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PURE TEA. In packets of 2oz$. and upwards, at 4s. per lb. for Cash, ,THE. EMPRESS OF CHINA'S TEA, consisting of various sorts of really fine. Tea, well matured and so judiciopsly- blended, that great flavour and strength are most happily combined. Each packet bears certificates that it is GENUINE & UNADULTERATED TEA, MOORE and CO., LITTLE TOWER STREET, LODox, Sold by E. B. JONES, Carmarthen. GOSSAGE'S PATENT SOAP. The Best and Most Economical yet Offered, to the Public. GNE POUND will cleanse thoroughly more soiled Clothes ? than wouM squire ONE POUND of TALLOW SOAP sold at FIVE PENCE, or TWO POUNDS of COMMON YELLOW SOAP sold at THREEPENCE PER POUND. As this cleansing is effected with less rubbing, the Clothes are more Durable in wear. Manufactured by Gossage's Patent Soap Company, Widnes Dock, near Warrington. NEITHER SODA NOR WASHING POWDER NEED BE USED WITH THIS SOAP. Sold Retail by Grocers, &c. The Genuine Soap is stamped Gossage's Patent. Wholesale Agent for South Wales-Mr, C. W. SMITH, 5, Mansei, Terrace, Swansea. IN THE HIGH COURT OF CHANCERY. TRIESEMAR. On the 20th of MAY, 1S-5-5, an Injunction was Grautcd by the High Court of Chancery, and on the 11th of JUNE following was made perpetual, against Joseph Franklin and others, to restrain them, under a Penalty of £ 1,000, from imitating this medicine, which is protected by ltoyal Letters patent of England and secured by the seals of the Ecole de Pharmacie do Paris, and the Imperial College of Medicine, Vienna. TRIESEMAR No. 1, is a Remedy for RELAXATION, JL SPERMATORRHOEA, and Exhaustion of the System whether arising from excesses, accident, or climate. To those persons who are prevented entering the married state by the consequence of early errors it is invaluable. TRIESEMAR No. II. effectually, in the short space of Three Days, completely and entirely eradicates all traces of those disorders which Capaivi and Cubebs have so long been thought an antidote for, to the ruin of the health of a vast portion of the population. TRIESEMAR No. III. is the great Continental Remedy for that class of disorders which unfortunately the English Physician treats with Mercury, to the inevitable destruction of the patient's constitution, and which all the Sarsaparilla in the world cannot remove. TRIESEMAR. Nos. I., II., III. are alike devoid of taste or smell, and of all nauseating qualities. They may lay on the Toilet table with impunity. Sold in tin cases at lis. each; free by post, 2s. extra; divided into separate doses, as administered by Vnlpeau, Lallemand, Roux, &c &c. To be had wholesale and retail in London, of Johnson, 68, Cornhill Hannay and Co. 63, Oxford-street; and Sanger, 150, Oxford-street R. H. Ingham, druggist, 46, Market-street, Manchester; II. Bradbury, bookseller, Deansgate, Bolton; J. Priestly, chemist, 52, Lord-street, Liverpool; Powell, bookseller, 1.5, Westmoreland-street, Dublin; Winnall, bookseller, High- street, Birmingham. GRIMSTONE'S AROMATIC REGENERATOR is the k_T only article that will produce a new growth of Hair of its natural colour: a few applications will cure every disease to which the human hair is subject, producing a luxuriant growth. Sold, in bottles, at -Is., 7s., lis. (this contains four of the 4s. size). If through the post, 12s. tin case; and GRIMSTONE'S THREE MINUTES' ADVICE UPON THE GROWTH AND CULTIVATION OF THE HU- MAN HAIR, including his pamphlet, with twenty real Testimonials to WILLIAM GIUMSTONE, Inventor of the cele- brated Eye Snuff, Ilerbary, Higbgate. Depot, 52, High- street, Bloomsbury, London. RIMSTONE'S EGYPTIAN PEA. discovered amongst \3r others by the Committee of the British Museum, in a va,;e, presented to them by Sir Gardiner Wilkinson, the Egyptian traveller. Three were presented to Mr. William Grimstone by Mr. T. I Pettigrew, w ho assisted in opening this relic of the !ime of the Pharaoh", being 2,844 years old. The growth of this pea is different to those of this country the taste is unequalled—they boil much greener than ours, and more prolific, being planted thus eight inches apart. The 2s. Gd. bag will produce enough for a small family. They require no sticks, and the bloom hangs in clusters. Sold in bags, 2s. 6J.; three times the quantity. 