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Small Prepaid Advertisements of the" Wanted antI" To be Let" class. 20 WORDS SiXPENGE. [ THREE TIMES. NINEPENCE. SIX TIMES ONE SHILLING. WORDS. ONCK. T'gK Tf^s 20 Words 06 10 91 0 30 Words 0 9 1 0 1 6 AO Words 1 0 1 6 2 6 60 Words 1 3 2 6 3 9 1 1-1- 60 Words 1 6 15 0 4 6 Advertisements of tlie abovn Alass inserted in UI "SOUTH WAI.ES Kcno,"t| «IIIV TIMICS," and the *■ SOUTH WALKS DAILY P e following rate ;— Six times in 1 Kc!i«, SI* r. >e iii ill t w„ |Vi»Vui.»' ffOITOS. you Mi w •, j it Echo T»J1' ).},.nw, Daiiy -0 E. d 20 Word 2 30 Words 1 ? 10 Words 2 3 3 5 l- 5 6 60 Wordm 3 9 5 0 8 9 60 Word." 4 6 6 0 10 6 jftTatrimonial. F YOU ARE MARNIER. or contemplating taking this important step, we can send you valuable information wiiich vou ought to know. Send your address, and we will send catalogue and pamphlet free.—address H. G. Kerr, Mostyn road, Mertnn, 8urrey. 600 rnHK MATRTMONIAL^OStTaND ~>ASHION- 1 ABI.E MARRIAGE AD VKRriSER, most desirable Candidates for Matrimony. Prije 3d in envelope, 44d.—Address Editor, 9, Nicholas-street, Bristol 64 musical. (Genuine OLD VIOLIN for Sale.—110, Albany- 5f road, Canton, Cardiff. 175 "S >ROFi-SSOR (experienced) gives Pianoforte, Sine;- I ing, mid Elocution Olive-road, Canton, 9, Moirs-sti eet-, Itoth, Cardiff, or pupils Residences. Terms moderate. 262 ûurnHonnt SHORTHAND AXD BOOKING KEEPING SCHOOL.—Youths prepared for lucrative ap- pointments, private Luition, reporting classes.-Princi. pal, 29, Rawdon-place, Canton, Cardiff. 174 1 FRENCH, GERMAN, ITALIAN in three months. Sr References to pupils. Commercial correspondence, etc. Classes, 10s 6d q uar Lerly. -Professor Braun, 2&, Beauchamp-street, Cardiff. Campsite ^rfonnts. n ¥ NERAL SERVANT (experienced) wanted must s have a thorough knowledge of cooking; house- maid leapt.—Apply Mrs W. Mullock, Llantarnam, New- port., Mon. 4 ENERA.L SERVANT (Good) Wanted; good XT references.—Apply 207, Cowbridge-road, Canton, Cardiff. (1 ENERAL SERVANT (age 16 to 17) Wanted good y character.—Mrs Evans, 103, Tudor-road, Cam iff. i OOD GENERAL SERVANT Wanted must H y understand Plain Cooking. Liberal wages.— Apply Nloul,,iers' Arms '%Iarslies-road, Newport. 44 iss Ni REGISTRY for all Classes of Servants, males and females, for town and country.—Apply 101, Frederick-street, Cardiff. 546 WANTED, General Servant of good character small family. — Apply 112, Miskin-stveefc, Cathays, Cardiff. 422 WANTED, strong Useful Girl, fond of children,age 14 or 16 good character.—Apply Kaiser, Jeweller, 207, Bute-road, Cardiff. 414 WANTED, a General Servant; one accustomed to children.—Apply 44, Sophia-street, Docks. 369 "VytT ANTED immediately, a good Christian girl as V T servant on board a Norwegian ship bound for Buenos Ayres, South America. The captain has his wife and child on board. Any person applying must bave excellent testimonials.—For particulars address Barque, Daily News Office, Newport, Mon. 59 WANTED, a clean Young Girl as Nurse one who has been out as such before.—Apply 45, Salis- bury-road, Cardiff. 235 íhmtilHtS Wacnitt. NDUSTRIAL ASSURANCE—Canvassing Agents wanted, Newport, Chepstow, and Cardiff.—A. T. Abel, Superintendent, Pearl Chambers, 8, Queen-street, Cardiff. 363 NSURANCE.-Good Man wanted, book vacant,none t but men able to introduce business need apply.— 5, Fairoak-terrace, Maindee, Newport. AD (smart, intelligent) wanted as an apprentice to J the sign writing, paper-hanging, etc.—Apply W. J. Trace, 10, Tunnel-terrace, Newport. lD,ORTER.-Wanted, sharp, respectable Young Man; must understand cleaning brass work.—Ri chard- son's Mantle Warehouse, Commercial-st., Newport. 52 Hihmitoits Wumteft. ANTED,coTnman(I Sailing Vessel, tonnage no Tt object; would invest, take charge hulk, tow- ing, or sailing; experienced.—Rowse, 3, Fairview, Lower Grange, Cardiff. 220 ? £ a&gtiujs, ]Vpnr!nmtis. & £ APARTMENTS.—Furnished sitting-room and bed- room wanted by single gentleman permanency. —State terms to Southsea, Echo Office, Cardiff. 345 jfSOMFORTABT.E LODGINGS for single gentlemen f centre of the town, and near free library terms moderate. —Apply 5. Trinity-street, Cardiff. 180 tOl^INGS-for one or two Respectable Young B J Men to be Let contrary situated. Terms very moderate.—A. B., Echo Office, Newport. | ODGINGS Wanted, by two Young Men, family 51 with no children, and total abstainers preferred. Address D.E., South Wales Daily News,"Cardifl'.354 ISjousfB. &c., (1¡;1J Wet. BERGAVENNY.—1To Let, with immediate posses- sion, No. 59, Frogmore-street, lately rebuilt, and occupied by Air Deverall, Grocer. Best business situa- tion in the town.—Apply to Messrs Tucker Brothers, Abergavenny. 341 eOUSE (corner), containing four bedrooms, two "J parlours, stabling; side eotrance; inclusive rent, 10s 6d.—Mr Montgomery, Auctioneer, 281, Cowbridge- road, Cardiff. 221 "VV 1N Ds°li-Pr,'ACE.—ToWLet, No. 3, Windcor- n place, Cardiff, ihe premise* are admirably adapt d for a nrofes sional gentleman.—Applv at the Smith Wales Daily New* Oftic<\ Cardiff 772 TRTS7 OODVIT,LE- RO A D, ea,,Iiff.-Ilotise, splendid "r condition, newly painted and papered through- out; S bedrooms very large garden rent Ils.-AI)ply at 123. 285 YNDHAM-ROAD.