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A.-tfUSEMErlTC. 1 ErdPIRE OXFORO STREET, SWANSEA. Morday, Nov. 10th, and TwiOO Nightly at 3..50 and 9.0 during the week. KING AND BENSON, In their latest Success, The Messenger Boy's Courtship." GOBERT BELLING, The Famous Continental Clown with his four-legged Comedians. HARRY LEY BO UHNE, The Nenous Lady. JACK LO. R, The Hieian' Laddie. STELLA STAHL, a Smart Soubrette. New Series of Cp-to-date Subjects on THE AMERICAN BIOSCOPE. LES ROMANIS, In Novei Musical Act. BEN ALBERT, A Reani of Logical Light. MAY HENDERSON, The Dusky Comedy Queen. GRAND THEATRE SWANSEA. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 10th, 1913, For Six Nigats at 7.30, and MATJMEE SATURDAY at 2.30 p.m. Mr. Arthur Harify's Original Company ill Iir- Waller's Greas Globe Theabrc Success, A BUTTERFLY ON THE WHEEL. VV— Lyn Hardkm's Principal Co., in the Successful Fiav in Four Acts, BOUGHT AND PAUJ FOR." From the New Theatre, London. FH TXFR E ROYAL, WIN D SiTKEET, SWAHSLA. On MONDAY, NOV. 16th, and every even- ing during the week ut WilJ H. Gtaie's Co.. in ihe Great Drajzjia. MARY LATiMER NUN. 4d.; Pit and Promenade, &1.; Stalls, Is.; Kayal Box. IK. 6d. Max: w«et\—• THE IMPERIAL PTiiSC.AN BALLET. picroRfcLANir G E M S. THE SHAFTLSfiijt-i SWXUU, To-N*sbt's Programme— The Broken Cnisei B. &, C. An Indian's Loyaity A.B. A Fiffiit Lu a I'inisli Kalexn. A Surprising i-acounter .Clarendon, Billy's Troubles invieia. Early Morning Selections .Tyler. Psttiie's Gazette of the World's News. THE TIVOLI, Cwmbwria. Te-Mights PrugraBJtMe— Mary Stuart .Edison. A Western Koinance Selig. The New Sheriff itex. A HusU-ed Wedding .Hepworth. Love's Lottery Ticket Imp. How I Got Married Ambrosio. Pathe's Gazette of the World's News. TH E PALACE, Swarnwa. To-Might-s r>rt&raiiT3me— Bloodhounds of the Law .Lubin. Chopin's Nocturne Ambrosio. The Butler's Secret -Vitagraph. Just for Luck .Imp. Suffragette Minstrels A.B. Ten Acre Uold Brick Lubin. Pathe's Gaaette of the World's Newe. TH E PA VILJOW, Ponfarchwe. To-Nigirt's Prugramme- The Four Dare Devils Cosmo. The Coming ot Angelo A.B. Human Kindne^u F',3,;Iug A. The Forgotten Latchl-ey VitagTaph. Bloomer and the Air-balls Cinec;. A Fairy Doll .B. & C. Pathe's Gazette of the World's News. Variety Turns- expensive Engagement of Signor Arvi, the Italian Illusionist, who presents the great Arvi Mystery. The Sensation of England and America. Beautiful Women. Magni. ficent Electrical Effects, Gorgeouu Scenery. Wiliie Long, Comedian. PICTUREDROME, Rio"ftton. Programme- Blsodhounas of the Law Lubiii. Chcpin s Nocturne .Ambrosio. The Butler's Secret Vita.gra.ph. J ust for Luck Imp. Suffragette Minstrels A.B. Ten Acre Gold Brick .Lubin. Pathe's Gazette of the World's News. T HEP L A Y K O'uS E^-Y»taiyf sra. To-Night's Programme- The Tigsr Lily Vitagraph. The Signal .Edison. Three Fingered Kate (Stolen Wedding Presents).B. & C. The Mouse and the Lion Vitagraph. A Shrapnel Duel Tyler. Fred's Police Force Precision. Pathe's Gazette of the World's News. Variety Turn- C. T. Falla, Comedian and Actor Vocalist, introducing his dramatic song scena, "The Miser." THE~~ GLOBE~ CfySach. To-I'Jight's Programme- Tho Battla of Eldersbush Gulch A.B. Exclusive. The Worth of Man .General. The Prisoner of Cabanas Selig. j The Legend of Sterling