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Advertisement Tariff. -0- Small Prepaid Advertisements. 20 Words SIXPENCE. Three Times NINEPENCE. Six Times ONE SHILLING. JVORDS, ONCE. TIMES. 20 Words 0 6 0 9 1 0 30~Words 0 9 10 16 40 Words 1 0 1 6 2 3 50 Words 1 3 2 6 3 9 60 Words 1 6 3 0 4 6 -a These charges apply only to the classes of advertise- ment specitied below, mid are strictly confined tc those which are ordered lor CONSKCU'I'I vii insertion all dPAIl) FOR PRKVIOUS TO I.NSKLU'LON if either of these con- ditions is not complied with, the advertisement will he charged by the Business scale APARTMENTS WANTED. A?ARTMENTS TO LET. ARTICLES LOST. ARTICLES FOU.ND. JSusiNKbSES FOlt DISPOSAL BUSINKSSKS WANTED. HOUSES TO J.irr. HOUSES NVANXEL). HOUSES TO BE 801.D MONEY WANTEIJ. MONEY TO LEND. MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. MISCELLANEOUS SALES. PAR'I'NFltSIIJI'S WANTED. PARTNERSHIPS WANTED. SITUATIONS WANTED. SITUATIONS VACANT. Advertisements of the above class inserted in the SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS," the" CARIHI'l' TIMES, and SOUTII WAX.ES ECHO" at the following rate I Six times in Six times Daily News Six times 1)aAly N.ews Six times »u Once m IN«R MVNMVK Cardiff Times WORDS. South Malesi and Daily News. 1.' Six times in South Wales Echo. Echo. s. d. s. d. a. d. 20 Words 10 16 2 0 30 Words 1 6 2 3 3 0 40 Words 2 3 3 4 4 6 50 Words 3 9 5 8 7 6 60 Words 4 6 6 9 1 9 0 General Advertising Tariff. CLASS (jll ADVERTISEMENTS. Business 1 Educational V Publishers ) Tleligious Services ) Entertainments j Auction Announcements Legal ami Public Notices .j Municipal and School Hoard I lenders anil Contracts public Appointments Prospyeluscs Parliamentary Elections | Parliamentary Notices j Government Announcements.. J RATE PEP. J.INE FOR A SERIRS. 1 to 4 or 6 to l^to 26, 3 b 11 25 upd insr insr insr insr insr insr insr insr insr insr ./4 -/4 .12 ■IH -/4 -/3 -12 .12 ■It -/4 ./3 -/3 ;/3 -/6 -/6 ./6 -/6 ./6 ,{9 -/9 -/9 -/3 ./9 If.11f. 1/- 1/- 1/. Notices of Hitths.Marriitges, and Deaths are charged la each, if not exceeding 20 words, aid 6(1 for each additional 10 \1'1" These Notices must be iiutheu Ucnted by the Signature Zttl( I Address of tliti sender. PARAGRAPH .1 I)VI;RI'ISI:MJONT.S are charged 1. to b insertions, 64 per iine 6 to 11 insertions, Id per line; 12 insertions and upwards, 3d per line An\II:'J ISTKS, when sending ollvertisemenls in mann- script, may calculate eight words to a line, and 12 line to an inch. In charging advertisements the lines are not counted, but the advertisement, illc111(lill large lines, dashes, and white spaces, is measured, and the space occupied is charged at the rate of Twelve lines 0;111 illdl. intimitis. V lOOK If if Y.—Marshall's School of Cookery, 30, Mortiuier-street, London, W.—Seud for pro- spectus 928 COOK (good plain) wanted in gentleman's family %j (small).—Mrs N., 2, Glanmor-terrace, Uplands, Swansea. 467 (V>OK (plain) \Vanted; Dissenter Abstainer good j reci-mmeudation indispensable; wages £ lfc. fortnight's holiday twice a year; fare paid both ways. —Apply, stating age, &c.—Rev. J. Thomas, Mauorbier, Pembrokeshire. 491 A i j- NERAL SERVANTS wanted for towns and country. Apply personally, or stamped envelope for reply.—Miss Morgan, lieglstry, 101, Frederick- btrest/c'ar Utl. 566 JTi IN EllAI< .-KilVANT (good) wanted; must be VJT clean knowledge of plain c( king.-Apply With particulars Evan Price, Grocer, Pontycwmmer, Garw Valley. ("1 P'NKliAl, SKRVANT (thoroughly good) wanted JT immediately, by a medical man in the country, able to wash, iron, and hake, and with a knowledge of dairy work.—Address, stating references, age, Ralary. required, ec., M. s., "South AVale:3 DaiAy News." Cardiff. 625 GENERAL SERVANT wanted in a small family.— Apply, Mrs Middle, 41, Wellington-street, Mer- tliyr. 662 /"•■i EN h.RA L SKRVANT (good) required must be C, u-ed to laundry work.—Apply Mrs Powell, The 1. liookery, Jfibbw Vale. GENERAL SERVANT (good) wanted at once.— Apply, with references, Magistrates' Clerk's Apply, with references, Magistrates' Clerk's Office, Pontypridd. 