—Six-roomed Houses in good f Y condition quiet, respectable street.—W. San- ders, 28, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 113 1 TYLER-STREET, Broadway 6 Rooms; just re- I paired; rent, 5s 9d.— Apply Clarke, 149, Broad- way, or write Kees, 5, Kymin-terrace, Penarth. 277 j il/O 1ttt.Gttsinezrw Premises, \r. OOD BAKEHOUSE, capital Oven, large Loft; H Tf Dart baking secured Rent moderate utensils if required.—Apply JJoft, "Daily News" Office, Cardiff. 1q6 HOUSE (7-room); hot and cold water baths, to -1 Let; 9s weekly, clear all; 113, Eldon-road.— Apply Wellington, Baker, Eldon-road, Cardiff. 384 BOUSE and SHOP to Let, with fixtures complete; ]Jill a a. splendid place for dressmaking and millinery; main thoroughfare.—Apply Jeukin Thomas, Rhymney. 176 T^TEWPORT.— House and Shop to be Let, 41, Mill parade, suitable for any trade.—Apply, 34, Piice-street. Newport. 46 r tree rtIO LET, 15 East-terrace, and 68, ,nElm-street, 8. Roath 10s weekly, cltar good condition im- mediate possession.—Atlas Furnishing Company, St. John's-square, Cardiff. 431 1" 10 LET, 112, Wellington-street, Canton, Large 3 Yard, partly covered suit wheelwright or cow- keeper.—Apply G. Reed, 33, Scott-street, Temperance- town. 231 TO BE LET, NewTf*«i:v.1ge Coffee Rooms: im- mediate possessitj^r >'incoming very moderate; leaving owing to ill-heal".Apply on the premises. 57 TO BUTCHERS.—Tw «;tt, as a going concern, com- pact Butcher's with fittings good neigh- bourhood low rent are htiice for pushing young nun incoming eag-Appfy S. Thomas, Alexander- road, Newport. 48 r -io BE 1.1"^ 7 No. 3, Windsor-piace. close on to 1_ Crockhei*iv»n, as Offices or for business pre- mises. Contaii. ;0 rooms, ceilars, and tare" gar'fen,aud ) back entrance to Park-lane; suitable for professional man, mill ner, t:.ilor. draper, school, Apji y, South Wales Daily News" Office, Cardiff. 772 Jfor ^al?.-pauses, ICantt. &z. FOR SALE, Twelve Copvhold Cottages, near the r4 Beach, Mumbles; Dwelling-house, Bellevue- street, Swansea.—Apply Edward Roberts and Son, Auctioneers, 45, Oxford-street, Swansea. 311 FOR 6 Superior Built Houses, papered C1>l ,I^'7a^,tr.eet '• also Gomer Shop.—Apply to E. Milled, 107, Cairns-street, Cardiff. 201 1— £ fo1' situated in Gordon-street, it LeeA" lease £ 125 each.-Apply IL ufii'd, 1» N1ori^JM^non-street, Newport. 28 Justnesses for iBisuffsaL RARE f<J' Lady with smali capital small Milliner fetock for immediate disposal; freat sacriqce- Apply "Milliner," "Echo" Office Newport. 47 fRisttltaiuaiTs AN'i KD. Old Gold and Silver, broken Jewellery, V W^chfs' P1^;0n^osit,.M- Highest price given! -Harry Winstone, junr., 12, Bridge-street, Cardiff. 267 XX ASKING wanted by respectable person one or r r. two (lod tS'ound.—Apr>iv E. r., Echo Offcce, Lariiiff, 1378 Jul u\i-'i.i's.iTUamfous. j ARGAINS.—Splendid lot of Business Carts, Dog H J> C.i.rts, Whitechapel, &c., to be sold cheap at Avery's Star Works, Newport. 362 ¥ > AT-CCATN.-For Sale, Four Shares in Cardiff Starr- r. > Bowkett Building Society, and One Share, in Co-operative Society.—Apply A.G., "Echo" Office Cardiff. 213 BUILDERS AND HOUSEHOLDERS.—For sale good Cooking Range, complete. Can be seen any time at 81, Upper Alma-street, Newport. 40 g CANARIES (Norwich).—Cocks in good song, 6s 6d; Ileus, 2s 3d two for 5s 3d. Pairs properly I matched, 8s 6d. Handsome breeding cages, seed.sand, j baskets, nesting, &c. Approval.-Thornton, 6, Clifton- street, Car cliff. 365 a j'j cylinder, 12 inch stroke, with fly wheal and pulley; and pump att'.cn-! to s»ni«. Can be seen, a. anv tiuia at the "South Wains Daily News, Office, j Cardiff. 773 OR SALE, Sailing Canoe, 13 feet, 2 centre boards, with masts, sails (double set) complete.-A pply M. Finch, Boat Club, Penarth. 419 "jfTIOR SALE, Plymouth Rock Eggs, from splendid It large birds, 5s 6d sitting unfertiles replaced.— S. Lear, Wychtree-strect, Morriston, Swansea. 410 FOR SALE, cheap, Handsome, Loo Table, good horse hair Suite, and other Parlour Furniture. Vpply 23, Maclien-place, Riverside, Canton. 255 "OR SALE, Brown Cart Mare b years old 15.1 warranted good worker in all harness.—Apply Bishop, Horse Breaker, Bassalleg. 43 it SALE. small Gteyhound Bitch, very fast, chear.-Apply 59, W ells-street, Canton. 183 iGNIFICENT BULLFINCHES fit for keenest competition; same as commended Birmingham^; ?' catalogue price. Linnets, Goldfinches.—Parti- r ,rs Baker, Hairdresser, Woodville-road, Cathays, diff. 206 riLK ROUNDloTSale7doing from 10"to"l2 gallons I per day 3 cows, pony, trap and harness, turnip ter, milk tins, and several other small things.—Ap- Bedford-place, Roath, Cardiff. Price, £ 60. 147 ]v' WPORT.—Good Red Ash Coal, most suitable for J. > general household purposes, lis 6d per ton.— Ii .H. Perry, Alma-street Yard. Orders received by Mrs Harris, Confectioner, Baneswell-road. 26 ORWICH CANARIES.—Monsters, crested and plainheads. Cocks, from 6s 6d Hens, from 2s 9d each pairs matched from 8s Ewi. Also Grand Cinna- mons from 10s 6<1 pair. Approval. Satisfaction gua- ranteed.—Baker, Hairdresser, Woodville-road, Cathays, Cardiff. 366 O ASHES and~FRAMES~for Sale~"chCTpTl2, 5ft. lOin. n x 4ft.; 18, 5ft. 4in. x Mt.; 11, 5ft. 4in. s 3ft. gin.; daylight sizes.—Sessions and Sons, Cardiff. 