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i I AR Hi RTHE i BOhOUiHS^ND THE PLEBISCITE. I I The manifesto issued by the Llanelly ministers in favour of a plebiscite to decide whether Mr Alfred Davies, M.P., or Mr Llewelyn Williams shall be the Liberal candidate for the Carmarthen Boroughs at the next General Election, is having a very mixed reception in the tin- plate town. Both the candidates have agreed to abide by the result of a poll ou certain conditions, one of the conditions in each case being the consent of the Liberal Association or the Radical Council. At Llanelly every Liberal in the town is a member of the Association, there being no subscription and no qualification for membership, except that of holding the Liberal faith. Some of the leading Liberals in the town who are making a IStand for the association resent the inter- ference of the ministers, who they say ought to be the first to back up the party organisation, and it will be somewhat difficult to reconcile them to the plebiscite proposal, though they say that they have no hesitation that the result would favour the association candidate. There are others, however, who, while admitting that the present executive was elected for the purpose of testing the feeling of the constituency in regard to the sitting member, and that the selection was made strictly in accordance with the rules, are appealing for an acceptance of the proposal in order to give unmistakable proof that the association decision is in unison with the wish of the majority of the Liberal electors. There are supporters of both candidates among the ministers, and this wing of the party interpret the ministers' action to mean a desire to prevent discord in the churches as much as to restore peace and unity within the party. I LETTER FROM MR. 1..1. WILLIAMS. Mr. Llewelyn Williams has sent the following letter to the Rev. Iona Williams, Llanelly, on the subject of the plebiscite of Liberal voters of the Ii Carmarthen Boroughs to decide who is to be the Parliamentary champion at the next election :— Dear Sir,—I am in receipt of your letter dated the 18th inst., enclosing a copy of the reply sent by Mr. Alfred Davies through his agent, Mr. Howell, to the ministers manifesto. I am ex- ceedingly sorry that Mr. Davies has not seen fit to accept. the ministers' proposal. Mr. Howell does, indeed, profess to accept it, but it is clear ) that he has either not understood what the pro- | posal is, or that he has deliberately decided to re- | fuse it under a specious form of apparent accept- ance. The ministers suggested a plebiscite of the Liberals of the constituency." I agreed, as far at- I could, to a plebiscite of the Liberal and Labour electors of the boroughs. Mr. Howell declines to accept any register other than the existing register of Parliamentary voters." In other words, he proposes that Conservatives should have the decisive voice in the selection of I' the Liberal candidate. Anything more farcical could not well be imagined. Though the proposal for a plebiscite has, there- fore, fallen to the ground, I hope the signatories to the manifesto will attend the conference of the ¡ Llanelly Liberal Executive and the Trades Coun- cil, which has been convened for next Thursday II night, and at which the whole political situation in the boroughs will, I trust, be dispassionately reviewed. May I in conclusion assure you and the other signatories how heartily I appreciate the motives which influenced you in making your appeal, and express my unfeigned regret that your efforts have not met with a more direct and immediateI; I success. I I am, yours faithfully, I W. LLEWELYN WILLIAMS. I I The Rev. Iona Williams, Llanelly.