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ADVERTISEM ENTS, D&. ONCE ™ R ?? ..?DS. ONCE. ? TlTlL Words 0 6 0 9 1 0 B^Words 0 9 1 0 1 6 f40 Words 10 16 2 3 ?Words 152659 BPWords 1 6 3 0 4 6 ???Me charges apply Mt? to the ?oHowMtg' class of   ¡lIdtMrtisemmts :-Apar.tments, Situations Vacant or ??, nted, (9 be Let or ?oM, Lost, ?ott??, and Jf?M?- ?E??MMMCMc t?mmte N??B?tnsertion of severe! XdvertMoments is delayed because the references given are to Post-offices, to HSSUs. or fictitious names. PoBtmast ers are not allowed to er letters 110 addre8l!ed. PWISONAI. ?f??OULD some kind Person adopt a Female Child two ??'' 1- months eld' if premipm required, muat be small.— D., 37, Salop-place, Penarth. 364 .WOULD a Young?Lady, who had a bunch of lilac and e' travelled from Clydach to Brynmawr on June 9th, with Young Man who assisted her when alight- ',Reply Lilac, Echo Omce, CardiS. 171 !lORE Archer's Golden Returnssweetest Tobacco ? ,tnannfact)ired. 298 | EDUCATIONAL. 1 aS50RTH 4ND-SCHOOL. — Book-keeping, Handwriting, S? Tjjewriting, Grammar, Arithmetiq, French, Welsh, > TSjfc. Pianoforte, &c. Private Lessons (day and Even its). jwjipalj JJUjrudorwid^ LUTRISLONUL. pt?You are Married, or contemplata taking this important step, we can send you valuable information which you BbE?ttoknow. Send your address, and we will send cata. and pamphkt free.-Address H. G. Kerr.?est?nm,  dswortJ1. London. ? 659 ? LOST ANH FMWO. ?f?RAIN Bracelet?Art Locket, red stone, Lost Sunday 't:í"l;;st, between Charl03-street and CheDStow,road, New- ts t?- Finder rebumms same to Mrs C. Hbward. Wardrobe t' -?e' Charles?treet. will be suitaNy rewarded. 8.Mc ?QPND red and white Setter. If not found within three > S" da_e will be sold t* defray xxpenses.—lM, Queen-street, *?y. 402 F )?OUND.CoUieDog. If not claimed in three day wiU ^5- be soidte defray expenses.—Apply 4, í Riohards-ter. > '?. CardiS. ?OU?D. June 7th, BiMk and Tan Setter Bitch. If not ?imed in three days will be sold to defray expenses. ?tpIyRobMtLe&der.?4?Svcamore.termee, Abertilleg. ?OST JAw Bo?k, m?b. Mary-street. Reward at Thomp- ? 8On, K5. Bedford-street, Roath. _?_ 375 f t OST. smaU Fox Terrier Dog, CtUed Ti?r, briadteepot ,? on left eye finder rewarded.—Napio* Hotel; St. Mary- Wet, C?dia'. MS OsT, Monday eveniBg. in Albany-road, Si?er Brooch— ? Anyone bringing Mme to 3, Byron-street, Roath, wi!l be ,:s._ded. flb^ | f OSTT Wednesday n?hUMt, between 100 .Bd 144, KCTV- ?? port-road, Cardiff. Gold-rimmed Spectacles.—Tinder P V? n receivc 5e upon taking same t6 144. 259 r l?nsSED from home, TaS?View. Coedpenmacn. Ponty. C'-? pridd since Thursday, a Young Girl about 14, dark hair ?ut short), untidily dressed, weahne one DOT "?e and one old, named Mary Ellen Bridges. Anyone de. ?'nmg her will be prosecuted. |35e ? t 0? Reward.—Lost. brown spaniel Dog, answers totjheof Shot; small white stripe on breast, sbort taa.—Ap?yU.. S'e<andra-ro!td,Newpoi*, °— BOMeSTO SERVANTS. A Good General Servant wanted at ce must have good IF*- references and be clean; age about 20.-Apply. stating ^particulars, to L.C., 4, High-street Arcade,.Cardiff. 309.: ( A Clean, strong Girl, as General Servant; fond of chi!. f1- dren good charaeter.-Apply Suffolk Villa, Pembroke- Penarth (near church). 150 I A WIDOWER engaged in business is desirous of meeting with a Middle-aged Lady to look after his household ~5«.ire.—Apply Duplex, "Echo Office," Cardiff 923 "DLDERLY Tarly wants respectable General Servant: age about 25, vkik good character.—Apply 48, Cowbridge Cardiff. 175 jpENERAL Servant wanted: able to cook.—Apply, with references, 31* Clytha-square, Newport.. O M' ENERAL Servant wanted,jfge about 18. must be able to wash.—-Apply, My evenm: pfter BIX, 47, Albany- ^gad, Cardiff. 21j n ENERAL Servant wanted, not under 18 good wages U competent person; small family.—Apply 228, Cast)e- Roath, Cardiff. 918 ENERAL Servant.—Wanted a Toun? Girl, 18 to 20;  strong and willing, and of good charactcr; good w???_?pp?y Mrs Robert¡ Wu5e, Bridg6ml. GJRL, about 14, Wanted for Ge?ral Housework.; one" '? from counky preferred.—Apply H9, Miskin-sbre^t, _thays. 43 HOME.for Friendless. Girls, 12, ParaAe, Cardie all girls needing a friend and shelter will be welcomed. 722e NURSE Waated at once for four children.—Aoply, stat? i" ing wages, references, etc., Mrs Evans, Ironmonger, *_°ntypridd. 531 fiESPECTABLE young Gl wanted as General' e"3nt.' ? Mrs WMtnaee. 22, De Burgh street. CardiS. 182 &TRONG, active Girl wanted; go*d wages, comfortable home.—Apply 13, Riclimond-ereseant, Gordoa-road j SËRV ANTS requiring !? tuations su?t?d immediately.— '? Apply MiM Jones, Servants Eegmtty, 16, Caerau-t-oad, ?wpo r t .Mon 326 WANTED, a good Chambermaid.—Apply at onc with ?? references, to Philharmonic ResUura-qt, CardiS. 8S2e WANTED, a Housekeeper to a Gentleman cheerful 'V disposition comfortable home.-F. 430, Echo ?Ece, Cardiff. ?30 WANTED immediately, experienced General Servant small family; family's washing' put out.—6. High- 'treet, CardiS'. 4C9 WANTED, at once, good General Servant.—Apply Mrs W. Leahy, Esaendene ViUa, Queen's HiU. Newport. WANTED, a good General Servant for couAry house in T neighbourhood of Cardiff nnrse kept; good wiiges Siven. -Apply Mrs Richards. 1, West Luton-place. Cardiff. WANTED, » respectable Girl as General Servant; assist' in bar: must be over 20 good references.— MrsCol- t\:°n, Ocdftti WfcTe, Crichton-street, ;93 WANTED, a good general Servant—Apply Nra Yendoll, T Alma Inn, 7, Commeicjal-rd., Newport-on-usk. 868e WANTED, at once, a good General Servont.-Apply 9, Ruthin Gardens, Cardiff. 337 WANTED, a respectable Girl, about 15 or 16.—Apply 20 Holmesdale-street, Lower Grange, Cardiff. 312 WANTED, steady respectable Nurse; good needle- woman.—Apply Sirs Ash win, Ambrose Villa, Chep- "tow-road, Newport. 305 \X7ANTED at once, good General Servant; small family; nursemaid kept.—Hobart House, Chepstow-road ewport. 326 WANTED, good General Servant, able to cook and 1> little washing; three in family.—Apply Mrs Jones, ost-office, Blaenavon. 283 WANTED, at once, a General Servant; family of 2. T Apply, after 6, 17, Windsor-place, CardtC. 356 WANTED, respectable Girl 14 to 6.Aply Mrs Davies. 43, James-street, Docks, 386 WVV T"ANTED, good, strong, willing Gelleral Servant; no fJ washing, ironing, or baking.—Apply Mrs H. S. Arnold, "wmavon, Port Talbot. 337 WANTED at once. General Servant; age 18 to 20.— Apply Bishop, baker, Cyfarthfa-atrfeet. Roath. 279 WANTED, a General Servant, about 15 or 15.-Apply, 94, Miskin-street. Cathays, Cardiff. 273 WANTED immediately, a young Girl as General Servant;' no children.— Apply 2, Dudley-terrace, Docks, Cardiff. 254 bT ANTED at once, a young eir!, about 18, as General :V Servant—Anpty &3 Faimey, 2, Eleanor-street, ?ocks. CardMf. 241 WANTED at once, General Servant, able to wash small v family; good character.—Apply 5, Albany-road, ^■oath, Cardiff. 134 "V\ £ ANTED immediately, a gooct Nurse -Ij,ceusto¡¡,1ed to children.—Apply Mrs Hudson, 182, Commercial-road, ewport 138 WANTED, a respectable Girl as Nursemaid mu be clean and fona of children also a good General Sev- ^nt.—Apply Ne. 4, The Grove, Pontypridd. 2Q3 WANTED at once, Housemaid, assd about 18 from Newport- *g a^, M 103 WANTED, a General Servant; good character.—Mrs Roberts, Idris House, Chepstow-rd, Newport-on-Usk. W ANTKD, a good, strong, active Girl ayGeneral Servant, from country preferred; must be well recommended;" *6e from 20 to 35; reod> respectable person only ëur in family.—Mrs Malzard, Springfield, Wliitchurch, reap. Cardiff.. 183 \X7"ANTED, respectable Girl for housework; nl"Sistc1 ^7 » given three in family.—Apply 1, Hahnah-street, gpota. Cardiff. 210 WANTED, a respectable young Girl as General Servant.; v V —Apply 5, Dumfries-place. 214 WANTED, a Girl about 16 to assist in housework.—Apply 51, Fitzhamon-embankment, Cardiff. 155 M?ANTED, General Servant.—Corporation Hotel, ?n? !y ton, Cardie. 176 WANTED, a respecta.Me Genent! Servant at onc;= •v Apply Mrs Davies, 8,York-pIaoe?ewport-on-Usk.846e tANTED, a strong Girl as Geneml Servant..—Sella.?  TiUe. Devon-place, Newport-on-Ust. 848e A"TED at once, a g6od GaneMl Servant; two in v f;1mily.-Apply Mrs G. Evans, Cash Storey Norton • dge, Pontypridd. 123 XXTaStED, a good, clean Girl, age about 16 must have". T a good chr.rter.-ApPly Mrs Davies, 19, John-street, lUth. 82, vlTAN'TfiD. a good General Servant.—Apply Thatched House, Bnte-street. Cardiff. 76 WANTED, good General SAvant; able to mUk.—A$f>ly 'v Mrs Akers, Pentrebane, St Fagan.< 72 \X7'ANTBb. a strong Gir!, age 16 to 18, to assist in house ?'? work.—Apply Austin ViUa,Chepetow-rd..Newport- WANTED, good Plain Cook, who will assist IIWSe<i., In houge?rk.—Apply, between 6 and S p.m., 32 Wi-3 Harry Cousins, 13, St. Andrew's-crescent, Cardiff. 32 WANTED, General Servant; only two in family.—Apply '? <Owrt-y-?il-road. Penarth. 8 ??AKTED immediately, good Ftain Cook for small 'T family; baking.-Applf, stattag age, wag, and ''?erencds, Mrs Trayc. The HiU, Abergavenny. ? 65 WANTED, Girl about 16 strong, and fond of chtdren Welsh, Irom country preferred.—Apply Mrs Williams, oodv ill e -road, Cathay3, UMd?. 996 WANTED, GeMra. for fa.mUy (two): con.!ort.aM<t ?' home: good, wages git?—Mrs Lloyd 8mith. ).6, '?bnry.road. Cardu:. 70 \STINTED immediately, & Nurse Girl, mqsb be clea? ?' respecbable, and fond of children.—Pen-y-Lan, adgrwen-road. Maindee, Newport-on-Usk. 8B7o WAnED, a clean, retpectaMe CUrt as General Ser?nit. „ 4? Klng's-mad, Canton. CMdUt. 40 W ÂNTED, at .De, ?oleanwmio? girl as GenoraL ?' !ervaot; mod references.—Apply Mr deake, 2, ??mond-terntee. PtTk-phM? Card? 55 !WWTM, fM DtBi?-roocts, a atTORg. willing Girl as 1?'' Srv&nt ?ood 8haracter.-ÂDPly ? Caroline-street? o*rdlff..970 WANTED, a Girl about 15 as NuraB.—l'B, CHKMockIst? ?' ???'?'. Qtrdig. 971 W:A.NTED, respectable TOUD(Girlt about l6_MGetKwl & Servant; from country pr«Mred.—Apply P?st (MBce, ?