76590 C^E NERAL SERVANT (good) wanted, understand- JT ing plain cooking aoe /^PP'y Mrs Milner, 7, St. Andrew's Crescent, Crockherbtown. Cardiff. 559 /^EnWaITI^RVANT (good) wanted. able to do IT plain cooking one from the countiy preferred. Nurse kept.—Apply Mrs Yorath, Canton. 576 i~EN KRAL "SERVANT"(a good) wanted at once. IT Accustomed to plain cooking.—Apply 10 Bowen, London House, Burry Port. ENERAL~iSERVANT (thorough) wanted kn™ ledge of plain cooking. Also a respectable S1'1' as nurse for two children.—Apply to G.M., Daily News," Cardiff. ERSON (respectable) wanted, as working House- Jf keeper. Age not over 25. Good references re- quii-ed. -Address R. T. W., "Daily News" Office, Swansea. 511 EllVANTS IN ANY CAPACITY.-If you require a good situation, write to the National and Universal Registration Agency, 105A. Market-street, Manchester. 608 WOMAN (respectable, elderly) wanted to work and attend invalid in a tradesman's house country. Only two in family.—Address, with particu. lars, wages, and reference, C., South Wales Daily News," Cardiff. 626 ítuathTtt5 ABSTAINERS get greater advantages from the Scottish Temperance Life and Accident Assur- ance Company than from any other office.-Apply for proscectus to W. c. Thomas, BalmoraI Villa, Park- Newport, Mon. 661 AKER audCONFECTION ER (competent) wanted, —Apply at Mr David, Baker, &c., Elm-street Roath, Cardiff. 618 a-machinist, able to fit her own work. Good wages given to a suitable pe'-son.—M. Mark and Sons, Shoe Manufacturers, Cwuitwi-ch, Swansea Valley. 548 BIIKAD AND CAKE BAKER (a good), wanted and to make himself useful.—Apply J. J. Powell, American Market, Mountain Ash. UTCHERS.—Wanted, strong, active Youth, of good character, to assist at slaughtering, and take good character, to assist at slaughtering, and take charge of two horses.—Apply, with particulars, to T. David, Old Park, Margam. Taibach. 670 COMPOSITOR (quick and steady) wanted for a few weeks.—Apply Overseer, Jobbing Departm- nt. South Wales Daily News." EMIGRATION. — Women and Farm Labourrr,t :.I. wanted, for fret; passages to Queensland, Ait,j- t-ralia; others assisted B6 10s. To New South Wal. Women,- £2; men, £ 4. America, £ 3; Cana in, 2 10s.—Send stamps for replies to Milton LOCKC, Emigration Offices. 33, High-street, Newport. Mon. 5}1 E"MPLOV;MENTTon^LADiES.^stol5s~wee!fy can be earned by the Patent Automatic Knitting Machine.—Send addressed envelope for particulars fj 1:i. W. Company, 417, Oxford-street. London, W. 41C ("1 OVERNMENT EMPLOYMENT. — Numerous JT vacancies, open to all, males and females. Good salaries. Tuition by correspondence; payment by i-e- sults. Unexampled success. Particulars and guide free.—Mr Russell, Donati's Academy. New Cross, Lon- don. 571 ATRDRESSERS.—VVanted at once, good Hair- J)J) cutter and Shaver. Terms 14s; indoors.— Address C. France, Hatter and Hairdresser, 72, Cow. bridge-road, Cardiff. 610 HAIRDRESSERS.—Permenancy for a thorough Jt)L good shaver and hair-cutter. Only good hand need -irks, General Dealer, Broadway, Cardiff. '189 JOINER wanted.—Able to work lathe constant employment.—Apply personally, Chas. Shepherd and Son, Crofts-street, Roath, Cardiff. ORK BUTCHER (respectable) -A,aiite(i at once 13 young man who thoroughly understands the business. — P. Mackay, 1, George-street, Cathays, Cardiff. 63" HOEMAKF,RS. Waiited immediately, a good S general stitch hand for country work constant work for fober man.—Apply to James Parry, Pont- sticill, near Merthyr. TOCKYAKFR %n(I 'IINIYKBEPRIT required for s a Tin-plate Works. Nohe but efficient- men need apply. State salary.—Tin, "Daily News," Cardiff. 7655 THE DIRECTORS of a London Joint Stock Co. require a District Manager for Cardiff. Salary IP120 per annum and commission. -Ad,lress, in first instance, Chainnan," 2 and 3, Salisbury-court, Fleet- street. London. E.C. ffVJBNOVEIt (News) wanted.—Address Overseer, X 17, Bank-street, Leeds, V orks. 453_ VACANCIES IN CIVIL SERVICE.—Age 16—2b Commencing salaries range to £ 100. Rapid pre- paration by correspondence.