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Leader' Classified < r Advertisements. I—— APARTMENTS, SITUATIONS VACAMT OH WANTED, TO BE LET, LOST AND FOUND. One 'I h ree Six Insertion Insertions. Insertione I R)1 Worde. 1 0 2 0 5 0 30 Words. 1 6 3 0 4 0 t 40 Worda. 2 0 4 0 5 0 IFOlt SALE, TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS. t. onq Tbree Six Insertion. Insertion*. Insertions 90 Words. 1 6 2 6 3 6 50 Words. 2 0 S 0 4 6 ? 40 Words. 2 6 5 6 5 6 191UTHS, DEATHS, IN MEMORIAL AND MARRIAGE. One Three Sir Insertion. Insertions. Insertione 2!J Words.. 1 ( 3 b 6 0 30 Words. S 0 6 0 8 0 40 Worda. 3 0 ? 0 12 0 EDUCATIONAL. Oie TrJree Six Insertion, insertions, tnsertione ? Words. 2 0 3 0 4 b 30 Words. 2 6 4 0 5 6 « Words. 3 0 6 6 7 < MONEY.—fid. per lino. do PERSONAL. I I MRS. GREGORY. China Merchant. Mar- t JL» ket. Swansea. have no connection with the said Mre. Gregory, who was a witness in the Coroner's Court on Thursday. P.P. IN "Uncle Bert's" Toff?* Hliop there is Itardincr itooin Onlv. Uncle Bert, a.nd his Son thank you for your help. You are ♦loine Your Bit as we did ours. Thanks!! Swansea. Tbank.s!! I NUB«ING Homei57 Tudor-road, CardiffT— !< ApproT?d Nurse ha? Accommodation for few Patients: comfortable. inexpensive: twiJijfht sleep eases accepted. Telephone 4365 272A6-29 LJJ— J. m MISCELLANEOUS SITUATIONS VACANT. PIANIST wanted.—Apply Manager. Globe I p Cinema? Clvdach-on-Tawe. 269A5-Z6l WOMEN AND GIRLS. WANTED, Young Lady as Bock-keeper-, I' Quick at flpures and fairly good hand one used to Butcher s business preferred.— Apply, after 4 p.m.. Rcssell 81. :o;t. Holen's. soad. Swansea. UGLTTESTIC SERVANTS. /APA-BLE General wa-uted; comfortable V Home: help riven: country gill pre- ferred.-Apply iirs Leveneon, Craneleigh 19 doora above Uplands Cinema), Swaubea. 263A5-26 :"tl 0U6EKEEPER Wanted, or Capable fl Maid; Kxperionct-d and Reliable.— Apply, Mrs. DrinKwwter, Jesmond, Oakwood. ,Tfia<i: 274A5-27 fTOTJSEMAID and Day Laundrymaid VJLX wazted.-Ladv Superintendent Train, liritr College, Swansea. 231A5-23 TANTED. immediately, experienced Gt-n- P H eral: good wastes.—Apply, 6 to 7. to tra. Vauchan Edwards. Ocfttoocd. Uplands. I pwa r.eea. &74A5-30 U"T\TAN'rp'D. a fount: Girl, 14.5 years to it » Assist in Housework; no ohildrem.- iv& uply SO. Ayle&bury-road I llWANTED, capable General.—Apply trith ) IL N, references, to Mrs. Edwards, 84. Kiilg f JEkhivard-road, Swansea. 27&A6-29 ^rt7[rANTED. trood General for three in familv; g?'od w3ge& to c-sus le girl — Address Box 7. Leader Office 71A5,Z8 [f' pPSTANTED for Font?rdawe. xood General j [' H with knowledè of nlain cooking; two in family: good ontin?.-iJHcx G 14, Cam. | (bria. Daily Leader. Swansea. CS-ZS if\TANTEDt at once. Exrerienced Cbamber. maid and Pantrymaid. PIqo Boots.— '.A?ply PropUctrese. the Tenbv HoK!, ??an. 270A&.Z7 | :7X TFzD;-ïxí;ë1-ieiîÙd Cook.