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(SfttiEaUonah A ^EXPERIENCED, certificated, college-trained, lady teacher, with highest references. desires engagements. Pupj] teachers pi epared for scholarship and certmcate examinations. Children's home lessons ■upei intended. Day or evening engagements at her « r r,uP'Js' residences. Terms moderate.—Address scholastic, •' DailyNews Office. Cardiff. 420 NAVIGATION SCHOOL, 60, Richnwnd-vtwd, "S V"11'1- Masters and Mate-i prepared lor examin- ,y Ca*ut- H- 0. -Mill, i'veuin1; class s (Mathe- 'uatic ). 38S "fcXURSKRY (iOVKRXESS iiiiiiiedi-itely, °53 who would not object' to go to Havre. She t„ 7. \onA 01 ^'iiilrcn, good seamstress, and willies vim-. 1 senerally^useful. Good references re- Twns'l-5,y or by letter, to Mrs F. Severn-ro;:d. Canton, C;udiff._ V?r and Preparatory Clas? <or "vc•/L^V, • r'l*cie*ce]u, Coath. Principals, The roVi-iTi1"" Pliia'e lessons given in music. _172 I v» C-: ntilc document's attended to carefully and •l-iti o A'l'ench ami Italian taught by a modern NevivV",T^{l'J »*tliod.-Mr Adolpi.o Barger, 16. ^.wlic-place. Riverside. 411 illuskal. ""OIR IIOY.S.-roui- Trebles and two altos, Un- rptn-r,, i*> eii < ai'dilt Choir. Superior education in etr»Jf n.i Services. Apply Mr Noote, 63, Richards- ^thays, between six and seven any evening. 464 AGE PIANOFORTE (splendid full-tone) for a bargain, iron frame trichord, with all Warn Also pig skin saddle, by Hay- 3'2S —The Second Edition of the~c3lebia<.ed C. u ^Kiwww-urka IRENE." bv Kstev ( :s played kfw IV-xn-'t), is Kuiv 'Ready* Post free, Cummercial-st., Pontypool. 493e ( VIOLIN ttiiirToiTof Access..lies \V.n« iis,M<:alila§'<5 fros.—For p irtieulars see South cs Daily New»" this day.—Carr. Colchester. 409 -A- GIRL 10) Appiy Sa. ^V'yndiiaija- vj l'od. CilUtOl). ^^iiNLRAl, SERVANT (experienced) wanted at three in family.—17 W.inUor-place, Cu- '?-■ 377_ 0 cable, steady, and industrious)"-wanted v, „ general saryant,—Apply between 6 and 3, 224, -\e wpiit-iiwd, Caul iff.; 105; CERVANT (Ge«fcTaJ)Twanted-swalflamily. Good 1 act 1 .ar'l4i*el* Liberal wages to a good gill.— Apply st but lw>. Albany-road, Roath. 431 ituntions Vacant. L'SS AND MAljW,Tj"~>lTlSiir7e^perienced) Wanted, knowing the millinery comfortable nie o iered. — Apply, statiuss particulars, O&vid Us< Cerauies, Montgomeryshire. 315 ( )FFlCE wanted at once, from country pre- ferrcd; must be quick at figures. — Apply Accountant, 7, Arcade-chambers, St. J-ohu's-squave, ^trcuff. _2.7,- SANDkh (competent) waitted ijrimediptely. J. Sessions and bcii6, Enamelled Siato and "^larble Works, Cardiff. 344 OUTHS (few rc-speotable) wanted at ones to Sell JL the Cardiff Evangelise." Good commission.— Apply Editor, RosticTur House, Crwys-road, Cat- bays. 30b Jtcùgíngs, Jpartmcuts, APAitTMENTS for one or two Gentlemen.— Apply 40, Wyiikihgni-road; Canton. 2315 (Coaif(,r, %ble) f,)i two Young Men -L'1 at 29. Wautasana; street, Riverside, Cardiff. -Moderate terms. 1b9 A PARI'.MF.N'J^ for 01ie or respectable men. ?V\ .'nitrate f!oul tram. Terms, moderate.—Anply A', Harnett-atreet, Cathays, Cardiff. A -^A'tlMENT.s to Let (unfurnished, front sitting \v°ni and back hcdrouin) two minutes from tho 1 resillin. 11 station terms moderate.— Appiy. 37, ^"Ian-terrace, Penarth-road, Cardiff. r KOORJS to Let ,1 »vPfc ■1? people; terms moderate.—Apply <4"ao,.d, 'south Wales Daily News" Office, Cardiff. 23. y>Bv lousfs, &c„ Set. O -s^1HwYX-R0^!)'MAINDEE1 NEWPORT, isi'ge cardpii Ko^n"ro"lnei' Residences; channel new, fittings, vene'tia« w•>D1i' w c-,iS'llot an(' watar, sas ir.odtrate T pli^ s" ground floor kitchen; rent, ^ARmrnr I d;SU'onh-v- Hish-street, Newport. 482 Premises "i« I*etl *l»°rtly. extensive Business taut and rauidlv TKIy 1,681 P^si tion of this iiupor- aSe, 124^fc"nSnVet^StriJ- Shop, 30 feet front- basement, 124 feet'■ fnw ;rn(l,,ls' feet long; "wellinjr.housc. v»>iv am* ');ick eutrauces, and application liern livtn'f"6. Ot,portunity. Plans on -Trill A gent, cai-ditf. 890e JLX 5s fad UI*AK-i>UP' f ix 100111 s> jtftTden. Rent, aomery, Es ate A» ,?v o'Sei', 8s and 9s.-Mr Mont- "'ft. Cowbridfte.road, Canton, Car- —~rv—— *508 ■j^l Let- thivn ,,entral'y situated offices to be branch Otiice, Newport5' secoiul floor.—Apply Echo" "¡ce,, c\'Yport. Wales' "nil' tlT0 rooms over the South ,Kent low..1 .IV'T. ew, Offices, St. JSInry-street. Cardiff, y -south Wales JJailyNews" Office, ——- 1835 Jf -n' -_Ehfjl. .ffi.Íf.(.d [nnCOlt5. A JlacSn^1DA, OPPORTUNITY. 103 "Sewing y'tt credit) l,v J or Bassinettes to be Sold for particulars 9;J per week.—Apply early 0 J- W. Buckle, Wooii-street, Cardiff. B^AR'dAlK^p 1 "rocpr «~,rony cart and harness; *uit gieen- **»it ladv nr u-, or coal haulier. Also small pony; T<n,Perann« -chll<iren.—Apply 12, Eisteddfod-street, 41^ Wfcnu,—Grand Yorkshire Cocks, in full song. 44 7? good 8s only, wo: tli double.—Tom ART T — r-e~Street' Ca,ttlais' Cardiff.^ 442 5—Cart, ("or"! stronp; Chesnut), strong Tip fcJT,nS 110 u'v"f "^rneus for sale, nearly new, owner ■Bla*iche-sii.»«i. itlleln-—Por particulars apply corner ^0ai et- P^arl-stree;, Roatli, Cardiff. 343 Inns) for Gale, £ 3 10s. Coal retailers ^rdiff, • R. Rixon, 1, Windsor-road. Newtown, BOCt c — y Traps7" Builders'" Caiis, and Spring-wagon for Sale.—J. Powis, F,. F Ce' Newport. OR salt* t — ■— — faniihniio'. i0Ur sules (medium siz.