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Advertisement Tariii. o Small Prepaid Advertisements. 20 Words SIXPENCE. Three Times NINEPENCE. I. Six Times OlE SHILLING. WORDS. i 0vCF THREE | six J TIMES, TIMES. 20 Words ffj o 9 1 0 30 Words -| 0 9 1 0 1 6 40^Words -j 1 0 1 6 2 3 ^0 Words -j 1 3 2 6 3 9 60 Words 1 G 3 0 4 C These charges apply only to the classes of advertise- IlJeut specified below, allll ale sLridly confined t( those ,vhich are ordered tor CONSECUTIVE insertion ail dl'AlD tOR PREVIOUS TO INSERTION; if either of these con- ditions is not, complied with, t,ho advertisement will be tila,ge,t I)N tlit-, APARTMENTS HOUSES TO HI: SOLO *PAttXMKNTS TO i.EI. Mo.NKV WANTED. LOST. MONEY TO LEND. HITO.1CI'KS MISCELLANEOUS H'A.VIS. I'iJc Ksslis *011 DISPOSAL iMlSl'I'.l.l.AMiOUS SALES. Wn .1?KSSES wANTKI>. I'.AK I'.M:USIIII»S WANTni). OUSES TO LET. SITUATIONS WANTED. ot'siis WANTED. SITUATIONS VACANT. Advertisements of the above ckiss inserted in the SOUTH WAI.ES D.WI.Y News," the "CARDIFF TIME. Mid SOUTH ECIIO" at tlie following rate — Six times in Six times Six <•'»"* 1)aAly Is>MVS oix time. .(i qik.0 1U WORDS. isouth Vales' NeWS °aVdittandUeS IDailv KPW« und Once M y 1 ewsJCardiff Times Slx V",vS,111 South Wales j EdlO. «• d. s. d. K. d. 20 Words 1 0 16 2 0 30 Words 1 62 3 3 0 40 Words 2 3 j 3 4 4 6 50 Words 3 96 -_1_ 60 Words 4 66 9 9 0 •*— General Advertising Tariff. RATE PIN, I, VoIt A SERIES. CLASS OF i toi4 or 6 to ut«|2° ADVERTISEMENTS. 3 b 11 .25 inpa insrjiusr insr insrjinsr SSSSiEiEiEn) •" ",3 "'2 5eligious Services ) « ./4 >3 ./2 -/2 "■nterUiiiments J Auction Announcements -/6 */4 ./3 -/3 73 Auction Announcements I -/6 */4 ./3 -/3 73 Legal ami Public Notices Municipal anil School Hoard f r6 .1^ .15 .if, Tenders and Contracts f Public Appointments ) Prospectuses -/9 -/9 79 -/9 79 I'opeú¡¡.es "I ¡", Parliamentary Kltd.'oiis || jWlianien'Uiry Notices ]/- 1/- I/- 1,- 1'■ Vl^ernnn iit Announcements )l Notices of Birth-, Marriages, and Deaths are charged .^acli, if not fxr.e-.tim; 2i) words, and 6d for each pditioiial 10 words. These Notices must he antheu seated by the Si'/nafurc and Address of the sender. -"AR.%01:a 1*11 A OVEISTISEM E.NTS are charged 1 to 5 ■'isertion^, 6i4 per line 6 to 1L insertions, 4d per line *2 Insertions and upwards, .d per line A J)V 1-:1: T I;; ,n s, v hen e"d i 112: advertisements in manu- script, may calculate eiuht words to a line, and 12 to an inch. Tu charging advertisements the lines not counted, biiL the advertisement, including 4<s lines, dashes, and white sp ices, is measured, and '• space occupied is chargo-l at thi rate of Twelve i- f) all inch. Bmuustic trhants. C"~1 KNEitAL SEltVANT (experienced) wanted.— y Apply a-42, i'ark-place, C.u-ditl. d illL~7yon 1:s)W;i-d between 14 and 15 to assist \JT in i,ouse"ork.—Api)iy any morning during week, and between 2 and 5. afternoon! 22, Belvedere-terrace, Newport. Alon. 969 Miiitaxicm uQtantflr. CtLERK.—Experienced accountant, correspondent, "'na general ot5ic« hand, desires employment; Carditi = veferenc"«-—Spero, If., Qalcfleld-street, 981 A ^ONFEC1IONERS. Highly-respectable person 1 de-ires a Ke-en^igement as MANAGERESS or ASS LSI AM 10 years experience; highest refer- ence?.—A. Kr-stol Mercury." 26 Situations Vacant. OEXT wanted toSel!Beer in Cardiff anddistrict-. —Apply E. and K. Trimmer, Gloucester Brewery, Gloucester. 1_ rSlVIL SERVICE A PPoJXTM E NTS,—Clerkships V> (men, female, and boy), Excise, Customs, Tele- eraph Learners (mile aiul lemale), &c age I commencine salary ranging to £ 100, risini? to -^4U0 1.800 vacancies annuall, rapid and successful postal Preparation unequalled system of tuition studies directed exclusively bv civil servants guide^ and prospectus free.—Stuart and Sneddon, H.M.C.S., 28, Queen's-road, Liverpool. 103 ROCMtY.—Wanted, Veun-Man, about f8, well VJT up in soliciting. Personal application preferred. Apply International Tea Company. Kbtw Vale. 992 LApa^fi, Ap^tteU> Homo Needlework sent per 1. Howard, ^5 rr"Hat'ticulai'5, addressed envelope, Established 1870. ePOTt°n-road, Fulham, London. 