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Small Prepaid Advertisements I of the "Wanted and To be lint" claRS: 20 WORDS SIXPENCE, THREE TIMES NINEPENCE. SIX TIMES ONE SHILLING. WORDS. ONCE. 20 Words 0 6 0 9 1 0 30 Words 0 9 1 0 1 6 1-1-1 40 Words 1 0 1 6 2 3] 1_- 50 Words 1 3 2 6 3 9 60 Words I 1 6 i 3 0 46 Advertisements of the above class inserted in the "SOUTH Keno." the "OARmeK TIMKS," and the "SOUTH WALES DAILY NKWS" at the (oliowing rate :— I Six times iu Si* tUne» Onpft^in T I EX, Carditf Times, WORDS- ;.n<l Omo. I.. s„ ™ Cardiff limes South Wales Daily News. a. d. d. c. d. 20 Words 10 16 2 6 30 Words 1 6 3 9 40 Words õ 3 5 6 50 Words 3 9 5 0 8 9 60 WordH 4 6 6 0 10 6 HfTfltrintontal. F YOU ARK MARRIED. or contemplating taking t this important step, we can send you valuable information which you ought to know. Send yout address and we will send catalogue and pamphlet free.—address H. Q. Kerr, Mostyn road, Merton, Surrey. mil If MATRIMONIAL POST AND FASHION- T ABT B AllRIAGE ADVERTISER, most desirable Candidates for Matrimony. Pnie 3d; in envelope, 4id.—Address Editor, 9, Nicholas-street, Bristol °ao^ jflltgtCgl. ^S^ROFKSSOH (experienced) Rives Pianoforte, Sing- t ing, and Elocution dive-road, Canton 15, North Luton Place, Roath. Cardiff, or Pupils Residences. Terms moderate. H' 735- 611ANO AND HARP (Excellent) for sale or upon < hire system at Liverpool House, 96 and 97, Commercial-roa-d, Newport. n 381 C" EVERALPIANOS, &c.,for Sale.—Apply Laurence, Tuner and Repairer, 237, Cowbridge-road, Cardiff. Tunings from 3s c. (P&ucnttomtL V^fcTRITING. — Extraordinary improvement. Mr MacCreanor, 6, Nelson-terrace, Cardiff, Teaches Ladies', Gentlemen's Civil Service styles; seven lessons generally sufficient. Bomest'ic %t>rbnnta. n ENERAL SERVANT (good) Wanted; three in y 11 family.—Apply, 48, Mountstuart-square, Docks, Cardiff. • 977 WANTED by June 3rd, an éxperienced General Servant; three in family; good character required.—17, Windsor-place, Cardiff. 956 WANTED, strong Girl (general servant) from 1b to Vv 20 years old small family.—Apply ]59, Richmond-road, Roath, Cardiff. 9b5 WANTED, a Country Girl as General Servant.— Apply 11. Bute Esplanade, Docks, Cardiff. 936 WORKING HOUSEKEEPER (middle-aged per- Tt son) wanted. — Apply 33, Commercial-road, Newport. Situations Hacaitt. 4 PPLICATIONS Wanted from Foremen and Time- J\ keepers to Form Clubs for a Genuine Oil-painted Parlour Portrait; highest commission paid.-Apply Portrait, "South Wales Daily News," Cardiff. 950 B O V (16) to live in the house altogether and learn a trade; no family. Bed to themselves. No wages firstyear.-Apply, J. Summers, Painter, Glazier, and Paper Hangtr, Dinas. BOOT TRADE.—Wanted at once for repairing. Constant employment. None but steady need J) Constant employment. None but steady need apply—Isaac Bateman, Broadway, Roath, Cardift875 MESSRS A. & G. TAYLOR, Photographers, are open to appoint a few good Men as Canvassers. —Apply Arcade Studio, Newport. 337 TRA VELLERS and Commission Agents calling; npon private families can add to their income by apply- ing to k and O. Taylor, Photographers, Swansea. 862 WANTED, an Experienced Man, as Collector; Vr references and security.—Apply, A. and G. Taylor, Arcade Studio, Newport. 380 WANTED, for the Pawnbroking and Outfitting, a. TV Young Man of four or five years'experience; able to mark and arrange outside show good re- ferences.—Apply, immediately, to Julius Gittelsohn, 39 and 41, Broadway, Roath, Cardiff. 782 t. íftudions tHIrnttrtl. accustomed to general office work, who can j be well recommended, seeks engagement.— Address F. A. Turner, Daily News" Office, Cardiff, fpo BAKERS.—Wanted, situation as Foreman by t an experienced hand, used to smalls good refer- ences.—W. Channon, 80, Queen's-street, Sid bury, Devonshire. 824 f ofcginas, ^jmrtmeuts. &c. PARTMENTS < Furnished) to Let very comfort- a.ble, and quiet, healthy part.—Apply W. E., Echo Office, Newport, Mon. 377 A PARTMENTS (furnished or unfurnished); also comfortable Lodgings for two gentlemen terms moderate. — Apply 25, West Bute-street, Docks, Cardiff. 836 A PARTMENTS.—Bedroom and part sitting-room p%, wanted by single man; moderate terms.— J." B. C., care of Mr Hughes, News Agent, Pontypridd. 789 4- PARTMENTS for G en tleman, in good neighbour hood can be well recommended.—Apply 99, Tudor-road, Riverside, Cardiff. FURNISHED APARTMENTS to Let to a lady and gentleman, or two ladies no children.—Apply 4, Ivy-street, West Cottages, Penarth. 882 1 ODGIN'GS required by a young Lady mostly out K J must be in respectable neighbourhood.—J. A., Echo Office, Cardiff. 903 ■v EAR DOCKS.—Unfurnished large front Sitting- J3i room, one or two bedrooms; elderly couple preferred.—Apply R., Echo" Office, Cardiff. 916 "S> IVERSIDE.—Front Sitting-room and Bedroom to it Let, suit maivied couple or two gentleman friends, "hare same rooms; terms moderate.—H.W., "Echo" Office, Cardiif. 876 T inO LET, in Bute-street, Kitchen and 2 or 3 Rooms _§ very central.—E.K., Echo Office, Cardiff. 960 _§ very central.—E.K., Echo Office, Cardiff. 960 WANTED, respectable Furnished Apartments (permanent) by married couple. State lowest terms without attendance.—Apply H. W., Echo" Office, Newport. 357 ~WJ ESTON SUPER MARE. — Snperior Private V v Boarding House, close to sea, pier, and woods every comfort.-9, Claremont-crescent. 756 Houses, &c., {to OUSE AND STABLE to Let, 7s 6d per week, at No. 4, Havelock-street, Cardiff.—Apply No. 71, Adam-street, Cardiff. 980 HOUSE (convenient) to Let; rent low.—Apply, E. JH. Fennell, Newport. 369 OFFICES (convenient) to Let rent moderate.— Apply, E. Fennell, Newport. 368 TO LET, two Houses in Grangetown; rent, 5s 6d per week.—Apply 99. Cowbridge-road, Canton, Cardiff, opposite Nursery 904 fTHO LET, Egerton-street, Canton, Small Villa six JL rooms, scullery, &c. papered and painted Shroughout. Rent, 6s.