142 SPLENDID SOLID MAHOGANY Dining-room Suite, real Morocco skins, 12 guineas, cost ^0, not soiled no better made all kinds of Furniture bought, sold, or exchanged.—"Old Curiosity Shop," Bridge, Newport, Mon. t TIP C AR.TS (strong)- for_Sale"suit builder o* haulier £ 7 10s spring traps and milk cart.—'W- Bishop, wheelwright and smith, Grangetown, Cardiff. 61 C7 RGENT—MUST BE SOJ.D.- Rarfling's Principles J and Practice of Art, sale price B2 12s 6d, take FA. Harding's Picturesque Selections, drawn on stone (out of print), sale price S4, take £ 3. The English School of Painting, by Aaron Penley, sale price4 4s, take £2. -14, Oaktield Grove. Clifton. 13277 987 8615 itUsrellaiuous. FURNISH on our New Hire System. Houses or Apartments completely furnished on a new sys- tem adopted solely by ùs, whereby all publicity- exposure, and enquiries usually made by ether com, panies are dispensed with. We have an immense .lock of Household Furniture of cheap and superior quality. All goods sold on the Hire System at ready- money prices. We make no extra charge for credit, and all goods sent home in a private van free of charge. No stamp or agreement charges made no bill of sale everything private. Arrangements completed without delay, and, being manufacturers, we guarantee quality, and Willltlldertake to supply furniture, etc., at 10 per cent. less than any price-list issued by auy firm in Cardi/L Kiev en showrooms. Call and inspect our immense stock, and compare prices before purchasing elsewhere. We will supply £ 5 worth for 2s 6d weekly Eio worth, 4s weekly i;15 worth for 5s weekly P,20 worth, 6s weekly, and so on in proportion. Special terms for larger quantities. Please note the Address SOUTH WALES FURNISHING COMPANY, 51, Castle-st. (opposite the Castle), Cardiff. 127S3—2491—63e -> GRAINR.-Grains can be obtained at i > the Ely Brewery at 5d per bushel. 24 g OM ESTfC PETS, Birds, "Animals, dfc'j., are pre- IS slerve(I like life at F. Winstmie's, Naturalist, 12, Bridge-street, Cardiff. From Spicer's, Birmingham. 173 EATI-TER BEDS.-R,iiiileyls celebrated feather beds, bolsters, two pillows (50ibs), 37s. Strong tick, purified, fe-tthers.-Ititinley, Wholesale Redding Manufacturer, Bond-street, Bristol. 281 elGH-CLASS Continental Photographs. Sample fI îi doz., 2s 6d.—Delaville and Co., 27, King-street, Liverpool. 381 SHOP LAMPS! Street Lamps!! Hotel Lamps 1!! Best and cheapest at C. F!. Gurnsey's Works, Merchant-street, Hristnl. All kinds of lamps repaired. Carriage lamp* iOa 3d pair. Large stock of New and Second-hand Lamps. 63 rgnLtK PATifwVY OFSAFETY a book^oryoung Jl. men. Giving instructions for the speedy cure of nervous and other eOHlplaiut,<, which embitter lift-, and produce premature decay and loss of nerve power and vitality. Full directions for sei[-treatment, with loc-il and internal remedies, which has cured thousands of pel sons who had lo,t all hoi>e before reading this book. Published by- a duly-qualitied Sur«eo.. iov the berietfl' j of mankind. A cpy sent free.—Address secretary, j Institute of Anatomy, Birmingham. 198 ri-'OBA CCONISTS' -COM!I rENCINd.=-Fri-ajcè I how to open remuneratively from any amount, however small, send for Illustrated Catalogue, three st,t-nips.- Lesser Friedlander, 5, Houndsditch, London. Oldest, best, and cheapest house in the world. Estab. lished 60 years. 13279 3 WATCH or CLOCK cleaned, Is main spring, Is; 7 v glasses, Id brooch pins. Id. Good workmanship guaranteed.—Thornhill's, 30, Wood-street, Cardiff. 312 SJKA GIVEN away if no relief. Fell's Rnmic cures "5;. VV Rheumatic, Gout, and Sciatica bottle sent free 15 stamps.—144, London-road, Manchester. 31 -_u- illoneu. f^ASH ADVANCED, Repayable by Instalments j low Interest. No Fees. H. LEVENE, 229, COWBRIDGE-ROAD CANTON. Established 30 years. S30 oToUTH WALES LOAN OFFICE, 1, SL^Jolm's'- Ki square —Advances Cash as usual at low interest Easy payments, no fees, and at one hour's notice. 61 TO ADVANCED DAILY TO HOUSEHOLDERS Without the usual Loan Office Routine or Preliminary Fees. Moderate Charges, RMy Payments. Apply—G. H. ALLSOPP. MONETARY ADVANCE COMPANY, 2, NEW-STREET, (underneath Liberal Jlub), CARDIFF. 873e a/B ONEY ADVANCED PRIVATELY AND WITH- ifj. OUT PUBLICITY. S5 to SbOO lent to respectable householders, without delay or loan office routine. I.etters or personal calls treated iu STRICT CONFI- DENCE, or will attend personally at any address upon receipt cfletter MR B. B. LESTER, 15, BRIDGE-STREET, NEWPORT 531 (a private house.) I A :i ki ACCOMMODATION.— 1'ho Cardiff and "1!.j County Advance Bank continues to make ad. duces upon any approved security reoayable bv in- stalments or otherwise, at moderate in*, rest Bills discounted.— Apply Manager, 9, Caroline-street. Car- diff. Establi died 50 years. fl|9 n§& HOUSEHOLDERS can obtain ad; f'£2 I fi 0- upwards en application bv letter to Mr J. P. Thompson, 71, Sandon-terrace, Adara-st., Cardiff. 265 CASH ADVANCED (per post or otherwise) upon Jewellery, Silver Goods, Electro Plate, Pianos, Sealskins, Furniture, and every description of nortable Property. Rasy repayments. Atfred Chilcot and C\. 1, Great Geoi ae-street, Park-street, Bristol. Estab- lished 80 years. N.B.—C.ish sent per return of post fflr valuables consigned for Loan. p 917 IMPORTANT NOTICE—If you want Money send stamu tor Prospectus brfore borrowing elsewhere to Mr Pike, 43, Salisbury-road, Cardiff. 