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LLANELLY BOARD OF HEALTH. J The monthly general meeting of the Board was held at the Town-hall on Saturday last, when the following members were present:—Mr R. T. Howell, chairman, Mr W. H. Nevill, Mr D. Evans, Mr W. Thomas, Mr D. Morris, Mr R. B. Jones, Mr W. Rosser, Mr J. George, and Mr Ben. Jones. The Chairman read the minutes of the previous meet- ing, which were confirmed. The vouchers for payments ordered at the last meet- ing were examined and found correct, except Messrs. B. Howell and Son, and Railway and Dock Company, the cheques for which have not been issued also Mr. Rees Goring Thomas's, wanting at the last meeting. The balance in the Treasurer's hands appeared to be-To the credit of the Estate Committee, C291 3s. Id., and to the credit of the general account, L209 4s. 8d. The following minutes were then read by the Chair- man :—" At a meeting of the Estate Committee, held on the 28th February, present-R. T. Howell, (chairman), Ben. Jones, R. Harries, and D. Morris. It was resolved 1that the Surveyor be requested to obtain plans and estimates of the proposed drinking fountain, and to submit the same to the committee meeting on the fol- lowing Wednesday. The letter of the Hon. James K. Howard, Chief Commissioner of Woods, was read, re- ferring to the Crown allotments, near the river Dafen and it was resolved that the Clerk be directed to reply that the Board will take a lease of the said land at the rent named, provided that the office of Woods will con- sent to an immediate sale, or an extended term of lease. The letter of Messrs. J. S. Tregonning & Co., of the 23rd January, was read, applying for a lease of land ad- joining their works, and the report of the Surveyor thereon and it was resolved that it be recommended to the Board to rent the said land at tIO per annum, for a poriod coterminous with their present lease, and subject to precautionary provisions, the draft lease to be pre- pared by Mr. Brown.-At a meeting of the Committee held on the 4th inst., present-R. T. Howell, (chairman), D. Morris, J. George, and Ben. Jones. The Surveyor laid before the meeting a drawing of a water fountain, and it was resolved that he be authorised to order the same as a public improvement of the town." Mr." R. B. Jones said he should like to state his opinion with reference to a portion of the minutes just read-the portion referring to the Crown allotments. It was his opinion that the Board had better not, at the present moment, enter into such agreement, as it might seriously interfere with the extension of the corporate rights of the town in the future. He proposed that that portion of the minutes be not confirmed. The Chairman thought Mr. Jones had given sufficient reason for reconsidering the subject. Still, he thought the Government had given them the law on the question. Mr. R. B. Jones thought it a very improvident taking they were taking from Earl Cawdor that which the Enclosure Commissioners awarded to him. The minutes were then confirmed, with the exception of the portion objected to by Mr. Jones, which was referred back to the Estate Committee. Mr. R. B. Jones suggested that that part of the minutes referring to Messrs. Tregoning's lease should be communicated to Mr. Octavius Williams, their agent, as soon as possible. The following minutes were read by Air. Nevill:- At a meeting of the Highway Committee, held on the 7th instant, present—Mr. R. T. Howell (chairman), W. Thomas, D. Evans, J. George, and B. Jones. The collector's statement for the fortnight ending 13th Feb. showed that he had collected—Of water rate, £19 14s. 2d. highway rate, £79 3s. 6d. pig market tolls, £ 1 6s. 8d. manure sold, XI 16s. total, CI02 Os. 4d. For the fortnight ending 27th Feb., the statement showed that he had collected Water rate, £ 13 6s. 2d. highway rate, £46 19s. 5d.; pig market, 15s. lOd. manure sold, C5 3s. repairs of water pipes, &c., C3 15s. Id.; total, C69 19s. Gd. The Collector applied for payment of poor-rate on Dafn Works, £23 6s. 8d, and the Clerk was requested to report on the liability of the claim. Bills amounting to jMl 13s. 2d. were ordered to be paid. The Surveyor reported that the cargo of flags ordered from Ireland, per Capt. Davies, had been delivered, and were the best he had yet seen at Llanelly A sum of X50 on account of them may be paid Capt. Davies Messrs. Jonah Davies and Co., contractors, may receive £ 20 on account of contract No. 1, and £ 20 on account of contract No. 2; Llanelly Gas Company, £60, and other bills, amounting to X13 3s. Id, may be paid. The river Lleidy, near the Old Castle, is dangerous to the road, and, moreover, is a receptacle for ashes and other rubbish which is carried down to the harbour. If a wall were erected such would be stopped, and the road secured. Mr. R. B. Jones called attention to the fact that little or no progress had been made with the letting of the estate lands. He could not believe that land of the value of some portions of their estate might not be let at a proper rate in this borough, but it was quite possible for such a prohibitory price to be put upon it, that a large quantity would remain on their hands. Mr. Ben. Jones inquired how much of the land remained unlet. Mr R. B. Jones said