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't'. °. .t, C Alt MART II EN SHI RE. JANUARY QUARTER SESSIONS, 1856. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the next General 1 Quarter Sessions of the Peace for this County will be held at the Shirchall, in the Town of Llandilo-fawr, in the said County, on Thursday, the 3rd day of January next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at which hour and place ■ < all County business will commence and be proceeded with, and that at Twelve o'clock on that day the Court will pro- ceed to the adoption of such provisions of the several Acts of Parliament relating to the Rural Police of the said County as shall be necessary, and to the transac- tion of all business relating to the assessment, applica- tion, and management of the County Rate; and will pass all bills examined and approved of by the Finance Com- mittee. A motion will be made that the Upper Cowin Bridge be adopted as a County Bridge. And Notice is hereby also given, that all appeals and traverses to be tried at these Sessions must be entered in the Clerk of the Ireace's Office on or before 10 o'clock in the morning of Friday the 4th day of January next, (the second day of the said Sessions), and that on the said 4th day of January, at the hour last aforesaid, all Grand and Petit Jurors, Bailiffs of Hundreds, and persons bound by Recognizances, must attend and answer to their names and the several Magistrates of the County, are requested to cause all depositions taken before them relating to Felonies and Misdemeanours to be prosecuted at the said Sessions, to be transmitted to the Clerk of the Peace on or before the 29th day of December inst., and in all cases arising subsequently, immediately after being taken. And Notice is hereby also given that the Court will proceed with business on the said 4th day of January, in the following order: First, Trials of Prisoners; secondly, Trials of Traverses Thirdly, hearing appeals and common motions. Notice is also given, that all persons having claims against the County, must send in their accounts to the Clerk of the Peace's Office, at Carmarthen, on or before the 24th day of December instant, (except for works to County Bridges, which are tc be sent on the 17th day of December instant,) and must attend before the Finance Committee of Magistrates, on Thursday, the 27th day of December inst., at the County Grand Jury Room, in Carmarthen, at eleven o'clock in the morning, for the purpose of having such claims audited, if required, otherwise they will not be paid.—Dated this 10th day of December, 1855. CHARLES BISHOP, Clerk of the Peace. CARDIGANSHIRE. EPIPHANY QUARTER SESSIONS, 1856. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the next General Quarter Sessions of the Peace will be held and kept at the County Sessions House, in the Town of Aberayron, in and for the said County, on Tues- day, the 1st day of January next, at the hour of eleven in the forenoon, when all persons summoned to attend as Jurors, and bound over to prosecute I and give evidence at the said Sessions, are required to attend. The Magistrates of the County are requested to return all depositions taken before them, in cases to be tried at the Quarter Sessions, to the Clerk of the I 1 eace, at least one week previous to the Sessions, and in all cases which may be heard within one week, the depositions to be returned forthwith. The Recognizances of prosecutors and witnesses must be filed. at the opening of the Court on the first day of the cessions. The Magistrates' Clerks, and the Attornies practising in the said Court, are requested in all cases of appeal to be heard at the said Sessions, to transmit to the Clerk of the Peace for the information and guidance of the Chairman, copies of the examinations upon which the removal is grounded. ^Jid the grounds of appeal, seven days previous to the Sessions. The Court will proceed with the trial of prisoners be- fore the hearing of the appeals. COUNTY AND POLICE RATES. The Finance Committee of Magistrates will sit in the Magistrates' Room, in the County Sessions House, at Aberayron, immediately after the opening of the Court on the first day of the said Sessioii4, to examine and investigate the bills and demands upon the County, and to regulate the County expenditure. All persons who have any demand upon the County, must transmit their bills to the Clerk of the Peace on or before Tuesday, the 25th day of December inst. The Court will proceed with the business relating to the assessment, application, and management of the County Rates, and to pass all bills and demands that shall have been examined and approved of by the Finance Committee of Magistrates, at the hour of two o'clock in the afternoon of the first day of the said Sessions and also to assess and tax the said County with a Police Rate, for the purpose of de- fraying the expenses of the Constabulary Force, according to the provisions of the Acts 2nd and 3rd Victoria, c. 93, and 3rd and 4th Vic., e. 88. Application will be made that the report with regard to the repairing of the Roof of the Criminal Ward in the County Gaol, and of the Gaoler's Residence, laid before the court at the last sessions be adopted and carried out, and that for this purpose a grant not exceeding zC200 be made out of the County Funds. The Court will proceed to appoint four of the Justices of the Peace of this County to be on the Committee of visitors on behalf of this County for the purposes of the Asylum to be erected and provided for the pauper lunatics of this county in union with the Counties of Glamorgan, Carmarthen, and Pembroke. Application will be made for a sum not exceeding zC20 to be applied in fitting up the Militia stores of this County. Aberystwyth, 11th December, 1855. Fred. Row. ROBERTS, Clerk of the Peace. THE LONDON TEA COMPANY'S PRESENT PRICES are 3s. 6d. for good Tea, to 4s. 6d. for fine qualities the rare and richest sorts also sold in 2, 4, and 6-lb. packets. Tea, Coffee, and Spices ordered by post, sent carriage-paid to all parts of England, from the V, EST-E-ID Warehouses and Office, 4, Wigmore