Keep.Edison. His Chum the 3aron Keystone. Percy Interviews the President.Urban. Palidor's First Suit Paeqaali. His Xa-in-law Vitagraph. Pathe's Gazette of the World's News. Variety Turn- The Royal Hungarian Midgets, the Only and Original Lilipulians in the World. THE PICTORIUM, ST. THOMAS. CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCE from 7 tiil 10. To-Night's Programme— The Broker; Chisel B. A 0. An Indian's yoLalty A.B. A Fight to a Finish Kalem. A Surprising Encounter .Olarendon. Billy's Troubles .Invicta. Early Morning Keflections Tyler. THE t B t ft- PICTURE HOUSE, i HtCH STREET, SWANSEA. I | The Last Word in Cinema Theatres. CONTINUOUS SHOW DAILY frem 3 till 10.30. AStarnoen Teas ProvitM Free 8f Charge Mr. W. H. Hoere's Orchestral Band II' Plays Every Evening. TO-DAY'S PROGRAMME- Mary Stuart Edison. A Western Romance .8etig. The New Sheriff .&ex. A Hustled Wedding .Hepworth. Love's Lottery Ticket .Imp. How I Got Married .Ambrosio. ffathe's Animated Gazette of the g World's News. 1 8 Change ef Pioluret Every Monday, I tfsdmssiay, and Friday. | _———-—. AMUSEMENTS. Oxford Electric Theatre UNION STREET, SWANSEA. The Premier Hail of Ssutin yealms. A Ctta&ciais PcriaraiiiuHja ci fcj^vcvair.g txcc4j8i«jsj it; crn 2.30 an 16-30. PROCRAMME FOP. TO-DAY.- — EXCLUSIVE FOR SWANSEA— KISSING CUP The trustee. Racing Picture Yet Prcckscoo. A Story Fuli of and Excite- ment Stan te Flrwali. Appro.xinatc s, 7 & S o'clock. ROUCHVHC ThL CUB. ROSEi- FOR ROSIE. IN THE VALLEY OF THE AUDE ( i o (Cuioured.) FALSE TO THfSR TRUST The Seventh Story ot "WHAT HAP- PENED TO MARY." TOP.CAL BUDGET. Aftemssn Tee Free of Charge to All Parts ot the All Trams Lead to the OXFORD." Pktiii'es are projected an the Wonderfsi CRYSTAL MIFJJOa. POPULAR PIWCES:—3d., 6d. and Mt. T O?DO?.—QTRA?D rr'.RRATBE, ? '? T2-trand, W.C. EVERY EVENING et 8.30, THE JONESES. A New Uourodv of W«k-b. life. By Laurence Cowen. iLATiNEE WEDNESDAYS AND SATUB DAYS, 2.15. Box OQtae Open II) to 10. 'Phone: Gerr. 38S0. AUCTION SALES. Bi)iU)UGH OF SWANSEA. Important Salo of Desirable Weekly-rented Properties situate at Teirace-road, New- sireet, Bryiimelrn, Brynhyfryd, aad Plas- marl. By order of the Executrix of the Estate of V.'m. Dalies, Deoea-^oJ Messrs. Bo wen and Evans Will offor for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the HOTEL CAJXEKEON, High-stre-et.. Swansea, on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER IHii, 1915, at 3.1) p.m. (subject to such Con- dition of Sale ae shall be toore and then produced) too £ oUowix> £ LEASSfiOLD Dweiiiiig-hatties I/OT 1.—Ncs. 16 a^Ki IS. Terrace-road; let at 12s. 6d. and lis. per week respectively. LOT 2. NOB. 15 and 16, New-street; let at 7ii. and 6s. 6d. per week. LOT 3. 1. 7 C,. 16, Oaepistyll-fjtrect, Bryn- ajelyrt; let at 6s. per week. LOT 4.-Nos. 14 and 15, Siloh-road, Bryn- hyfryd; let at as. 6d. each per week. LOT and 39, Diaas-street, Plasniarl; let art 5" 5e. 6d., and 5s. per wOP-k reopectively. LOT o.