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IMPORTANT SALE OF RAILWAY CONTRAC- TOR'S PLANT, MACHINERY, MATERIAL, HORSES, &c., &c. MR. MOSTYN DAVIES has been instructed ITJL to SELL by AUCTION, without reserve, the follow- ing Articles, at the places and times mentioned, viz. At the CARMARTHEN JUNCTION RAILWAY STATION, on Thursday, the 16th of March inst., at 11.30 o'clock, a.m., About 320 feet of Creoioled Longitudinal Timber*,—13 by 64. And the same Day, at 2 o'clock, p.m., at the TER- MINUS of the CARMARTHEN and CARDIGAN RAILWAY at KIDWELLY, A new portable 45 cwt. S'eam Crane, by Woradell, Birming- ham, a Steam Sawing, Adzing, and Boring Macbine, Circu- lar Iron Pickling Tank, 7 Casks of Creosote, about 300 tons of Contractor's Rails, Rail Bending Machine, about 24 Karth Waggons and 60 Wheelbarrons, Crab Winch, Pile Driver, 4 new Tipping Buckets for Tunnel work, lot of Waggon Axles, 4 Horses, lot of Harness, 2 Cirts, a quantity of Wrought and Cast Scrap Iron, a large quantity of seasoned Timber, lot of Deal Planks, Smithy and Smith's Tools, Nawrie Tools, Portable Office and Fittings, Carpenter's I Shed, Ac., &c., &c. And at the LLANDYSSUL STATION of the CAR- MARTHEN and CARDIGAN RAILWAY, on Friday, the 17th March inst., at 11 o'clock, a.m., I Several Tons of Contractor's Rails, a large quantity of Timber in Balk, Round, Pianks, and variom Scantlings, 4 Earth Waggons, 3 Dobbin Carts, about 50 Wheelbarrows, Pug Mill, Pile Driver complete, Crab Winch, and Heavy 3ionkey for another ,10., 4 Nani e Tool Chests and contents, 3 Trolleys, Smith's Forie & TooU, Wrought and Cast Scrap Iron, large lots of Bricks and Building Stone, Blue Lias Lime, dressed Limestone Copings and Quoins, 2 Morton's patent Wire Fence Strainers, Grindstones, Bridge, Centiing, &e "c., &c.  Further particular* of the Auctioneer, at hi* OfEccs, Carmarthen or or of Mr FRANCIS GUEEX, Solicitor, Car- marthen. 3, King Street, Carmarthen, 2nd March, 1865. CARMARTHENSHIRE. To Timber Merchants, Ship Builders, Contractors and others. MESSRS. DAVIES and GRIFFITHS, will ITL SELL by AUCTION, en TUESDAY, MAHCH 14-h, 1865, at the RED LION 1:sN, LLANOADOCK, at 2 o'Clock in the afternoon (Supjrct to such Conditions of Sale as shall be then and there produced), the following valuable OAK and other TIMBER, viz.: LOT 1. All that valuable OAK and other Timber Trees marked with White Paint, standing and growing on the Farm nf PENTYV YNGARTHEN, near Llwynwormwood, in the Parish of Nlothvey, in the aaid county. LOT 2—All that valuable OAK and other Timber Treeø I marked with Red Paint, standing and growing on the above Farm of Pentwyngarthen. The above Two Lots are conveniently situated within 4 Pniles of the Llangadock Railway Station, having a good Road thertto.. Mr Dilies of Ty'nll wyn, nrM, r Price, Ghsallt, or the Tenant, will shew the respective Lots, and for fUltber particular* apply to Mr Thomas Williams, Bridge-Street, Llandilo. Talley, February 20th, 1865. HUBBKRSTON DOCKS COMPANY (MILFORD). rro CONTRACTORS.—The Directors are de- Tairousof rteeiving Tender* for the construction of a Wet Dock and a Gruing Dock, at Milford, in Pembroke. shire. Parties deiirous of tendering may see the Drawings and obtain particulars upon application to Sir Charles Fox or M. Toler, E»q the Engineers, at No. 8, New Street, Spring Garden*, London, on and after ithe 1st MAHCK, 1865, be- tween the hours of Ten and Four u-clock. Tenders addressed to the Secretary, endorsed "Teoden for the construction of Docks," at the Offioes of the Com- pany, at the Paddington Station, London, will be received up to THURSDAY, the 30th MARCH, 1865. The Directors do not bind themselvrs to acoept the lowest or any Tender. By Order, SAMUEL JEFFRYES, Secretary. Hub lerston Docks Company's Offices, Fa ldington Station, London, 24tb February, 1865. REV. W. M. PUNSHON. WESLEY AND HIS TIMES." Lecture on TUESDA Y, [ARCH 21st, 1865, at 7 o'clock Doors open at half-past 6.. THE Assembly Room not being large enougli to accommodate the number, who it is expected will be anliou to bear the ikhowe celebrated Lecturer, the Committee ha-e, through the kindness of the Trustees and Officers of WATER STREET CHAPEL, secured that commodious Building for the occasion. Tickets: Ground Floor, 23.; Gallery. Is. to be ha.1 at the following Booksellers-,Niessra. W. Spurrell, W. Rees, Thompson and Shackell. and D. Morris; also at Messrs. Adams, Dirk-Gate, Howells, King-street, and T. Jones, Guildhall-Sqasre. An early application is requested. Carmarthen, Feb., 1865. HEAD OF COLLEGES. TO SCHOOLMASTERS, &c. FREDERICK BENTLEY, of 4, WIND-STREET, SWANSEA, supplies Colleges and Schools on the most liberal terms. Twenty per Cent. for cash off Books, Copybooks, and all School requisitas.