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11THIS DAY'S RAGING. ———.———

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11 THIS DAY'S RAGING. ——— .——— NEWMARKET. 1 FRIDAY AI,L AGED SELLING 1.0 PLATE of 103 ao vs.—Five furionga. Sir W. Nelson's SAN JUAN, 3 8-7 S. DONOGHUE 1 Mr Barclay's GALLEOT, a S-7 Maher 2 Mr Whitney's URANIA F, 2 6-8.Prout 3 Also ran: Scotch Proof (Martin), Dencilque (JeUiss), Llanedyn (II. Jones), Ormephs (W. Buckley), ifillboro (Wing), Fairstead Belle (Plant,, Castle Ground (Chelloner). Allogra g (Tuiimins). Florette f (Leggett), Teapot (R Cooper), Reticella. f (Goodwin). Olf 1.2. TVainied by Persse. Bbtting: It to 4 Gall cot, 100 to 30 SAN JUAN. 9 to 2 Teapot, 7 to 1 Urania f, 100 to 8 others. Wo i by three lengths; length between second and third. 1 Q A—WELTER HANDICAP of 200 sovb — ±.OU Laat l?B]. of Suffolk Stakes Conree. ML ?cumanne OISEAU BLEU, 4 9-2 W. GRIGGS 1 Mr Sol Joel's KERMAN, 4 8-6 Pullin 2 Mr Austen's KJLTOl. 3 7-11 R. Stokes 3 Also ran: llamerton (F. Wootton). Valdes Leal (A. Hewitt), Alga (Bona), Prince Sterl. ing (Robbins), T-a Soufriere (Martin), The Spy ir (Foy), Firs tSmoke (Elnor), Autodee (Frout). OT 1.34. Trained by Gilpin. Betting: 7 to 2 OISEAU BLEU, 5 to 1 Kil- toi. 11 to 2 Hamerton, 6 to 1 Prince Sterling 7 to 1 Kerman, 10 to 1 Alga, Autocles, 100 to 8 Spy, 100 to 7 others. Woii by three-parts of a length; two lengths between second and third. 2 A—PRINCESS'S PLATE of 300 aovs, for 2.0 two-year-olde.—Five furtong?. Mr Astor's FJRST SPEAR, 8-3.JELLISS 1 Mr M'Creery's LARACOR, 8-5.. Donoghue 2 Mr Singer's T'ROXIME F, B-O..Wheatley 3 Als.) ran: High and Dry (Maher). Ynba Bill (Whalley). Sucrose c (Barrett), Port of Spain (Heclcford). Bed Finch (E. Huxley) Stepping Stone (Martin), Malg-'e Tout (Win- ten. Polygonnm (W. Griggs), Carancho (Will Griggs), (J-eoffros f (R. Stokes). Creme de Menthe (Rickaby). Foolery (Mallam), GrC('I\č Girl (Bobbins), Mention (Spear), f (A. Hewitt). Off 2.1. Trained by W. Waugh. Betting 4 to 1 Yuba Hill, 6 to 1 Prosing f. 7 to 1 High and Dry, 8 to 1 Laracor, Carancho. Red Finch, 10 to 1 FIRST SPEAR, )00 t) 7 others. Won by o. head; half a length between seconl and third. 2QA—ELLESMERE STAKES of 10 son. «Ov/ with ?0 oovs. added.—About 1m. 3f. Mr J Joel's BLUE STONE, 3 7-0 E. HUXLEY 1 Lord Ellesmere's KIjEINFONTEIN, 3 7-5 Robbins 2 Mr Nelke's CYLBA, 4 8-7 Maher 3 OIF 2.30. Trained by Morton. Betting: 15 to 8 Kleinfontein, 2 to 1 BLUE STONE and Cylba. Wo i by alength and a half; six longthe. betweer second and third. O /"i—FULBOURNE STAKES of 25 0V6. <.).?? each, ?'th -'W add?d, for two-year- oldo.—5 furloB?, 140 yard& Mr itulton's STORNOWAY, 9-5 F. WOOTTON 1 Mr Montagu's KHERJ. 8-7.Maher 2 Mr Russel's SUNNY LAND, 8-4 W. Griggs 3 Also ran Orebi (H. Jones), Puyfondu (W. Higgts), Lota, (Rickaby), Recherche (Jellis), Stamina f (Willerton). Off 3.2. Trained by Wootton. Betting: 4 to 1 on STORNOWAY. 8 to 1 Sunnv Land. 100 to 8 Kheri. 20 to 1 others. Wo a by three-parts of a length; four longfhi between second and third. O Q AWATERBEACH HANDICAP PLATE of 300 6ol[s.-L¡;t 6 furlongs of B.M. Mr Sherwood's BUCKBTEAD, a 7-7 DONOGHUE 1 H Londondfrry's PERCIVAL KNF;, 2 7-5 Wha.Iley 2 Mr Hrlton's WHIMSfiY, 4 6^12.E Huxley 3 Al3 > ran: Wrack (Maher), Courtisan 11 (Herbert), Cabaret (Martin), Prim Simon (Robbins), Red Gate (Buckley). Mr Peeler (R. Stokes), Stung Again (Elnor), Mint Mast- (Prout). Oft 3.31. Trained by Sherwood. Betting: 3 to 1 Wrack. 