-?oad. CMt<m. OardK. 974 WANTED, a respectable, deaR Girl, abont 16 tr 17^, for general housework.—Ajply ?Ottberry. York-place,M.' yU.*P_ ort-on-Usk. SMe WAy^ED a Nurse gopd *haract?r.—Apply Overtoa  Ollse, Cardiff-road, Newport-on-Usk. 826e ANTED, a good General Servant: age about 20 good M)? ?sferenees indispeneable.—Old Swan Hotel, Dynevor- ?e. Swansea. 827e \V AfITEÍ> an erienc General Servant.-App1Ÿ 7, ^lossop-road. facing New Innrtnary. 9l5 \?'?'ED, a Middle-ed Person as Housekeeper for Cl1.tneri Wo rkiUgMAU'; good refere"ees required.—Apply 9,. ?herine-str?t.Woodv?e-r?af? Cath?ya.C&rdiif. ? W ANTED, a Girl, fro? 15 to 18, to assist h\ heuse-work 'MN<t be cJ¡'aP,-16;,Winpla1 DQGJœ. Ga?tS. ??.M.???M!MNft??.m-M. M!M——? M! WANTJ:m a Girl, about ? 15, t& sleep out.-Apply 12, Cyril-crescent, Roath. TXTAS-TED, immediately, Laundry maid, ,w ges Lll.-Ap. ply Glamorgan and Monmouth Infirmary. 5180 WANTED, good, strong1 General Servant, fond of children also Nurse where another servant is kept. Mm John Howell, Lamb, A4emnitn. 595 YOMC, Person, domestujaited, wiN give services in 0- return for home.-A(Iciress Help, Echo" Office, Newport-on-Uttk. ( 843e CLEVER Cooks can add tb their list of dishes in the V7 preparation of choice dainties for the dinner and. supper table by consulting the pag of a little book, entitled Pastry and Sweets" gtven, to all cooks sending their addresses to Alfred Bird anp Sons, Birmingham. Every lady and housekeeper in the land should have "Pastry and Sweets handy for reference. There is nothing to pay, and the book ^WILLB^GN^ rctnr1\ of J)0STJ^P(^^AN^ADDREM. ) SmAimij VACANT A FEW more Girls wanted to learn to make Waterproof Garments.—For terms, to suitable appl icants, apply The India Rubber Company, Limited, 119, Dock-street, Newport. « 865e AN experienced Wheelwriglit wanted, atone" none but' good workmen need appljr. Apply J. Griffiths, Taff Wheel Works, Pontypridd. 141 B- AKERS.-Wanted, a ThiraHand.-Al&edJonee, Bbbw Bvala. ? 385 BOy Wanted, able to mould preferred.—Apply Williams, Baker, 11, Barrack-hill. Newport, Mon. 84 COlfFECTIONERy.-Waned young Lady with know- VV ledge of the business,, and also an Apprentice,- Apply 49, Caatle Areade, Cardiff. 290 ABRNE, T- AKEP. and Undertaker.—Wjmted, an Im- VN-/ proverfor the above; must be steady.—Apply to D W. Thomas, Cadomton, Barry' > 221 D_ RESSMAKEJM?IWanteh, experianced Bodice Hands Dalso Apprenticep.-A PI) ly personally, Samuel HaU, 9 and 10, High-street, Caxdiff. ?? P?? ?' "? DRESSMAKERS.—Wanted at once, an Assistant^ a good aktrt hand; please state terms.—Miss Johnj% 154, Wood-road, Pontypridd. 293 D- RAPERY,WanteJi, a Y6ung Lady as an Apprentice -ors,-A. 0. jees, 17i?spi?rdiff. 937 T?REaSMAXING.—?ute?, Appi-e?iccs and'Improvera at once.—Apply 24, Rinís-road, Canton, Cardiff. 71 ipSASb Boy wanted.—ApMyH. ETTtylor, 23, August;, JL? street, SploMands, C&rdi i 283 ROCEP.Y.l??Wa ?, smak Junior Assistant: counter Gtmde and soliciting; godd character indispensable.- Apply John W. Evans, 00, Castle-road, Cardiff. 372 GROCER'S Ast;istaiitz.-NVanted immediately, Junior or smart Improver.—Apply, with references, stating salary required (outdoors), B. A. James, Abercarne. 314 TLiTAIRbRESSERS.—An Improver wanted able to Hahave and cut hair; good wages given. pp Howie, Hairdresser, 148, Cowbridge-road, Canton, Cardiff. TirAIRDRESSERS.—Wanted, single Man.—Lewis Mo?. -B-A gan, Rairdremer, 45, Nyeiwterram, Clydach Vale, near Pontypridd. ? ? H;d, Junior; must be good AX shaver and hairmitt 7; indoors.—Apply, at If, wages ?eamjMd, R 346, ?' Echo? Office, ° Cardiff. ? ?' ? 34? TITAIRDRES8BR.—Improver Wanted at once liberal I 1 also an Apprentice.-Apply B. Seidman, Ex' « chang?Tpilet'aub. Barry. ?? ? 295 H.lIRDREI'!SERR.r;ltntcicI, a nice, steady Improver, tidy Shaver and Hairciitter.—Apply Patti and Co., Tobacconiste, Cathays, C?dtS, 927 SfAiRN,7 w-ted to Deliver M?k must be a good milker. -?J ? GraTes, .Alma-nreet, Ntwport-on-Usk. 860e M??OINS.-?Wante,i?, good, Wallers for o? id?e wor?k; wages Bl-d Apply ThemM Jones, Great Wistmn olhery, Pontll)ri1\ { 198 MASONSi and Xiabourers wanted, Ystrad Gas 'Works.' MiAgS,6C)-!NS ""dl da Valley; good %#azes to good men.-Apply on Works. 984 T?riLLINERY and Dropers.-Irii?t Hand fornillnery; fOunF Han for Drapernwith knowledge of Outntting Treferred?TjEvM?Aberctrt!. i' i-FfUTING?Wanted,t? olighly expei,e,?ce,I Wu"t&ut, one used to shipping trade p»eferred.—AMppl_y stlmuiCe 140. Bute-street^Cardiff. P AINTERS -Three good Brush Hands wanted afronce. -Apply 41, Marion-st., ?bu?h SpIotla.nds.CardiBf. 295 P-, A'VNBOOKING.-Wantefl, smart Lad, musr' b? fair Scho1; gooIte.ligponsible,-APPIY, Mr E Scholwr; b ?,?ara can 4 Jenw(eller, Newport-on- U gk. Alimbtmson, Pawnbroker and Jeweller, Newport-on-Usk. t. C! CULPtqn.-Wftnted, úwb Men; good wafog to good 'Ten. -AXp, ply GwHŸm J. homås, opposite joint Came- tery, ortli, near Poiitypridd,- t 302 C MART Boy wanted, for irubue Works.—Address, in E c applicant's own handwriting, stating age, &c., F., Ech, o Office, Oarditf. j 255 ??DDLER.—Wanted, good C<neral Hand good wages. sApply at once to Thay Peter4t., Roath, CardiS.?51.- C2 ADDLER Wanted at onc?, good Stitcher o? Improver: ??AppIyJ. Thomw, saddlei, &c., Holton-rd., Barry Dock. S- TROÑG Errand My wan6ed, good character.—Apply 7, k  Prk-street, Cardie. 94 •^LBIART Boy about 16, wanttd as Errand Boy; good refer- ?? ence indipenable.-6, P4rk Hall-buildmgs. Cardiff. TWO Faifiters wanted.-A?ply to Rees WilUamsTTaE J- street, Pontypridd. 829c TAIJ^OR and Improver waited.—Apply Thomas Evans, Jt- o5, Railway-st. (opposite tfn.rion-st.), Roath, Cardiff.426 TO Taiioss.—Wanted at onoe, two General Hands; must1 J- be good workman.—Apply Phillips, 109, Clifton-street. Cardiff. j 924 TO Painters.—Wanted, four. P.rush Hands f inside wcrk; no lost time.—Apply Thojnas, Porthcawl. 953.: j TO Wheelwrights.—Wanted.!)!, ODcood Gendrol Hand T"emtom4!,d to light, ana heavy work.-Apply James Morris, Moxket-strect, 1're.der. 343 T?'ANTED at ance, sttarp?Lad for. an oHite mast write I w"@It and;iave good character wages 58 per week.— L 439, "Echo" Office. 439 J WANTED, a respectable Lad one just from schoQl;pre?. ferred; m\1t writ# a good ha.nd.-n, WenT street, Canton, Cardgf 429 Tt?.A;M'6S. r<?ctaM?B??t?? ?,yetr<r ^F5goi~to v attend.Ice !renai Trlli?; re&ronlb wages given.r- Apply 4, Bate-tcrrace. Card, ^27 '1 w ANTI-D Immediately, sm?rt. steady Young ? TV solicit orders and make himself generally useful in Wareho so; with good references.—Apply Robert Ecglanil, r- otato Tmporter, (,u-t-in Ho,-me-street;,Carcliff. 414 WANTED, a Young Man as Improver to the Cabinet I 1"1' Malwicg and Upholstering; none but steady men need apply.-Colller, Aboraman. WANTED, two good SMgolders;. none but eacieq men Zeeapply.-W. Thomas and Co., Contractors, Tucker's ?ew Blour Mills, East Bute Do?k. 37& WANTED at onee, A"sistantj and Improvers to the VY Dres!! Md Blantle Making.—Apply 21, Mark-street, Riverside, Cardiff: 314 WANTED, Strong to loolq-after pokè v Y bimself generally cful-Apply Bunch of Granes, Newport-on-Usk. 87 Je WA:I"1'ED, [\hq,rp shop Boy; to live in; age from 16 to J'v 17.-Apply 160, Bute-road, CarTiff. 2? WANTED-at once, few Good Masons—Apply on job toJ v Alfred Richards, Contractor, Graigwep, Pontypriddf w ANTED, a youig Pers,,)n to as5ist in Ci-o,-er1v 1 Ech,)" WANTED, a young Person to assist in Grocer'y • Echo' ■ and .to T make herself geaeraUyuseful.-App-ly T.2Q?4, OfEce. Cardiff. 294 XÑTED, sharp, Mtive Boy, used to pony and can' W drive to make himself useful.—Apply Leach; 25, Wood-street, Cardiff. 282 W ANTED, steady Man to Drive Steam Scotch Derrick V Orane also Scaffolder; good money to right men. j Foreman, New Chu-cb, Barmouth. 286 'iVHJj;.ËLWRiGÏfT wanted; used to light and heavy f work.—Apply W. Jeanes, Saloptreèt, Penartb. 173 WANTED at nce, Two good Plasterers woKos?Bd per 1"f hour. Apply to Mr Edwards, Stationmaster, Cwm- bargoed, near Dchvlais. 186 WAWRFgood Hands also Improvers to the' Dressmaking.— Apply Lodwick, 25, Castle-road, Roath, Cardiff., WANTED,' Plumber, G as/itter; good4 workman;, at once.—Apply to R. A. Slocombe, plumber, Ac., Pentre, Rhondda Valley. 135 TSTANTED, a Smart Youth, for the fruit trade; mugt » y have good reference.—Apply Carter, Fruiterer, St. Mary-street, Cardiff 177 W ANTED, two Tilr4 and Plasterers.—Benj. Pugh, a y Pentwyn, near Treharris. 142 WANTED," two knitters iti the Wrothwell and Harrison T- Knitting Machine.-Apply, at No. 2, Castle-street, Barry. 87 an Errand Jad for the Grocery trade.—Apply City Supply, Wyndhani-crescent, Canton, Cardiff. 105 W ANTED, a strong Lad to drive a horse (indoors).- Apply J. Phillips and Co., Ironmongers, Cadoxton. 2 W AN'rri.D, a sttady GITI, at e to mutt at Coffee-Tavern,' not under 20; and to mAko herself useful; apply personally grood referencei -;Mn Johns, Taff Vale Dining Booms, Pontypridd. 51 V\TANTED. • immediately ail active Lad »3j5rr&nd Boy.— v ▼ "Apply to B- Humford, Chemist,Meteor-st., Scotland, Cardiff. '?XT?NTED, forprivate/MTTice. an experienced Coach-  '?*°- Mnst have undeniabi6 references.—?Apply. Mr A. BhtUipx; 139, SeTei-n-road, ChrdirF. 3018- e, ANm t< ('nee, Apnticefl and Ipiprovers to the j ,'n Bodice Makin,-Ap¡t 153, Cvfaftbfvst? Roath. 913 W AWTED at oæe, active, bp;;t Lad as Messenger.— Apply J. S. C., 2, St MWystreet, Cardiff. 939 > ¥' 01lNG tàdiegdeiDi to be independent should leam ■A 'scieutmc dress cutting.—Apply Scientific Dress Asso- ciation, 11, JiI!W'pOr-roM, parail. 126 jf?2'WeeMy a?ud Upwa.tds may be realisecl ? either c? Sex, ?M?ut'.lnnderius present occupation.—For' sl>les, &c., enclose addressed envelop?, Evans, 'atts, an Co.<PJZ2??h?t???h.m. 'fhi. i??ine, 247 8IWATIOSS WASTKP. TO Builders.—Youg Man, giving up jOhlerytl'àd, d<¡sis' .tutio.Q at planing, mdnlding, or tenar machine. Bartlett. Echo" Office, Cardiff. ?'  919 ,,(Xl ANTËb, by a respectable, married womaq,- Day 11 Work at say respectable places.