-All Orden forwarded are punctually executed. TO COLLIERY PROPRIETORS, WORKS, &c. STATIONERY and ACCOUNT BOOKS of all ks sorts and sizes kept constantly in Stock, and sold at the lowest market rate by FREDERICK BENTLEY, 4, Wind- Street, Swansea. ORDEB u BBMTLBY'S GUINEA LEDGER." All Orders of ti and upwards sent Carriage Free. PHOTOGRAPHIC ALBUMS in every variety JL from Is 6d to L-5 5s., and every description of Fancy Articles sent post free at the lowest current rate, by FREDERICK BENTLEY, 4, Wind-Street, Swansea. NEW WORK BY THE EMPEROR OF THE FRENCH. —On the 2Sth of FEBRUARY will be pub- lished in 8 vo. with Maps, 17. (post free from BENTLEY'S for 16i.), "THE LIFE OF JULIUS CiESAR." By His Imperial Majesty Napoleon III., Emperor of the French. It is calculated that several hundred thousand copies of this work will be sold in England alone. The book can be had in Cloth frim Bentley's at the same price in French. FREDERICK BENTLEY, 4, Wind-street, Swansea. THE FRENCH MAHOGANY Foreign Model TPIANINO. price £ 21, is the best instrument of its kind yet produced. Sent Carriage Free to any part of Wales by FREDERICK BENTLEY, 4, Wind-Street. Swansea. BENTLEY'S SOUTH WALES LIBRARY con-I Btiiins all the best New Works in every department of Literature. For the 1st Class, family subscription, the carriage to the nearest railway station is paid both ways, for the 2nd Class one way. TERMS: 1 Set One Guinea 2 Sets. One Guinea & a-half 4 Sets (Family Subscription) Three Guineas 6Sots (Ditto) Five Guineas Second Cltss subscription 10s. 6d. per annum. FREDERICK BENTLEY, 4, Wind-Street, Swansea. 1 8 6 5. LLANBOIDY HUNT, RACES, AND OPEN STEEPLE CHASES WILL TAKE PLACE On TUESDAY and THURSDAY, MARCH 21st and 23rd. (Under the Grand National Steeple Chase Rules.) CORRECTED PBOGBAMUB. TUESDAY. THE OPEN STEEPLE CHASE, A Handicap of 8 Sovs. each, half forfeit, if forfeit be not declared on or before Tuesday, March 14th, with SEVENTY SOVEREIGNS added. Entrance, 1 Sov., to go to the fund. Second horse to save his stake. The winner of any Steeple Chase after the publication of the weight* once 71bl twice lOlbl. extra. Ten entries or no Race. Those declaring forfeit in time pay only Entrance money. Four miles. To close to the Stewards at the Maesgwynne Arms Hotel, Llanboidy, by Monday, March 6th. Weights to appear in BelTt Life, March llth. N. B.-Tbi. Race will be run over small flying fences and gorsed hurdles. No Banks. THE OPEN HURDLE RACE, A. Handicap of 5 Sovs. each, 2 forfeit, it forfeit be not de- Ilared on or before Tuesday, March 14th, with THIRTY SOVEREIGNS added. Entrance, 1 Sov., to go to the fund. Second boras to save his stake. The winner of any Hurdle Race or Steeple ChaAe after the publication of the weights once 71ba twice lOlbs. extra. Ten entries or no Race. Those declaring forfeit in time pay only Entrance money. Two miles over 7 flights of hurdles. To Close and weights to appear as for The Open Steeple Chase." THE U.H.C. STEEPLE CHASE, k Sweepstakes of 3 Sovs. each, with a PIECE OF PLATE added, value 25 Guineas, the gift of DAVID PUGH, Esq., M..P. Entrance, 1 Sov., to go to the fund. Second horse to save his stake. Five entries or no Race. Non-starters pay only Entrance money. For horses that have been regularly hunted in Wales during this season, and have never been in a public training stable, or won a Race in respect of which Race Horse duty is payable. 4 years old, 10st Tibe. 5 years old, I lst. 5lbs. 6 and aged, 12st. A winner of any Steeple Chase or Hurdle Race once 7lbs. twice lOlbs. extra. Three miles over the Old Steeple Chase Course. To Close March 11th. THE HUNTER'S SCURRY, A Sweepstakes of 1 Sov. each, p.p., with FIFTEEN SOVEREIGNS added, for Maiden Horses that have been regularly hunted in Wales during this season, and have never been in a public training stable, or have ever started for any Flat or Hurdle Race or Handicap Steeple Chase with L20 or more added (Garrison Raoes excepted). Second horse to save his stake. 4 years old, I I t. 5 yeara old, llet. 12lbs. 6 and aged, 12s. 7ibs. Gentlemen riders. Those who have never won a Race of the value of JE.50 allowed 71bs. Two miles over the Flat. To CIOII March 11th. THURSDAY. THE CAMBRIAN STEEPLE CHASE, A. Handicap of 5 Sovs. each, 2 forfeit, if forfeit be not declared on or before Wednesday, March 22nd, by 10 a.m., with FORTY SOVEREIGNS added, Entrance, 1 Sov., to go to the fund. Second horse to save his stake. Five entries or no Raee. Those declaring forfeit in time pay only En- trance money. Four miles over the same course as 11 The Open Steeple Chase." To Close by Tueaday Evening, Much 21st, by 8 o'clock. 