—Nos. 302, 303, aid 304, Neatn-road, Plasmarl (with workshops adjoining last- men Lioned; let at 6;i. 6d., 5s. bd., and 4a. bd. per week respectively. The Mineg and Minerals are reserved. Printed Particulars and Conditions of Sale may be obtained of the Auctioneers at their Oifioes, Salubrious Chambers, Swansea (Tel. o. 420 Docks;, or of D. 0. Thoaias, Esq., Solicitor, 21, York-street, Swansea. IN BANKRUPTCY. Re White Bros., of Sketty, Swansea, ] Guilders. Messrs. J. F. Harvey & Sans Are instructed to offer for SAL3 Ef PRI- VATE TREATY, 40 Freehold PSois of Building Land, situate at Upper Loughor, near Swansea, attil fronting Lletty-road, London-road, Alexandra-road, and Oakley-road. Tins Property is situate in a rapidly im- proving industrial neighbourhood about six miles from the town of Swansea. Building operations are now being carried on there to a large extent, and there is no doubt that the Plots of Land now offered for Sale will readily let for building pur- poses. The Vendors are prepared to consider Otfcrs for Sale either in one lot, or in such portions as may be desired to suit prospec- tive purchasers. Offer3 must be sent in writing at or be- fore 3 o'clock on the 17th inst., to the Auc- tioneers, at their Offices, 3, 4, and 5, Goat- street, Swansea, where a plau of the plots may be inspected, together with Canditionts of Saie. Particulars may also be obtained from thl Trustee (C. E. Dovey, ESQ., 31. Queen- street. CtwdM'); or of C. H. Newcombe, Esq., SclirriWr, 3, Mount-street, Swaneea. Dated 7th November, 1913. BRTTON FERRY, IN THE COUNTY OF GLAMORGAN.-Four miles from Port Taibot; eight malea iom Swansea. Mr. Trevor E. Williams Will OFFEB for 8.il.E by PUBLIC AUC- TION, at the HOTEL MI?rH/OPOtL £ SWAN- SEA, on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER ISMi, 1913, at 3.30 p.m. (as a going concern), all that modern and weui-twrajiged Worts known as THE VERNON STAMPING AND TINPLATE DECORATING WOl&iS, together with the substantial BUILDINGS, FIXED & LOOSE PLANT, AND MACHINERY. The Works are situate in the midst of Tin- plate Works, with excel tent Railway and Shipping facilities. Conditions of l-e may be obtained from STANLEY P. WILLIAMS, :&Sq., Solicitor, 2, Fisher-street, Swansea; or, with detailed particulars, aurul orders to view, from tie Auctioneer, 17, St. Mary's- sfcreeit, Sw«Jieee.. TeJ l2A Docks. PUBLIC NOTICES. PMLIMIN ARY~ AN^OUNOEMKJJT. gH £ PH30BDS J^ALL, AUNABLWY DD A GRAND EISTEDDFOD will be held on SATURDAY, JANUARY 17th, 1S14. Prograjsmes to be obtained from the Sec- retary, J. H. Ewaas, Roeeland-road, Waun- ariwydd. rno paInti^Ss AND DECORATORS. J- B-UILDiSEsi AND OONTBACTORS. TENDERS are Invited for PAINTING AND DECOLLATING, HEATING, ajid other SUNDRY WORKS at the Swaneea Liberal Club Prwnisfis, Wind-aitreei. Schedule, specification, and full particu- lars may be obtained upon apjjljoe-tion to the u uclersigned. Tenders to be sent by the 17th inW., en- dorsetl Tender for Painting, otc. cwldreased To The Chairman. Liberal Club, Wind-street, Swaansea. The lowest or any Tender will not neoee- sarily be aocepted. CIiAmjES T. RUTHKN. A rohiteot. Bank Cbambei-s. Heathfield-etreet. Swansea, November iftth. 1314 PUDLIC NOTICES. -1 cOUNTI BOROUOII OF SWANSEA. J EDUCATION ACTS 1870-1911. NOTICE 13 HEBEUY GIVEN that tHe Council of t-be Oonuty Borough of Swansea as the Local Education Authority in pur- [ suance and exercise of the powers g-iven to J tbem by the Education Aous 1870 to 1911 (in which Aote or ir, muse or one of tltem the Larwls (Baaaeti tVr^jlida-tioii Act 1845, and the A etc ajncvtwing the same are with oer- j tain exosg>tk>DK iiicorpor>i,teci; and of every otber power enabling them in this behalf propoee to purchase and take the following berediUwneiUe. a-ud premj&es for the objects described, The. is to agy (1) A piece of land srftuate ir, the pariMi and County Borough cf SWM, bounded on or toward*: the North by De-ki-B-dche Street and the Municipal Secondary School, on or fo?