Street, Cavendish Square. Purveyors to the Queen. Sole Agents for Marquis's celebrated French Chocolate. Prices by Post, (Established A.D. 1695.) JOHN FREEMAN, Manager. rtino MILNERS' HOLDFAST AND FIRE-RESIST- J ING SAFES (non-conducting and vapourising), with all the improvements, under their Quadruple Patents of 1840-51-54 and 1855, including their Gunpowder Proof Solid Lock and Door (without which no Safe is secure). THE STRONGEST, BEST, AND CHEAPEST SAFEGUARDS EXTANT. MILNERS' PHCENIX (212o) SAFE WORKS, LIVER- POOL, the most complete and extensive in the world. Show- rooms, 6 and 8, Lord-street, Liverpool. London Depot, 47A, Moorgate-street, City. Circulars free by post. ENCLOSED BERTHS, £ 14 AND UPWARDS. | LIVERPOOL & AUSTRALIAN "WHITE STAR" ROYAL MAIL PACKETS, Under engagement with Her Majesty's Post Master General to sail punctually on the 20th of each month, FOR MELBOURNE, forwarding Passengers to SYDNEY, and all other Ports in AUSTRALIA; also to NEW ZEALAND and TASMANIA at a through rate, and by first-class steamers when practicable. Ships. Captains. Tons Reg. Bur. Date SARDINIAN. Sheridan, 1100 3000 20th Jan. SHALIMAli A. Robertson, 1460 3500 20th Feb. WHITE STAR. J. R. Brown, 2247 5000 20th Mar. ANNIE WILSON.. Langley 1240 3200 20th Apr. ROYAL MAIL PACKET, of 20th JAN., 1856, The magnificent American clipper built Ship, SARDINIAN, 1100 tons register, 3000 tons burthen CAPT. SHERIDAN. This wonderful clipper will be despatched with her Ma- jesty's Mails, Cargo and Passengers, on her appointed day as above, under severe penalties. Her extraordinary passages of 10 days from Halifax to Liverpool, of 18 days hence to New York, and her return voyage of 13 days from St. Andrews, N.B., heavily laden, point her out as one of the fastest ships of the age, and it is upon the reputation she has thus ac- quired, that the proprietors of the line are prepared to guarantee that she will land her cargo in a shorter period than any steamer or sailing vessel leaving England about the same time. Her saloon cabin, and state rooms arc replete with every comfort and convenience. She has excellent accommodation for a few second cabin passengers, and her 'tween decks are unusually lofty and well ventilated. Passengers and bag- gage to be alongside on the 18th cabin passengers not later than the 19th January. For Freight and Passage apply to the Owners, PILKINGTON & WILSON, LIYEBTOOL. FURNISH YOUR HOUSE WITH THE BEST ARTICLES AT DEANE'S IRONMONGERY & FURNISHING WAREHOUSES A Priced Furnishing List sent Post Free. r DEANE, DRAY. & Co., LONDON BRIDGE. Established A.D. 1700. ASTHMA, CHEST, AND THROAT AFFECTIONS. Mcirkwick's Patent Improved Respirators, 2s. 6d. each. o G. TRIMBEY, Sole Manufacturer, London. GREAT SAVLYG IN GAS. PATENT LAVA CAS BURNERS. Depot, 41, Queen Street, Cheapside, London. BUTLERS TASTELESS SEIDLlTZ POWDER.! IN ONE BOTTLE. An efficient and agreeable Aperient, or a refreshing saline draught to allay fever or thirst, (enclosed in a case with a measure and spoon,) at 2s. 6d. may be obtained through all Druggists. BUTLER & HARDING, 4. Cheapside, St. Paul's. SAMUEL BROTHERS. f 29, LUDGATE HILL, LONDON, SOLE MANUFACTURERS OF THE NBENHAM Combining superior Style, Fit, Quality, perfect a Ease and Gracefulness, so requisite for Gtentlo- manly appearance, and so rarely obtained. SAMUEL BROTHERS, P Merchant Tailors, 29, Ludgate Hill, London. Plate of Fashions and List of Prices of every description of Clothing sent free GREAT SALE of MODERATOR LAMPS.—EXTRA- ORDINARY BARGAINS.—Full size Lamp, highly ornamented, with globe and stand complete. 12s. 6d. Every taste can be suited, every requirement supplied.—SMITH, 281, Strand, (exactly opposite Norfolk-street,) London. Lists free by post.  TEN-GUINEA HARMONIUM with the Improve- J§ L ments. Manufactured solely by Messrs. WHEATSTOXE I and Co., who obtained the only Prize Medal for this Instru- ment has the full compass of five octaves, with one stop, a rich sustained quality of tone, which can be produced, either loud or soft at pleasure, is an excellent substitute for an organ, and does not require tuning. Warren's Tutor for the above, 4s. WHEATSTONE and Co., Inventors and Patentees of the I Concertina, 20, Conduit-street, Regent-street, London. BED SORES, &C. I IMPROVED WATER BEDS FOR placing on a Bedstead, for Consumptive, extreme B age, or bed-ridden patients, Paralysis, levers, Gun- shot wounds, Fracturcs, Abscess's, ftc., and especially for Bed Sores, whether threatened with sloughing, or in which sloughing has actually taken place. Waterproof Sheeting for protecting bedding from sloughing sores, hemorrage, &c. and Urinals for incontinence of urine. Orders by post or telegraph immediately attended to. Inventor, and sole manufacturer,—HOOPER, Pall Mall East, London. ELEGANCE, COMFORT & ECONOMY. HE CANROBERT CAPE with Sleeves (light, warm, X and waterproof) -price, One Guinea ust introduced by Messrs. POULSON and Co., Tailors, &c., 94, Regent-Street, London. NO HOUSEHOLD should bo without WM. DRAY and iN Co.'s COTTAGE MANGLE, 55s. An Illustrated and descriptive list will be forwarded post-free, on applica- tion to WM. DltAY and Co Engineers and Agricultural Implement Makers, Swan Lane, London. Important to Country Residents. PARKIN'S & GOTTO'S Price List of Stationery, (the i cheapest in England,) sent post free, or useful sample packets of Writing Paper and, Envelopes by post for ten stamps-over 20s. carriage paid to any railway station. No charge for stamping crests, initials, or address. Parkins & Gotto, Manufacturers, 21 and 25, Oxford-street E'L LttC tR*O Is the best substitute for Silver, at a trifling cost. A lample NICKEL spoox sent free for ten stamps, or one KLKCTKOPLATKU for twenty. A Book containing 200 Engravings, forwarded post-free. ordersabove;C2 carriage-free. Richard & John Slack, 336, Strand, London. W EST'S PERFECT WATCHES, at 50s. each have V V strong jewelled movements, in sterling silver cases, arc of all the usual'sizes, and are the cheapest watches ever produced. Perfect watches, iu'gold cases, 4,5, and 6 guineas each, to be had only of Thomas West, 18, Ludgate-street, eext to Number One, St. Paul's, London. PASK'S MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, Distinguished for Tone, Workmanship, and Low Charges. Amateurs, Ships, and Militia Bands promptly furnished. All the newest model Cornopeans. 