—Apply Tredegar House, Cow- bridge-road, Cardiff. 954 r]10 LET, 28, Glamorgan-street, 6s weekly; 78, Jj Clifton-street, 7s weekly, clear. Immediate pos- nession. — Atlas Furnishing Co., St John's-square, Cardiff. 87 TnDSOR-PLACE.—To be Let, No. 3, Windsor- VT place, Cardiff. premises are admirably adapted for a professional gentleman.—Apply at the South Wales Daily News" Office, Cardiff 772 -n- Ita 1rtt.-lhtsitttss premises, &c. HOUSE and SHOP to Let, George-street, Cathays, Cardiff rent, 10s weekly immediate possession. —Apply Atlas Furnishing Company, St. John's-square, Cardiff. 922 HOUSE with side entrance, t JL situated Commer^dil-road, Newport.—Apply F. Chappell, Butcher. J OURE. and SHOP to Let 22, Clifton-street; best position; suitable for any business. G Hutchings, 199, Castle-voad, Cardiff. 774 1LFRACOMBE, DEVON.—Business "Premises to JL Let in the centre of the High-street of this popular health resort. Large, double-fronted Shop, plate-glass. Dining and Drawing Rooms, seven Bedrooms, usual offices. Immediate possession.—Further particulars of F. C. Horwood, Auctioneer, Ilfracombe. 886 LET, Bakehouse and Dwelling, doing good l trade.—Apply No.1; Noah-street (oft Adam-street), Cardiff. 5 r|V> BE LET, No. 3, Windsor-place, close on to X Crockherbtown, as Offices or for business pre- mises. Contains 10 rooms, cellars, and larg.. gar\len,and back entrance to Park-lane; suitable for professional man, milliner, tailor, draper, school, <fcc.—Appiy, •'South Wales Daily News" Office, Cardiff. 772 TO LET, temporary or for term, laige Shop and Premises, 139, Commercial-street, Newport; also Offices opposite Custom House, and Stables near Alexandra Docks.—Apply Liverpool House, Commer- cial-road, Newport. 382, -+- JOt Stale.-Itfirases. ICattb. &c. REEHOLD and long Leasehold Houses for sale, Newport—York-road, Caerleon-road healthy, pleasant and respectable neighbourhood.—For price, &c., apply to A. Oakey, 20, Church-road, Maindee, Newport. t ALL MEN WHO WISH TO MARRY AND BE HAPP\ should see the MAGIC MIRROR. Sent free to any part of the world on receipt of three stamps, name itzaJan-sqnari, Sheffield. Don't delay, seud t on-e. ^Please uame this papef.—-ALL MEN. 138 Jot ^nlf."iiUsiCi?Unneous. AROAINS.—Harmonium, £ 3~10s, worth" £ 7^j splendid Dining-room Suite, Mahogany Side- board, Bookcase, good Talking Parrot in Cage, S3 10s 52-in. Bicycle, 32s Spring Mattress, 228 6d.—Apply Old Curiosity Shop, Newport, Mon. 372 CANARIES.—Advertiser wishes to sell following :— Two very fine Norwich cocks, crested and crested- bred three" even-marked yellow hens, three large green and variegated crested and crested-bred hens, pair very good cinnamons, two fine prize bullfinches, half- dozen young and old goldfinches, hen bullfinch, couple good linnets, and one well-bred muling hen. All above are good stock, and will be sold cheap to clear, includ- ing "a couple of breeding cages.—72, Woodville-road, Cardiff. 831 ("lORKS. CORKS for herb beer makers and others j best, 8d gross 10 gross bags, 6s.—Cork Stores, 204, Severn-road, Cardiff. 921 ] \ONKEY, CART, and "HARNESS for Sale, or 8 T would partly exchange for pony, cart, and har- ness.—2, Eveswell-street, Maindee, Newport 376 J/TNGIN E.—For Sale, a Vertical Engine, 8 inch lj cylinder, 12 inch stroke, with fly wheel and pu Hey; and pump attached to same. Can be seen, at anv time at the South Wales Daily News," Office, Cardiff. __„7!L 17EATHERS (good quality) for Sale, cheap.—Apply E. Fennell, Newport and Cardiff. 371 FEEDING MEAL, the produce of Wheat only the _f' best and cheapest Feed for Cattle, Pigs, and Poultry; £3 10s per ton on rail, Liverpool cash with oiders.—Apply to M. J. Heathcote and Co., 10, Drury- lane, Liverpool. 96 SALE, 100 tons of Vetches, 25s per ton de- livered less charged for fetching them.—Apply A. Exton, Malpas Farm, Newport. FOR SALE, Oxford Cart, Lamps, Itc., with harness JL' to suit Cob, 14 hands or higher.—Kitt and Co., Herbalist, Bute-street, Cardiff. 961 ITIOR SALE, Two good Traps, light spring Wagon, I second-hand Tipcart.—Apply Dyer, Wheelwright, Cyfarthfa-street (off Castle-road), Cardiff. 856 ARDEN NET, 3 Inch Mesh, sound and strong T 100 yards by 2, 8s. Trade supplied at reduced prices.—Tim Dunn, Net Manufacturer, Mevagissey, Cornwall. 33 i* ;| ORTICE MACHINE (a bargain) in splendid I v S condition also good tip-cart and chaff cutter. 64, Eldon-road, Cardiff. 924 TV ORWICH CANARIES.—Hens ready for Nesting, 1^1 2s 3d, 2s- 6d, 2s 9d. and 3s 3d each; all birds warranted approval.—Baker, Hairdresser, Woodville- road, Cathays, Cardiff. __Un_ 944 SUITE of substantial, well-made Dining-room Furni- ture, consisting of eight chairs aud couch.- Apply 1, De Burgh-street, Cardiff. 923 JBIiscgHanggna. FURNISH on our New Hire System. Houses or Apartments completely furnished on a new sys- tem adopted solely by us, whereby all publicity- exposure, and enquiries usually made by cther com, panies are dispensed with. We have an immense stock of Household Furniture of cheap and superior quality. All goods sold on the Hire System at ready. money prices. We make no extra charge for credit, and all goods sent home in a private van free of charge. No stamp or agreement charges made no bill of sale; everything private. Arrangements completed without delay, and, being manufacturers, we guarantee quality, and will undertake to supply furniture, etc., at 10 per cent. less thau any price-list issued by any firm in Cardiff. Eleven showrooms. Call and inspect our immense stock, and compare prices before purchasing elsewhere. We will supply B5 worth for 2s 6d weekly £10 worth, 4s weekly £15 worth for 5s weekly S20 worth, 6s weekly, and so on in proportion. Special terms for larger quantities. Please note the Address SOUTH WALES FURNISHING COMPANY, 31, Castle-st. (opposite the tle), Cardiff.12733—2491—68e SHOP LAMPS! Street Lamps I! Hotel Lamps Best and cbenoest at C. E. Gurnsey's Works, Merchant-street, Bristol. All kinds of lamps repaired. Carriage lamps, 10s 3d pair. Large stock of New and Second-hand Lamps. 