'I he weights to appear the same evening by 10 o'clock. THE CEFEN STEEPLE CHASE, k Selling Race, of 4 Sovs. each, with 30 SOVEREIGNS added. Second horse to save his stake. Entrance, 1 Sov., to go to the fund. Five entries or no Race. Non starters pay only Entrance money. 4 years old, KM lOibs. 5 years old, list. 101be. 6 and aged, list. 2tbs. The winner to be Sold by Auction for £ 200. If entered to be sold for Y,150 allowed 71be. 1100, 141bs L80. 211be £.50, 28lbs. The surplus, if any, to go to the fund. Three miles over the same Course as The Open Steeple Chase." To Close as for The Cambrian Steeple Chase." THE PRINCIPALITY HURDLE RACE, A Sweepstakes of 3 Sovs. each, with 25 GUINEAS added, the gift of DAVID JONES, Elq, M P. Entrance, 1 Sov., to go to the fund. Second horse to save his stake. Five entries or no Kace. Non-starters pay only Entrance money. For horses that have been regolaily hunted in Wales during tnis season, and have never been in a public training stable, or won a Raee in respcct of which Race Horse duty is payable. 4 years old, 9st. I2>bi.; 5 years old, 10»t lOlbs.; 6 and aged, list. 41bs. Winners extra, as in the U.H.C. S'eeple Chase. Two miles over 7 flights of hurdles. To Close on Tuesday Evening, March 21st. THE FOXHUNTER'S STAKES. A Sweepstakes of 1 Sov. each, p.p., with FIFTEEN SOVEREIGNS added, for Maiden Horses that have been regularly hunted in Wales during this season, and have never been in a public training stable, or have ever started for any Flat or Hurdle Race or Handicap Steeple Chase with £20 or more added (Races run during this Meeting and Garrison Races excepted). 4 years old, list. 8lbs.; 5 yeara old, 12.t. 2lbs. t) and aged, 12st. lOlbs. Riders who have never won £50 allowed 71bs. Two and a half miles over the Old Steeple Chase Course. To Close on Tues- day evening, March 21st. CONDITIONS. Three Horses, the property of different owners, to start for each Race, or the Added Money or Plate will not be given. The Entrance Money and the Colours of the Biders must accompany each Entry, or the same will not be received. Weighing, 21 6d each Race. Mr Powell s Hounds will meat on Wednesday and Friday, An Ordinary on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, at the Maesgwynne Arms Hotel. M. A. SAURIN, Esq., ) Stewards GEO. W. BARKER, Esq., f Mr. R. JOHNSON, York. Handicapper. T. B. OLIVER POWELL, Esq., Hon. See. N.B.-Llanboidy is situated within five milea of the St. Clears, Whitland, or NarbeTth Road Station on the Great Western Railway. All P.O. Orders must be made payable on the Llantoidy Pest Office. CHILDREN'S DIET. BItOv AND POLSON'S PATE iN T C 0 R N FLOUR, PACKETS Sd. ^PHE Mme hs bean adopted on cheap qualities that Counterfeit the Appearance of BROWN and POLSON'S L BROWN and POL^DN'S (second quality) INDIAN CORN FLOUR is supplied at 6d., and superior to the best offered by otlfer nlakers. Sold by the most respectable Chemists and Grocers, and Wholesale and Retail by R. M. DAVIES, Chemist 49, King-street, Carmarthen. .a ————————————————————————— /TOWN OF CARMARTHEN. EXTENSIVE AND IMPORTANT SALE OF FREEHOLD PREMISES. AI R. J. HOWELL THOMAS has been favoured with instructions to SELL by AUCTION (unless previously disposed of bv Private Contract) at the IVY BUSH HOTEL. CARMARTHLN, on SAlUli- DAY. the 25th day of MARCH, 1865, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, the valuable FREEHOLD MESSUAGES and PREMISES, hereunder specified, let at very low rentals tq Yearly Tenants:- Lot. Description and Situation of Property. Names of Tenants. Quantity. Remarks. A. R. P. 1 House and Garden, No. 31. Lammas-streei Nfrs John LEWIS 0 0 14 2 TWO Houses and Garden. NOS. 49 AND 50, LAMMAS Street, with Two small Cottages, a fronting Goose Street Thomas Lewis 0 0 11 I 3 Three Cottages" and a Garden, NOJ. 26, 27. The Representatives of the and 28, Liinmas Street late Mr Griffith Thomas.. 0 1 13 4 House, No. 54, King Street. Mr Baldwin. This House is situate in a leading thoroughfare in the best part of the Town. 5 11 Marquis of Granby" Tavern, 32, Kinj Street, and a small Garden and Stable, now let therewith Mr David Bowen. 6 Storehouse and Cottage in Little Water! Mr Thomas Thomas Street I Mr David Lewis 7 C-ttages and Garden in Little Water Stree' Mrs Mary Aubrey 0 0 12 8 Storehouse in Little Water Street, known as the Old Theatre. Mr Lewis. ( Cottage and Garden, No. 19, Pentrepoth David Hughes 91 Oottage, No. 20, do Vacant 0 1 5 I Do No. 21, do.c. 110. 