-?id? t^e SoUÙ1 b? pr?jnie?s r?c?aMy c-?u?K? by tb? Young M?t's CI) risua.n A.«»cveiation and the Inland Revenue Buildings, No. 4 llorton Street arid Pell Street, on or towards the East by the Boys' Municipal Secondary School, Dynovor Place, pperoiiies io:-fU3tly occupied by the Young Men's Christian Association and In- lastid Revenue BuildingB, on or towards tie West, by Hortoii Street, No. 4 Pell Street and the Albert lWl; which ooold piece of land contains in the whole content# "hotc-of 5,306 square yards or the,eahouto and is more particularly described in Plan No. 1, here- ir,after mentioned, and is thereon coloured brown. i The objoot of the Local Education Authority is to erect on the eaid piece of land a Municipal Secondary School or School*; with playgrounds and other con- veniences atul approaches thereto. (2) A pieoc of land situa.te in the C<M''i? aud County Borough b<mnd€d on or tow?rda the North by No. 11, N'e?soE Terrace, Nelson Terrace aud the TecknicaJ Institute, on or towards the Sooth by Garden Street, on or towtutlcr the East by pi-cmisei? situate | in Greenfield Street and No. 40, Garden Street, on or towards the West by premise I situate in Garden Street and Mysydd Street wbiei). tiaid piece of land contains in the I whole oont.ent.e tiwsr^ot 526v square yarde or I thereabout, ej»d is more particularly de- scribed on Plen No. 2, hereoiafUtr men- I tionoo. and is t./loeroon colc-ured blue. The object, of the IxxsaJ. Education Authority is to er?ct on the said pi?ce of la,a a Pn.bl?c .MI?m?nt?-ry School or Sm.0if with playgrounds and other conveniences and at'l?ro*i/cWs thereto. (3) A rectangular piece of land witfi land for approach roads situate at St. Thomas in the said parish and OoJD ty Borough (Near to Maesteg House) forming p»>rtiorie of tlie encloeures numbered 10, 1.1 12 aitd IS on the 1-2600 ordnance map (Second Edition 1899) of that palish, bounded i by other properties belonging to the Earl cf Jersey, St. Thomas Vicarage. I Ddhirt. a,nd Church-street, which said piece of laiul contains in the whole contents thereof 10,200 square yard's or thereabouts, and is more particularly described on PLan No. 3 herein- afw mentioned and is thereon coloured pink. The object of the Local Education Authority to erect on the said piece of land a Public Elementary School or Schools with playgrounds mid other conveniences and approaches t.bereto. [ Plains Noe. 1, 2, allCl 3 or the heredita- ments and premises proposed to be taken may be seen a-1 all reasonable hours at the Office of the Local Education Authority situate in No. 9 Grove Place, Swansea. Dated this 5th day oi November, 1913. R. LANG COATH, Clerk to the Local Education Authority, Guildhall, Swansea. 