—Intelligent young men write to Secretary, Civil Service Examination Agency, Nunhead. London. Situations (fettfrtr. BAKERS and CONFECTIONERS,—Wanted, a situation as above; aged 25; married good re- ferences.—Address Wm. Williams, New-road, Porth- cawl, Glamorganshire. 493 BUI LDERS CONTRACTORS, and OTHFRsV— VVanted, re-engagement as Foreman of Masons, or Bricklayers. Well up in plans good manager of men sober, and energetic. Good references. Age 39. —R. C., 3, Moorhill-street, Stapleton-road, Bristol. 514 lJap Assistants, &t. ROCERY TRADE-.—Wanted, a Situation by a Young Man. not experienced would take small salary. Highest references given.-Address F. Martin, Old Castle, near Abergavenny. 574 HOSIERY AND SMALL WARES. — Wanted at once young Lady accustomed to counter.—Apply J. Uladwell, 27, Duke-street. 496 Houses CCO 3tet. C LUB to Let in busiest part of Splotlands; 80 bona- tide Members; no publicnear.—Apply,Secretary, JJaily News" Office, Cardiff. u 685 NEWPORT-IIOAI) (85), Roath, to Let, from 29th N September.—Apply Mr Webber, 94, St. Mary- street. three doors from General Post-office. 026 WAREHOUSE, shop, coach-house, and stable to let, Moira-crescent, Splotlands, Cardiff. — Enquire on the premises. 520 Jfcr &r. OU^E (good) for Sale in Miskin-street.—Particu- lars of Mr Webber, 94, St. Mary-screet, opposite Church-street. 1148 BEo&gings, Aparinmits, &r:. PARTMENTS (Furnished) to Let, back parlour A and bedroom. Terms moderate.—Apply 37, Tresillian-terrace, Penarth-road, Cardiff. I PARTMENTS (comfortable), furnished, for two young gentlemen, at 3, Llaiulough-street, Cathays, Cardiff 330 srritantaits. ARRELS (10 000) wanted of all descriptions. Good prices given.—Apply Alfred Cockle, St. Jude's Cooperage, Bristol. 87 OTA NIC BEER made immediately with Mason's f Kxtract or K,s-ence of Herbs, composed of Yarrow, Uandelion, Coinfrey, and Horeiiound; send 9 stamps for sample bottle, enough to make four gallon-, to Newball and Mason, Chemists, Nottingham. Agents wanted. 413c FURNiSH on the Hire System. £ 5 worth, 2s 6d "l weekly; £10 worth, 4s weekly 1;15. worth, 5s weekly £ 20 worth, 6s weekly, and so on in propor- tion.—The r-otith Wales Furnishing Company, 23, Custom House-street, Cardiff. 464 "*71 URN ISii^on the Hire System. No security re- B' quired.—South Wales Furnishing Company, 23, Custom Iiouse-street, Cardiff. n_ 464 FURNISH on the llireSysteiu. Cash prices charged. South Wales Furnishing Company, 23, Custom House-street, Cardiff. 464 171URNISH on the Hire System. Small weekly or J monthly payment8.-Sonth Wales Furnishing Company, 23, Custom House-street, Cardiff. 464 IT^URNISiX on the Hive System. Houses or apart- mer.ts furnished throughout. — South Wales Furnishing Company, 23, Custom House-street, Car- diff. 464 I71URNISH on the Hire System. Compare prices with other houses.—South Wales Furnishing Ci inp\liy, 23, Gilstom House-street, Cardiff. 464 I FURNISH on the Hire System. Immense stock to F select fron).-South Wales Furnishing Company, 26, Custon House-street, Cardiff. 464 -g-,IUItNiSil on the Hire System, town or couiitr v. _r South Wales Furnishing Company, 23, Custom House-street, Cardiff. 464 IT^URNISH on the Hire System. No extra charges made.—South Wales Furnishing Company, 23, Custom House-street, Cardiff. 464 FURNISH on the Hire System. Every article requisite for the household. — South Wales Furnishing Company, 23, Custom House-street, Cardiff 464 FURNISH on the Hire System. Inspection in- vited.—South Wales Furnishing Company, 23, Custom House-street, Cardiff. 464 IMPORTANT to small Capitalists wishing to com- mence as Tobacconists for illustrated guide (110 papes) send 3 stamps to H. Myers and Co., 109, Enston- road, Lon(lol1. 96ge N SOCIA LP URIT Y ANDTHE INFIRMITIES ol MAN. Addressed specially to young men, with advice on health, and containing recipes that will re- store the nervous and debilitated to the full power of manhood. Free for the benefit of all who desire a safe and speedy cure without the aid of Quacks. Send one stamp to prepay postage. Ad .'resa Secretary, Institute of Anatomy, Birmingham. 