONTYPRIDD^ t Special Sports, Saturday, August 22nd, 1891. toot and Bicycle Races. 2^0 yards (once round the cycle track) Boys' Race. First prize, 15s Second, 5s Ihird, 2s 6d. Entrance, 6d. Quarter-mile Foot Race. First prize, £3; Second, Sl: Third, 10, Entrance, h. TwonjUe Novice I'icycle Race. Fir"t price, Home Trainer, value BS: Second, Pair Ball Pedals, value i.l Is; Third. Lamp, value 12s 6d. Entrance, Is. Entries close Wednesday, August 10th. 2424 p EOPLE:S PARK, PONTYPRIDD.— PROS P ECTIVE ARRANGEMENTS. SATURDAY, AUGUST 22ND, SPECIAL FOOT AND BICYCLE RACES. MABON'S DAY. SEPTEMBER 7TH, GREAT SPORTS, FOOT, BICYCLE, AND HORSE RACES. SPOP?TS, VOOT, .'S DA), 5TI1, GBAND AMATEUR BRASS BAND CONTEST. Splendid Prizes for each event. Particulars shortly. Proprietors—Messrs Poole and James. For all information apuly to the Secretary, Alfred C. Beere. 2424 public floiiuz. BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE. POPULAR LECTURE BY PROF. SILVANUS P. THOMPSON, D.Sc., F.R.S., ELECTRICITY IN MINING, Including Electric Signalling. Electric Lighting. Electric Safety Lamps. Electric Firing of Blasts. Electric Transmission of Power for Hauling, Winding and Pumping. Electric Power for Coal Cutting and Rock Drilling. A Dynamo-Electric Machine has been erected to provide Electiic Currents for the Experiments which will be shown. This Lecture has been POSTPONED from Saturday, August 22nd. to WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26TH, At Eight p.m.. in the PARK HALL, CARDIFF. Chairman W. HUGGINS. Esq., D.C.L., F.R.S., President of the British Association. Tickets: Balcony and Front Seats, Is; Body of Hall, 6d. The Lecture will be over in time for Rate Trains. Railway Tickets are issued at Reduced Prices on theo Rhymney and Taff Yale Lines to persons who bave previously purchased Tickets for the Lecture. BRISTOL CHANNEL PASSENGER SERVICE, LIMITED. NEWPORT SAILINGS TO W ESTON, CHANNEL TRIPS, &-c., BY EARL OF DUNRAVEN, Or other suitable steamer, will run (wind, weather, and circumstances permitting), LEAVE NEWPORT August Fri. 21,9.30 a.m. *Sat. 22, 10 it.m. IIlon. 24, 10 a.m. Tties. 25, 10 a. iii, Wed. 26. B.30 a.Ill., 12.30 p.m. Thurs. 27, 10 a.m.,2.30p.m J Sat. 2Q, 11.30 a.m. Mon. 31, 7 a.m., 2.30p.m. | LEAVE WESTON. August. Fri. 21, 6 p.m. ? .at. 22, 5 p.m. Mon. 24, 5.60 p.m. Tues, 25, 6.30 p.m. a.m., 7 p.m. Thurs. 27, 12-10011, 8 p.m. Sat. 29, 1.3J p Ill. Mon. 31, 12.30 p.m., 5.30 p.m. LEAVE NEWPORT FOR CHANNEL TRIPS. Thursday, Aug. 2O-Porlishe&d, 5.0 p.m. Leaving Porti.??b?o.d 8-0 p.m. About 1 hour ashore. Fare, Is 6d. Friday, Aug. 21.—UeU Buoy, 8.50p.m. 'Saturday, Aug. 22-by Bonnie Doon or Lady Mar- garet. Monday, Aug. 24.—Light Ship, 7.30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 25.-Bell Buoy, 3.15 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 29.—Channel, 3 p.m. Fares and Conditions as per Service Bills. EDWARDS, ROBERTSON & CO., Agents, 98, Dock-street, Newport. SPECIALEVENINGT* EXCURSION KJ from CARDIFF up the SEVERN via WESTON, FRIDAY, August 21st, by the Splendid Passenger Saloon Steamer BONKIE DOON. Leave Cardiff 5.0 p.m., arriving back about 10.0 p.m. Fares—Saloon, 2s fore cabin, Is 6d. Moonlight to return. ?alr5 bn Ruction. QUEE;;lr'¡RD1F>' I MESSRS MOORE & CO. are instructed m to SELL by AUCTION, on MONDAY, THURSDAY, and SATURDAY, August 17th, 20th, and 22nd. a quantity of excellent HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, comprising dining, drawing, and bed- room suites, sideboards, cabinets, overmantels, dining and other tables, wardrobes, duchesse toilets, bed steads, bedding, hall stands, piano, carpets, linoleum. Sale each day at, 2 and 7.30 o'clock. 