4D NATIONAL LEAGUE -OF- YOUNG LIBERALS DEBATE WEBKESOAY, NOV. 12, At 8.0 p.m. VIOLETS (Against) V. YOUNC LIBERALS (For). "COMPULSORY MILITARY I SERVICE." I Speakers—Miss Fisher, B.A., Miss Roberts; Messrs. Tinsley, E. M. Lovell, T. W. Richards. D. J. Thomas, etc. Chairman-CAPTAIN TOM HARRIS, SWANSEA. FIELD NATUBALISTS' SOCIETY. ALBERT HALL, Swansea. TO-MORROW, (THUItSDAY). A BIOSCOPE LECTURE MR. OLIVER G. PIKE :IR. OLIVER G. PIKE "S??T?H W8-, 8?BS AT HOME." Illustrated by the Lecturer's most reoent. Bioscope Films and Lantern Slides, all take« direct from Wild Nature. The oharming hosne-kfe of Birds of hedge- row and copse, of inouartain and mooriand, of seaaide end countryside, described and pourtrayed by the most popuku- Lecturer Oil Wild Birds. Doors Open at 7.30 p.m.; Commence at 8. Reserved SeaAs, 2s. and la. 6d. Unreserved Seats, Is. and 6d. Plan and Tickets at Mr. A. R. Way's, 4, Wind-street, Swansea. w IOMEN-II; UMDO.M L E A G UE. ^/yOMEN'S JMtEEDOM J^EAGUE. PUBLIC A MEETING Will bo held in LLEWELYN HALL, Y.M.C.A. BUiLDINS ON WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1913 at 8 o'clock pjn. Speaker MESS CIGfL Y HAMILTON (Author of "Diana of Dobson'e" and liar- riage aB a Trade," etc.) Chairman-THE EX-MAYOR (Councillor David Wiilrame). SOUTH WALES SEA FISHERIES DISTBOCT. AUDIT OF ACCOUNTS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GJTVEN that the Audit off the Accounts of the Committee for the South Wales Sea fisheries for the period ending the 3det March, 1913, will be held at the County Hall, Cardiff, on Tuea- day, the 25th day of Norcindjer, 1-913, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, and that the ccpkss of such Accounts, duly :made up and balanced, together with all vouchers and receipts referred to therein, will be at the OScee of the eaid Oommittee at Oourtland Chaiabers, Port Talbot, and be open during office hours to the inspection of aid persons intoresixxt for seven days before the said Audit without fee or demand. ARTHUR IL DEER., Clerk to the South IVales Sea Fisheries District Oommitteo, in which District the Gla.morga,n Sea. Fisheries District is incorporated. AUC¥S3«i SALES. Nov. 18.-Sa.1e Vernon St-amping &C.1 T'ji- plate Decorating Works, Trevor E. Wil- li,i.ms, at 3.30 p.m. Nov. 19.-Saie Leasehold Property, Swansea, Henry F. Hood, at 3.30. Nov. a.-SaleNo. 1, Langland-road, Mum- bles; A. S. T. Lucas: at 11.30. Nov. 24.Sale Properties, Brighton-road, Gorseinon, David Roberts, at 7 o'clock. BY ORDER OF TH"FfMORTGAGEES BRIGHTON-EOAD, (W) ^"EINON, G LAM ORG A NBH IRE. Mr. David Roberts, F.A.I. Has received instruotiorus to OFFER FOR SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the WEST END HOTEL. GOfi&JUNON (subject to the Conditions of Sale to be then produced), on MONDAY, the 24th day of NOVEMBER, 1915, at 7 o'clock in the evening, the following V aiuaJble Leasehold Properties. VIZ. :— Lot 1.—All that Leasehold Messuage or Dweliiug-hov.se situate in BIUGHTON-ROAD, GOBSEOON (being the third house from the Cinema), containing 2 Bedrooms, Box- room, 2 Sitting-rooms and Kitchen, let to Mr. William Saunders at the weekly rent of lOR., I-andlord paying ratee and taxes. Lot Z.