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CARDIGANSHIRE. MM'- I I DEATH OF COLONEL POWELL. I In our obituary of this week we have the mournful duty to announce the lamented demise of Col. William Edward Powell, of Nanteos, Lord Lieutenant of the County of Cardigan, and for upwards of 38 years the faithful representative of that County in the House of Commons. He expired on Monday last at his residence in London, having gone there from Brighton about three weeks previous. In his long Parliamentary ca- reer he.always scrupulously adhered to his expressed prin- ciples, and the other offices which he held were as faithfully and sedulously fulfilled. He is succeeded in his estates by his son, William Thomas Rowland Powell, Colonel Commandant of the the Royal Cardiganshire Militia. LAMPETER.—On Saturday week the members of the Debat- ing Societylin connection with St. David's College, met for the last time before the Easter Vacation. The subject for dis- cussion was the Separation of Church and State. Mr. I.ati- mer Jones opened the subject affirmatively. The negative speeches were delivered by Mr. D. Lloyd Iaac and Mr. John Jones, formerly dissenting ministers. There were a great many persons present. LAMPETER.—The Calvinistic Methodists Society held their monthly meeting for this county at Bwlchllan, near this place, on Wednesday and Thursday, the 5th and 6th inst., when a great number of the ministers and deacons assembled from dif- ferent parts. At 10 o'clock the first day (Wednesday) the financial affairs of the society were entered into. At half- past one o'clock P.M., the ministers met, apart from the other officials, and deliberated at great length on a subject proposed by the chairman. At 3 o'clock, two excellent sermons were de- livered by the Revs. T. Evans, of Penllwyn, and John Jones, of Penmorfa. At half-past six o'clock in the evening, the Sunday School half-yearly meeting was held, when the Rev. Edward Jones, of Abervstwith, occupied the chair. Messrs. Jones, of Lampeter, Hughes, of Abervstwith, Edwards, of Penllwyn, Jones, of Penmorfa, &c., spoke very appositely on the subject proposed by the chairman. On the following day, at 10 o'clock, two very able and masterly discourses were de- livered by Messrs. Jones, of Lampeter, and Jones, of Aber- ystwith, to a very large and crowded congregation. The neighbourhood, churchmen and dissenters without distinction, showed great hospitality to the strangers that congregated on the occasion in entertaining them with board and lodging. SAINT MARY'S, CARDIGAN.—A special Vestry was held in the parish church, on the 6th instant, for the purpose of electing an assistant overseer in room of the late Mr. John Philipps, when Mr. Stephen Williams, formerly currier, in this town, was elected to the office. CARDIGAN AND CARMARTHEN RAILWAY.—This bill will go into committee on the 4tli proximo, Mr. Adair, member for Ipswich, chairman. There is not the least fear the bill will be passed with the utmost facility the forms of the house permit. BOROUGH OF CARDIGAN PETTY SESSIONS. — A special petty sessions for this borough was held on the 10th inst., before the Mayor, Thomas Davies, Esq., R. D. Jenkins, and Thomas Davies, Bryndu, Esquires. Mr. William George, governor of the Union Workhouse, preferred a complaint against Hannah James, a pauper inmate of the workhouse, for being drunk and disorderly. The offence was fully proved, and the "defendant was find 5s. and costs and in default of pay- ment to be imprisoned for seven days. It is our painful duty to record the death of Roderick Eardly Richardes, Esq., of Penglaise, near Aberystwith, after a long and protracted illness. He expired on Friday last, aged 6iJ years. For a number of years he was an active magistrate for the County. His name was connected with most of the benevolent institutions of the town, and his liberal donations to all deserving claims will canse him to be long remembered with the best recollection. ABERAYRON PETTY SESSIONS were held on Wednesday last, before Capt. Saunders, Tymawr, and T. II. Winwood, Esq., Tyglyn Ayron. Evan Joshua, Llanddewi-aberarth, currier, was summoned for riding in his cart. Case dismissed.— John Morgans, Llanrhystid, blacksmith, was summoned for assaulting John Jones, carpenter, of the same place. Allowed to settle out of court.