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I L d 'CI  I L ea d er' CIasslf Advertisements. APARTMENTS. SITUATIONS/ VACANT on WANTED. TO BE LET, LOST AND fOUND. One Three f,¡X Insertion Insertions. lvse"tiou, 20 Words. 1 0 2 0 3 0 30 Words. 1 6 3 b 0 40 Words. 2 0 « 0 6 0 FOR SALE, TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS. One Three Six Insertion. Insertions. Insertions 10 Words. 1 & 2 6 6 SO Words. 2 0 3 0 4 6 40 Words. Z 6 6 6 5 6 tlRTHS, DEATHS, IN MEMORIAM AND MARRIAGE. One Three Sir Insertion. Insertions. Insertions 20 Words.. 1 r 3 b. 6 0 30 Words. 2 0 5 0 8 0 4G Words, 3 0 7 0 12 0 EDUCATIONAL. One Three Six I Insertion Insertione. Insertions 20 Words. 2 0 3 0 b I 30 Words. 2 5 4 40 W0rds. 3 0 6 6 7 • ¡ MONEY.—6d. per li n-B, fi PERSONAL. "IT" Uncle "Berks' Toffee Shop there is I "Standing Boom Only." Uncle Bert and I Son thank you for vonr help. You are ^e)insr Your Bit- as we did ours. et**ivkf> Swansea, Thanks!!l   ADOPTION. iT AXTEÏ>t,õot-B-;hYhôi\.lm]' I .V G." Leader Office, Llauelly. Ca-Zl MISCSLLA^EOUS SITUATSOWS VACANT. I^NERGETLO Canvassers required to intro. Ii lwe Boot Polish to HouseholÚers in Swansea: Kood commission eh enWri. te, {!t,atÍ"¡;: c:;pericu. etc.. to Box t, 4," Lf"de-r Office. WOMEN AND GIRLS. 'riX-iEÏ)"förcä-sti- Des! (,Iir,. iii? V .1k?avinc school. Daviea ?nd Co.. Boro aw! Swansea* ??  ???S-20 "TY fV TANTED a few sharp Oivls, 36-17. Lea "it Business. Apply Pagsley and Sons, 24. Waterloo-street. Swansea. C5-20 ff ANTED, Lady: caoable Saleswoman VV. and Book-keeper. —-State salary, et.,C., to Pox No. P IS." leader Office. -HU'U' _L_ 262A5-20 DOMESTIC SERVANTS. JTtjjL OUSE- PA F. ijO UR1IA 11) wanted, exueri- Jn- enefcd for eaiall family: good waces: liberal outhisrs.—Applv Mrs. John a. Brown Oakleish. Blackpill. 266A6-23 ANTED, for Private House, £ oe>el Oer- VV eral Maid.—Apply Bubenstein. Wall Papv er Shop. 25, Gower-street. Swansea. ?66A5-20 Co I,, S LM-A I aild Day Leundrymaid Wanted.—Lady Superintendent. Train- ing College. Swanacs. 265Aa-22 'f?'?T ED?Str-o!) & Girl for Housework: w Mc'rnin?s.—App?y. after 5 o'clock p.m.. Mrf. Ha!] 74; St. Ho?n'?-ro?d. Swa,mca  JZ6SA5-22 ^V1lV 7ANTEi>r~ aTsood General; aWe to X Vt pl?ic cooking: wages ??- Wnte box '? ? "V 11 naik Tender 26ZA5-"?O G1 ENERAL Servant reouired; good home, waees. and outings: three in family.- Apply, after b o'clock p.m., Mrs. Jenkins. 3. Willows-place. Swansea 2j>A5-19 C^OOK-GEN URAL wanted for small fkmib ? eooel ?a?es offered.—Apply 5, MLador crescent, Swansea. 258A5-23 MILLINERY AND TAILORING. CJMAP.T Yo?n- Lads wanted; Tnii?t be ?x- )0 i¡eTime('d; ¡or Higll-da ?nii.'?ry and laiicv Business: good wages.—Beplj^Hos 4. Leader, Swansea. i55Aa-iO DRAPEBY.— Wanted, experienced Y I Ladies for the Fancy Counter.—Apply, vtith full particulars. Thomas Lewis and Oxford-street. Swanfeea. 266A5-25 I TAILOEESES wanted: Vest ?nd Trw.<'r<' I JL Hards: work in or out: top wages.— Williama. 32 St, Helen'a-road. Swansea. •seoA^EO r and Jiii- | provers Wanted at once fpr H'ork.—Apply. Tennens, 5, Cradock-street, Swansea. %lll? MEN AND YOUTHS. ANTED. 2 cr 3 pood Wagon Bepairers VV by a wagoli Company at Swansea.— A" pplLy" st&tm? age, cxpene:we. et?. Box 5, Dailv Leader. 