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Prepaid Advertisements1 20 WORDS'" T° bC TNDCR. S SIXPENCE. SIXTIMERMES NINEPENCE. ONE SHILLING. WORDS. I NV„, THRKK SIX • T1MKS. TIMI'S. 0 6 0 9 1 0 0 9 1 0 1 6 I O 1 6 2 3 Ul"Us I' | 1 3 2 6 I 3 9 16 13 0 I 4 6 1 6 3 0 4 6 I^OUTJJ 'E 8BOVE CLASS inserted ill tile WAT C1,0>" the "OAUDIIT 'J unes." and the 1,Y NEWS" at the follovrintr rate Sixtimesiu Si* times SIX LSLLIES Once°iii WOLLDS O ■P,"H« Cardiff Tiinss, SOUTL. WALES' AND Echo 1111(1 OIe 111 SIX times in Our(liff Ti Six t'l"es 'n Soiitli Walell DAILY New". 20 S* LL- S- D" XO X 6 2 6 õO \Y ()rù1 1 6 2 3 3 9 2 3 3 3 5 6 39 50 8 9 4 6 6 0 10 6 atriiiiaitial. You X CORT1. HARRIED, or contemplating taking this im- "HICH V STEP. WE can send you valuable information "ILL S-F,0.11 OUGHT to know. Send your address, and we ti, JFER, ^TALOGUE and pamphlet free.—Address H TR—.J- -"ostyn-road, Mcrton, Surrey. 19* itlusifal. F>LAWIS0F°^T £ to be Sold (a great bargain). The IUD L.J^^TLEINAN to whom it belongs will be travelling. I'REET ,,N°, FURTHER use for it.—Appiy 67, Upper George- SY^LATHAYS. CA.RD.FF. 605 (Etmrational. SKCHOOL for GIRLS and Preparatory Class for FIISW ?,-V"> Cyril-crescent, Roath. Principals, "IBE *es BV;INS. Private lessons given in music. ilO V^JENTIFIC" PRESS-CUTTING.—Whole system FOF 'roughly taught; prospectus free orders taken JFICT-LLAK'"s: up ladies'' own materials at moderate WL, -MISS Palin (from Regent-street, London). 4, ku*diff' ^G^GGT, Cardiff: _6I9_ V«YR.THA.ND taught thoroughly; individual in- OI»HFF U.CTION, 7s oil a ,uari«r. Reading class- s increasing speed.— Shorthand, L^CHO, bib DOMESTIC ^RBANTS. (GOOD plain), willing to assist in housework. I3 Apply, stating references, <tc., Mrs H. Cousins, .J '■ A lidrew's-cretcent, Cardiff. 594 Q EERAL-SERVANT Wanted, with a good charac- WAL L?T> FOR a small family—Apply 6, Wyndham- CANTON, Cardiff. .\TRS PEDLKR (REGISTRY OFFICE), 22, Charles- MARA ,ST-' Cardiff. Wants Cooks, House and Parlour ~-JJS.^itchenniaids. good Nurses, and Generals. 472 Situations VACANT. 4CENTS (aocd) wanted in Caidiff and district for a tirst-ciass douse.—Apply Beta, "South Wales Cardiff, 624 OUT TRADE.—Boyle and Co., Cardiff, require a n?..» RESPectable Youth, about 16; must be GOOD at ^~AL>P*Y Warehouse, between 12 and 1. O87 Y 0L'NG~MA>I (oxpeFeiiced) "wanted at once for DRAPERY abstainer preferred Welsh.—Apply C. _J"ES' 4, NOTT'S-SQUARE, CARMARTHEN. 611 ZIG' AND- TIN-PLKTF, WORKERS.—WANTED, JRR -APPRENTICES AT ONCE,—APPLY S. MOORE, 19, BRIDGE- E^J>_CARDIFT. 402 ^OIIGUTGS, JPNRTMEUTS. &C. A FARTMENTS (UNFURNISHED) to Let, where there ARE NO CHILDREN. — APPLY 60, CRADDOCK-STREET *LL5L'*>DE; CAIDIFF. 558 I ^CI)GJ.NGS (COMFORTABLE) FOR TWO OR THREE GENTLE „ *PIR ,.LNEN- TERMS MODERATE.—8, EDWARD-PLACE, NEAR CARDIFF. 368 M COMS (two large) to Let, Furnished or Uiifnr- I;i8bel.-A pply 17, James-st., Docks, Cardiff. 678 JSJEASIDK APARTMENTST^Unintemipted view of JO Pure Kvnon Bay and Devonshire Coast; close to A»? I RO""antic scenery; terms very moderate.— F*PR>JY JJRA JJ Thomas, Ivy House, Port Bynon.Gower, LI^IKEA. 612 SIL'ITLM3.ROOM (Front) and Bedroom to I». CAS AND attendance, hot and cold bath.—Mrs DLER, 22, Charles-street Cardiff. 471 TÕ-fE:r:-aj ames-street, Castle-read, Roath, RF-. Cardiff, sitting, two bedrooms, with use ot T C"ETL- 1'enns moderate. No children. 677 -= nlt.-1hTuses. ICANTT. &t. RP° BE BOLD, furnished or unfurnished, Cross JJJ Coctag- Penylan-road, Cardiff, within a few °F the 'buses, and near the proposed >ORI ■^>AR^- The house is detached, and contains five «UT KS'- T(?SETHER with a capital coach-house, stable, JT-BUILDINGS, and a large and well-stocked garden.- 4,?R particulars applv MR David Lewis, Solicitor, 3, paries-street, Cardiff. 660 V/ILLA. PROPERTY (good) for Sale in Richmond- TVV, ROA^ and Arran-street also 8 small cottages in ^'EHUNIS-STREET, Castle-road.—Apply T. Evans, 195, "LI'OIID-I OAD, Cardiff. 663 OustS, VVR., Zo 3Cet. BUTCHER SHOP and Premises to Let; good 8tabling and yard (well Utted); doing a steady JJARTE; in goocl position rent moderate. —Apply 6i, St. ^ard-street, Newport. BCTCHER3~AND^OTHERS.—To Let Shop and Premises well fitted as a butcher's shop • best POSITION in Penarth; 14 years' lease.—Apply 64, Wind- R?R;>^«L, PENARCH. 595 TL OI'SK WITH SHOP TO LET; FIVE BEDROOMS (CONVENIENT). FR-V RENT, LOS 6D PER WEEK. ALSO STABLE.—APPLY'2 OESIGER STREET, CATHAYS. 620 IJOUSE TO LET AT RAWDON-PLIICE hot WATER in BATH-ROOM AND SCULLERY.—APPLY 26, RAWDON- CARDIFF. 411 A, near Town bathroom, conservatory: in- elusive rent, 13s; one aR Canton, 7s.—Mr Mont- *ARTH* ^"STATE A £ ENT- Cowbridge-road, Canton, JOR ^AK.TIBCSIIANUOIIS. BICYCLE (52in.) for Sale, in good condition, cheap Q- Apply 116, Commercial-street, Newport. 651 CO V KNTRY~KOTALTY~TRTCYCL £ 8 48-inch Bicycle, 2s. Cycles bought, sold, or exchanged.