9[2 MA AnJns? south "SeslD SHORTHAND CLI^RK.—Wanted, an experienced Shorti:and Correspontience Clerk.—Address in OWn handwriting, st-iting experience, age, and salary required, Shorthand," er7V/,Vor' ditf. ib'tS2 VACANCIES IN CIVIL S^lor^iloid^rf' V Commencing salaries range to Hapld pIC. Pa,ratioit by corresl)oii leiice.ty,,urig ineii ^"•ito to Secretary, Civil Service Examination 0 -^Unhead, London. irdUTH (stroii^aiKl willTi7g) ^aiited, about 15, as Apprentice to the Bookbinding. A good opeinn„ 'or a respectable lad.—Apply "South Wales Daily News" Office, Cardiff. IMPORTANT to small Capitalists wishing to com- mence as Tobacconists for illustrated guide (110 paves) send 3 stamps to n. Myers and Co., 109, Elision- rolYl, London. 137e t^OTAMC BEElt" made immediately with Mason's I)an(i'<i*tract or ^ssence of Herbs, composed of Yarrow, for 8atn°V' Co,ntl'ey. a,|d llorehound; send 9 stamps Newba?) bottle, enough to make four gallon to wanted. -^asun. Chemists, Nottingham. Agents •Stisctilanfons. N soci ( )NMAN AVIVRITY ANIi TIIEIXFIRMITIES of advice on health etl specially to young men, with store the nervous a, containing recipes that will re- inanhood. Free for e1b'lit^tc'' to, tlle fuH power of and speedy cure with ,e,net11. i)f aI1 'v1'? deslre a safu stamD to prepay posti<.« ? ,a 01 ^uac'cs- ^end one o?AnVtomy.Vifr £ hS&u Address Secretary, Institute "• lode WA1 Tii>S' JWvfeu1231'—MI,)1'AN.'> COVX- 1 rhe \Vor 1 d) I.! i• ^MPANY.-(Cheapest house in the »oUJ) 1 uents' Fine silver Crystal CM Jjf Hatches, 25s; Ladies' heavy-cised l-oH i.evers, ,os Gents' do do do & «'■ Co,»J>any's Catalogu beautifully ihiisti.ittd. tine copi^.v-nlateenm-iv- in^s, gratis, pu-t tree 011 application, \l t^y Worid. Apply Company s >Mtnager, A. Percy •treet, Biruiiiighaiii 1 he i>ies univer.sHlly recommeiul their readers to obtain a tat<t!osu<.>. %&. W^^SKC^SO^ fourbgood Cottages In o. Macintosh-place At).)lv t() > Donald-street, top of Ctet.cioatL Apply to A. Shapcott, PosUJflBce^Boath.. ri^n v^~LET with immediate possession, Rock Villa, I 148 Kin<s-road, Canton, containing 2 sitting- is, 6 Vied rooms, with usual offices, and fitted with Venetian blinds, and gas fatting* comple e.-Apply at 13, Windsor-place, Ciockherbtown, Cardiff. 70191 J Of 3nk—Rouses, &c. d COTTAGES (three well built) for sale in ArabeUa- street, Cathays.—Apply at No. 2, or Mr Phillips 32, Castle-road. 33 3Fcr a.fití5cdlatt£1T1!s. BUFF COCHINS and White-faced Spanish, cheap. Egas, 2s bd dozen. Hen with 4 pure Spanish chicks, bs 6d.-15, Oakfield-street, Cardiff. 53 COB PONY (handsome black) about 13 hands, 5 years old.—Apply R. Lean, Holly House, Ponty- lnister, Mon. 28 MARINE EOILEICfor Sale, very cheap. -App) to 1'f Chas. Rusden, Penzance. 66 AClNG GIG (complete, cheap); new last April; 18ft by 3ft Bin.—Apply 94, Alma-street, Newport, 85 JHaitim. npUIE WEST OF EN(iLA Xl) 7vI)VANCE CO., 2, 4 Bute-terrace, Cardiff, bej; to inform the public th:tt they ad vance from £ 5 to £ l ,000 to Farmers, Cow- keepers: Houeholders (Male or Female), Mechanics, and others on their own security, at a few hours'notice. Trade bills discounted. Advances also made on deeds without any legal charges at a very low rate of interest, to be repaid by instalments. Borrowers would do well to inquire our charges before applying elsewhere. For references inquire of any solicitor 111 the town. All communications to be addressed to S. Blaiberg, Man- ager 316e 73917 it J. HEATH and Sons- 12, CltOCKlIRBTOWN, CARDIFF, Have now on view the largest Stock of High-class piANOTOKTES, qRGANS, AND jjarmoniums, IN SOUTH WALES, Which they are offering at a LAUGli discount FOR CASH and on the three years' system, from 10s 6d per month. Pianos, from lb guineas. Illustrated Catalogues Post Free 259e Fanos.