2oc.?-20 -¡?i! År¡ 'ED, -thë-rTicc8 of an experienced W ?csrja.n ? tja?h. the sale of an E?-tiah-ma?o Ar-?e reuinred by all n^er.s Ci ?tpctricitv. Comnunsiou basia only. A comfortable living can be made by a in an posficsiinE salemanship abilities end mn,n- tire; none other need apply Apply, ill fir-t instance. Mr Sullivan. 11. Chichester-stree. Belfast. Appeintuicnt for interview in SUKnsea will be made later. 366A5-25 \r-A N T £ D .—A Practical Sawyer in Tjr. Timber Yard; Swansea: Trade Tertnb. • —^ rite, Timber," c/o" IMhy Leader," 265A5-20 P R,OVISION.S and rrocery.-Wa.,ited.ini- P mediately. several smart Experienced IIands—Apply Lipuon's. Oxford-street, Swan- sea. 3^7 A 5-22 C" AW_ K ERS. Wanted, a. Practical Circulr. U Sawyer for PUfJoh Benches; Comt.ant Work; State Wages.-Gurnos Saw Mill*. Ltd., Y^tslyfera. Ab-19 ATTERN-MAKERS (two good) wanted, used to General Eneinc-ering and Mill Gearinjr: permanencv for good, steady men 4. wasVs. iJG, 5d. for'47 hours, including bonus. 7 —Apply .with ful particulars. George Jones Ltd;. Lionel-street Foundry, Birmingham. 265A5-19 ANTED, Intelligent Youth for En. I* prineers' Office: slight knowledge of horthand and typinu et-sential. and mtv-t ne ood at tgures.- Write Box" G 3," Daily liCader.. C5-22 >V\ Ai^TEI.).—ExperiencedT Checkwejgher: i uöed to Light and Thick Uauges.— 'p, Y, stating' Wages Required, to Gl. 'M-eader Office, Swansea. 24A5,21 110 BAKERS.— Wanted, a good Brend f I. Hand Machine Doughs; a&o Lad left *choot for delivery.—Apply Fletcher, Baker. ) .Ma n sol ton 253A5-1,3 < "T^ ANTED, experience'] Patternmaker; ? district 1'atp paid.—Apply, Mating: a^e and experience, to the Tevis Foundry Co., 1 Ltd.. Ammanford. J!63A5-?.0 \\7ANTED. by Llan>rennech Co-operai;v> AV ANTFD. by (7 0. 0 P e r, t V Society of 100 meir-.bers a Manager ?fleiet-V of !M' tD("?*.I)?ei's a 8tat¡p eriNH'{'. walary reanired. when di??n- SSR? and Midosin? eoniM of rc-ferpn<?. ny Hay ¡¡d to "Secretary," c/o Daily 7?e (it ?A5-23 w ANTED. Bricklayers; district rate—AP. t » "'v I?ttwur Odce Ebbw Vale teel. Ir n. ?nd (??; Co Ltd.. Ebbw V:Ile .Won. 25SA5»21 J ■" T^l RELrsj:— We "have this year =ert nut 60 Students to IlOOrl pcrma.nMt j *?''?"??? h?vp Sitna:i<in-. wa'ttn!: fot a' othcf. ,5f ? ontha hptw?cn 18 and 25 vear of age H ??wa.nt on(? of the,?e berths, write or ca" at ?"'?pas C<,]IeLe. St Mary-street.  or ??'?"'eft Swan?ea. Pbono A. Elr. rs for Port T?ib?t-. w fn<?-!ict. rau<9 ,?,?; work under ?o?'Rr—A? pply _BtM?n and Stpve'.?n's Fcrc- j m)m Me?ra R?M?n-a Limited K? Unrks. Margam. POt Tan?T TC SITUATIONS WANTED. ?tnat.?Ts ? r(ii 1. or any no?iHon <)f Lr'lt: ex- ?"<'nt £ ferencs*- ? "?s B<? G 2." j ?? ?..?. ??')f.ea. F5-21 FURNITURE. URNMTXJKF! FURNITURE! FITP -TIlir is oue of the Uicatc^t Problems of to-dav to all Pities getiinc a Home to- sether-to know How and V\ here to f.-t tlIC Best Manufactured Articn at the Lowest t Fosiible Price. Anyone in this difficulty should call at once at. Hill's (Swantca I Branch bcintf the Lareest Mamifactiwer j in Wales. Can easily explain how to Dro- to choose from, hut { plenty .,f the Real Articles as it. is made, f Dr makinjr fine selections of Bedroom, j Bitting, or Kitchen Suites, and ;v > too numerous to mention.