844 miCKETS for America, Canada, Australia, or the Jt Cape, by any line, can be had of Mr S. J. Davies, 9, Edward-place, Cardiff, near T. V.R. Station. 868 fm0 BE LET, on Hire, a Pair of Horses and Break break seats 26.-Apply 158, Commercial-road, Newport. r(TOBACCONISTS COMMENCING. —How to open J remuneratively from any amount, however small or large, Illustrated Catalogue, post free.— Lesser Friealander, 3, Houndsditch, London 3 rpHE PATHWAY OF SAFETY, a book for young X men. Giving instructions for the speedy cure of nervous and other complaints, which embitter life and produce premature decay and loss of nerve power and vitality. Full directions for self-treatment, with local and internal remedies, which has cured thousands of persons who had lost all hope before reading this book. Published by a duly-qualiiied Surgeon for the benefit of mankind. A copy sent free.—Address Secretary, Institute of Anatomy, Birmingham. 993 HAT IS BEFORE YOU?—Senddateof birth, T T with Postal Order, Is, and stamped addressed envelope, to J. Wilson, 5, Wilton-rd., London, S.W. 757 j* K GIVEN away if no relief. Fell's Rumic cures XUVf Rheumatic, Gout, and Sciatica bottle Sent free 15 stamps -144, London-road, Manchester. 31 Money. TO £ <QAA ADVANCED DAILY TO HOUSEHOLDERS ffWHoBl tnttiftM^oan Office Routine or Preliminary Fees Moderate Charges, Easy Payments. Apply-G. H. ALLSOPP, MONETARY ADVANCE COMPANY, 22, TRINITY-STREET (opposite St John's Church), CARDIFF. 196e MOUTH WALES LOAN OFFICE, 1, ST. JOHN'S-SQAURE, Advances Cash as usual at low interest. Easy pay. ments, no fees, and at one hour's notice. bl OMMERCIAXi ^D VANCE j^ANK, "I A QUAY -STREET (off St. Mary-street, opposite JL «/, Church-street), CARDIFF. MONEY ADVANCED ON NOTE OF HAND on reasonable terms at Short Notice, from S3 TO £500, with or without sureties, to Householders, Farmers, Shopkeepers, and others. Distance no object. NO FEES. Bills discounted at a low rate of interest. The difficulty experienced in obtaining an ADVANCE at:\n ordinary Loan Office is obviated by applying to this Bank, which is situate in the most central and accessible position in Cardiff. Write in confidence, stating amount required, or call personally on 840—1205 JOHN JAMES LEWIS, Manager. MONEY LENT WITHOUT BILL OF SALE.—a jLvt Private Gentleman is desirous of making advances upon Promissory Note alone, at 5 per cent. interest, to male or female, without sureties, and strictly private, for any tenn not exceeding'10 )'ear8.- Apply for prospectus and scale of payments to G. H. Shove, Esq., 21, John-st., Adelphi, London, W.C. 275e ;tmIUP\VARDS(¡raIJted on good personal security for One Year. Repay- able Monthly. Total payments, £i05 8s 2d inclusive costs, £1 12s 6d Loans for Two, Three, or Five Years, on similar terms. W. It He II ERN, 747 ,72, ST. MARY-SXaKEI, CARDIFF. MONEY ADVANCED PRIVATELY AND WITH- OUT PUBLICITY. jE5 to BbOO lent to respectable householders, without delay or loan office routine. Letters or personal calls treated in STRICT CONFI- DENCE, or will attend personally at any address upon receipt of letter MR B. B. LESTER, 15, BRIDGE-STREET, NEWPORT 581 (a private house.) "ASIi ACCOAIMODATION.—The Cardiff and V County Advance Bank continues to make ad- vauces upon any approved security repayable by in. stalments or otherwise, at moderate interest Bills discounted.—Apply Manager, 9, Caroline-street, Car- diff. Esnablixhed 50 years. JU9—11S6 CARH ADVANCED (per post or otherwise) upon Jewellery, Silver Goods. Electro Plato. Pianos, Sealskins, Furniture, and every description of portable Property. Easy repayments. Alfred Chilcot and Co., 1, Great Geoi ue-street, Park-street, Bristol. Estab- lished 80 years. N.B.—Cash sent per return of post for valuables consintjd for Loan. 245 n_- MONEY ADVANCED DAILY in sums FROM S3 1., and UPWARDS to working men and others on their own security," ;it it low rati- of intere-ic; easy repayments. Applications attended promptly. Office liou; s, 10 a.m. t0 8 p in. Address Mr James Field, 1_0,harles-stree_ Stamp for prospectus. 75 IMPORTANT NOTICK-If you want Money send JL stamp for Prospectus btfore borrowing elsewhere to Mr Pike, 43, Salisbury-road, Cardiff. 257 UTiscellaneons Utants. WASHING AND CLEANING wanted by young tV woman.—Apply X.Y., Echo" Office, Cardiff. 855 attfo ,¥oun!i. lOST, near Theatre Royal, a Purse, containing 7 Spanish gold coins, and other sundry articles; brown leather, with elastic band. Any person return- ing same to Chief Police-station will receive £1 reward. 985 STRAYED from Tynycoed Farm, on May 19th, a red and white Cow marked, one cut on left pin and left thigh. Any rerson givil1(Y information leading to her discovery wil be rewarded by James Hourihan, 54, Arabella-street, Roath, Cardiff. 834 OOUTH WALES" REGISTRY FOR JJ SERVANTS and GOVERNESSES' AGENOl. Note the Address—22, Charles street, Cardiff. JVI K S jp E D L E R. Cooks, Hou emaids. Parlourmaids, Generals wanted, and waiting situations. Also Housekeepers, Lady's Maids, and Men Servants wanting vacancies. 111 I '| I JJUJETHl TEETH TEhlL'H. Vriae Madal London, 1862. Gold Medal, Paris, 1867 M R K E ALL, SURGEON DENTIST '31 Vears' Experience; 1 Years in Swansea) 199, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA Just below the Great Western Railway Station), Begs to intimate that he can produce a perfectly fitting Set of Teeth in one ciear day. The very best workman. ship guaranteed. Painless Dentistry by Gas. Partial Sets from 5s per Tooth Upper or Lower Sets I' from Two Guineas. KEALL'S TONIC AND NEURALGIC MIXTURE, Stwe and Speedy Cure for Neuralgia, Tic Doloreux Rheums, Toothache, and all Nervous Pains. Is lAd and 2s 9d per Bottle. Through any Chemist Munday, Cardiff; Garrett, Bros., Newport; J. G. Isaac Neath: E. C. Evans. Cardigan. 