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AMUSEMENTS. h_+- 130. TO-NIGHT! 8.30. 'Phone: Central 92. The Greatest Musical Performance Ever Presented on the Stage. The World-famous British Cathedral Organist, G. T. PAT T M A Ni (Fellow of the Royal College of Organists) and his £3,000 ORGAN, containing over 1,200 Pipes. Assisted by Miss DOROTHIE SQUIRE, Contralto, of the Leading London Con- certs, in Selections from their Repertoire. Programme Changed Nightly. Latest News Pictures. FLORENCE YAYMEN, In Types of Burlesque. ARTHUR F. WARD, Hoop Juggler and Eccentric Dancer. MANUEL VEGA, In his Original Comedy Act. j The Inimitable Comedian, SCOTCH KELLY, Miniature Comedy Comet, in his Latest Successes, featuring Where's 'Old Bii ROYAL THEATRE. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. BROKEN TIES, A Thrilling World Pictures Drama, featuring Montagu Love & June Eividge. Sessue Hayakawa in THE WHITE MAN'S LAW Drama in Five Reels. His Bread and Butter, Two Reel Keystone. Episode 6- Mystery of the Double Cross, The Dead Came Back." Two Reel Drama. ELYSIUM Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Joe Welch in THE PEDLAR, The Tender Tale of a Father's Lore, Adapted from the well-known play by Hal Reid. COUNT BERNSTORFF'S SECRETS. Episode 19: The Great Decision. THE CHILD AND THE FIDDLER, A Thrilling Drama. Comedies and Pictorial News. Thur. Next.-LEAD, KINDLY LIGHT. PICTURE HOUSE 2.30. T 0 D A Y. 10.38. Dorothy Phillips in TR-UMPH, A Master Production. Final Episode— VENGEANCE AND THE WOMAN. A Blackton Paramount. MISSING, One of the Greatest Productions of the Year. CAR 1-TON. 2 30. TO-DAY. 10.30. A Modern Mystery, THE EMPTY CAB, Featuring Franklyn Farnum. LOVE AND LUNCH (Featuring Billy West. W. s Hart in SELFISH YATES Paramount Drama. Special Music. PUBLIC NOTICES. County Borough of Swansea. TENDERS FOR MACKINTOSH COATS, OILSKIN LEGGINGS, OILSKIN COATS AND HATS, &e. The Corporation invite TENDERS for the Supply of the above WATERPROOF CLOTHING. Particulars and Forms of Tender may b* obtat&ed on application te the Borough Engineer and Surveyor, Guildhall, Swan- Mi. ,&glad Tenders, endorsed Tender for (with samples, etc., car- riage pard), to be delivered at my Offices jjot later than Wednesday, the 4th June, W. The Corporation do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. H. LANG COATH, Town Clerk. GuildtiaU, Swansea, May, 1919. Swansea Education Committee. TWO FREE STUDENTSHIPS tenable at the South Wales and Monmouthshire School of Domestic Arts, Cardiff, and coivering the tuition foes, are offered for Competition to Candidates who (a) Are the en of residents in the County Borough of Swansea. (b) Have been for at least two years pupils at the Swansea High School for Girls, or the Swansea Municipal Secondary Girls' School, and (c) Having passed an examination quali- fying them for admission to a Training College under Appendix A (1) of the Regulations for the Train- ing of Teachers for Elementary Schools. The Studentships will be awarded in the first place for one year, but will be re- newable for the second year on receipt of a report from the PrinHnM of the school that thp 'dent's attendance, conduct and progress are satisfactory. For further information apply to Mr. T. J. Rees, B.A., Director of Education, Education Offices, 9, Grove-place, Swan- sea. THE LANDORE PERMANENT BUILD- ING 8 0 C I E T Y-the Oldeet, Largest, and Beet in West Wales—is prepared to ADVANCE money upon Mortgage on Properties, promptly, on reasonable terms. DEPOSITS received daily at 4 per cent. and 4¡ per eent. (free from tax). Investors 5 per cent. compound interest. All pay- able 5 days' notice. Ample security. I Full details from Secretary. Mr. DAVID ROBERTS, 61. Wind-etreet. Swansea. Alexandra (Newport and Seuth Wales) Docks and Railway Company. Barry Railway Company, Barry Railway Company. ta? Vale Railway Company. Port Talbot Railway and Docks Gotnpiny, TOWAGE CHARGES. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the ehsrgee for Tugs (supplied by or on behalf of the abovo-mentioned Companies within the Dock area will be inereaiood by Thirty per eent. 6n and from JUNIfl tttt, 1919. J. H. Vickery, Newport. W. Waddell, Barry. E. A. Prosser, Cardiff and Penarth. E. Lowther, Port Talbot May 23rd, 1919. AMUSEMENTS. GRAND Theatre SWANSEA. MONDAY, MAY 26th, and during the week at 7.30. Matinee Saturday at 2.30. The Royal Carl Rosa Grand Opera Co. TO-NIGHT- TALES OF HOFFMANN, Mesdames Constance Willis, Annie Wal- lace, Eda Bennie, Messrs. Edward Davies, Richard Ruelens, Harrison Cook. Next Week.