— NORTON, Queen-street Post-office, Cardiff. 528 BRA WING-ROOM SUITES in figured velvet, only six guineas each Marvellous value !—Bevan JH'-T O nipaiiy, 'The Cardiff Furnishers," Duke-street, ^ARDITI. 651 /RALN BAGS (20,000 new and SECOND-HAND) FOR SALE. 3.0U0 DUNNAGE MATS GOOD FOR BRICKS AND ^BER.—JL GALLIVATI, DOCKS, CARDIFF. 420_ ^JJ.REAT BARGAINS IN SEWING MACHINES, MANGLES, S AND LIASSINETTES, EVERY MONDAY AND FRIDAV, AT P IN. J. W. BUCKLE, WOOD-STREET. CARDIFF. 169 "TIAINTINGS FOR SALE, BY RICHARD SHORT, ESQ., EX- HIBITOR AT THE ROYAL ACADEMY THIS YEAR, AT ROBERTS', 5, ROYAL ARCADE, CARDIFF. 265 1DERAMBULATOR (second-hand) Wanted double seated reversible hood and bicycle wheels must ^_ROOD.—M., '• Echo" Oftice, Newport, Mon. 598 r Frames, Ladders and Truclss, sale or hire. General "OUST, carpentry done. Estimates given for Green- 1011 SEN,—New Roath Yard, Cardiff. 473 KR YACHT Cormorant," about six tons, JS7 FULLY equipped, excellent sails, moulded ballast, J-aiv&nued cable, punt.—William Howell, 22, Quay, ^RMARTHEN 513 I1: k 1] AR (Two 2nd Starr-Bowkett Building Society) R,,R 'VAL.\ value E200 without mterest 12 years. A duress Shares." D .iiy News 11 Oflice, Cardiff. 489 t, C^L'KJNG CART (light), suitable for butcher or Vir1,R(JC8R; also Fruit or Fish Truck.—Applv 68. F. »CLIINGTOU-STREUT, Canton, CaroiS. *4Z4 r. ^LISALLANIONS. _j FURNISH on our New Hire System. Houses or J Apartments completely furnished on a new sys- j tein adopted solely by us, whereby all pubiicty, j exposure, and inquiries usually made by other com- J pahies are dispensed with. We have an immense j stock ot Household Furniture of cheap and superior j quality. All goods sold on the Hire System at ready- j money prices. We make no extra charge for credit, j and all goods sent home in a privue van free of charge NO stamp or agreement charaes inatie no bill of sale everything private. Arrtitgeiiieits col. without I delay, and, being manufacturers, we guarantee quality, and will undertake to supply furniture, Ac., at 10 per cent, less than any price-list issued i>V any Sim in Cardiff. Eleven snow rooms. Call and inspect our immense stock, and compare prices before purchasing elsewhere. We will suppiy R5 worth for 2s fed weekly E10 worth, 4s weekly JS15 worth for 5s weekly R20 worth, 6A weekly, and so on in pronortiosi. Special terms for larger quantities. Please note the Address SOUTH WALES FURNISHING COMPANY, 31 Castle-st. (opposite the Castie), Cardiff. 12785 —2491—fSe I^RAMES FRAMES FRAMES !—20? paill any JD person finding cheaper place for framing pictures than the Picture Framing Company, Bridge, Newport. -| /V OLEOGRAPHS-and 3,000 frames in JL\X7VLV* Stock photo frames, efcass, and tnouuts Is doz.— Picture Company, Bridge, Newport. LEOGRAPHS, in massive gilt frames, 12* dozen; 0 Cabinet size Jubilee Mounts), gilt frames, 6s dozen. Cash with order.—Framing Company, Newport. NNO SHOPKEEPERS and Haw ters.—Oleographs, I 2s dozen Black and Gilt Frames, 14 by 11. 4s dozen.—Framing Company, Newport. 556 UEEN-STREET CYCLE W(ARKS.-Parry & Williams, Bicycle -Manufacturers and Agents. Bicycles and tricycles repaired and. painted on the premises. Machines bought, sold, or exchanged.— Queen-street Cycle Works, Cardiff. 666 ISHT.NG TACKI,E, Fishii)g Tickets for Taff and Ely, roll licences Fishing Roffis on hire live bait supplied.—Silver Trout, Bridge-street, Cardi-ff. 6.85 MR and MRS GREEN give highest prices for Ladies' and (ientlemen'S I.tift-off Clothing. Post-office orders for parcels ent 32, Caroline-street, Cardiff. 169_ WHADNEDGE, Cabinet-maker and Upholsterer, 44, Salisbury-road, Cathays, Casdiff. Furniture made tc order. Repairing in all its brandiics. enetian blinds re-taped and cleaned. 656 N SOCIAL PURITY and the lJS'FIJtiMlTIES of MAN. Addressed specially to youi^G me», with advice on Health, and containing ltecipee that will restore the nervous and debilitated to the full power of Manhood. Free for the benefit of all M»ho desire a safe and speedy cure, without the aid of Quacks. Send one stamp to prepay postage.—Address Secre- tary, Institute of Anatomy. Birmingham. 48e J$Usri>Ilane0H5 WANTS. ASHING wanted by respectable person; 10cl per W dozen taking large and small neighbourhood of Roatb.-Adrlress B., Echo" Office. Cardiff. 633% IKATUM. LOANS on Property negotiated on exceptionally favourable terms at Accident Insurance Agency, Dawlish-place, Maindee, Mon. 671 IMPORTANT NOTICE —If you want Money send JL stamn for Prosnectus before borrowing elsewhere. —Mr Pike, 43, Salisbury-road, Cardiff 551 HE SOUTH WALES LOAN and DISCOUNT OFFICE ADVANCES CASH rum £ 3 to £ 300 to Householders, Fai-iners and others itllOutJicurity. If Borrowers cannot obtain all advance at this office they cannot do so by applying elsewhere. All business done strictly private and confidential. Apply, personally, or by letter, to Lewis, Manager, 1 St. John's-square, Cardiff. Office hours 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. 