1038 1 Ift JECTION~DAY7INFALMBLB JL REMEDY and certain cure for all Discharges from Itbe Urinary Organs in either sex, whether acquired or constitutional, receut or chronic;; cures in a few days without medicines. Sold In bottles, 2s 6d each (by post &9d), by ail chemists, j/ouqon agents, ff. Newberj and Sons. 1, King Edvrard-sCreti, E.G. Agent iot Cardiff. J. Munday, Chemist, I Hish-Ktraetl2683 3?0« Antusentimts, OAfcDtFfr> rjpHEATftg ROYALl CARDIFF. TO-NIGHT, SATURDAY, MAY 26th, LAST NIGHT D OROTHY. GRAND MOENING PERFORMANCE, "DOROTHY," THIS DAY, MAY 26, at Two o'clock. Box Plan at Thompson and Shackell's, Ltd. GRAND THUATRHJ AND OPERA \JT HOUSE. WESTG-VTE-STKEET. CARDIFF. SOLE LESSEE AND MANAGER—Mr HARRY DAY. EXTRAORDINARY SUCCESS I OVERFLOWING HOUSES I ENTHUSIASTIC AUDIENCES I Thunders of applause nigbtly greet the Great Drama, the IVI YSTERY OF A HANSOM CAB, Full of go from beginning to end. NOTICE.—In consequence of the enorinouthit of the above great p oduction, the doors will be opened one half honr earlier wiih no extra charge. Remember Saturday next positively the last night of the Hansom < ab. MONDAY NEXT, May 28th, 1888, THE HON. MR JEUVIS AND COMPANY, In the Grtat Drama, THE LAND OF GOLD. Box Plan at Messrs Thompson and Shackell's (Limited). Telephone No. 521. O M B W E LI/S OYAL RATIONAL jyjAMMOTH m ENAGERIE, 22 MONSTER CARRIAGES (All New), 63 MAGNIFICENT CART HORSES, 55 EMPLOYEES, And over 700 VALUABLE ANIMALS AND BIRDS, WILL EXHIBIT IN JpENARTH JJOAD, 0ARDIFE, Do not Fail to Visit this GIGANTIC EXHIBITION, the pride and wonder of our age. 27 MONSTER LIONS, besides Groups of TIGERS, JAGUAJiS. LEOPARDS, PUMAS, BEAKS, WOLVES, HYENAS 100 Mischievous MONKEYS, and 200 BIRDS, including Ostriches, Cassowaries, Pelicans, Vultures, Macaws, Parrots, &c. The latest additions to this Ma.mmoth how are the RIVER ELEPHANT, of Malacca, the BRINDLED GMJ fiom Africa, the CHRIOPPAMUS TRANS- VAAL, the HAIRY WILD .MAN or CHIMPANZEE. Hourly Performances by MADAM SALVA, 'he Sable African Lion Huntress, who has been specially engaged for this tour regardless of expense also of CARDO- NO, the American Lion Monarch with Groups of Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Bears, and Hyenas. The manoeuvres of Madam Jumbo and Baby Jumbo, under the direction of Captain Cardono, are a source of amnsement to all onlookers. BIRTH EXTRAORDINARY -On Saturday, April 14th, while at Oxford, the magnificent Lioness Victoria giive birth to Five Splendid Cubs, the greatest num- ber ever known at ono litter. Mother and babies doing well and exhibited at intervals. OPEN DAILY from 2 p.m. Admission, Is; Child- ren, bd Labouring Classes, after 6 p.m., 6d Owing to the ENORMOUS SUCCESS, the MENA- GURIE WILL RKMAIN HERE TILL MONDAY, the 28tb of MAY, this being POSITIVELY THI LAST DAY. ENTIRE CHANGE OF PROGRAMME. Various Now Attractions and NEW WILD ANIMAL PERFORMANCES. At 3 30, GREAT TUG OF WAR, GIANT ELEPHANT v, 200 MEN. At 8.45, R. Wiltshire, Esq., Landlord of the Blue Bell. High- street, Cardiff, will Enter the Den of Monster Forest- bred African Li ins, in consequence of a very high wager. This will cause the greatest Sensation and Excitement ever known at Cardiff. REMEMBER MONDAY IS POSITIVELY THE LAST DAY. At 8.30, Tu of War with the Elephant. At 8.4b, Bob Wiltshire is the Hero in the Lions' Den. SIDE SHOWS.—GENERAL MITE TINY, the Smallest Man living. 3 inches shorter than the late torn Thumb. MDLLE. BELLMONTE, the French Giantess, the largest Lady on EarLh, bein only 10 months, nnd weighing the enormous weight of six stone. TOM DALROY, the Giant Sol(iit-r, the tallest man ever in the British Army. NAN A," the Clair- voyant Ma, vel, and Olympia, th,t Largest Horse in the orld.-Proprietor, FRANK C. BOSTOCK 351 llMATEUR PHOT OGR A PHY CAMERA AND LENS COMPLETE FROM 216 TO 11 GUINEAS. Lessons given and use of Dark Room free of charge to all Purchasers. A large stock of all the Appliances and Novelties- Dry Plates, Obernetter Printing Piper, &c. J. R. WOOD, Optician, 3. Castle-street, Cardiff. (Excursions. DAILY SERVICE between WESTON and'CARDIFF, calling off Penarth Dock Head I (ten minutes after leaving Cardiff, and on returning from Weston), by the Saloon Steamer, "LADY MARGARET." MAY. 1888. LEAVE CARDIFF. i Sat 26—8.0 am and 4.15 pm Mon 28—7.30 and 11.15 am | 'lues 29—7.30, 10.0 am aud j 6.30 pm I LEAVE WESTON. Sat 26—9.15 am a 7.45 pm Mon 28-8.46 am & 6.16 pin Tues 29-8.46, 11.30, and 7.45 pm For Special Through Arrangements of Excursion parties to Cheddar, Wells, <fcc., or for Hire of Passenger Steamers to any place in the Bristol Channel, apply to Edwards, Robertson and Co., 106, Bute Docks, Cardiff. parties to Cheddar, Wells, &c., or for Hire of Passenger steamers to any place in the Bristol Channel, apply to Edwards, Robertson and Co., 106, Bute Docks, Cardiff. 349_ 1007 QREAT WESTERN RAILWAY^ EPSOM RACES. On WKDNESDAY, MajTsOcb, DERBY DAY," a F x:T EXCURSION for LO NDON (Kensington) and EPSOM will leave CARDIFF at 4.45 am., return- ing same day from Ep-om at 815, and Kensington (Addison-road) at 9.40 p.m. RETURN FARES, 3rd Ciass—LONDON, 7s; EP.>OM, lis. 1285 HV. LAMBEUT, General Manager. (RUMMER TOURS IN SCOTLAND. GLASGOW and the HIGHLANDS (Royal Route, v i Crinan and Caledonian Canals). The Royal Mail Steamers COLUMBA or IONA sail fiom GLASGOW DAILY at 7 a.m., from GREENOCK at 9 a.m., in connection with Express Trains from Ctrdift and the South, conveying passengers for Oban, Fort William, Inverness, Locha.we. Skye, Gairloch, Staffa, Ion;, Glencoa, Islay, Stornoway, Ac. Official Guide. 