—A poly, h? ¡,: letter. Mre. C H. Mais, "CaHe?roft.' Ilium hies. 2(57 A 5-26 j 'VOUNG"?irf" Wanted for Li?ht Hou?e- 'tJL work: Bleep out.-H. Northamnton- ?!Me. MA5.26 [ MILLINERY AND TAILORING. ) MILLINERY AND TAILORING. )11. 'l1.ÅILORE8SEg.- Wanted. Co&t. Ve$. and { A Troueer Hands at onoe.—Apply Ab- > eolom B ros. n evo r-p 1 ace. 271A5-23 »#pAILOKS.— W anted, at once, Cokt Hands -for beet work; in or out.d(>ors.-Ap E I t, Sido-es, Heath, ColleKe-Etreet. C5-35 I- ?x -c d- i !V\7 ANTED, Experienced Young Lady for t V Ijadie»' and Children's Ontfittinit.J. i blWYl Jaiaefl. Kina Edyard-road, Swaiisea: | MEN AND YOUTHS. IE.N' Wanted to Astifft fu Woods.-AI)DIF viiyX Vauarhan Bros.. Cheriton Woods, r. 273A5-i7 fPlfOST Succcssful Friendly Society ever -L?JL established, transacting Life, Endow- ) ?ent. ?nd?icknees Busi:<e6s. require Whole f3ne(nI t. Pa?Z'fi]Le A?et?- an di&tricts; small ?Ba!ary. commission and times to sare-t:me t?Mt?nt?: opportunity f?* pushful agent* teven if inexperienced, to secure really hril- Hiant future, with ab&olute security of (tenure by agreement.—ADDI.V Charles L. (Payne. Secretary, Provident Co-operative ;fcociety.:09. Queen-street. Cardiff. Z7ZAfr29 ;jT> EQUIRKD? )etent Organiver. abie to I" fcecure and train outside staff and pro- duc'" Kood results; first-rate prospects for i«ucce»sful worker; only such need apply.— Full particulars to F 4." Cambria Leader, fcwaiisea^ TiJJL^\ KQUIRED. Tra.veUef for South Wales for iJLf Rubber Shoe. Mercery, Hosiery. Leather and Griiiderv Departments; on jealary and commission. Applicants, who -MIU.it have good sound connection with Boot I Itetailers. should write in confidence. slat. tinc full particulars. to Lilley and SKinner. Kinx'a Cr(*e. lcndoa. N.I. -NTEI)-Brickla,.t-ere at Once; Steel Bar ¡. f" Association rates of pay.—Robeon fend Parry. Contractors, Port Talbot. 273A5-30 rSTETANTElS—Two Leading Hands for Striif- YY twrttl Steelwork Erections; Good .INVageL; to First-Class Men.—Hobson and jJ'ajry. Controctorg, P0rt Talbot. 273A6-30 ri\7& NT'ED, 100 Men accustomed to Ship- t breaking, one Electrical Linesman, one Electrician for testinc motor from gub- imarine.—Anply Bhipbteakina Co. Ltd.. Dok 271A5.26 [TWANTED, Waces Clerk for 4-rnill S1 M plate Works.- Write. stating age, êx- fjperlence. and salary realuired N b4," ;Leader Office. 273A5-29 ^jVliTANTED, Baker weH uo in SmaHa acd R» V Fancies, to work in S?an?pa.—AuT?y {Bf?'?HS."? Leader Office. Swansea. 272A5-26 ?'T?7IRELRSn. We hate this -ear cent om 60 tudent to cood permanent berths, and ba.vp Situations waiting for an- lotber 60 Youths between IS and 2S years of lure If rou want one of th-r!ztq berths, write Lor ejill at Wireless Collcire. St. [Cardiff, or Castle-frtreet Swansea. 'Phone 30(:2. tT MTED.. Dl,izkla:zera for P(,rt .,rait)ot: L » » filli distnct, rates paid: work under ver.