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CARMARTHEN. I INFIRMARY.—The Secretary acknowledges the follow- i. ng amounts :-Nantearedig Methodist Chapel, JB1 12s 6d Sir James John Hamilton, Bart., X5. Siit HARDINGE STANLEY GirFARD.-The Queen held a Council at Windsor Castle on Saturday, at which were present the Duke of Richmond, the Marquis of Salis- bury, and the Right Honourable R. A. Cross. Mr Hardinge Stanley Giffard, Solicitor-General, was intro- duced into Her Majesty's presence, and received the honour of knighthood, the Right Hon. R. A. Cross, Secretary of State for the Home Departmpnt being present. Lord Bagot. Mr J. F. Campbell, of Islay, and Colonel Honourable Henry Byng, the Lord Groom, and Equerry-in-Waiting, were in attendance. COUNTY PETTY SESSIONS. On Saturday these ses- sions was held as usual in the Shire-hall, Carmarthen, when there were on the Bench, Sir James Haihilton (chairman), and Grismond Philipps, Esq. David Richards, a very old man, for being drunk in charge of a cart at Pensarn, was fined 10s.. including costs. The overseers of the parish of Llangendeirne, charged the Carraway Colliery Company, with neglecting to pay J632 10s 7d Poor and Highway rates. This amount was ordered to be paid forthwith.—John Jones, a farm servant of Maesyprior, Llanegwad, summoned Thomas Davies, Croesyradyr, Llanllawddog, a farmer for non-payment of t2 5s., wages due. The defendant did not appear, but it was stated that he admitted the debt, and an order was accordingly made. THE LATE BISHOP THIRLWALL. —A black marble slab in memory of Bishop Thirlwall has just been laid down in Westminster Abbey. The inscription is as follows: 11 Connop Tbirlwall. Scholar, Historian, Theologian, for thirty-four years Bishop of St David's. Born Feb- ruary 11, 1797. Died July 27,1875.. Cor sapiens et intelligenoaddii;cernendumindicium. Gwyn ei fyd. The Latin text is from 1 Kings, iii., 11,12—"A wise and understanding heart to discern judgment." It Is enclosed in a fillet of brass. The three words in Welsh, engraved on a riband scroll of brass are literally White is his world," meaning Blessed is his state." SERIOUS ACCIDENT. On Monday night Police-con- stable Jones, No. 6. was on duty on the Quay, whilst the steamer Cambria" was being discharged. The public lights are extinguished at twelve o'clock, and for the remainder of the night the town is in total dark. non. Sometime during the night Jones fell over the Quay. a distance of fifteen feet, into a boat, dislocating his ankle rather badly, and injuring his back somewhat seriously. He has been attended to by Mr Davies, surgeon, and by Mr Hughes, house surgeon at the Infirmary. Jones has only recently joined the borough police force, having been a sergeant in the county con- stabulary and stationed at Llandovery for some years past. I MONLHLY MARKET. There was a good show of fat beasts at this market on Wednesday last. and of ex- cellent quality They sold at about 9d per Ib but third and second quality only fetched 5d to 7 d per Ib About ten lots of cows and calves were in the market, and they realised from £10 to £ 17 a-piece. The demand for store sheep was slow at late rates. Fat sheep fetched 9d to 10d per lb. The few pigs offered sold from 10s 6d to 1 Is 6d per score. There were no bacon p gs. The demand for all kinds of stock was dull. The quantity of pigs was smaller than the two previous markets. Mr J. Howell Thomas sold some fat cows, the property of Mr Gwyn, Cwrt Hyr, which fetched good prices, averaging about S16 7s apiece. FERRYSIDE. A READING ROOM.