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_Iu-n_- TRADE REPORT. LONDON, Tuesday. In consequence of the Royal Marriage no public gales either of colonial or foreign produce, have been held to-day and the transactions by private contract have been exceed ingly limited, at about stationary prices. OILS.—The oil trade is very quiet Linseed, 43s 3d; foreign refined rape, 54s cocoa-nut, 51s to 55s palm, 35s to 39B 6J per cwt; sperm, £ 85 to £ 83 Gallipoli olive, £59; pale seal, E48 to L48 10s per fm, French spirits of turpentine, on the spot, 96a per cwt. t TALLOW.—The stock of tallow is 45,779 casks, aga ins 43,649 casks last year, and 71,850 casks in 1861. St. Peters burg Y.C. is quoted at 43" 6d to 43s 9d per cwt. on the spot 44s for April to June; and 43s 61 for the last three months delivery. Town tallow, 46s 31, net cash rough fat, 2s 31d per SIbs. THE CATTLE TRADE. LONDON, Monday.-The arrinls of cattle and sheep into the port of London from the Continent during the pa-t waek have been limited. The Custom-house official return gives an entry of 124 oxen, and 240 calves, and 2,512 sheep, to- gether making a tital of 2,876 head, against 1,976 in the corresponding period of 1862, 3.000 in 1851, 2 830 in 1860 1,898 in 1859, and 300 in 1853. The supplies were ag ai n short of all kinds of meat, and less of beas ;s and sheep. Of beef tne suppU consisted of only 3,470 heal of oeasts, for which the trade was rather better at previous rates. Of mutton the supply comprised 16,570 head of sheep, and for all prime quality the sale was very good, and firm prices, but interior sheep were a slow sale, and id per stone lower. Veal made 21 per stone more for the best quality, while pork wai as much lower for the best. Comparative Statement of Prices and Supply of Cattle at Market. Monday, March 2, 1863. Beef 3s 8d 5s Od Beasts 4,120 Alutton 4s OJ 6s OJ j/Jheep and Jambs.. 17,740 Lamb 0s 01 0s Od I Calves 97 Veil 4s Od 5s 10.1 PIgs. 310 Pork 4i Of 5,1 01 Monday, M»rch 3, 1862. Beef 3s 01 4s 6d Ba?sts 3,277 Mutton 3s 4d 5s 6?? Sheep and lambs 18,60 Lamb Os Od Os 0 I Clves 118 Veal 4s 41 5s 10 J Pigs 260 Pork 3s lOd 4s 8d Monday, March 4, 1861. Beef 3s 6d 5s Od I Beasts 3.640 Mutton.. 4s 41 6s 21 | Sheep and lambs 15,400 Lamb Os Od Os Od j C?lves 84 Veal 4s 4d 5s 8d j Pigs 300 Pork 4s Od 5s Od Hay Nlarket.-Per load of 36 trusses. 1863. I 1862. Hay £ 2 108 to Z4 15s Hay £2 2s to X4 lIis Clover.. £3 10s to £5 15s Clover E3 158 to L,5 15s Clo??er L3 10s to IL.5 t 118.51 ,3 1Straw It 8s to tl 16o Straw Li 10s to £1 18s Straw £1 8s to j61 16s WOOL MARKET. LONDON, Monday.—There is a moderate demand for deep grown wool, at about stationary prices Other kinds move off heavily, and in some instances the quotations have a drooping tendency, owing to the inactivity prevailing at the colonial wool sales now in progress. For export to the con- tinent scarcely any transactions have taken place. Per sack of 240 IDS. Fleeces -Southdowa Hogs JE20 0 to 120 0 Do. Half-bred Hogs 20 0 21 10 Do. Kent 20 10 21 0 Do. Southdown Ewes & Wethers 19 0 20 0 Do. Leicester do 18 0 190 Sorts—Clothing, picklock .» 20 10 21 0 Do. Prime and pickloek 19 10 20 0 Do. Choice 18 0 19 0 Do. Super 17 0 17 10 Do. Combing— Wethermatching 21 0 21 10 Do. Picklock 18 10 19 0 Do. Common 15 10 16 10 Do. Hog-matching 22 0 22 10 Do. Picklock-matching 18 10 19 0 Do. Super do 15 10 16 10 SEED MARKET. LONDON, Monday, —With continued fine weather, there is a steady retail demand for Seeds at full prices. Good qualities of French and German red seed maintain their values. The export inquiry for American red Cloverseed coni- illues without alteration in value. White seed is a slow sile, except for fiaest