-) home-cured f^con, <? £ on- jnclndinn{ Hairs, Kkl lb.— Apply Cardiff. xiul' \r.}^ THOUSANDS.—Jubilee Brooches J;InPs. a„ s- Splendid value. Sample,, seven ^l^don r' aisen- Order early—Samuel Poeton, 9 349 PUc- ^or ^e.—Appiy 26, South Luton- sta'J ardlff- — 559 V ^CIETt;=two~Sham -ln». l)ai, • 10s paid in. Oiieis required.— Y News" Office. Cardiff. 6 -gtiscillrtitmns. X Aoar't^ on our New Hire System. Houses or I0111 «doi>»II,Veai''i c''n!p!etely furnished 011 a new sys- by us, whereby all publitcy, P"*uies jive r llal"!ries usually made by other com- „ °ck of 11 .V'eiised wiih. We have an immense ^"ility. 111 j1' Furniture of cheap and superior J"°"«y piii-p^ s s°ld 011 the Hire System at ready- •v'^ all make 110 extra charae for credit, 1„° "tanin nr a™ >»i a private vail free of charge. rt ,e,«nt char jes made 110 bill of sale; s? 1 «nu Arrangements completed without Wjji ui',i 'I'H "'aiiufacturers, we guarantee quality, fvnt- lew tl ^Uke to suP"ly furniture, Ac., at 10 per Fl^„il"y price-list issue«l by any Inm in 'ense s- oi*k K,ovr rooms. Call aud inspect our li^bere wLtP-1,colnPare prices before purchasing ^orth do « t\suPP'y £ 0 worth for 2s 6d weekly K0rtl', 6s wLtfekly worth for 5s weekly £ 20 for 1'i.rrtA,. so on m prooortion. Special ri. OU'lH \va t 'l"a"tities. Please note the Address ri^Me-s, rn, S FUKNISHVNG COMPANY, 31 Castle), Curd iff. 12785—2491—(8e CardiirlJi!?i}''r.J;UNU co- st- John's-sauare t, ^d < Wil, !? w'le|l to supply all kinas of House- repavin. furniture on the new hire system I^L'Rnt J° su't evervbody's convenierce £$n {°t 2^1,1°^ THE HIRE SYSTEM.— £ 5" worth h l*onh('„, 7P?\ week. £ 10 worth for 4s per week, h^« 4!lOO I «fl Per Weefc> £ 50 worth for 16s pet I i^1l'on. *«rth for £ 1 per week, and so on In pro* ~Hiis ViimPv,4 for larger quantities.— 5. St. John's-square, Cardiff CO. charge the very lowest .^lted,_r 'y. charge for credit. Inspection V J °hti's-sq\jare, Cardiff ■Uiteaill i'n Witlnnt frotn six guineas; dinms:- -H*? Ki1T.J- er °r bor«e-hair from six guineas.— A^^TTA*- £ -—-c ^°-. St. John'G.stniare. (Cardiff. and ING^COrtor bedsteads, featbsr st- Inj|'P*iff beds, blankets, sheets, bedding, tb I'lk.gqu;il.e Car,liff. A ON THE HIRE SYSTEM —Houses. L.qu:reci J'M ntA« an<l Offices Furnished. No security ^rdjj^^AtJas iurnishiiiK Oo. 5. St. John's-sriuare. A. CO.—Carp«ts>, Unolsum, ctu.r i„h,CI°ck.'j, Fenders, Fireirous, Cabinet ^•tn'fa>re.>. St .Iohn's-squaie,_Cardltf- S. THinURlol^fEM^An ext«V fc utns. v of Pevambnliitors. single and aouble.— ainK Co., -j, sc. J ohn's'square, Canliff. ATLAS FUKNISHING CO.—Before soinf: else- where, get their prospectus and view their stock, the best and cheapest in the town. Perauibulators lent out on hire for a single week for 2s 6u. 122. I~7^UB\ISHT^HlTiURK SYSTEM.—Easy repav- vent-s.—Atlas Furnishing Co., 5, St. John's- square, Canliff. 8toa a LMANACKS F amed, inch Black and Gilt, (id elsewhere. Is td.—Newport Picture Frame Cmpny, nest P amforte Shop, Clarence-place, New- 47 \\J J.NTEi; ENTERTAIN MEN T>\ — M&cic Lanterns Tf with slides on hire. Special terms to schot.1.<.— G. Hills, 2, Mackintosh-place, Roatli, Cardiff. ',28 I .rtT,¡i;TE-JLä-(llc5l' :lli¡Üe;ït¡Ðmeïï"¡:a. olS ClotLiiig. opportunity for tamlhes (lm mourning. Parties attended ou personally. Full value remitted for parcels sent to Mrs Robins, 192, Conmiercial-.T-ad, Newport, »)lon. 1 >v./i WORKMEN wanted to know that I C/C/.Vl/i' tlle Quinine Tonic Cup, the wonder of the dav, ma v be had for "d, by post 7Ad free. District Agent, Rev. J. Jones, Mount Pleasant, Mill-street, Aberdarc. 435 N SOCIAII PCRITY and tiie INFIRMITIES of MAN. Addressed specially to young mew, with advice on Health, and <:oiitainin;r Recipes that will restore the lIenous and debilitated to the full power of Manhood. Free for the benefit of all who desire a safe and speedy CUI(?. without the aid of Quacks. Send one stamp to prepay postage.—Address Secre- tary, Institute of Anatomy, Birmingham. 961 Jftijsallansous Mattis. FLAG-STAFF wanted, about 50 feet high, new or 1 second-hand.—Price (low) to 5.3, Sevenoak-strecfc, Grangeto-vii. CI".450 ■ ENTLEMEN'S and all kinds of Left-off Clothing G Bought by Ifr aud Green. Dviinfrics IIoviso 32, Caroline-street, Cardiff Post Office Orders for all parcels sent. Ð8 f jlltlJCK (light) wanted suitable for grocer.—C. U Skinn r, 90, Castle-road, Cardiff WANTED, a family's washing, by respectable person. Terms moderate.—Apply K. D., Echo" oaMe. Newport,Moii. 439 iKon^u. IMPORTANi' ^NOTICE.—It you want money send stamp for prospectus, before borrowing: elsewhere to Mr Pike. 43, Salisbury-road, Cathavs, Caidilf. t69 TASli Icct J MMODATION.—The Cardiff and j Ad-.anceB»nk continues to make ad- vances upon any approved security repayable by in- ftalnieuts or otherwise, at moderate imprest Bills discounted.—Apply Manager, 9, Caroline-street, Car- diff. Established'50 years. Pi'3—1186 M' ONlJY MONEY- MONEYTI — THE CANTON LOAN COMPANY ADVANCES MADE DAILY from £ 3 to £ 500 to householders, farmers, and the general public oil their own security; approved trade bills discounted.—Apply, personally or by letter, 175. Cowbridse-road. Canton. 939e L(L^TMKITCIAI7~\DV\NOK BANK. W, QITAY-STREET, (off High-street), CARDIFF.— • £ 3 to £ 3C0 immediately advanced to all classes of Borrowers on their own security. Also oil Deeds, Surplus stock, Piiinos, etc. Trade bills discounted. No enquiry lee-. Distance no object. 