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Il?,?1.1?. "I?, ''I'l" CARDIGANSHIRE. I FUNERAL OF THE LITE PRYSE LOVEDEN, I ESQ., M.P. In our obituary of this week, it is our melancholy duty to record the death of Pryse Loveden, Esq., the liberal re- presentative of the Cardiganshire Boroughs in Parliament, which occurred after a short illness in London, on Thursday the 1st instant. Aberystwith has lost a sincere friend to its interests, and his numerous tenantry, the best of landlords. lIe successfully contested one of these boroughs on two occasions, viz. — In 18-19, after the demise of his late father Pryse Pryse, Esq., M.P and on the last general election in 1852, on both which occasious he was most vigorously opposed; on the first occasion by J. S. Harford, Esq., and on the last by J. 1. Jones, Esq.. j His remains were conveyed from London to Gogcrddan, and interred with his ancestors at the Old Church of' Llanbadarn-fawr, on Wednesday, the 7th instant. The' funeral was considered the largest ever witnessed in this locality, not only for the number of tenantry,_but for the private carriages that attended. All the shops, offices, and other places of resort in the town were kept closed during the day, and every other usual manifestation of regret was shown Long before the ap- pearance of the mournful cavalcade, thousands of people thronged the road to Llanbadarn and every eminence afford- ing a view, and conducted themselves most appropriate to the occasion. The following is the order of procession observed, as it approached the church, where the service was impressively read by the Rev. J. Hughes, vicar:— ORDER OF PROCESSION OBSERVED AT THE FUNERAL OF THE LATE PRYSE LOVEDEN, ESQ., M P., GOGERDDAN. At the Old Cathedral Church, Llanbadarn, on Wednesdajt, the 7th day of February, 1855. Heralds. Hera l ds. II t'ralù. II eralds. Mr. Lloyd, Mr. Richard Davies, ou?horseback. on horseback. The Members of the Social Club. The Members of the St. David's Club. 100 Members of the Odd-Fellows Club, (two abreast). The Undertaker (Mr. John Rees) on horseback. 50 Tenants 50 Tetiaiits on horseback. oil horseback. The Vicar and the Physician in a carriage. The Servants of the deceased. q* Ó1 w t4 6 8 t !-? !? 7 Borers. ??? The Hearse. ??? 7 Bearers. ??? ?-5 ??Q ??u Z H Mourning Coacli, containing— Capt. Pryse. Mr. Pryse Pryse. J. Pugh Pryse, Esq. Major. Rice. The deceased's Carriage. John Pugh Pryse's ditto Nii-s Loveden's ditto Mr. Davies, Agent. t in a earriage. Mr. Williams, Agent. ) a carriage. Private Carriages, Lord Lisburne, M.P., Crosswood Col. Powell, Nant E03 Capt. Phillips, Mabus; J. Lloyd l'hilipps, Esq., bbus; M. D. Williams, Esq., Cwm Cynfelin John Davies, Esq., Pempompren Rev. Lewis Davies, Ynyshii James Davies, Esq., Fosrhyd-y-galed; Lewis l'ugh, Esq., Aberystwith; Major Richards, liryn Eithir Mrs. Hughes, Alltllwyd John Evans, Esq Lovesgrove James Hughes, Esq., Glanrheidol; George Parry, Esq., Llidiardie Dr. Williams, Aberystwith &c. &c. &c. 100 Tenants 100 Tenants on horseback. on horseback. COMMISSION SIGXED BY THE LORD LIEUTENANT OF THE COUNTY or CARDIGAN. — Royal Cardigan Militia.—For Thomas John Hughes to be "Ensign" read Thoa;as John Hughes to be Lieutenant." LLANDYSSIL LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTION.— An adjourned general meeting of the committee of this institution WHS held in the reading room on Tuesday even- ing last, for the purpose of making all investigation into the proceedings of the society's affairs for the year ending December 31, 1851. The Rev. Evan Morgan having taken the chair, it was proposed and resolved that Rees Thomas, Esq., and the Rev. John Jones, (Idrysyn) be elected per- manent auditors of the society 's accounts. The secretary and treasurer then produced statements of their respective transactions during the past year, when it appeared that upwards of C-I() liiid been received from various sources, nearly all of which had been expended in defraying the necessary outlay of the society, and in procuring books for the library. The Rev. J. Jones produced a grant of useful books (value C4) presented to this Society by the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge. The names of Dr. Lloyd, Carmarthen, and Rees Thomas, Esq Dollan, were next entered as Honorary Members, subscribing lliiiiiuilly. A donation was also announced to have been received from W. P. Lewes, Esq., Llysncwydd. The officers of the past year having been re-elected, and a vote of thanks to the chairman having been passed, the meeting separated. C ARDIGAN BOROUGH SESSIONS.—At a Petty Sessions for this borough held on the 6th instant, before the Mayor, Win. G. George, and Thomas Edwards, Esqrs. Ann Jo ns a well known offender, was charged with stealing a flannel petticoat, the property of Sarah Mathias. The prisoner was apprehended at Aberayron, by P.S. Nicholas Davies, in con- sequence of information he had received, and the property was found in her possession. The prisoner was committed for trial at the next assizes. Mary James, of the Quay, Cardigan, was charged with stealing coal, the property of David Rowlands, coal merchant. Numerous robberies of coal have for some time past been committed at the wharves on Cardigan Quay. The prisoner was apprehended about half past four o'clock in the morning, by P.C. Thomas Williams with a quantity of coal in her possession, which he saw her take from a coal wharf in the occupation of Mr. Rowlands, to which place the prisoner had no business to go. The evidence to support the charge was satisfactory, and the prisoner was committed for trial,

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