274e IIRENOLOGY.-Heacis examined daily antl every evening, Is 6d. Send your photograph for written cliaracter.-flerr White, 22, Park-street, Car- diff. 431 RENTS collected 10 years' experience. References and security given.—C. W. 1 Jutchings, 27, Car- iisie-street. CardiK* 407 W THOMPSON MATHER, Auctioneer, House, • Estate, arid Insurance A^eut. Moderate commission. Prompt- settlements. Trial solicited.— 7, owiss Chambers, <'ri>ckfcierbtow; Cardiff. 631 WHKATEN MEAL.—The best value in Feed~for ,kL. -.The boat Pijf*, ni] Poultry. £3 10s per ton on rail or steamer, Liverpool.—Apply to M. J. Heathcote and Co-, 10, Drury-h,-„( Liverpool. 76554 ItlcrnCiT. CASH a D V A N C E S MADE From ±.10 to £ 500, .-it a few hours' notice, to FARMERS, »r i RivET G A RDLrll FITS, TRADESMEN, CAB PROPRIBTv^R-•«-, and HOUSEHOLDERS, On then <security, without vemoval. No enquiry res. The usual loan ottic<- foimalities dispensed with, All commuQ:ack>!U> treated io sfcriccest-confi- deuce. ADURl-'i^— CARDIFF AND COUNTY ADVANCE BANK, ,OLI .rr 9, CA.P -ITEET, CARDIFF. 520 M 0 NIE Y I .aONEYII MONEYJlj Cash Advances made at. a few liouri; notice uom B5 to £ 500, to Farmer, Market Gardeners, Cowksepers, Tradesmen, and others, on their own security. No sureties required, 0 inqtiry fees. Money lent on deposits, also tradesmen's bills dfceounted. Apply, personally or by loi ter, t: Mr A.. Jordan, Manager, j':iv;<,tf> Loan Omc". 1>t)d¡;.treet fcorner of Sfeinner- iNfiw-port, Mon. G19 fi^HK WEST OF k NO LAND AOVANCE CO., 2, f Bui,?>.terrace, Cardiff, ix.g to inform the public -hat they advance from if, to £ 1,000 • o Farmers, C'ow- keepers. Householders (Malt- or Female), Mechanics, and others on their owi, see.utity, at a few hours' notice, Trade biJN discounted Advances also on deeds without any legal charges at a very low rate of interest, to be repaid by instahnents. Borrowers would do well to inquire our charges before applying elsewhere. For references inquire ol any sohcitor in the towa. All communications to be ft4(ir9sscd,t0 B. <Uaibsrw, Man i au-sr jmi ^iitusamjfnts. T HEATRE ROYAI, CARDIFF. 1-ESSEI; it MANAGER MR, EDWARD FLETCHER. ACTING MANAGER MR. JOHN SHERIDAN. Important Engagement of England's Greatest Burlesque Actress and Comedienne, MISS NELLIE F A R K E N, and her Powerful London Company, including MR ARTHUR WILLIAMS, MR HARRY MONK HOUSE, MISS HETTY CHAPMAN, die., &c. TONIGHT (WEDNESDAY), OCTOBER 7th, And Saturday, October 10th, at 7.30, the Laughable Farce, A MERE BLIND, After which Mr Robert Reece's Popular Burlesque, ALADDIN. Aladden, a Street Arab, Miss NELLIE FARREN. Splendid Chorus, New and Beautiful Costumes, Aug- mented Orchestra, Grand Scenic Effects. THURSDAY ANJ) FRIDAY, (3URNANDS FAIRY BURLESQUE, A KIEL. MONDAY NEXI, October 12th, Mr Frank Harvey's Celebrated Madame Beatrice Company. Doors open at 7; Commence 7.30; Half-price 9. Stage Door and St. Mary-street Entrance open 6.30, Sixpence extra. Box PIan at Messrs Thompson and Shackell's, Crockherbtown. bS237 VICTORIA ROOMS, ST. MARY- T STREET. CARDIFF. MON. D'ARCS GRAND WAXWORK EXHIBITION. Groat of PROFESSOR RICARDO and his wonderful PER. FORMING DOGS. Roars of laughter and unbounded applause of Mons. TRILLO and his Ventriloquial Figures. Every evening at 7, 8, 9. Day performance Wednesdays and Saturdays at 3. Admission 3d, children 2d. Reserved seats during the performance, 3d extra. 619 F. J. SMITH, Manager. gHOOTING SEASON, 1885. We beg to call the attention of sportsmen in general to our Stock of BreecU-loading Guns of various qualities. We have in sto2k the following i DOUBLE BARREL BREECH LOADING GUNS: £ s. d. No. 1 Ejector, Hammerless Gun 36 0 0 2 Consentric, Wood Bar Gun 25 10 0 3 Consentric, Treble Grip Gun 25 10 0 4 Semi, Hanimorless Gun 14 0 0 5 G. and P. Patent, Hammerless Gun 11 0 0 6 Treble Grip, Hammer Gun 11 0 0 7 Steel Barrel, Bar Lock Gun 880 8 Steel Barrel, Back Lock Gun 7 0 0 9 Damascus Barrel, Back Lock Guu. 5 15 0 10 Fine Twist Barrel, Back Lock Gun 4 7 6 11 Good Twist Barrel, Back Lock Gun 3 15 0 All above guus are choke left barrel. 