1;¡8e IMPORTANT TO O R R O W E RS. CASH ADVANCED AS USUAL WITHOUT I DELAY, SURETIES, OR PRELIMINARY FEES, BY S. BARNETT, 19, BUTS-STREET, CARDIFF, 1 AND 45, LLANARTH-STREET, NEWPORT. Established 1875. &37 HE CARDIFF AND SOUTH WALES LOAN SOCIETY advances loans from £ 2 to £ 200, Without delay, Without fees. Without law costs, At a low interest. Without publicity, And easy repayment. By avplying to the ecretary of this office applicants will meet witri promptitude and secrecy in their trans- actions. Office Hours, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Apply 14, Ctistoixt Lloune-street (side door), Cardiff. Enclose stamped envelope for prospectus and narticulars. 176e A PRIVATE GENTLEMAN is willing to advance Cash, frorr £ 3 to £ 300, to all respectable Work- ing Men, Householders, Farmers, &c. at low rate and easy payments.—Apply by letter, 99, Newport-road.254 RJPHK COMMERCIAL ADVANCE BANK. £5 to S500 immediately advanced to all classes of Borrowers on their own security, at low interest. Repayments to suit borrowers. MONEY LENT ON DEPOSITS. No fees. Bills discounted. Apply— 19, QUAY.STREET (off High-street), CARDIFF. Enclose stamp for prospectus and particulars before borrowing elsewhere. 840—L?0B CASH ACCOMMODATION.—The Cardiff and County Advance Bank continues to make ad- vauces upon any approved security repayable by in- stalments or otherwise, at moderate intiresc Bills discoulIted.-Apply Manager, 9, Caroline-street, Car. diff. Established 50 vears. 819—1186 O LOAN OFFICE. LOW INTEREST. Working men and others will find it te their advan- age and safety to borrow only from C. LAWRENCE, 2, LLANTRISSANT-STREET, CATHAYS, Cardiff. Loans advanced daily from 12 and upwards. Apply personally or by letter. 270 MONEY TO LEND at Greatly Reduced 'Rates of Interest.— £ 2 to B500 advanced daily to Male or Female Householders, of all classes, to be repaid by Easy Instalments to suit Borrower's convenience. The Strictest Privacy Guaranteed. No Bills of Sale Required. Oftice Hours—10 to 8. Apply, personally or by letter, to WEST OF ENGLAND LOAN & DISCOUNT CO., 22, Castle-road (side door), Roath, Cardiff. 472e M. L. FLIGELSTONE. Manager. (J A HAD V A NeE D AT f' O PER CENT1 BILLS D COUNTED. APPLY CARDIFF AND COUNTY ADVANCE BANK, 9, CAROLINE-STREET, CARDIFF. 928 III ONEY I IONEY I ill OINEY I I Cash Advances made at a few hours notice from E5 to £500, to Farmers, Market Gardeners Cowkeepers, Tradesmen, and others, on their own security. No sureties required, No inquiry fees. Money lent on deposits, also tradesmen's bills discounted. Apply, personally or by letter to Mr A. Jordan, Manager, PriTate Loan Office, Dock-street (corner of Skinner street), Newport Hon 581 JgALSAM SUPERSEDED! I ATAT MILTON'S AMERICAN HWRR PKTU! MAT MILTON'S MAT- MILTON'S MAT MILTON'S MAT MILTON'S MAT MILTON'S MAT- MILTON'S MAT MILTON'S AMERICAN HERB PASTE. MAT MILTON'S AMERICAN HERB PASTE. 747e Is warranted to cure allt discharges from the urinary organs in either sex. Thoroughly reliable con- venient to take. In tins, 2s 9d and 4s 6d each. Free by post 3d extra. by post 3d extra. HEWSON'S COMPOUND PENNYROYAL PILLS FOR FEMALES. In boxes. Is LID and 2s 9t1¡ each; free by post 2d extra. Local Agents: Cardiff,Mr Munday, Chemist, 1, Duke- street Newport, Mr .T. Phillips, 92, Commercial, street; Swansea, Mr Keall, Chemist, 199, High-street; F. H. Hewson, 8, Victoria- avenue, Maindee, Newport, Mon. London Barclay & Sons. AMERICAN HERB PASTE. AMERICAN HERB PASTE. AMERICAN HERB PASTE. AMERICAN HERB PASTE. MAT MILTON'S AMERICAN HERB PASTE. MAT MILTON' AMERICAN HERB PASTE. 1042 INJECTION DAY. An INFALLIBLE I REMEDY and certain cure for all Discharges from the Urinary Organs in either sex, whether acquired or constitutional, recent or chrouic; cures in a few days without medicines. Sold in bottles, 2s 6d each (by post 2s 9d), by ail chemists. London agents, F. Newbei y and Sons, 1, King Edward-streft, E.C. Agent for j Cardiff. J. Muncuy, CUoiuisi, 1 High-atteetl^y 270* J ANTNSGNTIMTS. CARDIFF. rjtHEATRE ROYAL, CARDIFF. L.KSSEK AND MANAGER MR EDWARD FLETCHER ACTING MANAOKU. Mr JOHN SHERIDAN TO-NIGHT (TUESDAY), MAY 17th. RETURN VISIT of Mr C. H. Hawtrey's Company from the Globe Theatre, London, in the Phenomenally successful Farcical Comedy, The P R IVAT E S E C R T A R Y, By C. H. Hawirev. Preceded at 7.30 by SUGAJI AND CREAM. Open 7. Commence 7.30. Half-price 9. MONDAY N KXT, MAY 23rd, D'OYLY CARTE'S CELEBRATED OPERA ( COMPANY IN I J> UDDIGOITE. Day Performance Saturday, May 28tli. IOn Box Plan NOW OPEN Hot Thorn soil it Sbackell's, Ltd. LEVINO JLJ Ir. VINO I, E v I N L E VINO LEVI NO LEVINo L E V I N 0 L E V I N O J, E V I N 0 L E V I N O L E VINO L E V I N O L E VINO IEVINO L E V I N O L F, V I N LEV I N O LEVINO 1, F, V I N LEVINO LEVINO LEVINO'S LNEW HALL, JLJ QUE KN-STRE ET (LATE GROCKHERTBTOWN), CARDIKF. PROF. DOLPH LEVINO, LFSSER AND MANAGER. EX CRAORDIN A RY A rTRACTION. TO-NIGHT 1 TO-NIGHT! HAMILTON AND OVEHEND'S COLOSSAL DIORAMIC EXCUR- SIONS, "All the World Over," the best ever exhibited. GRAND COM- PANY. ZENORA, "CBILDOFTHE SUN." O'PERA. JAP OK JAPS. PODKN-ALVENA TROUPE. THE SWISS MOUNTAINEER. EVALO, and ROISSO, and MULLEN and MAGKE, Popular Prices-3d, 6d, Is, 2s, and 29 6d. Every evening at 8; 2s, and 2S 6d. Every evening at 8; Saturday morning performance at 2.30. 