2000 Accordions, Flu- tinas, and Concertinas, from 4s. 6d. each. Address, 7, Lowther Arcade, and 443, Strand, London. Prize)dedal, 1851. OSBORNE HOUSE. First-class Provisions at Economical prices. A saving of 15 per cent. to the purchaser. Packages gratis. OSBORNE HOUSE, 30, Ludgate-hill, near St. Paul's, London. CmOGGON'S PATENT ASPHALTE ROOFING FELT (./ inodorous felt for damp walls, lining iron houses; sold in rolls 32 in. wide, ld. per SQUARE FOOT. Also dry hair felt, for preventing the radiation of heat, and deadening sound, and sheathing for ships' bottoms, on which the copper lies smooth. Samples, directions, and testimonials sent by post. CROGGON & Co., 2, Dowgate-hill, London. GRATIS! GRATIS!! YMES and RAPER forward on application (post" free) their; Illustrated Catalogue of Silver Electro Plated Wares. The best guide for purchasers. 422, Strand, London. 4 REALLY GOOD STEEL PEN, adapting itself to any ) hand, as flexible as the quill, and nearly as durable as 1?, 3d. per 12 dozen box; or post fr e for Is. 9d. (stamps ) Sold only by the makers, PARTRIDGE and COZENS, 1, Chancery-lane, London. SHIRTS.—B. NICOLL'S REGISTERED SHIRTS, Six 0 for 40s. Flannel Shirts, £ 3 3s. the half-dozen. 42, Regent Circus, and 46, Lombard-street, London; also at 42, Grafton-street, Dublin. Particulars post-free. EAYNE'S CONDIMENTS are the best imported, and I- are patronized by The Hon. East India Company. The best CURRY POWDER, lIb. bottles 3s. 6d. each. Depot, 328, Regent-st., London. A list on application. /^HUBB'S ILLUSTRATED LŒT OF LOCKS FIRE- (7 PROOF SAFES, CASH, DEED, and WRITING BQXES, with their Sizes, Fittings, and Prices, will be sent by post to any part, on receipt of two postage stamps. Apply to CnUBB & Son, 57, St. Paul's Churchyard, Lon- don; 28, Lord Street, Liverpool; 16, Market Street, Manchester; and Horsley Fields, Wolverhampton.  and Night Air.—The RESPIRATORY FOG, Cold, anLCiJIE^T PROTECTOR, to be had of the ?RG ^Mr. COOK, 10, Princess-street, Hanover-square, and or all chynnsts, "Cheap, elegant, and eneetive.Lancct. "The best fbing of the kind." —Medical Institute Good and inexpensive. —Medical Times. THE VESPER HYMN, Transcribed or the Pianoforte, 3:5.; The Old Hundredth, 4s.; With Verdure Clad, 3s.; Fading away, 3s. Eight Opera Fantasias, 3s. each.; Twelve Scotch Airs. each, 3s. Twelve Irish Airs, each 3s.; Scales and Exercises, 4s.—all by W. VINCENT WALLACE. N.B.—By a recent arrangement made with this very emi- nent Composer and Pianist Robert Cocks and Co. will be Sole Publishers of his New Pianoforte Works for Great Britain and its Dependencies.—London ROBERT COCKS and CO., New Burlington-street, Music Publishers to their Majesties Queen Victoria and the Emperor Napoleon III. N.B.-Catalogues gratis and postage free. E? S D? E? T?? 104?Y -E 52, FLEET STREET, MR. HOWARD, SURGEON-DENTIST, At home from ten till five. 52, FLEET STREET, LONDON. SECURITY TO EMPLOYERS. r-piIE TIMES ASSURANCE COMPANIES. To Clerks JL and others guarantees at the lowest rates. Plate Glass Assurance.—Windows, Mirrors, &c., insured aganst loss by breakage. Every description of Life and Fire Assurances. Apply to the Manager, 32, Ludgate-hill. OCEAN PARCELS DELIVERY COMPANY.—De- \_7 spatches are regularly made up for India, Australia, and for all parts of the World; the West Indies, Malta, Constantinople. Express to the United States every Thursday. ltater, for small packages: -5 ib. weight, ba. 10 lb. 7s. 6d. 20 lb. 10s. 6d. 4, Agar-street, and 17, Grace- church-street, London and 68, South Castle-street, Liver. pool. DISORDERS OF THE THROAT & AIR PASSAGES. THE NAME RESPIRTOR having acquired celebrity JL through Mr. JEFFREYS' Invention, has of late been assumed for various defective imitations. Persons induced by plausible statements to try any of these, are recommended i not to judge by their experience of them of the real Instru- ments, which in their new and reduced forms and prices, are procurable of the Agents in London, and all Towns. WHOLESALE OFFICE, 25, Bucklersbury, London. EDUCATION—Miss MARY E. SHEARSMITH'S Estab- JLj "mment. Sudbury House, Hammersmith, near London. Instruction in English, French, Music, and Dancing, 30 zuiticas. Pupils above fourteen, 36 guineas per annum. Laundress and pew rent included. Experienced Masters. Diet, best and unlimited. House and Grounds spacious. §0 S LE R S' .??.L Table Glass, Chandeliers, Lustres, &c J g' 44, OXFORD STREET LOXDON, conducted in f aB?t connexion with their Manufactory, Broad-street, B r M t Birmingham. Established 1807. Richly cut and en- tti MStM graved Decanters in great variety, Wine Glasses, M ? ) !? Water Jugs, Goblets, and all kinds of Table Glass at W "trt ? exceedingly moderate prices. Crystal glass Chande- w ??t liers, of new and elegant designs, for Gas or Candles J? A large stock of Foreign Ornamental Glass always ot <<SRB?. view. Furnishing orders executed with despatch CORDING^ WATERPROOFS FOR ALL CLIMATES, CORDING'S FISHING BOOTS, Are superior to all others. J. C. CORDING, 2 31, STRAND. Five doors west of Temple Bar, London. GUNS, RIFLES, REVOLVERS, AIR CANES, &C. GThe most perfect self-acting Revolvers. Ad ams's Patent, Colt s, and numerous other efficient and highly approved systems, from 50s REILLY, Gun Maker, New Oxford street, London. PATENT MINE RALISED INDIA RUBBER J_ WATERPROOFS, in no way affected by either heat or cold-WILLIAM WARNE and Co. are now prepared to execute orders for their patent MINERALISED INDIA RUBBER WATERPROOF CLOTHS, Coats, Cloaks, Ground Sheets, &c. These patent waterproofs are war- ranted to stand the extremes of either heat or cold, without injury, always entirely free from tackiness, and retaining in all seasons the suppleness which is the peculiar characteristic of this patent process. The lightest and stoutest fabrics of silk and cotton are now mineralised, and are» as well as yachting hats, sou;testtrs, air bea*, ali cushiony life and swimming belts, travelling rugs, and all other descriptions of India rubber goods, to be obtained of the trriy manu- facturers, the Patentees, at their warehouse, No 9,Gresham Street West.