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LOCAL MARKETS. CARMARTHEN CORN MARKETS, FOR THE WEEK END- ING MARCH 12.-The weather for the past week has by no means been favourable to agricultural operations. Wo have had frost, sleet, and likewise a considerable amount of rain. The transactions in grain are upon a very limited scale. Prices steady, say for- Wheat 5s. 6d. to 6s. 6d. per 641bs. Barley 3s. 9d. to 4s. 3d. per t 41bs. Oats 2s. 2d. to 2s. 6d. per 401bs. Total quantities brought to market on the 21st inst — Wheat, 264 qrs. 6 bush. Barley, 0 qrs 0 bush. Oats, 108 qrs. 5 bush. Average per qr. Wheat, £ 2 6s llid; Barley, XO Os Od Oats, 18s 2 jd. IIUTTER.-The supply quite adequate to the demand, prices rather on the declined, say lOd to lO jdper lb. CHEESE.—In better demand at former prices, say 18s to 20s per cwt. SWANSEA, Saturday.—Wheat, at per sack, 20s Barley 12s Od; Oats, 17s. Salt butter, Os lid per lb. Fresh ditto, Is 4d. Potatoes, 81b. for 6d. HAVERFORDWEST, Saturday.—Wheat, 6s Od to Os Od per bush. Barley, 3s 8d to Os Od per bush.; Oats, 2s 3d to 2s 4d per bush.; Salt Butter, lOd to lOjd; Fresh ditto, Is Id to Is 2d; Cheese, 3d to 4d. The supply of each article moderate. Wheat brought to market, 93 bushels, of which 80 were sold; Barley brought to market, 754 bushels, 528 of which were sold. FISHGUARD, Thursday.—The weather has been toler- ably fine this week. The trade very much depressed, except Barley, which is firm. Wheat 5s to 5s 6d, Barley 3s 6(1 to 4s, Oats 2s Id to 2J 2d per bush, of 381bs. CARDIGAN, Saturday.—Trade was carried on firmly. Small deliveries of Barley, which also advanced in price. Other grain remained firm. Wheat 6s 3d to 6s 9d, Barley 4s 3d to 4s 9d, Oats 2s 4d to 2s 9d, with more also for some choice sample for seed per bushel.