14 HEPSTOW. -Qtj'I-NTTON'S P, E J FII.ESH-NIE-NT-ROONI, -School. Choir Outings, Large Parties Catered for. Moderate charges. 305 T 0 p I C LN I c P A R T I E S B A R P., Y THE PATISSERIE COMPANY, 81, HIGH-STREET, BARRY, HIGH-CLASS PASTRYCOOKS, &e. TEA AND LUNCHEON ROOMS. Dining, Tea, Picnic, and Supper Parties Contracted for. 923 I 0 0 N SEE D BIT T E R S INFALLIBLE CURE FOR CONSUMPTION, All Chest Complaints, Cancers, Blood Diseases, and Indigestion. Sold in Bottlestfs 9d and 4s 6d each. Post free, 3s and 4s 6d. AGENT— D. ARNOTT, CHEMIST. 241e PONTYPRIDD. raEir_REMEDY_T() ALL.—a late sufferer from nervous disorders, despondency, &c., will be pleased to forward particulars of simple self-treatment. A cure is certain.—Address W. H BROWN, Esq., 19, Walpoie-terrace, Kemp Town Brighton 2783-700 rapidly successful in all cases JL/ either recent-or chr01ic nn jnf¡¡UibJe remc-dv in all discharges, Cures without medicines.—Sold in bottles, 2s fed each, by post 2" '211, by all chemists. London Agents, F. Newberv and Sons, 1, King Ed war d -street, F. C A-u iff. J MU:; D A> I' t O Jo tJ¡t;;¡iH¡'S!.i ;D£¡¡:¡:¡ilt:S. j THEY FIT WELL AND ARE SURE TO WEAR WELL. I THE ABOVB REFERS TO MASTERS & CO.'S CLOTHING [fd MEN, YOUTHS, AND BOYS. 22e —-———————-———-———— —— I 1 Z 1 N E I Z I N E R IZINE!!I RIZINE WITH STEWED FRUIT. To one pint new miik, add two eggs, well beaten, and 2 oz. RIZINE, mix thoroughly together, pour into a saucepan, allow to nearly boil over a s low fire, sv.-eeten and flavour to taste when ceo]; serve up Willi any kind of fruit. HOME-MADE BREAD. Do you make yuur own Bread ? If you do, in your next baking, instead of using all Flour, try one part of RIZINE to three parts of Flour. You will simply be astounded with the pleasing result. Your loaves will be beautifully light—that is if you use (TONGE & Co) Flour-and your bread will keep NICK aud HOIST. RIZINE CAN BE OBTAINED AT ALL STORES, GROCERS, AND CORN DEALERS THROUGHOUT SOUTH WALES. JOHN STUART, AGENT, ALBERT CHAMBERS, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. 14500-1955-278e PIANOS, ORGANS, pIANOS. CHEAPEST HOUSE IN THE TRADE. Pianos fronj 10s &d monthly, Organs from 5s monthly The Public are invited to inspect HEATH & SONS' Stock of PIANOS, ORGANS, &c., As Pounds will be Saved by placing their Orders "illl them. Every Instrument Guaranteed and Kept in Tune one year free of charge. LARGEST DISCOUNT FOR CASH. HEATH & SONS' PIANOFORTE AND ORGAN MERCHANTS, TUNERS, AND REPAIRERS, C1AEDIFF, 2E ? 2E AND 34, TAFF-STREET PONTYPRIDD. FURNITURE. F U, R N I T LT R E F URNITURE. ALL REQUIRING FURNITURE, CARPETS, &c., I SHOULD NOT FAIL TO VISIT N A I S H 13 11 0 S. T2 QUEEN gTREET, CARDIFF. J. A. JON E !:XT:E I CORRECTIVE MIXTURE CORRECTIVE The Best, and Safest MIXTURE CORRECTIVE Medicine ever MIXTURE CORRECTIVE introduced for Infants MIXTURE CORRECTIVE suffering from Wind, MIXTURE CORRECTIVE Convulsions, Fits, MIXTURE CORRECTIVE and all Sumach MIXTURE CORRECTIVE or Skin Couinlaints, MIXTURE CORRECTIVE and Teething. MIXTURE CORRECTIVE Gives Instant Relief. MIXTURE I CORRECTIVE MIXTURE CORRECTIVE MIXTURE J. A. JONES, CLIFTON-ST., CARDIFF And Hovenden & SoNS, 31, Berners-street, London. Is l'fzd and 2s 9d per Bottle. 