—Please note the Address: Ffilll,4 23 Gowcr-strc-et, Swansea. 264.V 5-23 FURNITURE.—Best Prices given by me for Second-hand furniture and Antiuue f'tirnitiju? vrf any description Drop me a Boetcar. or call—-Wm. Jpmes. 8. n. | Street. :t. Th.rnu. (7TC j KOSJSES AMD CHOPS FOR HOUSES t,D SHCPS FOR I SALE AJVO TO LET. I. N F,ATH,- For Sale. Freehold House. 33. j Alcxandtr-«trcet: t-even room. grec-t:- house, baih-room ih and u Morri. j :1. liibbctt-road Neath. C5 2j I 0011'1" '.i'A!DGT-Lar¡: 8.room-â;ü5e for 1: ?alc: piuo end. near Port Talbot 8ta-1 tion: possession on completion.—Jenkins. Lip?tyc?vr). Port Talbot. C'o-22 -1-/1 .(.) WEF.KL'f. and r? rent pays <? t/ JLU ?00 nonn? bos- terms ';(j' I offeied: fuh particulars.— Wdte "Rph&i?f." "Star" c LIaneHy. 265A6-22 I 1^0B ALE. by Private Treaty. excel)ent JL Villa, Kt?dfi-ce. known as ?nn MaNM. B?nymaca-road. &waDsea, now let at a "celdy rfut?l of ?s. 6d. Particulars, apply T. H Wili?ms. 125. BOnYlUall-r('n¡I'1 or Mvl"? Bodycombe. Neeta." Jersey-road. <.6<A5-?* Q ATE. Freehold. Semi-detached. Double- k3 frent.ed. Eigfat-rtx-med Hoiue, Terracc- soad: good fruit garden; excellent view Channel: immediate possession.— Write "B," Leader Office. 264A5-2! FOR SALE. a five-roomed House at Brvr- ii.;fryd; freehold with all convenic-nee^ with carlv possession.—Write Daily Leader. 263A541 0 NE Firm Sold £ 50.000 worth of Property VV this year through Small Ad vis. iO j words for 3 insertions 28 6d in the Cam i bria Dailv Leader. I 4,116 WEEKLY will Purchase £ 450 Hoi^c. U any district: pcxsscsoion by arrange- ment..—" Landlord.' Leader. Swansea.. 'i'C APARTMENTO AMD LODGING^ TO LET AND WAFJTED. 2 Furnished VV Rooms in Clydach or district.—Apply Gammon, 37, Western-street. Swansea. 2S6A5-20 -,u'7;Î1:;D -{ h roo-'t] 1) riii, 11 i sh(ï U R (Y.I m. W with attendance. Write Miss lien- nin, 2, Brooklaiids-tervace. 266A5-20 BUSi^ESSLS %4J A N ,'J¡ rÄNTEn:-St:;bk-;ith-Wre:1-r;-=-1 ,»T; ?rit.e G. L. Leader OIRcc. 264A5-21 I MONEY. ¡ £38YAD:f:= II jLOO a» to how small amocnt-BOf money m?v be profitably employed to give la rue nront& apuly to Hr?h?ia Mar'?j and Cola- I uany. MO. H.m? HoLbcrn lx>ndon. in "HW\ 12 i/onrion-road, Neath. Makes E. Cash Advances from ?5 and u?wafdo Strictly private. Established 1876. TC 17 you require a ix>an. apply to George JL Thomas, Manager. Cimreti-street' (p»i>o- site L. Mary's Church). Swansea. Prate and conHcntifl,l. '6.30 TfO?KY M Lt't).! m HospcMabte Ho?se. lyJL holder. Pr;\a.t? &nd UonHdcnt?!.— Ivor lJ Thom is i. Waterloo-street. Swansea. u °_ Genuine Applicants can open Accounts with the I SOUTHERN IQtJ I'L\BIÆ ^DVAKCL I CO. (LIMITED). EX CHA NGF'-Cif AMBERS :Queen-street end), 1 EDWAKD-.TERRACB CAKDiFF. Why our business steadily inertases in all our Branch Offices: Fact 2.—Having fixed Loweat Rates possible, combined with Fair Treatment, for many years we gradually eliminate! the high-charging private lender, agents, and fce-anatchins companies. Tel 2399 (Not a Money Society.) Eit.). lSGO. Branch Omce- 11. Cbtrle"t. !