—Apply M. 0.19, Mayrstreet. Cathays, Cardiff. 194 W?ANTED, by respectable young k)erson,? situation as', under BariM-id willing to assist m any ?ight work a" ge 20?<not :¿d ih;IISSt;eA Él( Echo" Ofllce, Cardiff. 370 WANTED Situation W- Hauiier or Warehouseman used to horses.—Apply 160, Castle-road,. or 9, South William-street, Cardiff. 281 TS7"ANTED by a Young Person, sit?&Hoti in a Shop ;i v y Confectionery or F&Dcy Business.-Apply A 940,' Echo" offied, ?dte?'' ?? 940 YOUNG Man, abstainer, with good reference, sqeks situa- tion in warehouso or arty light- occupa.úion.-Morga.u. 13. frederica-street, Docks, Cardiff. 367 WANTED, by a respectable voung woman, Daily Work. —Address E. M.. 355, "Echo" Office, Cardiff. 355 YOUNG Lady seeks engagement in light business would JL help mistress with sewing or anything light.-H., Windsor, road Nurseries,£enarth. IiTOUNG person wants situation in.any light businaBS?? J- been out before good references. Address L 6, ? Ebene???nd? 151' 'C??tat.MAN'?rEBS.?c. ?"?.FFTCIF?,]Soy wanted at once; must be qui I, a'ndJn- ?' telUgent.-?ddreMEntmeer. "Echo" oftice. e t? 'on-U?.. '??. &Go-am. "I-AViLimit AGBNT8 'nted; apMe ?ime; Srge poats;_?yr!3?? M, Snow liifip, en, pencil, an4 rccbber stauip free.—Richvd^J 4<, Snow HiB. Londec.   GSNTS wanted salary, year ;'censtanfc work; J'TL. experianca unnecessary.•—Pendlebury & Co. Harwiph.. roatl, Colchester &i" "A'GNATB wanted to Sell Watcher Clocks, Etectro-Pla;?. < A towing M&chiium, ?tc., for cash or biN ey?m: e?od tennz to energetic men.-A4)pW, to U. G. Scott, ?eveU? 8ta.tiout. F»riu- M and Canvassers wanted everNvbere.-Yer A"GENTS and CanT&ssetS wanted everywhere.—For a A really uront?Ne Agency, write Mr Mt?di., Acton-ra" London, M. 092 TNDUSTRIAL ABSunmoe.—Booh? Vacant at .'B:' JL Ebbw ViiJliI, and ar. Good epenlQi'8 f.r n.-ÅpÑ ]*<K. "B?e" OEoe. Cardie. U L IFTE AJSWVDCO Cauapaay,—Wanted, a in Tovnf Kn to take charge of a Book at Menmemtk jmecial veekly aalarr ptai-antoed beeidee-feee. Aise.^o*k, vassiar Aseo* lDr CardM and Barry.—Apply A. T. Afejf\ District Superintendent,,8, Queen-street, Cardiff. gl2 ROYAL liver Friendly Society. JAggnte ancl Collectors JH; wanted in all the Towns and Villages of tha United Kingdom. interest in books guaranteed. No debits system.—Apply to Local Representative, or to Chief Office, Prescot-street, Liverpool. 399 KEFUGE Apsumnce Company have a few Vacancies good openings for pushing men m several districts Salary and commission to suitable men.-Apply by .-letter,- Superintendent, 27, Custom Bouse-street. Cardiff. 404 <[ 04 Weekly, light evening employment.—If youid- an,, HW independent living, enclose 6d stamps, tThomas, ■ Gwali^ Hou#e. R.8.O. Genuine, I,Q1)CBVftS, APAltTMEXTS. «*Q. A GENTLEMAN requirw nicely-furaished Apartments in Talbot-street or Flwt-.irton-gardeno, Canton.—Apply F. A., "Echo" lbee, APARTMENTS wanted, at once, by two Gectlemen Sitting-loomnd three Bedrooms, well furnished.- Apply, stating terais, "Two," Echo"OSc.e, Cardiff.; 260 A" PARTMBNTS or Lodgings for two respectable young An, n or young ladies terms moderate.-?-24, WecfButc- street, Docks, C&l'd. PARBMENTS (furnished), suit Lady or Gentleman with use of piano, if required; terms moderate, elose to trams.—Apply 5. Clyde-street, Roath, Cardiff. 332 APARTMENTS Unfurnished.-Very Aeasant back ASitt-i??g-room and Bedroom; under*ound Kitchen if required; terms moderate. 102, King's-rd., Canton,Cardiff 37 PARTMENTS to Let. furnished suit married couple or young men no chtldren; piano oven grate.— Sreat Frederick-street, Cardiff. 59 < BOARD and Lodgings for a respectable Young Man; Bmust be an abstainer.— Brook-street, Riverside, ( Canton, Cardiff. 428 BEDROOM and Sitting-room required by Single Gentle- man, with cooking and attendance; Roath preferred. —State terms, Q. 998. Bcne Office, Cardiff. 998 BEDROOM (furnished) to Let to two Youog Ladies en- Bgaged during the day terms moderate.—Apply 46, Lower Cathedral-road, Cardie. 955 CCOMPORT ABLE Furnished Apartments for gentleman no children; goolatlcndance; 5 minutes from Taff Station moderate terms; at 83,:Newport-rd.. Cardiff. 261 CCOMFORTABLE Lodgings for one or two respectaM<: y Young Mcn; terms moderate; nO children-U7. Castle-road, Roath, Cardiff. 369 COMFORTABLE Apartments; suit young lady or gentle- man, at 48, Ruthven-stneet, Roath hot and. cold bath terms moderate. 211 c O-MFORTAIRLE Home for Young Gentleman, share sitting and bedroom with another hot and cold bath good cooking.—11, Northcote-street, Roatoh. 32 COMFORTABLE Lodgings for Two Young Men; "terms C 3s 6d per week, with use of bath.-82, Woodville-road, Cathays, Cardiff. 172 jplQ*' MFORTABlLE Lodgings or Apartments for a respect-. able man with one or twp c i. ldrm; terms moderat.- R. M., "Echo Office, Cardiff. 270 c OMTIORTA-BLY, Apartments or Lodgings, suit 2 Gen- tlemen, or married couple.—Apply 37, Mackintosh-. place, Roath, Cardiff. 353 COMFORTABLE Lodgings foe respectable oung man, and use of, Craddoek-st., Riverside. 39 COMFORTABLE Ap-rtmentsfor two Gentlemen friends, with bath, almo piano. no children, every comfort; terms moderate: al 0 good home for young Gentleman to join another.-rlay 946, Echo Office, Cardiff. 946 PÖ)'q'T5ittin«-room and Bedroom to Let; terms moder- J? ate.—45, Rommy-crescent. Canton, Cardiff. 362 F7RNISHED Sitting-room, one or two Bedrooms; terms .£' moderate to gentleman dining out.8i outh-IItreet, Word-nrorlh-street, Roatfa, Cardiff. 144 "CMTRNISIHD Bedroom to Let, ?Ut YOImg Lady or I JL GentJema».—t, Spring Garden?terrace, Foatk, CIU'dUf (close to tram termipu?. 977 j. OOD Lodgings fer ttM *r two re?Wtable young Me», '\JT where t1íen iB no cMIdren. —Awpty 66, Pembroke-romd Canton, Ctfdie. :M HOMELY, comfortable Apartments m pleasantest part of ,II?lidge-road; suitable for & business Gentle- 'man; reasonable terms.-A 9!, "Echo" Office, Cardiff. 920 LODGINGS for two respectable meh; terms moderate; two minutes from tram — Of, Coburn-street. Cathays.438' L ODGRNGS for one or two respeciaii-e Young li;?, viti or without board.-28, Be&ord-street, Roath, Cardiff OITTlNG-Room and Bedroom to Let, comfortably fur- nmeti, with attendance: fine views; terms moderate. -Alm-son House, 199, Caerleon-road, Newport. 825e TO Let? Two Unfurnished Rooms, uee of gas and bath; TAppl;elect neighbourhoo(L Canton; terms very moderate. Apply L.  180, "Echo" OfEce, Ca.rdia. 1M I TO Let, two or threa Unfurnished Rooms; no children to a respectable couple or widow.—Apply 4, Harpur- atreet. Penarth-osd, Cardiff. 139 U- l\-rjURNIHED.-T1fo or thl'ee Rooms to Let; very U convenient: oven grate only two in family.—36, Burnaby-street, Cardiff. 37.9 YTNVURNISHED; two or three rooms, with conservatory U and use of bath, wibh yonug married couple.-IM I Craddock-sfcreet, Riverside, Cardiff. 396 UNFURNISHED Apartments.—Three Rooms wanted, 1>1. or pare of House by youug couple; terms must he moderate.-L. 969, "Echo" Office, Cardiff. 969 UNFURNISHED Apartments large back parlour: every U convenience front broom quiet; respectable two in faniily.-Di fr(I Villa, Wyndham-place, Ctrdift. 52 "itTNFURNISED Apartments to Let cheap, to respect- <J able people without children; hot and cold bath — Apply 170, Cathays-rferrace, Cardiff. 33 8v ANTED, a Young Lady to share part of bedroqm out y T all day terms moderate.—27, Brook-st., Canton. 274 WANTED, Three UnfumL4bed Room by wKowed lady and two daughters, within short distance from tovu. —Apply A.B., Echo Office, Cardiff. ;19 WANTED, near central part of Swansea, Board and r,. Lodgings state terms, which must be moderate. Address Canton, Echo" Offices, Swansea. 225 .4 8, Cowbridge-road, Canton (town end).—Widow Lady 48, wishes to Let Half of above House (Unfurnished) to res^ect^ble family, without chjjldren. 174 notrses. *»< TO HET. TVOILDING Sites to Let for Workmen's Cottages at Lis-. •X) werry, Newport; 999 years' lease; )ow giound rent., .—Apply Meisirs Pain & Son, Solicitors; cr AXred Swash, M.SfA., "Architect 3, FriaM' Chambers, Newport. 618.e THREE Front Rooms, admirably situated for sood Dress- maker or Milliner (without family) respectable neigh- hood; rent low.—K., 20, "Echo" Okice, I)ardLff. 83 TO bejjiet, with immediate -possessionNo. 6, iRichmoud-. terrace, Park-pl ye ''Citrdiff containing 3 sitOng-. rooms) 6 bedrooms, 2'conservatories,, fuel usual office*.— Apply on the premises for terms, &e. 3151-872e 'rjj'iO Let, Il!'nd lÍoœe, cloa to Usk; :ght rooms on \,b i ground. floor, nine bedrooms, bathioom, &c.; JoQd j,4pply I??ea''W?'dt??'U? ? L Let,? 79, T dor-road, Ri,de; 6 bedr.?oms and -photo. -? ?pher'. ??.?. l- F, yht V>l' k, ?redM?' ,I: eiff. ?07 OTA IH ou s mytd TOli?, a'smallOScuse and Shop, No 6, t, urel?.ztrect, Tpilgwenlly.-ADr,ly Radyj Arms, N. k-on-Usk. 867e TO be Let:or Sold, FatrWew, Chrtstchureh Rin, with half  dcrs of land, suitabl for dairyman.—Awply Charle3 Ev?ns, Windafr-terr?ce, Maindee, Newport-on-iTsk.1 862o 5^0 Let, No. 33. Ciive-cresent. Cogan 8 rooms, good,' .JL garden 8s per week.—Apply J8, Kimg's-?d., Canton.936 i3, Quay-street, Cardiff.—Appiy Pearce and Jenkin% I: Clark. 61roote-6treêt. Ca.ditf. 60 fitlic DOUSI. ABSOLUTELY Free.—Hotel and Spirit Vaults, close to;, Clifton Suspension Bridge .letti. g through death. [ Furniture, lease, plate, linen, billiards, bagatelle, every. Hotel Valuer. Bristol. 242 PALATIAL suburban Spirit Vaults, facing three prin- cipal thoroughfaros; pays brewers about B50 monthly,. besides one of largest I!pmt, trades iu district.-Downin¡; 1. Bristol. "42 S TO Let, the New Inn Beerhouse; freehold land, ro'nt-? ncwynydd.— Apply on the Premisef, or to Phillips and Son?, Brewers, Newport. r*\0 Lot. the Queen Beerhouse, 'Upper Cvvmbmn.-Apply' JL tnthe Premises or?to PMUipa and Soaa, Brewers, "120..rcapital Village Beerhouse about 4 acres, highly git productive market garden, orchard, &c. Easy dis- tance Bath and.Bristol—Downing. 