573 MONEY.—ADVANCES, REPAYABLE ~BY^IN. STALMENTS. Interest moderate. No prelimi- nary fees. Deposits received.—Aiipiv 19 QUAY nary fees. Deposits received.—Aiipiv 19 QUAY STUKBT(off St Mary-street), CARDIftr. 840-1205 ]t f ONEY LENT & BILLS DISCOUNTED — £ 5To jJ.4. £",00, on note of hand or own cheque, to house- holders and other*. All bills bei;! till due, and -tot re- discounted. No enquiry fees. No bills of Sale. B. Behrens, 18. Neville-place, Clare Gardens, Cardiff. Not a Loan Office. -= 3ó6 1'ost anD jFanui}. FOUND, at Lower Grange, on March 1st, Black Curly Bitch. If not claimed within 3 days will bo sold to defray expenses.-28, Hammer-st., Cardiff. 409 T",OU ND, Brown Spaniel Dog. If not claimed in 3 9. days will be sold. Apply 36, Harold-street, Broadway, Cardiff. -u 300 KS REWARD.—Lost, 011 Monday, through Bridge- street, a silver-handled Umbrella, with owner's name on.—Address 57, Adam-street, Cardiff. 222 { j:>UN<>S.(VH¥ BE WlLHOOI ONE Whn you can become the owner of a uico i IIstrun..ellt. for small payment of 10* i P!m MONTH ON I VtJ OM i'SU.;N AND U H A V KKJl,1, « o (LIMITED I BlUR SYSTEM t No s«cur?f.y i>:i)nire<l, and the instniment 1 ic purchaser otj p-iymunt of Hr.vt monbtaiy inv.ij.iijtcl.t.. ry (.MSiiranteed, and exch*tui.'«ii if not ¡ ORGANS AND CTARHONiUMS ON SIMILAR TERMS. T H M P SO N AND SHACKKL i PIANOFORTK AN]) MUSIC WAREHOUSE, OUJCISN'S BUILDINGS, OARDIFF 1,110 Hf SWANSEA, NJWPORT, MER'JHVU, PONTYPRIDD, PENARTH, BRECON, an 1 ^roCCKSTEIt. \i ana" SUiN aenrer the bOUTU WALKS XHILY \jjW> ■Ak an eany novr eacn Mormngm ii r-arts of "ne follow jnc towns CARDIFF SWANSEA NEWPORT ROATH MERTHYR P(.)RTSi £ KWETT O ANION AHERDARE ?ONTY POO I, RO Vi JjUiE IIOCKS H EREFORD PEMBROKE .r!RI l)G". Si> NEW Mti>i>OUD HA'VEREOltDH EST NEATH BRISTOL GLOUCES'JI<;L{ LLANBI.LY T15 N BY ABERYSTWYTH LAMI'ETJ'IK "A HEARTH KN ABERGAVENNY TtJi! CA iV D! FF TJH MS 3.130 ueiivered every Er <:a\ to ai:v address in the abavs rcencionad Towns. ORDERS "0 be sent vh.- •.<•»>,or "rap vav-on b r W~. BILL POSTKR 5-IERTHYR TYDFIL, Rents the pnncipal posting stations in Merihyr and aistr ct. Commct-i nmde quarterly or yearly, Q7i$1iI -+- ?.ntu5£!nIUS. CARDIFF. f jpHEATRE ROYAL, OARDIFF. TO-NIGH r, TUKSDAV, MARCH 6TH, RETURN ViSIT (by Express Desire and in conse. quence of the enorm iiis success of Last Visit) of M".«srs uU-9 IF, VAN B(ENE and HORACE LINGARDS RENOWN ED LONDON FALKA COMPANY, in THE NEW COMIC OPERA, "p E P I T A | TE W GRA ND THJArrRE OF VARIETIES, CARDIFF. Sole Lessee ana Manager Mr HARRY DAY Great Engagement of America's Representatives, FlvAZER AND ALLEN", The c'everest Musical Comedians in the World I | Wonderful Success and positiveiy the LAST WEEK of the Wonders of the 19;h Century, CHARLES AND LILIAN MORRITT, In their wonderful Entertainment, entitled THOUGHT TRANSMISSION. In addition POWERFUL COMPANY. VICTORIA ROOMS, ST. M A RY^ST^ ▼ CARDIFF—Mons. D'ARC'S UNSURPASSED WAXWORK EXHIBITION and FRINCH MARION- ETJ'Es. By gi ncral desire t^e BA BEs IN THE WOOD, or the Cruel Uncle, EVERY EVENING at 7 and 9 o'clock. Admission, 3d; child en, 2d. 424 U s T ~s horYL ¥ C L O S~E~] SIR NOEL PATON'S NEW PICTURE, I "IN DIE I A L 0" NOW EXHIBITING AT P. W. TOMLIN'S FINE ART GALS.ERY, 4, DnK)•>TR.iiET. CARDIFF. Hours 10 to 1, 2 to 5, and 6 to 9. ADMISSION. 6n. VISITED AT GL \SGO W BY OVER ONE HUNDRKD THOUSAND PEit.-ONS. 3661 i B> X HIG H -STR EET, CAR D IF F. GREAT EXHIBITI'iN AND SALE PI' GREAT EXHIBITIoN AND SALE PI' MODERN OIL PAINTINGS I AD i WATEH, COLOUR DRAWINGS. Sales by <Vuction at 11 a.m. anni 6 p.m. each day. On View, ami by Private Treaty Daily. j N.B.—As there is no reserte, the prices will be within reach of all. 18 I KKMOVAL OF THU D7)WLAIS IRONWORKS TO CARDIFF. NOW EXHIBl 11NG, at No. 29, B.:IJiGE-STREET, FORD'S CELEBRATED MECHANICAL MODEL of the NEW WORKS. A DMissioN ONE PF. VNY. 3(13 pnliiir ^atos. "JHLBERT HALL^NEWPORTT—| ~t\. LEn still conunues hit great tusk of Walking 470 miles in Six Days and Nights. On Thursday even- ins the Amate .rBoxing Competition takes place. Also 011 Friday evening the, Professional Boxing contest will t»ke place. Entries can be made np till 7 o'clock each evening at the hall. On Saturday a grand day's sport will take t lace. YES 1 G H T.j 'J SPECTACLES ADAPTED to ASSIST and STRENGTHEN ALL KINDS of DEFECTIVE VISION, by an Optician oi' 25 years' experience. j Fitted with Crystal Lenses, from 3s 6d. j With Selected Pebbles, 7s 6d to 10, óel. Oculists' Prescriptions and R-pnirs promptly axe cuted. Hints on the Preservation of Sight gratis. J. It. WOOD, PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, 3, CASTLE-STRKET, CARDIFF (Oppo.-ite the Castle) 786 ^Financial. PERSONS WIS[ilNGtoiNIAK IVIONE by using £ 5 capital aud upwards (110 further liability) in Stock and share transactions, averaging 3 uays' duration (Capital often doubled or trebled), should read 11 B. SMITH'S PAMPHLET on How to make Unlimited Profits with L mited Liability." Court Journal says, The throng ef operators dealing with Mr Smith is quit-) astounding." Press opinions, Clients' Testimonittis, Pamphlet, &c., post free.—H. B. SMITH, Sworu Broker, 110, Cannon-street, London, E ..c4. JTEWPORT.