—WHY BE WITHOUT ONE When you can become the owner of a nice instrument for the small payment of 10s 6d PER MONTH ON rjlHOMPSON AND gHACKELLS HIRE SYSTEM 1 No security required, and the instrument delivered to purchaser on payment of iirst monthly instalment. Every instrument guaranteed, and exchanged if not approved. ORGANS AND HARMONIUMS ON SIMILAR TERMS. Catalogues free oil application. THOMPSON AND SHACKELL, PIANOFORTE AND MUSIC WAREHOUSE, QUEEN'S BUILDINGS, CARDIFF Also at SWANSEA, NEWPORT, MERTHYR and CLOUCE, STE, It. 24oe BEFORE BUYING A WATCH ANYWHERE Write for the "Illustrated Pamphlet," sent free on application by the Largest Watch Manufacturer. JQIAMOND JEWELLERY. Purchasers supplied direct at Trade Prices. A SAVING OF FROM 25 TO 50 PER CENT. MK T. RTR/ussell' MAKER TO HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN, CATHEDRAL WORKS, 18, CHURCH STREET, LIVERPOOL. 12191 [NO AGENTS IN WALES.] 394e g j^TEW pARK J-JALL UILDINGS, 0ROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF, IROR FINEST CONFECTIONERY, BISCUITS, SWEETS, TEA, COFFEE, MILK, ICES, DERATED WATERS, AND REFRESHMENTS OF ALL KINDS. Private Refreshment Rooms, Beds, &c. ^NNIlT JQAVIES, 388e PROPRIETRESS. NOTICE OF REMOVAL. T H. DAVIES AND CO., "THE TAILORS,' Be to intimate to their customers and the general public that they have secured the Extensive and Com- modious CORNER PREMISES lately occupied by Mr Marsh in CUSTOM HOUSE-STREET, which are now open,and are showing the CHOICEST PATTERNS and QUALITIES in SCOTCH and WEST SUITINGS, FANCY TROUSERING CLOTHS, ,lc. Please notice their TIES and UNDERCLOTHIi. G WINDOWS. Value not to he equalled in Cardiff. They thank their Patrons for past favours, and p o. mise the same attention to their future orders. Please Notice the Address T. H. DAVIES AND Co., "THE TAILORS,' JU9!! CUSTOM HOUSE-STREET, CARDIFF. PJOMCEOPATHIC MEDICINES. I\OTICE.-TIIE CzllLI)IFF AND SOUTH WALES 6, CHimon rHtC PHARMACY, HV?CH STREET, CARDIFF, And price lists and Boot W M° P E N> and the simpie treat ooks oil the uses of the medicines be had free on appiicaUm ° comrao11 complaints may Consulting-rooms and IV the above will shortly be n^pen?ry 111 connectio?,Zth 340e—6fjCHURCH.sTREET POSITIVE LTEMWIM-C Consult Ui« Boot „l V.jiti,, i„!iL tl,« Cur. of .V AN" I SS BIL1TY AND KXHAUMION THE RESULT 01' OVER-TAXED 1^, OIVEN IN THE BOOK OF 'JI^V^lFDY >IK;S- THIS BOOK cives a POSlII^^ ^or. all DI^KASES The Names of all Medicines are given iu En-dish. Cases and Testimonials, with means used in each case. IT IS A GUIDE TO 111 l; :L1/,l'-lREATMKN'l OF ALL DISEASES, and should he Coiisulted by au who require medical treatment. NOilCii.—Tfxi; posi TIVE MEDICINES tarE IN Tilil- BOOK 0 POSITIVE REMEDIES' ARb THE MEDKJINI S USED BY DR. SMI .1. FOR OVER THIRTY YEARS. By the aid of this Book Invalids may form a correct knowledge of their malady, and and a Positive Iteiziedy for the Cure. Th names are pub. lished in English, to enable Invalids to select the remedy and Cure Themselves without consulting a medical man, making a written statement of case, or paying consultation fees. Send Two Stamps for the BOOK OF POSITIVE REM KDIES, which contains 244 pages, and gives a cure for all diseases. Post froo on receipt of Two Stamps direct from 716 II. A H. SMITH & CO. 130 POSITIVE REMEDY LABORATORY, 26, SOUTHAMPTON-ROW, LONDON. W.C I :!tUlt5£Ut£1ttS. rjp H E ATR E RO Y A L, C AR DIF F. &- MANAGER.MR. EDWARD FLETCHER. ACTING MANAGER MR. JOHN SHEIJIDAN. TO-NIGHT. MONDAY, JULY 20TH, Important Engagement of the popular Author and Actor, Mr F. A. SCUDAMORE, and his powerful com- pany in the most successful drama of the day, RAGS AND BONES. RAGS AND BONES, By F. A Scudamore. The famous comedienne. Miss Ryder (Mrs Edward Price) in her original part of Jerry Twaddle, onainally produced at the Theatre Royal, Cardiff, July 23, I880, and played over 400 nights in London and the leading cities of England and America. MONDAY NEXT, July 27th, Mr Thomas Sennett, in his great drama, REDEMP i ION. Doors Open at 7. Commence 7.30; Half-price 9. Box plan at Messrs Thompson and Sbackell's, Crock- Lerbtown. 