1, Nelson-st., Bristol. lea-tntly situated, superior Beer and Wine Vault,3 thoroughfare; city, and hjsh class suburbs. Rent £ 24. Cogvepient jiouse garden.—Downing. 242 ItttSES, die.. WAXTtB. A ROOM wanted for an office, about 2s or 3s per week Apply M1S6, Echo Office, Cardiff. 196 v = T5tJSE WMted'—Wanted to Rent or Purchase" eoni venicnt.Family Residence, within -two or three miles,) cf Cardiff, or close to a railway station eight er nine bed- rooms required.—Address full particulars to M. R. S.. Dai!y'Nc\s" Office, Cardiff. 808 .W ÃÑTÉP; to Rent a. Coltageon the outskiits of Car- TV 'liff must i)otbe more than 7a per week.-T.394 Echo "Office, Cardiff. 394 "ANTED to rent for month or six weeks, small Cottage vT within six miles of Cardiff furnished or uufur- niihed near railway station preferred.—Address, with terms, to Home, Fcho Office, Cardiff. WANTED to rent, use of Workshop, in or near central part- of Swansea; stato terms.—Address Canton, 1 I. Eclo Offices, Swansea. 226 WANl'ED, to rent Shop in popular part of Cardiff; Roath or Cathays preferred^-Apply, giving full details, to .Shop, E<jho Office, Cardiff. ° 0 e o 1) to rent coach-house and stable," near as pQssl; W hie to fhe London House.—Apply Eva s and Allen; Newport. 8I60 WANTED,tor(5nt,Shop,or Shop and'House n Dt'? W of town.—By letter, strtlng ter»}, Trader, Hcho" Omce. Ctrdif!. '56 A^TSD M purchase' » sm:U HoM? '?ath tarse ? WA-'L*T" fV""?breha.4o a- timifi -,Mith large. J;)q:z. t'jjA ,,9 r241qlc enti'azioe; Price'abotLt S40O.-Apply TDAKRY Dock:—Busing Premises, suhablè for Drap, ?? Grocers, and others, to Let, at Barry Dock. The ditl'eent prcmtScl! can be viewed,? and further particulars ,ebtatned_ on lioatipn to Lewis Bewis and Davies, Estate di"eren'?o,,tp?]hanibers, HoJtan-rQad, Barry Dock. 197 C? CIGAR Stores, best position in Cardin, doing:o.bout 230 weekly; no Sunday tra4e.-L323, "Echo" Office, Cardiff. 323, T[?XCELLENT':DouMe Fronted Shop, wifitti' best -t? position Salisbjuy-road; suit hosier and mercer, dl'lt!t milliner, outJiter. Clarke, 24, Oakaeld-street. Caraur 3 TTTOUSE and Shop to Let, 141, Clifton-street, large plate- 3 front windttw, enclosed; nicely fitted; best end 11 o Clifton-street.—Apply OIl premises. 239 OFFICE to Let, 20ft. by 14ft., faoiug mainthoroughfare rent £ 13 per annum.—Apply JBishop, noltolt_road Barry Dock. 44 SHOP, Bakehouse, and Stable to Let, Penypeel-road, O Cantoti.-Apply W. &S. Hern, 94, St M-,try-st ardiff.14 To Lct, pretty 'little :Oùsincss all ready, money; present ( J- hands two years incoming -low.&pplylo, Oueen-■' Istreet.Arcade. 75, 'TO, Let, B:tehouse and. Loft", JParncis-etreet, 17ppe G. ange,4s eel?jy.?-,kp?ly7l,.Adam-,street CMdtC'. '<tK TO Let, a wll-fitted Hairdressing, Saloon in, principal-1 thoroughfare rent moderate.—rMiss Stti. and.WeVs"geiit, 69, Queen-street, Cardiff. 935 I^O Le=. Wårèhduse. -n!tt the Doèk$ firepla.eè au.d ut;?sl,4-Cardiff., ,'Tft'-UOI.s.'I2A:, .?tc. ') ?7AIt'EHdCr§E8, Splt?-sfi?re. dbs?o Ta.H Vale. Sta- tiqn, CudifI suitable for workshops; for Sale by mortga. to J?r J.. Styles, 41. Cr?ddd?k-street, Cartlife PR tp. MfiiOiiveyi Solicitor^. Newport 8<!Se wtt 1j 0 c)?eap., utche'ring B -usines?;.io;(fre;son io; -? ,le!tvin.P31't lars. a1;>ply,Butchentfg, "Echo OfHce, j Cardiff. Wanted, Bicycle (Safety), cheap. 994 '.ifmnroandSha'Vî Saloon and Toba??nL%t's 4 ,r.l Fusinem for &le splendid thoroughfare ?moderate,, price.—Apply S,; Vletoria-place, Hayea, Cardiff. 22 P- RQ.Frrwac Dbsmeas. jn ooposition.well JL stock sh" ktmly fibbed el ?05, I complet+-e- M 409, Echo -O?ce. OM-dMF. 488  fBwBM?R?Bu?a<M. ihgood.dts?nc??SardtBf; jMy-? i Iw^; l?TAXyOreaa' ad'vai{^"<T.^nS^ IC.u- ??ES'iI?'???mS?'?!? ??' A RI rp.8: CWOI' adva 'A?BiS???;  ta at reed¡¡; poweIIfW ana Jranc1, ?x years' wa.rrMty: by *H&bM?4 jjM?ebt;???   DRAWIOIG-TFOOM OR XIFIUROH. OosMS?M?aa.? wJlt.. Jl uit\ Will acW p-ked on trial,, am} p^y k Uicn cajriaretic »ot, apnrowid. Pi'»wm«s I*^t«l%»jl«)warilid.TrA^ 5fS ,awoilc,l k a wi,=ob., 16&, guwlmoft-ro qD8.tef.n tet  ofm?)..?'.?'?.? J3 Tu*trt^ent« to^-olasi. Mttw<?'; iBnMa?d ?PruM. M ?°'<SP??r?; la?atB 'ka.d U..Idai? d-P?-TnAl% eerr,. £ &. a3r1 ?cl? MMchef?f. ,?_?? i ?3 RAMS ;, ae' ??.m ?3!X':???  ton., ? ?r?M.?35, ?m? v ,4. -1M4aatttthhe e 8, 50, Tudgr-rSad, Car&ff.^v SJy ?O?YRIGHT.—Mu?e < 'eMy.. M?r?eUoTE. -'eaSy.1 ? pr.t.ctioa.t method to play ptano, harmonium. Is, 2a?d. v™i R, W.'Hughes, Omora V ale,Bndgend. ls' 2&fxL OR Sale.—Vfplins, 7a-6d, 15s, 30s, and 40s ;:String Bass,fit 80s; C Clarionets, 30s and 50s.—Matthews, 50, Tudor- < road, Cardiff. 950 j FOR sale, three splendid American Organs, one largej iron fUe-proof Safe, one six-foot silver-mounled counter/ sShow Case, one silver-mpunted upright Show Case; wiU be t. sold cheap; leavingtor America; call at street, Fr.yumawr. J H. GARRATT. Practical Tuner and Renovater of J. Piauos, Reed and Pipe Organs satisfaction guaran- teed.-40. Marion-street, Cardiff, 453 pIANOFORTE for Sale, chea.p.-O. Brewster, Lamb Inn, Brynmawr. 417 Y°tT,NG Lady (Senior Certificate of Trinity College, llon_ JL don) has Vacancies for few Pianoforte Pupils; 10s 6d quarter.—6, Albany-road, Roath, Cardiff. 185 ? 4 Music Lessons for 5s, or 6d peirLessoEL Care taken With JL adult beginners.-M. H., Fcho Office, CMd?. 412 of Ten Les-tolls (Piano or American Organ) by t) experienced master, at pupil's residence if required. Music, "Echo" Office. Cardiff 999 P IANOFORTF,To cover advance. Upright iron grand JL exhibition model, drawing-room cottage, beautiful Italian burr walnut, elaborate gold inlaid marQueoane paneL representing lovely flowers, inMaive sconces, 7 octaves, full trichord, steel frame, patent pin plate, registered steel cupola, resistance bar, nickel silver bolts, check action, rich, powerful tone and touc!? No description can-do justice to its beauty and quality. Quite new, 10 years' warranty from •maker. List price, 70 guineas; take 21 guineas great bar- gain, as no haadsoiner or finer toned instrument can be bought. Sent on approval, carriage paid both ways.—Stirling 138 MORSIM. CAKEIAGES. MVBSTOCR. Jfce. CART Horse for Sale, 6 years, 16.3 hands warranted L?' sound staunch in sh-lves or chains trial allowed price £ 28, or exchange for mare forbree C.-BI-ae House Farm, Alexandra Dock, ?ewport-on-Usk. "8e BAT Mare, 16'27 '1 years; quiet in hamcM suit four- Bwb.e,-Ier or any tradesman; warranted sound, 215. Also handsome Colt, 13'2; 4 years oM; quiet in harness; quiet inbarness wsrrantect sound, 218; owners nofarther use.—No. 1, Salop-street, Penarth. JT^AN, one of the bert Manchester Terriers in England or JP Wales, to be sold cheap at SUIUv&alo Menagerie, 5, bute-terrace, Cardie. w  J]i SOR Sale, Pony Cart: suit greengrocer or coal; price 22. F- txzln(ler EvesweU-street, Maindee, Newport-on- Usk. _?_ 675e FOR Sale, very useful et?mp light cart Maje, 13.2: eight Fyean; warranted good worker in all ba?ness, and quiet; suit a farmer; price B12.-?AppIy 93, (UtOn-Btrept, Roath, Cardiff. 906 F- ORI5&le, Light Day Cob Mare, 14 hands, rising 6 years; Fvwrantoc? sound; suit grocer or bitt????.r dependable in harness; price. B21'—Apply Hopeneld Bouse, Barrsck- hilI. Newpor M? ?(BnESNUT Horse, 2 years, sire Landsdowne (thorou:h? ? bred), by Caratacua (Derby Winner), dam (half-bre4, refMed .S150 m Manohestef skew) by Francatolli (thorough- bred), Macaroni's brother (Derby winner), 40 guineas, worth fo guideas; wa,.i-anted sqund.-Apply Yai?es Price, Cwm Farm. Rndry, CaerphiUy. Glamorganshire. 2!7 FOR Sale, a heavy Cart Horse, good worker in any liar- nasB.—Apply Mr Harding, iionachty Farm. Nortk- road, near Cardi 373 J"CP OR Sale, Cow and Calf, aged 5 years; eX8ellent milker. —Apply John Williams, Full Moon, Cross Keys, near owi?art? Mm. 278 XTr* KSEt Sale Bay Mare, 15.1, 7 years old; warranted sound and quiet in harness; would suit grocer or crank-axle cart; triil allowed; price £ 24.-30, Wabchhouee-parade, Alexandra I>ock, Newport. 863e OR Sale, a Stylish Dog Cart, as good as new.-&3, road, Cathays, Cardiff. !57 It F olft Sale, 3 black curly Retriever Pups; six weeks make JL1 large dogs; cheap.-Green, grocer, Newport-on-usk. T^OR Sa'e, a Bay Mate, 14-2, five years old; quiet in bar £ ? ness very fast.—Affray 12, Alexandra-road, Canton. 189 o5v8a5er^eUent goo5nponyTi3 hands, 6 years, price I' Bll; -_o few Sets HM-neM.—Zl, Topaz-street? Roath I Cardiff. 167 FOR &le, a good light Stanhope.—Apply T. Shap!and, F. Market Gardener, nearL!andaS St?tMn. 157 F" ORTSale, ueeful Spring Wagon.-Apply Richard Englan4, JL' Wart Dock, Cardiff. 153 FOR Sale, cheap, new Waggonette (seat nine), suitable for postingseveral Dog-carta and Rustic Carts.— ?.. Avry, Dock-street, Newport. 17 FOR Sale, Tery useful Cart Mare, 15.2, seven yea.r?; Fwarr,%u,ted Mid good worker in shafts And chains; suit builder or contractor price B?.—&2, Metal- street, Roath, Cardiff. _B? FOR Sale, Brown Mare, 15 opeti to veterinary surgeon examinatiou vrice, £ 23.—Apply 3S, Church-road, Maindee, Newport. 83ge FOR Sale, a Flat Cart; suit greengrocer or fishmim price £ 2.—Apply Hawkins, Potato Merchant, 61, R ail. wa,y-street, Moors, Cardiff. 973 OR Sale, Fox-terrier, bred by H. Ayle3bu Eeq., the well-known breeder.—Particulars on application, 17, Coveny-st., East Moore, Cardiff 960 I70R Sale, useful Pony, 13 h?nds; with Spring Cart and ?' HarneM, suit greengrocer or fishmon.,?er also Ba.y Cob Mare, 14 handa, 3 years old, quiet to nde or drive; also useful Cob Horse, 14-3"good mover and q?et in harr?e???' Apply Tucker, Fraiterer, Coedpenmaen, Poitypridd. 828e H IRE for one or two months, Tip C.%rt njt builder or I Hcoal merch3r?t.-APPly Cart, Ec?,.o Oftice, Cardii?. J-ACKO one of the best Irish Terriers living, to be sold cheap at Sullivan's Menagerie, 5, Bute-terrace, Cardiff. I EI,L one of the est Bull Terriere at 18 in South Wales, to be sold cheap at Sullivan's terrace, Cftrdiff. IGS Pi"s • Pigs!