<?;'ort NLoju TMrbKEY'LENT FRIVATELY. !?cr<?y i.s .it our Speciality. A Memey-Lendiug Fum. ?om-vKd and t'c?mmpnded by Un Pre«s. That is the unique, proud, and happy peti- tion of the British FinaiKve Co Interest and ro-pavment the Lowest in England. £ 10 Loan. ? fn thly- ?M Lvian. 40s. monthly £ 100 Loan £ 4 monthly: £ 200 Lf?n. £ 7 10a. Loan. f-joaii. '500 Loan, ?? ?Js. monthly £ 1.000 Man. £ 35 monthly. L:ner amountR" lower rates, Quarterly and yearly payments taken. No bills of eale. sureties, or damag- ing eneiuiricr.. Absolute privacy guaranteed. —The British Finance Co 20. Bridge-street. Bristol. Telephone: 1675. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. I Gi«borne Trombone in S Blocked Leather Case. Violins! Viola. 'LflJ06, Rat?se3! Bought, Sold, or Excha.n?c?. I Bowa. Strings, Accessori«28. Music.—Sime, '&. Walter's-road, Swansea—Agent for J)yk, It London. V John Experts. &MA?-22 j G6i>VR.EY "d C?.. Ltd.. h&v? now in ) \?r Stock tipwa?ru of One Hundred il0ú)' PiancforU^; Iron Frames; all late improve- r.ients; m Wa-iinit, Rosewood, Elionieed, or Solid Oak Caves, prices from 50 guineas c:I:*b. Terms arranjed. Apply for free list, or ca.ll and make a personal selection.— Godfrey and Co., Ltd" 22.. St.. lieltu'e-roae!. Swansea. 265A5 22 ]1"-ORSALE, a large American Organ, with J 20 Btops; nearly new: cost £ 45;.wil} sell for £ ?5.—18, Eichardaon-street Swansea. 265A5-19 !?OB SALE. Gr:t?()phouprH.M.V.:Ti(.?: F ?olid Oris throughout. Also lare ou?n- ouantity Hiph-class Recordo. The lot, 17 gns.—Write Box F 6,' Daily Leader. 263A5.21) ?pHUMPao?a,ad8h&ht)t Ltd ? Ja'?H? Tstreet Swansea.—Black Cc!!?rd Piano £ 78: Walnut, Collaret Piario. P-70: Wttlitut Challen Piano. £ 95: Walnut Kirkman Piano £ 70: Walnut Nornaelle Piano £ 66; Walnut BrinFrnc;ad Piano. 1-;105: Wainut Saaue Piano Walnut Hawkins Piano. £ r.5 it'?. ■ Walnut Thomp?KV1 and Sbackell, Lt<l.. Piano £ 73; Iiriuciai Organ £ 26 6s.: Jonei Orsran £ 15: Estey Organ £ 35 .Ji. I PRAlf for Sale; Good Condition.—Apply. 'P -BA!I- -for Sale; (4r)od CoittiltioTt.-Appiy. LX)R ?ALE.?PtM-kIn?'St?m O?'n: 8 t 6; -C m Perfect Order.—Jduxtable, Port Talb. ot. ?SA&-? L?OR SALE. A Real (?oc? Roomv ?ov<M? J. neae Ca.r m M?nd New Condition.— A pply. GoreHouaeHotel.Swansea,_261AW 9 t?.)?re 261.t9 'ÔR, ??ALF? round eornereelGoverned Jf Cars: rubber tyres* rubber-tyred RalU Trap: rubber-tyred N ictotia,. iial to new: 'I Riding d(l)e6, IIariic?.—.?t-rriman Crole- street, Mck of Tenby Hotc'. Sw?n?a. 264A 5.1 T:10R SALE, Kitchen Range; tiled back: FoT)en 6rc: plate reck in good conation: as new.—Apply Glynhir Pengry-roAd, Lou{.{hOi", 261A?.13 "V* TAVVY BARROWS!—000 offered at V, N, Prices; made of English hard Wx?d: very strong.—Jenkins and Co. Ironmongers. 254 A5, OIL and\ Petrol Engines. —Ftirt?Tth'a 0 latest improvements magneto Ümi, tion; no lamp reQ.jrd' ? ?. ? ?0. Rnd 15 horee-nower: prices from JE23. Sole Agents: Jenkiris and Co.. Ironmongers Swansea. 254AS-20 ERFECTION Oil (kx,kii.- Stoves; Ameri- JL can Blue Flame, witl: latest Improve- ments. A limited number obtainable. To secure one, order immediately. One butner. 51f.: two burners. 73s.: three burners. 95s.. ovens extra.—Jenkins and Co.. Ironmongers 268. Oxford-atreet. and Mumbles. 254A5-20 LOST AND FOUND. LOST, on Friday May 16th. a Gold Watch A and Chairv.