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I CARDIGANSHIRE. LAMPETER COUNTY COUltT.-This court was held on Saturday the 15th inst., before John Johns, Esq. Several plaints were entered for hearing, most of which were settled by the contending parties out of court, and of those heard, none presented any feature worthy of public notice except- ing the following two cases :—Davies, versus, Green. This was an action brought to recover the sum of I- 3 10s. by the plaintiff for work done whilst in defendant's service. David Davies sworn: I am the plaintiff in this action. 1 live at Typwlle, in the parish of Llanbadarnodyn. In November last I was hired by Mrs. Green, the defendant's wife, at ten guineas wages. The defendant being at that time in England with cattle, but on account of Old Hollantine fair being on Sunday, I agreed with Mrs. Green, on Monday the 14th of that month, but not to enter service until the following Wednesday week, as it is the custom with servants in this part of the country to have a week or nine days holiday. When I wont there after the expiration of that time, Mr. Green had not returned home, and Mrs. Green told me that the custom with them was that the servants should get up at five o'clock in the morning, and have supper at eight o'clock in the evening, and I agreed with the regulations; but when Green returned home, he said that his servants should not have their supper before ten o'clock, and that they must look to his horses in the fields be- fore supper. I staid in his service nearly three months, when I was served with a notice to quit which I said I would willingly do, provided I were paid for the time I had been. He several times wanted me to fiirht with him for a sovereiln. and about the latter end of January last, Mr. Green summoned me before the magistrates at Tregaron, but I was not put on my oath on appearing. Cross-examined by the defendant- I am not in the habit of swearing and cursing, but you were continually bullying me. I attend religious meetings some times. I have been several years in service with different people, who are now present to prove that I never said that I would desert your service. I did not refuse to refer this case to arbitration, provided I should select a person to meet yours. Mr. Green sworn, deposed, that he was in England at the time his wife hired the plaintiff, but when he returned home he found immediately that he was one that would not suit them; he was too obstinate to do anything that he told him, In fact, he was "a man for his own way," and would not do anything but what he pleased, and therefore he thought it was quite useless to try to keep him and, in order to get rid of him, be resolved upon giving him a notice to quit, which he did about the latter end of January last. He thought eight-pence with his victuals, in the winter, sufficient for the work he had lone, which money he had paid into court. He was willing to refer the case to Mr.David Jones, Dolebach, and another person, as arbitrators, but the plaintiff refused. He did not think he ought to pay for the time during notice, as plaintiff" did and said anything" as if about to leave, and little work during the time. The learned judge ruled, that as the plaintiff was actually in defendant's service during the time the notice was in force he could claim payment. Verdict for the plaintiff for the full amount claimed, together with costs. Attorney for the,plaintif, Mr. William Thomas, Aberystwith. Defendant conducted his own case.—Rowlands, versus, Williams. This was an action brought to recover the sum of X5 for an assault, which the plaintiff alleged to have been committed by the de- fendant on Tuesday the 24th of January last. Public interest to hear the case, was greater than ever witnessed in this court, which was crowded to repletion. Attorney for the plaintiff, Mr. W. Thomas, Aberystwith. Defendant conducted his own case. Elizabeth Rowlands sworn, deposed, that she is a single woman, residing with her mother who is a widow, at Nantbir- uchaf, in the parish of Gwnnws. On the 24th of January last she was going to Tregaron in company with Margaret Williams ofNautbirganol, on business. (His honour here observed—I recommend every woman, whether married or single, that has any decency and modesty to leave this court, but those that are entirely destitute of those ornaments and embellishments of the female sex they are allowed to remain. Our corres- pondent reports. Almost every female took the hint and left the court.) We were both on horseback, and we came in a quiet and silent manner until opposite a place where there were two men sawing timber by the road side, and there was another man standing with them and talking, but who I did not know, but on a sudden he jumped at my horse and seized the bridle with his left hand and committed the assault com- plained of. Two witnesses confirmed the evidence of com- plainant, but the nature of the offence precludes a report in our columns. The learned judge in giving judgment for the whole amount claimed, gave a most severe lecture to the defendant. LAMPETER.—INQUEST.—On Wednesday, the 19th inst., an inquest was held at the Lisburne Arms, Pontrhydfendigaid, before Wm. Lloyd, Esq.. Coroner, on view of the body of an illegitimate child eight months old, who had been put to nurse with a Mrs. Evans, at a place called Bryngorse, and who had suddenly died in a fit in the early part of this week. Evi- dence was given, which went to show that the child had been treated with every care, and the jury immediately afterwards returned a verdict of Died by the visitation of God." LAMPETER.