—Good strong Slips, for slipping or Jr other purposes, from 12s to 15s each.—~J. Loinas, -L, ly Common, Canton, Cardiff. S ALE, Governess Car, cheap, in splendid condition, ;Cll; !.3 er exchange for strong business cart. Apply 41, C'tif ipn^stveet, Cardiff. 179 STRONGCob vranw, about 14? hands, 6 or 7 years old. sWilliams, 19, Custom House-street, Cardiff. 266 T'- HE best lot of Terrier Pups in South Wa!es, to be .Oll Tat 5a each, at SuMrau's Menagerie, 6, DiL?erl?ace. Cardiff. 345 TO be Sold, pure-bred Brown Retricver Dog, from the JL kennob of the  of St Germ&1; 2 ycMS 6 months otd??AM?Mm??? Ca.rW4. ?0 BlCICLEI. TJ £ 5CTCHS Ac. ARGAINS.—Second-hand Safeties, from 4 103 first- '> class Jlev muhiBM. Agent for H¡rcihle.r.Jo" .R,tf,lans, Demons, and other makers. Try the Lion, the j best and prettiest machine in Cardiff. Good machines let on bme. AU kinds of repairs done promptly.-r-D. Willianne, Central Cycle Works, 98, Frederick-street, Cardiff. 219 BICYOLK asgoodf.s new, ekeap.-App)y &muel, 140, .D tuteroad, ardiA" 20B "CAITIDIFF Cycle Depot, 10, C»stle-roa<I.—One .Hundred V> Safeties, by leading makers. Having made arranger ¡;UC\ltl for quick delivery, we are now prepared to Sell at a very Low l?igure for Cash. Every machine gufcrantaei. Beforfe purchasing elsewhere; call and inspect our stock of New and Second-hand Safeties. We bp41 a Largo-Stock of ,I,UCM' and Millers'Goods. Lamps, Bells, Bags, &c.; allithe Latæt Novelties. Pneumatic, Cushioned, and .Solid-tyred Safeties for hire from Gel per hour. Repairs, Enamelling,, Plating, by experieuced workmen on the premises.—Note address Meaner Bros., 10, Castle-road. Cardiff. 187e CENTAUR; new solil tyres; C14 1 list; ofuy£10.- Merger Bros., 10, CasiJe-road. 853e D- IA:\IOND Frame, best Cushion .Tyre. Balls throughoUt" ? including pedals, beautifully lined, painted, and plated; a bargain.—33, Machcn-place, Cardiff. 941 OR Sale, 54iu. ball beavinggall over, in splea-. ùid oondition, £2"l(j¡.-Apply 39, Arran-stareet, Rortth," Cardiff. 218 'c'1 ODIV A and Quinton Safeties, Coventry make, Jarge discount for cash, or easy payment.-Apply the Agents 59, System-street, Roath. 149. MORRIS Dros., Cycle Works, Pontypridd.—"The most 1 efficiently equipped Cycle Depot in South Wales." (See "Cycling" and" Wheelilig. ") 446 M01'RISBros., Engineers, Pontypridd.—Fifteen Years Oll.'RTS Bros. ?iUtVr vail. We offer a reliable article at v 1, possible prices. 120 machines actually in stock. 44i _'i\O:&RIS Bro., 'the only Steam Cycle Works iu SoutS J-'JL Wales. Special lines in Children's Machines U;La ac- cessories. Agents for all best makes. 54in.bicycle, useful to learn, £ 1 15s; 52in. do..strong and.seBViceable, £ 26s; 54in. do. Cambrian, hall bearings, BS J5s; 56in. Singer light Roadster, £ 215s; 56in. do. Humbev Racer (good) B4153. 44e 1\ Õ}ïRIS Bros. allow trade discount for cash with order (1 lL to all first applicants; new Safeties; books and lists N t?¡:¡,free. 44e j "Tl/f"ORRIS Bros., Electro-platers, Poil:L?yDridd. Cushion?,. i'X Pneumatics, an,d Solids. Cash or monthly payments. .Repairs, Platm, and Ena JInlg- prompt1yat trade prioea.; '?J UiROD' Cycling Works.—Roberts <Mad ? Co., of St?' ??:1 1 ?,'s-square, Bri.,v.L The Nimrod," the latest in ,ti oaof the day. 9.90 T?I?ROD?cttpg Works.—The beat  ,cbcapqs? Sprig' J?t Frame Machine qver placed hefore the Iiiib" 9iee Cycli?e%Vqr?z?,,Kll'vibrAtion, shock. %nd jar ?l'" to the body, hands, tmdf(;t of the rider entirely re?  moved. 919e -1 H?iaiBOD ? C?cUng Wotkit.-?AH jar being taken ?oiT'?he. fct" umsing the pedals becomes au- imoss?b ?by:rtat Yyap Pedals are th,reforc more advantageous. ■ SDe P'TW"IMROt> Cycling ^orks.—The price of llie Nivurod' is lo guineas. 10 per cent, off fer cash. Liberal terms or Agentis. 9I9e ■ IOD Cycling Wefts.—" The Nimrod veiglis .ISi^ po inds. r-o..n-d T?ie prettiestfMachine at the ,,a nl,y Show." orders now being pooked. 919e j S^VJIMONDE Safety; weight about301bs., bails tbroilgll- .U' out, grand. inichinc, perfect condition, owner giving, rup ruling, oCers.—lo. liigh-street, Newflprt-on-Usk. 8506 YJNKGMATIC Siiiger Special; good as new; only L19. Meager^Spo'g., 10, Castle-road.. 852e > -A DnANT, Pneumatic Tyre(2in ); ball belirigsVDearl w lisf,£25 cafh; 14 guineas; 1)argain.-ünnard;-3; }" Church-Street, Cardiff. 183"j /^TTSjJTON' Diamotuf^'rame, ball bearingS., includï:itJ.: pedals, cost L16, cash £ 8 17s 6d; nearly new.K>ni- nard, 3, Church-street, Cardiff. 1&3 •' TO OVER, 32 and' 30 wheels ?baU head pew this year; XV ii t ;Oki cash 12 guIneM.—B?nnard.S. Church-street, '/Cardiff. 185 14UWIFTdiaiicmcl frame Safety, balls allover" inGluding pedals and balled head, for sale; £ 11 10s.—Apply .24, Caroline-sttu^et. 288 STRONG Safety Bicycle for Sale lamp =dbqll compw,?, •ball bearings all parts five guineas.—163, Richmond-. road; Cardiff. 27. ,t :.S-ÃFE'lý'baU be.aris tbo\¡ghout, HM!udt:Kr pedals; list, £13;' œsb, 5 guineas.—KennMd, 3, Chur?-street, ?CardiN'. 1&> 'À.F.ETYi'MCYcle for >Salf, baU bearmga fxeept ped?is; jo? C? ?ood condition; 95 5s?19, Brook-st., Riverside, Cardiac AFERY? so??id tyre,' 30in. wheeis, ? tyres, ba .,to aS,; 'O jrftirts; juit as new; "cross. Irs^me, lamp, bell, 4nd, all-. ;'will 3-teritice' forg6 cash; b4lr. pedids; 'approval;. dcBos?.—ApplvA. Lov?U, CatweUVjUa.-?ker-street?, wStCn-su?ei-Mare. ■ ■ ?QAy?X ?secondAMd). ba.U.'beMinss.?thToaehout, atso O cushion diamond 'frame; to be sold cheap orroon, f 'plott-oad.;Cardiff: _? _? "\SA:;F'r!E S 1,9fetiès'! Sa feties ,cbe/1.per ,thaci_év;r-: L?J! ,wonc!erfulMrsaimn Safeties new juachtces?nom? t 17s-6d, co-xple 6 wjth lamp, bell, spanne gv q. ball ijicarings t^.all parts; also Plate& parts, I tY *djuet- vaMe^ warfanted sonnd ;'best -ratua in th?4 e;o err ,At4", iPA P? and -??17a 6d cushion tyredma,hii,?? le" £71Qs. 300 8eooÍldchnd BicY61 M<t TriYCIPS rO -I- ";t; Óf!:J.!fdee::ft:jt ?West of E'ngr:tn(L-?MBt ot new and- secotM?MM Post free ) .irom R. Warrilo?, Cycle Vorks. Weaton?aper-M?- "6M J ?'Af:ETyMby.Hmman,. Herbert. and.Oooper.,onlyriddM ?twjLce. With lamp,; only ?7.-13. Look's-tenAc.,renMth- road,, Grange^Cardiff-. 322 ??C.oM:r' new Ai?-,?ishloo ?r? Safehes" JL Cov?H'y made; Bawn's &olas baUccariws*o.alt< pirt I rdjn wdal?. H tytes, -Ckoeaci t' cring,,?l,ith i- YA'Lln6, rlng t "lidlel 6 .Mtti??LM??g??-ont fork, ?Mtttble ?o? foot? vewe, art- cost 1 9" ta.?. I -t,s.; 'Ø'l,rrantr,,12'moi;witne¡:¡fton a.pprov:n.l,-a,n!f. KBoy?MR??e K?t approved; ?tM?rs. tanbe qnp 0-bJ discount asee? 'tM,8boc!!pMt??.?no?s???_ ?_ rTn?anT?ETISa?: Mv?lTr??M-Bro?M. C?e? vV roa? 8540 -'0 178 e, ,]tin« ftbe ood, .?? I?np ??BelC  n. "'LlII> ndaif   ?<Kst?atFMt,?M'M?.CBrdi<r. ?  «K 95o?rS?tie. ?g<-??'? :?'?'M. ?? ?c?b.  )?M.e<?erBt!!o?,l? Caa'te-it'a< ,!ISle lid.oushio tvred lP'eagain. fo J80IjJ.TU.PIGEO:n.: 1IItè. ?Y' .BBAn??'?dcoc??.?? ? <MMson t<jt ?. ? ??.. ??.M: ?r!:?.-$UUiT?.. M? ?ri?.? ???ee. C&tdft:. ;S with £ Ood buff. hen,-10s; cock <aE'?t?ak?. Jh??'tT?' 75 ? C'?"°? roller, 7,6 órijll 6a 0 handsome C8ck wou jr, anchor Rs tho pair. ?h? good .birds Md ?f? -? ?g-?lpve?ess?ce.? Cardiff., m F"^OR Sale, Lot of -Fowl%* good layem, 30 Chic?ns?S i FBrown Leshpros,.prize strain.. 4%wey, 15, ]?agon- t,?rmee, ()p"s-road, Carditf. 321 FOR Sale, 18 -<f&t!.baj-c-door .Fowt?aUve, to ? ear? 26 5d? jf and 2s 6d each; ?Unorcas. Rocks, a?d Dorkin -'J ':st: 198Qerci'l1-roltd, r.:Usk. 830e'! -rT^oSTthetreat of'therseason..zMomitSn ?Lf Rouers;, ar?- -e- O?'X,,a- ????D??t<?'?a?'Q!??? -??M" 1\, if' ALA YS, 4 PuUets.l Cockerel, fit to show for sale; Xll eggs. 6s 6d sitting.—Chemist, 71, Broadway,, Cardiff. 235 QONGST RS. Galore Norwich Cock Canaries, also Hens cheap'; Goldfinches, 3s; Cock Bullfinches, piping, 33; jUapection invited.—Copeman's, Charles-street, NewporC-on- sk. 223\ rpms Week's Arrivals.—Tumbler and Homer Pigeons; ..2s 6d pair; Stock Cages, Goldfish, Fancy Pigeons,Rab- bits, Mice, Specialities, Anti-vermme, Roup Pills, Spratt's Canary Vood, Fish Food, at Copeman's. Charles-street, 222- 2:¿Z. FOR SAlE-MmmAXEOl'S. AN Attractive Advertisemen ver Lever, capped and  L jewelled; also silver Albert; pledged for ga; d a Zd 35s.—Blaiberg, Pawnbroker, opposite Gas Works. 332 .-Blaiberiz, 'Pawnbroker, opposite Gas orks. 392 A AttractiTe Ba.rgain.Forfeited 2 18c. Alberts; brau -?L new; S8. Competition defied by Blaiberg, P&wn- broker, 2, Dute-terr?ce. ""2 AN attractive Article.—Avery heavy 22c. Wedding Ring, 2 quit-e new; 19s weight, 3j dwt.-Blaiberg, Pawnbroker, 2, Bute-terrace, Cardiff. 382 A GREAT Bargain.-A Gentleman wishes to dispose of, Aprivately, a complete Service of Electro silver-plated Forks and Spoons, comprising one dozen each table forks and spoons, one dozen each dessert forks and spoons, and one dozen tea spoons; they are old English pattern, very superior quality, and have never been used. The lot will be sold to immediate buyer for £ 2 10s.—Apply 32, Tudor- road. Cardiff.) 271 BIBLE.-Family Bible for sale, beautifully illustrated, nearly new, cheap, cash; inspection invited. —59 Crwys-road, Cathays, Cardiff. 432 BLAIBERG, Pawnbroker, 2, Bute-terrace, Cardiff.- JL) Silver Curb Alberts; stamped every Mnk; 5s 9d. Government stumped Wedding Rings, 4s. 392 BLAIBERG, Pawnbroker.—Feather Bed, Bolster, and 2 .0 Pillows purified feathers, about 601b 39s, delivered free new linen tick. 392 IB.EP-.G, Pawnbroker.-ISeL English Lever, full capped aud jewelled in good solid cases, by well-known local maker, £11 pledged for £ 10. 392 LAIKEKG, Pawnbroker.—Gents' unredeemed solid 18c. JD Gold Geneva; in good order warranted ? years; 355 (a 30s pledge). 392 BEANSTICKS, Russian Mats for packing or covering JH Mso cheap Timber.-Shaplando9, Canal-parade, CardiS. ?OMFETITION defied. Gold Rings from 2s; Silver Watche6s 6d: Gold Ear-rings, Is 6d Silver Alberts, ss.-Blaibe Pawnbrokers. FAstab .ed since 1856, at same address. 392 COLEMAN FoUick.-Gent's solid Gold Geneva Watch; full jewelled; in grand condition; 27s 6d; impossible to be equalled. 