—SOUTH W^ALES~ECHa i-IN The SOUTH WALKS ECHO is published at the NEWPORT OFFICE, 1,Treuegar-piaca as follows FIRST EDITION 1.30 P.M. THIRD EDITION 4.0O P.M. SPECIAL EDITION 6.30 P.M AMERICAN DENTISTRY" PERFECTLY PAINLESS. rBlKETH. Deiital Notice. fTIEETH. JL OWKM'H AT CMID1FV. J. ASSISTED BY Dr. CHARLES KNABE. ATTEND DAILY 10 TILL 7. F. OW EN ( an also be (.-onstilted every Thursday at 72, CROCKfiEkBTOWN, t PAPhTCI? 42, QUEEN-STREET, i vAhLtlH 1?. OWIfiN'S CONSULTATION FREE OF CHARGE. rilKETH—OWEN AND CO., M.R.D.E., SURG EON DENTISTS, From London (Established 30 years), 4, OXFORD-STREET, SWANSEA. /I OLD STOPPINGS. — AMERICAN VJ SYSTEM. Teeth, no matter how badly decayed, by the aid of pure sold and other materials, can be retained in the mouth for years. In fact, by Owen's American system of crowning and facing teeth with enamel, which is so aitistically matched in every way that detection is impossible, many decayed teeth and apparently useless sheds can be effectually restored, and made sound and useful for mastication, without the slightest pain or discomfort. American stoppings from 5H a tooth. rjlEETH OF SURPASSING J_>EAUTY. OBTAINED SIX PRIZE MEDALS. Owen's new speciality of CROWN DENTISTRY. Artistic, Painless, and Perfect. Crown Dentistry," the latest speciality in English, American, and French. The adjustment of Artificial Teeth either permanently or otherwise, entirely with cut plates, wires, or palates, and as no extractions are required there is absolutely 110 pain. Singie Tooth from 2s 6d. Upper or Lower Set from £1 5s. Consultations n-ae daily, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. 320o I FT H ~ffilTlT ION i lu OF THE "SOUTH WALES ECHO" is published EACH EVENING at7 p.m., and conta-ins all the Latest. GENERAL, FOREIGN, and SPORT- ING TELEGRAMS up to the time of going to Press. On SATURDAYS a SPECIAL FOOTBAI,L EDI- TION is published at 8 o'clock, and contains FULL I REPORTS of all Local Matches, and SPECIAL TELE- GRAPHIC REPOKTs of all the Leading RUGBY and ASSOCIATION MATCHES played throughout the United Kingdom. jyROOKE-S "ORIENTAL PILLS, lx B. ROOKE'Sj JQR. ROOKE'S, ROOKE'S JQR. ROOKK'sj |^R. ROOKE'S |yt. ROOKE'S J-JU. ROOKE' J-JU. ROOKE' |^R. ROOKE'S |^R, ROOKE'S |^n. ROOKE'Sj |~|R. ROOKE'sj I^R, ROOKE'sj J^R. ROOKE'S ROOKE' U. ROOKE S J^R. ROOKE'S R. ROOKED R. ROOKE'S |JjR. ROOKE'S |^R. ROOKE>! i) R. ROOKE'S P.. R 0 0 K U, R. ROOFE'S | »?. ROOKE s| I \\l ROOKE's j ROOKh.,J J"^R. ROOKE'sjj I' .J) R ROOKE'Sj! jQR. ROOKE'. DR. ROOKE'S OitIKMA 1. PILLS have been of world- wide repute for [nearly half a cen- tury. As all ap, n. (ent and aiterai *e medicine they are unrivalled. DR. 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SPECIAL NOTICE TO COUNTRY RKADKKS, In order that readers residing in places "which have )io dispatch of Jjfails on Sunday may net be debarred from -participating in the Drawing, we have ar- ranged that Coupons from such places shqtl be,eceived at our Cardijf OJice vp to 10 o'clock 9n Tuesday mornings. THE JpiNE j^RT gTUDIO, QUEI N-STREET ARCADE. I Mr CHAPMAN'S PHOTOGRAPHS Are giving every satisfaction. Most complimentary expressions of opinion from all who bare bsen Photographed. Prices :—2s 6d for 3, 4s for 6, and 7s for 12. Photographed. Prices :—2s 6d for S, 4s for é. and 7s for 12. 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C O 0 P K R 35 C A S L E S T R E E T C A R D I F F First Prize l'dedal awarded -L.)iidolL 19 An Excellent Paper.Vitle London Fun. j THE LARGESrr CIRCULATION .1 IN THE PRINCIPALITY. The Richt Hon. John Morley, M.P., writes to the Editor I ar* much obliged to yo" for sending mt your pzpci-, which I have into with interest. I Sir E. J. Reed K.C.B.. M.P., writes :—Ycur paper is a wonderful affair, and reflects the utmoat credit on you. rpHE £ JARDIFF fJMMES -&. i. AND SOUTH WALE6 WEE li Ll,- NEWS NEW FEATURES, NEW STORIES, NEW SERIES OF ARTICLES. ? WE have made arranprcments with Mr J. M. FORSTER for the publication of his NEW AND ORIGINAL STORY, | ENTITLED A J\IINER'S MILI The FIRST CHAPTER will appear ON SATURDAY NEXT. A MINEE'S MIILION Is the story of a great fortune, showing how a Lanca- shire pitman amasses huge wealth, and how, at his death, his enormous riches become, owing to a singularly-worded will, the property of his neuhew, a noble-minded young fellow, who afterwards hands over his fortune to his cousin, the millionaire's son-a, scapegrace and a ne'er-do-well, who has been missing for many years. The story is founded npon the most powerful of all human motives, viz., the DESIRE for LOTE and the THRJST for GOLD. The centra! figure of the tale is a lady of title-j-oung. beautiful, poor, and ambitious a singularly giited woman a crafty, passionate, modem Cleopatra, whose nature is a strange admixture of good and evil qualities, and who may eventually become either a- gel or devil, just as circumstances develop the noble or base parts of her nature. A MINER6 MILLION is full of incident and cr:sp dialogue. As far as possible the characters themselves tell the story. The tale contains graphic descrir,t,ions of UNDERGROUND DISASTERS-an Jx. PLOSION and an INUNDATION aud the author's personal knowkdge of the mines enables him to describe the varied