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PEMBROKESHIRE. Uncontested. AlDrotb-Sachille H Own, solicitor (C). Burton-Sir Owen Soourfield, Brt, (C). Castlemortin -Henry Leach, gentleman (C). Clydey-Lemoel Jones, gentleman farmer (L). EglwystWrw- Wm J Williams, solicitor (L). Llanstadwell -J H Coram (L. & Ch). Lampeter Veifrey-Leviis James, Cong. minister (L). Llanunda—Wn> Williams, surgeon (L). Llawbeiden-Richard John, farmer i L). Llantyrnach-E H James farmer (L). Haencloctog- Will iarn Griffiths, minister (L). Milford-Goor.re Griffith, surgeon (U). Matnry-T E Thomas, gentleman (L). M-norbif,r-C W R Stokes (C). MoDkton- Morgan J Saurin, gentleman (C). Natberth North-R Ward, gentleman (L). Newport—David Havard, dootor of me ticine (L). Nevern—Llewellyn Gilbert, farmer (L). Pemoruke. Dock-Dhislon 16-James Williams, gentleman (L). Major Wynne was nominated, but withdrew. Pembroke- Dock- Division 35-D Hughes Brown, solicitor (L). St Dagmelle-Tbowas Llewelyn, gentleman (L). St Ishmftelø-J ames Thomas, farmer (L). Slebech and Martletwy-Sir C E G Phillips, Bart. (C). Wiston—Thomas Llewellin, farmer (0). St Martiss Electo-al Division (Haveriotdwest)-O H 8 Williams, gentleman (C). Mr Philip White was also nominated, but his paper was held to be invalid. Result of Contests: St Martin's and St Mary's (Haverfordwest)—Morris W L Owen, C 0, 249; Rob-irt«, N L, 209 majority 40. Conservative gain. 1892, J H Davies, N L, un- opposed. St Thomas (Haverfordwest)—Colonel White, C C, 153; John Llewellyn, N L, 114, majority, 39. Repre- sentation unchanged. Prendergast (Haverford west) -A Rose, C C, 133 J Jenkins, Baptist minister, N L, 133. The mayor, wbo was retarning officer, g"ye bis casting vote for the Liberal candidate, the Conservatives tfcus losing the seat. Xr T James, C, was returned unopposed at the last election. Fishguard-Dr Swede, C C, 147; W L Williams, N L, 112; majority, 35. Representation unchanged In 1892 Mr Worthington, C, was returned un- opposed. Henry's Mote-D P Davies, C L, 130; W James, N L, 127; majority 3. Representation unchanged. Pembroke—Division 32: Brown, C C, 149; S J Allen, L U, 103; majority, 46. Conservative gein. Ia 1892 Mr Allen, L, was returned unopposed. -Division 33: James Williams, L N, unopposed. Unchanged. In 1892 Mr Williams wis al-o returned unopposed. Division 34: Dr J F Stamper, C C, 175; W Davies, L N, 145; majority, 30.. Re,>resen'ation unchanged. In 1892 Dr Stamper was returned unopposed. —Di»i>-ioa 95 Mr D H Brown, L C, unr pposed. Repre-entation unchanged. Mr Brown was io 1892 returned un- opposed.—Division 36 S R Alien, C N, 138 I Smedley, L 0, 94; majority, 44. Conservative gain. In 1892 Mr Smedley, L. was returned unopposed. Tenby — Division 44 C J Williams, C, 180 BeojamiD Harris, L, 109; mnjoritv, 71. U ichan^ed; old repre- sentative returned.-Division 45: W H Richards, C, 200; John Lewis, L, 105; majority. 95. Unchauged; old representative returned. Pembroke, Division 30-W BOH Bryant, Con and Ch, 206 John Jones, Lib and Non, 158. Conservative gain. Pembroke, Division aI-Robert George, Con and Ch, 207 William Gibbs, Lib and Non, 118. Representa- tion unchanged. Llangwm Division Richard Carrow, Con, 171 Rev James Phillips, Lib, 101. Representation an. changed. St Dafid's Divisioim -Howard J Griffiths, Lib, 193- J Lewis, Con, 153. Whitchurcb, lva-Tbomas, Lib, 192 Reynolds, Can, 98. Representation unchanged. Ambleston Division-J,,mes Jtiukiiis, Lib and Non, 156 J Yorke, gentleman, Ind, 139..Representation unchanged. Camrose-W J Canton, Lib and Non, 139 Aithur Massey, Con, 121. Representation unchanged. St David's Division -J H Gr ffiths, Lib, 193; J Phillips, Con, 153. Representation unchanged. Walwyns Castle Divi-ion-W H Walters, Coo and Ch, 134; John George, Lib and Non, 129. Mr Waltere was returned unopposed last time. Steynton Division—Fisher, Con and Ch, 168; Cole, Lib and Non, 127. Begelly Division-T John, Lib, 158; W Wilsout Con, 120. St Issell's Division—C H Vickerman, Con, 209; George Bancroft, Lib, 112. A telegram was received at Haverfordwest from General Laurie on Wednesday congratulating the Conservative party upon their successes in the County Council e actions on Tuesday. The constitution of the council is now equal, there being 24 Conservatives and 24 Liberals.



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