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CARDIGANSHIRE QUARTER SESSIONS. I The Midsummer Quarter Sessions for this county "'ere held at the County Sessions House, Aberayron, 01, Thursday last, and terminated the same day. The blowing magistrates were on the bench. E. Ll. \VJLLLDlS, Esquire; Chairman; the Very Rev. the Dean of St. David's, Rev. W. North, J. Boultbee, C. Longcroft, A. L. Gwynne, G. W. Parry, J. Hughes, J- B. LI. Phillips, Prvse Pryse, jun., M. D. Williams, T. Jones, J. J. P. Jordan, Esquires, Capt. Saunders rtlid Capt. Prichard. The following were sworn on the grand jury Messrs. John Davies, foreman, Lewis Evans, Evan Jones, Thomas Jones, John Jones, Morgan Lloyd, John Morgan, John Roberts, Aberystwith Morgan Evans, Llanon: Allen Jones, David Jones, Mabus: Owen Jones, Llangrwyddon: Timothy Morgan, Llanddewi Aberarth: Rees Evans, Fronddu Dihewid: David Navies, Llanfihangel Ystrad. The learned Chairman briefly addressed the grand jury—congratulating them that during the presei* fine harvest weather their duties were so light. There was Only one case for trial, and he would take an early op- portunity of dismissing them to their several occupa- tions. lie said he was requested by a member of the court to call attention to the duties of overseers with regard to making jury lists. The lists presented at the last Michaelmas Sessions were very imperfect, particu- larly that of special juries. They would be so good as to mention it to the overseers in their several localities, arid request them to make their lists more complete for the future. Evan Echcards, who represented himself to be a sawyer and a native of Brecon, was indicted far stealing on the 29th of May last, a flannel shirt, the property of Jonathan Davies, of the parish of Llangoedmore. The Prosecutor's wife had put the shirt to dry on the garden hedge, from whence it was stolen by the prisoner and sold the same day for two shillings, to a man of the nittne of David Davies, of the parish of LIgAdugivycld. The prisoner in his defence said, that the shirt was his own property, and that he offered to sell it for nine Pence to the prosecutor's wife, on the day in question. This she positively denied, and swore the shirt to be her husband's property, and to have been made by herself. The jury found the prisoner guilty he was sentenced to ° months' imprisonment with hard labour. Attorney for prosecution, Mr. Amlot; Advocate, Mr. James Parry. A true bill was found against David Jones, an itinerant tinker, for stealing on the 1-jlh day of June last, a pewter plate, the property of Evan Evans, Mariner, Aberayron. Jones is at present at large, having escaped from the police constable who was taking hini down to Cardigan gaol, after his commitment. Attorney for the prosecution, Mr. James Parry. Eenarth, Appellants and St. Mary s Cardigan, Respondents.—This appeal was lodged and respited till the next sessions, on the motion of Mr. James Parry, for Mr. Benjamin Evans. Goqoyan v. Llanychaiarn.— This appeal had been lodged at the last quarter sessions and respited until the present. Mr. John Hughes now moved to confirm the order, with costs of maintenance, &c. Mr. James Parry for Messrs. Parry and Atwood, disputed the respondents' right to make such a motion on the ground that 110 notice of appeal was proved to have been served either before or after lodging the appeal, and that their proper course was to have removed the pauper as soon as they found that no statement of grounds of appeal was served Order confirmed with costs. Ponterwid Bridge.-George Williams Parry, Esq., gave notice that he would move at the next sessions for the grant of a sum not exceeding £ 00 towards extend- ing the battlements and improving this bridge, and handed in the usual certificate signed by two magistrates. Ynislas Bridge.—Geo. Williams Parry Esq., pave a similar notice with respect to this bridge, over the Lery, for a sum not exceeding JEMO and handed in the usual certificate. '0 County Surveyor.—On the application of G. W. Parry, Esq., who said that Mr. D. Williams was prevented by indisposition from attending, the motion for the appoint- ment of a county surveyor, was deferred until the next sessions. Aberayron Lock-up Hoic.-c.-On the motion of John Hughes, Esq., the application for money to enlarge and repair this lock-up house was also postponed to the next sessions. Cardigan oM Gaol. The application for money towards defraying the expense of certain repairs to this building, also stood over to the next sessions. Extension of Ilia County Police.-— G. W. Parry, Esq., Mentioned that he would at the next sessions move that the constabulary force be extended over all the county, the whole to be united under Captain Freeman as chief constable, with the present superintendent and a few additional constables. The learned Chairman congratulated the gentlemen of the upper part of the county on their having come to the determination of uniting with the rest of their brother magistrates with respect to the constabulary force, and he felt confident that they would find it not only far more efficient, but also cheaper than the old system. J. B. LI. Phillips, Esq., handed in a requisition signed by 5 magistrates as required by the county constabulary act & gave notice that he would at the next sessions move for an addition of f20 to the superintendent'* salary. The business relating to the county rates was then Plccceded iiith. J TOPERY AT AKERYSTWITIT.—The Tablet announces that a mission has been established at Aberystwitu, by the exertions of the Rev. Mr. Mahe; and that three Breton priests—to whom the acquisition of the Welsh language, and the adaptation of themselves to the habits and modes of thinking of the inhabitants of Wales present no difficulty-will, with very little delay, set out to take possession of their new and laborious mission. FATAL ACCIDENT.-On Saturday last, the 27th ult., as Mr. David Watkins, shipwright, was at work on the Schooner John and Edward, in the harbour of Aberyst- with, he accidentally fell from the vessel into a boat beneath, and received a serious inj ury on the head. With great effort he walked home and immediately took to his bed, where he lingered in great pain until Monday, the 29th ult., when he expired. He was 63 years of age, and was extremely respected as an industrious upright man.


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