3952 234e ARTISTS, ARCHITECTS, SCHOOLS, COLLIERY PROPRIETORS, &C. DRAWING PAPER AND ARTISTS* MATERIALS Of the best Makers uti specially low Terms. DRAWINGS MOUNTED AND PICTURES ARTISTICALLY FRAMED On the Premises. R. w 0 0 D, 197e FIXE ART GALLERY, 3654 3, CASTLE-STREET (opposite the Castle), CARDIFF. alt5 hy PURITAN. THURSDAY, MAY 19TH. 18, BROOK-STREET, CANTON. "jV/TR EDWARD JOHN SON has received JJrX instructions from the owner (a lady), who is leaving Cardiff, to SELL by AUCTION, as abjve, CONTENTS OF SIX ROOMS of excellent and W 11-preservect FURNITURE. Sale to commence at Two o'clock. On View Day of Sale. Edward Johnson, 27, Castle-street, Auctioneer. | lOrGOyiDON-PJOAD^OATHT'FIUDAYrJlA^OTH. MR EDWARD JOHNSON lias received instructions from the owner, who is leaving Cardiff, to SILl. bv AUCTION the whole of her MODERN and FIRST-CLASS FURNITURE, being the contents of 9 rooms, hall, and bathroom. The furniture being substantially and well made. it is well worthy the attention of intending buyers. Goods on view at above address on day of sale. Sale will commence at Two o'clock. r -+- t 13uh lir j'løtíUS. JpjEAFNESS AND DISEASES OF THE MP. S. E. SMITH finds he WILL NOT BE ABLE to CLOSE HIS PRACTICE in CARDIFF at the time announced, a.nd has decided to further prolong his visit till June 23rd, and will attend daily at HIGH-STREET ARCADE between Eleven and Two o'clock. He trusts all under treatment will be REGULAR IN THEIR ATTENDANCE, and those desirous of CONSULTING him wiD do so at an early date, THATTHEIKCASES MAY HAVE PROPER ATTENTION. His Works on the IGar are sold by HAYWARD, CDrn-s;reet, Bristol, 1 AND JOHN HEYWOOD, Paternoster-buildings, London, aud Deansgate, Manchester. 155e-4488 THE PAPER FOR THE PEOPLE. THE LARGEST CIRCULATION IN THE PRINCIPALITY. THE CARDIFF TIMES AND SOUTI-I WALES WEEKLY NEWS t THE BRIGHTEST, I THE MOST READABLE, THE MOST AMUSING WEEKLY PAPER IN THE KINGDOM. ORIGINAL ARTICLES ENTERTAINING SERIALS. H. PLENTY OF NEWS. PRICE ONE PENNY. 72 COLUMNS. PRICE ID. 72 COLUMNS. THE CONTENTS FOR THIS WEEK Will include SKETCHES of WALES and WELSHMEN. "LIKE AND UNLIKE." [ Early Chapters of a New Serial Story by that Eminent Novelist Miss Braddon. With Illustrations. EXPERIENCES OF A DETECTIVE. Article from the graphic pen of MR McGOVAN the astute detective, on a Forged Order, showing how a Loving Daughter saved her Father. WORKMEN'S TOpfcS. WELSH NATIONAL STORY. Further chapters of the in teres tine serial, "Llewelyn, or the Last of the Welsh Princes." By BERIAH G. EVAN*. WELSH HYMN WRITERS. SOUTH WALES CHAT. All the Gossip of the Week, by MERLIN. WELSH GLEANINGS. BY LLOFFWR. MUSICAL AND EISTEDDFOD NOTES. By Maelgwyn, a well-known authority on Welsh Musical Matters. LOTTIE'S LETTER to her Sisters and her Cousins and her Aunts. Also Fashion Plates. "FROZEN HEARTS." A Story by Carl Morganwg. TALK OF THE TOWN Illustrated. A smart London Letter. ou Social Topics, with Illustrations. THE CARDIFF TIMES AND SOUTH WALES WEEKLY NEWS Contains all the news of the week. Sold by all Newsagents throughout Wales and the West of Engiand.. Cl-fOOL- ADVEP.TISEMENTS.-The ks attention of Principals of Private and other SCHOOLS is directed to the following moderate F LLY. PAID TARIFF for School Advertisements One Three Six Twelv. Insertion Insertions. Insertions inserr-ioti, s. d. s. Ii. s. d s. Li Four Lines 1 0 2 6 40„ 60 Six Lines ..16.. 3 0 „ 6 0 90 Eight Lines.. 2 0 5 0 8 0 12 0 Twelve Lines 3 0 7 6 12 0 18 0 Eight words may be calculated to a line. Advertise nialits cat, also appear in the CARDIFF TIMES and SOUTH WALES WEEKLY NEWS in conjunction with chose in the South Wale# Daily 80 M to Jorcu piu.'t L series oi iawiuous, *Su5iit £ S5 4Ù1)ttS5tS. JOTHAM & SONS 26 27, ST. Maby-Stkbbt' CARDIFF, -^yOOLLEN jyjERCHANTS, HATTERS, HOSIERS, AND MEN'S & JUVENILE OUTFITTERS. ESTABLISHED 50 YEARS. I SPECIALITIES IN MEN'S TWEED ¡ T ROUSERS, 5/11, 6/11, 7/11, 8/U, 9111, 10/11. Considered the Best Value m the Trade, conse- quently the sale has been enormous this season, ONE LARGE PARCEL ALREADY CLEARED OUT. STOCK just to hand, embracing the Finest Display of Patterns ever offered in Cardiff. QOOD VALUE, SOUND WORKMAN- SHIP, AND DURABLE MATERIALS. OVER 1,000 (One Thousand) PAIRS TO CHOOSE FROM JOTHAM & SONS, 26 & 27, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF, THE LARGEST OUTFITTING ESTABLISHMENT IS 30UTH WALES or the WEST of ENGLAND. 