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ABERYSTWITH GAS COMMISSIONERS' MEETING. The usual monthly meeting of the Commissioners under the Improvement Act was held at the Town hall, on Tuesday last, when there were present-Mr. John Matthews, chair- man Mr. C. Hackney, Mr. W. Jenkins, Mr. R. Williams, Mr. John Jones, Mr. John Hughes, Mr. D. Williams, Mr. David Jones, Mr. David Lewis, and Mr. Watkins. The bills incurred during the past month were examined and passed, and Mr. David Jenkins, mason, was ordered to be paid the balance of his contract X-20 13s. 6d., for making a drain in Pier-street. The funds were reported to be very low, there being only from about J,5 to £ 10 in hand. A bill of £ 2 3s. was presented for carriage of plans and specifications of the tower and town clock from architects, which was ordered to be paid. Mr. It. Watkins said it was not proper that they should defray the expenses of carriage back, which he thought should be done from the subscriptions. This was concurred in, and the clerk was desired to retain the plans, &c until they should le sent for. Complaints were made that the scavenger did not keep certain parts of the streets in a proper state, and he was ordered to be more particular in future. The subject of the drainage of the town was then brought under considera- tion. Mr. Hackney suggested that whenever there was a surplus of water in the reservoir, it might be turned into the main drain ia order to scour it. The Turncock said that water was at present very scarce, and applied for a supply of two and half inch pipes. The Chairman said this was a serious question, and ho thought the Commissioners should have a proper statement of how much piping was required, the size and quality, with the measure of the ground, &c., in order that they might get everything completed by the summer. Jesse Morgan was accordingly directed to procure a statement by the next meeting. The Lamplighter complained of a lamp in Laura Place being out of order, and applied to have it properly repaired, which was ordered. The subject of drainage being resumed, Mr. R. Watkins proposed, seconded by Mr. David Lewis, that they should advertise for tenders to complete the drain in Pier-street. Considerable discussion ensued as to the size of the drain, some of the Commissioners contending that it was too narrow at the bottom, andothprs wished to have it high enough to admit a person into it, in order to cleanse it. '1 he Chairman advocated the latter proposal, and thought a.s^ving would thereby be effected, as it would not require I the ground to be opened. He thought the extra expense of constructing such a drain would be but trifling considering the saving it would effect. Mr. Hackney and others thought that the expense would be very great, and if water was turned into the drain, the narrower it was the greater the force of the water, and the better it would be scoured. Mr. Matthews concurred with this, but his proposal was of a different nature. The proposition of Mr. Watkins, however, was adopted, and tenders were ordered to be procured for extending the drain from Mr. John Ode's house to the Castle Arms, and for opening and deepening the drain from thence to opposite 11 the house of Mrs. Lloyd Philipps. Mr. Richard Watkins then produced a letter he had received from Mr. Barlow, of Parliament Street, Gas Valuer, &c., with a valuation of the Gas Works, &e., which he handed to the chairman. Mr. Barlow stated that having carefully examined the works, plans, mains, and service pipes of tho Gas Company, he begged to report that they were in his opinion worth £ 1903, as between a willing seller, and a willing buyer, and that he had further made an estimate of the cost of erecting new works capable of manufacturing three million cubic feet of gas per annum, including the purchase of a freehold site and an equal length of mains, together with the requisite service pipes, which amounted to £:2933. Mr. Watkins also read a private letter he had received from Mr. Barlow, stating that the new works would be capable of 70 per cent. more production than the old one. The subject was considered too important to be discussed without giving time for consideration, and the question was ordered to stand over until the next meeting. Mr. Barlow's bill amounting to £ t2 17s. was also ordered to stand over in consequence of the funds being so limited and the bills already ordered being so heavy. Some further conversation ensued regarding various sub- jects, but no order was made. The plans, &e., of the turret and town clock, were ordered to be left at the hall for exhibition, so that parties might have an opportunity of judging of them. The selection having been entrusted to a committee of the council and commissioners, the one signed Karba" was generally con- sidered the handsomest and most appropriate. The number of plans sent in was very large, and exceeded expectations. The meeting then adjourned. J'V-,


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