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SCENES and FA CES., V -..…


SCENES and FA CES V œ The GUILDHALL, where the Civic Cefemony took place.  .m"w"'wwwwm  ¡ _ow PRINCE.' In ay s Royal yisit. LA N G LA N D BAY, which the Prince was to visit. The Mayor- The Town Clerk. Mr. Roger Beck (Chairman, Harbour t Trust). ;U Mr. W. T. Farr (Vice-Cliairman, f '•> Harbour Trust), r)' i -1 Mr. Talfourd Strick (Clerk to HorWur Truct). • rr. Mr. P. W. Phillips (General Manager^ Harbour Trust). ..1. ír Alfred Mond, P.C., M.P. The Three Graces of Cwmfelin. CWMFELIN WORKS, which the Prince Inspected. to by Chapmao i. T I"I ,y The Prince at his Investiture. 4 .J("t .r'= ..s¡'I/,  I  —-   THE KING'S DOCK. •[Ph^bT^stone. Thd Rt. Hon. Lord Bledisloe of Lydney (tYicd-Chairman of Ed. Thomas and. Co.). Mr. F. Treherne Thomas (Chairman, of-Mr, flia Comoany). ( H. Coulson Bond (Deputy Chairman of the Company). Mr. John Davies (Managing Director at Cwmfelin). Mr. W. E. Nevill (Managing Director, Cwmfelin). V I Late Mr. Richard Thomas (founder of Richard Thomas and Co., Ltd.). i. Late Mr. R. Beaumont Thomas, who «o«» ceeded his father as chairman of the #oui!>any.