10 Cottage and Garden, No. 10, Priory Street.. William Jones and Joseph 0 2 5 This plot has an excellent Da,iel. frontage ou the Parade, and T1 presents a v. ry eligible site 1 for the erection of a Villa Residence. 11 Two Houses and Gardens, 76 and 77. PrioryStreet. Daniel Peters 0 1 28 12 HOUSE and Garden, No. 126, Priory Street.. Richard Hughes 0 1 34 13 Garden, opposite East end of St. Peter's Mr Jones This plot affords a good site for Churchyard, (adjoining Vicarage) building a Cottage. Further particulars may be obtained on application to Mr. T. T. MOUSLlW, Bank House, Carmarthen or of Mr. J. HOWELL THOMAS, Estate Agent, Valuer, and Surveyor, Carmarthen. Estate Agency Officss, Carmarthen, 2nd March, 1865. CARMARTHENSHIRE. IMPORTANT AND EXTENSIVE SALE OF V ALUABLE FREEHOLD AND COPYHOLD ESTATES. MR. J. HOWELL THOMAS has been favoured witWructions to SELL by AUCTION, at the CAWDOR iTi. ARMS HOTEL, Llandilo, on SATURDAY, the 8th day of APRIL, 1865, the undermentioned Valuable FREEHOLD and COPYHOLD FARMS:- L I. R k Lo t. ANames. Pariihes. Tenants. Tenure. Acreage Rent. I, -1-1- -i- I A. R. P. £ s. d.: 1 Tanlanfawr Conwil Gaio ITIOMAS Thomas. Yearly ;277 3 IS 45 0 0 I 2 BRONFELIN .DO IDANIEL THOMAS. Do. 92 1 12 21 0 0 3 FYNYCWM .00 JWILLIAM EVANS. DO. I 46 0 0 18 0 0: 4 ERWLWYD and PENLAJI, DO .David PUGH DO, 142 0 0 42 0 0 with THE COTTAGE AND GARDEN HELD THEREWITH.. 5 PWLLIROIRUCH LLANSAWEL (MORGAN MORGANS.. Do. 16.5 1 14 36 0 0 5 Pwiliroiruch Llansawel Williarn Williams Do. il20 3 27 49 0 0 6 Cwmcoygen Conwil GAIO [WILLIAM WILLIAMS Do. 1120 3 27 49 0 0 7 Tynypwllau Do John Davies Do. J 65 2 19 24 0 0 8 Abernaint, otherwise Aber-Talley Thomas Jones Do. 81 1 36 42 0 0 This farm naint-fach lis copyhold 9 Aberbowlan Conwil Gaio and Mary Morgan Lease for 21 i 63 1 39 26 0 0 Llanwrda years, from 29th Sept. 1854. 10 Blaendyffryn Cilyewm Evan Davies Yearly 108 0 39 28 0 0 11 Vloelwast John Thomas Do..132 2 23 24 0 0 12 1 irycornel Llandilofawr jBenjamin Davies Do. j 6 3 14 1 8 0 0 These Estates are capable of great improvement, being principally situate within easy distances of the proposed stations on the Swansea and Aherystwith Junction Railway, now in course of construction. There is also a valuable Right of Common appertaining to each Lot, except Lots 8 and 12. Further particulars, with L'ians and Conditions of Sale, may be obtained on application to JoHX DAviEs, Esq., Quay Street. Carmarthen Messrs. POWKLL, MATBIAS, and EVANS. Solicitors, Haverfordwest D. Loxo PRICE, Esq!) Solicitor, Talley, and Llandilo or of the AUCTIONEER, at his offices, Carmarthen. Estate Agency OrBces, Nott Square, Carmarthen, 2nd March. 1865. RHYDYGORSE, NEAR CRMARTHEN- j To Builders, Contractors, and Others. | IMPORTANT SALE OF TIMBER TREES, IMPORTANT SALE OF TIMBER TREES. MR. J. HOWELL THOMAS will SELL by ?L AUCTION, in One Lot, at the BOAR'S HEAD HOTEL. Carmarthen, on SATURDAY, the 4tb of MARCH. 1865, at half-past Two o'clock, 76 OAK, 71 ASH, 48 SYCAMORE, 26 BEECH 12 ELM, and 21 FIR and ALDER TrffS, of remarkably fine growth (numbered with red paint), now standing on the RHYDYGORSE ESTATE, and well adapted for Building and general purposes. Estate Agenoy Offices, Carmarthen, 23rd February, 1865. PORT OF LLANELLY, CARMARTHENSHIRE. MR. J. HOWELL THOMAS will SELL by 1U. AUCTION, at the SHIP & CASTLE HoTEL, LLAN- ELLY. at Two o'clock in the Afternoon, on FRIDAY, the 10th of MARCH, 1865, the well-built Smack-rigged Vessel, called the "GLOUCESTER PACKET," of 221 Tons registered burthen, now lying in the Carmarthenshire Dock, at the above Port. Auction and Surveying Offices, Carmartnen, 1st March, 1865. LLANSTEPHAN. MR. LUCIUS THOMAS is instructed to SELL by AUCTION, on MONDAY, the 6th of MARCH, 1865, at No. 7, STRATFORD VILLA, LLAN. STEPHAN, all the Modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, CHIN A, GLASS, and other Effects, consisting of Four post and Half Tester Bedsteads, Featherbeds, Mahogany Loo Table, Mahogany and other Chairs, with Mohair Cushion*, Couch, Carpfts, Kitchen Tables, with the usual Culinary articles, the whole of which will be sold without the least reserve. The Sale to commence at Twelve O'clock. | CARDIGANSHIRE, CARDIGANSHIRE. | PRELIMINARY NOTICE. ? ???ZjT?ff???.F ?07'7C'J? ? R. DAVID DAVIES has been instructed to lY-L SELL by AUCTION in tho month of APRIL next, at LLAN'DYGWYDD. near Cardigan, all the modern HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE and other effects, the property of the Rev. D. J. EVANS. Further particulars will be given. Penyffynon, Newcastle-Emlyn, March 1st, 1865. CARMARTHENSHIRE. Valuable Oak, Larch, and other Timber. MR. DAVID DAVIES will SELL by AUC- TION on THURSDAY, the 23rd day of MARCH. at the MOUNT PLEASANT IN. CAPEL EvAN, in the parish of Cilrbedyn, the following very valuable OAK, LARCH, ASH, and BEFCCH Trees, in three Lota — LOT I.