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PARSONS AND WOOLLEY. I CENTURIES FOR WARWICKSHIRE AND KENT. COLLAPSE OF LEICESTER I NOTTS v. 0 E R BY. I Unfortunately for the initial success of the experiment. of making a Friday start at Nottingham the weather turned out, un- favourable this morning, and it was impos- to open this match at the prescribed hour of twelve. The rain was only slight. but just enough to enforce inactivity. Play began at five minutes past three, when Notts having won the toes, sent in George GlllJn and Lee, but commenced disas- trously, losing Gunn to a catch at the wicket before a run had been scored, whilst Wyhsall left at 6 to a catch at cover-point. NOTTS—1st Inn. G. Gunn, c Humphries, b Forester 0 Lee, not out. 0 Wbytia,tI, c Slater b ForeeWr 2 J. Gunn, not out 0 Extras 4 Total (for 2 wkts.) 6 M.C.C. v. OXFOR UNIVERSITY. I Dull weathei- was associated with the re- I sumption of play at Lord's to-day. Oxford received ffevere punishment when the M.C.C. started their second innings, Ilayne and Tennyson sending up 100 in fifty-five minutes. M.C.C.-1st Inn. Payne, c Bardsley, b Peat 50 Tennyson, c Knott, b Melle 20 Cartwright, c Campbell, b Melle 33 Mead, b Relle 7 lY. b ell1Ïe" 24 Parker, c Davies ,b Eraser 11 Cobboid, b Melle 1 Reeves, c Campbell, b Melle 1 Prichard, c Kuott, b Melie 14 Clarke, not out 4 Gilbert, c Twining, b Daviee 8 Extras 20 Total 193 OXFORD—1st Inn. Melle, c Fender, b Reeves 30 Twining, b H. Prichard 4 Coiman, c Paylie, b Prichard 26 Wilkinson, c Prichard, b Clark 25 Campbell, c Parker, b Clark 24 Bardsley, c Mead, b Reeves 2 Bosweil, b Clark. 0 Davies. c Clark, b Reeves 7 Knott, c and b Clarke 61 Eraser, lbw, b CobbQld 9 Peat .not out 8 Extras 13 Total 209 M.C.C -2nd Inn. Payne, not out 45 Tennyson, not out 61 Extras" 9 Total tfor no wkt.) 115 ESSEX v. SUSSEX. I Sussex who had lost half their wickete for  79 wh?n stumps were drawn at Leyton yes- terday, mended their fortunes by steady I batting this mornipg. ESSEX.—1st Inn. Douglas, c R. iielf. b A. Belf .p. 0 Russell, c R. Relf. b tiolloway 3 Freeman, c Vincett, b Holloway 62 Perrin, low. b A. Keif 9 Fane, c A. HeJf, b Holloway. 16 Grinter ,b Holloway 0 Bristowe, b Holloway 1 l/ouden, b A. Relf 74 Buckenham, c Fender, b Holloway 88 Tremlin, not out 14 Meaid, c Fender, b A. Relf 0 Extras I. 18 Total 285 SUSSEX.—1st Inn. R. Relf, c Louden, b Douglas. 2 Cartwright, b Douglas 1 N-ine, b Douglas 6 Fender, c Fane. b Louden 8 Wilson, lbw, b Tremlin 20 2 0 Chaplin, c Freeman, b Tremlin 36 Chapliu, b B r i s t o w p. 36 R. Relf, b Bristowe 36 Cox, b Dougias. ?16 ¡:ïufË:i: 0 Street, "ot out 8 Holloway run out 10 Extras 20 Total 163 ES8EX.-2]1d Inn. Russell, not out. 18 Buckenham, b A. Relf 14 Freeman, not out 10 Extr 4 Total (for 1 wkt.) 46 KENT v. SURREY. I The weather was dull and oppressive when I this match was resumed at Blackheath this morning. SURREY.-1¡:¡t Inn. Hobbs, b xWrr oolley 17 17 Hayward. c Huish, b Fielder 7 Hayes, c, Blythe, b Fairservice 62 Goat.ly. c Biythe, b Wlley 80 G o a. t. I y. b Fieider. 7 l I e v. 80 Sandham, b Fielder 7 Harri.son. not out 38 Bird, c Humphreys, b Woolley. 2 BStirrud, dwiok, b Biythe a 0 Hiteh, c and b Woolley 7 Hitch, Ibw. b Woolly Hitch, lbw, b Wooll«y 4 Kirk. lbw, 1 4 Ri.ishb.N-, b Byt,he 3 Extr I 9 Total 236 KENT.-Ist Inn. Humphreys, c iiayee b Hitch 31 Hardinge, c Strudwick, b Kirk 3 Seymour, c Hayes, b Kirk 8 Woolley, not out 115 b Bird .?.?: 115 Hubble, b Bird 19 Day. b Rughby 0 Jennings, not out.?.??.? 9 Extras 14 Total (for 5 wkts.) 199 WORCESTERSHIRE v. MIDDLESEX. The weather was warm if a trifle threaten- ing when cricket was resumed at Worcester I to-day. MIDDLESEX.-lst Inn. Lee, lbw, b Burrows. 0 Tarrant, c Bale, b Purns 19 Hearne, st Bale, b Chester 54 \-Varner, b Burns 30 Hcndren, b Simpson-Hayward 38 Mann. b Chester 3 Doll, b Che-ster j Haig, c Arnold, b Burrows 19 MurreH.b Burrows. 