they had not let three-fourths of it. He had often called attention to the desirability of keeping the estate accounts separate, as directed by the bye laws; and he thought the bye-laws should be enforced, and that the clerk should be directed to keep a separate account of the receipts of the estates. Mr. George then read the following minutes :—" At a meeting of the Sanitary Committee, held on the 7th inst., present—Messrs. R. T. Howell (in the chair), D. Evans, J. George, W. Thomas, and Ben. Jones Mr. John Thomas's notice and plan of a building near the Roman Catholic Chapel was approved of; also Mr. Thomas's (tanner) notice and plan of a house in Church- street. Mr. Ben. Jones inquired if the street in which the house referred to in the minutes was to be erected had no name. It seemed odd to describe the house simply as being near the Roman Catholic Chapel and not in some particular street. Mr. Rosser said he did not know the name of the street, nor whether it had received one. Mr. li. B. Jones thought it scarcely necessary to call the attention of the builder to the matter. Suppose they agreed to call it Catholic-street. (Laughter.) Mr. D. Morris suggested that they should wait until a corner house was erected, for as soon as that was done the street would doubtless receive its name. (Laughter.) The Chairman said he had before him an estimate for a general district rate, but he thought it should be referred to the Highway Committee to report to the meeting of the Board on Saturday next. Mr. R. B. Jones thought the committees were given too much work, but he would not object to the estimate being referred. The Chairman said the committee could give the matter more deliberate attention than could be bestowed upon it at a general meeting. It was then referred to the committee. Mr. R. B. Jones said he wished to make an observa- tion or two as to the dedication of streets. He thought the Board should fix a limited period for such dedication, as otherwise the street might remain in an incomplete state as long as it suited the owner or builder to keep them so. His attention had been drawn to this matter from the state of the street crossing from the Swansea- road to the Potteries, and also the street at Greenfield, near the Catholic Chapel. They were not such as could be used by the public. The street from Mr. Rosser's house to Greenfield was in a wretched condition, for after a shower of rain they were impassable in con- sequence of the pools of water. He thought the atten- tion of the Highway Committee should be called to the subject. Mr. Rosser said, one of the streets alluded to was dedicated to the public, but the others were private as yet. Mr. Jones said the streets he alluded to belonged to the Board, and he would move That it be referred to the Highway Committee to enquire and report whether there are any streets or land laid out under any plans submitted to the Board which are incomplete or not constructed and completed, and dedicated in accordance with the Public Health Act, the Local Government Act, the Highways Acts, and the Bye-Laws of the Board, and that the committee be requested to report on the liability of the Board to the repairs of such roads." Mr. Rosser thought the Board could make the streets their own when they choose. Mr. R. B. Jones said, as soon as the street was dedica- ted to the public the owner could be compelled to comply with the bye-laws of the Board. In reply to Mr. Nevill, Mr. Jones said that before the street was dedicated the owner was not subject to the bye-laws; at any rate not while the street was build- ing. Mr. Rosser thought the streets generally became the property of the public when the owners were tired of keeping them in repair. Mr. Ben Jones was of opinion that when the owner or builder of a house or street submitted plans to this Board, he became plenable to the bye-laws. He thought they should also be bound to complete the building within a reasonable time. Mr. R. B. Jones supposed the Board were ignorant that there was such a thing as a South Wales Highway Act The Board, however, seemed to take no notice of Acts of Parliament; they appeared to have a limited appreciation of statute law. (Laughter.) He move that the subject should be referred to the committee, because he liked the information to come in a regular form, and the Board could then take action according to the re- port. The motion was carried unanimously. Mr. R B. Jones said, some two or three months ago he called the attention of the Board to the circumstance that Mr. John Humphreys had been prevented from building near Worn foundry, and also to the state of the roads through Mr. Lewis, of Strady's property. The matter was then discussed and it was arranged that it should be looked into so far as he knew, however, no- thing had yet been done. He thought the matter should be cleared up, for the Board had not acted courteously towards Mr. Lewis in neglecting it. It was resolved that the attention of the Surveyor should be called to the matter. On the motion of Mr. Ben. Jones, it was resolved that the members of the Board should be requested to join in the procession on the day of the marriage of the Prince of Wales. Cheques to the amount of £51 13s. 2d. having been signed, the Board separated.