3d; lilustl ated, 6,1 and Is. Time bills, with mtp and fares, free by post from the owner, David Macbrayne, 119, Hope-street, Glasgow. 366-1238 Saks hu Àudiou.. 73, ST. MARY STREET (late Bere & Co ). CARDIFF. IMPORTANT TO TAILORS, HOUSEKEEPERS, AND OTHliRS. FIRII;SAI-VAGF, SALE of WOO I LENS, READY- MADE CLOTHING, SHIRTS. HOSIERY, &c., from the late Fire at Temple of Fashion, Newport. "]\/| R F. I. WALL will SELL by PUBLIC lvA AUCTION, at the above address, Every Evening at 6.60 p.m., until disposed of, commencing on TUES- DAY, MAY 1st, 1838, the remaining portion of the above Stock, which will be soM without tiie slightest reserve. The Auctioneer would respectfully call the attention of the pujilic to the present opportunity afforded them of obtaining short lengths of cboth for faiiiii) use. Auctioneer's Office, 15, Railway-street, Newport, Mon. April 25th. 1888. 274 +_ ■Public Maiices. JTNITARIANT FREE CHRISTIAN Iti CHURCH, WEST GROVE, TR E]> EG A R VII LE. The Rev HOBART CLARK will Preach a sories of SPECIAL SE MoNS on UNITARIAN CHRIS- TIANITY." Subject for Sunday Evening, May 27th :— "ITS FREEDOM." Services to begin at Halt-past Six o'ciock, The Public are cordially invited to atteud. 361 G. LATTY, "AUCTIONEER, T • VALUER, CO MMISSION AGENT. &c.— Sales conducted of all kinds of property, including Estates, Farming Stock, Crops, Furniture, Trade r-tocks, Timber, &c., in town or country at tixea and moderate charges. All Sales (.ntru-teu to shall have his careful attention, with immediate settle r-tocks, Timber, &c., in town or country at tisea and moderate charges. All Sales (.ntru-teu to han shall have his careful attention, with immediate settle merits. Money advanced Freehold and Leaseh, old Properties. OFFiChS: HORSE REPOSITORY (opposite Tuft Vale Railway Station,, and 140. RICHMOND-BOA II, CALLDIFF. 192 jTinaitcial. "jVTEWPORT (MON.) DISCOUNT COM- PANY, LIMITED. D. A. VAUOHAN, Esq., J.P., Chairman of Directors. DEPOSITS OF £5 AND UPWARDS Received (bearing interest at £ 5 per cent., payable half- yearly). Repayable on one, three, or six months' n,tice beirg given, or as may be arranged. BILLS DISCOUNlED AND ADVANCES MAOE On deposits of Deeds and otheir securities, Life Policies, Reversions, or on Bonds or Promissory Notes, with approved securities. OIRce-7. Tredegar-place, Newport, Mon. MR JOHN YOUNG, 881. Secretary anti Matiager. PERSONS WISi ilNG toMAKK MONEY JL by using B5 capital and upwards (no further liability) in Stock and :->hare transactions, averaging 3 nays duration (Capital often doubled or trebled), should read H B. SMITH'S PAMPHLKT on How to make Unlimited Profits with Limited Liability." Court Journal says, The throng of operators dealing with Mr Smith is quite astounding." Press opinions, Clients' Testimonials, Paanphlet, &c., post tree.—H. B. SMITH, Sworn Broker, HO, Cannon-street, London, EC. 260 ffitiMinttiotts. BAD THE LAW OF POPULA- TION,' by ANNIE BESANC.-A work designed to induce marrie,1 people to limit their fit-biily within the means of subsistence.—Sent post free by W. H Reynolds, Publisher, New Cross, London, S.E., on receipt ofeigh t penny stamps. 13291—23—8848 WC O O P E R, Preserver of Birds, • Animals, Fish, etc. Skins N^!fIJjS4JiI {ST, Dressed and Linsd. Horns j C aSTLE-STREET, and Corals Mounted. First 18 CARDIFF. Prize Medal London. ;gnsintss AbbreS5ts. GARDEN HOSE] GARDEN JJOSE, ARDEN HOSE. j FT. LENGTH FITTED COMPLETE PROM* 15/6. ANY LENGTH CUT. LiaTS ON APPLI- t CATION. ANDERSON, ANDERSON, AND ANDERSON, INDIA RUBBER MANUFACTURERS, 4: QUEEN-STREET, QARDIFF. NAISH BROS. ARE STItX TiE 0HE ATEST OUSE j^URNISHERS IN CARDIFF OR SOUTH WALES. DRA WING-ROOM SUITES. fi INING-ROOM SUITES. JJEDROOM SUITES. (SKI: WINDOWS). NAISH BROS. are stiil Prepared to SUPPLY FURNITURE for tlie Mansion or the Cotr. ig-e far CHEAPER THAN ANY OTHER HOUSE in CARDIFF or South Wale". INSPECTION INVITED.. FLOORCLOTH CHINA LINOLEUM EARTHENWARE CARPETS IRONMONGERY OVERMANTLES BEDDING BEDSTEADS FENDERS J^TAISH JgROS., 72, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. MUNDAYS I "V I R] J) I N E" Trade Mark), Wo, 56996. (^ORNS A C E It TAIN J CUKii] FOR CORNS, <ORNS v_y Palnlesif and Harmless. /"iORNS This infallibly remedy introduced by XADMO I J-MUNDAY haa obtained a world-wide i IVJXVJNO reputation. The eriicacy of VIRI- V-/ DlNE' may be judged by its having CORNS Cured Corns of over 60 years' standing, which had resisted ali other remedies. CIAP MC! • It suoceeds where all Plasters and J D Caustics have (ailed IN REMOVING BOTH HARD OR SOFT CORNS AND WARTS, QORNS T M I T A~T IONS. CORNS Mdlle. MARIE MULI.KR. Amster flORNS dam, Holland., writes;— j I bought a bottle ot your genuine I Uridine some six months ago in Paris, which cured me, aud as I am a principal dancer you know my CORNS 1 feet are my living. The bottle I V/ I bought'did the service you recom- CORNS Blended it, bui. I bougnt another one afterward* wUlph «h iorami and na Cnn xtn | good. As T want a bottle of gennint a friend of mine, who is nearly mad with pain, will you please send me CORNS 1 one direct. QORNS ^^ONDERFUL CURE. f ^jORNS m-s3 WAiTS, Cheltenham, writes C-^ An.T„ Please send by return of post one ORNS bottle of Viridine." We have found it a toonderful cure for corns. c ORNS! 