140a iv E U R A L G I A-KEALL'S TONIC j KEALL'S TONIC CURES NEURALGIA. CERTAIN AND SPEEDY! TESTIMONIAL from" Bazaar. I was a fearful suf- ferer from Neuralgia, and despaired of a remedy until I heard of Iveall's Tonic and Neuralgic Mixture, two small bottles of which quite cured me. E W. Price Is 1 Y2d, 2s 9d, and 4s 6d per bottle Free by Post, j{ Is 3d, 3s, and 4s 9d. AGENTS. KEALL'S IONIC CURES (NEURALGIA jj CERTAIN CERTAIN AND SPEEDY! CARDIFF.—Mr Munday, Chemist, 1, Dute-srreet: Mr Robb, Chemist, Roath. NEWPORT.—Messrs Garret' Bros., Chemists, 171, Commercial-street. XEATIL-IJ J. G. Isaac (late Hayman), Chemist. Ri.ANJii.Ly.—Mr Gwilym Evans. LONUOS.—Newberv and Son. Proprietor, Mr KEALL Dentist, 139, Hi-jh-strect Swansea tj? THOMPSON'S BURDOCK"" PILLS. I JL THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER -Ptirii, the foulest blood and relieve every .1¡"e:1, (If stomach, liver, and kidneys. These ,o1111erfn\ Pill" cuvc diseases which could not be reached by auy 0tLe,1l1,r!¡, cine. For Rheumatics, Lumbago, Piles, Gravel, Faius in the Back, Scurvy, Bad I,e e: Nv"lkf),i,; or White Swelling, Scrofula, Cancers, Blotches on the Face ami Body, Swelled Yeet, &.c., Jaundice, Dropsy, and Fcv-r of all kinds. In boxes at Is Hit and 2" Jll e;(:/1 1 by all chemists, or from :he manufactory, 44 ■ j street, Swansea. C; j 1J. II i !'¿i' £! è r !s .s. ?OLEMA? '?.ULLICK Li i>R OK J:" II AND .1EWELLER, PA?'NDRC'Kj;R AD JEV.ELIJ;R, 40 A11 ?1. U?.iDGE-STREET. ?? A R D IFF. \J 4N ON THE £ INTEREST ABOVE HOS. 66 FOR TASTE AND VARIETY, COM BINED WITH QUALITY ANJ CHEAPNESS, THERE IS NOTHIM BETTER THAN MASTERS & CO.'S SPLENDID SHOW OF SUMMER CLOTHING. EVERYTHING UP TO DATE. rjHHE ATLAS Ft:"Rl\ISHING CO)IPANY, LIMITED, CABINET-MAKERS. UPHOLSTERERS A n GENERAL HOUSE FURNISHERS, 5, ST. JOHN'S SQUARE, CARDIFF F URNISH ON J7JASY rj^ERMS -fi? OR FOR CASH, DIRECT FROM THE MAKERS. WE CONTINUE TO SUPPLY FURNITURE OF EVERY DESCRIPTION To Householders, Lodgers, Mechanics, nnd all Classes in any station of life, on their well-known I-IIRE J_>CRCHASE YSTEM, The Special Terms of which are Acknowledged to be Undoubtedly tidi MOST ADVANTAGEOUS EVER OFFERED IN CARDIFF OR ELSEWHERE. The Furnishing Department comprises EVERY HOUSEHOLD REQUISITE, INCLUDING SHEETS, KNIVES KETTLES, BLANKETS, FORKS, SAUCEPANS, QUILTS, CRUETS, FENDERS, FIREIRONS, PERAMBULATORS, &C. TERMS. £3 WEEKLY PAYilENTS is 6d £ 6 „ 2E 6d £ 10 „ „ 4s i>lo 6s £ 20 „ „ 7s 6d £ 50 „ 158 gJ, g: ALL GOODS CARRIAGE PAID. PiANOS OX EASY TERMS. BATH CHAIRS: INVALID. BABY CARRIAGES Lent out on Hire by the Day or Week, and with Option of Purchase. CHAIRS LEXT FOR EVENING "ARTIE Clocks, Watches, and Jewellery of every description kept in Stock. Prospectuses and Price Lists Post Free a Application. jp Jp R E E D M A N & O CABINET MAKERS & UPHOLSTERERS- BEDDING MANUFACTURERS AND C A R P E T M E N, Hold a large Stock of Excellent jl|~ OUSEHQLD