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_VLt\ -JZ'.nlll -¡, ido i\ I Beg to announce that TO-MORROW (SATURDAY) they will OPEN their I New Extension, NOe 4, Oxford Street (Adjoining their present premises) with entirely New Departments in all classes of 1 Rubber Goods, Waterproofs, &c. I An enormous selection of all kinds of e4 SPORTING GOODS. I I j Also a large and varied assortment of I TOYS and GAMES. A visit of inspection to our various New Departments will be highly esteemed. I 3 & 4, Oxford Street, Swansea. TELEPHONE 511 CENTRAL. | 2- -.aF;1. -i MONEY. POAA .?.< ?l,?L/j .0 l?n? on Mor?age X200 ?;. reasonable int?rMt.—Appiy "Trustee. liecvw Oiiice. 9A4-10 IMMEDIATE Lö. Old-ce-Lablished Jt- London nd Provinces LU""L 00-. Ltd? cum.nue? to LEND .immense ?ume Daily t'ro. ?10 ?.- .o-OO?J, on NO/E OF HAND ALONE or <'J"b."l' security. Moderate 1 uteres i. ielasy n td. Uatm for Short, ilorit)ds. -No P'E},;LJ}UX.u:.Y CHARGES WHATEVER. Lar d most honourably c^mLicU.-d business ii, the kigdom" 'I'?astntda of our re?ul&r cus- tomers ha.v? f;pr?'?.:d their entire aa;'6- faction in re??tcd tran actions witb us. A gentleman will wait upon you at once with Cash Cail or writs (in ooniidfenco) to Manager, Jiz. JiAiii'EK, 48, STOKEI CROFT, BRISTOL, vr to LoceJ Agent: lar. Bourne. 1 \ViIlow»-pI&ce, ^ansea. T WILLIAMS and Oc., 17, St. Ma.ry- street, make Private Loalla to Eedpeda blc Borrowers. Bi. lls Discount-♦a. No Fees Strictly Confidential. Terms Moderate. Ea6y Payments Arranged to suit Borrow c-ra.—Ire.'or WjjMains, ilaiiager. JONES. Financier, makes Cash Ad- -L?. Ya-iCt?, ircm £ a ?id upwards to Re- spectable Householders a tateasoiilble Bates of Int^re^t, without delay. Apply per- sonally, or by I inter. Distance no object. No lees. Easy repH7mentd arranged to suit, convenience of b^trowra. Private a'M confidential .1, U__ rove- place, Alesar.dra-roa<f, Swansea. HONEY TO LND. The OISJKiCT LOAN CO., of ST. MAR„T ,a S CHAMBERS, Cnurc n-strees", Swansea are j prepared to make GaSH AD V AN CS to Keepectabl« Householders on Promisaory | Notœ Otly. Rates of J uterest Mode rate. Repayments' to suit Borrowere Conve- nience. 6all or Write to G. BRI-N y THOMAS- Manager.  1\ _II ONE-Y:-i1;T-WITHOUT  ?rONEYLE?"wrrHOUT SECURITY. LADIES or GENTLEMEN cam have their  own ACCEPTANCES DISCOUNTED or iPOfcl I1 DATED CHEQUES CASHED without any I tMurity. bureuea, or interviews T OAN GRANTED BY POST, I-J Strictly Confidential, on j NOTE OF HAND ALONE, by Mr. LEWIN. to Ladies or Gentlemen, Merchants. Manu-, facturers, Hotel Proprietors, and Shop- keepers;, from X20 to Lb,OW. No lee«, conmiiaoioc, or before-hand charges ever made. Sorrowers dealing with at h-ers can have their loaiii? paid oft' or increased, and the who are about to borrow should write for full information, which will be sup- plied gratia and post free by the actual bender. -NO ASSUMED NAME. MR. D. LEWIN. 114, Bold street, Liver- 11' pool. Before payin? feee, commission, etc., yolt candli t (Lcp, a?-  tntg er le(?E. commission, etc., you cannot do better than apply to above, as No Charged whatever are made if the Loan is not completed. t IMPORTANT.-Why Pay Heavy Interest when you ,-an Borrow Money on Watches. Plate. Jewellery, etc., at the Re- duced Rate oi Eourpeace in the £ per month. Established 1812..