-All that Messuage or Dwelling- houiJ.fi situate in RRIGILTON-ROAD. GORS- EINON (adjoining the laet hou&e, and be- ing fourth house from the Ciinema), and containing similar accommodation to that of Lot 1, and let to Mr. G. Williams at the i weekly rent of ICS., landlord paying rates and taxes. I Tlie Prcmi&eg are held by way of Under- lease for the terim. of 99 years computed from, the 25th day of Ma.roh, 1910 (lees the laet twelve daytt thereof), at the yearly ground rent of E6, which rent for the pur- pose? of this sale will be equally appor- tioned between the lots. Tho Mines and Minerals under both lots are recurved. .Further particulars and conditions of sale may bo obtained from Messrs. E. Austin Wil1!.aIU- a.nd Son, Solkrtors, 14, Tesmple- fttreets Swansea.; or from the Auctioneer, at hie Offices, 19, Heathfield-&.reet, Swansea. (Tel.: 2.30; Docks). IN THE CENTRE OF SWANSEA. Mr. Henry F. Hood Has received instructions from the Official Assignee of the Esta-te of John Norman, of Australia, to SELL by AUCTION, at the HOTEl. CAMERON. HIGH-STREET, SWAN- SEA, OIL WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 19th, 1913 (subject to the conditions which will be then produced), the following Leasehold Property, -IN THE CENTRE OF SWANSEA. Lot !All that Valuable Corner Premises, situate and being No. 10, WASSAIL-SQUARE, SW ANSEA, together with No. 5, THOMAS- STREET, adjacent thereto and occupied by Joseph O'Sullivan a06 a Working Men's Home and Private Dwelling. Let under a leaae for 21 y-ears from 24th June ,1904, at. an annual rent of E40, tenant doing all internal repairs and paying all rates and taxes. Also the Leasehold Ground Rent of £9 per annum, payable for residue of the original term less the last ten days thereof, arising cut of and secured upon Noe. 1 and 2, Thorns-street. The whole is held under a lease for 90 years from 25th March, 1861, at a ground rent of £ 30 per aunuin. Lot 2.—All thoee three Dwelling-houses, known as Nos. 4, 5, and 6, THOMAS- STREET, SWANSEA. Let on weekly tenan- cies amounting to an aggregate of C69 lia. per annum, landlord paying rates and taxeQ. Held under a lease for 99 years less the last seven days thereof, from 25th March, 1854, .'l.t a ground rent of £ 8 8s. Lot S. that House and Shop, known ad No. 7, THOMAS-STREET, SWANSEA. Occu- i pied by a Grocer and General Dealer, and let under a lease for seven yearn from 1st j Deceoiber, 1912, at an annual rent of £18, for the first four years, And S;20 for iiie remainder of the term, tenant paying- all rates and taxes and doing all repairs. Held with other property for a term of 97 years from 26th March, 1854, and wi.li be sold subj-eot to an apportioned ground rent or £3 Lot 4.—All that Private Dwelling-house, known as No. 8, THOMAS-STREET. Let at a weekly rental of 9e. per week, landlord paying ratee and tanes. Held with other property for a. term of 97 1 years from the 25th March, 1854, and will be sold subject to an apportioned ground rent of £35. Lot 5.—AJ1 that Valuable Corner Storee and Warehouse, known a,a No. 10, THOMAS- STREET, SWANSEA. Having Large Stable and Storage Accommodation and with En- trances to Thomas-etreet and the Side Lane. These Premises are let on leaee at an annual rental of £Z5 per annum until March 25tli, 1924, rising to £ 30 per annum for the next seven years until Mareh 25th, 1931 aiad for a further seven years at £35 per annum, with reversion at March 25th, 1938, for the remadning 13 years of the lease at an estimated rent of L60 per annum. Teuant paying all rates and taxes and doing all repairs. Also the Leasehold Ground Rent of C5 per annum, payable for the reaidne of the un- del-mentioned term less the last ten days thereof, arising out