53237 Cfontrstutts. XCURSIONS BETWEEN CARDIFF -B-'J AND WESTON bi the Saloon Steamer LADY MA RG ARET or QUEEN OF THE BAY, (Wind, weather, and circumstanceq permitting). July. Leave CARDIFF. Leave WESTON. 20 Mon., 9.20 a.m. andl2.30p.m. 11.0 a.m. A 8.45p.m. 21 Tues., 10.30 a.m. and 1.30 p.m. 12.0noon & 4.30p.m. 22 Wed., 12.0 iiooii and 3.0 p.m. | 1.30a.m. & 6.0 Fares to-and-fro each day, Fore deck, ls6d; Saloon, 2s. Single Fares Is and Is 6d. Fares for the last to-and-fro trips on Monday, Tues- day. and Wednesday—Fore Deck, Is Saloon, Is 6d. Excursions in connection with the Half-holiday Movement on Wednesday and Saturday. 105, Bute Docks. Cardiff. 355 73788 GO TJ THE AMBfilAK" NEW HAIRCUTTING, SHAVING, AND SHAMPOOING ROOMS, 57, BRIDGE-STREET, CARDIFF. GENTLEi'lIEN'S HAIR fash;onably cut. 3d. CHILDREN'S HAIR carefully cut 2d. SHAVING (only) Id. SHAVING (with attendance) lid. Private haircutting rooms for ladies and children. PLKASE NOTE THE ABOVE ADDRESS. 406e JgCONOMY IN FUEL. HALL'S PATENT FEED WATER H E A T E R. y^TILLIAMS' ± ATENT BLOWER AND SMOKE CONSUMER FOR S T E A M li O I L E R S JOHN "^yiLLIAMS AND SON. SOLE LICENSEES & MAKERS, QUEEN-STRE ET, CARDIFF. 107e JpULTON, DUNLOP, AND CO. ILI' CARDIFF AND SWANSEA, AI.s0 AT WINDSOR-ROAD, PENARTH BASS AND CO., ALLS OP P AND SONS, And others of the finest BURTON ALES. P R 1 C K S Per Kilderkin. Per Firkin. 18s. I 93. 21s. 10s. 6d. 24s. 12s And upwards. 155 gPRING jj D I T S, BA P-, R BROS TAILORS, 64, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF, SPECIALTY 16 s TROUSERS. Having purchased a large assortment of splendid Trouserings, Suitings, &,c., in all the most fashionable designs, colourings, and materials, are now offering as a. specialty TROUSERS FROM 16s. oUITS „ 58s.. A trial only required to proTe the superiority of their make. BARR BROS.' established reputation as Cutters guarantee style, quality, and a perfect tit. All goods marked in plain figures, from which no abatement will be made or discount given. Terms strictly Cash. SPECIALTY 16s TROUSERS. BARR BROS., TAILORS, 293e J2057 64, ST. MARY-VJREET, CARDIFF 7357b J^EWPORT.— SOUTH WALES ECHO. The SOUTH WALES ECHO is published at the NEWPORT OFFICE, 11,Tredegar-place, as follows :— FIRST EDITION 3.15 P.M. SECOND EDITION .4.0 P.M. SPECIAL EDITION 6.30 P.)f The SPECIAL EDITION contains all the News o the Day up to six o'clock p.m.—including the latest :LOck Exchange and Sporting Telakrains. Sold by all Newsagents and Newsboys DH, ROOKE'S FAMILY MEDICINES HOOK IS' 13R ROOKE'S I. ROOKE'S D It. ROOKE'S D R. ROOKE'S jyt. ROOKE'S it. ROOKE'S j) R. ROOKE'S J AR. ROOKE'S j^R. ROOKE'S jhvR. ROOKE'S J) It ROOKE'S J) R. ROOKE'S J) R. ROOKE'S U. ROOKE'S UR. ROOKE'S JAR. ROOKE'S DR. ROOKE'S DU, ROOKE'S R. ROOKE'S J) R. ROOKE'S | It. ROOKE'S 4-|Ii. ROOIfE'S lhvR. ROOKES DR. ROOKE'S DR. ROOKE'S DR. ROOKE'S I ROOKE'S DR. ROOKE S DR. ROOKE'S DR. R OKE'S J^R ROOKE'S BR. ROOKE'S R. tt KE'S J^JR. ROOKE'S J^R. ROOKE'S SOLAR ELIXIR AND ORIENTAL PII,LS. These CELEBRATED PREPARATIONS have been before the Pub- lie for nearly HALF, A CENTURY,and have proved in valuable in thousands of Casus. For a full descrip- tion of these medi- cines and their use in the Treatment and Cure of Disease, with scores of genu- ine Testimonials,see Anti.La-ncet. -I ANTI LANCET. This well known work contains 172 pages, and may be had gratis and post- free from DR. ROOKE, Scarboro', England. SOLAR ELIXIR is sold in bottles 4s 6d and lis, and the ORIENTAL PILLS in boxes, Is 1 jd and 4s 6d each, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors and by DR. ROOKE, Scar- borough. "DR. ROOKE'S HANDY POCKET-GUIDE TO HEALTH AND HEALTH RESTORING PLACES,' HEALTH RESTORING PLACES,' Full of pleasing illustrations and lseful information. & cages. This Beok may be jbtained gratis from ill Patent Medicine Vendors, and post reeirom Dr. Itooke, Scarborough, Kng and, on receipt of k penny postage- itamp. I ills. jSf^RlKNTAL UIENTAI. J> ILLS ^\RIENTAI p I L L S VRIENTAL J> I L L S ^MENTAL J> ills; ( All piL L S. /Oriental pILLS. RIBINTAL pi L L S. ^RIENTAI I L L S. RIENTAL I L L S. ^RIENTAL piLLS. ORIENTA" 1 LL S. RIENTAL I L LS. RIENTAL IL LS. ^RIENTAL p I L L S. ORIENTAl, pILLS. I "W MENTAL BILL S. o RlEXTAL I L 1. S. DR ROOKE'S FAMILY MEDICINES, ?02^ 49113 1 i*usin £ ss ÀÙÙrt55t5. OTHAM AND gONS, THE PRINCIPALITY JUVENILE OUTFITTERS, 26 & 27, ST. MARY-STREET, c ARDIFF. SPECIALITIES [IN BOYS' AND YOUTHS' SCHOOL SUITS NOVELTIES IN 113 OYS, AND YouthS' SEASIDE KSUITS. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF BOYS' & youths' CPICKLI TING SUITS. EXCEPTIONAL VALUE IN J^ITTLE J^OYS' gAILOR gUITS. THE LARGEST STOCK OF JUVENILE CLOTHING KEPT FOR IMMEDIATE WEAR AT JOTHAM AND SONS, 26 and 27 ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. ESTABLISHED 50 YEARS. 204e J £ EMPE 'AND COMPANY, JL\. HE gOUTH WALES c LOTI-IIERS, 4 QUEEN gTREET, g AND e>^ ^USTOM XT OUSE jgTliEKT. KEMPE'S NOTED BOYS' NICKER SUITS Is 4 TO 3; llo. MEN'S TROUSERS 2s lie, 3:-> 111) 1'0 8s lli) MEN'S SUITS 12s 6D, 15a llD, 178 HO, 18s lip, 193 llo, TO 42s. CHALLENGE TROUSERS, 10s 6d, ARE CUT TO MEASURE BEATS ALL EVER PRODUCED IN CARDIFF. PERFECT FITTING SUITS TO MEASURE FROM 34S 11D TO £ 3 10s. TROUSERS FROM 8s 111) TO 18s 11D. gOUTH •^7'ALES QLOTHIERS, 4, QUEEN-STREET, 8, AND 21, CUSTOM-HOUSE-STREET. PE AND (JOMPANY, I'ROPRl^TORS. ONLY FIRST. CLASS LONDON CUTTERS EMPLOYED. 368e WANSEA. —SOUTH~WALES ECHO. k9 —— The FIRST EDITION of the SOUTH WALES ECHO is published at 2, College-street Swansea, EVERY AFl'EHNOON, AT FIVE O CLOCK. Sold by newsagents at Swansea, llafod. Plasmarl, Mumbles, Ac., ami by the boys of the" Self Help Brigade. The SPECIAL EDITION, wI £ cl1 contains all the Latest News, Telegrams, stock Exchange Closing Prices, Markets, Sporting and Local Intelligence of I the day, is published in Swansea at 8.30 p.m. Sold by R. MOGFORD, News Agent, Great West.em Building High-street, Swansea, and newsboys. c ITOSBY'S BALS-,k'Nll() COUGH ELIXIR c RO.SBYI.S I^ROSBY'S D CROSBY'S 0ROSBY'S I CROSBY'S CROSBY'S }^ROSBY'S /"CROSBY'S D CROSBY'S d CROSBY'S D CROSBY'S ROSBY'S }^ROSB\'S /■^ROSBY'S d CROSBY'S /^ROSBY'S c ROSBY'S d CROSBY'S ROSBY'S ^ROSBY'S d CROSBY'S /"IROSBY'S JKROSBY-S /^ROSBY'S d CROSBY'S ^JROSBY'S CROSBY'S ^JROSBY'S ^JROSBY'S ^JROSBY'S XJROSBY'S /■ CROSBY'S /^ROSBY'S d CROSBY'S /^ROSBY'S 0ROSBY'S BALSA>MIC COUGH E, LIXIlt Is the only rational sui). stitute for opiates, nar- cotics, squihs, Ac., set frequently recommended for COUGHS, COI,DS, dec. BAISAMIC COUGH ELIXIR I Is illvalliable to Travel- lers, Sportsmen, Emi- grants, Jrc., who have to' encounter exposure to the inclemency of the weather. BALSAMIC COUGII ELIXIR Works wonders in cases of PULMONARY CON. SUMPTION. and liaa been used with signal success- in Asthma & Bronchitis. BALSAMIC COUGH ELIXIR Is an almost infallible remedy for all Chest .Complaints. & IS equally .eflicacions 111 Night Sweats, Influenza, Quin. sys, <kc. I DR. ROOKE'S TESTIMONIAL. DR. ROOKE, Scarborough, author of the" Anti: Laiieet writes as fol. lows ;—" I have repeat- edly observed bow very ranidly and invariably u subdued Cough, Paiu, and Irritation of the Ghest in cases of Pulmonary Con- sumption; and I can, with the greatest conn- dence, recommend it as a most valuable adjunct to an otherwise strengthen- ing treatment for this disease." BALSAMIC COUGII ELIXIR is sold in bottles, at Is Is 9d. 4s 6d, & 113 each, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors, and Wholesa.le by JAMES M. CROSBY, Chemist, Scar- borough, England. LIX-1 n |^1HXIR |^LIXIR JjlLIXIR ■^LIXIR I^lixhl M^LIXIR ,11,IXIR ELIXIR AiLIXIR Tj^HXIR J^LIXIK. |^LIXIR I^LIXIR. j^LIXIR jgLIXIR |^LIXIR Nlixir. TTILIXIR. 