—A meeting was convened on Fri. day last on the premises of Mrs Davies, Station Cottage, for the purpose of establishing a reading room for Ferryside. "Before introducing the chairman for the evening, Mr Davies. newsagent, read a short paper on the advantages which the opening of such an institution would afford to the public. Mr Morris. Towy Hill, was then elected as chairman. The first subject taken into consideration was to fix on a standard subscription, which it was resolved should be Is per month to he paid in advance. Youths may be admitted, t ut not if they are under 16 years of age The adoption of rules was left for another meeting of the committee It was then propossd by Mr J. Devoy. that Mr D. T. Morris be chairman to the institution. This was seconded by Mr Strawbridge and passed without a dissentient. Next it was proposed by Mr Owens, and seconded by Mr J. Lloyd, that Mr J. Davies, newsagent, be appointed hon. secretary, which was agreed to. Mr Ladd was brought forward as treasurer by Mr Lloyd, seconded by Mr Devoy, and ultimately elected. The financial part of the concern was found to be encouraging, and there is every reason to believe that the movement will prove a success. A hearty vote of thanks to the chairman, brought the meeting to a close. It is -but fair to add that through the generosity of the chairman (Mr Morris), the institution will be provided free with a large number of historical works and some of his own books. LLANELLY. ROME. A trio to Rome" was the subject of an interesting and instructive lecture delivered at Green- field English Baptist Chapel, on Tuesday evening last, by the Rev J. Owens, Mount Pleasant Baptist Chapel, Swansea. FOOTBALL An excellent football club has been recently formed here, consisting of some 30 members. They had their first meeting for play on Saturday last on the People's Park. The club was divided into two companies, and played a match which was a spirited one, and well kept up to the end. Mr Buchanan's team proved victorious over Mr J. Bevan's. It is in- tended to play during the coming winter some of the clubs formed in the neighbouring towns. AWFULLY SUDDEN DEATH.—A painfully sudden death took place on Monday evening last, about 7.30. It appears that Mrs Mainwaring, widow of the late Mr Philip Mainwaring and mother of Mr T. Mainwaring, Mina-street, was going home from the town and when near the Presbyterian church she fell down dead. She was carried home by the persons who found her. She had lately been in the enjoyment of pretty fair health, and the suddenness of her death surprised everybody. Mrs Mainwaring was well known, having lived in the town for many years, and was highly respected. Do- ceased, Mrs Mainwaring, was seen to fall by Mrs Lewis, of the York Hotel, which is situate near Brad- bury Hall, who at once called to her husband for help. He ran to the assistance of deceased, and lifted her up, but she only breathed once, and expired. Dr Buckley, who was soon in attendance, gave it as his opinion that she died of apoplexy. This has been communicated to the coroner, who will therefore hold an inquest on the body. POTARDULAIS. PAROCHIAL SANITARY COMMITTEE.—The first meeting of this committee for the parish of Llanedy was held at the Hendy schoolroom, Pontardulais, on Friday evening, when the following members were present, viz -Rev Roger Williams, Rev J. E. Jenkins, and Mr H. D. Hinds. The Clerk, together with the Inspector, was also present Upon the proposition of Mr Hinds, seconded by the Rev Mr Jenkins, the Rev Roger Williams was appointed chairman for the current year. It was resolved that the nuisance existing on and near the Black Horse, Pontardulais. be at once abated, and that the inspector serve the necessary notice to that effect. It was further resolved that the inspector serve a notice upon Mr E. Bowen, the owner of the houses in the occupation of the Rev J. E. Jenkins and Mr Jameson Letcher, to remedy a defective drain. It was- determined upon that the meetings of the committee for the future be held at the Hendy National School, j on the last Tuesday in every month, at four p.m. CALEDFWLCH. The inhabitants of this picturesque little village were highly favoured on Wednesday, the 24th inst, with a popular entertainment given them by Miss Lewis, Capel Issa, assisted by a few amateurs from the neighbourhood. The audience was delighted with the smging and recitations. The former was conducted by Mis" Lewis who presided at the pianoforte. Praise is due to her for preparing the young people of the neighbourhood for this entertainment, and for training the Church choir. The proceed s were for the benefit of the Reading Room. LLANDYSSUL. THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL -At the last preliminary law examination, Bristol centre, Mr Evan Davies, managing clerk at the office of Mr John Joned, solicitor, of this town, and pupil of the Rev William Thomas, M.A., of the Grammar School, was a successful candidate. FATAL ACCIDENT TO A CHILD.