20 Anson, not out 24 Hearne, b Burrows 4 Extras 12 Total. 224 WORCESTERSHIRE.—1st Ipn. Pearson, run out 0 Bowley, c Doll, b Hearne 10 Foster, c Mann, b Hearne 26 Burne, c Murrell, b Hearne 29 Arnold, b Hearn 9 Cuffe, c and b Hearne 10 Chester, c Tarrant, b Hearne 16 Simpson Hayward, c Hendren b J. T. Hearne 69 Medille, lbw, b Tarrant 1 Burrows., c and b J. W .Hearne 23 Bale, not out 0 Extras 8 Total 201 MIDDLESEX.—2nd InJl. Tarrant.tbw.b Burns. 20 Anson, b Cuffe 28 Hearne, not out. 64 «¡, Extras z Total (for 2 wkte.) 149 WARWICKSHIRE V. GLOUCESTER- SHIRE. This match was resumed at Nuneaton this I morning in fine but dull weather. The feature of Warwickshire's innin g s waa h% w as I Parson's performance of carrying hie bat I through. lIe hit twenty-five 4's. GLOUCESTERSHIRE.—let Inn. I Barnett-, c Jeeves, b Fc,6ter 43 Dipper, c Jeeves, b Foster 63 Green, b Jeevea. 1 Langdon, c Baker, b Jeeves 29 j Miller, b Jeeves 11 Nason, b Jeeves 34 Sewell. c Smith, b Foster 6 1 I Smith, b Poster 20 Gange, c Parsons, b Jeeves 20 Partner, b Jeevee 10 Dennett, not out 0 Extras 12 Total 2*9 WARWICKSHIRE.—1st Inn. Smith, c Parfeer. b Gaiige 23 Parsons, not out .— 1bl Charlesworth, c and b Dennett 39 Quaife, b Gange 5 Foster, c Dennett. b Dipper 10 Baker, b Dipper 74 Jeeves, st Smith, b Parker 0 Hilditch. c Smith, b Parker 5 Santall, b Parker 2 Taylor, c Barnet, b Dennett 10 Brown, b Parker j ExtTM ..———?.? 17 Total 347 GLOUCESTERSHIRE.—2nd Inn. Barnett, b Foster l Dipper, not out 20 Langdon, not out 20 Total (for 1 wkt.) 41 -Ra,in. LEICESTERSHIRE v. YORKSHIRE. Yorkshire were in a highly favourable position when this match was continued in dull weather at Leicester this morning, for on Thursday they left off with the score reading 386 for eight wickets. YORKSHIRE.—1st Inn. Rhodes, c Shipman, b Geary 152 Wileon, c Shields, b Shipman 79 Denton, c Shields, b Shipmap 4 Kilner, c King, b Geary 7 Booth, o Riley, b King 17 Drake, c Whitehead, b Geary 26 Holmes, b Astill 3 Birtles, b Shipman 16 Hirst, c King, b Geary 55 White, not out 19 Dolphin, lbw, b Geary 2 Extras 25 Total 405 LEICESTERSHIRE.—let Inn. Wood, b Booth 14 Whitehead, b Booth 5 King, c Dolphin, b Booth 1 Lord, b Booth 3 Coe, c Dolphin, b Hirst 4 Riley, not out 40 r{;tnty V:,t Hi.t:: 1 Shipmaf*. !bw. b Booth 6 Astill, b Booth 0 Geary, not, out  11 Extras l Total (for 8 wkte.) 96 LANCASHIRE v. NORTHAMPTON- SHIRE. The light was bad and the weather dull and threateing when Northants, with an overnight score of 76 for three wickete a,ga,inst Lancashire's 293 (all out), resumed their innings at Manchester this morning. LANCASHIRE.—1st Inn. Hornby, b Thompson 0 Makepeace, c Haywood, b Thompson 49 J. Tyldesley, c Seymour, b Thompson 31 Sha.rp. not out 123 E. Tyldesley, b Murdin 4 McLeod, c Smith, b Thompson 22 Heap, c Freeman, b Woolley 28 Boddington, c Haywood, b Woolley. 7 Whitehead, c Seymour, b Woolley 3 J. Tyldeeley, b Thompson 1. 4 Hilddleffton, b Thompson 11 Extras 11 Total. 293 NORTHAMPTO,NSHIRF,Igt Inn Denton. c Huddleston, b Me Leod 3 Woolley, b Tyldeeley 34 Haywood, b Huddleston 12 Smith. MoLeod, b Whitehead 21 Denton, not out 'P. 10 Thompson, not out 1 Extras 1 Total (for 4 wkte.) 84 L. ROBINSON'S XI. V. CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY Played at. Attleborough. L ROBINSON'S XL-ts Inn. 195 Total 195 CAMBIDGE UNIV.-Ist Inn. Onmberlege, retired hurt 5 Fairbairn, c Wood, b Falcon 16 Naumann, lbw, b Pegler 4 Davies, c Schwarze, b Falcon 1 Calt ,rpe, b Pegler 6 Mulholland, c Fulcher. b Falcon 1 Lang, c Wood, b Falcon 17 Lagden, c Wood, b Pegler 18 Saville, c Perlvr, b Falcon 2 Evans, b Schwarz 17 Baker, c Stevens, b Pegler 6 Kidd, not out 34 Extras 12 Total 139





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