12 Twist Barrel. Back Locks Gun 3 0 0 13 Twist Barrel, Back Locks Gun 2 17 6 14 Fine Twist, Single Barrel, Back Lock Gun 3 2 6 Any GENTLEMAN PURCHASING either of these Guns CAN HAVE FAIR TRIAL, and if they are not what they are jepresented to be, and not approved of, money will be returned. CARTRIDGES OF ALL DESCRIPTION KEPT IN STOCK. CROSS 113 R 0 S., 3 AND 4, ST. MARY-STREET, 497 CARDIFF. 76329 BAR R B It 0 S., r TAILORS, 64 ST' MAU^1,1UOT' OA it P I ¥■ Y, 693a 73575 -H' QO AND SEE THE BOOTS AND SHOES at GLADWELL'ti, 27, DUKE-STRi^T, besi i" lha Pringilialit-y, J i IVOTICE OF REMOVAL. -.&- I THE OFFICES OF THE TAUNTON & WEST OF ENGLAND BUILDING SOCIETY, AND R T. WEBBER, Auctioneer, House and Insurance Agent, &c., ARE NOW REMOVED FRuI b, ST. JOHN'S- SQUARE, TO 94, ST. MARY-STREET 506a (Corner of Quay-street). 76428 40, BRIDGE-STREET, CARDIFF. CFOLLICK, PAWNBROKER.—Most C. Money lent on gold and silver valuables. Over;22 at the rate of 4d ill the pouud, exceeding £ 10 at a lesser | interest. Large assortment of gold and silver waiches and diamond rings very cheap. Special lots of gold wedding rings nUll keepers. bOOe-763b3 11 J. HEATH AND SONS, 12, CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF, Have now on view the largest Stock of High-class jp I A N O F O R T E S, -B- QRGANS, AND JJARMONIUMS, IN SOUTH WALES. Which they are offering at a LARGE DISCOUNT FOR CASH and on the three years' system, from 10s 6d per month. Pianos, from 15 guineas. Illustrated Catalogues Post Free 269e ULTON, DUNLOP, AND CO. CARDIFF AND SWANSEA, AUO AT WINDSOR-ROAD, PEN ARTEL BASS ;A N D CO., ALLSOPr AND SONS, And others of the finest BURTON ALES. PRICES Per. Kilderkiu. 18^ 21s. 24s. Per Firkin. 10s! 6d. 12s And upwards. 155; INJECTION DAY.-An INFALLIBLE JL REMEDY and certain cure for all Discharges from the Urinary Organs in either sex, whether acquired or constitutional, recent or chronic; cures in a few days without medicines. Sold in bottles, 2s 6d each, by all chemists. London agents, F. Newbury and Sons, 1, King Edward-street, E.C. Agents for Cardiff, J. Munday, Chemist, 1 High-street; and all Chemists -770o_ RELIGIOUS SERVICES.-The atten- JL V tion of Church and Chapel Mansflers is invited to the lollowing SPECIAL PREP A ID TARIFF for Ad- vertisements announcing the holding of RELIGIOUS SERVICES, ANNIVERSARIES, and TEA MEET. INGS'— One Three Six Twelv) Insertion Insertions. Insertions. Insertions. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. |°ur Lines .1 (.40.60.86/ Lines. 2 0 „ 6 0 9 0 12 0 KightLines.. 2 3 8 0 12 0 M 16 0] rweiveLines. 4 0 12 0 18 0 24 0 laLmog 6 0 18 0 27 0 36 0 v',n.e.s 8 0 24 0 36 0 48 0 ii-ight words may be calculated to a lire. This Tariff is limited strictly to the enumerated mtwc 680 Notices can also appear in the CARDIFF TIMES and SOUTH WALES WEEKLY NEWS in conjunction with those in the South Wales Daili; A go a to form arc of the scries of Insertion* BILL-POSTING AT NEWPORT, MON. COMMERCIAL-ROAD, NEWPORT, DELIVERER for TOWN and 1- Ihtsntess ^i>tm>ss £ 5. I OTHAM AND gONS, SO 27, S'r- MAKV-STKKra'- CAR D I F F IT MB R E LLAS, IMMENSE VARIETY. 1,500 TO CHOOSE FROM. PARAGON FRAME. SPECIAL. DURABLE SILK. 5S X1D NATURAL STICKS. I OUR. KNOCKABOUT LEVANTINE SILKS. ()8 lID GOOD OFFICE UMBRELLA. ° OUR LEADING LINE. FOX'S I PARAGON FRAME. SILVER MOUNTED. 10s 6D NATURAL STICKS. DURABLE SILK.1 Large Variety in BUCKHORN and FANCY HANDLES, From 12s 6(1 to 30. LADIES' UMBRELLAS IN LARGE VARIETY. 2s lid, 3-t lid, 4s lid, 5 lid, to 20s. VERY SPECIAL, 204 J 0 T H A M AND SON S. THE MIDLAND COUNTIES WATCH JL COMPAN Y, ()p VYSE-STREET, BIRMINGHAM Let every reader of this sand for our beautiful new illustrated Catalogue, containing 1,000 un-oliciteil tes- timonials and over 1,009 fine Copper-plate Engravings of W atches, Jewellery, and Klectro Plate, sour, gratis and post tree on application, to any part of the GBKTLEMBN'S FINE SILVKB, flat crystal glass, 2bs. LADIES' FINE MLVER, flat R AMBORSE. E crytal gl-t,,is, highly finished r 1 n v 11 e To 1-1-, n1111 'Vemeut, As. Queenstovn,February YoHTH1s' SlLVER- fiat llth. 1885It