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CARMARTHEN CORN RETURNS. WEEK ENDING, AUGUST 5, 1854. Total Quantities. Wheat, 11 quarters, 3 bushels jarley, quarters, — bushel; oats, 0 quartcrs I) bushels. Average per Quarter.-Wheat, 63a. 4d,; barley,-s.- oats, 27s. 8d. CAItNfAYtTTrE,Beef, perlb.-) 6d. to Sd; Muiton, 6W. to 7!d.; \fa 5d to per lb. Fresh butter, (24 oz. Is, 9d. Salt, UN. to iOd. Chickens 2s. 8d. old. ::31" to —g. new, 21s. 6d. per cwt. potatoes, new, 121b. for 6d. LONDON MARKETS, MONDAY, AUGUST 7. MARK-LANE.—The supply of English wheat to this morn- ing's market was small, and disposed of at an advance of 28. to 3s. per quarter upon the prices of this day se'nnight. The morning being fine, business in foreign was less ani- mated than on Friday; but the sales effected were at 28. to 3s. per quarter above our quotations on Monday last. For barley there is a retail demand at about last week's prices. Beans are rather more enquired for. Oats sell slowlv at an advance of 6d. per qr. Barrel flour meets a fair inquiry at an advance of 2s. from this day week. LONDON AVERAGES. £ 8. d. £ s. d Wheat 934qrs. 3 6 0 Rye 3 qrs. 1 16 0 Barley. 21 1 14 0 1 Beans. 114 2 6 8 Oats 1313 1 8 8 Peas 89 2 1 0 AVERAGE PRICE OF SIX WEEKS. Week ending JULY 29. Imperial General Weekly Average.—Wheat, 69s. 8d.; Barlev,36s. 3d.; Oats, 29s lOd Rye, 45s. 8d.; Beans, 47s. 5d.; Peas, 47s. 31. PRICES OF BUTTER, CHEESE HAMS, &c. Butter, per cwt. s. s. Cheese, per cwt. s. s Friesland 90to 92 Cheshire 66 80 Kiel 94: 98 Double Gloucester 60 70 Dorset new 100 104 Single do. 60 70 Waterford. Hams York 76 84 Cork. 84 94 Irish 66 76 Limerick Bacon Wiltshire 74 76 Sligo. Waterford — — BARK AND OTHER TANNING MATERIALS. Per load of 45 cwt. English, Tree .£13 10 0 to £ 15 0 0 Coppice JE13 10 0 0 Mimosa E13 10 0 E 15 10 0 0 0 9 14 0 0 Valonia £13 0 0 L 16 10 o The prices of Wheaten Bread in the Metropolis are from 9d. to lO&d. and Household do., 8d. to 9d. per 41bs. loaf. SEED.-Owing to the unsettled weather of the past week our market for new seeds rwed firmer this morning; but supplies not yet being fully to hand, prices are for the most part nominal. New rapeseed comes slowly to hand, and is fully as dear. Canaryseed remains a very heavy sale. PROVISTON.-A slight increase in the demand for Irish Butter occurred towards the end of last week, -it f0I decline of 2s. on all kinds the transactions, however, S on a limited scale, and the appearance at the close of the market indicated the probability of lower rates. Dutch of best quality, and also French, met free buyers at 2s. ad- for other kinds there was a slow sale, and no change in value. Bacon.-Prime Irish and Hambro' sides of m? cure were scarce and wanted, and prices Is. to 2s. dearer Stale and hard salted were saleable at a reduction of 2s. )5 4s. Of American sides and middles nothing new to r?ep poorr?t. Hams not so much sought after. Lard dull. ^.—The bad weather of the last few days has been v*w prejudicial to the bine, which continues to be "infested wiS vermin, and anything like a crop appears now tobequlJ S offer? market is very firm, and very few ? on offer. £ s. £ s. Weald of Eents. 8?10\ 1? 10 Sussex Pockets 8 0 S 9 S TALLOW.-Our market continues steady, and ? .?'' well supported. P.Y.C. on the spot, is quot? at 67s. 3d' ? and for delivery during the last three months 6?. ''??' pe: ewt. Town ?ryi1ow, 66s. 6d. net cash. aJ&SiIjta e Pr8ibs S?sh ?o  ? ?