—The Earl of Lisburne has kindly given a do- nation of two guineas to the Lampeter Reading Society. LAMPETER.—INQUEST.—MYSTERIOUS CASF. -An inquest was held at the Rose Inn, Llangcitho, on Monday last, before William Lloyd, Esq., Coroner, and a jury composed of re- spectable farmers in the neighbourhood, on view of the body of a new-born infant, which had been found on the mountain near Trial, in the parish of Llangcitho. A post moriem exa- mination of the child was made bp T. J. Hughes, Esq', sur- geon, who pronounced it to be his opinion that the child had been still born. There was no evidence to show who the mo- ther of the child was, and in the absence of this proof, the jury returned a verdict that the child had been still-born." The authorities have since been indefatigable in their exer- tions to discover the mother of the child. The Rev. J. W. Morris, of Bronmeirig House, and the Rev. John Hughes, of Ircgaron,—both magistrates,—attended at Llangcitho on Wednesday last to hear the evidence which had been collected as to the concealment of the birth. The police officers had a young woman in custody, and she was examined by Mr. Rowlands, surgeon, of Strata Florida, but in the absence of some parties who are material witnesses, the justices thought it prudent to adjourn the enquiry until Friday (this day), and in the meantime to issue summonses for the parties alluded to. Bail was accepted for the appearance of the young woman, who had been apprehended under suspicion. CARDIGAN COUNTY COURT.-On Wednesday last, the monthly court was held at the Town Hall, before John Johnes, Esq. There was only one case for hearing, namely James Thomas against Owen Griffiths, being an action for damages sustained in consequence of detention of sheep belong- ing to the plaintiff' Mr. Asa J. Evans appeared as attorney for the plaintiff, and Mr. Lascelles as counsel for the defen- dant. Attornies, Messrs. George. After a somewhat lengthened investigation the plaintiff was nonsuited, defen- dant being allowed all his costs. CARDIGAN BOROUGH PETTY SESSIONS.'—On Monday the 17th inst., before the mayor, Thos. Davies, Esq., and Thomas Edwardes, Esq. Elizabeth James, alias Lewis was charged by police serjeant Nicholas Davies, with being drunk and disorderly. Defendant admitted the offence, and entreated to be forgiven, and upon promising not to offend again she was discharged. CARDIGAN BAPTIST ClIAPEL.-On Friday last, an instruc- tive and interesting lecture was delivered by the Rev. R. M. Morgan, of Aberavon, R. D. Jenkins, Esq., in the chair, on The signs of the Times, and the furtherance of the gospel." The lecture was exceedingly well attended, and gave great satisfaction. On Monday evening at the same place the reverend gentleman again delivered a lecture on the subject The word of God its own witness," Thomas Davies, Esq., the mayor, in the chair. The lecture was well attended and much applauded, at the conclusion. The proceeds are to be appropriated towards discharging the remaming liabilities due since the erection of the new chapel. CARDIGAN.—SEIZURE OF ILLICIT MALT.—On the 14th instant, Mr. Monk, and Mr. Orr, two of the Inland Revenue Officers, succeeded in detecting an illegal malt house, at Saint Dogmells, near Cardigan. The premises are in the occupa- tion of Martha Jenkins, and at the time of detection there was about eighteen bushels of manufactured malt in the building, everything being fitted up for malting on an ex- tensive scale. ABERAYRON.—On Tuesday last, a woman, named Maria Lloyd, was committed to take her trial at the next quarter sessions, by T. H. Win wood, Esq,, of Tyglynayron, charged with stealing a largo bale of cloth from the shop of Mr. Tho- mas, draper of this town. It appeared that on the previous evening, about eight o'clock, a policeman had seen the prisoner taking the cloth from the shop door of Mr. Thomas and walk off with it, and immediately apprehended her with the bale in her possession. On inquirv it was ascertained that the prisoner had been discharged from Cardigan gaol that very morning, having been tried at the Michaelmas quarter sessions, and sentenced to six months imprisonment for a similar offence committed in the town of Cardigan. NEW-QUAY.—An influential meeting of the most respecta- ble inhabitants of this town was held on Tuesday last, and a petition agreed upon to be presented to the Bench of magis- trates at the next quarter sessions, praying for the erection of a lock-up i at New-quay, and it is hoped the Bencli will be dis- posed to listen to the petition, and thus continue to the county of Cardigan that enviable distinction it has hitherto borne, of being the freest from crime of any county in the kingdom. Mr. W. Evans has liberally announced his willingness to give the site for the building. ACCIDENTAL DEATH BY BURNING AT NEW-QUAY.—An inquest was held at New-Quay, on Tuesday the 17th inst. on view of the body of Mary Jones, aged five years, who was ac- cidentally burnt to death. Deceased had with several other children of her own age been engaged in making a bonfire of some shavings, and going too near, the flames ignited her clothes. It transpired in the course of the enquiry before the coroner, John Phillips, Esq., that it is a common practice for the young children of the place to assemble in the evenings for the purpose of making bonfires of shavings and other light combustibles lying about the building yards-a most danger- ous and in this case fatal amusement. As the town is be- coming a place of very considerable business, and ship building is carried on extensively, it becomes a question of public importance whether this practice should not be put down with promptitude. ABERYSTWITH.