-About 20 Acres of Oak Trees with a few Ash and Beech, of 6U years growth, Handing and growing on the premises ot ULASPANT, in the aforesaid parish. LOT 2.—About 400 l.arch Trees from 4 Lo 8 inches gIFt, standing and growing on the above premises. LOT 3.—A lot of Oak Timber of large dimensions, fit for shipbuilding, standing and growing on the above pre- mises. The Auctioneer begs to call the attention of Merchants, &a., to the above Lots. Distant from Cardigan 9 miles, and from Conwyl Railway Station 9 miles. WILLIAM WILLIAMS, Pontgych Mill will shew the Lots. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer. Penffynon, Newesitle-Ernlyn. CARMARTHENSHIRE. MR. MORRIS EVANS will SELL by AUCTION j?JL on FRIDAY, MARCH 10th, 1865, at 2 o'clock m the Afternoon, at the DROVER'S ARMS, ABERGWILLY, the following Freehold HOUSES, GARDENS, LAND, and PREMISES, in two Lots: — PREMIIS.-I?,SA, ll that DWELLING HOUSE, GARDEN, and PREMISES, with a small Field of rich pasture land, situ- ate in the village of Abergwilly, now in the, occupation of Mr William Lewis, as tenant from year to year. Lot 2.-All those 8 COTTAGES and GARDENS, in the said village of Abergwilly, and adjoining Lot 1, now in the respective occupation of Samuel Harries, Evan Rowlands, John Jones, Anne Llewellyn, Margaret Davies, Mary Rees, Margaret Evans, and Anne Davies, as tenanti from year to year. The respective Tenants "ill shew the premises, and for further particulars, apply to Mr MORRIS EVANS, Auctioneer, Carmartnen. Carmarthen, March lat, 1866. I LAUGHARNE, CARMARTHENSHIRE. READY MONEY S.LLE, jV/jTR. WALTER LLOYD beg-s to announce r] that he has been favoured with instructions to SELL by AUCTION, for Ready Money, on WEDNESDAY, the 15th of MArOlf nrxt, on the Premises, Victoria-street, LAUGHARNE, the whole of the Elegant and Modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and other Effects, the property of MRS BERESFORD, in- cluding the following articles DINING ROOM—Mahogany Table, 6 Mahogany Leather- Cushioned Chairs, Mahogany Bookcasf, with folding doors and glass windows, Mahogany Bookcase, with three glass Gothic windows, Mahogany Sideboard, and Couch. ROOM 2 Wardrobe, Chest of Drawers, Rosewood Couch, damask c?ering.'i do. Chairs do., 4 do. Fancy Cane-bot- tomed Chairs, Work Table, Satin-wood Easy Chair, cane bottomed. Rooy 3—Arabian Bedstead, with hangings, Writing Table, with 9 drawers, Bed, Paillasse, and Mattress, Wash- hand Stand, Dressing Table, Towel Horse, Set of Bedroom Ware. ROOM 4-Handsome Mahogany Arabian Bedstead, rose coloured hangings, Paillasse and Mattress, Dressing Table, Wash-hand Stand, Chest of Drawers, and Towel Horse. Room 5-Fretich Bedstead and Paillasse, Dressing Table for making Side Table with leaf of Dininif-rootn Table, Miscellaneous lot of Ware, Handsome set of Dinner Service, complete, Bath, Water Can, Wheelbarrow, Brewing Uten- sils, Kive, Mash Tub, 2 eighteen gallon Barrels, and one nine do., Hall Lamp, Clothes Horse, Seakale Pots, Flower Stands, Flower Pots, &c. The Sale to commence at Twelve o'clock. Penybont, Mydrim, Feb. 27th, 1865. CARMARTHENSHIRE. Oak, Coppice, Pitwood, !fe., for Sale. MESSRS. JOHN and EVAN WILLIAMS, will m- SELL by AUCTION, on Saturday, the 18th day of MARCH, 1865, at the FOUNTAIN INN, in the town of LLAN- DOYEUY, at 1 o'clock p.m. precisely, subject to euch con- ditions of Sile as shall be then produced. The following valuable Lots of CORD WOOD and PITWOOD, &c. LOT 1. All the Oak, Ash, Alder, and other Trees, standing and growing in a on the Farm of PENRHI WY AR and TROEDRHIWYAR, situate in the parish of Cilyewm. In Mothvey parish on FRON farm. Lor 2. All the Oak, Ash, and Aldpr Pitwood and Cord- wood, standing and growing in GALLT, CWMBYCIIAN, containing about 13 acres. LOT 3. All the Oak, Aih, and Alder Pitwood and Cordwood, standillg aud growing in GALLT-PVYLL-H ARRY, and four small Groves in the fields on the said Farm, containing about 5 acres. LOT 4. All the Oak and Ash Poles, and C)rwood, stand- ing and growing in GALLT-UEFN-COED, containing about 12 acres. LOL 5. All the Oak, Ash, and Alder Poles. Pitwood and Corwood, standing and growing on WAUNFILFIIAN, con- taining about 5 acres. LOT 6. All tue Oak and Ash Poles, snd CordwooJ, standing and growing in GALLT-CWMWHEEL, containing about 10 aeios. Lor 7. 