—Factory, Tottenham, Aliddleser. ESTABLISHED 1818. SHAWLS, DRESSES, AND MANTLES cleaned and dyed to equal new, in permanent and brilliant colours. FREDERIC F. SMITH, Dyer and Chintz Furniture Cleaner, 98, Mount Street, Grosvenor Square, London. COMPTON HOUSE, SOHO, LONDON. RICH Flouncei Glace Silk Dresses, 58s. 6d.; New J[\; Fancy Silks for Morning and Walking Dresses, (wide width) 2s. lid. per yard; New Uroche flounced Evening Dresses; Cloaks, Mantles, and Furs, with every novelty of the season, at half the usual prices. Patterns and particulars post free on application to SEWELL and Company Compton House, Old Compton Street, and Frith Street' Sobo. THE LONDON MANURE COMPANY beg to call attention to the following Manures which they manu- facture with the greatest care,—of one uniform quality- and in a state fit for immediate use, either broad cast or hv drill. Nitrophosphate for corn and root crops, comnosed of blood, animal matter, and dissolved bones Concentrated Urate for grass, clover, and roots of all kinds. This Manure has been in general use for fifteen years. Superphosphate of Lime of the best quality. Testimonials and full particulars forwarded on application. They also supply on best terms Peruvian Guano direct from the importers, Nitrate of Soda, Sulphate of Ammonia, and every artificial manure— each warranted strictly genuine. EDWARD PURSER, Secretary. 40, New Bridge-street, London. SECOND-HAND GUNS & RIFLES, by every Maker-Purdey, Lancaster, William Moore, &e. Old Guns, md in fact any description of goods taken in exchange in lieu of money. === 1:l B A large stock of second-hand Plate and Jewellery, Plated Goods, Hid Electro-plated Spoons and Forks. Old Plate and Jewellery bought or taken in exchange. WHISTLER'S, 11, Strand, Opposite Trafalgar Square. THRESHER and GJÆNNY, SHIRT MAKERS and TOUTFITTERS, 152, STRAND, LONDON. An exten- sive assortment of Colored Flannel Shirts, Military, Long Cloth, Linen, and Dress Shirts—Irish and Scotch Knit Hosiery-Flannel and Waterproof Coats, and every article for Military and Naval Outfits always ready. List of prices will be forwarded'on application. THE SECRET INFIRMITIES OF YOUTH AND MATURITY. Just Published, Price 2s., Post free for 26 Stamps. NERVOUS DEBILITY, its Causes, Symptoms, Varieties and Cure an Essay on Spermatorrhoea, and on those Disorders arising from Imprudence and Vicious Indulgence, occurring during the critical passage from Youth to Manhood; with Practical Observations on a safe, epeedv, and successful mode of treatment, with the means of detecting and dis- tinguishing, through Urinary Examination, the real cause and effect of every variety of complaint. To which are added, Commentaries on the Physiology of Marriage, precautionary hints on the evils emanating from Empirical practice, and indisputable facts regarding the dangerous remedies advocated by various writers on these important disorders. BY SAMUEL LA'MKRT, M.D., 37, REDFORD SQUARE, LONDON, Doctor of Medicine, Matriculated Member of the University of Edinburgh, Honorary Member of the London Hospital Medical Society, Licentiate of Apothecaries' Hall, Lon- don, &c., &c.. SECTION I.-Anatoiny and Physiology of the Generative and Urinary Organs. SECTION II.-PUBERTY-MAN.IIOOD-The Morale of Ge- nerative Physiology, True and False Morality. SECTION fll.—THE PHYSIOLOGY OF MARRIAGE—Aptitude and Inaptitude for Wedded Happiness, Physiological Facts on Generative Capacity. SECTION IV.-SPFRAIATOltRit(EA, or Seminal Debility- Its History, and Causes—The miseries of Imprudence, the Vices of Schools. SECTION V.—SYMPTOMS OF SPERMATORRHEA and Impo- tence, Nocturnal and Diurnal Discharges, <Src., Influence on the Mental Faculties. SECTION VI.—CAUSES & EFFECTS OF SEMINAL DEBILITY, Impotence, and Sterility. SECTION VII.—DETECTION OF SEMINAL WEAKNESS by Urinary or Microscopic Examination, Importance of Exami- nation, Dangers of Mistakes, Medical Errors, Means of Cure. SECTION I'll I.-T]tEATmrNT OF SEMINAL WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCE, Hazardous and Empirical Specifics, the Author's Mode of Treatment, Cases and Illustrations. Published by PIPER and CO., 23, Paternoster Row, and may be had of HANNAY and CO., 63, Oxford Street, or from the Author, who may be consulted daily, from Eleven till Two, and from Five till Eight, at his residence, 37, Bedford Square, London. AGENTS:—Swansea, at the Cambrian" Office: Carmar- then, Mr. J. W. White, chymist, Guildhall Square. Sir Wm Burnett's Disinfecting Pluid. T?OR the destruction of OFFENSIVE SMELLS in F HOUSES, ON BOARD SHIPS, and for the PRE- ?-?NTION of CHOLERA, has now become so VALUABLE that none should be without it. It is the Only Disinfectant used on board HER MAJESTY'S SHIPS, at the HOSPI- TALS OF SCUTARI, and at the CAMP IN THE CRIMEA. Sold by all Chemists and Druggists, and at the Office, 18, Cannon Street, London Bridge, in gallons 5s., quarts 2s. pints Is., half-pints 6d. each. N.B.-The public are cautioned against AN IMITATION of this article. UNDER ROYAL PATRONAGE. PERFECT FREEDOM from COUGHS in Ten Minutes JL. after use and INSTANT RELIEF, AND A RAPID CURE OF ASTHMA AND CONSUMPTION, and all disorders of the Breath and Lungs, ia insured by DR. LOCOCK'S PULMONIC WAFERS. The truly wonderful powers of this remedy have called forth testimonials from all ranks of society in all quarters of the world. The following have been received :— Another Cure of Asthmatic Cough. City Road, Haverfordwest. Sir,—I am happy to inform you that I have experienced the greatest benefit from taking only two boxes of Dr. Lo- cock's Pulmonic Wafers, which you were kind enough to recommend me. Previously to my taking them I could scarcely walk without the greatest difficulty of breathing, and my cough would 'hen increase to such a degree that I was nearly suffocated. I had not for many months slept for more than half an hour at a time; but I am now able to