scenes of mining life with a vividly realistic effect. The story is founded upon a strong and original plot. and contains an absorbing mystery which j will defy the penetration of the most experienced novel reader until the moment the denouement is reached. The climax is approached, the mystery revealed, in a natural and simple fashion and the tragic fate of Lady Ruth cigars the way for justice being done to the other characters of the story. The Author of A MINER'S MILLION has con tributed to many of the leading periodicals of the day; his stories have won the warmest approval on account of their vivid, yet pure realism; and his contribution to The Nineteenth Century excited the greatest interest in every mining centre throughout the kingdom. THE STJRY WILL COMMENCE ON SATURDAY NEXT. In the CARDIFF TIMES AND SOUTH WALES WEEKLY NEWS" of THIS WEEK is continued a seiies of Sketches in pen-and-ink, entitled- MEMORIES OF THE PAST; Being the RANDOM RECOLLECTIONS OF A SOUTH WALES JOURNALIST. By J. C. MANNING (CARL MORGANWG), Author of Frozen Hearts," Paul Tracey's Legacy," ic. The sketches deal in a chatty and genial spirit with -he ordinary routine of public life in South Wales 30 years ago. and comprise many interesting recol- lections of men and things incidental to the period referred to and for some years subsequently. The rapid march of great events naturally obliterates much of minor note tuat would interest us in after life if it were only placed on record at the time. Tk<; irrevocable decrees of i!eatli, and the depar ure ot living friends for distant lands, give a zest to t e remembra.nce of long-forgotten things in which both once took all active part. It will be the object of the writer of "Memories of the Past" to touch with a gentle and kindly hand many incidents of the past that will serve to revive pleasant memories. No unkind word or d :preciative thought will be permitted to Joar wirlLt is intended to be a series of pleasing recollections of many who are gone that can be read with interest by those who remain. A NEW SlmIEB of "FXPERIENCES OF A DBTKCTIViV by JAMES McGOVAN, will be cum. menced on March 17th. MEN WHO WISH TO MARRY AND BE H 4PP\ should see the MAGIC MIRROR sent free to any part of the world on receiot of Post Card, with name and add re;. • -8, Fitz-sq., Sheffield. Don't delay, send at on-;e, it costs you nothing 3023-160 115ín_5S_t.- I MASTERS & CO.'S Men's Suits 12/11. 15/11, 18/6, 21/6, 25/6, 29/9, 32/6, 35/6, 42/ 45/ 49/6, 55/ 7| TASTERS & CO.'S Youths' Suits, IVl 8/6 to 46/ MASTERS & CO.'S Boys' Suits, 1/11, 2/11, 3/11. 4/11, 5/11, 6/11, 7/11, alll, 9/11. 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Polished Elm Coffin, Registered Fnmiture, Flannel Robe, and attendance £ 4 4 0 For eve: y additional best Coach and pair of Horses, if required 0 14 0 3rd Class, with Sheliabier and Pair and pair of Horses, if required 0 14 0 3rd Class, with Sheliabier 31111 Pair of Uorses (glass-side or plain), to carry Corpse and Six Friends, 1-inch Elm Coffin lined with Flannel, Flannel Dtess, and at- tendance £ 3 3 0 For every additional best Coach and Pair, if required 0 14 C 4th Class, with SheIlabir aud I Pair of Horses, J-inch Elm Coffin "dell tiiree p irs o side h"D..1e, lined with Flannel, Name Plate, and attendance £2 10 0 For every additional Coach with one Horse 0 7 0 5th Class, with One-Hois- Sliel- limer to carry Corpse •JcmflSfa: Friends, 3-inch Elm Coffin lined limer to carry Corpse •JcmflSfa: Friends, 3-inch Elm Coffin lined with Fiannel, Flannel Dress, I and attendan-e £2 0 0 For eveiy additional Coach ^itli One Horse 0 7 0 6th Class, with One-Horse ^h. 1- labier to carry Corpse a»d Six Friends, Coffin, Dress and at- lal,ier to carry Ct)rpse a,id Six Friends, Coffin, Dress and at. I tendance £ 1 15 0 CLIJ I DitEN'S FUNERALS, Including Pair of Flemish-bred ¡ [ Horses, modern Coach, with ali the latest improvements, Polished Coffin lined "ith flue Flannel, and attendance— Unciet, I year, fiotii :El 7 6 2 years „ 1 8 6 „ 3 „ 1 10 6 4 1 12 6 5 1 14 0 ONE HORSE CARRIAGE, Including Coffin covered in Black, Blue, or Polished, lined with Flannel, modern Coach, and attendance— Under 6 months £ 0 16 0 1 year 0 18 0 „ 2 years 1 0 0 „ 3 110 4 „ 1 3 0 1 16 TERMS—CASH ONLY. | 4 1 3 0 1 16 TERMS—CASH ONLY. | FPEETH TEETH TEETH Prize Medal London, 1862. Gold Medal, Paris, 1867 M R K E ALL, SURGEON DENTIST •'31 Years' Experience; '1 Years in Swansea! 199, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA (Just below the Groat Western Railway Station., Begs to intimate that he can produce a perfectly fitting 1 Sat of Teeth in one clear day. The very best workman- ship guaranteed. Pa'nless Dentistry by Gas. Partial Sets from 5s per Tooth Upper or Lower Sets iiova Two Guineas. 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The Proprietors of the SOUTH WALES DAILY KKW beg to announce that by a special concession of the Postal Authorities they are enabled to desII3tcl: their i'irst Edition each morning by the Mails leaving Cardiff 2.30 5.11) and 3.45 a.m. Country Subscribers resi i:. wIMiiti «.»