—Finder will be rewfideu on returning 83me to A. 1, Fu rneaux, South- bourrio Mumbles. 266A5-20 IOST between Hwynhendv. Fforrtran. Jt? Pontardulais, Llangennech Motor Cycle Tool RoU; reward Kiv?n—Tbema?.. Rose Cottage, Hwyhcndy 2f6A&-20 TRADE ANNOUPiC £ !VIEP^TS. T?? RRY?i':?cpM7a?bCcr?or a Fey. D,\ s Jit only: a Quantity ?: Good Cnb!eaci]?ii Cslico; Our Pric-«, 7jd. par yard.—John Kicfarde, a, C'l'l.ld'<t1'et. ?lYl'EWRITERS.?Cal) and 'see?ho' Emp:!? X Typewriter 'iGre yo.i purchase a' I machine. Repairs to anv make of machine carried out satisfactorily. Office Supplies in Stock.—C. H. Jenkins (Agent Empire Type- writer Co.). 6. Pier-street. Swansea. 266A5-23 INVE'S'liO-N.—Mincrii' lj)g^tivvib'ht Pic. JL and Ripping Pocket ticulsrc. Apply Patent Ageney, Ltd., 165, Queen Victoria-stroi t, ijOndon. Y.C.4. 245A5-?-2 1\T r.WbtQëki-õtii:v.aement Rins :ii-:?, -? ? rived: latest designs, low prices.—Bui- lock Bros., Portl..Yid Lvt. Swansea. a -str ,,v a n -,e a. IADIES, Bead Necklets and Ropes are J fashionable; .colours to suit all dresses at Ptillock Bros., Portland-street, Swan&ea. MEN, we can pen you a Lever Watch, ?'ll 'x?ckpt si?f. ic!id or Black ca«e, for 20s.—Bullock Bros, Portland-street. Swan- sea. AMMANFORD^" We ar7di6tdayingK>rK«. Hearthr.. and Chimney-pieces Coal Riddles a* lart! No. 3 Conoueror Boring Machine, fS 13. Kitchen Tables. All toe^ds marked in plain figures, at Low Noted Ironmongers and House Furnish- ers COO DEMOBILISED fy?Tc! AiTfi^rvic?)!" S..1 ? Thon]a? Iato J. 11. Jam(, (Jnion- t c-trw-?), Cabinet Maker and Undertaker,  opened Business 57. PiyTHcuth-?tT'e?t; <-?ci.i' ,-i t 3it Aqiie worl? ar,,i ilo(leri, f 'at on work and Modern nuul'i"1 S-epairs; Upholstering and French Pol"ji-'9 itig. ? ?-' 3 SIDNEY Palmer's well-known Cakes and Patrtries are made of best ingredients only. Wedding and Birthday Cakes in etock and made to orde,. Noted for Tcae and Cold Lnll-cheon!l -PaIn.er's Cafe, om, Empire, and Branches 261.15.19 :A\'Ev;)ä.Ÿ Wa nt toAdv,?t-ti,, Ij Try the ?tct of a Leader Prepaid Twenty words one ahiUinK _?_ SUN BLINDS fspring rollers). HooEeio '0 Blinds Tents. Awnines, Flags. Tar- paulins. Cart Covers, an- Loin Cloths- Morgan and Richardson (Limited), Manu- facturers, 20. Woman by-street (onDosm* Castle Clock Towerl. Ca-rditf. (8.7 IVOR L. ROBERTS. Eleetncal Engineer i. wishes to infor-n hiti old Customers smd the Public generally thai bis Chief Elcctri- I ùaJ Engineer, who ioined H.M Forces, h:,s returned to bis emnloy. The Electrical Pe- vartmctlt being now thoroughly equip^d with an Efficient Stafl of Electrical Eng n- 1 eers Electrical Work of every desoriptit'n can now be aarricd out.. Heating ana Power Installations tzlv Speciality. Y'1Jf ei eiuiriea solicited. 223 Oxford-street Swin- II\ I -= CYCLES, &C. I C1i!sI:ih-D £ Tvres; New Depa-ture C?;ai?Wr BrrJic; a. bargain, £ 5.—Wiloock. 1'¿, Vera.r: ,-}¿ dac?h. ?6oA5-H' J'J' OUGL.!iOfOT{)R OYCLK Want? :'A'i?i- i-J' tiser would pay f,30 to £ 50 for ReteiiT I Model immediately—Write to Lougiie." jJajly Leader," 265A5-22 i OWT. ant) 60 cwt. Albion Chassis for a delivery this month subject undd. Cash exchange or deferred terms-it E. Ij •Tones. Ltd. (Motor Dept.). Dillwyn-stret. Swatcea. LC. 1-O-1- ?H. 4-?eated Body Darren: i\.7*-t.? double ignicion: Zenith Cariur- I rettor; :r:r, hood epar" tyre. earner carefully used chiefly to and from ofise.