sleep all night without coughing. I can truly recom- mend them to those who are similarly afHicted as a most invaluable remedy, and you are at perfect liberty to make my case public if you think proper. I am, <5tc. JOHN JONES, Cabinet-maker. Rapid Cure of Cough and Difficulty of Breathing. Hale, near Liverpool. Sir,—-I write to inform you of the great benefit I have received from taking Locock's Wafers, which you recom- mended to me. I was so much oppressed at my chest that when I lay down a coughing fit came on with such violence that I have often thought I should not live to see the morning but now I can sleep a whole night without coughing, after having taken only two boxes of wafers. J. HAYNES. Witness, P. Roberts, 4, Ranelagh-street. IMPORTANT TO ALL WHO SING. From S. Pearsall, Esq. of her Majesty's Concerts, and Vicar Choral of Lichfield Cathedral. GENTLEMEN,—A lady of distinction having pointed out to me the qualities of Dr. Locock's Wafers, I was induced to make a trial of a box, and from this trial I am happy to give my testimonial in their favour. I find by allowing a few of the Wafers (taken in the course of the day) to gradu- ally dissolve in the mouth, my voice becomes bright and clear, and the tone full and distinct. They are decidedly the most efficacious of any I have ever used. S. PEARSALL. The particulars of many hundred cures may be had from every agent throughout the kingdom and on the continent. To SINGERS AND PUBLIC SPEAKERS they are invaluable, as in a few hours they remove all hoarseness, and increase the power and flexibility of the voice. THEY HAVE A MOST PLEASANT TASTE. Price Is. lid. 2s. 9d. and lls. per box or sent free by post for Is. 3d. 3s. or lis. 6d. Sold by all medicine venders. ————— DR. LOCOCK'S COSMETIC. A delightfully fragrant preparation, for improving and beautifying the complexion, rendering the skin clear, soft, and transparent, removing all eruptions, freckles, sunburn, tan, pimples, and roughness,—curing gnat bites, and the stings of insects. In the process of shaving, it allays all smarting, and renders the skin soft and smooth. Sold in bottles, at Is. lid., 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d. each. Beware of counterfeits. Observe the words, 11 Dr. Locock's Cosmetic" on the government stamp outside the wrapper. SULD BY VLL HF.KRCR T A U I -■>■■■ THE MIRACULOUS REMEDY! HOLLOWAY'S OINTMENT. TEN YEARSINTERMITTENT ATTACKS OF ERY. SIPELAS EFFECTUAI,LY CURED. Copy of a Letter from Mrs. H. Trimmer, of Compton, near Winchester, dated 13th Sep. 1853. To Professor Holloway, SlR,-I suffered for a period of ten years, (until the last six months,) with the most dreadful intermittent attacks of Erysipelas, which confined me to my bed during the whole of the summer months in each year, I consulted the most eminent medical gentlemen in Winchester, but was from time to time doomed to be disappointed in my hopes of obtaining any relief to my sufferings, although I complied strictly with the directions my advisers gave me. At length I was persuaded to give your Ointment and Pills a trial, by a female friend who had been cured of a bad leg by using them to my surprise and delight, a change for the better was quickly produced, and in a very short time, they caused the Erysipelas totally to disappear, and my health was entirely resuscitated which has remained good ever since. I remain, gratefully yours, (Signed) HARRIET TRIMMER. ASTOUNDING CURE OF SCROFULA. William Pogue, of Emyvale, (a young man well known in that neighbourhood.) was afflicted for three years with Scrofula on the left arm, there were four ulcers which dis- charged continuously, and reduced the poor fellow to a mere skeleton He was for a long time under the care of one medical gentleman, and consulted many others, but derived no benefit whatever. At last he had recourse to Holloway's Ointment and Pills, and by persevering with these remedied in the course of eight weeks, his arm was completely well, and his health thoroughly re-established. The truth of this statement can be verified by many of the Inhabitants of Emyvale, and particularly by Mr. Patrick Mc Kenna, Druggist of that place. ASTONISHING CURE OF AN ULCERATED LEG! AFTER THREE HOSPITALS FAILED! Copy of a Letter from Mr. TV. Hare, of Exeter, dated September 22, 1854. To Professor Holloway, A man named William Hall, in the employ of Mr. C. Sclates Nurseryman, of this City, has desiied me to make known to you the benefit he has received from using your Ointment and Pills. For three years this poor man suffered terribly with a severely ulcerated leg, and during this time he sought relief at Guy's, King's College, and the Devon and Exeter Hospitals, and was finally told by a Surgeon, that amputation of the limb was necessary to save his life however, instead of taking this advice, he immediately had recourse to your Ointment and Pills, and they have done him more good than all the other medicines put together, he being now able to follow his occupation, and rapidly gaining health and strength. I remain, Sir, yours faithfully, (Signed) WILLIAM HARE. THREE EXTRAORDINARY CURES IN ONE FAMILY! Copy of a Letterfrom Mr.Collrall Hyatt, late Pay-Sergeant of the 14th Regiment of Foot, dated Irishtown, Athlonc dth Julu, 1854. To Professor Holloway, SIR,—I am happy to bear testimony to the extraordinary effect of your invaluable medicines, the wonders they have worked on three members of my own family being sufficient to convince the most incredulous of the many virtues they possess. My youngest son, aged 9 years, was afflicted with several lumps on the right side of his neck, which were very painful, and tended considerably to interfere with his general health. My second son, aged 11, was similarly afflicted, and suffered for an equally lengthened period. Both these youths have been radically cured by the use of your Oint- mentand Pills, after the treatment of Surgeons in each instance had failed to afford them the least benefit. My eldest son, aged 19, was for three years a great suf- ferer with eight running ulcers on his neck, of a most severe character, fur him, I consulted several medical men, both civil and military, but their treatment was unsuc- cessful. I have just put him under a course of your medi- cines the result is truly astonishing, five of the sores are completely cured, and the remainder rapidly healing. The health of all three of the Boys is considerably improved. 