840—1?05 A S 11 A D~V~ iT'lT C JS iJ A X g PER CENT. I APPLV CA nDUFAXD COUNTY ADVANCE BANK, 9, CAROiJNi'iTREET, CARDIFF. rC8 THE SOUTH WALES LOAN and DISCOUNT OFFICE ADVANCES CASH rom £ 3 to £ i0i> to Householders, Farmers and others ithout security. If Borrowers cannot obtain an advancc at this office they cannot do so by applying elsewhere. All business done strictly private aud confidential. Apply, personally, or by letter, to Lewi,, Manager, 1, St. John's-square, Cardiff. I Office hours 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. 21e I PRIVATE GENTLEMAN has several sums of cash JL to advance in sums of B5 to £ 300.; apply by letter cnly.—Address, 13. Ri?,hmond-road. Cardiff 79e rv O Y O -P W A N T M O N 13 Y IP Then applv personally or bv letter to HARRIS LEV EN K, 229, COWBRIDGE ROAD. Sum. advanced from S2 to SIM without delay. 22e _on jp 11HV A T E CAN O M P A N Y 19, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF, AND 45, LLANARTH STREET, NEWPORT (Next to Bristol and West of England Bank), are pre pared o ADVANCE GASH from S3 to £ 300 to House- holders, Farmers, Cowkeepers, Market Gardeners Mechanics, And others, upon their own security and without sureties in the strictest secrecy. No Pre- liminary Fees charged, and Cash advanced the same day as appJication is made. 887e \/f P' THOMPSON. 71, Adam-street, Cardiff, is IjjL Ktill advancing Cash from £ 2 upwards to house- holders. AppIication tc be malle by letter, or between 1 and 5 p.m. 384 WANTED, to Borrow £ 7 by a lady from a private 1" f source until 19th January. Good security deposited. Will givo £3 for- the priva.te immediate advance.—Address N. 0., South Wales Daily News" Office, Cardiff. 386 ONEY I ONEY O.Ey I Cash Advances made at a few hours notice from £ 5 to £500, to Farmers, Market Gardeners Corkeepers. Tradesmen, and others, on their own security. No sureties required, No inquiry fees. Money lent oil deposits, also tradesmen's bills discounted. Apply, personally or by letter to Mr A. Jordan, Manner, Private Loan Office, Dock-street (corner cf Skinner street), Newport Men 581 4 DVANCES MADE DAILY in sums from i:5 to E300 to Tradesmen, Farmers, Market Gardeners, Householders, and Working Men, at a Low Ittte of Interest. Repayments to suit the borrowers' convenioiice Distance no object. Strictly private and confidential. Office Hours, 10 a.m. to 8 P-111. Apply to the Secretary, CARDIFF AND SOUTH WALES LOAN SOCIETY 14. Custom House-street, Cardiff. P.S.-Enclose stamped envelope for prospectus and ÐlI.rticul:ns. 998e-<1IJI07 O LOAN OF FIe Ii; .r NO ENQUIRY FEES. LOW INTEREST. Mr C. LAWRENCE is advancing (I;IIIY to working men and other "on their own security sums from S2 to £100. Apply personally or by letter to 3, Llantrissant-st, Catbay,, Cardiff. e lost an ft ffiouitft. OUN D~orTthe 10th, a Purse.—Apply at 89, Klin- street, Roath, Cardiff. 456 OS'l~ December 26th, a Brown and White Spaniel Dos. Finder rewarded by returning to the P«arl-street Dairy, Roatb, Cardiff. Anyone detaining liiin after this notice will be prosecuted. 364 v A FACT WORTH iviSOWliNGj BJCKCIfAM'S PILLS Are admitted b'y thnusaiuuto bewovthaboveaGUINl.A a BOX for bilious and nervous such as winu pain in the stomach, sick headache, giddiness fullness and swelling after meais, dizziness and drowsiness, coid ciiiils, flushings of heat, loss of appetite, shortness ot oreath, costiveness, scurvy, and blotches 011 the skin disturbed sieep, frightful dreams, aiiti all nervous and trembling sensations, Ac., Ltc. Every sufferer is earnestly iitvited to try one Box of these Pills, and thev will be acknowledged to be WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. For Females of all ages these Pills are invaluable. No female suould be without them. There is no medicine to be found to equal BeecUam's Pills for removing any obstructions or irregularity of the system. If taken ac- cording to the directions given with each box, they will soon restore females of i ages to sound and robust health For a weak stomach, impaired digestion, and all dis- orders of the Liver, they act like MAGIC, and a few doses will be found to totfpk wonder* IIDOIl the most important organs in me human machine. They strengthen the •vboie muscular system, restOre the long. lost comviexion, bring back the keen edge of aupetite. and arouse into action, with the ROSE-BUD of health, the whole physical energy of the human frame. These are FACTS admitted by t>housandsembracing ali ciassus of society, and one of the best snaranrees to the N«: vous and Debilitated is Beecham's Pills. Thev have t>ie of society, and one of the best snaranrees to the vous and Debilitated is Beecham's Pills. Thev have t>ie largest sale of any patent medicine in the worid Prepared uniy by the Proprietor, T. BEECH AM J Chemist, St. Helen's, Lancashire, in Boxes at Is lid and 2s 9d ench. Sold by all Patent Medicine Deai.-rs in to,, 2s 9d ench. Sold by all Patent Medicine Deai.-rs in t united Kingdom. 6" X U.