—Price Lickstork, excise officer, was summoned by Ann Davies, Penrope, New Quay, for an as- sault. Case dismissed.—There were two affiliation cases, in one of which an order was made on the defendant, and the other, which had been adjourned from the last meeting, was dismissed. -A poor idiot, who was a stranger to the police, and had been found wandering about the parish of Llanddewi- aberarth, was brought before the bench, and remanded for 14 days in order that the parish authorities might have time to find out to what parish he belonged. The accounts of the surveyors of highways were examined and passed, and con- stables for the various parishes in the district were sworn in. ABERYSTWITH. APPOINTMENT OF OVERSEERS. On Thursday Mr. Robert Edwards and Mr. Richard Williams were appointed overseers of the poor for the ensuing year. ABERYSTWITH POLICE.-At the same meeting before John Miller, Esq., mayor, and John Hughes, Esq., about 50 cases were entered for nonpayment of poor rates. Some few were referred to the vestry, and in the others orders to pay forthwith were made. ABERYSTWITH PETTY SESSIONS.—On Tuesday before John Miller, Esq., mayor, John Hughes, and David Edwards, Esquires., Mr. William Rice complained against several parties for keeping their premises :in a filthy state. The nuisances were ordered to be removed, and the premises cleansed within two days, or the inspector to do it at the expence of the parties. David Parry, miller, was fined 2s. 6d. and costs for allowing his cart to remain in Little Dark Gate Street on Monday last longer than requisite. ABERYSTWITH.—James Morice, Esq., of Llanbadam, who left this town some time since for Constantinople, with the intention of joining the Turkish army, has arrived at that place, and has received a commission as Captain of Artillery. ABERYSTWITH.—A special meeting of the Commissioners under the Improvement Act, was held at the Town Hall, on Tuesday last, present—John Miller, Esq., Mayor, Chairman, Messrs. C. Hackney, P. Williams, J. Jones, D. Jones, E. W. Jones, J. Jones, G. Careswell, Joel Evans, J. Jenkins, R. Williams. W. Jenkins, and T. Cleaton. The meeting as mentioned in our last was convened for the purpose of con- sidering the necessity and practicability of removing the Slaughter Houses and doing away with other nuisances, but we regret to report that nothing effectual was resolved upon. Mr. C. Hackney called some of the Commissioners to account for what he termed double dealing; persons complaining loudly out of doors of the nuisances, but when they met for the purpose of ordering their removal they did not speak upon the subject. The Slaughter Houses were permitted to remain in various parts of the town, and the neighbourhood was to be again annoyed with the unhealthy stench from them in the heat of summer; filth was to be allowed to accumulate on the usualj scale, and consequently engenders virulent diseases, because the commissioners did not perform their duty by or- dering them to be removed. He could not possibly under- stand such conduct. The only conclusion which was arrived at was that the Surveyor should make frequent visits to the Slaughter Houses to see that they were properly cleansed, this order had been regularly entered upon the books for the last three years at least, yet the nuisances still remained in as bad a state as ever. They had been the subject of loud com- plaints not only by the inhabitants, but also by the visitors. It was ordered that on Mondays the carts vending potatoes be removed from Church-strcet, to Newfoundland-street, by the permission of the mayor, that the turncock be directed to change the water pipes in Princess-street, for others in store which have been cleansed, and that he also place stop cocks in Portland-street, Portland Lane. Terrace R??,i N-f'k ABERYSTWITH.—A clerical meeting was held on Thursday. In the morning the Rev. Evan Evans, of Llangeitho, read the service, and sermons were delivered by the Rev. John Hughes, Tregaron, and Rev. David Griffiths, Trevilan. In the afternoon the Rev. Evan Morgan, Berth, said prayers, and the Rev. E. Evans, Llangeitho, preached. There was a large attendance on each occasion, and the discoures delivered were impressive.


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