1 remain, Sir, yours obliged Servant, (Signed) COTTRALL HYATT. The Pills should be used conjointly with the Ointment in most the following cases:- Bad Legs Chiego-foot Fistulas Sore Throats .Bad Breasts Chilbuins, Gout lings Skin-diseases Burns Chapped-hands Glandular Swel- Scurvy Bunions Corns (Soft), Lumbago Sore-heads Bite of Mos- Cancers Piles Tumoirs chetoes and Contracted and Rheumatism lllcevj Sand Flies Stiff Joints Scald Wounds Coco-bay Elephantiasis Sore Ninples Yaws. Sold at the Establishments of Professor KOLLOWAV, 244, Strand (near Temple Bar,) London, and 80, Maiden Lane, New York, and by all respectable Druggists and Dealers in Medicines throughout the Civilized World, in Pots, at Is. lid., 2s. 9d 4s. Gd., Ils. 22s. and 33s. each. ° There is a considerable saving by taking the larger sizes. N'-B,-I)irections for the guidance of patients in every disorder are affixed to each Pot. DR. DE JONGH'S LICHT-BROWN COD LIVER OIL. Prescribed with complete confidence by the Faculty for its purity, efficacy, and marked superiority over all other kinds ill the treatment of CONSUMPTION, BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, GOUT, RHEUMATISM, DISEASES OF THE SXIN, RICKETS, INFANTILE WASTING, GENERAL DEBILITY, AND ALL SCROFULOUS AFFECTIONS. It is entirely free from nauseous flavour, and being invari- ably and carefully ssubmittcd to chemical analysis—AND ('NLY SUPPLIED IN SEALED BOTTLES TO PRECLUDE SURSE- QUENT ADMIXTURE OR ADULTEItATION-tliig.Oil possesses a guarantee of genuineness and purity offered by no other Oil in the market. EXTRACTS FROM MEDICAL TESTIMONIALS:— 'ARTHUR H. HASSALL, M.D., F.L.S., M.R.C.P., Chief Analyst of the Sanitary Commission of the Lancet, Author of Food and its Adulterations," &c., &c., &c. "I have more than once, at different times, subjected your Light-Brown Oil to chemical analysis—AND THIS UNKNOWN TO YOURSELF—and I have always found it to be free from all impurity and rich in the constituents of bile. So great is my confidence in the article, that I usually prescribc- it in pre- ference to any other, in order to make sure of obtaining the j remedy in its purest and best condition." The "MEDICAL CIRCULAR," May 10, 1854:— "We unhesitatingly recommend DR DE JONGH'S Light- Brown Cod Liver Oil as the best for medical purposes, and well deserving the confidence of the profession.' Sold ONLY in bottles, capsuled and labelled, with Da. DE JONGH'S Stamp and Signature, WITHOUT WHICH NONE ARE GENUINE, by ANSAR, HARFORD, and CO., 77, STRAND, London, IJR. DE JONGH'S sole Consignees; and IN THE COUNTRY by most respectable Chemists. Half-pints (10 ounces), 2s. 6d.; Pints (20 ounces) 4s. 9d.; Quarts (40 ounces), 9s. IMPERIAL MEASURE. Soin IN CARMARTHEN by R. M. DAVIES, Chemist, 49, King Street; in HAVERFORDWEST, by GWYNNE HARRIES, Chemist; in PEMBROKE, by J. HIRD, Chemist; in PEMBROKE DOCK, by W. LAEN, Chemist; in TENBY, by W. W AUONTON, Chemist; in MILFORD, by THOMAS ILLIAMS, Chemist; in NARBERTH, by GRIFFITHS and NICHOLAS, Chemists; in ABERYSTWITH, by J. COLE, Chemists; in MACHYNLLETH, by H. MEYRICK PUGH, Chemist. A othing brings on Nervous Debility, Premature Old Age, and shortens human life, more than Diseases of the Chest. UXDER THE AND PATRONAGE OF THE ?-?????S THE PRINCIPAL QUEEN mt NOBILITY. THE ONLY REAL CURE WITHOUT INWARD MEDICINE IS ROPER'S ROYAL BATH PLASTERS, for Coughs, J, Asthma, Hoarseness, Indigestion, Palpitation of the Heart, Croup, Hooping Cough, Influenza, Chronic Strains, Bruises, Lumbago or Pains in tbe Back, Spinal and Rheu- matic Affections, Diseases of the Chest, and Local Pains. AFFLICTED SEVEN YEARS WITH A DREADFUL COUGH. South Carlton, near Lincoln, Dec. 15, 1864. Gentlemen,—I am requested bv a poor man in this village to write to you respecting the effects of one of your Roper's Plasters. He has been afflicted with a dreadful cough for the last seven yeart, and for which he has been advised to try one of your Plasters, which he has now had on three weeks, and which I am happy to inform you has been attended with beneficial results, as the cough is not so violent, and the phlegm, which at first was thick and tough, has been changed to ordinary spittle.—I remain yours obediently, SAML. BEECH. To Messrs. Roper and Son. Unprincipled shopkeepers, for the sake of gain, hare vended spurious imitations. Purchasers are therefore cautioned to NOTICE the words, "ROPER'S ROYAL BATH PLA6TBR,' engraved on the ;g..ernment .?  ?.?'??  ??'  the R" 9' Proprietor's Au- tograph the thus:— PcRkE, PARED ONLY BY ROBERT ROPER AND SON, CHEMISTS. SHEFFIELD, vn Mcdico-clietmcal principles, from Britisii neroa am me gums and balsams of the Eastern cume, where The trees drop balsam, and on all the boughs Health sits, and makes it sovereign as it flows." Full-sized Plasters, Is. lid.; and for Children, 94d. each,, or direct by post, on receipt of Is. 4d. or Is. each, in postage stamps. Sold by most Patent Medicine vendors in the United Kingdom. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS :-Be particular to ask for ROBER'S PLASTERS. A FRIEND IN NEED." HUNDREDS of CURES have proved ROPER'S PILLS, (though originally only intended to assist the operation of ROPER'S ROYAL BATH PLASTER, the best remedy for all those distressing symptons attending i a weak and disordered Stomach, Liver complaints, BUious irregularities, Indigestion, such as Nauseag Sickness, Loss of Appetite, Loathing of Food, Pain in the wels, Languor and Depression of Spirits, Giddiness, Swimming or determi- nation of Blood to the Head, &c., the forerunner of apoplexy. Proofs of efficacy (Communicated by Mr. J. C. Reinhardt, Chemist, Hull.) Sproatley, near Hull, Oct. 3, 1853. Sirs,—Having found great benefit from Roper's Royal Bath Plasters and Pills, I wish to make my case known for the ad- vantage of those who suffer, as I have done, for a long time. I have been afflicted with spasmodic pains in the chest, and palpitation of the heart, arising from Indigestion and Liver complaint; I was under medical treatment many months without feeling any better. At last I tried one of Roper's Plasters and a box of Pills, which gave me relief in a few days, from which time my health has improved, and I am now quite well.