JjTURNITURE (THEIR OWN WELiz-KNOWN MAKE), All of which is of FIRST-RATE QUALITY, ELEGANT IN DESIGN, AND LOW IN PRICE FOR CASH, OR 0; THE EASY HIRE PURCHASE SYSTEM Terms very moderate an inspection invited. P. F R E E D M A N & CO., 2,3, & 4, MARKET BUILDINGS, DOCK-STREET, NEWPORT 34 To the Y oung. Men of England who Suffer from Nervous Debility. Just Published. THE CONFESSIONS & EXPERIENCE T of an INVALID, designed at a warning and a caution to others supplying at the same time tiK means of self-cure, by one who has cured himself, aftei undergoing the usual amount of Medical lmposifclor and Quackery. Single Copies may be had (post free) by sending I stamped addressed envelope to the author, ARTHUR DIXON, Esq., 597e Hounslow, near London. jyj U N D A Y S "y IRIDINE" I (Registered Trade Mark No. 369M. THE ——— CI U R E THE CURE FOR CORE' FOR CORNS PAINLESS AND HARMLESS. THE This infallible remedy introduced by CURE J- M CNDAY has obtained a world-wide FOR reputation. The fficacy of "VI, CORNS I may be judged by Its havIn, ???"=' ???/ r\pDO-R \e Cured Corns of over 50 years' standing THE which had resisted all other remedies. t ?? ?? R E It succeeds where aH Plasters au ?? FOR Caustic na,?e fwed CORNS ? REMOnG BOTH HARD 0& TH'" SOFT C0RNS AND WARTS. CURE TESTIMONIALS. FOR ———— CORNS IIFPACOI-TBE. THE I eel 1 o?ean acknowledgment te CTT u V 'ou for supplyi. ng me with "yi our wonder ? ful Vm?ine. For years suffered a ?'?' ?? ?re&tde:ofp<Lin from a.very obstinate cc o .corn, but since applying your remedy J THE it hs entirely -one. I let one old man CURE l??,e a b,,LLI- and be s?idifheha.dKM l"OR CuKEAS he would give them to you for t ??n? ? the relief he had. ? ?t?UiUSb Pier Hotel. A. W.CAMPBELL. ? thf. c UEI; SUNDERLAND. end me two bottles c)f for | want you to send me two bottles of COR I Uridine ,or a <nend of mme. I have t' ?' R "'? ,ried it myself a?d I ave found it to be THE an excellent cure for corn-?, I may my Cru R > E I hHe had it out to Brazil with me. for aud found it to keep in warm climates CORNS rearbbly well. B. BURGMS 13, A "ennc-terrace. the ? U R E CAUTION.—As there Me several for imitations of this preparation, the pub. CORNS i:c arc requested to AK FOR c Tli E „ M U N D A Y 8 U K E 1', 1., ? FOR ?V I R, I D I N B,- CORNS And S?,, that my SIGNUeRR is on the tiij: end of each package. Cure"you ma C Lr') E ordering Corn Cure you may CTT R F J receive one of the many so-call:i CYol,- which only give relief g?-? ?'JK?!') or s;mc: -.?rthi??? imitation of Yin "lORN S «r some •• •• V.7 dine." IN BOTTTjES, PRICE Is, BY POST Is 2d PRFr.U!.i:i> by T 1VT V N DAY, fly < LlL C K EMIST, 1, HTGH STREET. CARDIFF. 34GCH SOLD BY CHEMISTS. 7t _0_ I MPORTANT T? LADIES.—The most 8 wonderful inedici; evf-r c1i;"ov0ïed for a'l r:C' ljirilies ønù (\bt.:lht10n.. hO'.7'éVC' ob -"inate «• Jdj1. sianding. have been relieved by niir.wul^r.s an d thereby «Hreu troub'e. ilb.js.i am i ex p 'isc. per f ectly 'isnn l isf never sails \>> bruis aJ"\{.1l1.. t:i: de.sir.;<i cfi-ict, ;l. (,I) })Y 11t'l1Ür)d.; .f roarric-l :uni Nnmeron-; •unsoiic'.i.ej U-st'iin^tiials Pii^S AR-K USELESS o:tly br'.n? ( l isa-p p t-in1 :<"n:. S- -:r^ d »: c:: v.-dopefcr pr: -e i ?- .— S W. j V A ?'t:'r;.?,<?. 'Th? only efec'i. cjf<-h..m-i for ;■ o St h.?. ?74—7?-e