-y„D directions 1' yjven with ^ichbO': ?.37& I | NJECTION DAY. Aii INFALLIliLE REMEDY and certain euro for all Discharges from ¡ the Urinary Organs in either sex, whether acquired or constitutional, recent or chronic; cures in a few days without medicines. Sold in bottles, 2s6d each (by post { 2s 9d), by all chemists. London agents, F. Newberv and Sons, 1, King Edward-strfet, E.C. Agent for Cardiff, J. Muuday, Cbemist, ;;7\)8 Aimisenmita. RJPILEATRE liOYAL, CJARDIFE LESSBE AXD MANAGER Mr EDWARD FLETCHER. ACTING MANAGER Mr JOHN SHERIDAN. GREAT AND UNPRECEDENTED SUCCESS. COME EARLY! COME EARLY" Sta Door and St. Mary-street Entrance open 6 p.m. TO-NIGH 1, FRIDAY, JANUARY gtlJ, The Gorgeous Christmas Pantomime. O B I N S O N 0 N U 8 O E. Masnific^nfc Senary by Mr F. ERSSElf, JONES. The Charming Burlesque Actress, Miss L. BOON 11. The Celebrated Mes-'rs NiSH and >;AKTIN. The Marvellous Star'Tran Act by HARRY MARTIN. REVIEW 0; the AMAZONIAN ARMY. GKAND VARIETY ENTERTAINMENT. *3T SEE THE C't.MlC HARLEQUINADE GRAND DAY PERFORMANCES EVERY SATURDAY. Box Pluii at Messrs Thompson and Shackell's. Dress Circle, os .Tuveni es under 12, 2s. JpiilLHARMONIC MUSIC HALL. Proprietress Mrs RHOOA MOURELLA Manager Mr C. M. RODNEY MINN IK, JACOBSOX. AGNES BURN. MAUD WILSON. E. DOYLE, SIGNOR MARTI, WILFRED ROXBY, GEORGE HARRINGTON, GUS EL EN, .¡ TOFF WALL AND PARTY. 972e NEWPOIil\ YJCTORIA THEATRE, NEWPORT, V MON. MANAGED Mr F. C. COWI.ARD. NOTICE.—Daurs open at 7.35. Sitturd iys—hall-hour earlier. Performance punctually at, 7.46. Special Engagement of Messrs Y. K. MURRAY and WILTON REED'S Powerful Company of L -iidon Artists. TO-NIGHT, and During: the Wek. for the First time in Newport, the Great Drama, DILI YEN FROM HOME. ACT I.-Sceiie 1 THE PARISH CHURCH. Ace 2.—Scene 2. W ALTElt IIATUKIILKIGU HOME WESTGATIS HOTEL AND TOWN HALl. BY NIGHT (Local). ACT 3.-Sccne 1 JACK ANDERSON'S HOME. EXTElOJ.i OF BATCHELOR'S MILLS (Local). ACT 4.—Scene 1 BACK TO THE WORKS. ACT b.-Scene 2 '1 ILE MISMIFTO Boy. THE WRONG- MADE RIGHT AT Monday, Jln. litli. New Drama from the Grand The.itre, Birmingham, entitled NOT GUILTY. PRICES OF ADMISSION.—Boxes (single seats), 4s Orchestral (Reserved) Stall, 3s Balcony, Is 6d Pit, Is; Gallery, 6d. Private Boxes by special arrange- ment. flaif-pi-ice at 9 o'clock. Seats may be bo iked in advance at. Muliock and Sous'. 358e |JSEFUL CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. A PAIR of GOLD SPECTACLES, or FOLDER* litted with the finest Pebbles, and accurately adapted to .suit th? Sight. Opera Gia-s, Magic Lantern, Aneroid Barometer, Registering Thermometer. .T. R. WOOD, PRACTICAl. OPTICIAN 3 .CASTLE-STREET (opposite the Castle), 4 e CARDIFF. 2372 Sales hU áudhnt. NEW ATTRACTIONS AT TIIE AUCTION AND STOKAGE COMPANY HIGH-STREET. T\/B R BERRYMAN (late Fell & Co.) is jJrjL NOW OPEN with a. SELECT STOCK OF CHINA AND OTHER GOODS, suitable for every home. Inspection invited. SALE BY AUCTION EACH EVENING, 630 Seven o'clock 2459 TUESDAYS an. FRIDAYS at Two o'clock. JttbiwaUoiis. New Edition. Price 2s 6d. By Post, 2s 8d. DIAGNOSTICS OF AURAL DISEASE, ByS. E. SMITH, Esq.. M.R.C.S. Eng., Surgeon to the late National Ear Institution, London autuor of a treatise Oil Deafness and D seases of the J'ar and Inventor of the new method of introducing remedial agencies into the cavity of the Tympanum through the Eustachian Tube. Mr S. E. Smith's 11 Diagnostics of Aur.J" has reached a fifth ed tion. and to the original work Mr smith, whcse skill is well known aiidjtistlv appreciateti, has added results of experience and investigations since the first edition, and descriptions of his newly. invented instruments for the treatment of those diseases of the ear in which electricity is of service. Mr Smith's reputation will be enhanced by the addi- tional matter, and the boos rendered more interesting and useful by the new illus tratioiif,. -B?ietol Times and Mirror. ATTENDANCE DAILY FROM 11 TILT, 2 O'CLOCK. 978e HIGH-STREET ARCADE CARDIFF. 1778 < 4s in the £ Discount at -Nt CIO THE ALLIANCE CLOTHIERS' STOCK-TAKING SALE NOW ON, :53, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. RSLMEL)IATLITSISI3^~FROM~COUGH I "RJLHOMAS'S JGJMCJLSION." A TRULY EFFICACIOUS MEDICINE For Coughs. Colds, Influenza, Bronchitis, Hoarse ness Asthma, Hooping Cough, Difficulty of Breathing Ii/cipient dbnsuilintion, and other Affections of the Pulmonary Organs. Sold in Bottles, at Is J d and 2s 9d each. "THOMAS'S EMULSION" Composed of the active properties of Herbs, Roots and Balsams) will be found" to act witii wonderful efficacy in each of the above-mentioned complaints, It soothes, heals, and allays irritation, and i-einoves that feeling of suffocation so oft^n attendant 011 the more violent and advanced stages, which, if not relieved, causes groat prostration of the whole system. Asthmatic and aged persons derive the greatest comfonhy taking an occasional dCBe and, if taken at bed-time, it mostly ensures a good night's rest it pro- motes gentle expectoration, aud gives easeand freedom to the Lungs. As a remedy for Children in Hooping Cough, ov Coughs arising from Colds, Fevers, Teething, «fcc., it stands unrivalled it is taken readily, being agreeable to the taste, au advantage which will be at once appre. ciated by those who have experienced the difficulty o administering nauseous preparations. A1 ad yip Gloucester writes to say that she considers "fhomars Emulsion worth £ 5 a bottle. R 0 D E R1 c K's RHEUMATIO COlt DIAL." Price, Is lid and 2 9d. This favourite remedy has long beenjustly esteemed as a specific for Rheumatic Gout, Sciatica, Lumbago. Gout, and all kinds of Rheumatism. v few dos«s taken at the commencement of an attack will in variably ensure relief. rrioTAL DESTRUCTION OF THE JL CORN CROP AFTER. USING FJIHE AMERICAN CORN AND WART CURE!" Price 74tl and 1", per bottle. By post, 8id and Is 2d. Gare Hill Bath. Cure ^aS'ThSSui Tt"<LAmerica" ^orir Si uiost'tronblesome corns.