942 COLEMAN Follick.—Stephen's Commentaries on the ¡ Laws of England," eighth edition, will sell at less than half original cost. 942 COLEMAN Follick. Pawnbroker and Jeweller, 40 and 41, Bridge-street, Cardiff.-Solid Silver Levers, in going order, from 25s, r^!?_ COLEMAN Follick.—Gent's 18ct. Gold Lever. full capped \j and jewelled, in excellent order (18cfc. gold din.) 7 fuineas. Ð42 LE.IfkN Follick.—LactS-'e Diamond and Ruby Ring; V unredeemed pledge. 25s It gpnuine bargain. 942 "PTARTHENWARE.—Seconds. assiKted crates. i-2: well ill assorted best goods, L5. Write fov. IisL-Earle Worl;z lottery, iongton Staffordshire. -719 F~OR eale Shop Fixtures, including .hgsny top Countl'!m with ten drawers.-Apply for further par- ticulars, K 333, Echo Omce.Card?.MS  ORSliiT 2 Outside Shop Gas^ Fittings 6 burners each FNVire Window Fittings, Mantelpiece Board, and sun- dries.-B., 5, Qaeen-street? CardiS'. 258 FOR Bale, cheap, a 'Bradbury's Shoemaker's Sewing J- Machine small arm; warranted.-Address Machine, Echo OtDce, Cardiff. 217 DSR ASES and Disorders of the Ox also Diseases of the Sheep, by the great author George Cres3well a large, tMck vol., 755 pages, 1669, new, beautifully bound will send it free for 15 6d.—B. Meeham, Pentre, Rhondda. 783 mii-3ale, very large DoU's erlittor, in splendid -'L' condition: 4 tyred wheels; che?p.—M, WyadhaM-road. Canton, Cardiff. 836e. FOR Sale, Second-hand Leather Suite, £ 617s 6d also 6 Leather Chairs and 2 Easy Cliairs, 57s 6d.— Arthur Frost, 198, Commercial-road, Newport-on-Usk. 832e OR Sale, Contents (complete) Two Sm&U Villas.-To view, Arthur Frost, 198, Commercial-road, Newport- on-Usk. 8S?e FOR Sale, second-hand Sideboard, 90s; two EasyChsirs, Couch, Table.—Arthur Frost, 198, Commercial-road, Newport-on-Fsk. 831e G*-RDËN Hose, lin. 84ft. best quality, fittings complete, Gwitli home- 1I carriage; equal to new sell ch<?p_ "e orapplyw,130,1%fiskin-sLre et,, Cathays, CardiS. 110 FS ARDEN Seats, Arches. Tents, lollen. &c. cheapest Gan,l best selection in Wales at Cross Bros., CardiS. SMe HORSE ManaRement. by May hew and ethers 14th edi- 1-1 OP.SE Management, 4 ? K illustrations; new a splendirl ?JL tion, 1890; about 400 illustrations new a splendid large work beautifully bound will send it free for 5s.—B. Meehan, Pentre, Rhondda. 600 'JÀCOBS Herbert-street, 'Cardie, for Women's and Chil- dren'?' Wearing Apparel, large assortment; Welsh ^Flannel Shawls. 7s: Skirts. 23 6d; Turnovers. 2s. 972 ACOBS, Pawnbroker, Herbert-street, four doors from the Hastings Hotel, Cardiff. for Unredeemed Clothing, Boots, Bedding, Ac., at cheapest prices. 972 ACOBsi Pawnbroker, Herbert-street, Cardiff.—Car- -.tJ I)entc-rs I and Bricklayers' Tools cheap Silver Watches from 6s 6d; Wedding Rings and Keepers, cheapest in Cardiff. 972 LAWN Tennis.—For a splendid selection of Ayres and all the best make, go to Cross Bros., Cardiff. 506c LAWN Mower, of all descriptionr, from 22s 6d upwards. JU View Cross Bros'. Stock before purchasing elsewhere. MR8 A. Seex, Queen-street Arcade, has magnificent iM, Mahogany Sideboard for Sale; worth -227, sell for B7 10s. Drawing-room Suite, cost B12 10s; sell £ 5 10s. Also Overmantels and large quantity of furniture of every des- cription at great bargains. Furniture bought, sold or cxi changed. Call atl and 2, Queen-street Arcade, Cardiff. 318 Tj&RAMBULATORS.—A.great number of the best makes '• r" and every one warranted; note their 21s special, ac- tkaowkdgecl to be the best value in South Wales.—Cross Bros., Oard.&. SCio Cart?ind Go a, V,Ii patent steel rim and fi rnNMTAo.: rtie kroh" and bast in the market.— Cross Bros..  50&e Cross Bros., Cardiff. 506a SAFE, 2ft. high, extra toeltz on door,made for a club price L5, carriage paid.—Richard M. Lord. W olverhamptùn. 305 SETTEE for Sale a bargain.—Apply W. Mance, 33, 4 Wyndbam Arcade, Cardiff. 159 Manure.—Several loads for Sale.—Apply Alfred *T3 Earl, Coal Merchant, 87, Severn-rd., Canton, Cardiff. TAILOR'S. Sheers; also 36in. Squares for Sale good as JL new a bargain, 22.-Address T406, Echo Office, Cardiff.! -)05 'T "[^REDEEMED Pledge.—Hammerless Gun, by ?TT?REDEEMED Pledge.—Hammerless Guu. by To'.vn? cost double. 33re-,?hlpderr, 42&; muzzles, 128 6d; war- runted.-Ja?ol)s, Pawnbroker. 972 YETCHES for "c-App]Y Hackerford Farm, near Llaflishen Reservoir. 311 WANTING cash urgently, will sell 12 best quality table v T knives and 12 silver forks to match cost 922s;seU 17s 6d approval; post free to any address.—Write I 11,. Daily eirs, Cardiff. 11 WIRE Netting.—An immense Stock to select from. at prices from id to 8d per yard.—Cross Bros., Cardiff rWf ORKINO Men's Heavy Cord and Moleskin Trousers, IT 4s 6d Boys', Is 6d Flannel-back Vests, 4s 6d, worth 7s 6d Flannel Shirts, 3s 6d Drawers, 2s.—Jacobs. 972 2 000 Gallons Champagne Cider, 18 gallon, in- 30-gallcw casks casks, 6s.—Henry Gillett, Marshall Farm, High B am; Somerset. 382 MBCELtASEOlS WANRS. CASH (full value) given for Ladies'. Gentlemen s and 'CA{;¡IJ,s vabteJèfti1iesISenf:ü:neJ articles. All orders punctually at"cnded to on receipt of postcard.—Mrs Cartiy, 46. Broadway, Roath, Cardiff. 537 ,'j WANTED, Safety or Jewellery, in exchange for ycung Newfoundland Dog; splendid animaL1—Apply Wil- liaw, Chimney Sweep, 12, Mill-lane, Cardiff. 151 "WANTD,g&d wMhers and ironers.—Apply MrsHarry.'? Thated Cottages, Upper Cathedral-road,- Pont-. canna, C..dl!f.. 76 '| ^fTANTEU, a Second-hand Weighing Machine, with; V T fcocip, Suitable fbrveighing .iirewood, &c., to weigh ffbout 2 cwt,-J. Lewis. JUD., Navigation. 2 £ 6 VITANTEP to PUl'Cse, Fm .It,.c.of every d?scripti-on j man:¡íaetured stocks, &c., from £5 to ?QSOD cash "J Old, Curi.4ty, Shop, Newport. 758 WANTED, Clothing of every description; Fur- 1 11 i?ure,.Piaiio5, and old Violins, best Price gL'v- *J W'Mauce, 35? Wyndham Arcade, Cardiff. 315 I" WANTED, for cash, any of the fpllowing goods Old Gold and Silver; Broken Jev/ellerj1, Old War Medals,. Antique Silver Plate,'liniynelled Patch Boxes, Salts, &c. Olel bliuii-tures on Ivory, or Enamel Paintings,Books, Prints. Ensravingp, Farni'ture, Coins, Ac., &c. For parcels received'- C £ Jh ot chefjue remitted. and goods held until offer is accepted^ aod if prices not. satisfactory goods returned. Backers: Lloyd's Back, Liqiited, Cardiff.-Harry Winston,v junr:^54, Bndse-street, Cardiff. 493o ANTED, from 100 to 600 (per week),Bags of. Sawdust:—! T T Apply by letter, B. Thomas, 68, XiQudoun-sq..Cardiff.34. WASHING vantcd, Family or?Hote!, by respectable 'person. Apply 100, R4bvex-street, Castle-road,, JlI,I}CHJ. i. sf ROLOGY —What, ia -belore you.—Send birthtime, .X-L ston)ped,ALrected-enveio apd six stamps, C. Gordon, 97, Buckingham"Palace-road, London. Jk^STROLOCiY.*—MatriiRony.—Your future partner de- MLJL scribed, 7 stamps; tnture accurately foreto.d, le Send. birthtiroe.-FrofeJ!surM.orton, 230, City-road, London. 277 1. A Fict.—R..G. Scott; Watchmaker and Jeweller. Station- Astteet, Forth, is Uie^flrst qualified Watch Repairer, by .Examination, ,ia_Wales. He has successfully passed a, thoroughly practical examination tthe British Horolosical Institute, Londou, MId ig now in a position to.clean, repair, and titBe all kinds of Watches on the premises at short, notice. "Charges strictly moderate All,wo?k-warranted. 67 GYiASSjsihades And Stp.nds all'sizes, U?,p, for clocks, '?f .?t&tuettes.&.c-?T-CordtMr. Ntkturalist and Taxi mist, 42,'Royal Arcade, Card 73? GLAZWd, Linen like" Cliina, without nolishing irols"' '<?J<' (eu?ra.nteed.? also siiftenin9proce,?;' six,gtAml)" 1.7Q0J testimonials 26 reci?s; cashing, blea.ching;remo ing stains, it?ing, folding, M. ?particulars free?—Madame,-s .42].. Heron-road.?rwickenham. 860 ?E?ERKERY.—SO splendid, hMdy Jrish F, ed (10'1 riellicli ag.p,xqi;ipit4a laatrestozaula, rare, Is "4?,l free—J. ?Uley. New 'Roas. Ireland..79 ^N-ZA, Hay Fevterl &c-, take Morton's Nerye j f?'NFLrrEN.ZA.Hay .Fe?r.&c-,?ta.keTMorton's'N€t-ye j ?. ?'?c, la.6d .per bottle.—Medical Hall, 71. Broadway, .tJi. Cftrdij?for:t?e repair ef watches of cie .? scriptib)', El agliall'or Fore Is ?8 io' CA, et ir shop frnm ,.CM,, Tr.?,iet4,,r, Jeir.years 'Mr.apiruliQu, apd'keys'fitted. 433 T GSzing Secret.. ?CutEs. CoHttrs, M?d? ;-np,M) irsllhin- 1'ke white China.?tiothing used' inthe, Starch  'Lis?ird..]3i;?e3lheajd., q??ed; particulara ?ree. lAundry 75? .Ltscard. Bu-kenhMd? 856 EAW ?y?e.,? ?ts cbU?t?.'dist?im??? .&&fice v?? ih7&.goods on the Mre.—ThomDsonjn.nd t? 1 e -street. Hours: I'to 2, or 9 P?. ?25 -??????Obrrec?P&?tbgraph Future .Huspan? ;?'p'Wtfe, with?o??on,Js.6d. One >èa.r'8Æventø;15 &K ?e?-o?."t?e?-p??;g??,jg?bndge? ^01". 284 ?.B?r?C?eb?? ??r?? hddld meet the 4m tll'i'a' pr\c: eon-? Jidetl<\ l, d d- -}}p'Jý nee, either !f:e£3>e;r,&mr.y" to. F?amoujmd Ci%roUne??itree?. CanliC. Adrice' 'r3 935 fV i ?°??'??0''?er'of''&&es'B_eI? MS i a-odTrasaea: ?d?cS?' i:pmred )T.eL ? '?'? ;13.Ji1t'- o'14itt.64 a. uvml M? ^434^ L^ aat^eii3toS^rA4dress m%T' '6?o? tttM?ea,I,??????am.692 Hire System. BLoiSM or d t4l, i?owdle ful-nished on & row Wgtlmq, os .o.¡i tis, wberitbra.i! pubtcity.e?pos.r.?nd ?}"?Wre '?°?y ??r.compe.-ies 81'8 d1sd ??; ?_f'?'.? jmCas<<,tew<)y j'  c  ?,f 6 oueeho!d.]rnmiturel U). "e rio^e imiineme ciockxif HouBehoId.Fnrniture i.™ ,atl4^»PeijQr <MMty.AU«?? told on the,Hire j ?yste]n?t r??'BtON?.nd? WettakenoextntchMse, ?? ch?' '?"? tr'?rs.nb home in ? prt?t. van fre.J (¡r Lv° or agreement charges made; nobiU' II sale eveln: Dr??.te. Ammgements completed 't???' ,,?"T?'nt priTa.te. Arntnsements completed "-lth out; de!:ty, .n.n(\' ?? taMuftcttu-ers. we enartntea. ???? 'n? ?' ??'L ucdett? mpp!y furniture, etc., ?ntt?' Vp«t ''esa than &ny pnc?list issued, by any Am in & iff. PIeve-n showmoms. Ctll?ndmspect our im-] ?mer$e stock, and compare prices before purchasing else-? ?°?"???f We ?-supply £ 6 worth for 2s 6d Weekly £1°1 do ??? S15 worth for 5s weekly z 20 worth, ? 