-On Tuesday, Anne Jones, of the Poorhouse, Llandyssul, went from home, leaving her child, two years of age, in charge of Anne Emanuel, a neighbour, who also left the child in the house by himself, and went out. On her return she discovered the child's clothes all in flames. She suc- ceeded in extinguishing the fire by throwing a lfannel apron over him, but the child was severely burnt about the chest, shoulders, and face, and expired on Thursday evening. I LAMPETER. PETTY SESSIONS.—On Saturday, before the Very Rev Dr Llewellin, Mr William Jones, Llwyngroes, and Mr T. H. R. Hughes, Titus Davies of Blaenwern, Lam- peter, appeared on bail in custody of P.S Lyons, charged by Mr Thomas Davies, landlord of the High- mead Arms Hotel, Llanwenog, with having, on the 22nd ult., at the Highmead Arms Hotel, stolen three drinking glasses, of the value of Is, his property. The principal witness for the prosecution was, through illness, unable to attend and a medical certificate to that effect having been produced, the hearing of the case was adjourned until the 4th inst., prisoner being admitted to bail- himself in 150 and two sureties in E25 each. LOCAL BOARD.-The monthly meeting of this board was held on Monday. Present—the Very Rev Ll. Llewellin, D.C.L. (chairman), the Rev C. G. Edmondes, M.A.. Mr W. Jones (Llwyngroes), Mr W. Williams, Mr W. B. Price, Mr John Fowden, and Mr J. W. Evans. It was resolved that the authorities of St. David's College be allowed to put down a pipe from the present main water pipe to the college grounds, so as to enable them to place a fire-plug at the end of such pipe With a view of extending the present water supply it was also resolved that Mr John Ed warda. the surveyor, and Mr John Fowden be requested to examine the springs near Henfedden, and to report upon the advisability of obtaining the extra supply from that place. CARDIGAN. I LOCAL LAW CASE. -In the Common Pleas Division of the High Court of Justice, on Thursday, Justices Grove, Archibald, and Lindi-y, heard the case of Burbage and Plant, appellants, v Bettess and another, respondents. -Mr Charles said the action was an interpleader issue, on the application of the High Bailiff of the County Court at Lampeter, and the question was whether the plaintiffs were entitled to £ 90, the proceeds of goods and chattels sold in execution. Bettess, a miner, bad obtained judgment against the Brynambwyr Lead Mining Company for £ 17 7s 8d, and the plaintiffs in the present case claimed the goods seized in execution as trustees representing certain debenture holders. The question involved was whether shareholders of deben- ture shares bad a priority of claim. The County Couit judge appeared to think it extraordinary that the greater part of the debentures had been taken up by the shareholders. He was entitled to assume that the judge had found the £1,020 debentures was new capital subscribed. Mr Justice Grove: But if it never comes into the market, but the company select certain shareholders to take their debentures, and assign their property to them, would not such a deed be fraudulent. -Mr Charles would say not. He would submit that the deed was not fraudulent or void under the Statute of Elizabeth and in fact he had not been able to find a single case of the deed of a limited company being held to be void under that statute.- The fact of the debenture holders being already shareholders was the most natural thing in the world. The deed was not an absolute assignment, but the object of the issue of the debentures was to keep the Company going, and how were the debenture holders to be secured if a transaction of this sort was to be set aside on a mere suggestion P If such a setting aside were allowed, no one would be safe in lending money to a company. As a fact. over £ 1,000 were advanced by the eettuia que trust under this deed.