- WOOL.-There has been more disposition shown to pur- chase most kinds of English Wool, but the prices demanded by holders not bei2 ns in accordance with the views of the staplers, the amount of business doing has not been exten- staplers thesa? mn is ?°W good yet, as the colonial wool sive ? Th?e -? progressing satisfactorily, and as money has become ch? eaper, a large business is looked forward to. SMITHFIELD.—There was a full average supply of forei; stock in to-day's market, but its general quality wasinf? From our own grazing districts the arrivals of bea?? moderate as to number, and there was a material falling °??. in their general weight and condition. ?he S.S Qf buyers being good, the beef trade ruled brisk art J ?n? ??? "?7 ?'? advance in the quotations of 2d per 81bs Tv general top price for beef was 5s per 81bs bX ut a few very superior Scots were sold by weight at 5s. d. per 8lbs. The arrivals from LincolZh?Leic?t?hS'   amounted to 1,950 short horns from other parts of Eng- land, 600 of various breeds j and from sisjarsrtjsa and polled *•& were seasonably well supplied with sheep, but at least two thirds of them were in ?m?hS Tefl 0?> The pnmest sheep were, therefore, in good re- quest, at full currencies. Otherwise the demand was in a slugfigLish h sw tate, yet prices were.fairly supported. Prime lambs were scarce, and quite as dear as last week. Inferior breeds met a slow sale, at Friday's deoline. The show of calves was again extensive; nevertheless, the veal trade was "steeaaddyv and prices had an upward tendf>nor Tt, i pigs which was but moderate-sold on former ?erms Per Slbs. to sink the offal.-Coarse and inferior beast, 3s. 6d. to 3s. 8d. second quality do. 3s. lOd. to 4s. 2d prime large oxen 4s. 4d. to 4s. 8d. prime Scots, &c 4s. IOd. to 5s. Od. coarse and inferior sheep, 3s. 6d. to 3s. 8d. second quality do. 3s. lOd. to 4s. Od. prime coarse r 0dn sheep, 4s. 2d. to 4s. 8d. prime South Downs 4s. 10d. to 5s Od., Lambs 4s. 4d. to 5s. 6d., large coarse calves. 3s. 4d to 4s. 2d. prime smaM ditto?, 4s" 4d. to5?0d' iAiDBT„ H4G8'JS^D- T0 4S 2D- neat small porkers, 4s. 4a. Jo 4?; Beasts, 4046, Sheep, 31,740, Calves, 300, gs, {W. HIDE AND SKIN MARKETS.   Market Hides, 56 to 64 lbs 8A DO a' d- lb. DO. '64 72ibs..S! ■ 4perlb- Do. 80 88 lbs ol n 2* Do. 88 96 lbs 0 4 0 t Horse Hides 00 •••• Calf Skins, Iight. 20 68 Polled Sheep u0 00 Kents. 0 0 QQ ? ? METALS. s. d. E. 8. d. ENGLISH IRON1. Refined 0 0 0 Bars at Cardiff and Grain. 6 14 0 Newport 9 12 6 Fine Grain 75 n Rails (Wales) 8 12 6 Ditto bars 7 6 0 Staffordshire 10 12 0 Do. granulated ..770 FOREIGN STEEL. FOREIGN TIN. S d. h k 16 5 0 Banea, in bond ..600 we IS eg. Straits. (j 15 0 Do. Faggot 0 0 0 aftraits 5 15 q ENGLISH COPPER. TIX PLATES. a^d'WVper?^ 0 1 0 IC Charcoal per box 114 6 Sheets, bolts per lb. 0 1 0 IX do 1 19 6 Tough cake 126 0 0 inn "'I ?? S Tile126 0 0 JC Coi ke per box.. 1 9 6 Old copper per 0 0 ? ?' I W 0 ZINC. pound 0 0 0 In oSv heett s ZINC> 32 0 0 ENGLISH LEAD. PORIGN IRON. a. Pig per ton 24 10 0 FORIGN IRON. a. Sheet. 25 15 0 Swedish. 12 0 0 ENGLISH TIN. Russian CCND 17 0 0 Block per cwt 5 19 0 Ind. Ch. Pigs in Bar 6 0 0 London 6 0 0 Terms.-a, 2? per centdis; b, 3 ditto; c, nett; d, li per Terms.-a, 2 2?1 .t,?0; ? 1? ditto. cent. dis. e,