83 Oak, Ash, and Alder Timber Trees, (scribe marked) standing and growing in the several Fields and Hedges on the said tann of F LW, and a quantity of Corwood, &c., adapted for chemical purposes. Lots 2,3, 4,5, 6, and 7, all lie within four miles of Handovery Railway Station. Mr DaYid Jones, of Goyallt, and the tenants of Penrhiwjar and rroa will shew these Lots. Llandovery, Feb. 28, 1865. CARMARTHEN UNION. APPOINTMENT OF SCHOOLMISTRESS. TIIE Guardians of the Poor of the Carmarthen Union "ill at their Meeting to be holden on SATUR- DAY, the 4th day of LAIAItCR next, proceed to the election of a SCOOLIIISTITE, SS, duly qualified, for the Union Work- house. The person appointed must understand the Welsh lan- guage, and will be required to perform the duties of the office as set forth in the General Consolidated Order of the loor Law Commissioners, and will have to enter on the duties on the 2.5th day of March. Salary X-25 per annum, with such further sum as may be awarded by the Committee of Council on Education, to gether with apartments and Rations in the House. Applications, stating age, present and past occupation, ac- companied by testinaonia s of recent date, to be sent to me on or before the 3rd of March. The Candidates will be required to attend the Meeting on the day of election at 12 o'clock, but no travelling or other expenses can be allowed. By order of the Board, EVAN EVANS, Clerk to the Guardians. Board Room, Feb. 4th, 1865. 6 A MEDICAL PRACTITIONER, in extensive A,- Country Practice, is in immediate want of a PUPIL who will h;tve every opportunity atf irJcd hi n, for acquiring a practical knowledge of hi. piofsasion. Prauuuin mode- rate. Apply by letter to E. L WELSHMAN O^Eco, Carmarthen TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. WANTED, a respeetablowell-educated YOUTH, not under 15 years of age, as an APPRENTICE to the Drapery Business.—Apply to Mr THOMAS REES, Manchester House, Aberavon. TO CHEMISTS AND DRUGGISTS. WANTED, a Competent, or a Junior Assistant. rf A koovlodgo of Woish desira?ic. Apply to Mr J. H- HAYIES, Fmily and Dispensing Chemist, 31, Upper King Strett, Onmarthen. A vacancy for a well educated youth ai an Apprentice. TO DRAPERS' ASSISTANTS. WANTED immediately, an Experienced hand r" in the Drapery Trade. First class references in- di,-P(Iliable.-Apply to Mr JOHN HOWELL, draper, &c., Cambrian House, Lammas-street, Carmarthen. NOTICE. THIS is to give Notice, that I will not be an- JL s?prablf for any d,b?s which tray be contracted bY my wifp, ANN RICHARDS (now residing at Llandovery), from this date, shehaving no authority or right to incur the aame. (Signed) JOHN RICHARDS, Lower Court Farm, hrgam. February 21st. 1865. MR. JOSEPH POWELL, GROCER & PROVISION DEALER,! AUCTIONEER, APPRAISER, AND GENERAL Com- mission Agent, PEMBROKE. THOMAS IiA RRI3, PLUMBER, GAS METER MAKER, GAS FITTER IN GENERAL, &c., CHAPEL-STREET, CARMARTHEN. DENTAL SURGERY.  A. F. BAYNTUN Surgeon Dentist, at- .î tends CARMARTHEN the !)a6t Friday and Saturday in every month, at 52, KING STREET, (opposite the Assembly Rooms). Dates of next visit-February 24th and 25th. Residence—3, Dynevor Place, Swansea. E. BRIGSTOCKE, LATE TIMMINS & BRIGSTOCKE) IMPORTER OF FOREIGN WINES, CARMARTHEN, HAS a large and choice Stock of fine old- bottled POlHS, SHERRIES, FRENCH, GERMAN and other WINES, imported direct. INGHAM'S MARSALA in Cask and Bottle. A List of PrLes forwarded on application. OWEN PHILLIPS, ANGEL COMMERCIAL INN, POSTING HOUSE, FAMILY HOTEL, 36, S A I A T ill A R Y-STREET," CARDIGAN. Wines and Spirits of the best quality. GOOD STABLING & LOOK-UP COACH HOUSES DENTAL SURGERY. W. J. E V A N S DENTIST, TREYANE HOUSE, N E A R TEN11 T, WILL visit CARMARTHEN on the 8th and W !hh of M?t ncn, at Mrs EVANS, Confectioner, Lammas- street. TEETH. MR. EDWARD KING, Surgeon Dentist, at- l' L tends CARMARTHEN the second Wednesday and two following days in every month, at MR. LLOYD'S, Queen- Street. Periodical attendance for the last thirty years. I?esi(legice-,St. D(,?