—The Court, without hearing Mr Dodd in reply, delivered judgment in favour of the res- pondents, the plaintiffs in the first action. The affairs of the Company appeared to have been embarrassed at the time of the conveyance to the trustees actions having been brought by its own workmen for wages. No money could be got into the open market, and some shareholders took debentures, paying for them by I cheque. The property appeared to the outer world as that of the Company, while in fact it was handed over to those trusteet3 of the debenture-holders. It was im- possible, therefore, to say there was no evidence on which the judge might find the conveyance was fraudu- lent and his finding being conclusive of the fact. the judgment of the Court must be for the respondents.— Judgment for the respondents, with costs. I SAUNDERSFOOT, I I FATAL ACCIDENT.—A man name 1 William Evans, of Templeton, near Narberth, met his death very suddenly on Thursday last. Deceased was formerly a poultry dealer, but for some time past was an assistant game- keeper to Mr C. R. Vic,erm;tn, of Hean Castle, and lodged at a house at Coppit Hall, near Saunderafoot. He retired to rest about 11.30 on Wednesday night last in his usual health, and on Thursday morning, at five o'clock he got up. William Thomas and his wife, with whom deceased lodged, heard him descending the stairs and fall to the ground. They immediately got up, and found him on the flagged floor, with some cuts on his head. He was quite unconscious. Dr Leslie of Saun- dersfoot, d, d all that was possible for him but from the first he gave no hODe of recovery. About ten o'clock the same evening deceased succumbed to the injuries which he had received. I I- TENBY I ALLEGED INDECENT ASSAULT.- On Monday (before the Mayor, illr (I. U. Smith. DrDyster Mr C. Allen, Major Wells, Rev T H. Dunn. and Captain W Rees), John Joseph Clarke of Waterwynch-house, near Tenby, was charged by Francis Brinn, domestic servant, with committing an indecent assau t upon her on the morning of the 18th inst Mr Bowen Rowlands, instructed by Mr Will am John of Haverfordwest, appeared for the defendant. The complainant had only been three weeks in the defendants service, and it was proved that she ■ had been accustomed to stay out at nigh', later than the rules of the family permitted. Some of the evi- dence was flatly contradicted by a servant boy, and the magistrates dismissed the summons. t PRESENTATION OF A MEDAL. A very interesting ceremony took place on Saturday morning last, at the Lifeboat house on the South Sands, viz. the presenta- tion of a medal, and thanks on vellum, from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, to Mr Thomas Monger, chief officer of coast guard at Tenby, and late coxswain of the Tenby Lifeboat. By recent Admiralty regula- tions Mr Monger was obliged to retire from the com- mand of the boat, a post which he had filled for manv years with distinguished bravery, and as a mark for such the society granted him their silver medal, and thanks inscribed on vellum. The presentation took place in the presence of a large number of ladies and gentlemen, including Alrs Smith, Mrs Onslow, Mrs Goring Thomas, Mrs Alcock. the Mayor, Mr Wells, Major Wells, Capt Rees, Capt. Evans, &c., &c &c. The coastguard crew, rhe lifeboat crew, and lifesaving brigade having assembled, Lieutenant Odevaine, R.N., divisional officer of coastguard, made the presentation, and called upon the Mayoress (Mrs C H. Smith) to invest Mr Monger with the medal, which she did in an appronriate speech, in which she expressed her pleasure at the honour conferred upon him by the society, presenting him with their medal, and hoped that his conduct would be an incentive to others to do likewise. Mr Monger briefly returned thanks-first to the institu- tion, then to the committee, and lastly to Lieut. Odevaine and Mrs Smith for their kindness, not forgetting to mention that whenever the lifeboat had been required he could always count upon the gallantry of the Teaby lifeboat crew to respond to the call of duty, and had no fear that on all future occasions they would not. be found wanting The proceedings then terminated, and an exercise of the rocket apparatus made. BRECON. j PETTY SESSIONS.