5s.; seven times the quantity, 10s. Eich bag is signed and sealed by WILLIAM GIUMSTONE, Herbary, Highgate. Depot, 52, High-street, Bloomsbury, London, of whom may be had, price Id., post-free 2d., the HISTORY OF "GRIM- STONE'S EGYPTIAN PEA." illb JNlSW YEAlt, 1S56. *-YRIK rropnetors of th(? ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS Jt beg respectfully to call the attention of the Public to the present Season of the Year as affording a most favorable opportunity of becoming Subscribers to that celebrated Journal. This may be effected through the medium of any respectable Bookseller or Ncwsveuder ill any part of the United Kingdom. A leading advantage of becoming Subscribers for the ,year 1856 will be the securing the delivery of several MAGNIFICENT SUPPLEMENTS, WO UK. ED IN COLOURS. which can be ensured only to the regular Subscribers to the ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS. These Coloured Supplements will bear'comparison with the finest Water Colour Drawings of our most eminent Masters, and can only be produced by a very large extra outlay. The issue of the ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS during the year 18-55 may be confidently referred to, as affording proof of what it is possible to accomplish where the resources are ample. And it is due to acknowledge that the liberality of the Proprietors has met with a response from the Public, unparalleled in the history of Journalism. The lLLrs- TRATED LONDON NEWS is now the most extensively circu- lating Journal in the world its present Weekly issue is nearly TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND COVIES, and that issue still on the increase. This signal triumph of British enterprise and industry, of genius and art combined, could only have been accomplished by the command of un- usual resources, and by the employment of new and greatly improved Machinery to keep pace with the requirements of the Public. The Proprietors are determined that-so far as they arc coiieerned-the issue of the year 1856 shall secure increased popuhritv to the ILLUSTRATED LOŒON NEWS. This will be effected bv improvements in the Printing by the in- crea,,ed excebl r cnee of the Paper; by the additional value of the Engravings; by new and eminent literary contribu- tions; and last, not least, by the Splendid Coloured Supple- ments; the whole rendering it the Leading Journal of the World. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION.—For Unstamped Copies, only 5d. each Stamped Copies, which admit of free transmission for fifteen days from the date thereof, 6d. each. The Paper should be ordered immediately for six months, in order to secure the splendid coloured and other gratis Supplements. ON SPERMATORRHOEA AND ITS EFFECTS ON THE NERVOUS AND GENERATIVE SYSTEM. A Medical Work, Illustrated with Forty-five Coloured En- gravings, and containing the RECIPE for the At THOR's NEWLY-DISCOVERED PREVENTIVE LOTION. Just Published, the 71st Thousand, price 2s. Gd., sold in a scaled envelope, by all Booksellers, or sent, post-paid, by the Author, for forty postage stamps, MANHOOD The CAUSE and CURE of its PREMA- l?JL TURE DECLINE, with Plain Directions for Perfect -,Aestoration to Health and Vigour also the removal of Spermatorrhoea by a New and Simple mode of Treatment, without resorting to the dangerous practice of Cauterization, being a Medical Review of every Form, CAUSE, and CURE of Nervous Debility, Impotency, Loss of Mental and Physi- cal