12,000 (Twelve Thousand) Square Feet of SHOW ROOMS. 906e ADJOINING THE FREg LIBRARY, WORKING i STRE ET, CARDIFF. F. G. FARTHING FURBISHING UNDERTAKER, For several years in the employ of the late G. A. Stone. ADULTS FUNERALS. 1st class, best hoarse and coach, pair of horses to each ;i nch elm coffin lined with flannel, mattressin bottom; flannel robe pall,polished metal breast-plate, engraved ami attend- ance to cemetery S5 00 2nd class, with hearse and coa?h £ 1 0 0 3rd class, with hearse and coach £ 5 0 0 4th class, with hearse and coach £ 2 10 0 151e ———— Children's Carriage Funerals from SO 18 Compare the above prices with those of other firms. TOVEY BROS., 7, DOCK STREET, NEWPORT. CARRIAGES FOR PRIVATE OR WEDDING PURPOSES, With Superior Grey Horses, on the Shortest Notice. 279a A SPLENDID FOUR-IN-HAND BRAKE. E. J-. B A K E P., TAILOR, CROCKHERBTOWN, O, CARDIFF, A GRAND SELECTION OF NEW SPRING 271 GOODS NOW ON vmw. 4363 40, BRIDGE-ST., CARDIFF. n FOLLICK, PAWNBROKER. —Most V^ Moliey lenton gold and silver valuables. OVER 22 AT THE RATE OF 4d IN THE POUND INTEREST EXCEEDING E10 AT 3d IN THE POUND INTERKST. Large assortment of gold aud silver watches and diamond rings very cheap Special lots of gold wedding rings and keeDers 20le THOMP,ON'S BUPDOCK PILLS. JL THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER.—Purify the foulest blood and relieve every disease of stomach, liver, and kidneys. These wonderful Pills cure diseases which could not be reached by any other medi- cine. For Rheumatics, Lumbago, Piles, Gravel, Pains in the Back, Scurvy, Bad Legs, Wounds, or White Swelling, Scrofula, Cancers, Blotches on the Face and Body, Swelled Feet, &c., Jaundice. Dropsy, and Fevers o iall kinds. In boxes at Is lll and 2s 9(1 each.-Sold by all chemists, or from the manufactory 44, Oxford nrMt,. 8\Vllnsp.. for 15 or 65 stamps 8e POSTAL DELIVERY JL 011 YUt: SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS. The Proprietors of the SOOTH WALES DAILY NKW beg to announce that by a special concession of the Postal Authorities they are enabled to despatch then- First Edition each morning by the .11,Lils leavingCaruilf 2.30 a.m ami 3.45 a.m. Couiitry Subscribers residing i within the limits of GLAMORGANSHIRX, CARMARTHENSHIRE PEMBROKESHIRE, CARDIGANSHIRE. As well as those portions of BHECONdHUU MONMOUTHSHIRE comprised within the Tredegar and Rhymuey Valley Postal Districts, may now have me SOUTH WALES DAILY Nrws,delivered at their resi deuces daily by tho vauie ooafc as that which co eys their London letters London and West of England subscribers receive tneir papers on the afternoon of publication. The SECOM EDITION of the SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS is forwwded, prepaid, to residents of the follow- ing and all ether places within the Cardiff Postal District in time for the tirss morning delivery :— St. Fagan's Pencoed S Brides-sup. Ely St. Nicholas Bonvilstone Peterstone Llandatf Raayr Morganstown Melingriffith I'entyrcn St .Andrew s I :s .Andrew s Sully Courtyralla. Dinas Powi* Cadoxton Barry Caerphilly Bedwas Ystrad Myiiacb Pwilypant St. Motion's Cein labjy Michaeistn.l«V«dt\ Castletown Michaeistn.l«V«dt\ Castletown Marsiifield Penarth i Llandouga | Lisvane Llanishen Whitchurch i Taff's Weil ITongwynlais Walnut TrewBridg PER QUARTER, POST-FREE ..099 PER HALF-YEAR „ 0 19 6 PER YEAR 1 19 0 VOUTH'WALKS DAILY NEWS OFFICE* 82 and 83 St. Mary-street. CARDIFF. iVfESSRS w. H. SMITH and SON J_TJL deliver the SOUTH WALKS DAILY AT an eariy hour each Nloritin., in all parts of the follow ing towns:— CARDIFF SWANSEA F, wr- onr ROATH MKRTHYR PORTSKEWETT CANTON ABERDARK PONTYPOOL ROAD BUTE DOCKS HEREFORD PEMBROKE DOCK BRIDGEND NEW Mil,FORD HAVJSRFORDWXSL NEATH BRISTOL GLOUCESTER LLANELLI" }QŒr ABERYSTWYTH LAMPETER CARMARTHEN ABKRGAVENNY The CARDIFF TIMES aiso aeiivered evervvr da, I to any address in the above mentioned Towns. ORJJERS *o be sent ro RHE MAUAPSR* of the VARINN bookstail |I>ILL-POSTING AT NEWPORT, MON. j. DE REES, ISO CO-NI.)IbRCIAI,.I?,OAD.-NE BILL-POSTER and DELIVERER ;0;' TOWN aUlt COUNTRY Rents all the PRINCIPAL HOARDINC 1n Nowpur.. IIW, Ivorli execuaou'wiiu uwiobvw, lWi1 i ISashtgss Åblrtt5stS. I HEATH'S PIANOFORTES. ORGANS AND JJARMONIUMS E A T ri A N D GONS RJLHREE YEA-I;S' G^STEM Is Applied to the Higher and Purchase of Instrument, by ail Makers, frum 10s Monthly. Every Instrument Guaranteed. Cc-operative Prices for Cash. The Largest Stock in Wales to Select from 12, Crockherbtown Cardiff. 2J9 SMART YOUNG MEN AND SMART BUSINESS MEN! r FOR READY-MADE SUITS GO TO pRICE AND G0NS- Black Cloth Suits (newest styles) at 20s, 25s, 35s, 45s, 50s, 60s, 70s C loured Cloth Suits (newest styles) at 17s 6d, 20s, 25s, 30s, 25s, 45s Blue Serge Suits at 2is, 4JS, 45S. F 0 N D PARENTS, SOLICITOUS FOR THE ECONOMY, ELEGANCE, AND FASHION OF THEIR CHILDREN'S DRESS, SHOULD VISIT THK JUVENILE DEPARTMENT OF THE CARDIFF HOUSK. W. PRICE AND SONS, MERCHANT CLOTHIERS AND OUTFITTERS, HOSIERS, HATTERS, L, GLOVERS,| 50 & 51, ST. MARY-ST., and 46 &. 