-id's, Brccon. MR HARRISON, Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons of London and Edinburgh. T YAVING been invited to visit CARMAIITHEX at stited periods, begs to announce that he may be consulted professionally at the BOAU'S HEAD HOTEL, on thrf first WEDNESDAY in every month. Mr. HARRISON has had an extensive experience both in London and the country. Coininuni«<itions may be ad- dressed to him at his Veterinary EsUblishmeut, Christina- street, back of Northampton Place, Swansea. UNIVERSAL SAUCE I^OIi Fish,, Steaks, Soups, Gravies, Hot and Cold Meat, and ulJri ralle,] fur general use. It is manufactured only by the sole proprietor, DAVID DAVIKS, Operative & Pharmaceutical Chemist, 12, JIigh-at) Cbt, Cardigan. Dr jga, Chemicals, &C., &c., of the purest quality. THE QUICKEST, CHEAPEST, & MOST DIRECT ROUTE TO CARDIGAN & NEWCASTLE-EMLYN, VIA CARMARTHEN CARDIGAN RAILWAY TO LLANDYSSIL, Thence by New and Commodious and well-appointed OMNIBUSSES. LEAVING Carmarthen Station daily (Sundays excepted) at 1.10 pm., Llandys^il at 3.3-3 p.m., and Cardigan, upon its Return Journey, at 8.15 a.m.; arriving at Carmarthen (station at 12 15 noon, in time for the mid- day train to Cheltenham, London, &c„ &c. No Fees to Coachman or Guards. February 16th, 1865. ADDRESS. MR R. LLOYD JONES HAS the honour to announce that he carries on the tJ business of his late Father, as AUCTIONEER I OR TIn; SALE OF ESTATES, FURNITURE, STOCK, &c., And hopes by strict attention to all matters com mitted to his trust to merit a continuance of the suppor which his predecessor received. BOOKS, PICTURES, WINES, MUSICAL INSTRU MENTS, and EFFECTS of every description Valued. iggp Settlements of Sales prompt. Journal Office, Carmarthen. CAR M A RTIIEXSII IRE. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, rpilAT the next ASSIZES or Commission of I Oyer and Teruimr and General Ganl Delivery, for the County of Carmarthen, will be holden and kept at the Shire Ilall, in the Town of Carmarthen, in and for the said County, on FRIDAY, the tenth day of MARCH next, when and where Prosecutors of Felons, also all Justices of the Peace, Mayors, Coroners, Esaheatorg, Stewards, Bailiff of Liberties, Constables of the Peace, and all ether Her Ma- jpsty's officers within the said Countv are required to attend, and that they bring with them all Rolls, Records, and In- dictments and other Reuaembrancc-s, which to their several offices appertain. Dated this 23rd day of February, 18G5 ED WAn. D MORRIS DAVIES, Esquire, Sheriff. V. R. C A RIU G AN SHI R E. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, NTHAT the next ASSIZES, or Commissions of T Nisi-Prius, of Oyer and Tcrmicer, and General Gaol Delivery, for the County of Cardigan, will be holden and kept at the Shire Ilall, in the A own f CardIgan, in and for ly, an d for the said County, on TUESDAY, the Seventh day of MARCH next, before tbe Honourable Sir COLIN BLACKBURNT, Knight, one of the Justices of our Lady tbe Queen, at West minster, when and where Prosecutors of Ffi ons, and their witnesses, and!also all Justices of the Peace, Mayors, Coroners E-cheators. Stewards, Cdief Constables, and llailiffs of every Hundred and Liberty in the said County, are required to attend; and to brln wIth them all nOliS, Records, Indict- ments, and other Remembrances, which to their several Offices appertain. Dated this 10th day of February, 1865. JOHN LEWES, Lieutenant-Colonel, Sheriff. TO LET, and may be entered upon immediately, .L an Excellent DAIRY FARM, of 20 Acres, within balf-a-mile of the town of Hiverfordwest, facing the S)uth, well watered and recently much improved, with a comfort- able Residence thereon.—Apply to M; MCEWEX, Belle Vue, Haverfordwest. TO BE LET, a desirable and genteel country JL viHa. known as ASH GROVE, a'taated within a quarter of an hour's walk from Pembroke, containing 7 Bed-room, Dining-room, Drawire-roora, Pintry, S-ullery, and 2 Kitchens, Ion first tlior. If required, accommoÜtioa could be immediately provided for one or more houses. Rent moderate. Further particulars may be had on application to Mr J. BEDDOES, Ironmonger, &c.Main-street, Pembroke. SEED POTATOES FOR SALE. rpRUE SEED POTATOES—Old Early Ash- X leaf; M?att'? Prolific A?ideaf; King of Potatoes Blue Nosed Kidney; Dalma Noy; Pri nce of Wales or RED Recent; Skerry Blue; and White Rock; 25 per cent. below Seed men's prices.—Apply to D. JONES, Morfa Mawr, Llanon, Carmarthen. BARHACK CONTRACTS For the supply of Coals, Coke, Kindling Wood, and Candles in Great Britain; and Coals, Coke, Turf, and Candles in Ireland. War Office, Pall Mall, London, S.W., 25th February, 1865. