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REFORMERS OF CARDIGANSHIRE, BEWARE The Tory Tivy-siders, both of this county and yours, are concocting a plan to deprive you of the parlia- mentary services of your long-tried and justly-valued representative, Pryse Pryse, Esq., and to transfer you, like so many serfs, to Mr. John Jones, of Ystrad, the rejected of Carmarthen, and Carmarthenshire, whenever a dissolution of Parliament takes place. The spirited and independent constituencies of the Cardiganshire boroughs, and especially the dissenting portions of those constituencies, we have no doubt, will give the men who would make so daring an attempt on their dearest rights to understand that they have reckoned without their host, and that they will never submit to exchange their present repre- sentative, who has so long, so zealously, and so suc- cessfully, watched over their interests, for a mere political weathercock, who has been all things by turns and nothing long. As public sentinels, how- ever, we warn you of the plot which is forming against you, and we have no doubt that you will take such measures as will not only frustrate it, but as will make the seat of a certain county member, who it is stated, though we hope without foundation, has lent himself as a party to so foul a design, totter to its foundation. The reformers of the Cardiganshire boroughs we are persuaded are no weathercocks, and will never subject their interests to the caprices of any representative of the whirl-about genus.

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