qualities. Trefoils are fully as dear. BRITISH SEEDS. Mustardaeed, per bush., brown 8s. Od. to 9a Od Coriander, per cwt 14s. 16s Ciuary, per qr 50s. 56s Trefoil 32s. 40s Tares, winter, new, per bushel 6s Od. 6s 6s Linseed, per qr., sowing 0s. to 74s. crushing 62s. to 68s Linseed, Cakes, per ton E9 los, to Y,10 log Ripeseed, per qr 70s. to 72s Raps Cake, per ton X5 10s. to 1;6 Os FOREIGN SEEDS, &C. Cloverseed, red 50s. to 6.5, white 45s. to 70s Trefoil 20s. 248 Flempseed, stnall,-s. per qr. Dutch-s. 458 Coriau¡!er, per cwt 16s. 18s C,uraway" —s. —s Linseed, per qr., Baltic 58s. to 603. Bombay 68s.s I Linseed Cake, per ton £ 9 10s. to £ 11 Os Rapeseed, Dutch —8. to Rape Cake, per ton S-5 os. to LG Os HOP MARKET. LONDON, Monday. -Our market is very quiet. Fine samples "re in limited request, and firmly mainain recent values. Inferior descriptions are lower in price, and unsale- able Mid and East ents 701 ,1309., 180s. Weald of Keuts 60s., 112s 140s. Sussex 70s., 95s., 126s. Baverians 70s., 9.5s., 112s. 70s., 76s. Anericans 75s., 80s., 86s. FOREIGN tiops —The imports into LonJon last week comprised 62 bales from Hambro', 10 from Stet'in, 5 from Antwerp, 102 Bremen, 25 Ostend, 133 B ulogiia, and 602 from New York. from New York. POTATO MARKETS. SOUTHWARK WATURSIDE, Ilt)nclay.-Daritig the past week the arrivals coastwise, oy rail, and from abroad having been aain more than equal to the demand, coupled with the ildlle8s of the weather, caused a very slow sain, at a redue- tion in price of all sorts. Tne following are this day's quota- tions Kent & Essex Regents 110s to 120s per ton. Yorkshire Flukes. 110s to 120s 10i)s to 110s Scotch Regents. 70s to 100s Sh., ws .s to —s Jersey ditto .s to ..s Rocks SOs to 858 French 45s to 55s Belgian 40s to 50s. Foreign .s to ..s BOROUGH AND SPITALFIELDS, Monday.—The supply of home grown potatoes is large, and considerable quantities of French produce have been received since our last report Good and fine qualities are in fair demind, at aoouf. statioii- ary prices otherwise^the tra le rules heavy, and for foreign parcels the quotations are very low. Last week's import Wa 280 ons from Dunkirk, 200 tons from Rouen, 130 tons Calais, 169 sacks Boulogne, and 103 bags from Rotter- dam. Kent and Eses. Regents 903. to 120s per ton. Rocks 80s. to 90s. French .a, to ..s. Scotch 75s. to 120s. Flukes. 110,. to 120s. Foreign 45s. to 60s. PROVISION MARKETS. LONDON, Monday.—The arrivals last week from Ireland were 883 firkins Butter, an 1 3,175 b des Bco I; and from foreign ports 8,086 c Isk, Butter, 193 bliies and 1,671 boxes Bacon. Tne transactions in Irish Batter last week were few and unimportant, toe unusual raiduess of the weather having a iei ioua tiff-et on the demand. Foreign declined, best Dutch about 6J per c-vt. Tile Bacon market ruled very firm at ao advance of 3s to 4s per cwt.; some sales of best Waterford made at 59s on board. Stocks and deliveries for this Week. Butter. Bacon. Stock. Delivery. Stock. Delivery. 1861 7810 3\00.. 2060 3070 1862 2 >30 22o0 5010 2310 1863 18300 2190 34o0 1940 PUlCES OF BUTTER, CHEESE, HAMS, &c. Butter, per cwt. s. s. Cheese, per cwt. s. s* Friesland 120 to 124 Cheshire, new. 56 to 75 Jersey. 98 to 114 Cheddar. 60 to 76 j Dorset new to Douole Gloucester 58 to 64 Oarlow • 100 to 112 Ha us — Vaterford 96 to 104) York 84 to 92 CJrk 96 to 108; Cumberland. 76 to 86 Limerick. 86 to 98 Irish 76 to 86 Sligo. 88 to 1041 Bacon Fresh, per doz. 12 to 17i Wiltshire, dried 60 to 64 Irish, green. 54 to 58 ENGLISH BUTTER. MARK.ET. Dorset, fine new milk 126s. to 130s. per cwt. Ditto, middling 100s. 112s Devon. Fresh. lis. to 16s. per dozen lbs.

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