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the IN Secretary of State for War is prepared to receive Tenders for the supply of the following Articles at the vari- ous Barrack Stations in Great Britain and Ireland, for a period of One Year, from 1st April, 1835, viz. COALS, COKE, KIXDLIXG WOOD. & CANDLES in Great Britain; and COALS, COKE, TURF, and CANDLES in Ireland. Tenders will not be entertained unless made upon the proper printed Form, which may be obtained, with every requisite information, upon application at this Office, or to the various Birrack MISTMN, between the hours of 10 aud 4 o'clock each day, Sundays excepted. The Tenders must be se nt to this Office, addressed to the Director of Contracts, marked Oil the outside "Tender for Coals or Candles," as tho caie may be, on or before Mox- DAY, 13th MARCH next, after which day no Tender will be received. The Secretary of State for War reserves the right of re- jecting any or all of the Tenders. THOMAS HOWELL. Director of Contracts. THOMAS THOMAS, DECEASED. Pursuant to an Act of Parliament made and passed in the 22nd and 23rd years of the reign of Her present Majesty, cap. 3;), intituled An Act to further amend the law of Real Property and to relieve Trustees." NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That all Credi- 1 tnrs and other persons having any claims or demands whatsoever against or lip In the Estate of THOMAS THOMAS, late of PWLLYDOMEN, in the Parish of St. John, Swansea, in the County of Gi-unorgan, deceased, who died on the Fourth day 01 May, 1854, AND to whose Estate and Effects administration was granted to Sanh Harries, of Ffvnrwnluan, in the parish of Llanarthney, in the County of Carmarthen, out of the District REGISTRY of Car- marthen, on the 26th day of September, 1861, are hereoy required to send in the particulars of their respective claims or demands to me, the undersigned, as Solicitor to the said administratrix, on or before the 22nd day of MAHCH. 1865, after the expiration of which time the said administratrix will proceed to pay and distribute the assets of the said intestate among-at the parties entitled thereto, having regarl only to the dents, claims, or demands of which the said administratrix shall then have had notice and that the administratrix will not be liable for the a"sets or any part thereof so distributed to any person or persons of wh ;se debt, cliim, or demand such administratrix shall not then HA^E had notice. Dated this 2Sth day of February, 1865, CHARLES BISHOP, Llandovery- PEMBROKE HUNT WEEK & STEEPLE CHASES WILL COMMENCE On MONDAY, the latll MARCH next, Under the Stewardship of GEO. LORT PHILLIPS, ESQ., M.P., and ROBERT ANDERSON, ESQ, rpHE STEEPLE CHASES will take place on T TUESDAY, the 14th. The Entry for THE OPEN STEEPLE CHASES must be made on or before the TWENTY-FOURTH INSTANT, and the Weights will appear in Bell's Life, on SATURDAY, the 4th of MARCH. ASSEMBLY ROOMS, CARMARTHEN. A GRAND AMATEUR CONCERT IX AID OF THE FeXDS OF TUg C ARM A RTH ENS HIR E INFIR M AR Y, WILL TAKE PLACE On TUESDAY EVENING, the 7th of MARCH, 1865 PIANOFORTE—MISS HEWSON, Who has kindly placed her Professional Scrrices at the disposal of the Committee. The Second part of the Programme by the CARMARTHEN AMATEUR NIGGERS. TICKETS FHONT SEATS, 2S. 6d. BACK SEATS, Is. 6d. May be obtained, with Programmes, at the Journal" Office, of III('Hsr..TIJ.(¡¡npon & Shackell, Mr W. Spurrtll, :ind Mr W. Rees, Booksellers; Messrs, White Brothers, and Mr It. M. Davies, Chemists; Messrs D. & W. Dade- Guild- hall Square Messrs. Wonnacott & Co. and Mr T. Mostyn Davies. Doors open at half-past 7; Concert to commence at S o'clock. CA R 31 A RT H E N S H I R E. T I MITE R. R. JOHN DAVIES has been favoured with in- XTX struciions to SELL by AUCTION on Saturday 18th of March next, at the Biue Boar, Water Street, Car- maithen, 20 Acres of valuable Oilc, Ash, and Scotch Timber and Pitwood, including Larch, Coppice, <&c., in one or two Lots. The abo>e are now growing on the farm of Penrhtol, in the parish of Abernant, called Allt- llwyngeifr and\V\VIllPrIH n. n Tbe S,le to commence at 2 o'clock. David D ivieff, of Iscoed, or James Thomas, of Llainau, will show the Timber. The Auctioneer beas to call the attention of Colliery Proprietors, Timber Merchants, and others to the above.— Distance from Carmarthon Station, 5 miles. Abernant, Feb. 24th, 1864. NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS. At the expiration of existing contracts objectionable medical advertisements will no longer appear in the WELSHMAN. This determination was come to before the late discussion in the London papers, and for several months past as the contracts terminate the advertisements are discontinued. Our last contract ends on the 9th of June.

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