—VESTRY MEETING. On Thursday last a vestry meeting was held at St. Michael's Church, for the purpose of examining claims of exemption for non-payment of the poor rates, on account of poverty &c. There was only one case deserving of notice, which was a claim by an indi- vidual to be excused on account of being too poor, who paid 1;14 yearly rent for the house which he occupied. Mr. Hackney observed that property ought to be recognised in that case rather than individuals, and he could not see how a party who occupied premises at such a rent could possibly be excused. This was the general opinion of the vestry, and the excused. This was the gene rate was accordingly ordered to be paid. ABERYSTWITII.-WE ar, glad to state that several visitors have already arrived at this salubrious watering place and should the weather continue propitious, there is no doubt that they will rapidly increase. Preparations are already made at the lodging houses for the approaching season, by renovating apartments, and if the Commissioners of the town will be active, in removing the nuisance of the Slaughter House, as reported in our last, the town would be rendered as desirable as any watering place in the kingdom both to invigorate health and to afford enjoyment. ABERYSTWITH.-THE WEATHER CROPS, &c. Until Tuesday last, the weather continued very unpropitious for the grass and corn crops, without a single April shower, but on that day a heavy thunder storm accompanied by abundant rain, passed over this neighbourhood. The lightening was very vivid and continued during the night, the improved ap- pearance of the grass and cereal crops, consequent upon the beneficial effects of the ram cannot be estimated. ABERYSTWITH. FUNERAL OF THE LATE COL. POWELL.- The mortal remains of the deceased Colonel arrived at Nant- eos, on Monday last, and were interred on the following day, in the family vault at Llanbadam-fawr, where an immense assemblage. collected to witness the mournful ceremony, all the shops in the town being closed on the occasion. The funeral procession was arranged in the following order.- Mutes. The Staff of the Cardiganshire Militia. Bearers. THE HEARSE. Carriage containing Col. Powell and C. Powell. Esq. Carriage containing Major Lewis and Mr. Phelp. Carriage containing A. Richards, Esq., A. Powell and W. Powell, Esqrs. Carriage containing W. Lewis, Esq., J. Boultbee, EEq., and C. Parry, Esq. Carriage containing Rev. John Hughes, Vicar. Carriage containing F. R. Roberts, Esq., and London Solicitor. &c., &c., &c. The prescribed service was effectively read by the esteemed Vicar. ABERYSTWITH. BAND OF HOPE. The Band of hope society established at the Calvinistic and Wesleyan Methodist cha p els, nun-ibe chapels, numbering nearly a thousand members, promenaded the town on Good Friday. During the procession several hymns and anthems were sung, and flags with appropriate mottoes were carried, all combined to render it a pleasant and ABERYST WITH.-The Independents held their annual Easter meeting in this town, on Tuesday and Wednesday last, when sermons were preached at Llanbadarn, and the town chapel. The congregation were unusually numerous, and the dis- courses impressive. PREFERMENT,—On the 15th instant, the Rev. Evan Mor- gan, curate, of Llanfihangel-geueur-glyn, in the county of Cardigan, was duly licensed to the perpetual curacy of Llanyehaiarn, in the same county, vacant by the death of the Rev. Edward Jones, value £100 per annum, Patron, Sfr Alexander Palmer Bruce Chichester, of Arlington Court, in thb county of Devon, Baronet. ABERYSTWITH.—VENTRILOQUISM.— Mr. Templeton has been entertaining audiences at the Assembly Rooms on Mon- day and Tuesday nizhts. with his art of leirerdemain. The usual clever tricks were executed with case, but the audience were evidently principally delighted with his powers of ven- triloquism with which he performed several clever delusions. ABERYSTWITH.-ACCIDENT.-An accident of a serious na- ture occurred here on Tuesday last, which we are glad to say did not terminate fatally. A young man named Charles James, a carpenter, working at the new buildings now in course of erection in Pier Street, was engaged on the top of the building upon a plank which rested on the window place of the third story, which gave way, and was precipitated to the cellar, striking in his fall against the wall, and scaffolding. He was instantly conveyed to the Infirmary where he now lies in a very precarious state. ABERYSTWITH.—TOWN HALL.—On Tuesday last, present John Miller, Esq., mayor, John Hughes, Esq., and David Edwards, Esq. Special sessions were appointed for the pur- pose of hearing and determining appeals against poor rates, for the ensuing year, which are to be held on the first Tuesday in May, July, September, November, June, and March. An unimportant assault case was heard, the defendant being fined 2s. 6d. and costs. A letter was read by the mayor, which he had received from the Lords of the Treasury, consenting to the grant of the south wing of the new Town-hall, to the clerk of the peace for the county, for the use of the county magistrates. It was stated that the removal of the old hall would be proceeded with forthwith, and the only thing required was the selection of a plan of a suitable erection in its stead. The new hall has been fully completed. The North and South wings with the surrounding wall and railing, rendering it a hand- some structure, and a great improvent to the town.



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