irives ^5s- me much pieasure to ■LADIIVS (JOLD LEVERS, in testify as to the excel- e*<lul3Itely 70s. lent. time keeping n j. > i i. j s. d. qualities of the Watch Gents do. engme-turned I received from you. case;s-• 80 0 I have tested it with G<!ncs1. ,Sl ^T, a gun fired here every •■'Uglisli Ilall-marked day by electricity at e/frs 60 0 one o'clock, Green- Ge"ts f- bli7er wich time, and have Hunting Cases, Knghsh never found it vary t>i'' even oi;e minute. I bold Ke>le«« have great confidence Levet, -stron«' heavy. in recommending your 0 0 'te^. •••• '[>' • 100 0 c'z Company." G',lhS FIIe Gold Keyless in huntiiig cases 140 0 Ladies' very heavy Key- less, in 18-ct. Gold cases 100 0 Cheques or Post-office Orders must b'.J made payable to the Company's Manager, Mr A. PERCY, on receipt of which any Watch will be registered post free to any part of the United Kingdom, and for ids 6d per watch to any part of the postal worhi. soem jgJCONGMY IN FUEL. I < ALL'S PATENT FEED WATER jsLJL H E A T E R, W' ILTT.AAIS'X ATENT BLOWER AND SMOKE CONSUMER F o N STKAJI BOILERS J-OHN -AIN TILLIATITS AND SON, SOLE ]JCENSEES & MAKERS, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. 107a mHE FOUNDATION PRINCIPLE or W P n l 0 ] & subts, Busine-s is that CUSTOM IS DRAWN BY THE MAGNET OF VARIEIY AND VALUE.1 They are now showing considerable accessions of Now, Fresh, and Attractive Stock in GENTLEMEN'S AND JUVENILKS* READY-MADE CLOTHING, HATS, CAPS, SHIRTS, AND HOSIERY, At Prices that have never been Lower from Manuf&o turers' Hands ADDRESS :— THE CARDIFF HOUSE, 60 & 51, ST. MARY-STRE15T, & 46 A 47, CAROLINE 23 STREET CARDIFF. m PIANOS.—WHY BE WITHOUT ONE When you can become the owner of a nice in strument for the small payment of 10s 6d PER MONTH ON rjlHOMPSON AND gHACKELLS HIBH SYSTEM ? No security required, and the instrument delivered to purchaser on payment of first monthly instalment. Every instrument guaranteed, aud exchanged if DO approved. ORGANS AND HARMONIUMS ON SIMILAR TERMS. Catalogues free on application. THOMPSON AND SHACKELL, PIANOFORTE AND MUSIC WAREHOUSE Q UE' I' N'S BUILDINGS, CARDIFF Also at SWANSEA, NEWPORT. MERTHYR and GLOUCESTER. 240a STIFF'S S'lARCH. stiff-search It having come to the CUFF'S STARCH. STIFFS STARCH. priced and inferior starches grains STARCH. STIFF'S STARCH. WSTTZ K-7 guard against stich unurin- STIFF'S STARCH, cipledpractices.andtoltate every box or packet CJ TIFF'S STAEOH. VJTIFF'S STARCH. i. 51b Packets and lib Fancv STIFF'S STARCH. Boxes,and may be obtained K? of any Grocer, Druggist, or gTIFF'S STARCH, fieri. °r of theManu" 1. STIFF'S STARCH. REDCLIFB^. BRISTOL s 5093 12296 7t492 ESTAIDLISHED IBIB. J^EWPORT. —SOUTH WALES ECHO. The SOUTH WALKS ECHO is published at the NEWPORT OFFICE, 11, Tredegar-place .s follows:- FIRST EDITION 3.15 P.M. SECOND EDITION 4.M P. bi. SPECIAL EDITION 6.30 P.M The SPECIAL EDITION contains all the News of the Day up to Six o'clock p.iu.-iitcltidlug the latest Stock Exchange and Sporting Televrams. Sold 111 all Newsagents aud Nowsboy* > ISitsiiuss ^fcfcrssses. NEW AND jgRILLIANT STORY BY WILKIE c OLLINS, Author of THE WOMAN IN WHfTE," POOR MISS FI NCH,' V AND WIFE," JEZEBELS DAUGHTER," Ac., AC. All readers of the high-class Light Literature pub- lished in the Cardiff Times and South Watu Wtekiy Neive for many years, will be delighted to learn that a NEW STOltY will shortly be published in oar columns from the pen of that powe rful and fascinating Novelist, WILKIE COLLINS, whose fame is world- wide, and whose work requires only adequate announcement to secure for it attention by old friends and a vast circle of new friends. The forthcoming Story will be entitled THE EVIL GENIUS, and so far as we have been enabled to peruse the work, it possesses all those characteristics of enthralling in'erast which a quarter of a century ago won for Mr COLLINS rank among the foremost popular Novelists a positton which he has maintained with undiminished reputation. In the KYIL GENIUS readers will find a resource of rare intellectual enjoyment during the next few months, one which we can