—Mr. Henry Bar- ne)t (ancceesor). PlaAe Repository, 5, Heatn- I field-street, Swar?sea. £10 to L103000 to LEND on yonr ?romise to repay, or on Life PoUcMa. Furniture. Household Property, or any Security. Principal remains, or can be repaid by Easy Instalments. Prompt- neas and privacy. On receipt of letter a gentleman will call and hand yon cash at your house if desired. Distance no object. DQ not elp06e you requirements locally. Veal with the actual lenders. F. LAWRENCE, Ltd., (The Oldest Company in the Weat of England) Don Chambers, Cheese Market, Bristol. LOANS BY POST. S Advances £11) to .£.5.0110 on approved Note of I Hand alone, to Ladies and Gentlemen, Farmers, Shopkeepers and respectable per- I sons. Town or Country. Can be transacted I by post. No fees. Strictly private. Call or | write. Customers de?.ling with other lenders 5 can hft-re their loans pll.;d off or incrersed. I JAMES STAMFORD, Ltd., Morgan Chambers. I] 33. St. Mary Skeet. CARDIFF LOANS. LS to £ S'ju ADVANCED promptly and pri- vately '.In your written promise to pay. Repayments by eoey instalments to suit your income. For agreed periods- 25 REPAY SG. E59 REPAY £ 55. £1;) „ Ell. Else Elio. £21 „ R.22, JMM £ 220. SPECIAL TERMS TO FARMERS AND PROFESSIONAL MEN. No Charge unless business completed. Im- mediate attention given to inquiries by Post, 'Phone, or personally, and strictest Privafv Guaranteed. GEO. FRY & CO., 11, Dynevor Place, Swansea. 'Phone. 36 Docks. Under New Management. R20 to £5,000 ADVANCED By Private Lender on Simple Promissory Note No Bills of Saie taken. and Abso- lute Privacy Guaranteed First Letter of Application receives prompt attention. and intending borrowers are awaited upon by a Representat i\ e who is empowered to com- plete transactions upon terms mutually ar- ranged. NO CHARGE being made unless Business Actually Completed. Special Quo- tations for Short Loans. Write in confi- dence to C. Wells, Corridor Chambers, LEICESTER. GOLD! GOLD GOLD A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY. NOW READY- HOLIDAY LOANS, -45, £10, £15, £20, £50, £100, On Special Easy Terms. No Securities Required. Either Sex. Any Distance. Write or call, stating amount required, South Wales Loan and Finance Co., 3, MELBOURNE PLACE, ST. HELEN'S-HOAO, SWANSEA. A. C. CAFF!K!N. Res. Manage k LL About Canada.—The Central Boo-kin? -?'- ().?''p. I Bell.s?ue-?n?et (near bottom of Hisrh-etreet i, Swtt-tiftea, will for the I .Vr-e-ent, remain specially On 011 Friday Evemnso till p iu. to give free information iIfaA. 4-19 ? .v.  I Special SALE I ALE ? A  i '? ? OF-   IH-ss PIANOS. I IT?'! ? v ? CLASS rj.AA 1i? \T U/?bC' j??  i *i* vi ?- —. — &[. i ? ■z ? CaUud & CoU?u-d 80 Gnmeas Reduced to ?58 Caeh. Pays»e ^.8 6 17 „ 4>| PayBK) ?.. M ? ? „ 17 „  ? George Rogera 45 „ „ 28 „ ? Pa?e 40 ? 20 „ ? Brcii?off & Haertei 46 „ 25 ? ? Payne 36 „ 18 „ 56 „ 26 „ +  P«r»e M 25 ? ? ? Mazier 45 ? „ 1"  Gore & Kallmann 48 M It 20 tJ í Bracedwood White 56 oil 20. Hoffinftiia 50 to 21 ijssngm 50 „ „ 25 „ + ,t Robm 26 „ „ 12/12 M Kraoss ^65 M 28 „ X 36 „ H 22 „ f ——— —— J. Brader &Sons, 9, WIND ST., SWANSEA. ? f .++a+.+.).++.). FIRST PRIZE IHEATIEAl BREAD. REYNOLDS' Gold Medal Brand. SappHcd Daily in Swansea and District by the following Firms:- F. E Boyle: 14. Ne. I"nard i?4le? 18, St. ?cnrge'?street. Barridge A Son, Lrlangyteiach-gtree*. 