17>LIXIH j.Lixm. I^LIXIR el1xt E Llxm j^LIXIR J^LKIR. |^LIXIR j^LIXIIt j^Lixm E LIXIR. ELIYlR. I^LIXIlt j^LIXIH J^LIXIR. EJ c ROSBY'S BALSAMIC COÙG-H ELIXIR J   TRY pUDGE FOR T OOLS. fjpOOLS. rpooLs. fJ^OOLS. IOOLS. Too. TOOLS. TOOLS. OOLS. T TRY P U D G E, AT THE NEW TOOL D EPOT. TOOLS. TOOLS. IOOLS. rjiooLs. IOOLS. rjiooLs. rjpooLS. TOOLs. rjpooLs. SHEFFIELD HOUSE, CUSTOM HOUSE-STREET, CARDIFF, 286e < rpHE F, w rjiUR KISH AND E LECTRO.CHEA"c" B ATIIS, 33 (^J HARLES STREET, c ARDIFF. THESE JiATIiS ARE NOW J^E-OPENED TO THE PUBLIC, JL AFTER UNDERGOING A GREAT IMPROVE- MENT AND RE-AURANGEMENTS. OPEN from NINE A.M. till EIGHT P.M. DAILY (Sundays Excepted). TIIE ELECTRO-CHEMICAL BATHS, OPEN DAILY FOR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, From Nine a.m. to Eight p.m. LOCAL APPLICATION OF ELECTRICITY (LAMP OR VAPOUR BATH). NEEDLE BATH, SHOWER BATH, HOT AND COLD BATHS, AND PLUNGE BATHS Ciui be had at the same Establishment. The ELECTRO-BATHS are highly recommended for RHEUMATISM, SCIATICA, NEURALGIA, TIC- DOLOREUX, IIYSIERIA, PALSY, and other Ob- scure Diseases of the Nervous Centres, Their efficacy has been thoroughly Established as Strengthening and Curative Agents. fJIURKISH JgATHS FOR J^ADIES, MONDAYS ONLY, from TEN A.M. to EIGHT P.M. 274e SEWING IVTA CHINES SEWING JLUL MACHINES Why buy through Canvassers, when you can order the IMPROVED SIM. KRand WHEELER A WILSON SEWING MACHINES direct from II JONICER, PENARTH, and effect a saving of 3s in the E, as the following prices will conclusively show- IMPROVED SINGER HAND MACHINE, S5 3s; usual price £4 4s- less 10 per cent. Same with Handsome Box, £ 3 15s usual price, £4 19s —less 10 per cent. FAMILY TREADLE, £It; usual price, So 5s—less 10 per cent. Same with Handsome Box, £ 4 10s; usual price, £ 6— less 10 per cent. TAILORING MACHINE, £4178 6d; usual price £6 los-less 10 per cent. Same with Handsome Box, B5 10s usual price, £7 7s -less 10 per cent. Each machine beautifully finished, provided with patent self winder, attachments and all the latest improvements, and guaranteed to be in perfect working order. NOTE THE ADDRESS— H. JONKER, PENARTH, near Cardiff. 774 Trade Specially Supplied. ND, BODY, AND ESTATE a _Lv_l_ are studied at THE CARDIFF HOUSE. THE MIND is gratified when surrounded by the beautiful and exquisite productions of industry and art in elegant profusion as seen at W. PRICE and SONS. THE BODY is at ease, moving with grace and freedom when well fitted and clothed in garments admir- ably adapted for summer wear as supplied by W. PRICE and SONS. THE ESTATE is carefully protected, no lavish outlay being required. Economy is strictly observed, quality duly valued, and the best dress sold at the minimum cost by W, PRIC P, and SONS. FOR READY-MADE CLOTHING, HATS, CAPS, SHIRTS, and HOSIERY, try W. pRiCE & SONS, MERCHANT CLOTHIERS & OUTFITTERS, 50 & 51, ST. MARY-STREET, & 46 ct 47, CAROLINE 23 STREET, CARDIFF. 111 40, BRIDGE s TREET, c A R D I F F. C. F 0 L L I C K, PAWNBROKER. MOST MONEY LENT ON GOLD AND SILVER VALUABLES. OVER B2 AT THE RATE OF 4D IN THE POUND EXCEEDING 210 AT A LESSER INTEREST. LARGE ASSORTMENT OF GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES AND DIAMOND RINGS VERY CHEAP. SPECIAL LOTS OF GOLD WEDDING RINGS AND KEEPERS. 287e—7349 INJECTION DAY.-An INFALLIBLE JL REMEDY and certain cure for all Discharges from the Urinary Organs in either sex, whether acquired or constitutional, recent or chronic: cures in a few days without mecicine-q. Sold in bottles, 2s 6d each, by all chemists. London agents, F. Newbury and Sons, 1, King Edward-street, E.C. Agents for Cardiff, J. Munday, Chemist, 1 High-street; and all Chemists 370e ERVOUSNESS, LOSS of ENERGY, JJl and VITAL POWER.-A gentleman having tried in vain every advertised remedy, has discovered a simple means of self-cure. He will be happy to for ward the particulars to any sufferer oil receipt of a stainpe and directed envelope Address J. T. Sewell Esq., Cbiswick, Midd esex 212 EBusiness JUtessw. ASK YOUR GROCER FOR SYMINGTON'S ARAB'S COFFEE. FOR STRENGTH, FLAVOUR, & AROMA IT STANDS UNEQUALLED. SOLD IN OBLONG TINS. BOWDEN STEAM MILLS, MARKET HARBOROUGH. GOLD MEDAL, NEW ZEALAND, 1832. 