-Vour^traly1' "k asT" To Mr Roderick. "CI UIy' h K-i>- T S »ODEMfK Preparation, T. BODERICK, CHBMIT, PONTYPOOL ♦ a r> « Chemists. L011 on Depot Bow Churchyard, E.C. 1233 AGNTIi\ •— ;=PrS:,C<feheCm°i^'hemi9tS' Hi^8^ Chemist. 31, High-street. 0,ln £ Pharmaceutical Chemist, High.street. ^ILL-POSTINGAT NEWPORT, MON. FHT POSTWR° COMMERMAL.BOAD. ?fEWPOnT. IJ:ObE.R and DELIVERER for TOWN and VOuMRi ftiacioal Hoardinss in <0, WorK e*er!u:i?ci with oespacca J009 I business ^brcsses. AUTUMN AND WINTER. STYLISH SEASONABLE SPECIALTIES. SUITABLE SELECTIONS. BESPOKE AND PREPARED CLOTHING DIVISIONS. ST* Mary street> C A R D I F F. I JOTHAM AND SONS \Iith dua respect advise yon of their PIlE. PAREDNKSS in the BESPOKE SECTION for AUTUMN AND WINTER. Ths progressive preference for their HIGH CLASS TAILORING DRESS attests its INIMITABLE VALU 10. and the judgment and iippi-oval of PATRONS are truly legarded. JOTHAM AND JgONS rightly anticipating an increased request for ORDERED GARMENTS, have made ultra- provision of FANCY and STANDARD SUIT- INGS, VESTINGS, TROUSERINGS, OVEH- vO A TINGS, tho CHIEF VARIETIES of the PRINCIPAL ENGLISH, SCOTCH, and IRISH MANUFACTURERS, which place their ME-lSURED-FOR CLOTHING- DIC- PARTMENT on an cqualitv with the FIRST WEST-END LONDON HOUSES. JOTHAM AND SONS have favourably revised prices, ami the charg-s throughout are 011 that very CONSI- DERATE SCaLIC which has created such a WIDE, DISTINGUISHED, aud GENERAL CIRCLE OF PATRON AG E. s A continuance oi your favours or first orders will be highly esteemed. JOTlIA31 AND SONS have provided COLLECTIONS of PREPARED CLOTHING, which aro ALL AND IN ALL' for the SEASONS, and the closest resemblance to BESPOKE DREss possible to produce. Their ptttdtion as the CLOTUIKRS will be fully sust 'ined, and pur- chasers will have a. CHOICE AGAINST THE WEST OF ENGLAND AND SOUTH WALES. JOTHAM AND SONS advise the of ANN 15XBD SPECI- MENS, thev will guide in selecting, and show the EXTRKMII EXCELLENCE aud CON- FIRM EU CHEAPNESS of the ¡"lH)l' BESPOKE AND PREPARED APPAREI- The GREATEST SAVING. and SATISFACTION are experienced by the8C wiw dll business in any department JOTHAM & SONS. ST- ^/iABY-gTRWET' > /CARDIFF. 906O O "RUSSELL'S WATCHES." <»! -j /vS (Worth £ 6>.—111 return for remittance j, JL Vr 1 iend free and safe per post one of my own specially itiade PEL KEYLKSS LEVER WATCHES (Lady's or Gentleman's This Watch is full jewelled in rubies, has chronometer balance, and soundest keyless work; in massive s:eruitg silver cases, flnx crystal glass, gold winding button, and gold joints. f />—The same movement, of finest finish, called the "CHALLENGE," in a specially massive and heavy 18-carat gold case, with flat crystal glass. 52 in two ai/eg. for Indies glass. 52 in two ai/eg. for Indies 3and Gentlemen, are favnoui timekeepers, alid i are guarinteed b, the firm. Send 'dm' V/atih and Jewellery Repairs by Post registered), which will be given only to skilful work- men. Estimates sent before doing the work, and I take risk and cost oi carriage back. WATCHES Cl TO £ 100 (Illustrated Pamphlet sent Free on Application). Railway Fares Paid when same do not exceed 5 per cent. oil Watch Purchases. MR T. R. RUSSELL, MAKER TO THE QUKICS. CATHEDRAL WORKS 18, CHURCH-STREET, 12701 LIVERPOOL. 913e gECOND TO iN ONE I GENTLEMEN'? & BOYS' WOOLLEN, CASHMERE MERINO, and COTTON UNDERCLOTHING. DRESSING GOWNS and TRAVELLING RUGS. Every Description of SHIRTS aud HOSIERY. GLOVES. SCARVES, TIES, 8.11,1 BOWS for Balls, Concerts, and Parties. LADIES' and GENTLEMEN'S Bess London-made UMBRELLAS. LINEN and EVERCLEAN COLLARS, CUFFS, and FRONTS in all the Newest Shapes. Our Own Special CARDIGAN JACKE TS. BRACES, BELTS, CHEST PROTECTORS. FOOTBALL JERSEYS and KNICKERS in all sizes. SILK and CASHMERE HANDKERCHIEFS, WRAP. PERS and MUFFLERS. The Largest Stock of SCARVES and TIES in South Wales The Natural Wo d-tcnitted SHIRTS. For Genuine Good Value ALL ROUND our Goodswill be found gECOND TO J^ONE W KORNER. AND CO., 27, 28, 29, 30, & 31, ROYAL ARCADE, CARDIFF. &8B ESTABLISHED 1865. 12781 2422B 40, BRIDGE-ST., CARDIFF. fl FOLLICK, PAWN BROKE 3. —Most vy. Money lent on gold and silver valuables. OVER S2 AT THE RATE OF 4d IN THE POUND INTEREST EXCEEDING £10 AT 3d IN THE POUND INTEREST. Large assortment of gold and silver watches and diamond rings very cheap Special lots of gold wedding rings and keepers. (>2e R 0 s s's R 0 Y A L cc BELFAST" A E R A T E D WATEPS. THE ONLY GOLD MEDAL AWARDED FOR GINGER ALE. LIVERPOOLjjJNTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION, Sfae ——— 12800 2&7& SOLE MANUFACTORY, BELFAST. npHOMP-ON'S BURDOCK PlfLS. A THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER—P«RIFY the foulest blood and relieve every disease 01 stoniacjj> liver, and kidneys. These wonderful *"»"■ cure diseases which co-.ild not be reached by an>»2.. cine. For Rheumatics, Lumbago, Pile*, in the Back, Scurvy, Bad Legs, Wounds, White 1 Swelling, Scrofula," Cancers, Blotches on 'be l,'ace and Body, Swelled Feet, Ac.. Jaundice. Dropay.