47, CAROLINE- Ili STRFET. CARDIFF 1007 MESSRS SAML. ALLSOPP & SONS, LIMITED, Bel: to call attention to their New Brand of LIGHT BITTER BEER, which, as well as their EAST INDIA PALE and other ALES, can now be obtained either in Cask or Bottle from any DEALER; Or Orders for same in Cask, if sent to their Office, ROTUNDA BUILDINGS, CARDIFF, Will receive immediate attention. 218e BEFORE BUYING A WATCH ANY- JD WHERE, write for "The Illustrated Pamphlet." sent free on application by the "LARGEST WATCH MANUFACTURER." FIRM FOUNDED 1745. WATCHES, BJ TO £100. Send your WATCH and JEWELLRY REPAIRS by Post, Registered, which will be ivell only to kilflil Workmen. Estimates sent before doing the work, an t I take Aisle and Cost of Carriage back. T. R. RUSSELL. MAKER TO THE QCKEN\ CATHEDRAL WORKS 18, CHURCH-STREET, 12830 LIVERPOUL. llbe H llT 1'-ITUDI0 RJTHE JPINE J^RT gTDDIO, QUE KN-STREET ARCADE. Mr CHAPMAN'S PHOTOGRAPHS Are giving every satisfaction. Most complimentary expressions of opinion from all who have been Photographed. Prices 2s 6d for 3, 4s for 6, and 7s for 12. All taken by the Latest, Best. and Quickest processes, and weather really no object, 17e J^OSS'S O Y A L "BELFAST" Å ERATED Y A T E R S. THE ONLY GOLD MEDAL AWARDED FOR GINGER ALE. LIVERPOOL INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION. 96a ——— 12800 2676 SOLE MANUFACTORY, BELFAST. A. J>0PULAR JJRROR 1 THAT INDIGESTION IS INCURABLE. I B AYLEY'S "PPAMILY JpILLS." I THE VEGETABLE RESTORATIVE 1 FOR THE LIVER AND STOMACH. These Vegetable Pills cure Indigestion, also Loss of Appetite, Giddiness, Wiim in the Stomach, Pains in the Chest and between the Shoulders, Nauseous Taste after meals or in the morning, Heartburn, Sick Head- ache, Habitual or Temporary Costiveness, Nervousne-s, Spasms, Impurities of the Blood, Blotches and Erup- tions of the Skin, and many other derangements. As a reliable remedy from youth to old age they may be resorted to with confidence, resulting in the perfect enjoyment of good health. N.D. Bayley's Family Pills" are specially adapted for Females. Sold in Boxes at 7id, Is lid, and 2s 9d each. I' BY ALL CHEMISTS, Or free by post for 8, 14, or 34 Stamps. FROM THE SOLE PROPRIETOR AND MANUFACTURER, T. RODERICK, CHEMIST, PONTYPOOL. I London Depot :-10, B-JW Churchyard, E.C. 257e ¡ MARSH AND COMPANY. ADULTS FUNERALS. 1st Class, with best Hearse and Coach, on the most modern principle, with a pair of their well. known Flemish-bred Horses to each, one inch Elm Polished Coffin, best registered furniture, with elaborate name-plate engraved, fine satin trimmed robe, and self attendance. £ 5 5 0 Marsh & Co.'s 2nd Class ditto, ditto. 4 4 0 MarshACo.'s3rd,withimprovedcarriage 3 3 0 Marsh ck Co.'s 4th, ditto, ditto 2 10 0 CHILDREN'S FUNERALS, Including pair Flemish-bred Horses, modern Coach, with all the latest improvements, Po- lished Cotlin, liued with fine flannel, and attendance. Under one year £ 110 0 Under two years 1 11 0 One-horse carriage, including collin covered in biack, blue, or polished, lined with flannel, modern coach, and attendance. Under sir, months. 0 18 6 Under one year 10 0 Under two years 1' 1 0 And so on in proportion. Handsome Car, Carved or Plain Hearse, Mourning Coaches and Broughams, Ostrich Plumes, <tc. t 133 Address—80, St. Mary-street Cardiff I W A N S E A OFFICE OF THE OF THE SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS," o. 2, COLLEGE-STREET. All orders from NEWSAGENTS will receive promo attention, and be executed upoyi the same terms as from the Chief Office. The DAILY NEWS' delivered to Subscribers earij every morning in any part or the town. ADVERTISEMENTS received up to Seven o'clock will secure insertion in the >IEXT morning's issue of the OAILY NEWS MEN WHO~WISH1TO MARRYTND BE HAPPY should see the MAGIC MIRKOR, sent freb to. any part of the world on receipt of Post, I Card, with nafne and addfess.—8, Fitz-sq., Sheffield. I »#UA INDUCE, it costs YGU nothing 3523—180 1 BUSINESS bbr2SSf5. J. N EWTON & Co. ARE INTRODUCING A TROUSERS AT 13s. TO MEASURE THAT BAS NEVER BEEN EQUALLED IN CARDIFF. Grand Assortment of Patterns at this Special Cash Price. S P E C I A LIT E- 13/- TROUSERS TO MEASURE. STYLE AND FIT GUARANTEED. We also call Special Attention to the VERY LARGE ASSORTMENT OF SPRING GOODS NOW ON VIEW, AND INVITE YOUR INSPECTION. 53, QUEEN CARDIFF. 233e JJOBDAY, -YYILLS, AND JJOBDAY. JJOBDAY, 'WILLS, AND HOBDAY. H OBDAY, WILLS, AND JJOBDAY. SCOTCH [50^ j?!kf CHEVIOT SUITS. Igjjs iftzj ARY 79. ST- IAHY STKEET- 79. 79, ST. MARY STREET 79. 79. ST. MARY STKEI £ 79. 228a PIANOS.