—I remain, with thanks, yours respectfully, ELIZABETH THOMPSON. Roper's Pills are a purely Botanic compound, and warrant- ed free from any deletorious ingredient, being composed of choice herbs, roots, gums, and balsams, by ROBT. ROPER and SON, Chemists, Sbeffield, in boxes at Is. lid. 2s. 9d and 4s. 6d. each. Sold by most Chemists and Booksellers in the United Kingdom. ASK FOR ROPER'8 PILL'S CHRISTMAS PRESENTS AND NEW YEAR'S GIFTS. CHRISTMAS has over been rendered dear to the lovers of friendship and hospitality from the many charming socialities connected with it. The exuberance of the feel- ings amid scenes of gaiety induces the fair and youthful to shine to advantage under the gaze of many friends, and therefore to devote increased attention to the duties of the Toilet. It is at this festive season that ROWLANDS' AUXILIARIES OF HEALTH AND BEAUTY are more than usually essential for preserving the Hair in all its decorative charm, the Skin and Complexion trans- parent and blooming, and the Teeth in their pearl-like lustre. The Patronage of Royalty throughout Europe, their general use by Rank and Fashion, and the universally known efficacy of these articles give them a celebrity aD- paralleled, and render them peculiarly ELEGANT AND SEASONABLE PRESENTS. ROWLANDS' MACASSAR 011 Is a delightfully Fraqrant and Trannpttrxnt Preparation FOR THE HAIR and at an Invigorator and Purifier beyond all Precedent. In dressing the Hair nothing can equal its eflbct, rendering it so admirably soft that it will lie in any direction, im- parting a transcendant lustre, and sustaining it in decora- tive charm during the heated atmosphere of crowded as- semblies. Price 3s. 6<1., 7s.; Family Bottles (equal to 4 small), 10s. 6d.; and double that size, 21s. per bottle. FORB 'L MR S N AJoII9PEI!t1ON, Is unequalled for its Rare and Inestimable Qualities, the Radiant Bloom it Imparts to the Cheek, the Softness and Delicacy which it induces of the Hands and Arms-ita capability of soothing Irritation, and removing Cutaneous Defects, Discolorations, and all unsightly appearances, render it INDISPENSABLE TO EVERY TOILET. During the (rost and bleak winds of winter, and in cases of Chilblains, Chapped Skin, and Incidental Irritation, its virtues are universally acknowledged.—Price 4s. 6d. and 8s. 6d. per bottle. ROWLANDS' ODOMTO. OR, PEARL DENTIFRICE, Compounded of the choicest and most recherche ingredients of the ORIENTAL HERBAL, and of inestimable value in PRESERVING AND BEAUTIFYING THE TEETH, STRENGTHENING THE GUMS, And in rendering the Breath Sweet and Pure. Price 2s. 9d. per Box. BEWARE OF SPURIOUS IMITATIONS! The only Genuine of each bears the name of ROWIIANDS* preceding that of the Article on the Wrapper or Ltbet. SOLD BY A. ROWLAND and SONS, 20, Hatton Garden, London. AND BY CHEMISTS AND PERFUMERS. •• I ALTERATION OF TIME. ABERYSTWITH TO OSWESTRY AND SHREWSBURY. Aberystwith to Oswestry is Miles the nearest Coaeh rout rpHE Public is respectfully informed that on and after "tTHiTE ?????? the 1st, the Four Horse Coach "THE ENGINEER," will leave the TALBOT HoT?,. Abervstwith every TUMDAY, THURSDAY and SATURDAY! at?7 ?i.nl., by the wav of Machynlleth, Cemmes, Mallwyd Lann-office and Meifoa, arriving at the WYNNSTIY Aitais HOTEL and Railway Station, Oswestry, at 4 p.m in time for Trains to Liverpool, Manchester, Carnarvon, Holyhead, and T London in One Day, and return from the above Hotel and Railway Station, Oswestry, on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY, at 11 a.m., arriving at Aberystwith at 8 p.m, The Proprietors beg leave to return thanks to those numer- ous patrons who have contributed to the success of the ENGINEER, and t6 inform those who hat.. nnf. t.II..A WM I this route that it will be found the pleasantest and most ex- peditimtt, and the scenerjr unrivalled, passing through the beauUful Vale of Meifod to Cann-officc, Mallwyd, and Machynlleth; three of the best fishing stations in Wales. One Coachman and Guard throughout. CLEATON JONES, } ROWLAND OWEN LLOYD & Co. ) ?P"e?r<. Talbot Hotel, Coach-oiffce, July 2nd. THE GREAT EUROPEAN REMEDY For NERVOUSNESS, RELAXATION and EX- HAUSTION. Protected by Royal Letters Patent, and sanctioned by all the great Continental Colleges Medicine. DR. DE ROOS' CELEBRATED GUTTLE YIT^E • o& JL7 LIFE DROPS, are the great European Remedy for Spermatorrhoea, Exhaustion, Nervousness, Debility, Aver- sion to and Incapacity for Society, Study, or Business Shaking of the Hands and Limbs, Indigestion, Flatulency) Shortness ef Breath, Asthma, Consumptive Habits, Dim- npssof Sight, Dizziness, Pains in the Head, Eruptions, Blotches, Pimples, Sore Throat, Pains in the Bones and Joints, Scurvy, Scrofula, and all those diseases for which mercury, sarsaparilla, &c. are not only employed in vain but too often to the utter destruction of the sufferer's health. Their almost marvellous powers must be felt to be believed. Hundreds of apparently hopeless oases, which had been given up by the faculty, have been speedily cured and many thousands have derived almost miraculous relief when everything else had signally faited» The Guttie Vita; are the result of long practical investigation of the reme- dies best adapted for these diseases, and in addition to the great test EXPERIENCE, they have received the sanction of many of the highest medical authorities throughout Europe, as entirely superseding aN those questionable remedies which have too long been the sole reliance of the medical men of this country. Price lie., and four times the quantity at 33s. per bottle atthe following Agents. PAINS IN THE BACK. GRAVEL. LUM- BAGO, RHEUMATISM, GOUT, DIS- EASES of the KIDNEYS, STRICTURE, &c.j &C. DR. DE Roos' COMPOUND RENAL PILLS are celebrated all over the world