- ¡ Steeus: Blackpill- 266.\5;Z1 -i Q-j r* FOR? Touring Car for Ifirc-. JL?±0 to Drive Hims^slf; Owner not udng the Car will Let on Hire to Respond &le party.—Pa-iticuiars, writ? Box F6. "Cam?i? baity L<?'!C!. TC 1'\ .L.:I-C] '[n"l} T" C'I A SSOClA TK1) Equipment Co. are Maters 1\ of All London General Motor 'Rises: As South Wales Aire^t- We can GuaraiHe iinwiioM Deli very 7, ton 45 h.n Cli«<>is: i Tipping Bodies; 14 days; 32-seatcr Chira- I bancs; 8 WeaJts.—All information Thomas Whit? e?d Co Kngineons. B?: '.£.1- M1.6-"3 H?bR SA v-? l?diiley Car; P?ct J' Condition; fi e ?; ter. bully EQunpcd ,tl, A ft afj&T* CjVtw\4 A »s«l» '0"£, n."u "C") &f£n-.l.n ü''U\J:. 1.4" 'I LMndilo-rca-d, Brynamman. 24A6-2 w E can otfer early delivery of Ahiou ? T 3-tem and 4-ton Chassis.—R. E J(1], Ltd. (Motor Dept.), Dillwyn-street, Swe.tsea. Ivor L. Roberts' (223 Oxford-street) Announcements. r DELIVERY from Stock. 2-3 Ton Auitin: also 3-4 Ton Dennis. First chcQlu se- c. (COMMERCIAL LORRIF,S.-Agent for Den- s nis Austin, Karriers Hors, etc. Send mo your inquiries. Terms arranged to su't your convenience. I can offer Early De- liveries. ECI)ND-HAND Lorries.-I have a brié O Aseortment from 1-ton to 4-ton; p ices from £ 125 to £ 550. Send for lists, 01 ael mt: to call on you. SECOND-HAND Cars: prices from 46 to £ 375. Send for list*. MOTOR CYCLES.—Agent for Triunph. Jl C.8.A, Douglas Sunbeam. A.?.S. E11'! He!d. P. and M.. Nortous etc. Get four I name on my waiting lists to ensure tarly ) deliveries. kS -EC()ND-IIAND Mot<)r Cycles.-I iitve k several to offer from L5 t, £ 100. I can fix vou up at anv price to suit your re- auirements. Send for lists IY OUR old Car or Motor Cycle takm i? I X p?rt payment. or BouKht. for hsh Bend or write with full particulars, to Ivor L. Robert* t)xft)rfl -street. SwrtnEti. —- u — i—. luu—i- a MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. w ANTEI). a. Seoond-hand T-vr,owri V St«-to make, price, etc. to Ilox i 6," Leader Office. 26515.23 PONY. Governess Car, and Harness Mm-! L plete) Wanted; pony must be reliable, and car in good condition.—" Turiwut." 1 Leader Office. Swansea. 75-20 LATHE wanted; good condition: about 5in centres; 4ft. hed: ecrew-cntting: jack geared, etc. Stale full particulars and jrice to Box" F 1," Daily Trader STD I Cocor Butter Wanted in large quant, ties. J ?.'<. per lb. Accept this a? our and rail otticklv.-G. F. Lovell and Co :ew. oort. TC ;.1'R.h:f!õ Warned. oTer P'twood *i*e.len 1 ninM. LM Woodworkers Penn?p!) mad Bristol Branch At Port hca v»I. Rt( T RA(,Tli)N Unciuea or Horeen Wantei J- Hire. daywo,-k or r»iecewe>rk, for Pit- I wood and Tree Hauling in various toun t ieA, -Jelin luge. Ltd (Controlled Establish Woodworkers Pennvwel: road Bris ttfl. «UI L_L m I. EDUCATIONAL. BEFORE JOINING ANY SCHOOL, Call for free prospectus ht THE DE BEAR SCHOOLS. LTD. II See the eompletè equipment and splendid conditions of Studyv You will finally come to ) Castle Buildings, Swansea. I Tel.: Central 587. LEARN Dutton's 24-hour Shorthand; !s.  p?r month secures speed of 150'??.m.: p¡>d me-n lesson 2d.