—WHY BE WITHOUT ONE When you can become the owner of a nice instrument for the small payment of 10s fed PER MONTH ON r^HOMPSON AND gEACKELLS J- tO (LIMITED nllE SYSTEM J No security required, and the instrument delivered to purchaser on payment of first monthly instalment. Every instrument guarauteed, aud, exchanged if not approved ORGANS AND HARMONIUMS ON SIMILAR TERMS. Catalogues free on application. THOMPSON AND PIANOFORTE AND MUSIC WAREHOUSE, QUEEN'S BUILDINGS, CARDIFF Also at SWANSEA, NEWPORT, MERTHYR and GLOUCESTER. 24ue QUEEN G T R E E T, ARDIFF. C.W.BULLETT&CO DEPO'J EOR JAPANESE, CHINESE, TURKISH, & FRENCH FANCY GOODS. Large Assortment of NEW AND CHOICE NOVELTIES INCLUDING BENGALESE CLOTH AND OTHER ART NEEDLEWORK, AT LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES. SELLING OFF ELECTRO PLATE REGARDLESS OF COST. INSPECTION' INVITED. 192e T EETH TEETH TEETH Prize Medal London, 1862. Gold Medal, Paris, 1867 31 R K E A L L, SURGEON DENTIST '31 Years' Experience; 21 Years in Swansea) 199, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA (Just below the Great Western Railway Station), Begs to intimate that he can produce 3, perfectly tit-tins: Set of Teeth in one clear day. The very best workman- ship guaranteed. Painless Dentistry by Gas. Partial Sets from 5s per Tooth Upper or Lower Set. rom Two Guineas. KEALL'S TONIC AND NEURALGIC MIXTURE, Sure and Speedy Cure for Neuralgia. Tic Doloreux Rheums, Toothache, aiid all Nervous Pains. ous Is LID and 2S 9d per Uottle. Through any Chemist Munday, Cardiff; Garrett, Bros., Newport; J.G.Isaac 742e (late Hayman), Neath; E. C. Evans. Cardigan. 1038 JYJUNDAY'SJ c 0.)IPOUND JJ HOSPH ATED E LIXIR OF QUININE. A NERVE AND BRAIN STIMU- LANT AND IONIC. Is recommended, and can be taken 1 with the most satisfactory results in Dyspepsia, 'Indigestion. Nervousness, eural. Igia, Sleeplessness, Over-worked 1 Brain, Hysteria, Iental and [Physical Exhaustion, Diminished Vitality, and all forms of Extreme or Nervous Debility. Sold in Bottles 2s. 3d. and 4s. each :5old in Bottles 25. 3ú. and 45. each (by post 3d. and 6d. extra), or six 4s. bottles for 22s. Prepared only by J. in TJNDAY, CHEMIST, 1, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. 233 A FACT WORTH KNOWING BKECIIAM'S PILLS Are admitted by thousands to be worth above aGUINICA A BOX for bilious and nervous disorders, such as wind pain in the stomach, sick headache, giddiness fullness and swelling after meals, DIZZINESS and drowsiness, cold chills, flushings of heat, loss of anpetite, shortness ot breath, costiveness, scurvy, ami blotches on the skin disturbed sleep, frightful dreams, and ail nervous and trembling sensations, Ac., Ac. Eiery sufferer is earnestly invited to try one box of these Pills, and they will he acknowledged to he WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. For Females ot all ages these Pills are invaluable. No femaie should be without them. There is 110 medicine to be iound to equai Beechain's Pills for removing any obstructions or irregularity of the system. If taken ac. cording to the directions given with each box, they will soon restore femaies ot ages to sound and robust health For a weak stomach, impaired digestion, and all dis- orders of the Liver, they act like MAGIC, and a iew doses will be foumi. to work wonders upon the most important organs in one human machine. They strengthen the whoie muscuiax system, restore the long*- lost complexion, bring back the keeu euee of appetite, and arouse into action, with the ROSE-BUD of health, the whoie physical energy of the human frame. These are FACTS admitted by thousands embracing all classes of society, and one of the best guarantees to the Ner vous and Debilitated is Beeciianrs Piilg. They have the largest saie of any patent medicine in the worid Prepared only by the Proprietor, T. BEECHAM Chemist. St. Helen's, Lancashire, in Boxes at Is LID and 28 9d each. Sold by ail Patent Medicine Deaieri ir Unitett Kinstaom. 210e x 12:u.-J: directions slro with FILCHBO £ 2Std ~Vr~E W P o R T OT FTC'E -LV OF THE SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS," No. 1, TREDEGAR PLACE. ADVERTISEMENTS received np to Seven o'clock p.m. will secure insertion in next morning's issue of the" DAILY NEWS.' Estimates giveis ior Advertise- ments ORDERS from NEWSAGENTS will receive prompt Rttennon, aiui be executed upon the same terms wLs from the Chief OKice, J^EWPORL\—SOUTH WALES ECHO -A- 11 The SOUTH WALES ECHO is published at the NEWPORT OFFICE, 1, Tredegar-alace iollovrs FIRST EDITION. 3.0 P.M. THIRD EDITION 4.50 P.Y. SPECIAL I;L)IXIO.N o.ZO BUSINESS :1.ùhrtssts. Is L1*33 WORTH LIVING I THAT DEPENDS UPON THE LIVER I The Best MedUine in the world far SICK HEADACHE, STOMACH AND LIVEB COMPLAINTS, INDIGESTION, And those diseases commonly called Nervous or Bilious, is M U N D A Y'S P ILL a, As evidenced by the ten following reasons, and valuable testimony of those who have used them 1.