># iimits of | A CA nl A RTH KNS Ii I RE PEMBROKESHIRE, CARDIGANSHIRE. well a* these portions of BRECON SM IRE .u:,i MONMOU'J HSff tllE coiunrised within the Tre«i;:»ar ezi,i Rhyinney Valley Postal Districts, may now have! SOCTH WALKS DAILY NEWS delivered at their resi dences daily by the same oost as thai which co eys their London letters London and West of England subscribers receive tneir papers on the afternoon of publication. The SKCOM FIDITION of the SOUTH WALKS DAILY NEWS is forwarded, prepaid, to residents ot the foilow- ing and all ather piaoes within the Cardiff Posoal District in time for the first moruin delivery St. lagan's Pencoed S Ri iries-stiD. KJy St. Nicholas S Bi-idep-suo. KJy St. Nicholas Bonvihitcne Peterstone l.landaff Rruiyr Moritanstowit Meiingritiith Pentyrch St Andrews j Sully Courtyralla Dijias Powis Cadoxton Barry Caerphilly Bed was Ystrad Mynaeh Pwilypant St. Motion's Cein Mabiy Castletown I. Michaeiscn-ieVed«" Marstideid Pellarh I Llandougu },18"aIl6 Llanisnen Whitchurch I Taft's Wen Tougwyiwvi' Wrt'mnt'l''rr-eBr'di; PER QUAR-Elt, LOST-FREIC 0 9 9 PEK HALF-YEAR — 0 19 6 PER YEAR u 1 19 0 SOUTH WALES DAILY NUWS OFFICES 2,1,-1 83 S- rpHOMPSON'S BURDOCK PILLS. X TIIE GRKAT BI.OOD PURIFIP',R.-Pnrify the foulest blood and reiiv ve every disease of stomach, liver, and kidneys. These wonderful Pills cure diseases which could not be reached by anv other medi- le cille. For Rheumatics, Lumoago, Piles. Gravel, Pains in the Back, Scurvy, Bad Legs, Wounds, or Waite Swelling, Scrofula, Cancers, Blotches 011 the Face and Body, Swelled Feet, do., Jaundice. Dropsy, and Fevers [If a1l killd,. In boxes :.o.t Is l;d anll 28 if! cach.-tiold by all chemists, or from the manufactory 44, Oxford sr,rt>et" Swuinw *ar 15 "1' 6; stainos 3. MATSH'S LIVER PILLS have been advertised 33 years in West of England and South Wales. Pills quickly remove inaction of liver, pain underthe collar-bone and between shoulders, giddiness, l fuuiency, pain low in right side and low in bltck, feverishness, sickness, and headache. As an Antii.'ilious 1 'ill they are not excelled, and the best corrective for Constipation. In Boxes, 1, 13d, and 2s 9d. By post, 15 or 33 stamps.—-Edward Maish, M.P S., Chemist, Cotham, Bristol._ Cardiff Coleman and Co. Newport: Mr Albert S-nith; Swansea Mr John Davies: Pontypool Mr T, Roderick, Chemists. -Harmless, Innocent, Wonderful: l3274 986 INJECTION DAY.—An INFALLIBLE I JL REMEDY and certain cure for all Discharges from the Urinary Organs in either sex, waother acqillred or constitutional, recent or chronic: cures in a few days ¡ without medicines. Sold in bottles, 2s6d each (by post is 9d), by all chemists. London agents, F. Newsery and Sons, 1, King Edward-street, E.C. Agent for Cardiff, J. Muuday, Chemist, 1 fiigh-Bcreetl2623 10. ISnshiess ^Drjrsses. FRY'S PURE CONCNTRATED COCOA. Ask your Grocer for a gratis sample and copy of medical testimonials. SOJ. MASTKRS & CO'S Suits to Order. 42 49/6, 59,6, 69/6, 7'6, 69/6, SS/6. I ASTERS & CO'S Trousers to Order. 10/6, 13/ 15/6, 18/6, 21/6, 24/6, 29 6 JV7! ASTERS & CO S Coat antl Vest'' t# O r. 33/o, 39/6, 4o/ 49 6, 58/6, 65/ 69/6. MASTERS & CO'S Overcoats to Order JJtJL 32/6. 39/6, 45/, 49/6, 55/ 59/6, 65 MASTERS & CO'S Covert Coat to Order. 29/ 35/9, 41/3, 45/9, 513. 55/9, 61/3. TASTERS & CO., 29 & 30, St. Mary. -LT-L street, Cardid. MASTERS & CO., 292, Bute-street, l: Card.ff. ]\TASTERS & CO., 18 & 19, Castle- -i- street, Swansea. ~I ASTERS & CO., 39 & 40, High- etreetj Newport. MASTERS & CO., 124, High-street, 1.1 Merthyr. -\TASTERS & CO., 80, Tafi-street, Ponty- •i'A priaa. MASTERS & CO., 11, High-street, Hereford. MASTERS & CO., ll, Canon-street, Aberdare. ]\/|" ASTERS & CO., George-street, Ponty- -i-* A- pool. MASTERS & CO., 70, Frogmore-street, Abergaveuny. 753 SPRING. 1888. EEDS! SEEDS! SEEDSr k FOR GOOD AND NEW VEGETABLE AND FLOWER Elms liO TO THOMAS AND CO., 105 AND 106. COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT, MON., Who have just received a consicno'. ntfrom theeminenf growers. Carter and Cu.. WK, queen's Seedsman. Thf Cottagers' Collection, 5s, sufficient for small garden, sent post free. Cheapest lot eve: ottered. The Amateurs' Collection, 10s. for larger garden, com- Crising every sor; of vegetable in common use, witk eans ant. peas of best sort.. Brancti—Ye OM Gre n Seed Stores, Back of Hich-street, Newport. 1 tPackets of Annual Flower Seeds, with cultura directions. Is, Post Free. S30 40 JJRIDGiS-ST., 0ARDIFF (I FOLLICK, PAWNBROKER. J. HIGHEST TALUE LENT ON (;OLD AND SILVER VALUABLES. OVER SZ AT THE RATE OF 4d IN THE POUND INTEREST EXCEEDING B10 AT 3d IN THE POUND INTEREST. 40, BRIDGE-STREET, CARDIFF. 295e E. J-. liA K b R, HIGH-CLASS BESPOKE TAILOR, 33, QUEEN-STREET, (CROCKHEIiBTOWN), 698 CARDIFF. 7366 -Å- PEPPER'S TANNIN THROAT GARGLE. T-ttinm Gargle should be within the reach of all in the least degiee subject to throat affections, whether inflammatory relaxed, ulcerated hoarseness, swollen tonsils, enlarged uvula, weakened voice, &e. Those constantly speaking, singing, or reading, by using the Gargle prevent, tne huskiness, dryness, and. irritation so frequantlyattendant ou over-exeroion also of pro- ducing unusually sustained powers without injury to the mucous surfaces of the throat Tannin is a great puritier, and so useful as a mouth wash in cases of disagreeable breath, arising from de. cuyed teeth, disordered stomach, mouth ulcerations and other causes. As a Cllle for ordinary sore throat, with its usu gainful and sometimes dimgerous symptoms, the I:iLnni,, Gargle is far better than anything. Bottles, Is 6d. Sold everywhere. TAPPER'S WHITE COUGH MIX- vTi 1TRE.