«d fevers • fall kinds. In boJ'ea at Is l?d and 2s .rt »ai.h. Soy .fac* by ail chemists, or from the manv.factovy, 44. OXford itreet, Swansea, for ia or w stamps ^usiiuss 4bi)rts5£5. 4s in the Discount at THE ALLIA N CE CLOTHERS' STOCK-TAKING SALE NOW ON, 33, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. 57, C ROCK HE RBTOWN., RE-NAMED & NUMBERED 74, QVEEN S THEET, £ <ARDIFF. C.W.BLLLETT&CO DEPOT FOR JAPANESE, CHINESE, TURKISH, & FRENCH FANCY GOODS. Large Assortment of NEW AND CHOICE NOVELTIES ALL ARTICLES REDUCED IN PRICES FOR A FORTNIGHT ONLY, PREVIOUS TO STOCK-TAKING. 50a "WITH A WEALTH OF WARMTH, & T T JUST AT THE NICK OF TIME.' W. P R I C E <fc SONS' WINTER OVEIiCOATS, REEFERS, YACHTING JACKETS, SUITS, ltc.. Are offered to the Public at the lowest possible prices- all bought before the advance at W»:;l Sales. PRICES OF OVERCOATS—Newest Fashions— 35, 20/ 25/ 50/ 35/ 40/ 45/ PilICE OF OVERCOATS, with Capes— PRICES OF WATERPROOF COATS-Indiarubbers- Sill, 10/ 15/ 20/ 40/ 50/ PRICES OF WKKFERS AND Y ACHTlNGS- 10/ 15/ 20/ 25/ 30/ PRICES OF WINTER SUITS— 17/6, 20/ 25/ 30/ 35/ 45/ 55/ Address THE CARDIFF HOUSE. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING AND OUTFITTING STORE CO bl, ST. MARY STRE E. and 46 & 47, CAltOLlN 15- llle STREET, CARDIFF. 1007 H E R E TO DIN E. THE COMM"eRCIAL RESTAURANT, 17, ST. MARY-ST. DINNERS READY AT 12 O'CLOCK. Cho;>s and Steaks from the grill always ready. TRIPE SUPPERS ready at 7 p.m. every "Tuesday and Friday. Sausnges and Mashed Potatoes every evening. 69 E J~~ TAILOR, x CROCIvHERBTOWN. O, CARDIFF, 932 is NOW SHOWING 1689 SPiXIALTIES IN WINTER GOODS. HEATHS PIANOFORTES QIIGANS AND J^JARMONIUMS JJ E A T H AND g O N S fJlHREE YEais' gVSTEM Is Applied to the Hitherand Purchase of Instruments by all Makers, frcm 10slloithly. Every Instrument Guaranteed. Co-operative Prices for Cash. The Largest Stock in W.1Is to Select from 12, Cttelhevbtowii Cardiff. 259 "pOR CARVING AND GILDING, FOR FRAMING PICTURE-, FOR A GOOD ENGLISH GOLD FRAME, FOR RESTORING OLD PAINTINGS, Go to G. J. ROBERTS, SENS., 35, THE ROYAL ARCADE. THE OLDEST FIRM IN CARDIFF. 13e I -p- m ARSH AND COMPANY, ADULTS FUNERALS. 1st Class, with best Hearse and Coach, on the most modern principle, with a pair of their well- known F]lemisli-bred Horses to each, one inch Elm Polished Coffin, best registered furniture, with elaborate name-plate engraved, tine satitt trimmed robe, aud self attendance. £ 5 5 0 Marsh A Co.'s 2nd Class ditto, ditto. 4 4 0 Marsh 4Co.'s3rd, with improved carriage 3 3 0 Marsh A Co.'s 4th, ditto, ditto 2 10 0 Marsh 4Co.'s3rd, with improved carriage 3 3 0 Marsh A Co.'s 4th, ditto, ditto 2 10 0 CHILDREN'S FUNERALS, Including nail' Flemish-bred Horses, modern Coach, with all the latest improvements, Po- lished Coftin, lined with tine flannel, and attendance. Under one year 2110 0 Under two years 1 11 0 One-horse carriage, including coffin covered in black, blue, or polished, linetl with flannel, modern coach, and attendance. Under six months 0 IS 6 Under one year 10 0 Under one year 10 0 Under two years 1 1 0 And so 011 in proportion. Handsome Car, Carved or Plain Hearse, Mourning Coaches end Brorghaws, Ostrich Plumes, dcc. j 634 Addrcss- 0, St. Mary-street Cardiff t I I m UINDAY'S c ONTPOUND "pHOSPHATED JLJLIXIR or QUININE. A NERVE AND BRAIN STIMU- I LANT AND IONIC. Is recommended, and call be taken with the most satisfactory results in Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Nervousness. Neural- gia, Sleeplessness, Over worked Brain, Hysteria, Mental and Physical Exhaustion, Diminished Vitality, and all forms of Extreme or Nervous Debility. Sold in Bottles 2s. 3d. and 4s. each (by post 3d. and 6d. extra), or six 4a. bottles for 22s. Prepared only by J JVJUNDAY, „ CHEMIST. 1, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. 908 RJTEETH TEETH I TEETH Prize Medal London, 1862. Gold Medal, Paris, 1857 MR K E ALL, SURGEON DENTIST (31 V,ara' Experience; 21 Yearq in Swansea) 199, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA (Just below the Great Western Railway Station), Begs to intimate that he can produce a perfectly fjftirtg Set, of Teeth in one clear day. The very oest workman- ship guaranteed. Painless Dentistry by Gas. Partial Set-! from 0.1 per Tooth Upper or Lower Sets rom Two Guineas. KFALL", IONIC AND NEURALGIC MIXTURE, Sure and SDeedv Core for Neuralgia, Tic Poloreux Rheums, Toothache, and all Nervous Pains. Is tjd and 2s yd per Bottle. Through any Chemist Oo'eman, CardiC; Yocns, N?wport; J.G-. Isftic 742- ligymilli). Neath: F. C. Eva a;, Cardigan. 1931 f 36uziitess ^frftrissgs. I ASK YOUR GROCER FOR (j ARE Y rjp H O M A S S PURE M ID LOT HI AN QATMEAL AM) OATFLOUR. Hade only from the finest growths or Midlothian Oats which are the FINEST IN THE WORLD. This meal will make more porridge from a given weight than any other. The Oatflour is especially valuable for Infants and Invalids. j Sold everywhere in lib. oackets and 41b. bags. 8?9e—81732 piANOS.—WHY BE WITHOUT ONE When you can become the owner of a nics n-itrunicnt for the small payment of 10s 6d PER MONTH ON rjlHOMPSON AND gHACKELLS (LIMITED HIRE SYSTEM 1 No security required, and the instrument delivered to purchaser on payment of first rnoittlily itistgitjieiit. Every instrument guaranteed, and exchanged if not approved ORGANS AND HARMONIUMS ON SIMILAR TERMS. Catalogues free on application. THOMPSON AND SHACKELL, PIANOFORTE AND MUSIC WAREHOUSE, QUEEN'S BUILDINGS, CARDIFF Also at SWANSEA, NEWPORT, MER7 HYR and GLOUCESTER. 