5 to 1 Cabaret. 7 to BUCKSTEAD, Red Gate. Percival Keen.?, 8 to 1 Whimsey, 10 to 1 Mint Master, 103 t.) 8 others. Won by three-parts of a length; half a lelJ, 11 between pecond and third. WORCESTER. I 9 0-PITCHCROFT SELLING WELTER HANDICAP of 100 sovs. One mile. Mr Chapman's NIGGER, 3 9-0 SAXBY 1 Capt Waring's COQTJETA, 3 8-1 Ga.rdner 2 J'fr Stevenson's PROPS, 3 9-0 A. E«cott 3 Also ran: Collisto (A. Saxby), Startaway (F. Tenipleman), King Redmond (Seymour), Mari in Chuzzlewit (Calder), Chance Cure (W. Huxley), Witham (Every), Royal Mac (Duce) Off 2.4. Trained by J. Wood. Betting: 5 to 2 Props, 7 to 2 NIGER, 5 to 1 King Redmond, 8 to 1 Ooquetta, 10 to 1 Martin Chuzzlewit, 100 to 6 others. Won by six lengths; four lengths between second and third. MAIDEN (al, entm-) TWO 9 O A-HJNDLIP MAIDEN (at entry) TWO YEAR OLD PLATE of 103 sovs. Fivii furlongs. Ca,pt. Daly's MINE. 9-1 ROBERTSON 1 Mr Gilpin's MORE NOISE F, 8-11 W. Saxby 2 Sir E. Setoff's DUNDRINI, 8-11.Cheshire 3 1\1<) rnn: Brambletye c (Shepherd), Sil- ver Beech (Calder). Pierrot (Brown). Queen of the Slade c (Avery), The Sap (W. Earl), Daly Lad (Piper), Barnaesie g (W. Huxley), Gwynant (H. Pike), Star of Slane (Beasley), Buona g (Spear). Trained by Nugent. Brtting: 3 to ] Mine. 7 to 2 Dundrini, 9 to More Noise f, 11 to 2 The Sap, Star of Slar.e, 100 to 8 others. Wo.i by a short head; two lengths be- tween second and third. ') O-ELMLEY SELLING PLATE of 103 0. sovs. Five, furlongs. Mr G Edwardes's DANCING MISTRESS. 3 9-9 .PIPER 1 Mr Wells's JIMMY GLOVER, 4 9-9 W. Smyth 2 Mr Duller's GALERIUS, 4 9-9.W Saxby 3 Also ra,D: The De'il (W. Earl), Campanula (F. Templeman), Lalemaniia (Gardner), Quite Quiet (Mulholland), Lady Spencer f (Hall). Off 3.4. Trained by P. Hartigan. Betting: 7 to 4 Dancing Mistress, 9 to 2 Campanula, Lallemantia, 8 to 1 Lady Spen- cer f, 10 to 1 others. O 9A CITY WELTER HANDICAP 00 PLATE of 103 sovs. One mile. Mr Wood's WANGARA, 4 9-4 HUXLEY 1 Mr Berry's LEAFLET, 3 8-0 Cheshire 2 Mr Neumann s DAETOl, 6 9-12 Saxby 3 Also ran: Yicto (A. Templeman), Rheoll (R. Wat-son). Sui-ge (Seymour), Milpee (Ducei, Alcyon (Calder). O* 3.33. Trained by C. Wood. Betting: 5 to 2 WANGARA, 7 to 2 Dortoi, Leaflet, 9 to Z Vic.to, 100 to 8 others. A A—STANTON PLATE of 103 sovs Six -?' furlong. Mr Neumann's ALBION, 3 6-8 LYNCH 1 Mr M'Millan's BICTONIO, 3 6-11 Gardner 2 i Mr Rayner's BEDFELLOW. 4 6-8 A Duller t Mr Rooney's GOOD CARE, 4 6-8 Duce t AIbo ran Rustic La" (Parkes), Popoffka (W. Smyth). Trained by Gilpin. • Betting: 5 to 4 On ALBION. 4 to 1 Bed- fellow, 5 to 1 Popoffka, 10 to 1 Bictonio, 100 j to 8 others. 4 OA—COVENTRY PLATE of IW sovi.1 ?i.O?t ?? mile and a h&K. Mr Gunter's FLA MEN, 3 11-1 OWNER 1 Mr Thompson's LADY GALETTE, 41M2 G. McOail 2 Mr G-Williams's KIJABE, 4 10-8 F. Templeman 5 Also rwn- Hidden Fortiinse (Owner). Off 4.31. Trained by Gunter. "R W I LATEST FROM NEWMARKET. I I (From Our Resident Correspondent.) I Newmarket, Friday.—For the London Cup Svetec and Le Touquet are well. They have been sharpened up during the put few days, and as Sadler, junr's, horses are coming into form, LE TOUQUET is expected to win THUNDERSTONE, in the July Handicap, looks the best thing of the day, after her running at Newmarket. It' Westphalia does not go, SHOLE- BROOKE will win the Maiden Two-year- oil Plate, and MAY MINT will win the Tottenham Selling Plate.






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