'IORN JU 'BMER. /^ORNS! V^ORNS Mr TH0S- WILLIAMS, St. Nicholas, V-^ I am 85 years of age, A corn I have CORNS had over SO years has been perfectly j cured by your Vitidine. QORNS RATirUDK CORNS The Rev. W. MATTHEWS, M.A., Sfc ^lORNS David's, writes:- V-/ Gratitu e compels me to say that CORNS War "v iridine rem ved two oorns fre n my feet, which had troubled me /"I ORNS ^or n,any yeara. pORNS gUFFEREDlS YEARS. MISS JONES, Lawnhurst, Manchester C10RNS writes ) I have suffered for 15 years from a CORNS I horrid corn. Sometimes it was like a boiL I tried the Viridine,' and it has (VADXTC I completely cured it 1 UxvJM o The above are extracts from numerous J unsolicited testimonials. CORNS • CAUTION. QORNS c COPNS As so many imitations of my prepara- jjon are being offered, the public av« re. riORNS!questedtoASKF°tt vy MUNDAY'S CORNS "VIRIDINE CORNS And SEE THAT MY SIGNATURE is Oil th» CORNS end of each P^kage. ly By ordering Corn Cure' you ma CORN<5 I receive one of the many so-called remedies' which only give relief or some worthless imitation of Viri- CORNS dine.' Ir> Bottles, price Is, by post Is 2d. PBRPABBD ONLT BY J M U N D A Y CHEMIST, 1, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. Agents; London-WILCOX & Co., Chemists, 239, Oxford-street, W. F. NEWBERY & SONS, SANGER, SUTTON, HOVENDKN, Ac Liverpool- A SYMES it Co., 68, Bold-strett. Dublin—HA YES & Co., 12, GTafton-street. PMia-PHARMACIE BEKAL, 14, Rue de laPaix, Amsterdam—PERRY Co., 97. Kaiverstraat. And all Chemist* and Vatent Meaicin-^ Vendor:; 12603-962., F-r R y IT! TRY W B A T ? j_>RUST'S JpULMONIO LUKG JL JL JB-J J^ESTO^ER. Councillor KENNARD says it the best remedy he ias ever founds R V-TORF,' THE V OIC i, ALLAY 1RBITAJION IN THE BRONCHIAL TUJWS. and check a disagreeable allll trying congh, THE LUNG RESTORER Is specially recommended for Coughs, Colds, lsthmn, Bronchitis, "Throat Irritation, Difficulty of Breathing. &c., and is the most certain and speedy remedy for til disorders i f the Chest and Lung-. SOLD IN BOTTi.ES, is lid and 2s 9d. PREPARED ONLY BY R p RUST, M.P.S., \.0. 146, CLIFTON-STREET, R OATH, Q A R D I F F. Please a-k your Chemist to obtain it for you if he hasn't it in stock 182 B AOOBS, PAWNBROKER. JEWELLER, AND OUTFIFFER, 1, HERB EUT-STITH ET, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF. Highest Advances made on Gi Id and Silver, Jewellery, Plat, aud all portable prokrty. Lnaus above B2 at reduced interest. ApprovedTrade Bills Di counted. Guns, Revolvers, Sextants, Telescopes, ltc., always on Sale. LIVTEPOOL HOUSE. 42, BUTE-STREET. Cheapest Shop for Sesimen's ClothriiK. &c- 267 TTEARSES. with glass sides, elegant in JL.L design; also Funeral Carriages, ShelibeTes, Landaus, <%M, Ransoms, Bronghams, Brakes, ana Waggonettes, hew and second-hand, offered great bargains, and dasy terms.—Apply J. Marston and Co., Carriage Builders, Birmingham. 1230-364 Sushtiss ^.i)dr £ ss2s. •TOTHAM & SON, GREAT CLOTHING AND WOOLLEN STORES, 26 & 27, ST' MARViSTRRCT- c ARDTFF. ESTABLISHED 1838 (50 TfTP) LARGEST STOCK & ASSORTMENT of any One Clothing Firm in South Wales or the W A;, of Englandt JOTHAM & SONS SELL ONLY RELIABLE GOOI)S AT THE VERY LOWEST POSSIBLE JPRLCES. JOTHAM & SONS ARE MEN'S & BOYS' OUTFITTERS. JOTHAM & SONS ARE WOOLLEN MERCHANTS AND BESPOKE TAILORS. JOTHAM & SONS ARE HATTERS & MAFUFACTURERS, JOTHAM & SONS ARE HOSIERS & SHIRT MAKERS. ALL GOODS GUARANTEED. JOTHAM & SONS, 26 & 27, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF 699 CHIMNEY pIECES OF THE NEWEST DESIGNS IN BELGIAN AND ITALIAN MARBLES, AND IN ENAMELLED SLATE BEAUTIFULLY DECORATED WITH FLORAL AND OTHtiR DESIGNS BATHS, LAVATORIES, &c., IN MARBLE AND ENAMELLED SLATE. BUTCHERS' AND OIHlm MARBLE-COUNTER TOPS. RANGES, GRATES, AND ALL DESCRIPTIONS OF BUILDERS' IRONMONGERY. Large Consignments of FOREST OF DEAN H' AD TON MS, COPINGS CURBS, PAVING, &c., just arrived. Also of NEWBRIDUF, STREliT and COTTAGE PAVING STONES, SILLS, CHANNELS, and CURBS. JOINERY AND MOULDINGS. WHITLAND ABBKY, GREEN, AND OTHER ROOFING SLATKS. TIMBER SLATE AND GENERAL MERCHANTS, Stone Ware, Sanitary Pipes, Cement, Plaster, Staff' rd hire Crests, and Blue Bricks and all kinds of Building Materials. J. SESSIONS AND 0 N OFFICES AND SHOWROOMS CANAL WHALvF, EAST CARDIFF WORKS: JOHN STREET, CARDIFF. 9b09 AND AT DOCKS GLOUCESTER. 66b I JR^s E pAWNBROKER, £ JLOTHIE.R AND QUTFiTTER. 42, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT. Highest price advanced on all Gold and Silver Watches, Jewellery, Diamonds Jcc,, Special contracts at reduced rates. Every description of forfeited goods for sale. 993 T RIM N ELL'S (MILD) PU It (BITTER) EXTIIACT. For immediately producing a delicious Non-intoxi eating Pnie fierb t-eer, of splendid flavour, colour, ginjrer and foamy head of bottled ale, and containing all the valuable properties of the herbs gathered when in full bloom, combined with aromatics so as to render it a most delicious and invigorating beverage, which is not only refreshing and of ch ice flavour, but, being also a pure healthy stimulant. is undoubtedly the besc substitute for alcoholic (ir;iiks, brought before the public, for Winter or Summer use. FIVE GALLONS OF DELICIOUS HERB BEER FOR SIXPENCE. Requires n" Boiling. Made Instantly. In order to suit all persons, this Extract is made in two kinds—Mild and Bitter. Sold by Chemists and Grocers at 6d per pot. Full directions with each. Y\T ^aiMNELL, MEDICAL BOTANIST, 283 CARDIFF. I ill UNDAY'S £ jOMPOUND pHOSPnATED ELIXIR OF QUININE. Â. ERVI;, AND BRAIN STIMU- LANT AM) TONIC. Is recommended and can be taken with the most satisfactory results in Dy,:)ep,lFk, Indigestion, Nervousness, Neural- igia. Sleenlessness, Over-worked Brain, Hysteria, Mental and Physical Exhaustion, Diminished Vitality, and all forms of Extreme or Nervous Debility. Sold in Bottles Zs 3d and 4s each (by post 3d and 6d extra), or six ts bottles for 22s. Prepared only by J m UNDAY, GHIiMIST, 1, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. 233 glLPHOLINE L 0 T 10 N FOR CLEARING THE SKIN. SPOTS, BLEMISHES, BLOLCHES, KEDNKS*, ROUGHNESS, DISCOLOURATIONS, UNSIGHTLY OBJECTIONABLE APPEARANCES. UNCOMFORTABLE sKIN DISFIGUREMENTS. Entirely fade away. SULPHOLINE LOTION lDakes the SKIN k? HEALTHY, SOFT, BEAUTIFUL, TRANSPARENT, SMOOTH. SUPPLE, SOFTENS and PR ES E i. V ifis, G1 VE/S a HEALTHY SURFACE. COUNTERACTS ELI", ECT of WEATHER. EMBELLISHES and IMPROVES. Bottles, 2s 9il. old everywhere. QULPHOLINE. —The best SKIN LOTION BEAUTIFULLY FRAGRANT COOLING and REFRESHING. A most DESIRABLE APPLICATION. ABSOLUTELY PURE and HAR MLESS. Bottles, 2s 9d. Sold everywhere. J3EPPEK/S (JUIN.IiNF, A,.NLD IL RON I 2s. 6d. fjlONIC. 