6s weekl1 y, and 30 On in proportion- Special terms for, larger quantities. Please note the address :—South Wales Cardiff paQy" 31> OMttc-street (opposite the Gastle), j  MEpiCU. j kpprenicc??r-anted4 where he cap obtain a.' Ci tthloaro?uigh practical. knowledge of hisiosiness cou>- fortable,bmo; Zw- Eoho i)M,2% i TO Chemists.—An old-established Dispensing and Retail JL Business in Cardiff satisfactory reasons for-retiring. —Apply Nemo, South Wales Daily News, N Cardiff. No reasonable offer refused. 922 MONEY. A PRIVATE Gentleman has Money to Lend from S5 to  P;JX,;ee::k\â householders, and public generallyin strict confidence and without ?I'c.ty. BO preliminary fees asked for.—Apply to William Thornley, Londy House, Caerphilly. 45e ~ONEY.—From jB5 to £500 immedia.tely advanced on .1'(1. simple note of hand, without sureties, to professional gentleitfen, fanners, tradesmen, householders, and others, repayable by easy instalments or m one sum, at moderate interest..No Bill of Sale taken. A written guarantee given that transactions are not published in any Gazette My customer; can rely that no unfair advantage; willte ta«en of them. Ascertain my terms, and then decide wnether to borrow or not..Distance no object.-Apply to Fred Brewn, 36, Plantagenet-street, Riverside, Cardiff. 823 BORROWERS irr want of money from a strictly private JH source free frOMi annoyance, fraudulent fees (extrac ted under some pretext or other), and the routine of loan office ageuts, &c., are invited to wnte fully as to position, Sco?,&c., when, if s?f?ctory. the money will be .d- vanced in a few hotm.-Apply Charles Clayton, 53, Gardner-Street, Swansea.. ONKY.— Applicants in Tovm and Country.—Do not be Hi. allrred by the advertisements of so-called banks or private lenders offering to make advances on ridiculous terms The maiority of them emanate from a.gents, whose object is to obtain fees, commission, and deposits. Keing the actual lender, no such requirements are exacted, and the cash advanced direct at a fair rate of interest, according to risk. without the exposure often attending a loan. ADVANCES are made from £ 0 to B.] .000, upon every class of security. Existing loans are paid off. No cna^ge made unless the money is advanced, Vv rite or caL.—Mr T. G. Barton, 15, Bridge-street, Newport, Mon. 512e l\ONEÝ Lent from ?5 to C500 at a few hours' notice to .M. farmers cow?eepers. householders and others on pro- missory note alone, and on the borrower's own name. Dis- Sn? no object. o charges of any description are made unless business is transacted. Anyone requiring a strictly private temporary loan without the usual publicity and loan office routine should apply to Philip Bassett, U. Penuel- quare, Pontypridd. 4ge XSc^rcPRIDD Loan OB?co-—Mr L. Joseph is now pre- J? nared to advance fMh to all classes of Householders, Tradesmen, Cab Pronrietors, Cow-keepers, and Artizan? upon their own security from £5 upy;ards. Advances made at a few hours' notice. Charges moderate, and payments made to suit borrower's convenience.—Apniy personalty or by letter, to Mr L.Joseph, 55. Taff-street, Pontypridd. 531e I UnIY pay exorbitant interest to money-lenders ?—The I f f Barry Loan and Investment Society advances sums of S2 and upwa rds to respectable householders at 5 per cent. interest, to be repaid by weekly or other instalments. 1 or full particulars wply to the secretary. D. J. Greig, 46, High- street. East Barry. 925 BILLS OF SALE. NO PUBLICITY MONEY LENT ON NOTE OF HAND ALONE, in Sums from The National Mercantile Bank, Baldwin-street, Br sto!.—The Directors of this old- estoblishetl, well-known office, having large avanaue luncls, offer mmsual facilities to all rcspeet»ble and trust-worthy persons who require either temporary or permanent assist- ance Cash in amounts from £::0 to is advanced in all parts of the kingdom, without sureties, delay, or pub- licitv, and on the security only of the borrower's written promise to repay. These advances may be repaid by weekly monthly, or quarterly instalments, extending over a period of time convenient to the borrower, or the priDcipM may re- main w long as the interest is paid. No bills of sa.e, taken, and the transactions are net publ'thed in any newspaper or gazette.—Apply, stating amount required, to Mr T. l^JWU, hum General Manacer. -? C-ASH ADVANCED FROM :BS I?PWAR? TO ALL ? CLASSES ON THEIR OWN SECUSrrY NO FEES., REPAYABLE IN EASY IN SI ALMENTS I M? J. P. THOMPSON, .71, ADAM-KTREET, CARDIFF. TTfrt-rs. 9 8: Wednesdays, 9 to Z. NEWPORT ?I?E. ? ALB??A?HAMBE?S. STOW-HILL 28e J ONEY 'The fMRECTOR? of I. S. FIELDING and CO LIMITE? ADVAN CE DAILY sum3 from £ 3 to £ 1,000. NO IK SSlSf83 ?A?Y P.EPATMKKTS. 1 NO DELAY ABSOLUTE PRIVACY. NO SURETIES. Trade Bills Discounted. Prospectuses and partictil?rs frpe.—App? to Secre?ry, 18, CHARLES-STREET. CARDIFF. ^1 ?OMMERCIAij?ADVANCE BANST'1_9?. _ISo QUAY-ST.. \?' CARD?F. B3 to B300 can be obtained on the same d, ay a! applied for by professional gentlemen, tradesmen, fajmers. cowkeepers and householders. ?ppuc??y rely on the striotot secrecy b?ng ob- served. Chafes moderate, and no onqmryw other fees charged unless cash advanced. Country a3 >piica^iona attenaeu to Wi1hout delay. Apply personally or by letter to MB L. JOSEPH. 23e COMMERCIAL- AD"V ANCE ;BANK, ,j 23e 19, Q,UAY-Rl'REET, CARDIFF. ,I j I CARDIFF^ •• THEATltE ROYAL, CARDIFF, TO-NIGHT, and Everv Evening durin^the week. Ketvrn Visit of the Carl Rosa Light Opera: Company in the Popular ENGLISH COMIC OPERA, MAR J 0 R I E, i From the Prince of Wales'^ Theatre, I/ondou. j Augmented Band and Powerful Chorus of 40 Voices..1 I THEATRE, CARDIFF TO-NIGHT AND DURING THE WEEK. J ERNEST DOTTRIDGE'S GREAT COMPANY IN THE SUCCESSFUL DRAMA, I FO R A  JQ EVOTION FOR A ~g ^IFE. (3,613th tircs of ncrfovm^ncel. Mechanical Scenery. Splendid Popular Prices—Circles, 2s and Is Stalls, Is 6d; Pit, 6d Gallery. 3d. MONDAY NEXT-THE UNKNOWN. TIlE EltlPIRE. MANAGEK OSWAJjD STOLL. l\f I S S TO-NIGHT. Y U 0 Y 0LAR KiE, MISS TUCY CLARKfE, The Celebrated Contralto Vocalist. LIEUTENANT COLE, BY FRED WILLIAMS A CO. in I.ittlo Marguerite, ARTHUR COMBES, TOM BERRICK, & Others. IMPORTANT NOTICE !—Stall Seats can be Booked in Advance and Reserved at 2s eacli. Private Boxes, 10s 6J—10 to 4 daily. NEXT WEEK.—Mr George Lash wood. 868 MARTO LLOYD IS COMING. pHI L H A R Mf O N IC,. Mr D. J. MCCARTHY, In his Great Speciality, "The Coast Guard. Messrs CONWAY and LELAND, The One-legged Acrobats. Miss MARIE LE BLANC, In a few of her Latest Successful Songs. GEORGE RIPON, The Great LolldollVocal Comedian, • And a. 110st of'other good mHE ^OPXp BTFAIIi rTHE WORIxD'Sj J. l?AIR.l—PEN AUTII-RO AD,. CARDIFF. i Still continued. Thojiss.nds come nightly to spend a, Jeisnrehonr. All Mnds of amusements. Open every cvenúlP,Admissi. free. 32oi  ''PQNTYPRIDD. _?  ?OYAL '?CLA.RENCE THEATRE,. ?JH/ PONTYPRIDD. i Sole Lessee^ and Manager, Mr Will Smithson.—The prettiest Theatre in Wales. The best Orchestral,Band m Wales -MONDAY. TUESDAY, & WEDNESDAY, "•vand production,-with all new scenery and startling ellects, of the charming Irish Drama, THE COL- LEJ BA-WN or the Bride of Garry-Owen. THURSDAY, FRIDAY, & SATURDAY, special pro- duction of,a,n entire new piece, BACCARAT. Doorsf-i open 7.30 to commence 8, sharp. Admission, 6d to one guinea.—Now in active preparation. Grand Cln-ist- toias Pantomime, Dick Whittington and his Cat," which will be-produced.fiecembcr ^th. 152^—■ 'SWA^BEA. J.C<WANSEA PAVILION THEATRE 1 IO OF VARIETIES, HIGH-STREET. GENERAL MANAGER .MR FRANK HALL. MONDAY, June 15th, a Screaming Sketch, entitled. AT THE SLIP;, supported by Mr FRANK HALL, Miss AGGIE HALL, and,,Mr CHARGES BRAD- BURY. Mr ALF GIBSON, Miss CARRIE EATON, Mr HERBERT ALBENI, Miss NELLIE MAGUIRE, Marvellous NELLO, tho Bottle King; Puettiat3 and Dancers, Sisters McGUIRE, the Irish Belles Mr Jovial JOE COLVERD, The Squire. Gallery, 3d pit, fed balcony, Is; hoxes, Is 6d. fpitirlxc otítt5. CARDIFF AND DISTRICT 'BUS CO. LIMITED. The DIRECTORS HEREBY. ,GIVE NOTICE th&t the SHARE LIST will be RE-OPENED until further O<2069—338e T.' TAYLOR, Secretary. 2069-358e T. TAYL?R. ecreta.ry.. 'THE ACCIDENT AT ABERDARE JUNCTION. Will, the Jour Young Men who RESCUED, Dr MORGAJforom a serious railway accldent at Aberdare Junction Statioibon; January 2Sth, 1891, kindly COM. JMUNICATE T'HEIR ADDRESS at once to Dr Morgan, 16. Edwa.rcl-terrace, Cardiff. 2;:4 VISITORS TO LONDON SHOULD T STAY at the NEW BRIDGE HOTEL, 252, WESTMINSTER BRIDGE ROAD, neaf Houses of Parliament and Theatres. BED and ■ 524 Address R. WAHL. alt5 lin J\.udiLTt1'. OUEEN'STRET SALE-ROOMS, CDrFF. SALg- OF SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD APPOINT- MENTS. .1i\VJ/f L ESSRS MOORE & CO. are instructed. 1 to SELL by AUCTION, on MONDAY, ?HIlRSDAY?and SATURDAY, June 15,13, and 20 a ??e q?nti?y of superior HOUSEHOLD FURNI- j TURE and othwc Effectsremoved-ior convenience of "Sale. Sale ea.chd&yab2?nd-7.50. 35&' y 1 —1 ?-, r-  fritters antr €cr&taxts. î 0 °,0 N TRATcto It gMBGEND..EISTEDDFOD, 1891. i TENDERS are inrftei for "WOODWORK for SEATING, PLATFORM, &c. Particulars to be obtained of the?Secretary, to wh(m?'; tenders should be sent, not later than June the 18th; endorsed "Tender for Woodwork." The lowest or any1 tender not necessa,rily accepted. 844e To the Young Men-of England who "fyer from Nervous Debility. Just Publ'ih J. THE CONFESSIONS & EXi^lRIENCE,j A of an INVALID, designed as a warning and a i caution to others supplying at the same time the j means of Self-cure, by one who ,11M, cured himself, i &!ter undergoing the Usual amount of Medical Imposi i tion and Quackery. Single copies may be, bad (post free) ba sendi_ ng*^ stamped addressed envelope to the 'author, ARTHUR DIXON, Esq., .4e Hounslovy, near London j E W P 0 R T 0 F F I C ,E4, OP Tins "SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS," No;I, TKBDEGAftrPLAClK IBttsingas ^trr^sggg, I EAPLY CLOSING. I MASTERS & C Beg to Call the attention Of their Patrons and the Public generally to their J NEW ARRANGEMENT OF CLOSING o AT THEIB gT. MARY STREET AND QUEENs STREET SHOP S, In oompiianpe with the wish of the SHOP ASSISTANTS i UNION, friz. t SEVEN O'CLOCK MONDAYS, „ „ TUESDAYS, „ „ THURSDAYS, I ONE y WEDNESDAYS, EIGHT FRIDAYS, TEN M SATURDAYS^ LEASE SHOP EARLY. 