Capacity, whether resulting from Youthful Abuse, the Follies of Maturity, the Effects of Climate, or Infection, Ac. addressed to the Sufferer in Youth; Manhood, and Old Age with the Author's Observations on the Prevention and Cure of Svphilis. Spermatorrhoea, and other Urino-Gerital Diseases, as adopted in tne new mode ot treatment by Deslandes, Lallemand, andRicord, Surgeons to the Hospi- tal Venerien, Paris. By J. L. CURTIS, Surgeon, 15, Albemarle Street, Piccadilly, London. At home for consultation daily, from 10 till 3, and 6 to 8. Sundnys, from 10 till 1. This work, which for twenty years has stood the test of professional criticism and empirical hostility, treats in a plain and sympathizing manner on the various disqualifica- tions and impediments arising from nervous excitement and debiiity and to invalids suffering from the consequences of Secret Errors and Excesses, it will be found invaluable as a Monitor and Guide, by which the shoals of Empiricism may be avoided, and a speedy return to health secured. REVIEWS OF THE WORK. "Curtis on Manhood.—Far be it from us to misdirect our pen or sully our pages with a notice in any shape of a work that would taint the purest mind or pander to one evil prin ciple of human nature but the book under review, so far from having a tendency of the kind, is one calculated to warn and instruct the erring, without imparting one idea that can vitiate the inindjiot. already tutored by the vices of which it treats."—Xaval and Military Gazette, 1st Feb., 1851. We feel no hesitation in saying, that there is no member of society by whom the book will not be found useful-whe- ther-such person hold the relation of a parent, preceptcr, oi a clergyman.Sim, Evening Paper. Sold, in sealed envelopes, by the AUTHOR; also by Pirri, and Co., 23, Paternoster-row HANNAY, 63, Oxford-street MANN, 39, Cornhill, London; GUEST, Bull-street, Birming- ham IIEYWOOD, Oldhani-strcet, Manchester; HOWELL,6, Church-street, Liverpool; CAMPBELL, 13(3, Argyle-street, Glasgow; ROBINSON, 11, Greenside-street, Edinburgh; POWELL, Westmoreland-street, Dublin Cambrian Office, Swansea; J. Griffiths, Stationer, Swansea; Ferris and Score, Union Street, Bristol; and by all Booksellers and Chemists in the United Kingdom. This book can be sent Post-paid, without Extra Charge, to the East and West Indies, Canada, Australia, and other iI British possessions. WES^ OF ENGLAND LIFE AND FIRE INSURANCE I COMPANY. 1. „ ESTABLISHED AT EXETER, 1807.. Office for the Metropolis, 20, Bridge Street, Blackfriars. EMPOWERED BY ACT OF PARLIAMENT. Capital, £600,000. TRUSTEES: Right HOD. Earl Forteacuo Sir T. D. Acland, Bart., M.P. Right Hon. Earl Morley Edward Divett, Esq., M.P. Right Hon. Lord Clifford Samuel T. Kekewich, Esq. LIFE INSURANCES. THIS Company offers to the Public, besides the Security of an ample paid up Capital, a Bonus of 80 per cent., or four-fifths of the Profits to the Assured for £100 and upwards, every successi ve period of Five Years. The Share of Profits allotted to each Policy may be added to the sum insured, and payable at the death of the Life,—or its present value in cash may be received,—or an equivalent reduction of the future Annual Premium obtained; at the option of the assured. At the last DIVISION OF PROFITS for the Five Years ending Christmas, 1852, the REVERSIONARY BONUS declared upon the Policies participating in four-fifths of the Profits of the Company RANGED BETWEEN TWENTY- FOUR and FIFTY-FOUR PER CENT., according to age, upon fhe Premiums paid during the Five Years. Assurances may be effected at a lower rate of Premium, without a participation of profits. NO CHARGE FOR LIFE POLICY STAMPS. FIRE INSURANCES Are effected by the Company at the usual Reduced Rates, and a moiety of the Profits is distributed every Fifth Year, on Policies for £ 300 and upwards. The Forms of Proposals, and Prospectuses