380e A N T L E S. THIS D A Y, AND UNTIL ALL ARE CLEARED. IMMENSE PURCHASE. A STOCK OF UPWARDS OF 21200 WORTH OF MANTLES, PURCHASED FROM FIVE EMINENT LONDON MANTLE MANUFACTURERS- F. COX, LONDON MANTLE w AREHOUSE, 23 ST- MARY STREET' c ARDIFF. AN IMMENSE PURCHASE OF MAN- TLES, TOGETHER WITH ALL THE STOCK LEFT OVER FROM THIS SEASON. ALL ARE RICH, FASHION- ABLE GOODS, THE LATEST PRODUC- TIONS OF THIS SEASON, INCLUDING EVERY CONCEIVABLE VARIETY AND PERFECTLY-FITTING SHAPES. ALL THE MANTLES CAN BE SHOWN IN THREE SIZES TO SUIT ANY FIGURE. THE PRICES UP TO THE PRESENT TIME HAVE BEEN 42s TO 44 GUINEAS. THEY WILL BE OFFERED IN LOTS. THE PRICE OF THE FIRST LOT WILL BE ONE GUINEA, AND THE BEST 55s 6D, TOGETHER WITH INTERME- DIATE PRICES AT THE SAME VALUE. I A PORTION OF JgJACH LOT WILL BE ON VIEW IN THE WINDOW, NOT HAVING WINDOW SPACE TO DISPLAY SUCH AN IMMENSE PUR- CHASE, TO GET RID OF THEM WE ARE OBLIGED TO MARK THEM AT DESPERATELY LOW PRICES. ANOTHER FACT, WHICH IS AS PAL- PABLE AS THE WANT OF WINDOW ROOM TO ALL VISITING THIS ESTAB- LISHMENT, IS THAT WE NOW HOLD FIVE TIMES THE STOCK OF MAN- TLES, FROM 10s TO 4 GUINEAS, OF ANY ESTABLISHMENT IN WALES. THIS D A Y, I AND UNTIL ALL ARE CLEARED. F. COX, J^ O N D O N iyj A N T L E W AREHOUSE, 23 ST- MARY STWSET' I CARDIFF. 75370 I s TIFF'S STARCH. ks TIFF'S STARCH. ks TIFF'S STARCH. ks TIFF'S STARCH. ks TIFF'S STARCH. s TIFF'S STARCH. STIFF'S STARCH. s TIFF'S STARCH. I s TIFF'S STARCH. s TIFF'S STARCH., STIFF'S STARCH. 305E 12080 73768 STIFF'S STARCH It having come to the knowledge of Messrs Stiff and Co. that some retailed often attempt to induce the public to purchase low- priced and inferior starches by representing them to be the manufacture of Messrs Stiff & Co., it is necessary to put the public on its guard against such unprin- cipled oractices.and tostate that every box or packet of Stiffs Starch bears the registered Trade Mark QUEEN BESS. Stiff's Starch is Sold in 51b Packets alHlllb Fancy Boxes, and may be obtained of any Grocer, Druggist,.or Oilman; or of the Manu- facturers, STIFF & CO., REDCLIFF-ST., BRISTOL ESTABLISHED 1818. SCHOOL ADVERTISEMENTS.—The attention of Principals of Private and other SCHOOLS is directed to tne following moderata PRE- PAID TARIFF for School Advertisements :— One Three Six Twelve Insertion Insertions. Insertions. Insertion s..1. s. H. II. it s. d Four Lines.. 1 0 2 6 4 0 6 k) Six Lines 1 6 3 0 60.. 90 Eight Lines.. 2 0 5 0 8 0 12 0 Twelve Lines 3 0 7 6 12 0 18 0 Eight wordlt may be calculated to a line. Ativertitio. ments can alao appear iu the CARDIFF TIMES and SOUTH WALES WKUKLY NEWS iu conjunction with those iu the Soutit 1Valet Daily Hem, so as to lonu part 1 of a series of insertions. USíUtS5 }jIlIrt55t5. IIMPORTAN SPECIAL. JJ E N S O N 8 NEW PATENT (No. >1658). L U 1> <} AXE" WATCH,- SILVER GOLD r' £5. 5 £12. 13. IS A "SPECIAL STRENGTH* SILVER ENGLISH LEVER, MY BEST LONDON MAKE, WITH THREE-QUARTER PLATE MOVEMENT, JEWELLED THROUGHOUT. CHRONOMETER BALANCE, WITH DAMP AND DUST PROOF PATENT RING BAND, AND EXTENDED BARREL, IN MASSIVE STERLING SILVER DOME CASES WITH CRYSTAL GLASS FRONT WINDS & SETS HANDS & OPENS AT BACK. MAKING IT A BETTER WATCH THAN ANY S10 WATCH IN THE MARKET, ITS ADVANTAGES, OVER THE OLD AND FAULTY FULL PLATE BEING ENORMOUS, AS THE 'LUDGATE' WATCH WILL LAST ONE HUNDRED YEARS, IT NEVER BREAKS, AS IT CANNOT BE OVim WOUND AND MEVER NEEDS EXPENSIVE REPAIRS. IS A BETTER TIMEKEEPER. IS A BETTER WATCH, AND IS BETTER VALUE THAN ANY OTHER WATCH SOLD FOR EIO IN TOWN OR COUNTRY. WILL STAND ROUGH USAGE OF ALL KINDS, AND IS THEREFORE THE BEST WATCH AND EQUALLY SUITED FOR WORKMEN, RAILWAY MEN, MINERS, GENTLEMEN, BOYS, AND ALL WHO REQUIRE A PERFECT WATCH OF EXTRA STRENGTH FOR HOME, INDIAN, OR COLONIAL USE, MADE IN THREE SIZES, AS UNDER: WORKMAN'S, LARGE SIZE. MINER'S & RAILWAY MEN'S, EXIIRA,.L&Wji SIZE, AND FOR GENERAL WEAR, MEDIUM SIZE. SENT FREE AND SAFE AT OUR RISK TO ALL PARTS FOR E5 as Ull. CASH, OR P.O.O., PAYABLE AT U.P.O. PRICE IN 1S-CARAT GOLD CRYSTAL GLASS CASES TWELVE GUINEAS. SPECIALLY -NOT! that J. W BENSON is the only Maker of a Three-Quarter Plate English Watch for Lb 0S, and that our Patent "Ludgate" Watch cannot be had through, or 01 any Watchmaker in the Kingdom. Any inirinuement uf the Patent Rights will be proceeded against. A Book explaining the advantages uf this Watch over the Full Piate English Watches sold by all other J¡¡¡Œa, will be sent Post Free on appli cation, ltj > li: N s 0 Nt li WATCHMAKER TO H.M. THE QUEEN, T liE T I A l FACTORY. 