—Dutton's College. Desk ¡ P Ske"neu. "f MILL Bill IIIJJB,. J SMALL ADVERTISEMENT ORDER FORM. I I I i I |  i ¡ i I ?'   f- I I I I Please publis!: the above advertisement times, for which I 1 enclose ° d. | Name and Address: ) r desire?!, replie- may he sent to Box Ksabers at the "Cambria Daily L?adfir Office. | This form should- be addressed to Advertisement Department, "Cambria D&ily I,c- -i d e r. Swansea. ot:'c.J:¡:01'Q:0: h;.i. :r::r. ;7.J:ø: :1; :r. ".i.i.r:. /tI- SALES BY AUCTION. SWANSEA. To Insurance Companies, Investors, anel Others. J. Barron Pascoe, Q,;f..i.:a \>' F.S.I., F.A.I., ) Has been instructed to offer for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the HOTEL MLTKOPOLE, Winef-street, Swansea, on "'T 'E I' Wi' V H' 1(' J TUESF-AV, 20th MAY. (subject to Condition:, of Sale to be tiiere and then j produeoei). the Valuable j Freehold Offics Premises, j situate and known ae N >. if), CROSS-STKEET, SWANSEA, if The Properly is substatitially built, and ] comprises the following accommoùation: I un the Ground Floor—2 Large Rooms; on the First Fiex>r—3 Large Rooms, w.c., 2 Store Cupboards. Electric Lig-ht and Gas is laid on t.b rougliout. The rooms on the ground fioor are in hand, and Messrs. Randeil, Saunders, and Handcll, Solicitors. occupy the tirwt floor at an Annual Ine;lusive Rent of -c-li Sale to Commenee at 3.30 p.m. prompt. Further particulars may be obtained l of Mr. W. Arthur Da vies. Solicitor, 6. Rutland-street, Swansea, and of the Auctioneer, Gower Chambers, 7. Gower- stroet, Swansea. swanheaT FOR SALE WITH VACANT POSSES- SION ON 24th JLNK. 1919. J. Barron Paspoe, t .S.I.. F.A.I. I Has received instructions from the Swansea and District Nursing Aoeia- II tion to SELL hv I'tilLIC AUUTIUN at the HOTEL METROPOLii. WIND- STREET. SWANSEA, on THURSDAY, the 22nd MAY, 1919, at 2 o'clock p.m., prompt (subject, to such Conditions of Sale as shall there and then be produced) the Valuable Freahnld Rssidewce, Situate and known as No. 6, GORE TERRACE, SWANSEA. The Property is substantially built, and affords the following e.eoommodavion 3 Reception Rooms, 7 Bedrooms, liarge, Attic, Bathroom, W.C., Kitchen, Scul- lery, Pantry, etc. At the rear is a gcod Wash House with water and gas laid on; aico Coal House. Farther particulars may be obtained of Messrs. Collins and Woods, Solicitors. Worcester-place. Swansea, and with order to view of J. Barron Pa/jcoe, Gower Chambers, 7, Goat-Street, Swansea. Tel.: 1215 Central.. SWANSEA .AND DISTRICT. I J. Barron Pascoa, F.3.I., F.A.I., Has instructed to Oiler for SALE hv PUBLW AUCTION, at the HOTEL METROPOLE, WIND-STREET. SWAN- SEA, on THURSDAY, the 22nd day of MAY, 1919. at 3 p.m. prompt (subject to t'uch Conditions of Sale as shall then be produced), tho following Valuably Freehold and Leasehold Properties: Nos. 50 and 51, Argyle-stree.t, Swan&eii. No Bin rows-road, Swanse a. Noo. 19, 20, 22. 23, U, and ^5, Vincent- st.ri.s7t, Swansea. No. 85. AberdybertUS-sfcrect, ffafod. 1\ 01 nI'l T)iiif.riii-i-il;4r>e "7. U .l"¡ "& (" "I Further particulars may be obtained at the Auctioneer's Ofhcefe. 