2s 6d. HEALTH, STRENGTH, ENERGY, GREAT BODILY STRENGTH, GREAT NRRVE STRENGTH. ¡ GBKAI MENTAL STRENGTH GREAT DIGESTIVE STRENGTH, Follows the use of QUININE ANDIRON TONIC, It improves tb i appetite, promotes digestion, trcatiy strengthens the nerves, increases str-ngth of pulse, gives firmness io the muscles, alters pale countenance, supplies deficient heat to weak circuia trolls, overcomes bodily weariness and weakness, cures many painful co!Uplu.ints-nellralgi&, sciatica, &c. is a remedy for dyspepsia, st9wach ahections, & and I thoroughly reCrUltR the lieaitli PEPPER-'SQUINiNb.&-IR(H i'C>NIC. MOST IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. A new, smaller size bottle of this 1 now supplied at 2s 6d, thus bringing it to the reach of all classes, and greatly preventing the many injurious imitations brgely offered. PEPPER'S TONIC. Insist ouhaviug it. Bottles, 12 doses, 2s 6d; n»"xssize. 32 dozes, 4s 8d. Solde-v«-rv>- here. i p E e P E R' S fjURAXACU M AND PODOPH Y LLIN. THE SAFEST ANTIBILTOUS MBDICINE. A FLU I D LIVER MEDICINE, WITHOUT MERCUR-Y, MADE FROM DANDELION AM) MANDRAKE ROOTS, Is row used and regularly prescribed by many Physicians instead of blue pi' and calomel for the cure of dyspepsia, billiousnesa, and all symptoms of con- gestion of the liver, which are generally pain beneath the shoulders, headactie, drowsiness, no appetite, .P furred tongue, disngreuable taste in the morning giddiness disturbance of the stomach, and feeling of general depression. Bottles, 2s 9d and 4s 6d. Sold bv all Chemists. Insist on having Pepper's X OCKYER'S OULPHUR |_| AIR RESTORER THE BEST. THE SAFEST. THE CHEAPEST RESTORES THE COLOUR TO GREY HAIR. INSTANTLY STOPS THE HAIR FROM FAiHNG OCCASIONALLY USED, GREYNESS IS IMPOSSIBLE. RKMOV ES SCURF. AND EMBELLISH BBS THE HAIR, CAUSING IT TO GROW WHEREVER THIN AND PATCHY. ó14e Larize bottles, Is 6d Sold everywhere. 11945 A&iirsssfis. SUMMER CLOTHING. SUMMER QLOTHING; SUMMER CLOTHING: SUMMER CLOTHING; ASTERS AND no. to call attention to thsir LARGE STOCK of gUMMER CLOTHING Of every description, Eodil ftrliicle is Marked in Plain Fifirurea l1d at stich Prices that will defy Competition, MEN'S TWEED SUITS. Well and Stylish. 12/11, 15/11, 18/6, 21/6, 25/6, 29/9, 32/6. 35/6, 421, 49/6 59/6, 69/6. —————————————————————————— MEN'S BLACK WORSTED VuiTS. Splendid Vi'lu^. 17/11. 21/6, 25/6, 29/9, 35/6, 42/ 49/6, 59/6, 69/6. YOUTHS' SUITS. BOYS' SUITS. 1/11, 2/11, 3/11, 4/11, 5/11 6/11, 7/11, 3/11, 9/11, to 21/6. MENS COVERT COATS. 9/11, 12/11, 15/11, 18/6, 21/6, 25/6, 29/9, 35/6. 45/. MASTERS & COMPY., THE H CARDIFF CLOTHIERS," 29 AND 30, ST. MARY STREET, AND 292, BUTE STREET, CARDIFF. 753 J. J^JARSH AND £ JOMPy. FIRST-CIjASS FUNERAL ESTABLISHMENT, IS THE BEST IN THE FOR ALL CLASSKS OF FUNERALS. 80, ST. ThiARY STREBT' CARUIFF. PRICE LIsT ON APPT.ICATION. 13341 231 SWEET SUMMER SONGS. The Voices of Spring''are succeeded by the "Sweet Songs of Summer just as the" New Spring Goods" give way to tbe fulier a,tractions ùf!L "Grard Display of Summer Stock," tuch as thit now shown at rj^HE ^lAUDiFF J_ £ <>USE. Special and Select C atinas, Saitinfc-s, Vestiugs and Trouserings in the Bespoke nepanment; and Gentle- men may feel sure of securing the best styies. best workmanship, and the best titting garments at the most economic 1 prices. THE TiEADY-MADE DEPARTMENT I is fun to 0v;rtlt)wing wiLll New Summer .-suits. Trousers, Ve-us, Alpaca Cohts, Serge Suits, Fancy, Cotton and Regatta shirts, Cotton and Merino Hosiery, Stra.w and Felt Hat-, etc. JUVENILE SU-wMER CLOTHING, Neat, I :1."t,eful. Fashionable, ann Inexi ensive. BUY YOUR SUMMER OUTFITS ONLY AT j^/jE.sSRS yy jpRicy & guNS, Fashionable Clothiers and Outfitters, 60 and 51, ST. M ARY-STREET, and 46 aud 47. 1007 OAKOLINE-STRliET. CAK1>IFK. 111 PHOTOGRAPHERS TO HER MAJESTY. THE TIMES ADVANCE, JL AND SO DO A. & G. TAYl OR'S PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIOS, by ever Maintaining the Highest Grade of Efficiency in tile Treatment of ArListic Photography. Hundreds are now p'oving it, and testifying that they N EVER HAD SUCH GOOD PHOTOS Bi FORE. See cur 5 OW caS,,1; of recent Pho: os, and if seeing is believing none can fil \,0 patronise. A. & G. TAYLOR, STUDIO I DUKE-STREKT, CARDIFF. 166 HEATH'S PIANOFORTES QRGANS AND HARMONIUMS REA-TB AND SONS fJIHREE YEA!'s' SYSTEM Is Applied to the Hire and Purchase of Instrument* by 11.11 Makers, fmro 10* Monthly. HARMONIUMS FROM 7s PER MONTH. Every Instrument Guaranteed. Co-operative Pric98 for Cash. Special Discount to School Teachers and Managers The Largest Stock in Wales to Select from bi, Queen-street, Cardiff. 259 FOR DYEING, BLEACHING, MAKING on ALTERING STRAW, CHIP, LEGHORN. AND FELT HATS. AND BONNETS, Go TO F. ORCHARD, DYER. BLEAClUR. & OSTRICH FEATHER DRESSER, 319 35, ADAM-STREET, CARDIFF. 1- 40 & 41 BRIDGE ST-. CARDIFF. C. FOLLICK, PAWNBROKER, I Has the Largest Stock of WORKING MEN'S CLOTHING, NEW AND SECOND-HAND. I WATCHES AND JEWELLERY At ex,lemeJy low prices. 3b6 MUMFORDS "CEItEVISINE." (Registered Trade Mark) Is a highly concentrated Lqnid Extract of Hops, Dandelion, S:u-sapariila, Sassafras, Ginger, Herb or Bltanic Beer of a very superior quality is quickly and cheapiy made, wi¡hont the tmub1e of boiling and straining herbs, by using Mutnford's Cerevisine." ■jyr UMFORD'S 'c CEREVISINE." A Sixpenny Bottle makes Four Gallons of Herb or Botanic Beer ct a tine cn1<;ur, with a good foaminpr head and delicious fl Ivnur, pos- t>essii;g the properties of the herbs irotn which it is extracted. form:ng a healthful and cheap NON• i NTOXICATING drink suitable for alls." /I UMFURD'5 CE!JEVISINE." -L*-S- flEKB OR BOTANIC BEER. HERli OR BOTANIC BEER. HEUB Olt BOTANILJ BEER HERB OR BOTANIC BEER. 1JERB OR ii»> f A NIC B: KR. HERB OR liOTAN tC BEER MUMFORD'S "CEREVISINE." READ WHAT THE PUBLIC SAY OF IT. Upper Bank Statiou, Midland ttailwiy, Near Swansea. Mr. R. Mnmford. Dear bir-The sample bottle of Cerevisine I received from) ou la-t week save great s<1.r:sf,{.t.ion, and I wiil ihank you t, si-nd we six sixpenny bottles as soon as pos ible. My men SL, te they find it a light, refreshing drink. Postal Order enclosed.