0. J. Irenes, 133, Wesfcern-street. J. R. Daries, 60, Byug-ter., Brynliyfryd E. Evwm, Bryn3mKsr-w»d. W. Hamcvett, Uplands. John Jones A Son, mumbles. W J. Joneti, Mumbles. Jones, Dn & Co., IA& j James Joei<?. ??r?&tfach. 'I T JariM^, Graig Bakery, Momston Timotfev iont)F GorwiuGn. David Jones, Dkuagyfelacb-street. David Llovd. 83, St. H«Jen s-roed. E. Maslen, Neat, Hafod. G. Matthews, Walter-road. Morris & Co., 14, rlIhomas-st., St. Thomas W. Morgan A Co., The Cross, Morriston. A. Payne, Lower Oxford-street. Sidney Palmer, Oxford-st. & Branches. W. H. Palmer, Argyle-street. G. Pickard, Catht1 r;n e-?treet. W. H. Rice, Sketty. E. Richaida, Welcome Bak'ry, Morriston T. Tustian, Ltd., Ciarervce-street. Thomas Bros., Fabian-st., St. Thomas. J. Williams, Bond-street. Fivan Jones, Eaton-road., Brynhyfryd. Rhys Roberta. Bryn S-b, Brynhyfryd. W. S. Clark, 77, Oxford-Street. AWARDED 105 GOLD MEDALS. J REYHOLBS & Co., Ltd., Albert Flour Mills, Gloucester E08SPULS0RY BEM8!AL SALE. Don't Hesitate; the time for BARGAINS is here, ALL GOODS REDUCED. Don't Forget these are this Season's Goods. Owing to our short notice of removal they are to be cleared Look at Our Windows before purchasing elsewhere. BEST VALUE IN TOWN IN Serges, Tweeds, and all Dress Goods. Bradford & Manchester Warehouse Co., j 22, Waterloo Street, Swansea. j MEDICAL. FEEE.-THE WU'E'S HANDEOOX (of use to ooth se.xcsj. Revised 1913 Edition. L-ontaming- many pages of valuable advice to both eexes. Special liints on all irrcgu- laritieg and ailmeute. Wisdom for ixusa. Sound advice for women. pagetj on children's ailmente. Indieixsneable to married persons. Absolutely free, with samples, u; plain tietlfxi cover, on receipt of I cetcard, meuti-anmg this paper. No money necimred.—be Bratsseur Surgi-cal Co., Ltd., John Brifrht-oU'eot, Birmingham. Workc: Paaay, Pans. AJIjESE 0. STANLEY will send privately how to cure yourself of all irregulari- ties with French iiemedy.—114, Bold-ttreet. Liverpool. C6-Z6 WEAK MEN. Nervous and Physical Weaknesses, ueniLO-urinary Troubles, Lack of Vigour, Vancocale, and all the Allied Troubles, cenci for Treatise with full particulars, in- cluding Hundreds of Testimonials of com- plete cures. No electricity. Sent sealed for three stampa. C. L. MURRAY, 125, High Hoiborn, London. LADIES. The Safest and Most Reliable Remedy is Deakirt special Mixture. It is made from J'ure Herbs. and is backed by a reputation of 43 years Safe and Harmless. Price 28. 9d.; by post, securely packed in plaiu wrapper, 3f.—Deakin, Herbalist, 14, Alexan- ura-road, Swansea. LADJES LADSESl" Ifrs. STAFFORD-BROOKES, the Erainent Lady Specialist in all Female Complaints, h t much pleasure in announcing that her R ;1 ED Y for restoring regularity W 1 TH- 01' I MEDICINE is the only positive. safe, certain, and speedy one known. It acts almost immediately, and does not interfere with household ddties. I guarantee every C880 Send at once stamped-addressed envelope fo" full particulars and most convincing testimonials (Guaranteed Genuine under a penalty of £ 1,000), to Mrs. STAFI'ORD- ER.OOKES. L'J Dept., Ardgowan, Hither Green, London. LADIES Irreg, etc., removed by an np-to-datel method without Medicine or PiUa. ItiBSpeedyJ -sometimes immediatelv. Medical ecience