most cordially and confidently commend. A NEW NovE L, ENTITLED THE EVIL GENIUS, BT ILKIE c OLLINS, WILL BE COMMENCKD IN FJIHE QARDIFF fJIIMES AND SOUTH WALES WEEKLY NEWS ON FRIDAY & SATURDAY, OCT. 30th AND 31st. MR COLLINS'S LITERARY CAREER. It is a proof of the extreme keenness of Dickens's literary insight that he received Mr Collins with open arms. The late Mr Bentley received the young Novelist in the genial fashion variously interpreted by successful and unsuccessful authors; he paid him handsomely for his work, and produced Antonia," bound in virgin white and gold. Then came Hide and Seek," a fair success with the million, and of vast importance to the Author, as introducing him to the notice of Macaulay and Dickens. Macaulay wrote him a letter filled with warm and lavish praise. Dickens, with unsparing expressions of de- light and enthusiasm, asked him to write for Household Words." When Dickens believed in a man and trusted him, he believed and trusted thoroughly and on Mr Collius asking him whether he had not ber get his story half or one-third done before commencing publication, be was met with generous assurances of confidence, and with consider- able misgiving began to write the Dead Secret" from hand to mouth. This effort justified all the prognostications of Dickens by its brilliant success and. together with the admirable short stories after- wards published in a collected form, svs After nark," established the author as a favourite with the English public. Mr Collins's next work was that which is known to the entire world through the medium of translation into every civilised langtitge-the "Woman in White," a book that at once placed the author in the front rank of European Novelists.—" Celebrities at Home." "No one ever yet began one of Wilkie Collins's Novels to throw it asirle.Athenniim. Mr Collins possesses the art of fixing his reader's attention throughout the whole of a narrative of in- trigue in a higher degree, perhaps, than any other English Novelist. "-Ibid. W ILK lEe ° L L I N S'S NEW STORY, 7 THE EVIL GENIUS, Will be commenced in THE CARDIFF rpiMES AND SOUTH WALES WEEKLY NEWS, Off FRIDAY SATURDAY, OCT. 30TH & 31sT.. WE DOUBT NOT THIS EVIDENCE OF OUR DETERMINA- TION TO SUPPLY NEW AND ORIGINAL FICTION OF THE HIGHEST ORDER, DIRECT FROM THE PENS OF THE MOST DISTINGUISHED AUTHORS THUS SECURING THEIR PUBLICATION LONG BEFORE THEY ARE OBTAIN- ABLE AT THE LIBRARIES—WILL MERIT INCREASING APPROBATION AND PATRONAGE ON THE PART or THE I PUBLIC. The Cardiff Times and South Waitt Wttkly New is one of the largest and also one of the best Weekly Papers. It contains a number of Special Features- including Fiction by the most Eminent Authors a London Letter by a well-known Parliamentary Jour> nalist; a Column for Boya and Girls, by Maggie Symington; Y Golotit Gymrsig," by Uatrdd Mor, ganwg; and All the Newtt of the Week at Home and Abroad. Price 2d. To be obtataed of all Newsagents, or sent pout froo to wiy&44resn in the United Kingdom for Za 9d per quarter or to any part of Europe, tljg United stata*, or the (fttoaie* in 3 M per qwrter. r:M: c, ç ALL GOODS SOLD AT LONDON CIVIL SS&VXCiB mGES AT GLADWELL'S, tlie new f^op, DUKE- STJWSJBT, CARDIfJT. gEPQRE BUYING A WATCH ANYWHERE Write for the "Illustrated Pamphlet," sent free on application by the Largest Watch Manufacturer. D IAMOND JEWELLERY. Purchasers supplied direct at Trade Prices. A SAVING OF yitom 25 TO 50 PER CENT. T. jRT RUSSELL, MAKER TO HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN, CATHEDRAL WORKS, 18, CHURCH STREET, LIVERPOOL. 12191 [NO AGENTS IN WALES.) 394e TCTERVOUSNESS, LOSS of ENERGY? and VITAL POWER.—A gentleman having tried in vain ovory advertised remedy. 14a* discovered^ -simple means of self-cure. He will be bancar to for ward the particular* to any miOvtet |W of flmraped and directed ttuvdkipf 1 ESQ.. Ch'swickvMiddles** ttt I ffiugiwag 3U>frn?55flg. iy/j A N T L E S. 