of and secured upon No. 9, Thomas-«tree t. Held with other property under a leaee|! for 97 years from 25th March, 1354, and will be soM subject to an apportioned ground rent of £24. The Mines and Minerals under all the Lots are reserved. These properties are in a good letting neighbourhood, and the weekly tenancies can always be ensured to good tenants. There has been recently expended upon the premises a considerable srnn in re-oeeoent- ing and repairing the fronts and other structural improvements also in re-laying drainage, etc. Sale will commence at 3.30 p.m. Further particulars and Conditions of Sale can be had of the Auctioneer at Arcade Chambers, Goat-6treet, Swansea; or of Messrs. 11. G. Campion and Co.. 23, I Old Broad-street, London, KG.; or Messrs. R. and C. B. Jenkins and Lloyd, 4, Pieher-etree,t, Swansea. NO. 1, LANGIAND-ROAD, MUMBLES. Mr. Arthur S. T. Lucas Has reoeived instructions to SELL by PUB- LIC AUCTION, at the above Address, on THUBSDAY, the 28th day of NOVEMBER, 1913, the whole of the Valuable Furnishing Appointments; AND EFFECTS the greater portion of which was manu- factured by the late Mr. Bennett, of Swan- sea. The contents of the Drawing, Dining and Brea&fast Rooms and Bcd.roocmj iucludo a very fine Overstrung Metal-frame Walnut- oose Pianoforte by Hoffman, Ga&inete, I Lounge Chairs, Occasional Tables, Pictures, I Ornamente, Massive Spanish Mahogany Side- board, 10ft. twining e, Suite in Leather, t Book-oases, Gilt French Timepiece, Marble Clock, Antique Graaddather's dock with silvered dial. Lady's Cycle, Old Brass and Electro-plated Specimens. Out Glass and Ohina. a.nd Pewter Goods, His Master's Voico" Gramophone on TaJaLe. and Cabinet and Records, Massive Satin Walnut and other Bedroom Suites, Cheats of Drawers and other Furniture, Bedsteads and Bed- ding, AxmUlster and other Carpets, Ax. Stair Oar pet, Rods, Kitchen Furniture, Dreeser, Mangle, Garden Seat, and a. variety « £ Culinary Utensils, with Ware, China, and Glass Goods, etc., etc.; alao a Chestnut Pony with Governess Car and Harneeo camploto; a fine Brougham by Parry and 80116, Bristol; and a Croydon Car by the Bristol Wagon Co. Detailed particulars appear on the Auc- tion Pesters. Goods on View on Wednesday, the 19th d-ay of Novenibor, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sate to commence fl<t 11.30 in the fore- noon precisely. Terms: Cash. No Reserve. Particulars from Arthur S. T. Lucas, Auc- tioneer, Swansea and Mumbles. Tel. CeJI- tral 230. Estd. 1885. (Patents, Trade Marks, -^eeigns Registration). No. 1,531. PUBLIC PO TICES. m jgYE-ELECTiONS. FFYNONE WARD. MR. W. W. HOLMES, (Candidate for Ffynone Ward) will hold A MEETING Jit ST. JUDE'S CHURCH, on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13, When all Electors are Cordially Invited to Attend. The Chair will be taken at 8 p.m. by COUNCILLOR ALEX SINCLAIR, When the Candidate, Alderman Ben. Jones, Councillors W. Laugharne Morgan, and Percy Molyneaux and Messrs. T. Herscbell Jones, A. F. Eden, John F. Harvey, Major Harris and Others will Address the Meeting. j^ANDOBE WARD CASUAL ELECTION. A PUBLIC MEETING Of Ratepayers of the above Ward will be held in support cf the PROGRESSIVE AND RESIDENT CANDd- DiATURES of MESSES. WILLIAM CLEMENT AND EVAN JONES, on THURSDAY EVENING, at the ERYNHYFBYS BAPTIST SCHOOLROOM