—They are compounded from purely vegetable in gredients, comprising aperients, alteratives, and stomachics, and are thus rendered purifying &ad strengthening to the stomach and bowels, whilst re- moving diseases of the liver and other organs. 2.—They are manufactured on an alkaline principle, rendering them perfectly soluble, therefore do not cause griping pains, unless there be a large amount. poisonous matter in the system to be dislodged. 3.-They are entireiy free from mineral preparations, consequently do not leave the patient in jeopardy b taking cold by exposure. 4.—They may be taken at any time by persons of both sexei and of all ages, even those advanced in yetrs. 5.-They re particularly soothing to people whose occupation produces irritability of the mind. Nervous, chilly, and fretful persons will find them invaluable specially in cold, melancholy weather. 6.—They are highly recommended for sick headaches palpitation of the heart, shooting pains in tho limbs' giddiness, paint- between the shoulders, &c. 7.-They are a great boon on board ships and on foreign stations, as they keep for any period, and the distressing effects of change of climate are effectually warded off by their timely use. &-All heavy, drowsy sensations (the forerunner of apoplexy, paralytic strokes, epilepsy, and many otlie serious affections), are thoroughly removed by a few doses. 9.-They also produce sound, refreshing sleep, impart such pleasing serenity of mind, vigour and lightness of body, and keen appetite for the plainest food as must be felt to be believed. 10.—For elderly people, they are undoubtedly the most comfortable medicine that can be recommended, gently strengthening the system, that cause continued cheerfulness, thus serenely prolouging life to the latest possible period. Prepared only and sold in boxes at Is, 2s 6d, and 4s 6d free by post, by J M U » A Y CHEMIST, 1 HIGH-STREET CARDIFF SOLD BY A44, CHEMISTS AND PATENT MEDICINE DEALEES 12583 « GLLPHOLINE L 0 T 10 N FOR CLEARING THE SKIN. SPOTS, BLEMISHES, BLOTCHES, REDNESS, ROUGHNESS, DISCOLOURATXONS, UNSIGHTLY OBJECTIONABLE APPEARANCES, UNCOMFORTABLE SKIN DISFIGUREMENTS. Fntirely fade away. SULPHOLINE LOTION makes the SKIN IO HEALTHY. SOFT. BEAUTIFUL, TRANSPARENT, SMOOTH, SUPPLK, SOFTENS and PRESERVES, GIVES a HEALTHY SURFACE, COUNTERACTS EFFECT of WEATHER. EMBELLISHES and IMPROVES. Bottles, 2s 9d. Sold everywhere. SULPHOLINE. -The best SKIN LOTION O BEAUTIFULLY YRAGRANT COOLING and REFRESHING. A most DESIRABLE APPLICATION. ABSOLUTELY PURE and HARMLESS. Bottles, 2s 9d. Sold everywhere. p EPPElt's QUININE AND JRON 2s. 6d. T ONIC. 2s. 6d. HEALTH, STRENGTH, ENERGY. GREAT BODILY STRENGTH, GREAT NERVB STRENGTH, GREAT MENTAL STRENGTH GREAT DIGESTIVE STRENGTH, Follows the use of PEPPER'S QUININE AND IRON TONIC. It improves th) appetite, promotes digestion. greatly strengthens the nerves, increases strength of pulse, gives firmness ;0 the muscles, alters pale countenance, supplies deficient heat to weak circula tions, overcomes bodily weariness and weakness, cures ma.ny painful compla.ints-neura.lgia. sciatica, Ac.; is a remedy for dyspepsia, stomach affections, A and thoroughly recruits the health. PEPPER'S QUININE & IRON TONIC. MOST IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. A new, smaller size bottle of this valuable medicine is now supplied at 2s 6d, thus bringing it to the reach of all classes, and greatly preventing the many injurious imitations largely offered. PEPPER'S TONIC. Insist onhaving it. Bottles, 12 doses; 2s 6d; next sire, 32 dozes, 4s 8d. Sold eavery where. PE£PER'S TARAXACUM' AND pODOPHYLLIN. THE SAFEST ANTIBILIOUS ^EDICIN?. A FLUID LIVER MEDICINE, WITHOUT MERCURY, MADE FROM DANDELION AND MANDRAKE ROOTS. Is now used and regularly prescribed by many Physicians instead of blue pill and calomel for the cure of dyspepsia, billiousness, and all symptoms of con- gestion of the liver, which are generally pain beneath the shoulders, headache, drowsiness, no appetite, furred tongue, disngreeable taste in the morning giddiness disturbance of the stomach, and feeling of general depression. Bottles, 2s 9d and 4s 6d. Sold by all Chemists. Insist on having Pepper's :UCKYF,R'S SULPJIUR IJAIP,, JJESTORER THE BEST. THE SAFEST. THE CHEAPEST. RESTORES THE COLOUR TO GREY HAIR. INSTANTLY STOPS THE HAIR FROM FA!>i.V<3 OCCASIONALLY USED. GBEYNESs IS IMPOSSIBLE. REMOVES SCURF, AND EMBELLISHES TH# HAJU, CAUSING IT TO GROW WHEREVER THIN AND PATCHY. 614e Larffe bottles, Is 6d Sold everywhere. 11945 CARDIFF ADVERTISING. BILL POSTING. AND CIRCULAR DISTRIBUTING COMPANY (LIMITED). OFFICES: CASTLE CHAMBERS, 21, CASTLE-ST, CARDIFF. SECRETARY FRANK H. SIMPSON. Best Perman&nt Poscinz Station-, in Cardiff in.i Neighbourhood Contractors 12,- atl aosuription. Advertising Circular Distributinz ic. 3918 Ad otacu uioaiuiiiY iIo¡¡;'Lci\4' .0.