—At the borough petty sessions, on Monday, before Mr D. Thomas (mayor), Mr Joseph Joseph, and Dr Williams, Evan Owen was summoned by the overseer of St Mary's for the non payment of 10s 7d.-rhe Mayor adjourned the case for the purpose of giving defendant an opportunity of settling FOOTBALL MATCH SOUTH WALES v. H ERFFORD. -This match was played on Saturday, on the Ca-tle Green, HAreford. and resulted in favour of the South Wales club. The weather was very fine. The match was a fast and evenly-contested one. A miss by one of the Hereford backs resulted in a "touch down" for the South Wales, the try from which was a poster." This was the only advantage gained by either side through- out the game. South Wales played three substitutes, of whom Bevan did well, while of the rest, C. C. Chambers, H. S. Sutton, J. A. Hood, H. W. Davies, and W. W. Herbert, were conspicuous. For Hereford, Delfosse, Wilding, Phillips, and Stibbing appeared most prominent. The sides were: South Wales -E M. Jones (Swansea). Bevan (substitute), backs H S. Sutcon (Neath), C. E Sutton (Neath), half-backs J Morgan (Brecon), W. W. Herbert (Landovery), quarter- backs; H. W. Davies (Brecon), captain; C. C. Chambers (Swansea), A H. Richardson (Swansea), F. ,F. Meager (Swansea), J. F. Stokes (Brecon), W. W. Hood (Cardiff), Evans and Hall (substitutes), forwards. Hereford- E. George, back; P B. Giles half-back P Wildingr, Delfosse, quarter- backs Bullar. Stratton, Phillips, Ward, Stibbing, J. S. Mason. Fudge, Franklyn, Shaw, Skidmore, and Stallard, forwards. The next match by the South Wales will be played on December 28tb, v. Clifton (at Clifton). THE BOARD OF GUARDIANS AND THE HOUSE MEDICAL OFFICER. The fortnightly meeting of the Board was held at the Town Hall, on Saturday The Rev Garnons Williams presided. -The Clerk said he had received a communication from the Local Government Board in reference to the report he had made with respect to Mr Amstrong, the Workhouse Medical Officer.-The Board above asked for further particulars, and the Board also wished to know whether Mr Amstrong had discharged his general duties in a satisfactory manner. A long discussion then took place upon the replies that should be forwarded, and Dr Amstrong made an appeal to the Board to be as lenient towards him as thev possibly could for the sake of his wife and tamily —The Chair- man. after upholding the course the Board had pursued ] in reporting lJr Armstrong, said that with regard to the first portion of the communication, which requested that further particulars of the alleged neglect should be forwarded to Whitehall, he thought they should in- struct their clerk to look over the house books for the past two years, and forward all the required parti- culars with regard to the latter portion of the letter as to whether the medical officer had discharged his duties satisfactorily since 1872 (when he was reported), he left that for the Board to say. In the discussion that followed some of the guardians thought they should exercise leniency, while others thought that they bad been too lenient in the past. Ultimately it was proposed by Mr David Downes, that their clerk furnish to the Local Government Board the required particulars, and state that it was the opinion of the Board that Dr Armstrong's past conduct had not been satisfactory to the Board —Mr Robert Smith, of Ffrwd- grech, seconded this proposition.—The Rev William Howells proposed that the reply to the Local Govern- ment Board be, The Board WitS not satisfied with Dr Armstrong's general conduct, but be (Dr Armstrong) having expressed contrition for the same it was the general opinion of the Board that he should be rein- stated in his office.This was seconded by Mr George Overton.—Major Lloyd spoke strongly against the previous resolution come to by the Board being stulti- fied in the least. -On a division the amendment pro- posed by the Rev William Howells was lost by two votes, the numbers being-for the amendment, 11 for the resolution, 13. The Clerk was then instructed briefly in the words of Mr Downes' resolution. The Board then rose.—In the afternoon the Sanitary Com- mittee sat under the presidency of the Rev Garnons Williams, but the business was unimportant.