-Apply Beeston and Slovenian's Fcre- rznan. Messrs Baldwin's Limited. !{'IV Works. Mareram. Port Talbot TO IH SUPERINTENDENTS and -'Agpnt 15 WMi'?d. f'tH and spare 10 open Mp Pcuth Walce, in connection ?ith th? Nd?v nan: wd salary—Box "? ?." Lt'?der OBce. Swansea. 272A5?.9 I OFFICE AND ERRAND BOYS. ,-?7??TEp. Bor for Enpinpfr'R"dSH?i !| t ?me knowledge of Shorthand and ilycewritiner an advantaK<" must be gocd at ?s:Qr?s.—Write, gtating a? to Bo! G ?." I?tder OfRhe. 268.A.Z7 SITUATIONS WANTED. i/^ARPENTEB Wants Employment: u.«-?d to heavy timber rig.cinp coalinsr tower experience: pood references —Apply "TT 1" I Leader Office. Swansea. 372A5-26 IfT^NGINEEElNG-—Youne Man, well recom- lULi mended. Seeks Situation. Milliner i-Btaebinist. hcrixontai or vertical; accurate ?Nf limit work.—EeDlie? to Box ?o. n 1. .gpaily Leader Office. 275A5 25 ? TAa4c" Ofrif-'e-  FURNITURE. Ti^OR SALE, a good Kitehehn Dresser: also X other useful Household Furniture: to be Mid c6eap.—]H .Mahony L Eric' 4?e'. 272A6-29 fFURNITURE.-B.3t Prices ?i?en by m t? I JL for Second-hand Furniture and Anti?ne Furniture of an description Drop me a H?oeteard. M ca'! —Wm. Jp.mea. 8. a b, ?. n. tAltrC4% fit. i nomaa CTO HOUSES AND SHOPS FOR SALE AND TO LET. | A MMANFORD.—A nair of Houses for Sale: XV bath-rooms, complete.— Write lrfader OfBce. 26SA5-26 Oil SALr- Houao8 in Earl-street Tuorsran. street llafotl-terrace and Danygrnis- terrace.—Apply Hood. Auctioneer. Goat- etreel7?J5wan4ea. 273A5-?7 llOR SALE Houee. with immediate pos- j i session; £950: in eood locality.-—For par- i titulars apply13, Nelson-streat. 272A5-26 OR fALE, Houee Purchase Certificate. paid; good bargain — Apply N.' leader ()fv; Llanclly. C5728 JT'OR SALE, by Private Treaty, Ijeasehol(J j HOUM. No. 131. Jersey-road Bonymae.n. —Apply on Prettajgcg. 270A5-27 FOR SALE. Desirable Detached Residence, I JL. between Swansea and Neath; close to Station: nine rooms. ha.th. garden, lawn. trnraste: water and east vacant. poefte:-sion: lelte 54 years: proutid rent £ 3: price £ !,400 —Afitley Samuel, A.uçtiQne¡;r!.5wa.nsea.C5.Z? F OR SALE, Two Dwelling-bouses, also HOWie and Shop. 16 17. 18. Landeg- street. Landore; conteniepr for works: j lease 54syears.—Appy t 5 Bryflhyfryd-street^ | HOUSE let at C26 per annum can be JLI chafed with the Rcni.. on easy terms, any district." Write Owner," Daily Leader. Swansea. 272A5-Z9 ONE Firm Sold CSC.Ooo worth of Property this year through Small Advt«. 80 words for 3 insertions &8. fid in the Cam- bria Daily Leader. j SOUTH Wales Housing Plan "&heme enable you to become landlord instead of tenant at equivalent cf rent; special facilities offered persons ema.ll capital; f, terms to suit all.—Write Housing Scheme," i Leader Office. 270A6-4 rjnSFLONGER YOUPÃf RENT th-e More .L Honey you Waste. Appl; to-ddy for Pefsonal Ownership." whioh will be eent pwst free to applicants mentioning Daily Leader.Aflclrvos: Hie Managers, The Pro- v1dent A^wciation ef I?ondon. Ltd.. M?. Biehop&?t?, London, E.0.3. 