as a most safe and speedy remedy for the above dangerous complaints, Discharges of any kind, Stone, and Diseases of the Kidneys and Urinary Organs generally. Possessing tonic properties, they agree with the most delicate stomach, strengthen the digestive organs, increase the appetite, improve the general health, Md in three days win effect a cure when copaiba, cubebs, and .11 dangerous medicines of that class have utterly failed. Is. lid., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., lis., and 33s. per box. Sent post free on receipt of Is. 3d., 3:1., 5s., 12s., and 35s. in Postage Stamps or by Post-office Order. These celebrated Pills are an infallible remedy in the have been "annua^sfes^orc^ lo health, when ete" t:; medicine has failed. Their vast superiority over every thing else in the cure of the above complaints, is universally acknowledged, and the extraordinary demand for them ever since their first introduction is without precedent. In no instance have they ever been known to fail, or to produce those dangerous symptoms so often resulting from copaiba, cubebs, turpentine, and other medicines usually resorted to. They require neither confinement nor change of diet, and may justly be considered the only really safe and effica- cious remedylor all stages of those disorders for which they are recommended. By the introduction of the above, the Proprietor has no desire to supersede his own personal usefulness, but there are doubtless many who from natural diffidcnce, sense of shame, or fear of discovery, would bear their afflictions in silence, rather than apply for aid, or unbosom their sorrows to those from whom they may reasonably expect sympathy and relief. To such it is believed the above will be an ac- ceptable boon, for besides their uniform efficacy, the sufferer can safely conduct his case without the knowledge of a second person, and thus cure himself speedily, privately, and at the least possible expense. CAUTION.-Tl,e immense demand for the above, having induced an unscrupulous person to in) itato them, and assume the name of De Roos. Sufferers must guard against the re- commendation of spurious or other articles by unprincipled vendors, who thereby obtain a larger profit. To protect the public, Her Majesty's Hon. Commissioners have directed the words Walter de lloos, London," to be printed in white letters on a red ground on the stamp affixed to the above, without which none can be genuine, and to imitate which is felony. Sold by Mr. J. W. White, Chemist, Guildhall-Square, Carmarthen Evans, Chemist, High-street, and C. T. Wil- son, Chemist, Castle-square, Swansea; Williams, Chemist, High-street, Cardigan T. D. Meyler, Chemist, and Potter, Herald Office, Haverfordwest; Treweeks, Chemist, Pem- broke; Stevens, Chemist, High-street, Mcrthyr Tydvil; and obtainable through all Medicine Vendors, of whom also may be had "The Medical Adviser." On the TREATMENT of SPERMATOR- RHOBA, and other URINO GENITAL DISEASES by a Novel, Safe, and most successful Method. Seventy Anatomical, Explanatory, Coloured Engravings. In Six. Languages, Fijty-third Edition, price 2s. 6d. in a sealed Envelope, through all Booksellers, or sent Post free from the Author for 42 postage ^tamps. THE MEDICAL ADVISER on Nervous Debility and the various forma of Premature Decay, both mental and physical, arising from youthful excesses, infection, the effects of climate, &c. remarks on the use of the Micros- cope, and the questionable treatment advocated by certain writers; followed by practical observations on Marriage, with plain directions for the prevention and removal of certain Disqualiifcations, rules for self-management, &c. By WALTER DE Roos, M.D., 10, Berners-Street, Oxford- Street, London. Sold also by Piper and Co., 23, Paternoster-row; Mann, 39, Cornhill; Home, 19, Leicester-square; Gordon, 146, Leadeohall-street, London Heywood, Oldham-street, Man- chester; Howell, Church-street, Liverpool; Watt, II. Elm- row, u,& RoUubun? C. tree t, Edinburgh; Love, Bookseller, Glasgow Berry, 162, Great Britain-street, Dublin; and obtainable through all Booksellers. REVIEWS. "The information therein conveyed is really essential to those who contemplate marriage. Record. "It contains precisely the information too often studi- ously kept from the young and thoughtless. However, the knowledge must come tome time, and happy is the person woo does not become its possessor too late.—Politician. The above work, which contains the practical remarks of nearly a quarter of a century, and treats in plain and sympathising language on the various impediments and disqualiifcations to marriage, particularly rccommends it- self as a safe, unerring, and infallible guide to the speedy restoration and permanent preservation of health and vig- our. For want of a book of this nature, many a once pro- mising youth who started fairly on the voyage of life, has been awfully and irretrievably wrecked on the shoals and quicksands which beset his course. The necessity and im- portance of the work are further shewn by the fact, that there are few persons who do not at some period require such information as may be found in its pages. While therefore it aitords a wholesome lesson to the inexpe- rienced, its perusal may also be instrumental in averting the serious consequences of indiscretion from those who have unhappily incurred them: and as the treatment re- commended has been uniformly successful in many thou- sand of parallel cases, the reader may the more confidently anticipate for himself the same beneficial result. PERSONS AT A DISTANCE can be successfully treated by correspondence only, on remitting the usual fee of 11, when advice and medicines will be promptly despatched secure from observation. Hours for personal consultation daily from 11 till 4, Sunday excepted. Post-office Orders to be made payable at the Holborn Office to Dr. Walter De Roos, 10, Berners-street, Oxford-street, London. N.B. Should difficulty arise in procuring any of the above, enclose the amount per Post-office order or other- wise, to 10, Berners-strepo, aad they will be seat securely packed per return..