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I LLANELLY LOCAL BOARD OF HEALTH. A general meeting of this Board was held on Saturday last, when the following members were presciit-Alessrs. R. B Jones, in the chair, R. T. Howell, R-, Harrisi J. Ocorgb- and D. Evans, The minutes of the last meeting were read and verified. The vouchers for payments then ordered were examined and found correct. The balance in the treasurer's hand were as lollows To the credit of the district fund account X2 9s. GJ. To the estate do., X9 Os 6d. The minutes of the Highway Committee of the 27th inst. were read and confirmed as follows :• The Clerk's report on the liabilities of the South Wales Railway Company to repair the approaches to bridges and level crossings was laid before and considered by the coin mittee, and they recommend that an immediate representa- tion should be made to the railway company of the condi- tion of the approaches and roadway of the Union bridge, and that they be requested to put the same into a proper state both as regards gradients and repairs. The following, is an abstract of the report- In reference to the liability of the Snuth Wales Railway Company tc tepair the approaches to bridges and level crossings, the Clerkreportr.d In October of last year I had occasion to report to this Board whethcr, in my opinion, the South Wales Railway Company were liable to repair the approaches to the bridge passing over the railway near the Union public-house, at the Seaside, Llanelly. After a full consideration of the question I arrived at the conclu- sion that the Company, under the 46th section of the Rail- way Clauses Consolidation Act, 8 Vict. c. 20, were bound to maintain and repair so much of the road on each side as they have interfered with in making approaches 'to the bridge, under a penalty recoverable before justices, I had then no decisions) to guide me other than I Itex v. Kerrison," and 'Rex t). The Inhabitants of Kent," adverted to by Hodges on the Law of Railways, page 385 and 3^6, which cases, however, did not conclusively meet the point raised. "Your Board have again referred the whole matter for my further consideration and opinion, and I have no' to state for your information that the views taken in my first report as to the liability of the South Wales Railway Com- pany have been confirmed by the decision of the Judges (on the 20th of Januarr, 1,8-isi) in the Court of Queen's Bench, viz., the North Stanordshire Railway appellants, and Thomas Dale and other respondents and after referring tp the above Act and section, which provides that a bridge made by a Railway Company for carrying a turnpike road or public highway over or under the railway, with the imme- diate approaches and all other necessry works connected therewith, shall be executed, and at all times thereafter maintained at the expense of the company, imposes on the company the obligation of perpetually maintaining in re- pair the roadway over the bridge, and over the ascents and descents, notwithstanding that by sect. 56 (of 8 Vic. c. 20), where a railway company interferes with or raises a road, all that the company is requested to do is to restore it in as good a condition as the same was in at the time when it was first interfered with by the company, or as near thereto as circumstances will permit. Lord Campbell remarked in reference to section 46, 'It would be difficult to imagine language more precise and conclusive," and that the obli gation of the company is not complied with by merely making an archway without a road way, for the whole must be complete for the passing of carriages, horses, &c., and till that is done the work is not completed. Then it is metalled, and it must be kept so. Justice Wightmen con- curred, as also Justice Crompton. In the face of this decision I think the South Wales Railway Company cannot longer resist the maintaining and keeping in repair so much of the road on each side f the bridge near the Union, as they have interfered with and 1 submit that their attention should be,called to the above decision, accompanied by a request that they will forthwith comply with the terms of it, or your Board will be compelled to proceed for a penalty for neglect, before the Carmarthen- shiie justices." (Signed) F. L. BROWN. The Clerk laid before the committee the contract and ex- tra account of Jonah Davies up to the 29th of September, certified by the late surveyor, showing a balance of Y,50 due to the contractor in respect of his contract with the com- mittee, and recommend that it should be paid. The extras account appears to be settled. The Surveyor's report adverting to the matter referred to him by the previous meeting was laid before the committee, by which it appears that he is collecting data upon which to found his report. The committee recommended the payment of certain bills. The Collector's fortnightly statement ending 19th of No- vember, was submitted to the committee, showing that lie had collected of special district rate L4 16s 6d; general do., X24 3s lid.; highway, L18 3s. The minutes of the sanitary committee of the 27th ult. were read and confirmed as follows The report of the surveyor was read-" The following notices and plans of David James to erect premises at the South Wales Railway Station, and also of William Morris to erect two houses near the Booths, were considered and approved. The committee recommend that means be taken to warm and air the shed in which the fire engine is kept. The report of inspector of nuisances was read. The measures adopted for the cleansing of drains under the superintendence of the surveyor was approved. Notices were ordered to be given to [the following parties to erect conveniences on their premises W. Bowen, smith Thomas Williams, Penyfen William Hopkins, Wern. The minutes of the water works committee were confirmed and it was resolved that the water committee be directed to continue their efforts to bring the question between the board and the contraclor to a conclusion, and to report to the board the result. The minutes of the Finance Committee of the 20th ult. were read and confirmed. It was moved by Mr. It. T. Howell ana seconded Dy Atr. Rees Harries, and resolved that the attention of the clerk to the gas company be directed to the defective lighting of t! e town clock. Cheques were signed, and it was resolved that the meet- ing be adjourned to Saturday, 4th of December, fur the pur- pose of executing the lease to Mr. Bethel, and also to con- sider the several questions referred to the estate and water works committee, and also for the consideration of all ordi- nary or general business of the board.

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