detailing the other advantages of the Company, may be had on application at the Chief Office, or to either of the Company's Agents. WILLIAM CANN, Secretary. Exeter, December, 1855. AGENT. Carmarthen. Mr. George Spurrcll Applications for Agencies, in Towns not at present repre- sented, to be made to the Secretary. k BRISTOL GENERAL -16 STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY THE following or other suitable STEAM VESSELS, unless JL prevented by any unforeseen occurrence, are intended to Sail from CUMBERLAND BASIN, BRISTOL, (except the Dart," for Newport, and Swift," for Cardiff, which will start from Bathurst Basin,) and as under-mentioned, with or without Pilots, and with liberty to tow Vessels during the Month of JANUARY. 1856. CARMARTHEN.-JUNO. FROM BRISTOL, CALLING FROM CARMARTHEN, AT TENBY. CALLING AT TENBY, FOUR HOURS LATER. Tuesday 1. 11 morn-Thursday 13 noon Tuesday 8 6 morn J Wednesday 9 6 morn Tueday 2-2 6 mori^ Wednesday 23 6 morn FARES:—Cabin 13s. Children under 12 years, 6s. 6,1. Servants in the Cabin, 8a. (including Steward's Fees.) Deck, (is. Children under 12 years, 4s. Carriage, 42s. Pair-Horse Pliwton, 31s. 6d. Small one-horse do., 25s. Gig, 20s. llorse, 20s. Dog, 3s. Return Tickets (available for one week,) Best Cabin, 18s. Fore-Cabin, lis. Horses and Cariages landed and embarked at the risk and expense of their owners. Horses, Carriages, &c. must be shipped at the Pier of Tenby at least three hours before the above sailings. MILFORD, PATER, AND HAVERFORDWEST. SHAMROCK. From Milford to Waterford FROM BRISTOL. 7 miles from Haverfordwest Railway Station, Wednesday Tuesday 1 11 morn Evenin8 at 8 o'clock or as Tuesday 8 6jinorii goon after as circum?nces Tuesday lo Jl morn .11 Tuesday* 2 61 mor ill P?? 9, n FARES Best Cabin, 2os. Tuesd,3* 29 inorn FARES :-Same as Tenby. Fore-Cabin. 7a. Gd. ?wwaterford to Bristol, Fridays. C A R D IFF .-S W I F T. FROM BRISTOL. FROM CARDIFF. Wednes 2 12 J after Tuesday ] 9|,mom Friday. 4. 2?aftcrThursday.. 3 12 noon Monday.. 7 6 morn Saturday 5 2 after Tuesday.. 8 5 Rafter Tuesday 8 jj morn Wednesday 9 6j after Wed 9 ♦> morn Friday. 11 8 ^morn Thursday 10 5 J after Monday 14 10',morn Saturday 12 7!,morn Wednesday 16 12}after Tuesday 1.5 9?mom Friday 18 2\ after Thursday 17 .H noon Monday 21 6 morn Saturda3- 19 2 after Tuesday 22 fijmomMonday 21. 31atter Wednesday 23 7 morn Tuesday.. 22 4lafter Friday 25 8 morn (Thursday 24 0 morn Monday.28 9 m0ra1 Saturday 26 .7 morn Wednesday 30 ,10 mornTuesrlay 29 .Thursday.. 31 9 morn FARES:—After Cabin, 3s. Fore Cabin, Is. 6d. NEWPORT.-DART. FROM BRISTOL. FROM NEWPORT. Tuesday 1 11 morn (Wednesday 2 lOimorn Thuxs<lm.y- ■* I!, after Friday 4 1 after Saturday 5 3;aftor ll 4 morn M.?.?. 7': 5 af?erTu?da?-  ?'a'ftS Wednesday 9 7 morn-Thursday 10 <!?morn Friday !1 8 inorrijSaturday 12 7.Jmorn Monday. 14 lOimorn Tuesday 15 10 morn Wednesday 16 12; after 17 12 noon Friday IS aftei 'i?u? d 1!) 21 after Monday 21 6 mornjMondav 21 4 after Tuesday 22 6JmomiWednesday ?:{?.')j after Thursday 21 7.imornjFnday 25 C.morn Saturday 26 8 ^morn Monday 28 8 mum Tuesday 29 91 30 8 "morii Thursday 31 11 morn ) F ARES.-After Cabin, 3s., Fore Cabin, Is. Gd. DUBLIN.—Average Passage by the NEW IRON PADDLE STEAMERS Jexo and PHOENIX, 18 hours. FROM BRISTOL. FROM DUBLIN. Friday 4 2\after!Tuesday 1 6 morn Friday 11 8 morn j Tuesday 8 12 noon Friday 18 21 afterituesday. 1.) 6 morn F r i d a y ) 8mornTu'L'sday.2?..Hnoon Friday 25 8 morn Tuesday 22.. 12 noon Tuesday 2J 5 morn SINGLE FARES -.—Cabin £ 1 5s. Servants and Children (under 12,) 14s. (including Steward's Fees) Deck, 10s. To and Fro Ditto :-Cabin £1 12s. 6<1. Deck, 15. Available until second Return Trip from date of issue. Arrangements have also been made in conjunction with the Great Western Railway Company, for through Tickets, from from London, to Dublin, via Bristo!, and vice versa, on the following terms:- F ARES-Cabin and 1st, Class, 31s. 4d. Cabm and 2nd Class. 