24iie JJOBDAY, w ILLS, AND JJOBDAY. j_jOBDAY, y^riLLS, AXO JJOBDAY. JJOBDAY, ^TILLS' AN" JJOBDAY. TROUSERS. SUITS 13? 1 (55*- 1 f?s- SPECIALITIES. 55"- 13s j 155* THO USERS. SUITS. 79, ST- MARY STREET- 79 79, ST. MAEY STREET. iftli t). i 79. ST- MAKY STRE £ T- 79. ROY AL ARCADE, -L-1) LADIES AND GENTLEMEN S H AIR-DRESSING gALOON. JLjL # NOW OPEN. Proprietor, Y-. E. DUNFORD P33 35 ROYAL ARCADE CARDIFF. J^HE JjMNE ^RT gTUDIO, QUE I N-STREET ARCADE. -Mr CHAPMAN'S PHOTOGRAPHS Are giving every satisfaction. Most complimentary expressions of opinion lrom all who have been Photographed. Prices :~2s 6d for 5, 4s for 6, and 7s for 12. All taken by the Latest, Best, and Quickest processes, aud weather really no object, 17e PEPPER'S TANNIN THROAT JL GARGLE. Tannin Gargle should be within the reach of all in ¡ tllo least degtee subject to throat affections, whether iniia.mmatury relaxed, ulcerated hoarseness, swollen tonsils, enlarged uvula, weakened voice, Ac. Those constantly speaking, singing, or reading, by using the Gargle prevent tne huslaueas, dryness, and irritation so frequantty attendant on over-exertion also of pro. ducing unusually sustained powers without injury to the mucous surfaces of the throat Tannin is a great purifier, and so useful as a mouth wash in cases of disagreeable breath, arising from de. cayed teeth, disordered stomach, mouth ulcerations, and other causes. As a cure for ordinary sore throat, with its usual painful and sometimes dangerous symptoms, the TanninGargle is far better tuaii anything. Bottles, Is 6d. Sold everywhere. PEPPER'S WHITE COUGH MIX- JL TURE.—The most reliable, speedy, and agree- able cure for coughs, colds, asthma, bronchitis, con- sumption, and all diseases of the lungs and air. passages. It is soothing, comforting, and tranquil- lizing in its action, quite different from ordinary cough remedies. Affords relief after second dose Bottles, ls 1(1,a"2, 9d each. Sold by all ClieniisLs. CRACaOFT'S ARECA-NUT TOOTH PASTE.—Regularly used every morning the teeth are kept iu beautiful order. All decaying and destructive tartar is removed from the enamel, which assumes its ivory, ike appearance. CRACROFT'S PASTE removes all causes Gf decay, and will preserve the teeth intact for many yeitrs. Branded Pots, Is each. Sold everywhere. ^RACROFT'S ARECA TOOTH PASTE. c R) using this delicious Aromntic Dentifrice the enamel of the teeth becomes white, sound, and polished like ivory. It is exceedingly fragrant, and specially useful. Get Cracroft's -DËi"iESs,-NOl:SES INÜiïCw Ac. DELLAR'S ESSENCE FOR DEAF- N ESS should always be tried, as in numbers of case", seemingly incurable, it lias done wonders Slight deafr ess, obstructions in the ears, and the incessant liumm'ng -ountis so frequent with affected hearing, are removed. Sold everywhere. CORNS! CORN'S!! CORNS BUNIONS AND ENLARGED TOE JOINTS' CURED IN A FEW DAYS. DELLAR'S CORN AND BUNION PLASTERS are the only real remedy. They differ from all plasters, shields, or compositions. By Instantly softening the callous surrounding the pain goes at once, the ConI soon following. Bunions and enlarged toe joints require more time but the action and relief is certain. Boxes, Is lAd. Sold everywhere. S»I LLiPHOLINE SOAP (a soap contain- ing sulpholine), is a delicately refined, chemi- cally pure Soap, intended for general use, but snecially by tnos« endowed with sensitive skins. Common im- perfectly prepared soaps, scented with injurious acrid eils, frequently cause skin diseases. 'For washing at all times, and bringing the skin to a soft, pliable, healthy condition, Sulpholine Soap holds the tirt place. ILs odour is very pleasant, and the Soap no; expensive. Tablets, 6d each. LIVER COMPLAINTS^ BILIOUSNESS, INDIGESTION. C' ,RFD BY STOMACH DERANGEMENTS, DR- KISG'S DANDELION & QUININE LIVER PILLS (Without mercury), Act effectively on the liver, and, whilst mildly aperient, are all that can be desired. Dr. King's famous Pills purify and clear the entire system by freeing the liver purify and clear the entire system by freeing the liver from sluggishness, causing the stomach to properly per- form its functions, ouickly aud entirely removing aii feeling of headache, dizziness, oppressions at chest and back, disagreeable taste, nausea, indigestion, spamj. sensation of heaviness, and irritating depression attend ing bilious attacks antl liver derangemeuts. BE CR TO HAVE DR. KING'S PILLS. 615 OLD EVERYWHERE. 11945 STIFF'S STARCH, Sold in lb. Picture Boses. k.3 Soid in 51b. Packets. gTIFPS STARCH. aSJgjgr *• OTIFFS STARCH. MSMSSoS?i. O' For Collars. SJ TIFF'S STARCH. For Wristbands. For Shirt Fronts. k3 For Collars. SJ TIFF'S STARCH. For Wristbands. For Shirt Fronts. OTIFF'S STARCH. f £ O For Cuffs. I STIFF'S STARCH. To.