22e JgEKRY & CO.. $JLP 34, QtfF\EN STREET, ? '&:) ?c?  C, ARDIFF, Respectfully announce that during EXTENSIVE _^llterations TO THEIR PREMISES r BUSINESS WILL BE CARRIED ON :¡;.Ho-: AS USUAL, And every effort will be made to give Customers the same satisfaction for which this Old-estab- lished Firm has always been noted. NO HOUSE IN CARDIFF GIVES BETTER VALUE IN JOINING, JQRAWING, & gEDROOM F URNITURE, BEDSTEADS, CARPETS, OILCLOTH, LINOLEUM, CHINA, EARTHENWARE, CUTLERY, AND ELECTRO-PLATE. TERMS LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES FOR READY MONEY ONLY. KEATING'S POWDER." • Kills Fleas, Bugs, Moths, Beetles. EATING'S PO"\VDÈR." Kills Fleas, Bugs, Moths, Beetles. "'X■ TEATING'S POWDER." JjL ? Kills Fleas, Bugs, Moths, BeeHest A INLG'S POWDER." ,J{ills Fleas, Bugs, Moths. Beetles KE- ATINTG'S PONVDER." JHL Kills Fleas, Bugs, Moths, Beetles. This Powder so celebrated, is perfectly unrivalled in destroying BUGS, FLEAS, MOTHS, BEETLES, and all Insects (whilst perfectly harmless to all animal life). All woollens and furs should be well sprinkled with the Powder before placing it away. It is invaluable to take to the Seaside. To a.void disappointment insist upon having Keating's Powder." No other Powder is effectual. Sold only in tins, 6d, Is, and 2s 6d. Beware of imitation. Dout b.e deceived. "WORMS IN CHILDREN, ¡ WORMS IN CHILDREN, arc easily, surely, and with perfect safety got rid of by using KEATING'S WORM TABLETS. Nearly all. Chilaren suffer from Worms. If suspected, do not l wait; you can with ease cure the child (has no effect except on. worms). Sold by all Chemists, v in tins, Is l%d each. 758a 'ALSOP, BROADMEAD, BRISTOL. JpURNlTDRE ALSOP. FURNITURE pities Famishing k LSOP are .invited to in- ALSOP FURNITURE spect the varied A LSOP Stock of Furniture, TJtURNITURE Bedsteads, Bed- A LSOP gi ding, and every A FURNITURE requisite for House A LSOP E Furnishing, at & FuRNITURE Prices not to be A LSOP equalled, ?jL JjlURNITURE CItalogttes post ALSOP JpURNITURE free' ALSOP A LSOP, BROADMEAD, BRISTOL. J L 2303-475 "T HE GREAT SPECIFIC MAT MILTON'S AMERICAN HERB. PASTE MAT MRTONIS81 MAT MILTON'S MAT MILTON'S MAT MILTON'S MAT MILTON'S MAT MILTON'S MAT .MILTON'S'I AMERICA HERB PASTE. MAT MILTON'S AMERICAN HERB PASTE* 6e Is warranted to cure all- discharges. Thoroughly reliable. Con- venient to take. In, tins, 29 9d and 4s 6d each. Free by post 3rd extra. HEWSON'S COMPOUND PENNYROYAL PILLS FOR FEMALES In boxes, Is lid and 2s 9d each free by post 2d extra. Local Agents Cardiff, Mr Munday, Chemist, 1, Du\e- street; Newport, Mr J. Phillips, 92, Commercial street; Swansea Mr E?eaJl, Chemist, 199, Hjgh-s?eet *• H. Hewson, 8, Victori?. Mon. London, Barclay Sons. AMERICAN' HERB PASTE. AMERICAN; HERB PASTE. American; HERB PASTE. AMERICAN:, HERB PASTE. MAT MILTC?S AMERICAN HERB PASTE MAT MjLTON'S ?EBICA? "HKBB  PASTo42 1M2  A WONDERF'UiL MEDME'i BÉEPJØ. Are univer?y adSKk% ^GUINEA a, ^>X J°r bilious andner?ouadi?crs, sacha.swtnda.nd. ?pain in the stomach ?k he?he, giddmes, .f\ùness wsftssfta; d??nMS and drowsmess, cold chills.fiushings of heat, 10"9 of    ou the skUt" disturbed sleep fri^htI M^r^am3- an(i aj nerv<?"s an(1 ,tre¥ng seKons &c. ^6 first dose rCEt4rvsX^f^^tIy invited to try of El?elY sufxerer is earl,estly. mnted t? try one,-box of' .these M??t??U????. to be WORTH A GVJNEA. A BO. ■ A f ?<i^l ?es ?ese Fills are invaluable, asi a. {? ?" ???Mry'oS all h?mouM and brrng? Si^ No female should be witn?. ^e«chThCTe is no medicine to be found equal to '?Mcb? M'??or remove any obstmctMn orin-egQ- •laritv ^f ?—??eBt If ta-ken Mcor?ng to the diree. 't? ^Xicli bw, they will soon M?re. femsli^nf \]I?M to sound a,?d robust health. This K^n»2ythousandshave tried them,, ? benefits which -u? ensured by their use. )Nor a esk stOm9xN impaired digestion, and %U dis. or?r?e Liver, they act like MAGIC, a-d a few d6ses??Ul be found to work wonder upon the most imDortjUtt or.?abs in the huma.n machine. They st'?nxthenth? whole muscular system, restore the long- ?os?Mmp?o?' bring ?ck the keen edge of a.ppettte, Snd arouse into action, WJth the ;!on s?a 8 TTD of %ppetite,. the whole physical energy of the human frame. These, 1:1.1;6 FACJS testified continually by members of all classes-of sorfiety, and one ef the best guarantees to the Nervous and Dgbilifcatsd is Beecham's Pills have the largest ^alo of any patent medicine in the world. Prepared only, and sold Wholesale and Vetall, by, the Proprietor, THOMAS BEECHAM, St. Helen's, Lancashire, in Boxes 9id, Is lAd, and 2s 9d eacli. Sold by nil Druggists and Patent Medicine DwJws, every. where. 739e N,B.—Full directions are given with cach box. 1144 ÙèDAY," rapidly successful, in all cases i-I JLJ- either recent or chronic an infallible remedy tin all discharges. Cures without mefficines.-Sold in bottles, 2s 6d each, by 'post 2s 9d, by all chemists. London Agents, F. Newbei-y vad Sons, 1, King; Edward-street, E.C..A^ont for-Cardiff, Monday, Gh«tnist,l, Hi^li-stroet. ?e Imwusiittss kbbrts-sts. FRY'S PURE COMOSNTRATED COCOA. To ItCUre this ilrti -.Ie Mk for Fry'« Pare Concentrated Cocoa." 1641 MASTERS & CO.. 29 & 30, ST MARY-STREET, 1, ST JOHN'S-SQUARE CAEPIFl corner of Queen-street) ? J SOURS OF CLOSING: SEVEN O'CLOCK MONDAYSW M TUESDAYS „ „ THURSDA ya, ONE O'CLOCK WEDNESDAYS EIGHT O'CLOCK FRIDAYS. TEN O'CLOCK SATURDAYS. PLEASE SHOP EARLY. PLEASE SHOP EARLY. PLEASE SHOP EARLY. PLEASE SHOP EARLY. MASTERS AND CO. MASTERS AND CO. MASTERS AND CO. c OPP A.Fi D W I L L I ADI ivd (FROM LONDON), r TAILORS, HATTERS, AND HOSIERS, v. BUrrs TO ORDER, FROM 45s. FTOUSERS, SPECIALITE, AT 135 6D. Fit, Style, and Quality Guaranteed. HATS. CAPS, SHIRTS, TIES, AND HOSIERY, III GREAT VARIETY. fJIHE JJAYES, CARDIFF. 737* pOS, ORG4NS, PIANOS. — CHEAPEST HOUSE IN THE TRADE. Pianos from 10s 6d monthly, Organs from 58 mollWf The Public are invited to inspect HE ATH & SONS' ;'fr: Stock of v PIANOS, ORGANS, &c., As Pounds will be Saved by placing their Orders with them. Every Instrument Guaranteed and Kept in Tune out year free of charge. LARGEST DISCOUNT FOR CASH. HEATH & SONS' PIANOFORTE AND ORGAN MERCHANTS, TUNERS, AND REPAIRERS, 51. UEEN STREET, CARDIFF, 22 AyP-54, TAFF-STREET. PONTYPRIDDc M P 0 R T A N T NOTICE. J. E. COMLEY AND SON, IMPORTERS OF FANCY GOODS, WHOLESALE MANCHESTER WARLHOUSEMEN, &a. 24, MOIRA-TERRACE, CARDIFF. Beg to inform their Friends and Shopkeepers generally that, owing to the continual and large increasing trade, they have been compelled to take ADDITIONAL PREMISES, viz., 23, MOIRA- TERRACE, Next door to their present address,' which is now undergoing extensive alterations, in consequence oi which we are now clearing several Job Lines at a. large reduction. AN INSPECTION INVITED. 484e r ASK FOR SOUTH WALES CELEBRATED JAMS AND J^ARMALADE, SOUTH WALES JAM AND MARMALADE COMPANY (LIMITED), CANTON, CARDIFF. t< ,• mUNDAY S I c, V IRIDINE" (Registered Trade Mark No. 3699? THE ?c U R E THE cUBE FOR CORNS. F",t r<ORNS PAINLESS AND HARMLESS. ?' THE This inf?tble remedy introduced by () u R TMUNDAYha?obMineda. world ?dde ??<TU T H T! ? t? ''??t.?. The efficacy of "VIR1- (MORNS ..DINE' may be judged byitsh&vu? a??O?RN?rS c.. Cured Corns of over eyears, standing THE which had res?ted all other remedies. CT^ T "R. E It succeeds 'here all Pl"ters and Caustic have failed ?"?O?R?NS c t 1? REMOVING BOTH HARD OB C SOFT CORNS AND WARTS. ?7 ?E X-UE E TESTIMONIALS. 1 y FOR < ?? DRNS ILFRACOMB THE ? feeI I owe an M?owled?ment ta ? ?TU T -u V y«u for .spply¡ng me with your wonder- ful Vmduie. For years I suffered* ? ?-  great deal "? pain ?"' ? very obstiBa? CORNB !corn, but emce applying your remedy ? THE it has entirely gone. Iletoneoldmm VIJ ^URE bave a bottle, and ha sai(I if he had= GuiNEAShe wo?uld ? give them to 'yoa?r AJ FOE the relief he bad. C THE > Pier Hotel. W. CAMPBRU. C ME ?Sotel. A.W.CAMPBBH. ? U R E SUNDERLAND? ?/ FOR I want you to send me two bottlH  Viridine for a friend of mine. I have CORNS t tried it myself and have found it to be  TWW T-y excellent euro for corns IS&y Tll E v? air l?:8 = it out to iT'Zd Imayst.y ,,U p out to Btazd WIth me, C FOB aud found it to keep in warm climates CORNS T remarKabiy weu. JO. CUKGESS. THE 13, Avenue-terrace. CURE CAVWO?N.-As the" -&re several C' FOR imitations of this preparation, the pub- CORNS lie are requested to ASK FOR THE M U N DAY J S FORB .,IV Ir R I D I iq z, ORNS And SEE THAT MY SIGNATURE is on thf THE end of eacb yackcage. C. IT T. XI By ordenng t;om Cure you ma? Z,receive one of the many so-eaUe? FO remedies" which wily give reMef ftU?li???rb c< or some worthless imitation of'?VM? ?/ dine. IN BOTTLES, PRICE is, BY POST la 2d. PREPARED ONLY BT J. M U N DA. rjHBMIBI, 1, HIGH STREET, CARDIFF. 14000 SOLD BY ALL CHEMISTS. 7e LOYELY BLACK SILK DRESS.—We haye had 20 pieces of pure rich Lyons black corded silk left on our ha,tidsby a Lyons manufacturing firm whom we made an advance to we hare decided to cut this up into 18 ya, to cut this up into 18 yds. full dresslengths, and offer them at half cost price-namely, Sgs-to clear. It is most beautifully corded soft-wearing silk, great width, and does not contain a particle of any oth-r material whatsoever but pure Lyons silk. We will send one or more of the 18 yd. pieces on approval for inspection. Money returned if uot approved. All cheques crossed "Joint Stock Bank" Manchestoer.-Ardwick Discount Office, 159, Stockport-road, Manchester. 881e a W A N SEA O F F T C X Kj) OF THE SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS, Nc.2. COLLEGE-STREET. ADVERTISEMENTS received up to .Seven p m will secure insertion in next morning's immt «f theDAILY NEWS."