7. Gower-street, Swansea. Tel. 1245 Central. SWANSEA. To BE SuLTJ WITH VACANT POSSESSION. I C': !II F A I e m u F. A. I Has received instructions to HELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, on THURSDAY, MAY 22nd, 1919, on tho premises, the Leasehold House & Premises :0:0, 4(1, EEYNONE-TERRACE, Held tor a term of 99 years from 17tA September, 1859. and three lives, at a ground rent ot 5e. Estimated rental 1::18 {wr annum. Alter the sale oj the house the whole of the FURNITURE wil: be sold. Gocel Pianoforte, Drawing Suite, C06Y C-orner, Settee, Carpet- Hugs, Mats, Pictures, Ornaii-wnts, Gilt Pier Glasses, Carveel Oak Sideboard, Carvel Oak Cabi- net, Oak Telescope Dining Table, Jacob- Ifan Chajr. Antique Be ? Ca?p, MR&iv6 Walnut S'<i<??<<r<!JIal! Tah!?. ?a!! Stnd, Pedestal. Wardrobe a?d Drawers, Bed- 'I Suites In Satin AV:il,iiit and Dark TV'iMnui, Bedsteads Mattress?; Overlays, Stair Carpets and Rods, Table*, Chairs, I'. <in carpet"' uno¡ O(¡, ,l¡1.l', ) uur: etc., etc., and the usual Kitchen requi- sites. Goods on vicTv morniEg of Sale. TefnM. Cash. Sai? to commence at 11 a.m. Further particulars a h the property can be obtamcd from Mp?r?. Hartland, Isaac and Watkint-, Solicitors, Rutland- street, Swansea. Auctioneer's Offices: King's Chambers, Gower-street. Swansea. 11. KTNG'S-ROAD, MUMBLES. TO BE SbLD WITH VACANT POSSESSION. Astley Samuel, F.A.I. Has received instructions to SELL on MONDAY, 26th MAY, 1919, the DwelNng«hcuse,\ Known as 11, KING'S-ROAD, MUMBLES. Tlelel for a term of 99 years from 25th March, 1913, at a ground rent cf E3 5fe. per annum. Also the Antiejiie and Modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. I Excellent Pianoforte, Parlour Suit, Antique Oak Chairs, Two Gra.ndfnther'¡ Clocks, Mahogany Cheffonie-re, Oak Hall I Stand.. Occasional Tables, Linole.ipi, Car- pets, Rugs, Mats, Pictures, Offtamtnts. Stair Hods, Bedroom Suites, Wardrobes, Mahogany Duehes&o Suite, Mahogany Chest of Drawers, Walnut Oval Table, Wardrobes, Singer's liard-eewiup, Mach- ine, Bc^lsteads, Mattresses, (Ji erlayf, Fenders, Fire Irons, Mahogany ofa, Kitchen Furniture, Cooking Utensil", etc., etc. LONG LADDER. Sale to commence at 12 noon. The House will be offered at 2.15 p.m. House and goods on view Saturday, the ZHh, 2 p.m -5 p.m.. Terms Cash. Further particulars of the property can bo obtained of Messrs. Gee and Edwards, Solicitors, Llanfair Buildings, Swansea; or of the Auctioneer, Swansea. SHORT NOTICE. AUCTION ROOM, 21, UNION-STREET SWANSEA. I SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND E l?'1.'E Mr. H. C. Higman, F.A.S. Will SELL by ALCTION, at th? abov addrese. on WEDNESDAY, 9-16t May, 1919, at 11 a.m., a quantity of ( roseC).Sigur!L &c., roughly comprising Mahogany Diaing and Sii?in.?-rooal Suites, Mahogany Sicu- boards, Dining- Table. PIANOFORTES, j?t. Oak R?H-top D-sk, 2 China Cabinet, Singer Cabinet Sewing Machine, Croquet j Set, Bedsteads, Bed, Child's Cot (oom- j plte) Mabog&ny Chairs, Hall Stand, j UHJrmantds, Carpets, Rugc, Iron Bed- steads, Mahogany Bedroom Suites, Ward- I robes, Chest of Drawens, Over lave. Kitchen Dressers, Tables, Chaire, Fen- deio. Crockery Ware and Sundries.  On View Morning of Sale. Terms: Cash. Auctioneer'" Offices, 21, Union-sLre?t, S I\' a n.1o<A>I

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