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A CIIETSER TRADESMAN DUPED BY A WEI.SII IlEirESS.Tlie Chester papers give an account of thi marriage of a tradesman of that city with a Welsh girl, whom he believed was heiress to property worth E 12,000, but who, it turns out, is penniless. About three weeks ago the tradesman, christened by the papers Green, 9 widower, with four children, was at llhyl, superintending some work of construction, when he was infoimed tha there was a young lady there with plenty of money whi was anxious to form a matrimonial connexion. Thl widower procured an introduction to the young lady, anf it was agreed that he should accompany her to St. Asaph where she wished to prove the will of her brother, wb, fell in the Crimea, under which she came possessed c considerable property, say £ 12,000, in land and mortgages She, however, so well contrived the trip to St. Asaph tha when they got there, on a Saturday, the will-office waf closed. As nothing could bo done until Monday, an' she was eager to get out of the clutches of her guar dian, who had destined her to be the bride of an elde suitor whom she detested, she iiltini-itecl that so great catch as herself might be under espionage, and she dare not go home for her luggage; so Mr. "Green" inducci her to accompany him to Chester, where he prudentl, lodged her at the house of a reputable householder. Or Monday morning the widower proceeded to the surrogate to procure a license, but as he was very much excited, h wss requested to come again when he was more collectet lie then went in search of the fair one, that she migll obtain the license, and he found that she had been agree ably engaged in buying herself silk dresses, shawls, &c with some score or two of pounds which he had dra,,T; from the bank. Ile discovered her at a shoemaker's sliop where, after fitting herself with a pair of boots, she, to th' amazement of Crispin, took off her old stockings and re' placed them by a pair of new ones which she had put' chased. She soon obtained the license, and the marriag was speedily celebrated, she giving her age 21 last Sun day at two o'clock." The couple proceeded on theí wedding tour to Birmingham. En route, the happy huS band introduced his bride to his friends at Oswestry among whom was a relative, a draper. In his shop soml conversation passed about the neighbouring families, ail, Mrs. Green asked about a Kcv. '%Ir. not that sVI knew hi:n personally, but she remembered that" poor dell papa had a mortgage of £ 1,000 on his land. The 0s westry tradesman made her a present of a water-pro" tweed cloak for travelling. Up to that time, all had bee1 couleur de rose in the eyes of Sir. Green; but now b' began to tLink it time to realize the fhlterin ùream. alii to replace the sums drawn from his accoupt at the bank For this purpose it was necessary that the trustees of thl will should be seen, so, accompanicd by a boniface friend they proceeded to Mold by train, and had a car from thef to Ituthin. At the Cross Foxeg inr, on the \iy to Ituth'il the lady said she wished to see a friend, and left he husband, 11 for a few minutes only," as she said, but dic not return. Her purse, which had been filled by tbt bridegroom in anticipation of the E12,000, becoming light, she returned to ber liege lord in Chester on Mondll last. She went to the Swan, in Foregate street, tb' hostelry of the friend of Mr. Green who accompanied hirf to Ruthin to take possession of her supposed wealth where her reception as is usual with persons of distinction created an immense cxcitement. Mr. Green was at an In* iu the same locality, but indignantly refused an interview with the Welsh heiress. The lady remained at the Swill during Monday evening, and as she was decked in all tb' bridal finery purchased at the expense of Mr. Green, sa as if at home," surrounded by numerous firiends an' visitors, who arrived in rapid succession. The strategil belle, whose name is Elizabeth Williams, is from Felin-Y wig, near Ruthin, and is the daughter of very humbl' persons. She intends, it is said, to tak forcible pos' session of the house of her husband. What makes tb' matter more unpleasant to :\1r. Green is that he was ell' gaged to be married on New Year's day to all amiabl' person in Chester MUNICITAI. BOROUGHS IN ENGLAND AND WALES.—O' Tuesday was published an abstract of the accounts 0 boroughs in England and Wales for the year ended tbl 31st of August last. It hence appears that tbe gross totr receipts (including the balances in the treasurers' handf amounted to the sum of £ 1,-590,609, whereof £ 311,95< accrued from borough rates, and £1,16G,860 from "o'bc receipts." It further appears that the total concurrent er. penditure amounted to 1;1,522,230, including L25,211 du( to treasurers. )