—Macdonald and Young pre- sent their No. 1 Co. in SOLDIER BOY. a New Musical Comedy. cASTLEl VCINEMAli I "THE HOME OF QUALITY I QUALITY PICTURES." I SPECIAL FEATURES- f I Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. I Miss Innocence Five Part Wm. Fox Pliotoplay, fea- I turing JUNE CAPRICE. The Drama of a Girl's Dreams and their Realisation. I Another of the Wonderful Two Part Sunshine Comedies, Choose Your Exit, If you don't laugh at this-well, you really ought to see a doctor about it. Mlle. S. Do NAPIEROWSKI In a Globe Masterpiece, Through Life's Whirlpool, The plot is woven round a man's de- sire and his machinations to possess a woman whose whole-hearted love is already given to her husband. THURSDAY NEXT- CLARA KINBALL' YOUNG In THE REASON WHY. (By Elinor Glyn). PUBLIC NOTICES. ——,— 4 SWANSEA LIBERAL ASSOCIATION. West Division. The ANNUAL MEETING Will be held at MOND BUILDINGS, Tuesday, May 27th, ,1919, 8 o'clock p.m. I BUSINESS— I.-To Receive Annual Report & Accounts 2.Election of Officers. 3.-Additional Executive Members and Other Business. LIBERALS ARE URGED TO ATTEND. W. J. CROCKER. HOCKEY. A MEETING of ALL INTERESTED will be held at the ROYAL HOTEL, CARDIFF, on THURSDAY, 29th MAY, at 5.30 p.m., for the purpose of discussing matters generally, and an enthusiastic re-start next season. Any further particulars may be ob- tained from the Hon. Secretary, P. J. ADAMS, 19, Woodland-road, Barry Dock. LLANYRNEWYDD CHURCH, PENCLAWDD. 8th Annual EISTEDDFOD Will be held at CHURCH HALL, JULY 12th, 1919. CHIEF CHORAL, Minimum, 40 vwees, My Love Dwelt in a Northern Land (Elgar), £ 8. Programmes 21d., from Messrs. Dan Lloyd Thomas and Ivor Brenton, Sees. PUBLIC NOTICE. THE EXECUTORS of the Late Mr. A GRIFFITH DAVIES desire to notify that the Business carried on as BUILD- ERS and CONTRACTORS, PAXTON YARD, SWANSEA, is to be transferred to the two Nephews of the late Mr. Davies as and from June 1st next. It is requested that any accounts owing by us should be sent to the Office, Paxton Yard, Paxton-place, Swansea, as early as possible, but not later than the 10th of June, 1919, after which date no accounts will be recognised. ABERDARE RACES. Whit Saturday and Monday. Trotting, LliS; Galloway, $63; Whippet, 224; Foot, 4513; Cycling, .£1. For Forms, apply Secretary, M, Albert- street, Merthyr. SWANSEA WILL. Mrs. Lavinia Rosetta Thomas, of 188, High-street, Swansea, widov, who died on March 18th left je5,450 gross and XS,209 net. The testatrix left the prop- erty to hefr sister, Mrs. E. A. Chiles I Evans, for 1 ife, with remainder to Gar- net Rees and his sisters, Kate R-oos and [ Mrs. Annie Dorrell and Eva Davies. s. PUBLIC NOTICES. Swansea Women's Liberal Association. Castle and Victoria Wards. ANNUAL MEETING at MONO BUILDINGS, TUESDAY, 27th MAY, 1919. All Members Invited. Tea' 3.30 p.m. Meeting 4 p.m. NOTICE OF AUDIT. GOWER AND OYSTERMOUTH JOINT HOSPITAL COMMITTEE. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Yearly Statements ot the Accounts of this Committee, together with the Books of Account, Vouchers, etc., will, on the 7th day of JUNE, 1919, be deposited at the URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL OFFICES, Park-street, Mumbles, and such Statements and Books of Account will be open to be inspected, examined, and copied by any Ratepayer in the Dis- trict of the said Hospital Committee, at any reasonable hour in the daytime until the 14th day of June, 1919, and that on the last-mentioned day at the hour of 11 a.m., the Accounts of the said Hospital Committee will be Audited by J. E. JUGHE JONES, Esq., the District Audi- tor, at the said Council Offices, when and where every such Ratepayer who may have any objection to any matter con- tained in the above-mentioned Accounts may attend and prefer his objection, and! the same will be heard and determined by the Auditor. Dated the 26th dav of May, 1919. W. LI. JARVIS, Clerk to the Gower and Oystermouth Joint Hospital Committee. "Sun Rises 5.12,Sun Sots 9.11. Lighting-up Time, 9.41. High Water, 3.17 a.m., 3.50 p.m. King's Dock, 36ft. a.m., 36ft. 6in. p.m. To-morrow, 4.17 a.m., 4.49 p.m.