05-24 j TT'ACANT PoasMsion. ?of -gale, 5-roomed j V House on main road. Morrbt.on; )"k f entrance: long garden,- Write G 13," DaUv j Leader. ■ 270AS-2fi "fXrANTED. Furnished House (3 bedroom-i). t? July 1.1th—Ansust 8th. or all July: Lftnsland or Mumbles.- 92. Claude-road, Car. diff. 271AS. A /(? WEEKLY will Parcbas'?450 not?: T:/ O any dietrict: ooases&ion by arrantre- Leader. Swansea. TC J Messrs. J. Blewitt Jenkins and Sons' Announcements. TTPLANDS.—Freehold Residence and Occu, C pying Prominent Corner Position, with Early Poaseeeion; 3 Reception Rooms, 6 Bedrooms, etc. N' TEAR,W::ÙSEA.-Deta,chéd Lea?eho?o I i? Residence. well situated in convenient loc&Uty. ior Sale wit.h Early Potlon; Grounde. 1 Acre; Every Convenience. LSDSOE-TERRACE— ifodern Leasehold t V House for Sal? with Poe?ceeion Mid- eummea'. \?'UMBLES.—For Sale, Sub¡"tantial' Fe, .ill hold Home, convenient for Bays. TNHU6. etc.; with early possession. SALE.—Excel! ent Residence Ample Accomtaodaticn in Ideal Situa- tion for Boarding Houee, Private Hotel, etc. WJA^TEB.-To Purchase Freehold Pre- VI nnste in CeolltNf;1 Position; Hiffh-etreet, Oxford-street, etc. F OR SALE.HDiists in pryn-road, Gwydr-1 c"P,iõi-.ént. Mhef"tl,t>e1"rft,-c(¡. Vinoentr street. Oxford-ftreci. etc. For further particulars a* to above apply to Messrs J* Blewitt. Jenkins and Sons, Es- tate A rents, Surveyors, etc.. < Colleee- street.. C6-27 APARTMENTS AND LOGGINGS TO LET AND WANTED. GENTLEMAN reauires Bed end SittiDsr- \Jf room. with Attendance. in Swansea; Brynymor.road or Kin? Edward-road pre- ferred. or must be within easy distance from town centre.—Apply Cattle Villa, Caer- philly. 268A6-26 EOOMS to Let, Summer Visitors.—Mre. 1 AtfWeLl, 21, G lade ton e- terrene, Watchot. ,%nm,rsc-t. 273AS-t7 SUPERIOR Fumitvhod Apartments for 0 Gentlemen to Let; Convenient to Rail- Stations and Town; Healthy Position; Beautiful View.—Box A.B.C.. Leader." 273A5-.27 MARRIED Couple (no children) reauire 2 m. Furnished Roome without attendance; Sketty or BJynmm di5tdcts.- Write Box ?ket.t.,r,, der O?cc 272A5-25 '\T.A.NTED.-bY- Young Lady Clerk Ap&rt V'- ment?, with Part Attendance; perma- r.eyit. would share sittine-room with an- other: convenient to Hisrh-streot Station.- Statv; terma to Clerk." this offlce^J 268A5-26 1A ,ANTED, i Furnished* Rooms; Swansea V V or Mumbles: 2 ohildren.- Write "H 6." Leader Office, Swansea. 273A5-27 -< ?7? A WEEK.— W&nttd. for a Sincle AAJ/ GentJeman.. Combined Room (pfr- bfanent). no cooking, with respectable people: Carmarthen-road district or Hafod. —" U G. Daily Leader. Swaneea. 267A6-24 HOUSES WANTED. BUYERS waitinc for Houses in Sketty. -D Uplands, and West End of Town. Send full particulars to Hood. Auctioneer, Goat- street. Swansea. 