To Commence at 8 o'clock. Chairman Mr. BEN. REES. Add Ratepayers interested in the Ward are earnestly requested to be present. LEAGUE OF YOUNG LIBERALS, ST. JOHN'S WARD. AN IMPORTANT MEETING will be held at the MONO BUILDINGS on WEDNESDAY, THE 12TH (.TO-MORROW N IGlIT) At 8.15 p.m. EUSINESS URGENT. OUIPH WALES SEA FISHERIES DISTRICT. AUDIT OF ACCOUNTS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Audit of the Accounts of tho Committee for the late Glamorgan Sea Fisheries for the period ended the .Jet July, 1912, will be beid Got, the County Hall, Cardiff, on Tues- day, the 25th da,y of November, 1913, at 11.30 o'clock in the forenoon, and that the copies i of such Accounts, duly made up and baieuioed, together with all vouchers ana receipts referred to therein, will be at the Offooefj oi the said Committee at Courtiand Ohesnibers, Port Talbot,, and be ope-n during office hours to the inspection of all persons interested for seven del-s before the said Audit without fee or demand. ARTHUR H. DEER, Clerk to the South Wales Sea Fisheries JKatrict Committee, in which District thfe Glamorgan Sea Fisheries District is incorporated. N TO THE ELECTORS OF LAN DO RE WARD. By reason of my again being elected an Alderman, my service as one of your direct Representatives on the Council ter- minated, and I desire to tha.nk you most sincerely for the great kindness and con- sideration you have always been so good as to extend to me. I 011,2611 always i^emesnvber the great deputa- tion from the Public Meeting heid at Lan- dore, which, through a rainy, dirty night, waited upon me and. so enthusiastically in- vited me to become your Council Member; nor shall I forget tlmt many amongst you who worked for me on thfc election day did so through heavy r,%i", by which more than once they got, wet through. To all of you. from the brig-ht young peo.ple who gathered around me to soaaae very aged women voters who could barely walk to record their votes f<?r me, l\f<;? most deeply gr?t?ul. I omrcely oeed eay 1 shall alwa.ys be j,bis.it glad to render every assiatance ill my power to promote the interests of Landore WOÆd, And am abUl. Youro L-dthfully. M. TUTTON. THE MAYOR OF SWANSEA TO ATTEND DIVINE SERVICE at ST. MARY'S PARISH CflORCH on SUNDAY MORNING NEXT, AND OORDJALLY i.N'VWBS PUBLIC j BODIES, FRIENDLY SOOILTIES, AND BURGESSES TO ACCOMPANY HIM. A PROCESSION will leave the GUILD. HALL at 10.30 sharp, and thoee wishing to take part are earnestly requested to &end particulars of their numbers to the Acting Chief Con-.table not later than THURSDAY EVEiNlNfci, the 13th NOVEMBEA, eo that the formation of the Proceiseion may be arranged. NOTE.—The Mayor is informed that the Vicar and Churchwardens propose devoting the offortory at the above Service to the Senghenydd Disaster Fund. Special Tramway Cars will leave as unci4-,r; Morriston to Wind-etreet 9.50 a.m. Brynhyfryd to Wind-street 10.0 a.m. Sketty to Victoria Station 10.0 apen. Brynmill to Wind-street 10.10 .m. Cwmbwrla to Wind-street 10.10 a.m. Port Teunant to Wind-street. 10.10 a.m. H. LANG COATH, Town Clerk. Guildhall, Swansea, 12th Novemb&r, 1913. VETCH FIELD, Swansea. THURSDAY, 13 NOVEMBER, WELSH LEAGUE, MI D- R HON DD A v, SWANSEA TOWN. KICK-OFF—3 P.M. ADMISSION SIXPENCE,

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