62 AND 64, LUDGATE-HILL, E.G., AND 25, OLD BOND-STREET, W., LONDON. Illustrated Pamphlets of Watches from £ 2 to 95W. Gold and Silver Jewellery, Clocks (House, Chime, and Turret), and Musical Boxes, free oiitpplication. CLUB ASSOCIATIONS.—FOREMEN, SECRETARIES of FRIENDLY SOCIETIES, AlJ lóXTS. and others will find their incomes considerably increased by establishing Clubs for the New Patent "Ludgate" Watch, as it is worth from B5 to £ 10 more than any English Watch sold, and therefore bound to supersede all others in the market. 11963 72776 253a S l LPHOLINE L OTION. THE CURE FOR SKIN DISEASES. IN A FEW DAYS ERUPTIONS, PIMPLES, BL01CHES, ENTIRELY FADE AWAY. BEAUTIFULLY FRAGRANT. PERFECTLY HARMLESS. CURES OLD-STANDING SKIN DISEASES. REMOVES EVERY KIND OF ERUPTION, SPOT OR BLEMISH, AND RENDERS THE SKIN CLEAR, SMOOTH, SUPPLE, AND HEALTHY. There is scarcely nny eruption but will yield to Sulphoiiue in a few days, and commence to fada away, even if seemingly past cure. Ordinary pimples, redness, blotches, scurt, roughness, vauisn as if by magic whilst old, enduring skin disorders, eczema, psoriasis, acne, blackheads, scaly eruptions, rosea, prurigo, tetter, pityriasis, however deeply rooted, Sulpholine successfully attacks. It destroys the animalcuiae which mostly cause these unsightly, irritable, painful affections, and always produces a clear, szliootli, supple, healthy skin, "Sulpholine" Lotion is sold by lliOSt Chemists. Bettles, 2s yd. pEPPER'S QUININE AND IRON rj^ONIC. HEALTH, STRENGTH, ENERGY. GREAT BODILY STRENGTH, GREAT NERVI STRENGTH, GREAI MENTAL STRENGTH, GREAT DIGESTIVE STRENGTH, Follows the use of PEPPER'S QUININE AND IRON TONIC. It improves the appetite, promotes digestion, greatly strengthens the nerves, increase* strength 01 pulse, gives firmness to the muscles, alters pate countenance, supplies deficient heat to weak circula. Hons, overcomes bodily weariness and weakness, cures many painful complaints-neur&igis, sciatica, &c.; 18 i-embdy tor dyspepsia, .stomaou aications, c., and horoughiy recruits the health. PEPPER'S QUININE & IRON TONIO. MOST IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT I A new, smaller size bottle of this valuable medicioa is now bupplied at 2s 6d, thus bringing it to the rwch a/l all classes, and greatly preventing the many injurious imitations largely offered. P EPPER S TONIC. Insist on having it. Bottles. 1 doses, 2s 6d; next sÍH, U idoses, 4s 6d. Sold everywhere jp eTFP E R~S rjl A RA XACUM AND PODOPHYLLIN. THE SAFEST ANTIBILIOUS MEDICINE. A FLUID LIVER MEDICINE WITHOUT MERCURY, MADE FROM DANDELION AND MANDRAKE ROOTS. Is now used and regularly prescribed by many Physicians instead of blue pill and calomel for the core of dyspepsia, billiousness, and all symptoms of con- gestion of the liver, which are generally pain beneath the shoulders, headache, drowsiness, no appetite, furred tongue, disngreeable taste in the morning, giddiness, disturbance of the stomach, and feeling 01 general depression. Bottles, 2s 9d and 4s t d. Sold by all Chemists. Insist on having Pepper's. J^OCKYER'S gULPHUR JJAIR ESTORER. THE BEST. THE SAFEST. THE CHEAPEST. RESTORES THE COLOUR TO GREY HAIR. INSTANTLY STOPS THE HAIR FROM FADING. OCCASIONAILY USED, GREYNESS IS IMPOSSIBLE. REMOVES SCURF, AND EMBELLISHES TUB HAIR, CAUSING IT TO GROW WHENEVER THIN AND PATCHY. 248e Large Bottles, Is 6d. Sold everywhere. 11MS I A WORD to the Wise Cause and cure oj debility, want of energy, aud premature decay, la'' ntructious to regain health and vigor. Sent on raccipiflf1 4 Stamps by Publishers, Fitx&lan-scr Nuffield. ¡œ