273A 5-27 W ANTED. lionse. threo yea-rie leaie. or » t would Purchase by Easy Instalments: Brrnmill. Uplands, or Sketiy;-Apply Bo* H 5 leader Oiffce; A.6-27 BUSINESSES FOR DISPOSAL. OODWILLof Medical Herb Business for Sale at once owinll to death; eood living trade, held last fonr years, with ten. ancy of small house and shop. 106. weekly rental, in main street near General Market in Brideend: a chance of a lifetime: £ 30. or earest offer aooepted • or would exchange with another herbalist. Address: Mr. Wil- son c/o Mrs. T. Edwards (Butcher), Nolton- street. Bridgend. 272A5-26 PARTNERSHIP. I'NTLEMAN with Capital wanted to ioin working la,rgo woods, pitwood, etc.— U 12." Cambria Daily Leader. C5-28 FOR SALE. L"'Õ&-S¡LE:-F¡rši.:ëEiiGovei-n-tš6- ëaf: Ponv, and Ilar wner leaving.— ABpIv Albion HoMJ. GreenfieM-street Swan- sea. No dealers. 273AS-26 OR SALE, 1 Secnnd-hand Kitchen Ranees. ..r. 1 Interior, 1 Portable Washing Boiler: several Half-glass Doors; all in good condi- tion.—Apply T. and G SDraKg, Buildine: Contractors and Deoorator6, 1b, King Ed- ward- oa4. Swansea. 27M5-27 FOR SALE. Sideboard. Piano. Organ. Sit- tinfr-room Suite. Dreiser, Bedroom Suite: sell chea.p.-Apph 13. Nelson-street 272A5-26 F'OIt -S:ÁLE:- L8.dY;äDd"Gmt;Wardröbe. Fwitti large drawers: a?o Gent's Bicvele. cheap.—83. St. Helena avenue. Swansea. 272A5-25 J'-), N-D:- Low Level Station. Ladore. n- I J DIV District &ta-te, Aent, G.W.R.. Neath. C5-31 '"IN. Thcodotitc nn<t14in- Level by Trourh- 0 ton Simm for dispo?a!- both perfect: in- spection: what offers? Brynheulog. Ppl wern. Neath. C6i? C-iE:E:O I CIGARETTES.—'Virorinia, ia packets of '?O ?' and 20: weH-knowa lines to suit the trad. M;at free 59? per 1,003. Aiao Hand* Virginia, in packets of 10. 20. and 25. 52 6d. ocr 1.000. Cash with trder. Monty returned if not. satisfied Send at once. large stocks and irnmediato delivery to Lionel Aarons 65. rinsbur,7 Pavement, E.G. 272A5-29 DAINTY Shoes for the Children snor-in; at the new R-H Shoe Store, Goat- street. H:'IH & !<?k at t.hm 27 '? A27 I^ASY Payments civevi to • Bespectable j Householders. Send tx?tcard; a?pntt will cRU.—Ix)t!don Clothing Manufacturing Co.. Bay-street, Reginald-street, St. Thomas. 268A5-26 HAVE y?a anv Want to Adverti5?? HTry the ?tfeet of & !.ewer" Prepaid Twenty words one shiiiiint. IVOR L. ROBERTS. Electrical Eneineer. JL wishes to infofT? his o'd Customers and the Public ?eCfrnUT th?t hi? Chief Electri- cal Engineer, who ioit:ed H M Forces. hM returned to bip employ. The Electrical De. partment h?ing now tborouchly cquiDDed wIth an Efficient Sta?F of Electrical Encin. I eers Electrical Work Of every description can novv be carried out Heating anq Power Installations mv Speciality. Your emmiries solicited. 223 Oxford-street Swan. seA KOPS' Ice Cream Powder. Wafert;, nctP.—Jones and Co.. D.C.L.. Aiexan- drA-road. Swansea. 