-Lace. For Linen. CJl'IFFS STARCH. IS8S&. CtMFlf'S STAI1CH. Ask for Stiff's starch. | For Table ( :Ioth. TIFF S STARCH, Ask for Stiff's starch. | Note the CcLittion Label 43 TIFF'S STARCH. Observe the Trade Mark j kj Sold bv Grocers. C2TIFFS STARCH. Sold by STIFFS STARCH. co.. SMe 1262s 114 REDCLIFtf-ST., BRISTOL igusitiess RELIEF FROM COUGHS AND COLDS IN FIVE MINUTES BY TAKING TUDOR "YyrILLlAMS'S JpATENT JJALSAM OF JJONEY. IF vou are suffeiing night and day with a dreadful wearying, hnrassinr Cough, and scarcely able to talk, or walk, or breathe, you siiould use TUDOR U ILLIAM.S'.s PATENT BALSAM Off HONEY, wbich relievos tlie Hacking Cough, Old Standing Cold. Shortness of Breath, Hoarseness, Spitting of Blooi. Croul), Bronchitis, Asthma, Qninsey, and all disorders of the Throat, Chest-, and Luugs. It will instant-eously i-elieve these terrible diseases, and will positively cure nine cases out of ten. Be kindly and affectionately advised, be friendly and respectfutty persuaded; don't irifle wirli common colds don't play with common coughs; don't put dependence unoti simnle li-,n-io treatenient but TUDOR WILLIAMS'S BALSAM OF HON kY for children suffering from whooping cough, bronchitis, and rough it relieves thei,i it-staiitly-a sure cure. TRY If. I have much pleasure in testifying to the marvel- lous efficacy of your Balsam of Honey. I have been taking it myself, and it has invariably relieved me of my cough and hoarseness. My boy also, who has been for many years a martyr to bronchitis, has been using it, and ever since he has not had the slightest attack ot it. I can, therefore, inos-, heartily recommend your Balsam of Honey to all those who are subject to hoar-eness and broneuitis.—Yours laithfully, JOHN WYNDHAM LEWIS, C.M. Minister, Carmarthen (Chair- man of the Carmarthen School Board). Nov. 2, 1883. From the Leader of the Cor Mawr. "Allow me to express my gratitude for the great; benefit I have derived from taking your Tudor Williams's Balsam of H<'iiey for tightness of the chest and hoarseness. ID is the finest remedy I have yet, and with confidence I can recommend it to :11! G. R. Jones (Caradog), Cardiff." [Conductor of t e South Wales Choir, the wiuners of the Tl.1ullSd Guinea Prize at the Crystal Palace, London ] Doctors aud Chemists recommend Williams Balsam of Honey. In November, '82, my children had severe cold, incessant cough, and bronchitis. I gave them Tudor Williams's Balsom of Honey, which relieved them instantly of their cough. I can conscientiously recom- mend it to all respectable families, knowing it to be a bona tide medicine. I have a eat gale for it here. Yours truly, T. W. Evans, M.P.S., Chemist, Treherbert. Ask distinctly for Tudor Williams's Balsam of Honey, and see that the trade mark (Beehive) is on each bottte, without which it is a forgery, Sold by all Chemists, in bottles, Is Hd, 2H 9d, and 4s bll each. Great saving by taking the'larger bottles. A case containing three 4s 6d bottles sent, carriage paid, direct from the Proprietor for 12s. Prepared only by the proprietor, SOos D. TUDOR WILLIAMS, L.D.S., MEDICAL HALL. ABERDARE. THE FINEST THING IN the WORLD FOR CHAPPED HANDS. FOR CHILBLAINS. FOR SORE NIPPLKS. FOR CRACKED LIPS, PARAFFIN S AND CAMPHOR BALLS, PRICE liD EACH. Is 51J PER DOZEN. PREPARED AND SOLD BY ESSB WLLLIANIS AND QO., 7. PARK HALL LUiLDlNGb, 95a CARDIFF. IS LIFE WORTH LIVING i THAT JQEPENDS UPON THE T IVER The Best Medicine in the world for SICK HEADACHE, STOMACH AND LIVEa COMPLAINTS, INDIGESTION, And those diseases commonly called Nervous or Bilious, is jyj UN DAY'S piLLS, As evidenced by the ten following reasons, and valuable testimony of those who have used them 1.—They are compounded from purely vegetable in gredients, comprising aperients, alteratives, and stomachics, and are thus rendered purifying uad v strengthening to the stomach and bowels, whilst re- moving diseases of ttle liver and other organs. 2.-They are manufactured on an alkaline principle. rendering them perfectly soluble, therefore do not cause griping pains, unless there be a large amount of poisonous matter in the system to be dislodged. 3.-They are entireiy free from mineral preparations, consequently do not leave the patient in jeopardy by taking cold by exposure. 4.-They may be taken at any time by persons of both sexei and of all ages, even those advanced in years. 5.-They reparticularly soothing to people whose occupation produces irritability of the mind. Nervous, chilly, and fretful persons will find them invaluable specially in cold, melancholy weather. 6.—They are highly recommended for sick headaches palpitation of the heart, i-hooting pains in the limbs' giddiness, pains between the shoulders, Ac. 7.-They are a great boon on board ships and on foreicn stations, as they keep for any period, and the distressing effects of change of climate are effectually warded off by their timely use. B.-All heavy, drowsy sensations (the forerunner of apoplexy, paralytic strokes, epilepsy, and many othe serious affections), are thoroughly removed by s few doses. 9.-They also produce sound, refreshing sleep, impart such pleasing serenity of mind, vigour and lightness of body, and keen appetite for the plainest food as must be felt to be believed. IO.-Forelderly people, they are undoubtedly the most comfortable medicine that can be recommended gently strengthening the system, that cause centinuea checritiiness, thus «e««nely prolonging life to the latnt poistbit period. Prepared only and sold in boxes at Is, 2s 6d, and 4s 64 free by pon. by J M u D A CHEMIST, HIGH-STREET CARDIFF SOLD BY ALL CHEMISTS Atfp PATENT MEDICINE DEALERS 2íS¡ WPORT. —SODTK WALES ECHO, The SOUTH WALES !CHO. pubHyhed ai b. NEWPORT OFFICE, 1, Treaegar-plac* V f FIRST EDITION iC ".11. THIRD EDITION 4;50 p.«. EClAt, KDIT10N ,J.3G ■ SPECIAL NOTICE.—The Feot»»it BOTT'.W < Saturday's EcAt is published at Nswpapt at l ie