—i lie most reliable, speedy, aud agree- able cure for coughs, colds, asthma, bronchitis, con- sumption, and all diseases of the lungs and air- passages. It is soothing, comforting, and trauquiU lizing in its action, quite different from ordinary cough remedies. Aifords relief after second do:se Botties, Is lAd and 2s 9tl each. Sold by all Chemists. CRACROFT'S ARECA-NUT TOOTH CRACROFT'S ARECA-NUT TOOTH PASTE.—Regularly used every morning the teeth are kept iu beautiful order. All decaying and (iestr uctive tartar is removed from the enamel. which assumes its ivory, ike appearance. /CRACROFT'S PASTE removes all causes ef decay, and will preserve the teeth intact for many years. Branded Pots, Is each. Sold everywhere. CRACROFT'S AHECA TOOTH PASTE. By using tbis delicious Arom itic Dentifrice tha enamel of the teetli becomes white, sound, a.nd polished like ivory. It is exceedingly frajjraut, and specially useful. Get Cracroft's DEAFNESS, NOISES IN THE EARS, Ac. ~|ELLAR'S ESSENCE FOR DEAF- NESS sho.ild always be tried, as in uumbers of c"c-, seemingly incurable it hits done wonders Slight deatl ess, obstructions in the ears, and the iucessa.nt huiuivng ounds so frequent with atiected hearing, are reinovea. Sold everywhere CORNS: CORNS I! CORNS It BUNIONS AND ENLARGED TOE JOINTS! II CURED IN A FEW DAYS. DELLAR'S CORN AND BUNION PLASTERS are tha only real remedy. They (liffei- froru liii plasters, sliields, or compositions. By instantly .«ofteniiig the callous surrounding the pailI goes at once, the Corn soon following. Bunions and enlarged toe joints require more tiine; but the action and relief Is Boxes, lslAd. Sold everywnere. QILPHOL1NE SOAP (a soap contain' o ing suipholine), is a delicately reiined, chemi- cally pure Soap, intended for general use, but specially by those endowed with sensitive skins. Common iOkc perfectly prepared soaps, scented witu injurious acrid oils, frequently cause skin diseases. For washiiig at ail times, and bringing the skin to a soft, pliable, healthy condition, .sulpuoline Soao holds tho tirss place. Its odour is very pleasant, and til■; not expensive. Tablets, 6d each. LIVER COMPLAINTS, BILIOUSNESS, INDIGESTION. CURED BT STOMACti DERANGEMENTS, | D% DANDELION Sc QUININE LIVER PILLS (Without li.e-.cury), Act effectively on the liver, ami, whilst mildly aperient,, are all that can be desired. Dr. King's famous Pills purify and clear the entire system hy f eeing the liver from sluggishness, causing tile stomach to prooeriy per. form its tunctions, oniokly and entirely removing aii feeiing of headache, dizziness, oppress.ou.^ at chest and back, disagreeanie taste, nausea, i .digestion, spasm, sensation of heaviness, and irritating depression attend ing bilious attacks and liver derangeineuts. RE SURE TO HAVE DR. KING'S PILLS. 615 FACT WORTH KNOWINof RERCHAM8 PILLS Are admitted by thousands to bt wortuabnve a GUINEA a B<>X for bili otis and nervous diso tier-, such as wind pain in th stom,lcn. sick headhache, gidiimess, inllness and swelling after iBeais, dizziness ana drowsiness, cold chill, flushings of heat, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, costivrnesa, scurvy, aod blotches on the skin, ■ distui bed sleep, frightful dreams, aud all nervous and troubling sensations, Ac., & Every sufferer is earnestly invited to try one box of these 1 ilis, .nd t.iey wil' be acknow-.edged to be WOHTH A GUINEA A BOX 00 For Femaies of all ages tnese Puis aie invaluable. No female should be without them. There is no medi. cine to be found to equal Beechani's Pills for removing any obstruc ions or irregularity of the system, if taken according to the directions given with each box, they will soon restore it,males of 411 awes to sound and roousc health. For a weak stomach, impaired digestion, and a;, oisorders of the L ver. they act like MAGIC, and a few doses wili be found to w. rk wonder* upon the -st important erg-ins in tne human machine. Ti;.y strengthen the whole muscnlarsystem,restore the long, lost comple tion, bring ba k the keen ace f appetite, and arouse into action, with the ROSE-BUD of health, the whole physKu energy of the unman frame. These are h AC Is admitted by t ousand-; embracing ail classes of society, and one oi tne be,. guarantee* to the Ner- vous and Debilitated is Keecham's PilL They have the largest saie of any patent tne licina in the world. Prepared omv bv ttie P onrietor, r. BEHCITAM, Chemist, St. Helen's, Lancashire, in Boxes at Is lid and 2s 9li each. Sold by all Patent Medicine Dealers in the United Kingdom. 210 N.B. Full direction?: are snvett with each box. 7/30 "VJ" E W P~ O R i "o F F I c N OF THE SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS," No. 1, TREDEGAR PLACE. ADVERTISEMENTS received tii) to Seven o'clock p.m. wili secure insertion in next morning's islIe of the DAILY E WS.' Estimates givenior Advertise, ments ORDERS from NEWSAGENTS will i-eoeive prompt attention, xnd be executed upon the same terms as rom the cuiet Office.