2715-28 LADIES, Bead NeckletH and Ropes are I fashionable; colours to siiit. all dresses ar. Builock Bros.. Portland-street, Swansea. 1\.¡J"Es:-wë-afi-BeU- you a Lever Wat?h. l' pocket size. Nickel or Black case, for 2ôs.-Bullœk Bras, Porttand.?tr€et. Swan- sea. "VTEW Stocks cf Erzage-ment Ylings just ar- lx rived: latest desipns. low prices.-Bul. lock Bros., Portland-etreet, Swansea. SNIPPER and Goldman; Swansea's Smart, C9 est Tailors, 16, Northampton-place. All 811it c??n?leted in Six Days Before order- inf th?t Whitsun Suit yoa nhoul? Sf? our extensivp range of exdnsive materials. Fit, £ tyle. am! Workmanship ou? So?anty. SPORTS Coata and Jumpem, in the newest I k3 styles Lnd le?din? combinatior. of con- tract colours at John Richards. 2. Cradock- street, Swansea. 272A5-29 SUN- BIAND "faDDna-?ottere). Hool(-tHJ Ii C9 Blinds TentA. A wnin«. PIa?. Tar- oauiin?. Cart Cover.. anj I?oin Cloths — Korean and Bichardeon (Limited), Mann- faoturel". 20. Womanb.v-street (ooposit/e CMtle Olook Tower). Cardiff (8.7 _WEEKLY ,,¡iH Purelin" Hich-Cimr, Tailor-made Ladies and Gent's Suit- iiias. best, workmanship—London Clothing Manufacturing Co., Bay-Street, ficsrinald- street, St. Thogias. 268A5-26 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. DJ. SNEM/S (only) Addres: Fiah-street D. Arcade, near G. W .R., 8wansen. FOR SALE. Old Italian Violin) (1), in f?d Fcordition. excellent ouality; champion instrument, for soloigt.-Daviee. Violinist. 52. Common. Plaamarl. 263A5-26 GODFREY and Co.. IM.. have a Large 8e- \.y lection of Iron-frame Pianos (Vertical and Overstrung in Walnut. Rosewood, Oa.k or Ebonised cases, by Geo. ROE erg, Oollard and Collard, Witton and Witton. qarne- Burn and. Waddin^tOn etc. Prices from 50 truinea. Cash or Terms. Write for Free List, or call and make a "owmal sel;-ction.— (Jodfrey and Co. Ltd.. 22 St. Helen's-road, SniUTjeta. 272A&-39 T" HOMPSOjTand Shackell Ltd 3' T'astle- street Swansea.—Black Ocllard PiAno- £ 78: Walnut Collard Piano £ 70: Walnut Challen Piapo, £ 95; Walnut Kjrkman Piano £ 70: Walnut NormeHe Piano £ 65: Walnut Brinsmead Piano. £1()5: Walnut Souirc Piano, £ 65; Walnut Hawkins Piano. £ 65 10s.: Walnut Thompson and SbackelL Ltdn Piano £ 70; Lmperiai Organ dE26 5a.: Jonet OrL-an f,15- FRA?V ()r6 n t45 'ij(TANTED-violin;Bom-aï'd-Õ;Ws: n -»*. sizes: bet prices ei?sa.—Woodin; Gower-street. Swansea. ?:<!A52(! WANTED. Second-hand Pianos. Or tn I Gramophones and Records Good Prices triver).-D. J. Snell. High-etreet. Ar- cade. Swansea. LIVE STOCK, &c. PIGS! PIGS PIGS!—For Sale, 45 Strong, 1 Healthy, Pigs, 3-10-0, 4-5-0, and 4-10-0 each.—Apply. Mrs. Wright Brynteg Pig Farm, Cockett, Sketty. vFacing Cottage Homes. 