knows no bettor cnre. Letters of testimonial' received daily. Send at once etamped ad- j dressed envelope for full particulars and teati-a mODkl&. suo.ra.nteed UfaMiBe under a penaltvl of £ 5.000—Mrs. D. STAEMAN MORRI& 162.8 8toka N"awin"'on Road, Ijitidon, X. n -JiB VH £ NSW FRENCH ftEMEOY. NoJ Wo2 WiA ? THERAPSOjMc????? T H &=- R#A 4 P W N Cbemsts. cupjs BLOOD POISON. '{JDEY, BLADDER, U',INAR? MSEASES. DISCHARGES, WEAKNESS, PILES. SEND STAMP ADDRESS ENVELOPE FOR FREE BOOKLET TO DR. LE CLERC. MtD.CO, HAVEKSTOCK B.D, HAMPSXEAP, LOMDON.ENGf -M- A.Rli.Uiii-:CÃï>ÍE8.-NunIQ Da.? has a '*?- &?f?. reliable remedy, gu.aj<mt?ed effectual, no matter how long standing, every case a cure. Ladiea should write at once, strictest, privacy. Send stamped envedope.—N uns« Dale. 19, itorton-etreet, Knighton, Radnorehird. 302A4-1 SURGICAf, RUB APPLIANCES, Enemas, etc.; samples. Is.; best quality; securely packed. Price List free.—J. Kitt. 280. Bute-street, Cardiff. URGlCAL RUBBER APPLIANCES. Enemas, etc.; ^amplea, is.; beet quality; securely packed. Price List free.—Lorraine's, Mill-la-ne. St. Mary street, Cardiff. IADlES should "nd Id. stamp for FRKB J SAMPLE of BLANCHARD'S PILLR They euperbedo Pennyroyal, Pil Cochia, Bitter Api.Ie, etc. Sold at Is. ltd. a Box by Boots' Branches and all ehemiste, or post free from Leslie Martyn. Ltd.. Chemiati 54, Dalstou-lane, Londou. Cc-3 ME! J EA>Ne" ilfCGLAIRE, Parisian Palmist, i'hrenologisi. Ladies' Spt-c.ii.' ist. Advice daily, 10 a.m. till 9 p.m.-Alex andra Arcaue, Swansea. Engagements ar- j ranged for Bazaars, Garden Vetes. etc., at Special Red uction LA BIES! L A DfES! Without Drugw. Pills, or Medicine, Nurse Scss guarantees to cure irregularities and obetruotionB, femtaie ^ihnents in married or single women, from whatever cause arising or how loop '-tanning; no disap- pointments; every iaoe a turd; numerous testimonials; &ezid "tamp for free advice.— NURSE ROSS'S LABORATORY. 13, CIHJCH STRK?T. LEAMT?G'r<)N I- 1 Appliances. 1 Our New IHustra.ted Descriptive CLtalogu6 B of even' kind of SURGICAL BUB.8EI; 1 APPLIANCES sent free (under oover). Fu.n Good 8amples for 1B,- | Dept. 16, S. SEYMOUR, I ;<?. j?c?.?'c/- Square, LONDON, ?.C. i -gnr-nr,Tr»-T-r»riiiinrm-«Bii»i nhw ipmmiiiii 11,1 in ?BaatsaBnEHNaanssieB?JMa jBNaMaat-f?aNeaEHta<n).iB? ILADIES-FREEI LADl ES-FREEil I Ladies should write to me before parting 5f wftli their money on 80-C¡?.lJP(! cures, and. I 1 will stnd them a FREE SAMPLE of my g renowned American, treatment for aJI E irregularities. I guarantee one box only I j to be quite effective even in the most ob. stinate and unyielding cases. No nause- f j ou drugs-no useless injections. Acts like magic, failure impsosible, so why a worry Send no money, but write fto me and I will send you a FREE SAMPLE packet sufficient for a cure, and testimj nialj. Mention this paper. Price 2/9 lit 4/6 £ 1 MRS. EVETT KINCAiD, The Renowned American Specialist, 8 g3, New Oxford Street, London, W.C. r. :\JØ .'lUr:mIdII-  utv f room. I l'wt !I-, ;,y at,a-ining oors pnt .<1. If n.n ith Oil I'It.n'). ..h/JIcl1lty s.l. ¡eum Ricl1 <.0\' at, pr ¡c; obrin ..t. h.rd ..rf-. tr.e manuI0 }. rom 1 r o. 11. t "rer- I m 0 n I!: e 1." ..n..i ¡liI,tnps Ridn:i.(: btor'< in \'iJ1n .3r,r. ? IL ?=Z ll I J


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