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"TILL OUR BOYS BECOME MEN I This is one of the most anxious ques- tions that parents put to each other, and, silently, to themselves, Will the boys grow up and become good and perhaps at men ?! The answer depends upon the parents themselves, much more than the parents sometimes imagine. An emi- J nent physician, who had one of the largest and best medical libraries in the world, wrote this: "One half of my library amounts to this-Keep the head cool and the feet warm; the other half teaches us to keep the feet warm and the head cool." The only way of (certainly, and without doubt) keeping the feet of our boys quite warm and dry, and per* fectiy impervious to damp, is to cause them to wear 1 BOYLE & CO.'S PATENT DAMP-PROOF BOOTS. Parents should not neglect to take advantage of this, and never let their boys have wet, cold, or damp teet. BOYLE & 00.'5 Boots are the best and cheapest for boys. Parents save a great deal of money by buying their boots at Boyle & Co.'s. JgOYLE & Co., Jg O O T lyj ERCHANTS, i 19, CHURCH-STREET, 10, CHURCH-STRET, 2, HIGH-STREET, j 8, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF, 507e JJUY ONLY ENGLISH WATCHES. ;j BENSON'S NEW PATENT (No. 4668), "LUDGATE" WATCH ) HAS OBTAINED THE HIGHEST AWARD OF A GOLD MEDAL AT THE INVENTIONS EXHIBITION, SILVER GOLD £ 5 5 £ 12 12 THE If LUDGATE tI WATCH IS A SILVER ENGLISH LEVER OF IIY BEST i.ONDON MAKE, WITH SPECIAL STRENGTH' THREE-QUARTER PLATE MOVEMENT JEWELLED THROUGHOUT IN RUBIES. TRUE CHRONOMETER BALANCE, ADJUSTED FOR EXTREMES, WITH DAMP AND DliST PROOF j PATENT RING BAND, AND EXTENDED BARREL. 1 MASSIVE STERLING SILVER DOMB CASES j WITH CRYSTAL GLASS FRONT, Which combines the Strength of the Hunter with he convenience of the Open-face Watch. WIMDS, SETS HANDS, t OPENS AT BACK. The IMMENSE superiority in Value, Accuracy, and Durability of the LUDGATE' Watch, to Swiss and American (made in imitation of jjid sold as' Euglish), and to the Old Full-Plate English Lever (still sold by other makers), from the great defects of which the "Ludgate" is exempt, ib proved by be Award of a GOLD MEDAL, THE ONLY ONE ADJUDGED TO ENGLISH WATCHES. THE "LUDGATE" IS OF BETTER QUALITY AND VALUE THAN ANY £ 10 WATCH HITHERTO MADE. THE "LUDGATE" IS MY BEST LONDON MUle STRONG, HANDSOME, AND RELIABLE, WILL STAND THE HARDEST WEAR AND ROUGHEST USAGE, AND IS THEREFORE THE BEST WATCH FOR HOME, INDIAN AND COLONIAL WEAR, BT RAILWAY MEN, MINERS, AND COLONISTS (No. 1, LARGE SIZE), WORKMEN, AND ARTISANS (No 2), GENTLEMEN, OFFICERS AND MEN IN H,M. SERVICES, YOUTHS AND BOYS (No. 3, SMALL), WILL BE ::iJS.N'i FREE AND SAFE AT MY RISK TO ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD FOR S5 5s. OR IN 18-CARAT GOLD CRYSTAL GLASS CASES TWELVE GUINEAS. (No. 3 SIZE). A Remittance by P.O.O., Draft, or Ciwh, in" accompany order. SPECIALLY NOTE that J. W. BENSON b the onlj Maker of a Three-Quarter PJate English Watch for JEa as ttTSiiver. or jEl2 111 in Gold, and that our Patent "Ludgate" Watch cannot be had through, or of any other Watchmaker in the Kingdom. Any infringement of the Patent Rights will be proceeded against. An Illustrated and Priced BOOK, g. plaining the advantages of this Watch over the Fuli-Piate English Watches sold by all other makers, will be sent Poet Free on application, to J. W. B K N s 0 WATCHMAKER TO H.M. THE QUEEN, THE STEAM FACTORY, 62 AND 64, LUDGATE-HILL, RO., AND 25, OLD BOND-STREET, W., LONDON. Consequent upon the award of the GOLD MllMIt the demand, always great, has so increased as te necessitate more extensive Machinery, which 80W enable us to EXECUTE ALL ORDERS for Sb8 LUDGATE" WATCH WITHOUT DELAY. 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WIMMV Mumbles, &c, and by the boys of the Self ETfuf SPECIAL EDITION, which contains aU tb« Latest News, Telegrams, btock Exchange Prices, Markets, Sporting and Local Inteingoaoe the day ispublished in Swansea at ^50 pjn. aom dj it. MOGFORD, News Agent, Great Western Buildings, High-street, Swansea, and by news oos* WORD to the WISE: Cause & cure ol debility, want of energy, and premature decay. Za. at ructions to regain health and vigor. Sent on receiptof 1 fftamjH Publishers, ifttsalan-squarei Sheffield. 1163