27 3 A 5-27 PRIVATE SACZ To Tradesmen and I. Farmers. The Choioe of Three Mai^ee; Black Mare, 15 hands. Eight Years Hd. ',U Chestnut Mare, 13-2. Seven Yearn «>ld. i.19; Black Cob. 54-1, Six Years old. very fa6t. Aleo Pony Cart and HtNlt. suitable for Greengrocer: Two Sets of Cart Harness, Harness at good ae new. price 10 (iuinft6 a Set. Above Animals are guar- anteed good worsens and quiet. come straight, out of wo,rk.-Apply. Mrs. Watkine, 43. Coed«a«eon-creecent, Sketty, noar Swan- 6ca. 267 A 5.25 TO Gentlemen and Sportsmen.—A Thor- ouehbred Horse by "St. Pancras Per. eimion," srandsire Persimion;" good hunter and broken to harness: 5 years; 80 sruinoas: not Army horse.—Lockyer, Butcher ) Trehcrhert. MAS-29 MOTOR CARS, CYCLES, ac. FOR SALE—Wolesoly Siddeley Car; Perfect Condition; Five Seater; Fully Equipped with Auster Befk Shield.—Apply, Roberte. Llandjlo-road, Brynamman. 245A6-2 TWO 1SW 3-ton Belsise Chaicis, fitted with A Flat Lorry Bodies, And Oab Fronts, for Sale; Oa&h, FAsy Terma, or Exch,ante.-R. E. Jones, Ltd., Motor Dept., Dillwyn-etrect, S w&nsea.. TO RUDGE Motor Cycle and Sidecar for Sale: JH' equal to new.—Apply, between 2 and 4 o'ciock. Ashley Villa. FIton-cre". nt. Swan- sea. 269A5-26 "'(jr:E can offer e??y delivery of A!t?on V T. Mon and 4-ton Oha.?ei&.—B. E Jon. Ltd. (Motor Dept.). Dillwyn-street, Swansea. f* FORD Tearing Car for Birc; Hirer 1 A1 i/JLO t? Drive Himecif: Owner not usio? the Car will Let On Hire to Roerpongible party.—Particblaro, write Box F6. 'Tambria Daily Leader. TO rA CWT. and 60 owt. Albion Chassis for I OU delivery this month subject unsold. I Cash exchange or deferred terms—R E. Jones. Ltd. (Motor Dept.). Dillwyn-street. Switmes-i T.O. Ivor L. Roberts' (223 Oxford-street) Announcements. DELIVERY from Stock. 2-3 Too Austin; also 3-4 Toii,Dennis. First cheaue lie- onrea. (COMMERCIAL LORRIES-AKent for Den- ?' nis. Austin. Harriers Hor9. eto. Send me your inquiries. Terms arranged to suit your convenience. I can offer Early De- liveries. SECOND-HAND Lorries.-I have a LArge tJ Assortment from t-ton to 4-ton; prices from L125 to X550. Send for lists, oi ask me to call on you. O QECOND-HAND Cars; prices from 936 to t.37S. Send for lieta. OTOR CYCLES.-Azent for Trtnrap)L J B.S.A.. Douglas Sunbeam. A.J..8. En. field. P. and M.. Nortons etc Get your neme o'! my waiting lists to ensure early deliveries. SECOND-HAND Motor Oycles.-i have! tO several to offer from P,5 t1 £ 300. 1 can fix von up at anr price to euit your re- Q u i rc ments. Send for list« YOUR old Car or Motor Cycle taken in JL part payment, or Bousht for Cash. Send or write with full particulars, to Ivor L. Roberts. Oxford-street. Swansea. I SMALL ADVERTISEMENT ORDER FORM. | i I I; I | ¡ I H' ¡ I ¡- II "t i I i rEEEEEEE?EE! I Please publieh the above advertieeareut times, for which I enclose s <3. Name and Address: If desired, replies may be cent to Box Numbers at the "Cambria Daily Leader" Office. Thio form should be addressed to Advertisement Department, "Cambria Daily Leader," Swansea.

For the Ladies. I -