28s. 6d. Deck and 3rd. Class, lis. (0d. To and Fro Ticket* are also granted available for Sixteen Days, viz FARES :-Cabin and 1st. Class, 47s. 3d. Cabin and 2nd Class, 43s. CORK. JUVERNA AND SABRINA. FROM BRISTOL. FROM CORK. Tuesday 1 II morn Tuesday ] o mom Saturday 5 3 after friday 4.. II morn Tuesday 8 61 morn Tuesday 8.. 3after Saturday I 9 morn, Friday. 11.. 7 morn Tuesday 15 ll morn | Tuesday H 9 mom Saturday 19 3 after fnday IIj.. 11 niorn Tuesday 22 6'morn 1 Tuesday 2! ° ;( after Saturday 26 8 morn Friday 05 'gi_ Tuesday. 29 9 morn Tuesday 29 8 [morn FARES Cabin, 27s. 6d. Servants and Children (under 12,) 15s. (including Steward's Fees.) Deck, 10s. 6d. Arrangements have been made li. injunction with the Great Western Railway Comany, for througu Tickets, from London to Cork, via Bristol, and vice versa, on the following terms:- FARES :-(;01bl1. and 1st. Class, 38s. Cabin and 2nd Class, 34s Deck and 3rd Class, 16s. To and Fro Tickets are also granted, available, for Sixteen Days, viz:- FARES:-Cabin and 1st Class, 57s. Cabin and 2nd Class, 51s WATERFORD. CAMILLA AND SHAMROCK. BRISTOL TO WATERFORD, WATERFORD TO BRISTOL, UAALILLA.—(uirect.) F"(1»y 4.. ?aftei-CAMILLA-Tuesdavs.SHAM- tnday H 8 morn RUCK—Fridays—(direct.) t riday )8 2?,aftet-i Friday .?.. Smorn Tuesday i.. 91 morn SHAMROCK. it riday 4 l'ateri Cat)in?atMi)ford. Pater, and Tuesday  8.. 1 after Haverfordwest. | Friday n g morn Tutsday 1 11 mornil'uesday r) yjmorn Tuesday 8 6imorn!Friday 18.. 1 after Tuesday 1.5 ll morn'Tuesday 22 1 after Tuesday 22 6;mori! Friday 25 7 morn |j TWe.t* v •><> 0 .-••n iTimsday 29 9 Tnnrn F? r,,S -Ca in, 2-5?. Servants and Children (under 12 14s. (including Steward's Fees) Deck, 7s. 6d. To and Fro Cabin, 10s. Arrangements have been made with the several Railway Companies for through Tickets, as under, Available by the ordinary Trains only, or by Express on payment of difference iu Fare. FARM, Cabin&lst CIs. jDeek & 2 Class deck 3 islNGLE To&pro SINaLEjTO&FrO,SINGLE PaddingtontoWa[erford,tn4'7.3H86?.<O?UJO Ditto 4;.ilkeniiy I I ?) 4 ? ?,l 13 11 6I*?' 60 l? I Ditto Clonmel !I I 1 10 :2 :3? 1 11 it 2 -t 6 9 10 li ? Ditto.. Limerick if 1 0|3 1 611 15 7 ,2 3 6 1 0 4 To and Fro Tickets are available for 16 days. The whole of the above Vessels are fitted up for the conveyance of passengers and goods.—Female Steward 011 Board. Carriages and Horses shipped with care. Horses and Carriages to be shipped two hours before sailing. Particulars may be obtained by applying at the Bristol S team N-tiigation Company's Office, Quay, Bristol; where all Goods,Packages, Parcels, & c., should be addressed:- forCaruiif, to W. & II.Ilartncll, Corner of Saint Stephen s Avenue, Quay; and for Newport, to W. & li. Hartnell, Corner of Saint Stephen's Avenue, Quay, and to J.Jones, Rownham Wrharf, Hotwells. See aiso Bradshaw's Guide. In London-Spread Eagle, Regent Circus, Piccadilly H. Underwood, 56 Haymarket; Gilberts Co., Blossoms Inn, Lawrence Lane, Cbeapside, and 82, Lombard Street. AGENTS.—Mr. R. STAGEY, Carmarthen; Mr. T. J. Thomas, Tenby Mr A. Williams, Haverfordwest. Mr. Palmer, Milford; Mr.Bowen, Pater. N()TII;E.—The Frojirietors of the above Steam Packets wi ,I not be ace )untable for arn Cabin Passenger's Luggage, (il los' ordamag d) above the value of £ 5 nor for any Deck ?assel er's LUg" age (iflost or damaged) above the value of 2.011.: un- less in each case entered as such, & freight in proportion paid for at the time of tlelivery nor will they be answerable for any other parcel above the value of 40s. (if lost or damaged) unless entered as such, and freight in proportionpaid for thesame at the time of delivery. Not accountable for any Goods without Skipping Notes All letters seeking information to be postpaid.






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