—Yours, &c., C. WARD, Statinninaster. "CEUEViSINE" Is S dd in Bottles, with fu'.l directions for use, at 6 ), Is. 3 1., and 3-<. each, either siz-j Post Free for wo Stamps Extra, by the Sole Manufacturer, R. MUMFORD, CHICMIST, METEOR-STREET, CARDIFF. Wtiolesale Terms on Application. London Agents :—Barclay and Sons, Edwards and Son. S «i'ger and S'»ns.^ 249 Å jjM FTH EDITION or TRII: "SOUTH WALES ECHO" is published EACH EVBMNGat7 p.m.. and contains aU the Latest GENERAL, FOREIGfN, and SPORT. ING TELEGRAMS uJdo the timecf oing tCl Pre ,c ;&USítt5S ^.DDresses. FRY'S PURE CONCENTRATED COCOA. Ask your Grocer for a gratis sample and copy of medico testimonials. Z7 HATS HATS HATS HATS HATS! HATS I HATS! HATS I HATS I • jyj ASTERS AND QO. I Are deservedly noted for thpir superior Valot in Hats. Their immense stock embraces all the Noted Makes and Latest Styles. MEN'S BLACK HARD FELT HATS. I 1/6, 1/11, 2111, 3/11, 4/11, 5/11, 6/11. } BOYS' BLACK HARD FELT HATS. -/9, II, 1/6, 1/11, 2/6, 2/11, 3/11. MEN'S SILK HATS. v 7/11, 9/11, 13/11, 17/11. MEN'S COLOURED HATS. 1/6, 1/11, 2/11, 3/11, 4/11. J^J" ASTERS AND CO., CARDIFF, SWANSEA, MERTHYR, HEREFORD, PONTYPOOL NEWPOKT, PONTYPRIDD, ABERDARE, ,i ABERGAVENNY. T. STEVENS, JpRENCH ^JONFECTIONER, 122, QUEEN STREET. CARDIFF. Cooking and High Class Confectionery. Picnics, W-dding Breakfasts, Dinners, and Ball Suppers Catered for. J, lies, Creams, and Ices. Every description of Cakes, Continental Pas ry, sweets, and Vienna Rolis. Malt and B own Wheat Bread sent to any part of Wales. VERY mCH BRIDAL CAKES, FROM Is 6d PER POGKD. CUTLERY, GLASs, & SILVER ON HIRE. 365 B A B Y C A It R I A G E S I THE CHEAPEST HOUSE FOR B ASSINETTE CARRIAGEE I is J. D A V I E S S, THE NEW MUSIC WAREHOUSE," 11, rjIREDEGAR JpLACE. jJ^EWPORT. PIANOS.—WHY BE WITHOUT ONE When you can become the owner of a nice instrument for the amall payment of 10s bi PER MONTH ON rjlHOMPSON AND H A(,K KLL E (LIMITED HIRE SYSIIKNI I No security required, and the instrument Jeliterec to purchaser on payment of first monthly iiiacaiment. Every instrument guaranteed, and exchanged if not approved ORGANS AND HARMONIUMS ON SIMILAR TERMS. THOMPSON AND SHACK ELL, PIANOFORTK AND MUSIC WAREHOUSE. QUEEN'S BUILDINGS, CARDIFF Al" at SWANSKA, NEWPORT, MMRTHYR, PONTYPRIDD, PENARTH, and GLOUCESTER. M AII STEAM DYEING AND SCOURING WORKS, 1, N E L > 0 N T h; R R A C E, CARDIFF. ——— 318 J. S. HO BBS, PEOTJI jioi, rjIHE JpiNE ^RT gTUDIO, QUE!-N-STREET ARCADE. Mr CHAPMAN'S PHOTOGRAPHS Are giving every satisfaction. Most complinienfarj expressions of opinion from all who have been Photographed. Prices :—2s 6d for 3, 4s fo 6, and 701 for ll. All taken by the Latest, Best, aud Quickest proce"e-, and weather really no object. 17e r E[OMP.ZON'S BURDOCK PILLS. JL THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER. -Purify tht foulest blood and reii^te every disease of stomach liver, and kidneys. These wonderful Pills curt diseases which couid not be reached by any other medi- cine. For Rheumatics, Lumbago, Piles, Gravel, Pata* in the Back, Scurvy, Bad Legs, Wounds, or Whitf Swelling, Scrofula, Cancers, Blotches on the Face'altd Body, Swelled Feet, &-c., Jaundice. Dropsy, and Fevert of all kinds. In boxes at Is l;d and 28 Sri eacn.—Sohi by ali chemists, or from the manufactory 44, Oxford street. Swansea Di- 10 or.),1 stamos 8* PEARS CJOAP PURE! FRAGRANT REFRESHING! PTji»-pQ! '.Ait) For TOILEJ." & NURSERY, JOUAf EXHIBITION HONOURS. Fifteen International DEARS OOAP Awards for absolute Puritf JL and a sence of Artificial PEARS' (JOAP Colouring. lair white h aids, ■■ •. ,:i i tiri i -j-. Bright cleat commcxion. DEAKS UOAf Soft hea thful ski a. PEARS' SOAP PEAIZS'* SO-A-P O Is s ecially prepared for th* PEARS' ^JOAP delicate skin ot ladies ano )^j) chi idren and others sen si- j PEARS' CjOAP B™M2a'SlS £ .Mr i>EARS' NOAP JL KJ ADELlNAPATTIwr te.<: FEARS' CJOAP "i have found PEARS' SOAP matchless for the F-fj* i Tjrti -y i tj Hands niiii Complexion. W«Ar (Signed) Al)tLO>PATft M;tS LAN O TRY wri i ;s: I=>EARS' DOAr liavo much pleasure ia t IO sat,¡n<Il1¡;,v., usell PEARS FP1PS1 L (HI P SOAP for some time, aud S prefer it to any other.' MAID (Signed) LILLIE I^GTRY. 8J>EARS ^JOAP PEARS' SOAP is leconi. JL K? mended by ERASMUS WIG* FEARS' O GAP SON, late President of the £ 3 College of Surgeons of Eng. DEARS' ^J>AP :'tud- PURE! FRAGRANT! 1_>EARS CJOAP REFRESHING JL k5 For TOIL i: lot NURSERY. PEARS' CJOAP Exhibition Honours. Fifteen International A T?C iriiD Awards f-r al>solute Purity _>H.AKb V^A" and absence ot Artitlcul F- „ Colouring. EARS' ^JOAP Fair White Hands, Bright Clear Complexion pEAES' OOAP Is, Is 6d, and 2s 6d. '1'be PEARS' QOAP 2s 6d Tablet is perfumed X O ^'iUi Otto of Roses A P„ smaller'blet(unscentfed)ia EARS COAP sold at 6d but insist on O having Pears', as vilely-m- PFIDm jurious imitations are often iiiAKS JJ OAJr substituted for extra sam, piSAES QOAP H.R.H 'I he Prince of Wales. 1 Q YTE AND CO.'8 )' PATENT B to ::GLAR.PHOOF COAJ..CELT,AR PI,AT!! ohould be used by all Builders. ADV ANT AG VS-Eay to Fix, is Absolutely Safe and t, Self-locking, dispensing entfrely with theenm- bersome Chain and staple method. 1 For Prices and Particulars apply to 266 MILL-LANE IRONWORKS, CARDIFF. 1